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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about tv9

Feb 26, 2013

Misbehaviour towards womens near overbridges (railway stations)

Dear sir ,
This is to inform you that we (girls) are facing lot of problems because of some guys who stay on the over-bridges near railway station especially near malakpet MMTS railway station .There are no guards to give complaint and they even don't care if we complaint and during night time there are no lights in the station sometimes.Being heavy traffic road we are not able to cross the roads because of that we are left out with over-bridge.
Please i beg you people to help girls who are facing problems.Media is the most powerful way to solve these type of problems so please please help us.

Feb 22, 2013

market issu

Dear sir, i am requsting you to come to my market. there is a no space in market an also issue another shop in market without market union . the gvmc gave an order to built a shop in parking place so help my market. so please come on to new vegetables whole sale market. convent junction.early morning.
Feb 19, 2013

Regarding Fee reimbursement

Dear sir/madam,
I completed my BSc nursing from Mother College of Nursing,Narsipatnam,visakhapatnam in year 2011,As per gov rule as a BC student i no need pay the fee but in my college is different,first of all we have to pay the fee in year starting and after that when gov releases reimbursement they used to give us cheque if we pay 5000 every year of my 4 years BSc Nursing.

Basically our course fee as per gov rule is 25000 but our college used to collect 35000 every year.I paid 35000 in 2011 as my final year course fee and i have to get 25000 cheque from gov as fee reimbursement in 2011,but gov released our fee to college,but still now i did not recieved it.

our college asking us to pay 5000 as formality to give 25000 cheque.
so pls help me
Feb 15, 2013

telephone operators in banks (specially SBI main branch Koti HYD.) using phones for their personal calls more than for the official call

this is to inform that the telephone operators in banks are terrifically using the bank phones for their personal calls. this is rely shame on their part and i feel this is really insane. plz take necessary action on this
Feb 15, 2013


Dear sir/madam
I hereby complaining to u on the topic donation. we stay in Kurla (e) and have 1 daughter of 3yrs, we have to put her in good school, so i heard the name of gregorious school which is situated in chembur that it is a reputed school. we fill the form and drop the form in the school letter drop and we were call on 19th december for interview and in the interview they mention that they will call till 30th jan. i waited till 30th jan 2013, then i call on 31st of jan they told me wait till 5th feb i again wait and call on 5th feb, they told on 5th feb wait till 15th feb if call comes then ur child has been selected and if doent come then ur child has been rejected. then i personally visited the school on 11th and asked they told call has got ended. then from somehow we got to know contact mr. tambhi the trustee of school he can help u. again we were haveing little hope. then when i visited to his home he was not there and the poen of his told me (there is no use of putting the forms in the drop box of the school you should have bring the form over her sir may have help ur child to get in the school. next day i again visited the same thing sir was not der. again on 3rd day i visited at that time sir was there i requested sir he asked me and my husband for donation of 5 lakhs. in short those who ever got the call they have given him donation of some amount to get in the school.
i jst wanted to know that is this a correct way to select the child on basis of donation.
And pls i request u that tell the school that if they r selecting some cheats of the name of child then pls open in front of parents and not personally. and if u also wanted to hear abt mr. tambi's word then u can also visit to his house as a parent. i dont know how a school trustee can own a huge property this is all about donation.
so i request u to pls take action on Gregorious school chembur... and let my child get admission without donation..
Feb 7, 2013

Bhargavi reddy hospital - Tippasandra

This is withe immense control of anger and frustration i am writing this.
My sister was taken to hospital for motion problem for a normal checkup, doctor suggested her to get admitted.
My sister being a labor room nurse in Columbia Asia was in for a shock and due to her condition had to get admitted, wherein she was in her 9the month. We were expecting in 18 days but doctors were insisting in performing a Cesarean, due to our bad fortune and elder sister's force we had to get thee cesarean done because doctors told, thee food supply connection to baby is around thee neck, and told lot of other things to get thee operation done. Even though she didn't face any pain or any problem in thee evening, cesarean was performed. My sister performed all her check up at columbia asia hospital where she was told she will have a normal delivery and baby is fine nothing to worry.
Later found out from few nurse working in thee hospital that for thee last one year, who ever comes cesarean is thee only option. Even though they patient is ready for a normal delivery.
What ever medicine which were purchased were not kept in our room but were maintained in a different room, and not all items brought were utilized.
Bedsheets were not changed for almost 3 days for a delivered patient. and no water had to literally yell at one of thee staff member.
Charges were increasing for each and every thing used.
Husband and wife being nurse in labor and operation theater is facing a harsh treatment, thinking about a normal person.
I could have created a problem but not at the cost of our new member and sister.
God is looking at this thing happening to pregnant ladies, i feel pitty because they come with some issue and the stomach is cut open to take the baby.
Please check on Cesarian number and normal, everyone will be shocked.
Gopala Thotakura
Feb 6, 2013

Hraud in Subhagruha

I recently booked a plot in Subha Gruha, Sukhriti Royal. I paid Rs. 50500/- as the booking token amount. But due to some personal problems I don't want to proceed with the plot so I requested a cancellation and refund of my amount. These people are saying that the money cannot be refunded. It is my hard earned money how can they eat up simply like that ?
Feb 2, 2013

kurnool town auto drivers

Dear sir,
I am from kurnool in kurnool auto drivers behaviors is very werasot language ammaiyulu bayataku vellinapudu vasthava nuvvu chala bagunnavu ani cheppina lanjjakoduku plz take immidiate action ..
Jan 31, 2013

results of andhra university

Dear tv9 team,
This is to inform you about problem of the students of andhra university.The students are facing a problem regarding the results,after completion of exams the university is taking time of 2 and half months for announcing the results.this is mainly with the BE/B.TECH.by the time the result are announced the next examination is being started and we have to pay for the hole exams again because we dont know the result weather we have cleared it or not.
Andhra university has hardly 7 affiliated b.tech collages and its taking a time of 2 months for each semester results .
plz see to this problem and lets people know about this.
Jan 18, 2013

Mentally Harassment by Spice Jet

Hi All,

My PNR number : OI4MDA

Contact Number : 9537774141

I had booked below flight for Ahmedabad - Goa and Goa - Ahmedabad.

When I book the flight the actual timing of the flight was as per below :
SG - 137 Deprat Time : 12:20 and arrival : 14:00
SG - 138 Depart Time : 14:30 and arrival : 16:10

Later my SG -137 flight was delayed and I was not informed any thing about the reschedulement. When I was checking flight for my friend then I came to know that the flight time has been changed for that particular flight.
When I called the spice jet call centre they said we are sorry, & they can provide me another option and it will be connecting flight from Ahmedabad - Hyderabad - Goa as per below.

SG - 917 Depart Time : 06:00 and arrival : 07:55
SG - 1071 Depart Time : 12:25 and arrival : 13:55

Again few days later I got call & sms from spice jet on 16 Jan 2013 that my flight SG - 1071 is delayed and now it will be operating from Hyderabad at 13:10 so, on next day I called to spice jet beacuse I wanted to reach goa at 2 PM. When I called spicejet I came to know that my flight SG - 917 and SG - 1071 both are cancelled not rescheduled.
Then after spending my hours of time I take the below option.

SG - 104 Depart Time : 07:00 and arrival : 08:30 at New Delhi
SG - 253 Depart Time : 11:05 and arrival : 13:30.

On 17 Jan 2013, I received an sms that my SG - 138 flight is delayed and now it will be operting at 21:00 from Goa.

When I called to call centre they were not ready at all to listen me and was giving me just arguments. When I informed this to Ajit (Spicjet Executive), He said SG - 138 is cancelled not delayed and later he told that it is just delayed. (He was not sure about the flight status at all.) When I asked to talk with the Manager, He transfered my call to her TL (Megha) saying that She is only Leads available as of now and she is very rude on call and was not ready to listen on my concern and was just informing the terms & conditions every time.
As per her, It is mentioned that Spice Jet is having the rights to cancel, amend or reschedule your flight without any prior notice. where correct condition is as per below. Where nothing mentioned that spicejet will change the flight timings and will not inform to customer.
" 5. SpiceJet will not be liable in any way for delays/ cancellations/ diversions whether due to bad weather, government regulation or for instances beyond SpiceJet’s control. Further, SpiceJet operates on a point-to-point basis and will also not be responsible for the consequence of delays including onward journey on a connecting mode of conveyance."

Now I am mentally Harass due to this and want to do the case against them for Mentally Harassment and also want compensation for the same.

Not happy at all with the pooooooooooor services of Spice Jet. They have the worst customer care with whom I had interact.

Now for sure I will be taking Legal action against them.

Dis-satisfied customer.
Dec 24, 2012


Dear Sir,

This is reference to the above subjects the misbehaving with womens in Commissionarte and Director of Agriculture Department,
Opp: L.B.STADIUM,HYDERABAD. In this office the IV Class employees misbehaving with their womens staff. In this office
in moring hours 8 to 10 am & in evening 6 to 8 pm the dirty things goes on.

So I request you to necessary action for every women self respect.


Dec 24, 2012

we want to support and involve in the supporting activites related to the gang rape in New Delhi has

how to involve these types of activities and want to know in our city what are the activities going on

so many ladies and college going students are want to rise their support to change the policies related to women
Dec 22, 2012


I AM A GIRL STUDENT OF Sanketika Vidya Parishad Engineering College, Behind Cricket Stadium, Pothinamallayyapalem,, Visakhapatnam-530041,Andhra Pradesh., TEL: ############, 6453202;, FAX: ############







Dec 14, 2012

Revenue Development Officer not present in the office since one week

It has been 1 month since i applied for the certificate but i did not receive the certificate yet because the Revenue development Officer is not at all attending the office. I request the concerned authorities to take necessary steps because the common people are suffering a lot because of this and the office people are least concerned about it.

Thanks & regards,
Akhilesh Naidu
[email protected]
Dec 14, 2012

Complaint/feedback towards Ms/Mrs Sheetal

Dear Sir/Madam

We are regular viewers of TV9 Kannada news channel.We appreciate the good work of yours. Presentation of news, Communication and Pronunciation of language is good too.

But we have been observing disturbing Gestures and Postures of Ms/Mrs Sheetal on screen, Who comes on Filmi Funda,(8:30pm) Nammuru (8:00pm). Being a news reader she is acting more than necessary. That is effecting on kids and teenagers. We have nothing personal about her. We would like to see her as a good lady news reader like others rather than something else. Every individual has his/her own responsibility towards society while working, leading life. Its always better to reflect ourselves before we act. Television media has became effective mode to reach people in no time. along with TRP , quality service, professional ethics need to be practiced & followed. Hope TV9 team and Ms/Mrs Sheetal takes this feedback seriously and react positively on screen.

Thank you,
Swapna sri
Dec 8, 2012

IBPS (unable to download callletters)

Sir, Most of the students were unable to download IBPS clerk-2 online exam call letters.
Please do something.. If we loss the exam we loss eligibility for 20 public sector banks. There will be no chance for upto 1 year & lost of our fees.
Ther are only few days for exam.
Please show a solution for it; Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Dec 5, 2012

clear the occupied road by labour in singareni colony dilsukhnagar

every one cares and shows simpathy towards poor people even i do but the people near singareni colony dilsukhnagar hyderabad near saidabad are rediculous as they not even occupied land of govt but also road.every one had to go quietly observing all stupid things as they use road as their wash rooms and loos which is unbearable for every one.it is being long time since 15 to 17 years which is un imaginable being in center of city.wht govt is doing?regarding land's i don't know but" road"?it is not right?please take out solution for this problem every one is struggling on this road.asap
Dec 4, 2012

Builder Harrasement towords the residents

Dear Sir/

We of 12 families bought flats in Madapuri Hills from Nugget Estates at madavapuri Hills, PJR Enclave, Madinaguda. Out of 30 flats there is only 13 flats got sold or accupied till today where reamining the Builder or managing director M.S Nirmala Reddy of Nugget estates claims the Owner ship.

and from past 4 months she is been harasing us mentaly with out supporting the maintance and the Appartment entire maintance forcebly handovered to our 12 residents. and she is not baring any maintance for the rest of the flats by saying these are not positioned.
more over she is not letting us to maintain our dignity in the premises and send her workers to our flats to remove the footware that at our own common places.
Without the knwldge she made a sale deal with us in such a way that common terruos/ slit is her own property and made them locked.

Very often she sends her own notices with self drawn rules and making our personal life miserable

Here by i would like you to interfere to know about the deatils personaly and get traped with the proofs to make sure atleast other builders not to screw public life.
Dec 2, 2012

Black tickets at siva parvathi theater

Today i went to Siva parvathi theater to take tickets for Dhamarukam movie, i want to take three tickets (one is for me, for my spouse and for my kid), even though i have my kid with they rudly say they would give only one ticket and i clearly told that this for my family, but they rudly talk to the people, If they are not selling the enough tickets to the family members then automatically people will go for pirated CDs, why produces will not take any responsibility to stop this type nasty activities played by the theaters. If they are selling only one ticket per head why they didn't put it on the board, so that we will not waste our time to stay at theators, this is not only my problem, in the same day more number of family persons faced this situation. why can't TV9 take an action against this.
Nov 20, 2012

Complaint on all Theatres in ongole

Respected Sir/Madam

My name is krishna reddy, i am from ongole, prakasam(d.t). I am studying MBA

Yesterday i went movie with my friends in Srinivasa theatre (GORANTLA MULTIFLEX) . In this theatre their is no a/c and good facilities like seating,bathrooms,staff behaviour but their is high price of ticket rate 1TICKET=RS100. When i am asked why are you expecting RS100 /_ per ticket they were said Mind u r business.

Not only GORANTLA MULTI FLEX screen-1, screen-2, and screen-3 all theatres in ongole those are buying 1 ticket=RS100/-
it's very burdon to the audience.
Nov 16, 2012

100bestbuy.com Online Shopping site

100bestbuy.com is fraud. First they collect money to participate in a contest. As usual we don’t win the contest and the money paid by us will be converted into reward or credit points. As our money is locked, we have no other option but to buy something from their site. This is a technique to trap the customer. Sometimes, they call and offer us some cheap goods and place the order on our behalf and send us an invoice. It happened to me recently and I cancelled the order after reviewing the goods. To get my locked amount back, I placed an order to buy a Remote Control Car for my Kid. They delivered a different model Car which is of cheap quality and is available in local shops for just Rs.300/-. They charged me Rs.699/- for Car and Rs.100/- more for courier charges. I paid the amount by Credit card. When I am trying their number to pursue about this incident, nobody is picking up the phone and they are not responding to my email. This reflects that they do this deliberately to cheat the customers and innocent people. DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE. I want to lodge a complaint in a Consumer Forum. Now, it seems they have stopped the service and closed their shop.

Please go through the link below to know the height of fraud by 100bestbuy.com. There are plenty of case studies against 100bestbuy.com


It seems many of us lost lot of money and they earned a lot of money. Indian police is just watching this TAMASHA. Somebody from Bangalore should make a complaint in local police station and this issue has to be addressed by Media immediately. As they are giving DHAMKIS to public, the case should be filed in a Criminal category. The Media Channels like TV9 / eTV / NDTV etc should take up this fraud and bring awareness in the people about this fraud. Bangalore Police has to conduct a raid to find out the facts behind their business. As 100bestbuy.com team is threatening the public you may not have any written complaint/FIR against them.

Hence I request Media Persons to highlight and prove this fraud so that Police can take some action immediately. Whatever the money they earned by cheating us should be recovered by Indian Police.
Suryambp Send email
Nov 10, 2012

Regarding the spirtual feelings of Hindus

Hi Team,

During festival season apsrtc incresing busfare is very high. normal days it is 100 but festival tim ethey charged 350 insted of 100. commaon man afrid to travel .
comprare to apsrtc private travels are best . no one can belive the apsrtc and govt.

Please focus on this. appriciate your help


Nov 10, 2012

Matrimony agencies deceiving people

I came across a matrimony agency (they dont have any website or anything). SVQuick Marriages. They send very good photos to me (dont know whether they are real or fictitious). They made me pay 4000 rupees saying that 4 of those members are interested in my profile. Once I pay, they give some contact numbers. But later I found that All the numbers are fictitious. I called that office again and gain and asked them whether they have any manager. they always say she went out. All that thhey want is money. nothing else. I dont want anyone to suffer like I did. I payed money to them before 4 months back. So far we couldnt talk to even single parent. I am tired of callling these guys. The never respond to calls once they get money.

Below are the details


H.NO:3-3-194, 1st Floor, Beside:Anutex,L.B.NagarRingRoad,


*Contact numbers:04065551863&4,

8790947041,9160802141,9963292574, 8008907843.
Nov 9, 2012

complaint of commercial immoral activities in residential area

This complaint is against Vijay farms (p) ltd. based in a/13, 1st floor ,navratna apartments, 17 cross, malleswaram,bangalore 55,.They are running commercial illegal and immoral activities from their place ,though its a complete residential area , they are operating to hide out their business. VIJAY FARMS employees work late nights and threaten the peace of all residents in navratna apartments.We residents have given several complaints against them in each and every department,i.e police ,bbmp,sales tax departments, they either threaten them or pay them big bribes. We are law abiding citizen and old people facing mental torture and harassment.Please put an end to it ,by please and please closing this unit and shifting to commercial place as they have office in other commercial place also.
DS Yadan
Nov 6, 2012

odenry water in brandad compenies water bottles in vizag railway station.

Hai sir,
I am Sandeep Kumar from Rayagada(Odisha) . i came to vizag yesterday. And at night i got ready to come my town. i came to Railway station . There i saw one thing that a person had bringed some water bottles and cleaned a little and filled water in the bottels. I was shoked and asked that person what he would do with this filled bottels . He replyed that he would sell the bottles by 1/4th rate of his orignal price. After my conversatation i left that place. But i was watching the boy . After few minutes a Police man came there and saw the boy who was filling water . He took some thing . I didnt saw clearly that what he took from him.
So my kindly requst to you that take a serious action on it.

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