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Videocon D2H


Consumer complaints and reviews about Videocon D2H

May 21, 2019

No signal, no repair after giving repeated complaints

My customer ID is 73203336.I am a valuable customer of your company. But unfortunately for my problem in antenna after repeated complaints in customer care , no engineer is coming niether repairing the device.still is is became nearly more than 15 days to cyclone " Fani". Now roads are cleared and also current supply given from last two weeks here.but my problem is not solved. it is summer vacation now & my child is becoming bored without TV. very worst service so far seen. If my problem will not be solved within this week I will definitely go for other options & other companies who gave me a better service. Simultaneously you will loose one of your valuable customer.
Thank you
Krishna Prasad EMANI
May 20, 2019

Non restoration of services

Due to Fani cyclone the services had gone down. Even after repeated complaints the company is giving deaf ears.
[email protected]
May 20, 2019

Horrible services by Videocon D2H

My Customer ID is 154039908

I want to emphasize on the fact that the service provided by Videocon is very very poor. The customer care people are telling and sending messages with new deadlines every time that it will be resolved within 96 hours,then 24 hours then 8 hours 9 (all messages screen shots attached).It seems our time has got no value and only task we have is to call Videocon D2H customer care , hold lines for 5mins, 10 mins and get a new deadline for nothing to happen..

I am a regular customer and pay my dues in advance for one year.This is the quality of services i get. Don't you think this is harassment and exploitation to the consumers by Videocon. There was prehand information about Cyclone Fani in Bhubaneswar and now more than 15 days has passed to it but still the "over busy " videocon people don't get time to respond to our complaints whereas TATA SKY engineers came and resolved the issues .Just to inform we have both Tata Sky and Videocon D2H in our house.

Right now i talked to a "senior" customer care person and he blatantly told me he can't confirm when i will be graced by Videocon engineer's visit.

Now i am absolutely fed up with the callous attitude of Videocon D2H personnel.

What type of service is this?
This is pure mental and financial harassment to the customers.
I hope at least the top officials will look into the matter..JUST HOPING SO.

Hence , I request you all top officials to at least respond to my mail and instruct your "prompt" service engineers to kindly take back your set-top box and antenna and i want to unsubscribe Videocon for its extremely poor service , customer exploitation policy and adamant and callous attitude of customer care people causing me mental harassment.

My reply may be treated seriously and necessary action may be taken at an early for which i will be highly obliged.



Horrible services by Videocon D2H

d2h Team
May 18, 2019

Pathetic service

Dear Jitendra,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your RTN (Registered Telephone Number) or correct customer id at [email protected] so that our team can look into your concern.

Thanks & regards
d2h Team
May 18, 2019


Dear Mr. Sukla,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your RTN (Registered Telephone Number) or customer id at [email protected] so that our team can look into your concern.

Thanks & regards
May 16, 2019

Pathetic service

I am a consumer of videocon d2h (Customer number: 108570916) unable to watch program due to some issue at d2h end . From last 8 days , i am regular touch with videocon team but no solution given . 2 times given complaint but every time i have received false commitment from them . Also they are deducting prices everyday anything without considering consumer concern .
Sasanka Sekhar Sukla
May 15, 2019


Because of the Cyclone fani our DTH signal has been lost for last 2 weeks. So on 10th may at 8 pm I registered a complaint by calling the Videocon D2H Customer support. They assured me that a technician woukd be calling me in the next 96 Hours but no one did.
Again on 14th may they reassured me that the technician would contact me on 15th may but again nothing.

This is absolutely fraudulent and simply meant for our balance to drop down to zero. If i don't get a response here, i would switch to some other cable operator.
d2h Team
May 13, 2019

fraud by company staff

Dear Mr. Pradhan,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your RTN (Registered Telephone Number) or customer id at [email protected] so that our team can look into your concern.

Thanks & regards
P R Pradhan
May 12, 2019

fraud by company staff

Dear D2h team,
I have lodged a complaint regarding breakage of dish antenna during cyclone in orissa this month on dated 7th and received complaint id as 717319132.the problem was sorted out by a team member named Bibhuti Sahu, who charged 500 rs against the replacement of dish ,however also charged a 450 rupees as a cost of maintenance, which claimed by the company free of cost during this period in orissa.when i called costumer care they say we cant help you in this why did you pay.now the problem is your team member who is having d2h employee id is entering home and taking fake fee charge that is a shameful event takes place now days and customer care team is just enjoying rather than helping.your area manager does not answer calls.you people are playing with people's hard earned money.shame on your team and i strongly recommend for the return of my money.
d2h Team
Feb 18, 2019

No service of many subscribed channels

Dear Debarup,

We would like to inform you that as per discussion over the call you gave confirmation that you have already received a call from the senior team regarding the same issue and now your issue is resolved.

Team d2h
Sukanta Mohapatra
Feb 13, 2019

Channels not coming

My customer id is 38568734. I have subscribed Platinum bouquet prior to TRAI's new rule. On 10th February, no channels showed on my TV. So I tried the Tariff App from TV to choose my channels. But that day, half of my chosen channels did not show. So next day I re selected channels from computer.
But again half the channels not coming. To make the mater worse, the channels which came yesterday, are not coming today. This is really hopeless.
d2h Team
Feb 9, 2019

No service of many subscribed channels

Dear Debarup,

We apologize for the inconvenience. We have forwarded your concern to our team and will get back to you with an update soon.

Team d2h
Feb 7, 2019

No service of many subscribed channels

Videocon d2h complain ref number 63461282. Since last year in every quarter videocon d2h occasionally used to remove my subscribed channels. Every time I had to call them up. At least couple of days in the beginning of quarter I used to be out of service even though I used to do a long term recharge with platinum hd d2h pack.
I have complained many times but they never responded within their promised time.

The issue continued till Jan'19.Again they made a false promise to rectify the issue. Nothing is been done.
I was promised for a manager call back. No one called back. They do not have curtesy to call back customer at his convenient time.
Currently I am without English movie channels, sports channels, Hindi movie channels and many more. I have paid for platinum d2h and till 17 feb I have my subscription.
As per their last mail they send a single to rectify every issue. But still I am without service.
D2H team has took my money without providing service. They are not responding to mails, tweets and their customer care number is not reachable.

Cust Id:114789594
Debarup Mukhopadhyay
Feb 7, 2019

worst service.( no customer care executive attend call regarding new pack recharge)

Dear Sir/mam

Sorry to say regarding Videocon d2h Service.
Till now I called in following customer care no-
No one answer.
online try to recharge my account but i got message some thing wrong in server.
Please confirm me whether any one attend my issue or i will simply through out the system and put any other service provider system. This type of idiotic company never seen in my life.
I am suffering in the state capital of odisha in Bhubaneswar.
Imagine the situation in rural area.

Thanks & Regards
Sanjeet kumar nayak
Sep 24, 2018

Harrasment and Fake Status

Hi ,
Videocon D2h Product Service is very poor to Resolve they Only Looting the Money from Customers but service not providing as per TRAI Rules , if Complaint raised for a issue that is showing another cause for Lodged a Complaint .
smruti ranjan tripathy
Dec 8, 2017

unauthorised activation of addons

This week while I was about to recharge my account I saw that I have two extra packages added to my account without my permission.(topper tv,d2h cooking).I generally do yearly recharges.When I called them I got to know that these were activated from july (have call recording as proof).But they are not ready to refund the amount and disconnected my call after keeping my call on hold for 10mins..Please help me.

unauthorised activation of addons

Randeep Pradhan
Oct 14, 2017

fraudulent practice in istallation

I am a videocon d2h customer for the last few years and my id is 143654153. I got transferred from Sambalpur to Bhubaneswar two month back and today; 14.10.2017 called customer care for the istallation of the system.The customer care executive told me that it will be installed and the charges will be 450 rupees which i agreed to pay. The engineer mr.Ganesh Patsani called me at 5.15pm and i gave him the address.He reached and told me that he will first fix the antenna and later told me that he is instructed not to install the tv set.I requested him but he refused and wanted my signature in a document which when checked clearly shows that he will confirm that the above product which means the d2h service has been installed to my satisfaction and has been left fully operational and that the job has been carried out satisfactorily. I showed him and told that if he does not install the tv how could it be confirmed that it is satisfactorily operational, he said he does not know and that he was instructed to only fix the antenna.I was not even told by the customer care guy that installation means only fixing the antenna only otherwise i would have stopped installing this. As such the service of the company is poor and then this kind of fraudulent practice by these so called engineers has disturbed me.. I know installation means the total system and not the antenna only.So i strongly complain about the unethical practices by the Bhubaneswr Videocon d2h people including the engineer in question and demand action as well as quick reply from your side.

Randeep Pradhan
Programme Executive
All India Radio
email [email protected]

Jun 1, 2016

No signal last 5 days

Hi, I am Baidyanath Mahakul
My d2h connection not available since 27.05.2016, Next day on 28.05.2016 I have registered a complain ref Id no. 43333542., I have contact regularly till the date like this 30.05.2016, 31.05.16 and 01.06.2016 also complaint registered. But no engineer/technician visited to my home for repair so far. This is not acceptable, please do needful urgently, atleast by today.

Videocon D2H = Videocon Dabba (Very Cheap Product and services)

I would like to go with other who are giving better services.

Baidyanath Mahakul
Cust Id - 30053610
May 23, 2016

Not responding the customers complain

Videocon D2H, Bhubaneswar is not responding to its customers complain. Have been complaining since 22-May-2016 with
WOID - 43176429 with a commitment to resolve the issue with in 24 hours but response from customer care and no service engineer visited to resolve the issue. I complained again which they said that they are escalating the matter to seniors with 2 more complain Id -393405648 and 393484880. This is the poorest ever service.
Jun 12, 2012

False promise on long term recharge

Dear Pradipta,

We understand that our representatives have got in touch with you.
Please note that, after necessary billing corrections in your Videocon d2h account, your balance related issue has now been resolved.

We have also taken a note on your satisfaction with our services.
Please feel free to contact us in future.

Warm Regards,
Videocon d2h Team
Jun 10, 2012

False promise on long term recharge

Videoncon d2h is a fraud company. Don't pay them any thing big. Try to get out of them. It seems you are trapped now. These customer care people will not do any thing, They will disconnect the call every time.
Dec 19, 2010

plz provide ten cricket immidiate

vaihav dube
I.D. 28533821
Jun 20, 2012

remote problem

Dear Sir

With reference the complain no at customer care of videocon d2h 112782448 for customer id 29116680 has been register on dt28/05/2012.and our technician will visit you within 24-48 hrs.after that 2/3 phone call are comes & finally one technician told ,sir tommarow will solve ur problem,but we are now closed ur complain with ok.kindly tell if a pone calls comes.after that a message comes on my mob.
Dear S.H.Raheman,your complaint no 112782448 has been resolved successfully.

after that so many times , i call that no.but no result.

so kindly solved my problem as soon as possible.





e-mail:[email protected]

Jun 10, 2012

False promise on long term recharge

It has been a worst experience since I chose the d2h service. I've called 13 times to the customer care and every time narrated my problem to them but after listening it they usually tell me to be on the line while either they pretend to check some a/c or in-consultation with someone or they transfer the call to some senior but ultimately they disconnect it. Then I call them afresh and have to tell my suffering again and again. So, I chose to write it now.

01. I installed the d2h system on 2nd May'2012 with a free one month default Super Gold Package (Rs.180/-).

02. on 6th May I took an add on English Movie Entertain Package (Rs.50/-) for Rs.100/-

03. While approaching the end of the month I got an on-screen notification that, my next due is on 8th June'2012.

04. I contacted your customer care and on their advise, I recharged Rs.3600/- first for long term (12 months + Free 02 months) New Diamond package (Rs.300/- pm) at 07th Jun'2012, 11:18PM. My re-charging details can be referred with the the response mail from you as below.

05. Then, I contacted the customer care at around on 08th. June'2012, 00:18 Hrs and I asked them for the new diamond package.

06. They did it and confirmed me with a return SMS with the next due date falling on 08th Aug'2013. I've verified it in my a/c details in your web site as well as with the on-screen notice on the television screen. Which confirms to the additional free 60 days validity (2nd June'2013 + 02 Months).

07. But on the evening of 8th June'2012, I got a SMS stating that Rs. 367/- has been recharged to my a/c and the next due date is on 15th. July'2013.

So, my question is how my validity reduced to 15th. July'2013 from 8th Aug'2013 ?
Why my account balance was not added for Rs.600/- (Rs.300 X 2) as promised by the company for 1 year long term diamond package recharge ?

My Customer Id. is 68534480
Dec 17, 2010

plz provide ten cricket immidiate

plz provide ten cricket immidiately. . because all other d2h services provide ten cricket. please dont break my faith that i have on videocon.

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