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Feb 7, 2019

No response of emails

Can someone please provide the customer care number of Videocon d2h. They seem to have disappeared since none of their contact numbers are working and there is no way we can get in touch with Videocon customer care.

Have sent emails to [email protected] on why channels cannot be viewed. However, there is no response from them.
Please help.
Feb 7, 2019

D2h is not working

Hi My name is chanchal raikwar Nd details are below.

Customer id-111059386

I have sufficient amount in my account but since last 2 days my d2h is not working I tried everything to connect d2h customer support but they are worst service provider I ever had so please active my account orther wise i will change my provider.

samu philip
Jul 31, 2018

Cash deducted from my D2H account even after paying the Engineer in cash

I had booked Engineer visit to resolve my signals problem. I paid cash Rs. 200 to Engineer but he didn't charge back my account due to which Rs. 200 was deducted from my balance. on 7th Jul the service was terminated due to low balance. Since then I have been complaining but am getting no solution. Customer care people say they can only register complain but the service department is going to solve the queries. on 7th the complaint number received was 607429231. on 8th the complaint number was 607837176. on 10th the complaint number was 608604918. on 14th Jul I didn't get a complaint number but they confirmed to call back after resolving which never happened. on 15th the complaint number was 610917937. on 29th the complaint number was 616658709 & got a confirmation that the issue will be resolved within one hour & will get a call back. when I called back in the evening someone by the name if Mr. Prabhu talked with me & gave me a complaint number 616927993 & confirmed that the issue will be resolved 100% by next day 5:30 but it as expected never got resolved. I called back to talk with him today (31st Jul) & to inform him that the query didn't get resolved but the agent wasn't ready to connect me to him. today is 31st Jul & I am not sure if this query will ever get resolved. what a wonderful customer care which can only note down complaints & do not provide solutions.

best regards,
Samu Philip
[email protected]
Jul 30, 2018

Wrong Channel Activated

I have requested for activation of Sony PIX channel by calling Customer Care on 21.07.2018 but instead on PIX the Sony Six was activated by the Agent. The requested channel not activated till 22nd July 2018. After calling the Customer care on 22nd the same was activated but kept me in dark about wrong channel got activated i.e Sony SIX. On 24th July while suffering the channels I came to know about this. After contacting the Customer Care they raised complaint against the Agent for wrong activation of Channel. The complaint should resolved on 27th July 2018 01.27pm but till date status in open. On 27th July I spoke with Videocon D2H supervisor regarding my complaint 7 got assurance that it will resolved in 24-48 hrs. Now I got frustrated & fed up with the false promises from Videocon D2H customer services. Also contacted the Nodal officer my mobile no. on 28th July but he didn't attend the call...

Complaint No. :- 614714216

Thanks & Regards,
Mangesh C
Anil jhamar
Jul 26, 2018

No service by their customer care

I have made complaint on Thier customer center on 18,19,24 July 2018 since my d2h is not working and I requested for Thier engineer visit but nothing has happened . Every time they are booking fresh complaint. No senior person is ready to come on line. Every time they are telling visit will be done with in48 hours
Jun 22, 2018

Videocon DTH - no customer service number

My Videocon DTH is not working for the past 2 months. I have been trying to call their so called customer care number. That number just has IVR message to check balance.
The request call feature on their website is not working at all.
Is it not mandatory to have a customer service number at first place.
Totally stupid careless customer service

My ID: 175771550

If at all someone reads this from Videocon please call
Others please don't go for videocon DTH
Jun 12, 2018

D2h box not working

Dear Team,

My customer Id - 36269822

My videocon D2h box not working from last 3 days and I have call on your customer care no 91156 91156 but no one can response I have call on this no. Around 10 times but same issue I have facing this is the very pathetic service provider.

This is the 3rd time d2h box not working and last 2 times box was replaced and every replacement your engineer taking 400 rs of replacement .

Last time my box was replaced in sep or Oct 16 and within 1 year box again not working .

Please confirm me what is the warranty period of these boxs because I am not able to pay for this box 400 to 500 rs year by year .

Please do the needful for above matter and arrange the your engineer vsit at my home address on priority basis and I am already informed you in above . Provide me the warranty period I am not pay any type of extra amount apart from your engineer visit charge which 200 rs .

Please do the needful , thanking for your Anticipation

Vimal kumar singh
Khopoli , 410203
मनीष एम शाह
May 31, 2018

run ot of balance

Videocon D2H Custmore id is -20658980

is having an issue from last 20 days regarding the payment balance as mentioned above in the attached picture.

I do have a sufficient balance of Rs.2000/- in my videocon D2H account

From last 6-7 days i have been talking to customer care regarding this issue.

But there is no solution to this problem from your end .

Please i do request you to check and take initiative to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Thanking you!

Yours Truly,

Videocon D2H Custmore id is -20658980

run ot of balance

Sattanand Chauhan
May 7, 2018

Services not resumed after recharge 18730563

Dear sir,
customer I'd 18730563

In morning I recharged my Videocon d2h with 315 rs my services not resumed and again I recharged with 330 rs still my services not resumed. I called the customer services of Videocon d2h they are asking 200 rs for service visit. I told them for why I need to pay money already my account balance is 600+ .they are asking service personal will visit and solve your query buy day before expiry every thing is working well after expiry and recharge paid channel is not resumed.plz help me to get service resumed. Why shall I pay additional 200 rs.

£rustrated cu$tomer
Jul 23, 2017

Worst D2H service (videocon)

Very poor, pathetic d2h service from customer care number 073558 73558
Non availability of signal is a major problem since installation. Please check my records, iam paying service engineer charge of Rs 200 every month due to non availability of signal which is not my fault but company's fault. If signals cannot be provided , please shut down d2h service. My customer id is 90910012
Really fed up with this company. Thinking of going to consumer court soon as each month service engineer takes away 200 rupees and I think its company's way of making money.

i am not satisfied the videocon services. this is bad experience.
Will it be helpful to raise a complaint in this forum
Because I really wanted to take some actions against videocon ....
Parag Mogare
Jul 4, 2017

Problem to receive signal and dish relocation

I registered the complaint about dish not receive a signal,this issue was registered on dated 1july2017 to the customer care and they told me your problem in solve before 24hours,but till date no engineer are came and customer care executive are not responding my problem,they only said about charges.!I agree to give any charges of dish related problems but they are not serious about this problem.so plz help me
Ashu Tiwari
Apr 8, 2017

Regarding changing package with Higher Prices.

Videocon working as a cheater...Guys always changing my plan with highr prices without asking to me. His nodal officer ( Rajesh on behalf of Mr. Yajuvendra) dont have manner to talk to customer, the company have a big name but people are very lethargic. I never thought that people who is sitting on at level of Nodal office the dont have manner that how to talk to customer. I really disappointed with your services. And the way of cheating. I know its tough time for everyone but this is not way to earn money and survive in the Market. I hope people oncern about customer.
Oct 31, 2016

Poor customer service

My customer id is 93134058. I called Videocon d2h to inquire if they provide broadband internet as i already have their cable tv services. Unfortunately, i experienced the worst customer service from the representatives. First of all they did not understand my question and kept giving vague responses. And kept putting my call on hold under the pretext of transferring to their Supervisor. And finally disconnecting.

This happened 12 times. I am extremely frustrated that they could not answer my simple question and was subject to such poor service.

I am contemplating even cancelling my cable services with Videocon.

My feedback is definately to improve the quality of people hired to serve the customers. I am sure that my complaint is not going to be heard but i will never want to buy any videocon products in future.
N.M. Dayama
Oct 31, 2016


Dear Sir,
We dont understand which are paid channels and which are free .The sales channels like napptol, home shop, skyline are compulsorily included when customer doesn't want . Whereas standard news channels like BBC are not in supergold package but VIP news which is advt channel you are forced to buy in package. The organization is not at all customer friendly which can be noticed from numerous complaints seen. If balance is over the service is instantly disconnected but when I call on toll free line the answer is available balance and recharge date and it is disconnected before asking why I have called.some times the entertainment channels signal disappear only news channels are seen. Looks like Videocon is only interested in recharge money and not in providing service.. Irs getting worse than private cable operator
Nandkishor Dayama
customer ID 64638462
Aug 14, 2016

no signal for the past 1 week

It has been a week since a complaint has been raised for signal not available. The first complaint was done on 7th August, the CC executive said issue would be resolved in 24 hours. 24 hours has gone and no technician shows up.
The next call to customer care done on 9th August, the executive says issue would be resolved in 8 hours. Again 8 hours gone no information from anyone related to videocon. After this daily calls are made but the issue is still unresolved. Everytime the response is same, issue will be resolved in 24 hours, 48 hours. Whenever a call is made to the CC a new and comes with a new complaint number.
Finally on Friday 12th August I receive a call from technician, saying he would attend on Saturday and will call before coming. It's Saturday afternoon and no one from videocon d2h calls. Since it was a mobile number I call the technician and he says he will check with his person and call in 5 minutes. The call never comes back. After this whenever I call that number its either busy or the person doesn't pick up the call.
On Sunday I call CC again and spoke to the supervisor after holding the line for around 20 minutes. I ask him to escalate the call to his manager he says I would receive a call from his higher authority in 30 mins. Again the same thing repeats a message from videocon d2h with a new complaint number and a new ETA, but the issue still unresolved.
This is too much now Videocon, if you can't service your customer complaints on time, please do not give false ETAs. It's not that you are the only service providers in this industry. I had myself recommend videocon d2h to a lot of my friends, but now I think I shouldn't have done that. Going forward you are losing business from me and the people I know. This is the height of frustration you can take me too.
I have made payment for a year trusting youe initial service and that trust has been broken. I need my money back and don't expect me to still continue with your connection even after the issue is resolved. You can't hold your customer to ransom this way. We will react and react strongly.
My customer id is 124075003.
Vidhya Vasudevan
Jul 14, 2016

Pathethic Service - No response on the complaint

This has been my worst experience with videocond2h. I have been calling the customer care since monday i.e.(11/7/2016) and they said the isue will be resolved within 48hrs. Later after 48hrs I tried calling them they said the complaint ID has been closed and will sent the representative to my house. Yesterday again a new complaint has been raised still there's no representative turned up. This shows pure inefficiency and I hope someone will have the basic courtesy to get my issue fixed.
Jul 11, 2016

About quality of movies

Last my complaint about error E04-4 from Videocon d2H and their poor quality service. I wrote about quality of movies which they shown on Hindi channels.I am not willing to hurt anyone. I just saying about quality of movie.if anyone got hurt then sorry about it.But think about how can a person tolerate movies like suryavansham,reddy,one man army show,aarya like movies most of the time.we are paying money so that we get entertainment. I am really sorry if anyone got hurt by my last complaint.government should pay attention that people really get entertainment from such d2h channel.or may b it is a game so that people will subscribe channel from SD to HD .
Jul 11, 2016

Error E04-4

Respected sir/madam,
I am using Videocon d2H since last 3 year.my customer id is 81753219
Since yesterday my videocon d2H not working and showing error E04-4. I complained about it toward customer care.They said within 48 hour their engineer or mechanic will come to home and will solve this problem.But we have to pay for it 200 rs.200 rs is not a big amount but think 3-4 days without TV and plus paying 200 it is a loss of any customer.If one day customer pay late you stopped his services then for this days who will gone pay us? Is your company taking responsibility to pay for all those days when you are fail to provide service? I need a valid reason why a customer have to pay extra 200 for such error.who knows a person working in your firm purposely stopped such connection so that people like us pay money so that TV will work.One more issue is now adays you are showing us very bad quality movies on SD channel.why you are showing all south Indian dubbed movies on Hindi channel? I guess their are south Indian channels so that you will show them south Indian movies.kindly improve your service and give me valid written reason why a customer have to pay 200 rs if problem is from your side.so that people like me use it to show in court.thank you.
Swamini Samant
Jul 10, 2016

Smart card error

Smart card error every now and then
Radhakant Patro
Jul 2, 2016

Signal issue

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

1st Complaint: My coustomer ID: 19554182. I Used this prduct last 5-7 years. Videocon signal is very bad in Rainy season. When I not recharged Videocon company person Mr. Rohit called coming from no. ############ to me on 24th June 2016 that if recharge with 6 months then coustomer will get 14days extra and will get 1000 gift voucher. That gift voucher will redeem in online purchase. I recharged 6 months on 27th June 2016 but gift voucher not received and my complaint no.406211375 with Videocon D2H.

2nd complaint: I recharged with 6 months but signal is very week then i want temporary suspension my set up box for 2 months but videocon doesnot allow temporary suspension 2 months. Maximum temporary suspension is 15days. If customer wants suspension for 2 months then why videocon does not allow suspension for 2 months?

Why i paid if videocon signal is very bad.My complaint numbers are: 406211375 and 406285821

I request you to kindly give a chance for temporary suspension for 2 months due to rainy season.

Thanks & Warm Regards,
Radhakant Patro
Ph: +91-9820026676
Jun 10, 2016

Not giving signal since last two days

My customer id 100987530 of Videocon D2h having Rs 275/ month package. yesterday I have called about the news channel not coming since two days eventhough it is included in the service package ,however neither they have attended problem. They are asking charge of Rs 200 for deputing service engineer. Though it is problem from their side they are not ready to accept.

Today in the morning my all channel disappeared though all channel working fine yesterday , today morning it is disappeared.
When I called to Videocon d2h they are asking again Rs 200 / - for service charge.

How Videocon d2h charge Rs 200 on customer even if it is their fault. this happen regular in every six month. After connecting in to society common antenna this problem starts. We request you to file the complaints against such service provider who are not listening the customer.
May 9, 2016


My customer id is 61255884
On 2 may 2016 I complaint about channels. Engineer visited n he changed 170 rupees. Saying that it will be one month warranty.
But now again since yesterday 9 may 2016 my stb is not working. I called customer care they are telling me to pay 170 rs again for visit. Its hardly 8 days . But according to them there is no update of my complaint n charges which I paid on 2 may.
Even ln my account on tv no updates about my recharge which is around 7000 . It was recharged in feb 2016 for annual.
I am confused about all this mess.
Pls refund all my balance.
Mar 6, 2016

Fraud by Engineer, No support from Customer Care Executive, Service Interrupted on asking for Justification.

I had an 2 years old Videocon D2H Set top Box which i never used, now when government made Set Top Box compulsory in Miraroad, i thought of activating it on 13th Feb 2016 as it was not working.
I had taken a new TV for my Bedroom, so i also needed a Mirror Connection along with activating my existing set top box.
I called Customer Care for enquiry, and they offered me a Mirror connection and there technician will also look at my old Set top box and make it work.
And within an hour of my enquiry an engineer was in my home to make a sell. He Installed a new Line from my old Satellite Dish at the roof with 19 Mtrs of Wire.
The total Sum i paid him that day was 2350 which included 1717 (for New Set Top Box) + 402 (for New Diamond Pack) + 231 (for Mirror Connection) for which i got a Msg confirmation (attached Image of Msg with Dew Date of 14/3/16). On top of it Rs 280 for 19 Mtr wire @ 12 Rs per meter, My old Power adapter was not working so he offered me a used one for Rs 100 that sum up to Rs. 2678 (Rounding Up i gave the engineer 2700 in Cash).
The Refill was made by Him, and he informed that HD channels on Mirror Connection will be free for a Month, i didn't do any online transaction.
The Technician told me to keep my old set top box On for 2 3 Hrs as it will get software updated in that time, it didn't work so i called him back, He rudely told me to Book a complaint in Customer Care, and Told me his next visit will be paid to 200 Rs.
I called Customer Care and after talking to Supervisor, he told me that the technician visit will be paid, but we can reduce it by 50 and you will be charged Rs. 150, leaving with no choice i had to call an Technician, who come on 14th Feb 2016.
On Coming he informed us that our set top box is outdated and he'll have to take the set top box for 2 3 days to upgrade the software, or you can upgrade to new set top box for 1000 Rs and we'll get Free HD channels for 1 Year of new set top box.
I paid him Rs 1000 and he took about 1 Hr of Calling from my home to get this activated, (Msg attached of 1000 Rs Paid and due date on 12/4/16).
2 Days later 1 Nursery Rhyme Channel was blocked, on enquiring the Customer Care Girl told me "Sir its Just 1 channel, why dont you activate a 25 Rs only package to get that channel". i did that too. (Message Attached).
and now on Morning of 5th March 2016 my both set top box were Deactivated for Insufficient Balance.
Called Customer Care 20 Times with my 2 numbers (history of 1 of it is attached) and every time i explained this whole history to 7 executive and they all either disconnected to call, or either transfer it to their supervisors who again needed the whole explanation and then at some point the call will get disconnected, none of them tried calling back except one today though i could not attend call as i was in lecture.
Out of all these, one executive understood somewhat and took my complaint on 5th, for which i got msg and after few hrs i again got msg that my complaint was solved, but nothing changed and After spending approximately about 90 mins in total calling none of the executives are helping and i feel cheated and fooled by a company like Videocon.
This all is Just 22 days of my Paying them Money, I want help from authorities to solve this issue.
I would like to get my 3700 Rs Back and Videocon can happily take these 2 piece of problems out of my house.
If not, then at least make up for the money/time i have lost because these problems with a promise of better service in future.


Shivam Misra
Customer ID: 71608722

Fraud by Engineer, No support from Customer Care Executive, Service Interrupted on asking for Justification. Fraud by Engineer, No support from Customer Care Executive, Service Interrupted on asking for Justification. Fraud by Engineer, No support from Customer Care Executive, Service Interrupted on asking for Justification. Fraud by Engineer, No support from Customer Care Executive, Service Interrupted on asking for Justification.

[email protected]
Jan 1, 2016

new set top box problem

New set top box which was connected on 25th December 2015 is not functioning correctly since 27th Dec. Asked videocon d2h to replace with the new one but they deny.
Dec 20, 2015

Customer care Irresponsibilty


This is Amit here and I have been a customer of Videocon D2h for a approx. 5 years. Though I have been facing the aftermarket service irresponsibility for a long time from Videocon d2h people, I would like to draw the attention towards the specific incident of Today, I have lodged a complaint with Videocon D2h call center today that there was a connectivity issue at my end for last 2-3 days on account of which we are not able to watch the TV. I called the D2H call center around 10.30 in the morning and explained the entire problem, the call centre respondent that an engineer will have to visit to spot the issue and fix it and I will have to pay the charges. Once he noticed that it’s not even three months since I paid this charge and this visit would be free and when I told him that issues occur quite frequently now a days, he started behaving very rudely and hung up the phone.

I called up again and another guy picked up, I again had to explain the problem to him. He registered the issue and said that an engineer would be visiting and TAT for that is 24 hrs, I requested that if the visit could happen today itself as we have not been able to watch TV for last 2-3 days properly but he was non-committal. After that I received a message with an unique code which I had to provide to the person who would call me. The person called me (phone no +91 86550 53750, don't know the name) around 1.30 PM, I again explained the issue third time, he took the unique code and told me that one Engineer would be coming by 5 .00 PM today. No one came so I called him around 5.45 PM today then he said that someone called Akash would be calling just now and coming in 30 mns. No one called so I called him after 20-25 mns, he said that the engineer wd be busy but he will call me in some time. Then someone called me at 6.11 PM (mobile no +91 82688 03475) and told me that he is at MIDC so it will take around 30 mns to reach. Once I checked with him after 40 mns to confirm the address, he started asking about the problem and said that he has not yet started from MIDC. When I replied that I have explained the issues 3 times already, better he come and see the issue, he started giving reason that it will take more time there so what could be done. I retorted that nothing doing, he has to come down and see the problem as he has been assigned the duty, he said he is not sure, I said you tell me if you cant come then I will call back the call center, he said he would call me back in 2 mns.

Knowing that call may not come, I called up the first gut to sort of escalate but his phone was coming busy (he must be talking to the engineer only as Engineer's phone had also started coming busy). I tried at leat 15-20 times to both of them but none of them picked up nor replied. I sent a message also to the Engineer if he can turn up today or not but he did not reply. After 20-25 mins both the phones have started coming switched off. I mean after waiting for the entire day for them, this is what you get at the end of the day.

My issue cannot be worth a visit for Videocon D2H as the 3 months are not complete so they would not be getting any visiting charges for this visit. I don't know but for sure that Tata Sky does not charge for any visit by their engineers. I presume that after market should be free at least. But this is a very pathetic situation which as a customer I am exposed to. I want to lodge a complaint against the Company and both these 2 persons for the mental agony I have gone through and wastage of the entire day. I also would want to bring this complaint to the senior management of Videocon D2h that what the customers go through.

Thanks and regards,


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