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Consumer complaints and reviews about Unitech Limited

Mar 22, 2018

Non payment of principal amount & interest

Subsequent to my retirement in October-2013, I had invested Rs30000/- (thirty thousand rupees only) in the FD, with M/s Unitech Limited, vide folio no. 1251515.

The FD has matured on 13-Nov-2016.

However, till date I have not been paid the principal amount & interest since June 2015.

I had invested my hard earned money in this FD; as I expected to get interest, better than the market rate.

As I am badly in need of the money now, please arrange to send me the principal amount, along with interest; at the earliest.
Aug 24, 2017

Non Receipt of Interest and Principal Amount for Fixed Deposit

I had invested Rs 50,000 in the Unitech Fixed Deposit Scheme on 3rd Aug'2011 and the maturity date was 3rd Aug'2014. Amount payable on maturity was Rs 72609.

Await Interest as well as Principal Amount Refund since long. Please share tentative timelines when we can expect the same.
Last communication received from your end was the letter copy of Form No 8 "Application under section 74(2) of the companies act 2013" where in it was stated that the Fixed Deposits due upto 31st Mar'15 and amount being between Rs 25,001 to Rs 100,000 would be returned in two equal installments i.e. 1st Installment of 50% amount within 15 months from the date of order and 2nd installment of 50% amount within 30 months from the date of order.

Its already been more than 3 years since the date of maturity of the Fixed Deposit and also the timelines stated above as per the order have also lapsed.

Its our hard earned money so please return the same with interest at the earliest.

Hope to receive a revert with some realistic timelines from your end.

email : haritdhalani@rediffmail.com
M : 9724620001
Aug 20, 2017

Non refund of fixed deposit

I had invested in fixed deposit of Unitech Limited as per details below
FDR no 1219229
Account no 1241316
Date of issue 28 May 2013
Amount invested Rs 120000
Date of maturity 28 May 2016
I have deposited the original FDR to the firm through Bajaj Capital Investments, however there is no intimation on the refund of maturity amount. The amount is urgently required for a serious domestic problem. I am the wife of a Army pers and do not have any additional source of income. The money invested was hard earned.
Please help me in recovering the amount from the firm.

Thanking you
Mrs Navpreet Kaur Alang
Jul 27, 2017

Non-receipt of FD amount

No maturity amount payment of FD even after 1 year

FDR No.- 1227060 for 2 lakh deposit was issued by Unitech with a maturity date of 05/07/2016. But till now, 27/07/2017, no maturity amount was given.

K Ishwar Rao
Jul 15, 2017

Fixed deposit matured but amount not credited


i deposited fixed deposit in unitech limited Regd office 6,community centre saket,new delhi - 110017,

for the amount 35000 on 28-1-2013, this was matured on 28-1-2016 but amount still not deposited, i sent original receipt but amount net crediting.

FDR no 1207424, account no 1236514 please find the attachment of photo copy,

please credit amount as soon as possible

Appi Reddy


Fixed deposit matured but amount not credited Fixed deposit matured but amount not credited

Apr 19, 2017

FD Maturity amount not received

I have placed deposit of Rs. 2 Lacs in Unitech Limited on 13-06-2013 and it's matured on 13-06-2016 but till date I have neither received principal or interest amount back.

FD details:-
FD Number : 1222502
Account No. : 1242769
Amount Deposited : Rs 2,00,000
Maturity Amount : Rs 2,90,434

As I am lady who is surviving on the interest income, request you to do the needful for getting money for my survival.

Deesha Mehta
Feb 10, 2017



FDR NO:- 1248631
FOLIO NO:- 1012963
DATE OF ISSUE:- 13/01/2014
AMOUNT:- RS 60000/-
DATE OF MATURITY:- 04/02/2017
Minal dodhia
Sep 12, 2016

Not received fd principal amount

I have deposited 1,50,000 Rs. In unitech limited on 22/10/2013 . My fd has matured on 22/10/2014 . But still I have not received my principal amount from the company.w hat should I do now to receive my money from the company?
Jul 27, 2016

Non payment of FD amount

Non payment/Refund of FD by Unitech:

My Fixed deposit with Unitech Limited (FDR No. 1229368, Account No. 1246193) for an amount of Rs. 75,000/- for a period of 3 years, date of maturity : 17-07-2016. The original FDR duly signed which was sent on 19.11.2015 to the Company for pre-mature redemption has still not been paid/refunded to me. I deposited my hard earned money to your Company with having full confidence on you. Kindly release the amount against the above FD immediately.

Jul 27, 2016

Non payment of interest of FD

Non receipt of Interest
I have a FD with Unitech Ltd for Rs.1 Lac (FDR No.1247488 & 1244961), the interest is not received from 01-04-15 to till date. E-mail sent. No response from either side. How do I get back the interest and amount.
Also unable to contact over phone.

Nandita Das
Jul 6, 2016


This is in regard to my Unitech FDR no1204277 Matured on 06.02.2016 of Rs.2,00,000/- n matured amount 2,90,434/- . Not yet received any information or Principal amount with interest. I m in urgency

Kindly help me to get that amount..

Thanking you,
Flat No.102, Yaganti Gold Apartment,
10/2 Arundalpet, Guntur-522002.


Jun 28, 2016

non Receipt of Matured Fixed Deposit

Dear Sir,

I have not received repayment of My fixed deposit ,
from Unitech limited.
FDR No. 1204269 dt. 10.01.2013 matured on 13.01.2016
Maturity Value Rs. 36,304/-

Thanks ,
Mrs. P. D. katkar
Rahul Basu
Jun 9, 2016


Interest on Fixed Deposit receipt no :1246147 ; Folio no. 1251571 ; Principle Amount Rs. 4 lakhs not received since July 2015 .
Please arrange the due amount immediately .I am really in financial trouble and will be obliged if you release the due amount immediately .

fd. holder


Rahul Basu
Jun 9, 2016

non receipt of interest on fixed deposit since July '2015

Interest on Fixed Deposit receipt no.1246147 ; folio no :1251571 :principle amount - Rs.4 lakhs not received since July 2015 .

non receipt of interest on fixed deposit since July '2015

Apr 2, 2016

Notice of Raj Sharma on FD- Important Case Update, March 30, 2016

In response to your notice stated above, I am to request you kindly go through my earlier letters to the Unitech Ltd .
Since, I am in a city (Guwahati) far away from Delhi and moreover, I am not maintainig a good health because of my Diabetes as well as high Blood Pressure, it may not be feasible on my part to be physically present in the Hon"ble Court premises situated at CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi on 4th July at 10.30 AM for the hearing on non-payment of FD maturity amount and interest payments.
I therefore, request you earnestly to consider my appeal favorably on Medical ground and to kindly refund my principal amount along with the interests accrued on it on priority basis.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Tejendra Bardoloi,
Ratnalaya, barnachal Road,
Bamunimaidam, Guwahati-781021, Assam
mail: tbardoloi@hotmail.com
Mobile; ############, ############
Raj Sharma
Mar 30, 2016

Unitech Fixed Deposit - IMPORTANT CASE UPDATE

To All Unitech FD Investors,

The next date of hearing, in case against Unitech Limited, regarding non-payment of Fixed Deposit maturity amount and interest payments, is going to be held on Monday, 4th July 2016, at 10:30 AM, within the Company Law Board office premises, located at CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

All investors, (whose Fixed Deposit has matured, OR those who are NOT receiving any interest amount on this FD investments) are requested to mark their presence on case date, at CLB Office, i.e. on Monday, 4th July 2016 at 10:30 AM.

Address: Company Law Board, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, 110003

Nearest Metro Station: JLN Stadium Metro Station
Nearest Bus Stand: DTC Suneheri Pullah Depot
Driving Direction: Take left turn, opposite to JLN Stadium Metro Station

Transcript of latest case hearing on 11 March 2016: http://www.clb.nic.in/interim_order/Court_II/15.03.############CLB_001.pdf

Will look forward to meet you on 4th July at CLB office
Feb 15, 2016

Non Reciept of FDR Principal amount

Principal & Interest unpaid of FDR Num-1196939
THE ABOVE FDR STANDS MATURED ON 20.10.2015. I HAVE DEPOSITED Rs. 50,000 in Unitech FD scheme.

There is no response from there side. I had written mails and tried calling but nobody responds.

Sunita Agrawal
Sweta Snehi
Dec 12, 2015

Delay in prematurity payment of company fd of UNITECH LTD.

Dear sir,
I had invested Rs. 1,20,000/- in company fd of UNITECH LIMITED as per details given below (Regd.office - 6, community centre, SAKET, NEW DELHI - 110017).
FDR NO. DT OF RECEIPT INVESTED AMT. Period maturity amount mat. Amt. remarks
1232237 31/07/2013 50,000/- 36 months 31/07/2016 72,609/- applied for prematurity payment
1234191 12/08/2013 70,000/- 36 months 12/08/2016 1,01652/- applied for prematurity payment

Sir, I have submitted duly discharged fd for payment in 09/2015 but till the date we have not received payment proceeds.
Please look into the matter.I am in urgent need of money.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully

Sweta snehi
W/o - Madhav Mohan Jha
Nov 22, 2015

Non-payment of FD Amount on maturity

I have not received the amount due to me on the following FD on maturity even after repeated reminders.
FDR No: 119456
Date of Deposit: 01/10/2012
Date of Maturity: 01/10/2015
Account No: 010815
Amount of Deposit: Rs. 1,00,000/=
Nov 21, 2015

not paying FDR


I would like to register a compliant on unitech for not repaying the fixed deposit even after the maturity date.

Company address :

Regd office,
6, Community Centre, Saket,
New Delhi - 110017

Below are my fixed account details

Account number : 1005203
Account holder name : M. Maheswari W/o V. Manickam
Started date : 9/12/2010
maturity date : 08/12/2013
Amount : 2,00,000

FDR : 1014035
Account number : 1005203
Account holder name : M. Maheswari W/o V. Manickam
Started date : 27/01/2011
maturity date : 28/01/2014
Amount : 2,50,000

I have complained the same to my agent and he is asking me to contact the office but I did not get any proper response from them too. I was really worried and not sure whom I can say all this to justice.

I hope your team will assist me to get my money back. Please let me know how to proceed further.

Yours truly,
Dipak Zaveri
Jul 7, 2015

Non receipt of interest

I am retired person and dependent on interest.
Unitech is not responding to mails and phone calls. my last email is as under.

FDR no. 1202951
dipak zaveri <dipak.zaveri@gmail.com>

Jul 2 (6 days ago)

to neha.valecha, FD, amrish.tipnis
Dear Mam,
I am since last few days trying to call FD dept. On 0124 4697800 but
getting no reply.
Last year I received advance interest checks by this time. So far I have
not received the same.
Please give status.
FDR no. 1202951 is getting matured on 28-12-2012. Please inform when we should send the certificate for refjund or renewal.



Please help
chhaya joshi
Mar 25, 2014

Payment of two FD rs 300000 each not received

To, The Manager,
Fix Deposit Department,
SUB: Payment of two FD rs 300000 each not received.
Dear sir,
MY FD FOLIO NO:UL/FD/A/043820 & UL/FD/A/043821
Both FD HAS MATURED ON 2/12/2013
STILL YET NOT RECEIVED THE PAYMENT AMOUNT Rs.600000/- (300000/- + 300000)

Chhaya Jignesh Joshi

Payment of two FD rs 300000 each not received

Aug 10, 2011

non receipt of interest on fixed deposit

@duttaabhrajit / @ojasa - Hello All, I would request you to please provide your FDR # along with your contact numbers so that we can resolve your issues at the earliest.

You can call us regarding your issues at 1800 - 103 - 6622 or you may write us back to fdcustomercare@unitechgroup.com

Thanks & Regards,
Unitech FD Division Team
Jul 6, 2011

non receipt of interest on fixed deposit

I have also the same problem :(
Jul 6, 2011

non receipt of interest on fixed deposit

We have placed Fixed deposit with Unitech Limited with quarterly interest payment option. For quarter April to June 2011 , we have not yet received interest cheque despite continuous follow up. Customer care number of company is always engaged and auto answering machine informes - we are busy , we have noted you number & will get back to you shortly. But nothing happens further. I wrote to company secretary also but no response. Some officer in charge replies - you will receive courier in 8 days ... nothing received ... after following up again reply came ... we will send thru courier and you will receive in next 2 days... still nothing is received... We are worried whether this company will be able to honour its committment.

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