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Videocon D2H


Consumer complaints and reviews about Videocon D2H

Sep 28, 2010


Dear sir/madam,

my customer id is 2746007

i am facing many times problem in satellite box.

problem repeat again and again

problem:- most of chanels stuck in evening.

engineer visited but problem is not resloved.

I raised compain 6 to 7 times but stil problem is not reslove.

i want parmanent solution for your site.

i am very disappoint of your product.

Note:- This last time to raise the compain if you doesnot permanent solution i leave the product.

i am waiting your response.

compain no :-19164358.

compain no 19302821.

Thanks and Regards,

Subodh kumar jain
Aug 26, 2010


Dear sir,
In recently days i have purchased d2h videocon satellite dvd.But i found some problem in dvd player. Sir, Please take some action .I have told many time to customercares but unfortunately nobody ready to take any action.

address: 173,
patyali gate, etah (up)

phone no. 05742-233690
mobile no. 09259777743
id no. 7551082
Aug 26, 2010


Dear sir,
In recently days i have purchased d2h videocon satellite dvd.But i found some problem in dvd player. Sir, Please take some action .I have told many time to customercares but unfortunately nobody ready to take any action.

address: 173,
patyali gate, etah (up)

phone no. 05742-233690
mobile no. 09259777743
Jul 6, 2010


Hi, I am Milind More, My Vediocon Customer ID no. 3645390, Last 5 days my set was not properly running. The display shows that "Under Process Upgradation". After So many times my problem is still pending no any service engg. call me or no body senior person from customer care talk with me.
This is very bad service from Vediocon. At every time when I call customer care they said that "at 2.30 pm engg. will come, still u can't talk with us" But nobody from vediocon solve or resolve this probelm.
Thsi is inform u that pls solve my problem or I am take serious action on U.
May 28, 2010

Shortchanged by Videocon

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Jan 23, 2013

I need to reregister my account

Im having problem trying to Login to my account and requested for a password but password given i"m unable to log in. I would appreciate if customer service could wipe out my registration as it would enable me to register again online.

My customer ID is 87707240 to enable to track my record


Darshan Kaur
Jan 6, 2011

Videocon D2H - Customer ID 11337770

My customer ID is 11337770. D2H connection in the name of Ruxton Vaz.

Since the past couple of months I have been trying to get through your customer service nos. Every time I call up I get the same response...line busy please call back later, all you can do is sit back and keep calling only to get the same response no matter even if you call hundred times. With in two weeks time the LCD started giving problems. It goes blank and it turns off own itself. After so many calls and complaints the technician visited us after 20 days. And all he could say was that I am temporarily fixing the screen...it's mother board is dead and we should request for a replacement.

So, we got the brand new videocon D2H for Rs. 30,000 and in two weeks time it died on us. So, we literally paid a huge amount just to get a piece of junk into our home. Even after calling up the cust. service several times we never got a positive response. Most of the times they used to hang up on us whenever we called their service for help. I guess that’s their way of telling us that they can’t resolve the issue. Every day one or two times the screen goes blank. Even after numerous complaints till date no one came to rectify the problem. Last couple of days none of the channels are being telecasted and we have no where to call. You guys have 4-5 customer care nos. which hardly anyone answers or else it’s always busy. I wonder why you even have this so-called customer care when you can’t handle it properly.

I would be really grateful if you have the courtesy to either do the replacement at the earliest or else just give us our refund. I am so terribly disappointed in your service that I would never recommend anyone to get videocon D2H ever. Being a brand name if you can’t keep up with what you promise and can’t keep your customers happy even after spending our hard earned money. None of your customers will stick to your brand. If you get brand ambassadors like Abhishek Bachan just for the sake of it and to fool your customers, you should keep one thing in mind that “Once bitten is twice shy” no one will make the same mistake again. It will only be done once.
Dec 26, 2010

no activation of ten cricket & no toll free number working

Below is my mail to videocon d2h about my complaint but no one revert back or called. dont buy videocon d2h. its pathetic. buy any other satellite but dont buy this shit.

from manoj nair <[email protected]>
to [email protected]
date Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 1:29 PM
subject never expected videocon cheat us
mailed-by gmail.com
hide details Dec 19 (7 days ago)
Dear Videcon D2H Team,

I, Mr. Manoj Nair existing customer of Videocon D2H for last 10 months & at that time i have purchased at very minimal rate for 1 TV & after i saw your service good i purchased for 2nd TV (multiple tv). I was happy for 4-5 months. But after some time you have increased the rate of channel pack (as usual from product co) we thought its ok. but now again when we need to watch cricket on ten cricket you are not saying us to change from old package to new one & then u subscribe for ten cricket, how ridiculous is this be. i just need ten cricket & for that you want me to change entire old gold sports package which im paying on old rate but you want to earn money so you want us to change that to new gold sport pack on that again i have to add ten cricket channel amount extra, this is not done. i thought that tata sky is expensive but they are giving good service to customer but you are cheating from behind & keeping customer on dark side. im going to try & take some step on this.

my customer no. is 8893251
name: manoj nair

M_-_-_ A_-_-_N_-_-_O_-_-_J_-_-_
= = ==== = = = =
== == = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = =
Dear Mr. Nair, Thank you for writing to Videocon d2h. This is with reference ...
Dec 22 (4 days ago)
from manoj nair <[email protected]>
to Customercare <[email protected]>
date Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 8:46 PM
subject Re: never expected videocon cheat us
mailed-by gmail.com
hide details Dec 24 (2 days ago)
Dear Videocon Team,

this is ridiculous when i got a call from your end on 22 dec to activate ten cricket for one of my stb at same rate you told me you will activate by 23 dec but today is 24 & im still not receiving ten cricket also when i tried calling your toll free number & other normal charges number i never get to connect all this number. Videocon is not providing good service in this days & as a customer im fed up with videocon, we have to follow up with you people to get the services done but still no reply from your end & your telephone number is also not working. kindly do let me know what you can do by tomorrow or i have to take some drastic step.

manoj nair
customer id 8893251

- Show quoted text -
manoj nair to nodalofficer.m., content, Customercare
show details 5:56 PM (22 hours ago)
Dear Videocon Team,

Im writing this letter after i called your call center number so many times for last 3 days which is hopeless. since yesterday (24 dec) i called your toll free call center number around 9pm it is saying 'this number is not available' but when i called on your normal charge number it was got connected that means there is no functional of toll free number. After i got connected i spoke to lady name called shruti & she guided me to do press some keys to start your ten cricket channel but still ten cricket was not started (spoke around 20 mins for this & i have charged for call) then she told me after 2 hrs this channel will be activated. when i got up early morning so i thought now it may be started & when i switch on the tv as usual not started ten cricket. i called again around 9 am to your call center again toll free number was not working so i have to call on your normal number for which again i got charged & at that time i spoke to mr. shaikh he is a supervisor as what he told me & i spoke to him about the same problem & he also told me wait for 2 hrs & then you check & it will get started if it wont start please call on same number & talk to me, i said ok. Around 2 pm i checked again & as usual no ten cricket activated & called again around 230 pm & i asked for mr. shaikh & at that time one of executive told me by this name no one is working so i said kindly get me to high authority & at that time i spoke to nikhil alder & he also told me to wait for 2 hrs & then you will get activated. when i checked again by 5pm as usual no ten cricket activated & i again called to your call center for which again i got charged for my call & when i asked for mr. nikhil alder from your end executive mr. atul told me that he is not available right now, if nikhil is not available then how come he kept me on hold for 5 mins is he gone to search nikhil & cant check on phone actually nikhil was there & he was guiding atul to inform me that he (nikhil) is not available. from your end all executive & supervisor cheated me this is what i can feel. I M SCREWED UP BY YOU VIDEOCON GUYS. because of this im frustrated & im going to take serious action.

you have done below things to me (customer)
1. I lost my patience & got frustrated because of your false statement & i have my log book on my cell to show you the proof.
2. I got charged for phone bill (around rs. 90-100) because of making me call on your normal charge number where as your toll free number is not working (i dont know why its not working).
3. Wasting electricity from you. From your end executive use to say keep on power on mode for minimum 2-3 hrs & it will get problem sorted out.
4. Mentally tortured.

This im going to take seriously & all this im going to show you to your corporate & how you are screwing the customer i'll going to show to others also (my data base of email in india 13532) & inform others also to forward this same mail to your data base also going to send this mail to http://www.consumercomplaints.in/ on monday.

Im going to inform my all contacts people about my experience with videocon d2h. I know you might be taking this as a junk mail but im going to this as i have face horrible time from your end & from my end atleast i'll do small thing for videocon customer & others who is going to fall on this trap.

I should say you have the most pathetic service i come across to you.

manoj nair
customer id 8893251
Jun 30, 2010

Shifting of Connection

This is to inform you about the harassment we have faced from your oganization VideoconD2H till date. Dated 10.6.2010 we had registered a request for disconnection from our old location and reconnection at our present new location. An engineer/technician from your side was supposed to call up and fix an appointment within 24 hours (as stated by the customer Service Executive). No call was received within 24 hrs. A technician called up on the 4/5 th day after logging the complaint. He was supposed to come on 20th June but he didn't turn up on 20th and we didn't get any calls or visit since.The complaint as I understand is still open. However when I inquired today about the status of the complaint I was said that they have been deducting money from my account because they have "assumed" that we are still using their service. Till date we have not got the transfer we requested for.
Never expected this kind of service/harassment from a reknowned company like Videocon.

Shekhar Shaw
Jun 20, 2010


I cannot view any channels using D2H, I keep getting error every time.Since the time I have bought this satellite box I've been facing lot of problems.
1st time something went wrong inside the box and it stopped working
2nd time we had to change the entire board of the satellite box, We used to get electric current to that box and it kept upgrading every day (complaint no 13977976).
Now the new board is installed in the satellite box few days back but now we getting technical error every day.
I tried calling customer care, It says you are in the queue and your number is 14-15 but by the time it comes down to 1 call gets disconnected.
Spoke to the technician( complaint no 14242932) who came to my house to replace the satellite box, he said issue is because of rains, However i have D2H in my parents house too but they are not facing any issue.
Today one of your executive visited my place when I was not at home. He gave me a call and said door is closed. When I told him should have called before coming he disconnected the call and left.. I tried calling him again but he didn't bother to answer  and  also this executive shows lot of attitude and keeps saying this is the worst satellite service and you better go for another one...

If videocon really wants to create good impression in this competetive world they really need to improve service also hire people who can do better branding of videocon.

Thanks and Regards

Rahul Bhoir

Mob : 9769330560
May 28, 2010

Shortchanged by Videocon

I recently moved into a new house and decided to discard my TataSky connection. As it is TataSky has systematically stripped off the channels that came with the initial subscription. Like Sports became optional one day, Radio channels were taken off the air, BBC became part of LifeStyle package. What started off as Rs 300/- per month quickly became... See More Rs 550/- per month and they had started with the promise of giving better value for your money as compared to the Cable Wala. No wonder they were getting a better value of my money. Completely disgusted, I did some research and moved to Videocon D2H @ Rs 275/- per month for their Diamond pack, I got what I wanted.

Now, the STB that I purchased came with 3 Months Free Subscription to Diamond Pack or 4 Months of Gold Pack. I opted for the former but by some error on part of the dealer, the Gold Pack got activated. Also, Videocon charged me Rs 240/- for extra antenna cable used during installation. With this my free period would have got reduced to 2 months. But to my horror, I suddenly found that the Free Period had got reduced to a month because some joker in Videocon had deducted another 300/- for switching from Gold Pack to Diamond Pack.

Many phone calls to the call center provide futile and despite threats of my returning the connection, Videocon blocked my TV signals.

What kind of company is this? It issues full page advertisements to get customers and then is not really bothered about the customers that have already joined in.

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