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Videocon D2H


Consumer complaints and reviews about Videocon D2H

Nov 4, 2018

Channel disturbance and worst customer service

I am not able to watch movie channels at all. there is a constant disturbance. I contacted customer service. They are telling that they will charge 200 rupees to check the situation. What kind of stupidity is this? If I have already paid for services and you guys are not able to deliver it plus you are charging more 200 rupees just to check the situation. And what kind of customer call agents you have? He kept me on hold for 20 minutes and then cut the call. Totally irritating stuff. I want this rectified immediately. Ask your customer executives to give me a call immediately. Never seen such a pathetic service.

phone number - 7752875496
Oct 31, 2018

Bustard service at videocon

Dear customer don't buy Videocon d2h because their service is very worst . If you buy you will suffer like me they are fraud also customer service girls are also one one bitch you can call them to bed not to solve problem. Please don't buy videocond2h.
Go n choose any other service worst company and wrist product .They need money from me like ### customer please don't buy.
Oct 23, 2018

Non resolution of complain

I am one more victim of Videocon D2H services Id 81703544

I have made FULL payment for as the supervisor of D2h customer care service told me for changing my setup box from SD to HD channels on 18 Oct, 2018 & I have received only telephone calls form customer service from videocon d2h but there is no solution till now. I have talked many times to customer care service and they are forcing me to changed my plan.& when I complaint it they are not listening.Telephone no of Nodal Office is also going switch off continuously.

Videocon D2h is the worst. The customer service does not care at all. So "PLEASE DON'T BY VIDEOCON D2H" and don't event suggest also.]Videocon don't care for their customers @ all. Pathetic customer care I have ever seen.
Rajendra Vitthal Pasalkar
Oct 19, 2018

Extra charges recovered...No response to query mails

Customer ID 100859070

Company technician changed Set Top Box in August month & I have paid full amount for the same.
Again Set Top Box required to change in 1st week of October month, that time told that only Technician fee of Rs.200/- is applicable which I have paid in Cash to Technician. However company charged Rs.400/- against the same. query is till not resolved & no response to my email by company.

Very poor service by Videocon D2H.
Oct 16, 2018

Uter Disappoint very poor service

I am one more victim of Videocon D2H services Id 97045051

On Saturday 13/10/18 I have given complaint about my Videocon set top box not working technician came in the afternoon to fix it bit could not resolve so went back and came again on Sunday with a new box and installed it and told will be activated in 1Hr. And went away and 600 as cost of set top box and installation fees and and from the backend they deducted more 200 as installation fees from my account for that even I agreed.

Today's date is 16/10/2018 Tuesday and till now the set top box has not started working for the last 4 days I am continuously kept on calling the customers care, the technician and also the so called Area heads and also Regional heads and they don't even try to solve the problem and I pitty on Videocon company and also the is the customers the so called regional heads and area heads by name Rasheed and Jagdeesh don't know how to behave and don't have proper assent all are illiterate they don't even respond

And I don't even want to talk about the customer care representatives by their higher levels management we can determine how they would be.
Oct 14, 2018

Torchering with calls

Dear Videocon Team,

I am tired with Ur back to back calling from call centre Team please dont call to my number really fed-up with Ur 3rd class services , Dear management Team kindly do the needful

Stop calling me

Yours sincerely

Rahemath Khan
Customer ID - 172342369
Mobile Number - 8970111106
Sayantani Das
Oct 13, 2018

Unfair balance deduction

My customer id is 141148018. I have recharged Rs.220.00 on 17th Sept. 2018 against my base pack of Rs.215.00 for 30 days. Today, 13th Oct. 2018, my service was disconnected due to insufficient balance but my next recharge date is on 16th Oct. 2018. Though I have called the customer care but of no use. They advised me to recharge and disconnected the call. They also told me that I have been given Rs.100 on 12th Sept.2018 accidentally and they are neglecting the amount which i paid on 17th Sept.

As there is 3 days remaining to recharge, I don't understand the reason for disconnection because I have already paid Rs.220 for 1 month service. You are requested to solve this problem as soon as possible otherwise I will shift to other DTH service provider.

Hopefully you will contact me to my registered phone number and give a valid reason for this.
Oct 13, 2018

Poor Service

I have been using the Vodafone for the past 6 years and moved to the HD service for almost 2 years, I wanted to change my plan as many of the channels which suppose to be in the package being removed without any notification and there are neither a notification about that nor any reduction in the monthly fee, when calling the service center (agents can speak only Tamal and if opt to speak in English, agents just keep the line open without any reponse).
Hence I sent the mail to the id provided to the change the plan , the initial request didnt have the add on and got a reponse back, the moment when I sent a mail with all the required details, I have never got a response back and calling to the customer care just irritate you without any proper answer.

Even a simple think can happen only by escalation, better change to other service which are atleast providing a proper customer care.
Oct 10, 2018

Third Class Services provide by Videocon D2H & Worst customer service :

Hello ,

My Customer ID is 96835457. They have such an irresponsible staff that they do not take the customer's request seriously.

Last Month 25 or 26 i called Customer care ask I have to Subscribe SD Box to HD Box. They told make 999 recharge and Your package also upgrade and call back to customer care within 2 days your subscribe happen.

Recharge done 1200 on 29/09/2018. I called Customer care they told your not eligiable this subscribe, am got shocked executive transfer call for supervisor. His told Your set box number is 2255 this setbox not eligliable for this subscribation.
And his telling give me some i have to check call records then i have to take complaint against agents who gave wrong information & my side u will get the call for within 24 hours.

30/09/2018. One person called to me they told i already checked the call records agents will provide the wrong information for you, wait i have raise a compliant against agents & Set top box issues and this one take upto 4 days. He raise the complaint & i received the complaint no. 641594895 for customer id 96835454 has been registered and will get resolved till Thursday, October 4, 2018, 1.34 PM.

After 8 Days i called to customer care what is the status of my complaint?... they told the complaint is open sir asap rectify the problem. And i have to talk Manager his asking give 8 hours time i have to escalte this problem and resolve within 8 hours..

48 hours over again i called customer care am asked transfer to call manager. Manger asking give me 1 hour sir . I have to Esclate this problem personally.

After one hour again called customer care am asking transfer to supervisor.. the agents put my call on hold min 10 min...then automatically call disconnected.
again i tryed customer care they told now time is 11.00 PM our Supervisors & Managers Shift is over Call me Tomorrow morning...

This is worst...worst...worst.....experience in videocon d2h am got.....am not recommanded anyone purchase this network....

Don't purchase this network... no use this one waste of money & time....


Hope you will understand the unwarranted mental agony I have been going through for no fault of mine other than the TRUST I have kept on your brand and WILL DO THE NEEDFUL to resolve this matter immediately. Looking forward to your positive response.

Please contact for any further clarification and awaiting your positive response and reply in the above regards.


Purushothama Reddy N

Mob: 7411143940
Oct 8, 2018

Frequent service unavailablity

I have been using the Videocon D2H services (cus I'd: 1135029) and past 1 year its service has gone from bad to worse.

3-4 times a day the service is unavailable on Television for approx 30-45 mins each time and it is advised to call customer care whenever it happens , the number being busy all the time. Then the issue get auto resolve without being providing any permanent resolution to the issue.

Last time the service was unavailable for more than 24 hrs, the complaint registered with Ur call center which advised us a paid technician visit. The technician never turned up. After several follow-ups and again after making a complaint against technician a new complaint got registered and the issue was auto resolved. So if the issue is always autoreslved what exactly your technical teams are capable of doing?????

I am not that free whole day to make calls to Ur call centres having no experience just asking us to disconnect and restart our STB again and again. And moreover why such issues which are re-occuring are looked upon by some tech experts or h just believe that everything in your system gets autoreslved everytime.

Please check and provide a permanent resolution to this. If not resolved it's better to switch to some other network.
regimon cyriac
Oct 5, 2018

Vedeocond2h TV service

Our vedeocond2h ID141297659, had been recharged on 19 September 2018 for three months with Rs.2000/-. But it stopped functioning from 21 September 2018. The TV displayed 'no signal' and we complained. Three days after the complaint, a fellow turned up saying that he was sent to address our problem. He told that the set top box was gone, and it needed to be replaced. He took it along and I got a receipt from him signed. We waited for three days. On the fourth day he turned up with the old set top box stating that it could not be replaced. He said that a new one was not available. He told us that he was also functioning as the agent of Airtel and he was ready to install Airtel set top box immediately. But we had already paid Rs.2000. The he told us that Vedeocond2h was about to be shut down and no replacement would be done. He went away.
Then I called the Customer care again and informed them about the situation. They told us that they would solve the problem in eight hours time. Now from Septemeber 27, every day we call the customer care of vedeocond2h and they tell us the same thing that it would be solved in eight hours. Today is October 5, 2018. Yesterday too we were told the same.
Regimon Cyriac
Samaj Vikas Sanstha
Praven Kumar C
Oct 4, 2018

Unable to connect customer care number

I tried 40 to 50 times but unable to connect customer care number. Worst service from Videocon d2h
Oct 3, 2018

not given proper balance

my customer id is 156978870. I recharged 310 last month for 30 days and they gave only 28 day balance . 2 days less for the actual amount . Not only this month ,
every month they give 28 days balance. when I call to customer care service they called me to hold for 3 to 4 time but don't solve the problem properly and my phone balance also get low because of long duration of hold again and again. your service is poor and their service irritate me .
Oct 1, 2018

Third class service by Videocon D2H


My customer ID is 51496455. This is not new when it comes to poor service by Videocon D2H. They have such an irresponsible staff that they do not take the customer's request seriously.

It's been 6 months that I had shifted to a different building & immediately after shifting, I had raised a request to transfer. After that, I had started receving calls from different executives. They just call whenever thay want. They call number of times on week days after 12 PM & I had to ask them to either come in the morning or in the weekends. Though they commit that will be coming in the morning or in the weekend, no body calls or turn up on Saturday or Sunday. My transfer of D2H was done after several days of raising a request & I had to pay the excutive extra amount for some device whuch is used to in coming signal plus service charge. This is not the end.

After few days, the picture quality or signals started giving trouble though the weather is good. The picture gets stuck as if watching a pirated CD. I had raised a compliant for this issue & as usual the same story. Though they commit that will be coming in the morning or in the weekend, no body calls or turn up on Saturday or Sunday & the wrost part is that, an executive has come to check the problem & make some changes to the dish & the device that I lost the connection completely. Now, from past few days I did not ON my TV as thereis no connection. The executive is asking to change the device again & also asking fir service charge. This is unbelievable. How many times I should pay for unecessary things & for poor service.

Please look in to this at the earliest.

Thanks & Regards,
Amrit Singh
Phone: 9000223404
Shashank R Kashyap
Sep 27, 2018

Worst customer service

I had done recharge of NEW SOUTH GOLD package. After a week they had called us to update the plan for some sports pack.We had clearly refused to change it. But later on, on seeing the account information they had changed the package according to their wish. Moreover when I called them up to tell this,they were like, we can't do anything now, the next when you recharge it, things can be settled only then. After 20 days, when I recharged the plan again back to NEW SOUTH GOLD, again the plan is back to sports subscription which ends in 20 days. When I again called them they were like, we can't change the plan till 11 days. One of the worst customer services I've ever seen. Really disappointed with its service. I recommend none to use this.
kabhishek kumar
Sep 27, 2018

With out information old rf remote collect by technician

My customer I'd is 143531579. New rf remote request number 61513610. Technician come and give me new rf remote. He collect 300 rupee. He without information my old rf remote collect. Again I call him. He replied it's company policy. But my issue is I paid new remote charge then he why collect my old remote. It's my issue. I registered complain in customer care. Complain number - 640430989.
Please resolve my issue ASAP.

Thanks & Best regards
Abhishek Kumar
Sep 24, 2018

Poor customer service

had done a recharge for a month .however after 15 days I received message that my account has insufficient balance .I called up the customer service several times for a week .everytime I was given new resolution date for my issue.my call was transferred, disconnected several times during this week.i was told this issue can be resolved only by their seniors, was on the line for more than half hour, waiting for the seniors to resolve my issue.
Pathetic customer service.
Sep 23, 2018

Customer care making fool to customer

Videocon DTH id 149699550
I have received call from customer care regarding free offer of one month and after one month charges will be applied.Then I activate these channel as told by customer care .But after that I checked and found that no offer is given and charges applied from the same day itself.Customer care making fool to customers for their company profit, because locking period is one month and customer is unable to deactivate Upton one month.Same case happened with me again and again.I unable see the channel also which I activated on instructions of customer care.Kindly deactivate my these 4 HD Channel for which no offer given as promised by customer care.They are not properly responding to my complain also.
Sep 23, 2018

Customer care making fool to customer

Videocon DTH id 149699550

Customer care giving wrong offer for making company benefited.They are giving offer for free channel of one one month,but after activation they are not giving any free channel and charges included in same month also.
Sep 22, 2018

Customer care making fool to customer

My customer id 149699550.
I have received call from customer care that there is offer for me which is HD entertainment channel total 4 channel free for one month and after one month charges will be rs 45 per month.Then I activate these channel by customer care ,but when I check I found that there is no free of one month and charges include on the same month and pacKage rate also increased.This is second I face with this problem with videocon DTH. They are making fool to customer for their company .I want to deactivate all these HD channel without any cost, other wise I will stop using videocon DTH service
Ravi Chandran
Sep 22, 2018


Dear Sir / Madam,


The trailing message was sent to your customer care team on 14.09.2018 with no response till date which is tarnishing the brand image of VIDEOCON. I need a reply or your action plan against my query, or else kindly instruct your team to REFUND ME the subscription amount so that either I could change my plan if suitable or I could be at liberty to choose some other d2h service providers. I BELIEVE VIDEOCON BRAND WILL NEVER LIKE TO LOOSE A CUSTOMER, I MIGHT BE A DROP IN THE OCEAN BUT EVERY DROP MAKE IT TO RAISE OR FALL. I have TRUSTED VIDEOCON BRAND and availed 2nd consecutive ONE YEAR LONG TERM PLAN and in the middle of one year plan Videocon have removed surya network channels from my already agreed upon list and retained for one month after my telecom with customer care and after that they say it is chargeable. WE DONT NEED ANYTHING FREE, WE NEED ONLY WHAT WE HAVE OPTED FOR AND SACNTIONED IN THE BEGINNING OF CONTRACT.

Hope the Top Management will come to my rescue to PROVE THAT BRAND VIDEOCON IS TRUSTABLE.

P.N. Ravichandran
Mob: 9840865417

Mail sent on 14-Sept-2018

Ref: Customer ID : 166402358 / Account No. 16567188 / RAVICHANDRAN PN

With great disappointment, I am writing this mail to you being a 2nd year consecutive customer of BRAND VIDEOCON, I have subscribed for Long Term Plan (One Year Plan) for the 2nd time by making a payment of Rs. 3780.72 on 19-March-2018 hoping that Videcon will not let down its customer. But I feel now that I have been CHEATED by the so called Videocon Brand.

While Subscribing for a long term plan, I am of the opinion that Videocon will stick on to the initial terms and allow me to view all the channels what you have initially activated in my account. This is a gentleman's agreement, that I TRUSTED VIDEOCON by making full PAYMENT FOR ONE YEAR.

Suddenly from 11th Sept'2018, I noticed that all SURYA NETWORK has been deactivated from my account. I thought it would be a temporary arrangement or signal issue. Finally yesterday, I made a call to your customer care only to hear that the SURYA NETWORK (sURYA tv, sURYA nEWS, sURYA mOVIES, sURYA MUSIC AND SO ON....) has been de-activated and if required they i.e., Videocon Brand will activate the same for 30 days FREE OF CHARGE and after that I have to bear the additional cost. I lost my peace of mind and had a lengthy conversation with your customer care who is helpless. I am 52 years old, recently undergone an Angeoplast and your team had made my BP shoot up for the TRUST I have kept on your brand and paid full one year charges in advance. I have told your customer care to immediately ACTIVATE ALL SURYA NETWORK CONNECTIONS to my account WITHOUT ANY CONDITION. This is what we have agreed for at the time of making payment on 19-March-2018 and you dont have any right to deactivate any channels from my already agreed upon list. NOW I HAVE A BIGGER DOUBT ON YOUR VIDEOCON brand, LIKE THIS HOW MANY CHANNELS YOU WOULD HAVE STOLEN FROM MY ACCOUNT (needs to be checked). DO YOU FEEL THAT ONCE YOU GET YOUR MONEY INTO YOUR POCKET YOU ARE AT THE LIBERTY TO DO ALL THIS KIND OF NONSENSE??

1) I have made FULL payment for one year and I have all right to demand you for all channels to be activated as what you have initially promised.

2) You have all rights and liberty to de-activate any channels or demand after the end of contract period of recharge due date i.e., on 8th April 2019.

3) At the contract end period i.e., recharge due date we as a customer is at liberty to choose whether to accept your additional charges or if we have to change our plan or if we have to change the D2H service provider itself.

Jist of the issue is like this. I have paid an amount to Videocon for a period of one year for which Videocon has assured me to relay channels A,B, C,D, E,F, G... and so on. Based on this gentleman's agreement only I have entered in to a contract with you for one year. In the middle of the contract period you have NO RIGHT to remove any channels from the customer's account which you have already agreed and for which the customer i.e., myself already made payment to Videocon. Hope you understand my point.

Now I request you to RESTORE ALL CHANNELS to my account which you have agreed upon at the beginning of 2nd contract (2nd long term recharge date 19-March-2018) with immediate effect without any condition. Still I have not gone into the details of what all channels you have removed from my account. Just because I am a Malayalee, a constant viewer of all Surya Network Programs I was able to find out this issue.


Hope you will understand the unwarranted mental agony I have been going through for no fault of mine other than the TRUST I have kept on your brand and WILL DO THE NEEDFUL to resolve this matter immediately. Looking forward to your positive response.

Please contact for any further clarification and awaiting your positive response and reply in the above regards.


P.N. Ravichandran

Mob: 98408-65417
Sep 19, 2018

Pathetic customer care and pathetic service

They only know to get Money once money is transacted they dont bother about their customer at all. Not ready to understand their situaiton just drops calls without informing. Then block that number for all while I guess as was unable to connect to the once they dropped the call.
Abhishek bhaumick
Sep 17, 2018

Pathetic service and balance deduction

I am a victim of pathetic services of Videocon. Recently they have provided service where I applied for relocation. They first took rs.500 and started deducting my balance without any reason... I complained and they had no answer.. kept my phone on hold for 16 mins.. Upon to customer care both per mail & phone my problem not solved. I have come to the following conclusions

1]Videocon don't care for their customers @ all. Pathetic customer care I have ever seen.
2]Videocon deduct money as & when they feel like to feed themselves...

@videocon empls... Call me on 7259329310 and I will give a hand full of shit for u to take home...
Sep 17, 2018

Chor company

My ac. No. 7496923
This company cheat us.
Mere paas Videocon d2h karib 7 years hai.
Kabhi channel nahi dikhti aur hum customer care me bolte hai to kehta hai engineer ko bhejenge aur uska 200 rs. Charge lagega. Aur agar kuch part dalna pada to uska alag se charge lagega.
Ab tak wo bhi pay kiya par ab to had ho gayi Are bhai hum channel dekhne ke liye aapko paise dete hai agar channel nahi dikhti to use thik karna aapki jimmedari hai. Ha agar kuch part dalna pada to uska charge dene hum taiyar hai par visit charge 200rs. Ye meri samajh me nahi aaya.are bhai haram ka paisa chahiye to bheek mango na customer ko luto mat.maine to d2h ka dabba ukhad ke phek diya.
Bahut jald yaha bhi tumhara baap JIO aa raha hai tab sari charbi nikal jayegi.yaha jo ek jagah pe bache ho waha se bhagna padega.
Dosto don't waste your money on Videocon d2h.
Is se acha aur sasta to dishtv hai.
Sep 13, 2018

worst customer care

I am using Videocon for past 6 years and their services are getting very worst day by day, 3 months before 500 rs taken from my account and checking with customer care they are saying its not their mistake and they didn't returned also i have taken past 6 month recharge amounts and checked they got by red handed but not accepting and refund, now they are taking too much amount per month. asking the plan and active service that guys just said and disconnected the call that was like WTF moment, so "PLEASE DON'T BY VIDEOCON D2H" and don't event suggest also.

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