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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about tv9

Feb 16, 2014


I know one information wherther it is write or wrong i dont know, about one labour , he is working in functionhaland one married lady has two daughter but she is living with labour, he is drunker and he is doing bad behavior with daughters and daughter mother is also not taking care of daughters,and the elder girl also 4 months pregnet and in last month they did abartion in knr hospital.please ind the correct inormatiom and save the girls and also some other peoples .thankyou
Feb 5, 2014

against developer

Dear Sir, please take some action against developer miracle city controlled by bhaskar vichare who wants us to give our house against the sra project handled by his son abhishek vichare.mr bhaskar vichare himself sold the property as ownership to shivneri but now all of sudden declares as the sole owner of the land and informs us that the structure is of yours.mr vichare comments that he have purchased the land from the owner around 1999 from the property owner. he wants us to join in the society by pressurising in a polished way. Any how he cheated us during our fathers time and wanted us to join him now.but as u can understand we stay here from childhood with 1+ 1 two brothers, how can we stay with 2 families and kids in 1 flat offered by mr vichare the so called owner of our house please do help me how can i save my house in order to give a shelter to my family. i earn only 10,000 per month nowdays at mumbai is not possible to buy a house and this guy wants me to live the house which was ours as per the document which he has given at the time of selling.

Address of the place were we stay and his office is at Mangesh industrial estate Subash Nagar,near Shelar Compound Bhandup West Mumbai- 400078
I want Justice please help mr vichare has all kinds of contacts and lots of black money which he converts into white with the help of mailal gada super mind behind bhaskar vichares growth along with himself.

Jan 30, 2014

janapriya metropolis apts mothinagar

Dear sir,

this residential site is under construction and the builder has not given any promised amenities like swimming pool,community hall,sports room for children etc....we thought he would deliver this kind by the time the project is completed. later he conspired with a short circle of residents here and made them form association here ,like this here there are 2 associations for the incomplete project. through these association peple they are hiking the maintainance charges ,collecting money for all repair works at Janapriya and are being hand in glove with one another. if any resident is not paying or asking for the rights,they are asking to sell the flats and leave the community. they are stopping the services like garbage lifting, supplying usage water, stopping electricity etc for which we have already paid. here a few association members are not looking for the benefit of community. they are being the agents of the builder . recently they have not erected electricity meters for the newly constructed block untill january and are asking for the amount for the earlier months, when we ask him to give written letter asking the same neither the Jananpriya nor the association is giving the written statements and are stopping the drinking water cans ( we paid for the manjeera water connection but they have not got that yet) . also there are many leakage problems and short circuits even for the newly constructed flats,when we raise voice and asking anything legally they are talking like gundaas and noone is caring.
Chiranjeevi S. Nomul
Jan 27, 2014

Shreenath Development corporation Cheating with poor people

Shreenath Development corporation Cheating with poor people

Shreenath Development corporation
Mr. Chandrahas Mehta
Mobile: - 9223340198
Office: - 022-65006570
Add:-Prathamesh, 132 Khareghat Road,
Hindu Colony, Opposite King George School,
Dadar East, Mumbai, - 400014

Sion Koliwada Shastri Nagar, Slum area. We would like to share with you the SRA Scheme developer of Mr. Chandrahas Mehta. A general Meeting was held in 2010 with all shatri Nagar slum area members for developing purpose. There are total 734 rooms in Shastinagar Slum. After many meetings, finally all members decide to give their houses for developing to Mr. Chandrahas Mehta (Shreenath Development Corporation). Mr. Mehta committed to all the members that he will complete the work within 18 Months by that time he will pay the desired RENT to all the members. After the agreement with the developer out of 734 houses 105 houses were vacated. Now it’s is almost 3 years there is no sign of development also the developer has not given the rent. The houses which were vacated were demolished partly so that no one can come back and stay there. That partly demolished house are now misused by the surrounding people for sexual activities also complained came to society that there was an incident of rape attempt of a minor girl in that partly broke house. Also that area is in unhygienic condition. Everything is informed to the developer but he is least interested in this but this could be a dangerous incident. 105 members are repeatedly asking the developer for the rent but the company is just ignoring them and giving reasons like there is an income tax raid or to come back next month etc, this is happening since last 3 years. As it’s a slum area it is very difficult for us to manage our lively hood by paying rent from our pocket, most of the members have shifted their family to their province, people are literally harassed and are mentally unstable.
Anand Rao Jagannath Mohite ( Chief promoter Shastri Nagar society) support’s Mr. Chandrahas Mehta. So it is our humble request to everyone to please help us.
Yours Sincerely,
Shatri Nagar Rahivasi

Sion Koliwada, Shastri Nagar Zopadpatti Society Members

Sr. No. Name Post Contact No.
1 Sumathi Balkrushna Labde vise president 9221469983
2 Ashvini Eknath Jagade Joint secretary 9969100919
3 Suresh Shantharam Pawar Treasurer 9819989928
4 Devaraj Gangaram Narkuda Vise Treasurer 9869718790
5 Subash Baburao Thambe Member 9920155720
6 Chandrakanth Gudu Chougule Member 8082057757
7 Reshma Ramdas Parkar Member 9220882287
8 Mangesh Sarvaram Valange Member 9004688989
9 Harichandra Madukar Modkar Member 9869361601
10 Shivaji Eppa Gonga Member 8898081216
11 Gajanand Ramchandra Panchal Member 9664115401
12 Bajrang Ganpath Gujar Member 8082097256
13 Manisha Bikku Bingade Member 9224665714
14 Bathu Thukaram Dokle Member 022-65884578
15 Vijay Dattatreya Yeram Member 9969798072
Jan 27, 2014

Local politicians -Threatening and assaulting the village people

Dea Sir/Madam,

There is no security for ordinary village poor people in my village because of the local political leaders.

The people who are not supporting the current ruling party "Congress" leaders are suffering from various actions made by local /village political leaders and their supporters.

Some of the crimes doing by local leaders in Village:
1)Land Kabzas.The people's lands who have agriculture lands near to their lands are becoming Kabja
2)Threatening the village ordinary people who are opposing their cruelties by scolding with VERY VERY BAD abused words.
3)Interfering in Agriculture land selling transactions and threatening by telling low rates to original owners of land and high rates to buyers with two-toungue nature and get benifit from land-owner and land-buyer.Behaving as "Land-Rate-Setters"
4)Misusing Village development funds as like their own assets.

Even mandal level officers(Revenue,Police etc) also not opposing or taking actions against those people because of Bribes/sec rect pay-offs and with constitution's MLA/Minister's support.
Jan 25, 2014

corrupted AP govt

Dear Sir/madam,

We are hearing a rumours on Recently realeased VRO/VRA posts in andhra pradesh.

those posts has been selled by our respectfull and useless leaders and revenue dept members to some rich people...

talented students who prepared for exams and poor people who r unemployeed where still begging for jobs in AP.

Kindly consider this as a serious issue.

hope TV 9 will do needful for better society

reponsible citizen.
Jan 22, 2014

regarding the Whitefield Global School ,Bangalore

Dear SIr,
This is regarding a school Whitefield Global School which is located in Whitefield,Bangalore.
Last year while admitting child inti the school, they took deposit of 50000.. which involves registration 5000 rs and along with that tution fee i.e annual fee 45000 rs and also application fee 500rs..

the main thing is they stated that yearly there may be 5% hike in tution fee which is (45000).this year they hiked the fee by
20% instead of 5%.the fee they are demanding is as follows:
but this year they are asking all the parents(whose children are moving from UKG to 1st stantard) to pay reregistration fee 5000+10000 (deposit) and along with 65000 annual fee..total it is coming 80000.they also said that registration fee 5000+10000 deposit should be paid before jan 31st.or else they are going to cancel our seat.this shows how crucial they are

when we ask them about this they r not responding.instead thay are supporting them selves

we all the parents are going on this saturday 11 am (25th jan) to query about this.

i request TV9 people to stand with us on this saturday to fight with them.

we are going to tell them that we r not going to pay re registration fee (as we paid already ) and fee should increment by only 5 %

if they cant resolve this issue we r going to ask them to give our deposit back to us.

my mail id is [email protected] for further communication.
Jan 21, 2014


Dear Sir/Madam,

This is scam of JOB Openings on the name of Infosys Ltd company,His name is Manveer Thakkar(mobile no:07381963145) and his email id is ([email protected]),initially this fellow keeps his details in internet as INDEED,SHINE Consultancy and he contacts students who in need of job and says he will help to reach(clear all round) company and asks for all certificates,self photos by mail(scan and mail) then he sends the Infosys application form and asks for scan and send the filled form,then after 2 days the call comes Infosys head office land line for certificate verification,again we receive mail from [email protected] that we cleared first round again after 2 days call comes from (MOB:############),saying(acts like) its technical round,after that again mail comes from [email protected] saying that to attend personal round at Gurgaon infosys office,then Manveer Thakkar calls student to Delhi saying that to attend personal interview at Gurgaon Infosys office,there lady comes and talks(like interview) at office says U have cleared and after an hour we will receive joining letter from [email protected],then there in delhi he calls and demands for a money,calls from (MOB:08146037301).He sends a fake letter,In this students got cheated and looses lots of money.
Vijay Reddy
Jan 21, 2014

Illegal activities

Dear Sir/Madam,
My self Vijay reddy. I am going to give complaint in Tv9 because I dont have hopes on Government. I will explain step by step about him.
1) He made his office in Govt area but no one is asking about this even government also. Due to that illegal construction people faced lot of problems. Huge number of trucks are stopped there on NH5. He is changing fake currency.
2) Recently in Kadalur village(Tada md, Nellore dt) one of his follower try to kill a woman and her husband, they given complaint in Tada police station. They booked FIR and filed small section case and didn't took any action because they have taken money from Mr. Chandraiah. He is having illegal sexual affairs with women in that village and also he is running that kind of business too.
Jan 11, 2014

rvmssa employess

I, (data entry operators 43 mandals have working at rvm ssa visaphapatnam sir all data entry operators & messenger not paid to salary from JULY-2013 to December-2013. totally ssa staff salary release up to nov-2013 but not paid to data entry operators & messenger plz help sir
Jan 10, 2014

robbing ordinary people in the center of hyderabad at MGBS bus stand

If you go mgbs bus stand which is located in the center of hyd, nearby koti on bike, you have to park your vehicle in the allocated parking area. normally parking charge is rs.5 for a minimum hour timing. but the people who issue parking tickets are collecting 10 rupees for minimum time period, in the parking slip there is only Rs.5 for minimum time period. if you ask them why you are collecting Rs.10 instead of Rs.5 they will speak with you arrogantly and in a threatning manner and tells you rates are changed now.. they will make you to feel why to ask them about extra Rs.5, just pay what ever they asked and fuckoff from there..

I experienced this problem two times and treated in volgur manner for asking why collecting extra money and if rates changed,why not issuing new parking slips. They scared me with their behaiours and talks when i asked about it.There will be around 5 people overthere always and wont speak in a respect manner and they even dont care about whether you are educated or a responsible citizen..

For such type of people, there is nothing wrong in punishing them and they should definitely punished.

As a responsible citizen i thought its my right to complaint about this issue and to end corruption.
Jan 9, 2014

parks becoming a place for romance

dear sir
recently i went to VUDA park which is the oldest and biggest park in vizag.it ads beauty to our city of destiny.it used to be a best place for families and friends to enjoy the atmosphere.but yesterday i was shocked to see each and every bench occupied with pairs and doing some un decent activities that too in the early morning and in the afternoon.my anger is that even pairs around 16-18 are also doing rubbish.all parks in vizag especially thotlakonda 8km distance from gitam university has become a sex land..every place is polluted in visakhapatnam.iam more concerned about vuda park as more and more families visit during weekends and in the evenings.pairs there are behaving shameless and i wsa shocked to see them not stopping even though i am passing from them.i guess that the condition in weekends may be worser than on the day i visited there.no family is daring to go there and getting irritated about conditions there....so i kindly request you to do some thing and make the news publis so some action can be taken...just save visakhapatnam before changing from city of destiny to city of sex..

yours sincerely
save visakhapatnam
Jan 8, 2014


Dear Sir
As mentioned in the subject toilets of public of Chamundinagar,Rajajinagara 5th Block,(Near Dina Thanthi Press)
land no 66,was a public toilet past 20 years n poor people is use it. Now One Mr. William james had illegally ac-cured the public toilet n demolished and converted all papers in to his name, as involved by some BDA survey Inspectors, n Area leaders n Case workers too.... involed it this case . So kindly investigate on behalf of Chamundi Nagara illiterate publics who have no Voice n Money Power and Get freedom of Justice through TV9 karnataka.

Thanks N Regards

Suffered Public
Rajajinagar 5th Block
Bangalore -560010.
Jan 6, 2014

engg scholarship

dear sir
sir i am the student of one of the reputed engg college in hyderabad batch 2008-2012,sir my problem is i got atm card for scholarship purpose,unexpectedly my card was broken.for this reason i went to the bc office and tresury office but they didn't take any action,by this problem(ATM card loss) there are so many students are struggling sir.i am a poor person,always my bus charges are wasted but nobody take any action in BC office and TRESURY office.

hence i requested to please take this action and help the students sir,there are so many students bothering for this problem.
Jan 4, 2014

Rajahmundry traffic and horrifying triple riding n accidents

Respected sir/ma'am
am a citizen of rajahmundry. i don't know whether this problems is a serious issue to tv9 or any other media.in rajahmundry there are some problems out of which auto rash driving and triple riding of students causing more tension & people are scared to drive on the roads.i my self was victim long ago with a fractured leg,recently my uncle was hit by a triple riding students he faced a fractured leg n yet he was unable to recover.i don't know whom to complain,if complained am scared police or some other big people may put me in trouble. please focus at least twice about this problem in your channel as i have very utmost respect towards your channel. hope your channel may bring little change in my city which is a scared place.

Thank you
citizen of rajahmundry
Dec 30, 2013

LB Nagar Traffice Police corruption and Man handling with Public.

Hello Sir/Team,

I and we respect media,request you to take appropriate action on LB Nagar traffic police against corruption and mis behaving and man handling with public when we refuse to give the money they ordered.Incident happend on Sat 28th Dec 2013 at CMR shopping mall kothapet,hyderabad.I was going in correct route only from CMR service road and about to cross the road not even entered the Main road,traffic police(name called Yaddaih) came to me asked me 500 rupess for coming in wrong route which i refused to give him and told him that it is not the wrong route which i came i was going LB Nagar way.He took my byke and keys and with out my accepteance signature he has given me 1200 rupess traffice challen recipet and took my byke to LB Nagar police station.I have argued with him if i am really coming in wrong direction then why dont you take the photo of me and my byke .He simply took my byke for arguing with him he has shooted in camera and he has done man handling with rude behavior like daily labour.And when all the people gathered together and pointed traffice police all the traffice police 5-6 members disappread from there in stearing auto.
And one strange thing is when i went to LB TRAFFICE POLICE to pay the challen the one who is sitting in counter was refused to take my challen as said that there is no counter here to take the money please pay the money to the person who has given the receipt.I have asked to give CI number PG Reddy he said that CI dont have mobile number.Again i went back in search of those tranffice police from Dilsukhnagar to kothapet from there LB Nager ring road but i dint see those people there again.Again i went back to LBNAGAR Traffic police at that time CI PG Reddy came to office and i asked him that where should i have to pay this challen he said you can pay here,we were really shocked that the constable who was sitting in counter was saying that there is no counter now the CI PG Reddy is saying that we can pay challen in that same counter .I have told the situation to PG Reddy when he asked the constable at that time he was saying that yaddaih sir asked not to give the byke even after paying the challen.We argued with them why you will not give the byke when we are paying the challen of 1200 rupees.IS POLICE PROVIDING PUBLIC SERVICE OR THEY DOING ROBBERY WITH PUBLIC.

Request you to take any appropriate action and let country know about these kind of corrputed people
Dec 29, 2013

fire accidents in trains

recently we saw the fire accident at there nearly 26 peoples are loose their life.i have a an idea to control those kind of accidents in both trains and buses.i no need to expose to my self if u feel it is a use full to our society plz forward it to our GOVT.because i don't know how to approach them,

NOTE:i am a engineering final year student .i designed it in my second year from the basis of nellore fire accident on Jul 30, 2012, 03.46PM

Dec 24, 2013

traffic polices aagani lanchalu @hyderabad

my name is chaitanya from hyderabad, ekkada chusina traffic polices pattukuni dabbula kosam nana narakayatana pedutunnaru. ivvakapothe bediristunnaru, anni unna kuda 500 aina teesukuntunnaru, lekapothe police station lo bandi pettinchukuni lancham leka f9 2000 katti teesukupovalani himsistunnaru, dayachesi ee aagadalanu aapandi. tarnaka(near signals), uppal lo ,balanagar lo, tirumalagirilo kphb lo chala darunanga tayaru ayyaru, dayachesi nigha petti ala jaragakunda aapandi
Dec 21, 2013

raitu aartanadam

sub : water problem attacked to farmers in ever green water area
res: we know bhimavaram was one of the green area .In this area politians has been playing with farmers with attacks

I am one of the farmer living in bhimavarm region in village gollavani tippa. In these area still we have any water problem for farmers but now we had attacked water problem by these we lossing our crop feilds for this time. we were alredy lossed our crop feild due fylen&helen tofans and our conditions very bad.

government has stopped the water which has coming to our area due the construction walls along the canals but we have lossed our fiels and we get meet the our area MRO & our disrtict they were neglecting us and some of the politians in our has trying to keep this problem in quit by these condition any media in our was not coming forward to us to listen our bad conditions

In these bad conditions we want the support of you to listen the problem we were just waiting for your call

my phone number 9491712489
Dec 14, 2013

grieve state of food & mess conditions in RIMS Dental girls hostel,kadapa

I would like to bring to your notice the grave and distraught conditions of RIMS Dental girls hostel,Kadapa.The hostel mess & cooking conditions are in a very bad state.there are worms,insects & even lizards coming in food.The authorities turn a deaf ear to all our complaints.We tried to complain to even human rights commission and the college even received a notice from the same but to no effect.The condition is as worst as before.I request you to take some strong steps in showing the true faces of our management and bring justice to us.

Thank you.
k.bhaskar reddy
Dec 11, 2013


respected sir, i am a std in degree college now sucidies became very common in intermediate colleges , from last 5years in pvt colleges , i request you to conduct a debate on this in your studio point out why this happening in only in pvt colleges
Dec 5, 2013

about hijras

i am student studying in chennai . i will come to my home town(vijayawada) at least thrice in a month while coming in the trains , there is a lot of problem to the passengers they are demanding ten to hundred rupees per head . if we are unable to give them money they man handling the passengers and beating so many passengers ,especially they are demanding north indian and beating them give some motivation to the passengers and some of my friend s they is no right for us to beat in return .it leads to the police complaint and one day i have given 300 rupees in three stops my ticket fare is only hundred so please take some action regarding this
Santosh. pujari
Dec 2, 2013

Public causing problems and accidents because of bad roads

Hello Sir/Mam
I Santosh pujari kindly request you to go through my application(comolaint). As the conditon of roads in hubli was in proper condition till 2011 as aftr that the underground roads pipe installing operation took place under BJP party later it carried out and till date the work has been care taken properly by congress govt but the roads are not repaired or Remade again the huge path holes has been left over as it. Lots of dust is being passed on air after huge trucks or cars pass by.. And its causing problems and accidents. I plead you take a look aftr the roads and cone along with your team and telecast it in tv . I ve lots of hopes on you hope youll full fill it
Nov 30, 2013

complaint for stolen motorcycle and samsung tab 2 by person claiming to be from tv 9.


complaint for stolen motorcycle and samsung tab 2 by person claiming to be from tv 9. starcity 110- ka 05 hx 4129 (black colour with white and grey shades.) my alternative no-9986431108

i am bhagwan ram, age 28 and into pharma wholesale business. On last 28th nov, i was on sultanpet for my medicine purchase, due wrong parking my star city 110 was towed by the traffic police. I happen to ask a shop close by for where the motorcycle was towed to, and they pointed me to the direction. I additionally had medicine goods along, so was finding difficult and then one aged person around 50 years person came by telling he will guide me. I did tell him i ll manage but he insisted that he ll help and came along. Unfortunatley i was short of money so i thought i ll need to find an atm close by and the old man again came in to help me telling that i could borrow from him and that i could draw later and give him. i was little confused as to why he was helping me so much and i did ask him who he was, he narrated telling me that he works for tv 9 and social work and currently that he was working on coverage for present conditions of roads in char street and bvk iyengar road, by acknowledgement signatures of public i.e shops around the particular area. i got my motor cycle released and told him sir you will need to hold my medicine box behind and had a plastic bag with my mobile and few medicine goods separately in the front. i took a ride till the hdfc atm near the mosque on the enterance of sultanpet road and parked my vehicle with keys in it and the plastic bag on it. He told he ll hold my medicne box behind and wait for me. I noticed the hdfc bank just closed for loading and asked the security for another atm close by and they directed me to icici bank two min walk from there. So i left for the icici atm and by the time i reached back with the amount, i learned that person who claimed to be from tv 9 was a fraud and had taken my motorcycle and plastic bag with mobile in it along, leaving my medicine box on the road. i waited for half an hour and when i called on my mobile no, it was switched off. I was all tensed and immediately went to chickpet police station and lodged FIR for the same event that i have narrated. in fact i have enquirerd with the juice shop person where i had met this person, and surprisingly the juice shop person knows him not personally but in general because he come on and off to drink juice. He told he he alcholic addict and he would have done in for his addicition. he told he would inform me, if the person were to come around again. And itseem s he does not work directly for tv 9 but as some sort of agent or something. other news channel too. pleas help!! my alternative no 9986431108
deepti n
Nov 21, 2013

complaint against bharat gas BANGARU SAI ENTERPRISES in KPHB HYDERABAD

Dear Sir,

I having Bharat Gas connection . I wanted to transfer my Gas connection to my wife name and approached to BANGARU SAI ENTERPRISES in Kukatpally (KPHB) Hyderabad. The staff in this enterprise is forcing us to buy products from them even though we do have all the products with us. They say they will not transfer to my wife name if we don't buy products from them. We called customer care and confirmed that it is not mandatory to buy any of the products. We have raised multiple complaints with customer care and no action has been taken so far on them. this is not only my problem.someny people faced this situation...

BANGARU SAI ENTERPRISES in Kukatpally (KPHB) Hyderabad
Can you please make necessary action on this enterprise.

[email protected]

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