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Videocon D2H

Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about Videocon D2H

Apr 13, 2019

No connection

No connection of d2h cable since 1week , customer care service ppl are just fooling around by saying we r forwarding command then allof suddend disconnecting our calls . Recharge amount also checked i.e more than 2 months amount. Customer id- 67272281
d2h Team
Apr 13, 2019

No response from company service engineer

Dear Customer (sandy44),

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your RTN (Registered Telephone Number) or customer id at [email protected] so that our team can look into your concern.

Team d2h
Apr 12, 2019

No Signal

Pathetic Customer Service and they close the service request with out service and raise new service request every day when you call them

Customer ID: 55007050

I am writing after going through the harassment from pathetic Customer Service from Videocon D2H

I have raised a complaint on 06-Apr-2019 for no signal with service complaint no: 706230822 and they closed with out service then again I have raised another complaint on 7-apr with complaint no 706762005 and Tuesday 9-apr another complaint no707382045 all this service complaints closed with out service.

I have called nodal office of Telangana state Satish on his both mobile number (9700552236) and land line no's (4040020428) but not response so mailed to customer care and nodal officer on 10-Apr-2018 even after 3days no acknowledge from nodal officer. Every pathetic service

Today when I called again they register another complaint no 708690580

Every executive say sorry for the inconvenience and do nothing except raising new service request
We are not able to enjoy the service we are being charged continuously for more than a 1 week (and its keep on counting).

This is just a part of following grievances I have faced from your Customer Care:
The lines are connected after waiting 8-10 mins (atleast) always.
The executives, behave like they are not able to listen and drop the call. Have experienced it twice in last week.
Today before witting, I have tried many times but my call was not being answered at all
Every time, comes to know new things. At one time your executive wanted me to check the Card number for him to proceed. Seriously?
Executives mentions to escalate to supervisor but return back with their busy status and shamelessly ask to call back again. They don;t even consider that we got opportunity to get connected after waiting for long and calling back like starting over it again. I feel like we are obliged if our call is being attended.

Do you really expect your customer to spend 30 - 40 mins daily to your customer care for nothing?

Needless to say your all system for making money are working perfectly well.


Thanks & Regards
Srinivasa Reddy
Apr 12, 2019

No response from company service engineer

Have registered a request for shifting of connection from old house to new house. I keep getting the same answer that we have registered your complaint and that the service engineer will contact you within 24 hours. The first time the request was made on Saturday 06 April 19. The call centre employee said that she has registered the complaint but no confirmation SMS was received. Thereafter on 09 Apr the next request was registered. Since then no response from the service engineer. All other companies for air conditioner, water purifier, broadband internet have shifted their connections within 24 hours only Videocon d2h has not been able to even contact me. Service standards are very very poor, even the customer care employees are totally clueless.
d2h Team
Apr 11, 2019

Service not available

Dear Srinivas,

We apologize for the inconvenience. We have forwarded your concern to our team and will get back to you with an update soon.

Team d2h
d2h Team
Apr 11, 2019

New Connection no response

Dear Arun,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your RTN (Registered Telephone Number) at [email protected] so that our team can look into your concern.

Team d2h
d2h Team
Apr 11, 2019

Unable to reach customer care

Dear Chandu,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your RTN (Registered Telephone Number) or customer id at [email protected] so that our team can look into your concern.

Team d2h
[email protected]
Apr 6, 2019

Unable to reach customer care

I have selected my plan as per t r a i advise and got confirmation message from Videocon d2h but I have never received my selected channels I was only getting free news channels I tried to contact Videocon D2H customer care many times but I was unable to reach them I have also requested callbacks many times but of no use. I was unable to reach Videocon D2H customer services or didn't got any callback from them since 30 days I was trying to reach them.
Apr 5, 2019

New Connection no response

Booked for new connection March 28th, paid FULL amount online, 1 week gone, no engineer coming to install connection.
I have rang EVERY DAY asking for update, customer care creates new ticket created EVERY DAY with new complaint number generated daily, below are all my complaint numbers, but no new connection, Engineer does not lift call


Order number from 28th march, 64118435, still waiting for D2h to install

IPL will be over by the time I get my new connection? PLEASE SEND ENGINEER ASAP!
A Ranjith Kumar
Apr 4, 2019

Relocation Charges Deducted Twice

Relocation Charges Deducted Twice
Recently (on 07-03-2019) I relocated my d2h connection and Paid Rs. 400/- by cash to service engineer.

But 29-03-2019 In my d2h account (id:219178802) the services stopped and I received an error message that "YOU HAVE INSUFFICIENT BALANCE" I already recharged my A/c with Rs. 286/-

When I contacted the CC Representative then he replied that your A/c debited for Relocation Charges.

Daily iam speacking with CC still my refund is not happen i never seen such worst services.i don't know how it will resolve now.

finally today i spoke with Floor incharge Mr.Srikanth but still it is not resolved.one week completed.

My complaint ID's:704713168,704001325,705016592,704588096,705526336.

Customer Id : 219178802
Name: A Ranjith Kumar
d2h Team
Apr 1, 2019

Remote control

Dear Vijay,

We apologize for the inconvenience. We have forwarded your concern to our team and will get back to you with an update soon.

Team d2h
Mar 31, 2019

Remote control

I have a Videocon D2H DISH TV connection for more than 8 Years. Recently my remote was not working and I raised a complaint on 5 February 2019 by calling the customer care number 9511695116. They advised me that the cost of a new remote is Rs275 which I agreed to pay and the complaint would be attended in 48 hrs. It never got attended. Then I raised so many complaints and till today the complaint was never resolved. Each time I call the call centre it lands in Mohali Call Centre and the staff there have no empathy to the customer and their language skills in English are pathetic. Every time I was assured that the complaint would be resolved by the company stating they would send a technician. It never happened. I even escalated the call and spoke to Sameer a Team Leader in Mohali and Paramjit Kaur also in Mohali. But till today the complaint was never attended. In fact when I called for an update they informed me that I refused to pay the charges for a new remote and closed the complaint. In another instance they closed the complaint stating that the technician came to my house and attended to my complaint, which is false information.

Please note the remote provided by Videocon is a Radio Frequency remote not available in the open market as it has to be paired to work with your HD SET. Being totally helpless and not being able to view any programmes I searched in a popular online shopping website and ordered the remote which costed me Rs 500. I received the remote on 27 March 2019 and then started to view the programmes.

Till today there is no resolution to my complaint and a reply from the nodal officer of the company to whom I sent a mail about my complaint. I had a recharge value of Rs1000 on 5 February 2019 in my DISHTV and by the time I received the new remote the recharge value was Rs25. Can you believe it the company charged me shamelessly for a service I was not using.

I need the company to pay me back my recharge value of Rs 975, the excess amount I paid for the remote of Rs275, Rs 100 for numerous calls I made to the call centre and Rs 200 to cover my out of pocket expenses I incurred searching in the market for a new remote. I hope the company has some courtesy to refund me with the above charges.THE WORST EVER SERVICE PROVIDED BY A COMPANY IN MY LIFETIME.

Vijay Kumar C
Customer ID :23733776
Mob :9885273838
Srinivas Vuyyuru
Mar 7, 2019

Service not available

I am Srinivas V with Cust ID -- 127497937; using videocon services since 6 years. I have raised a complaint on march 2nd - 694941899 and till now the issue is not rectified. Any channel whether its paid or free channel, I can see a message saying service not available and I have informed to customer care. You can track to investigate further on the complaints. I have been calling the customer care since then and still its not rectified. I spend 2 hours to reach your cal center and no response to my mails as well.
Today morning I spoke to call center guy with name- Chandrakanth and he is very rude in responding. he simply says to reach nodal officer when I asked to escalate the issue.
Is this the way you provide the service?
Is this the way you resolve the issues?
What is the purpose of customer care if I need to call nodal officer?
Since 2 days, I am trying to reach Nodal officer Mr. Satish and no response on this number - 4040020428; which is given in your stupid web site.
I am trying to find CEO or head of the department contacts to make them understand the worst service they have been providing and wasting our precious time.
Kindly let me know the process of my amount refund so that I can move to different vendor.

Srinivas V
Sravanthi Addapally
Mar 5, 2019

Worst Service

My customer ID is 2188921. I'm unable to view any of the paid channels in my package except starplus. Im trying to reach customer care since last five days. But there is no response. Resolve the issue at the earliest.
Anandkishore Adhada
Feb 27, 2019

Increase in price with out proper reason

I have been using Videocon d2h for several years, My Customer ID is 124989961.
Suddenly there is increase in price for my connection. With my old package i have been paying 340 rupees, As per videocon i have to select channels with respect to new TRAI rules.
I have tried doing the same and opted for same number of channels as of old, but the price increased to 580.

I am not sure what has been changed.I have reached customer care after trying 3 to 4 days, they did not have basic info what has changed and why the price is increased.In turn blaming me you might have selected more channels.Then i requested them to select same channels which i have been using.Now it become more pathetic
As per videocon d2h customer care, we can not select packages or channels over phone.Need do to only from app or website.
How people in rural india and illiterate people will do the same.

Customer care people are most ire-responsible.

Most of the people are fighting to earn, each rupee is precious, But these people are looting us.
TRAI is watching the fun.

Laxman Reddy
Feb 24, 2019

Unavailable view channels from last 3days

Complaint No. 691572314
Customer ID 116421273
I have been calling you guys with regarding the recharge that i have done on 17/02/2019 , the services havn't been resumed even as of now , i have kept the set top box on as you people always mention but still the result is the same , when i call you guys phone doesn't even connect . When the call got connected the customer service executive mentioned that it was a techical error and will get fix in 15 minutes , but nothing happened as such . i can't even imagine these kind of pathetic services you provide lately . So whom even is the concerned person i insist you to throw some light on this issue ASAP
Feb 18, 2019

Channel Selection (TRAI)

As per TRAI's directives, customers are free to pick channels and pay. I have picked up my channels under "pick your own channel" section on the website. Now what next???

The customer care (both email and numbers are not responding).. Cc numbers not working at all.

Earlier, I had login issues due to which I could not recharge... I know there are other ways... But still it's a pain for customers to connect with CC for these issues. They rude also.

If you guys want to be in the business then do provide good customer services otherwise I need to switch over to other service providers.
Rishabh Panda
Feb 18, 2019


Recently I subscribed few channels from my DTH provider but the channels which I subscribed are now missing from my subscription pack even after paying entire subscription fee. The customer service is also not responding.
Feb 13, 2019

Services stopped

All their services are stopped and I am getting an error: channels are not subscribed. I have already opted those channels in my plan selection. I am facing this issue since last 5 days. Its very irritating and their customer services also stopped responding.
request to do some action against them.

Videocon D2H is cheating the public by not implementing the TRAI regulations. Based on the new TRAI regulation, I have requested a plan where I have selected only a few free to air (FTA) channels (along with the mandatory DD channels) with some bouquet plans. The total no. of channels is way below 100. But Videocon D2H is giving me 100 FTA channels of their choice along with the bouquet plans. When I requested them to remove all the unwanted FTA channels, (keeping only the DD channels and others that I have selected), they refused to do so by saying it is mandatory that I select all of the the 100 FTA channels they provide. This is blatant violation of the TRAI regulation where the consumer has the power to select what they want to see. By increasing the total no. of channels to more than 100, they are now charging me extra towards the network capacity fee (NCF). Attached herewith the screenshot of their website, where all the free channels are shown as mandatory, and the user cannot deselect them from the package.
N Chandra Surya Prakash
Feb 10, 2019

Channels not reflecting again

Hi, I recently done my recharge and the channels we're not reflecting. I called customer care and got it sorted.
It is again the same issue now where only the home channel is displayed and even the free channels are not reflecting.
It says E 18-4: Sorry, you have insufficient balance.
Kindly resolve it ASAP
Dish Id: 59663617
d2h Team
Feb 7, 2019

Channels not coming from last 4 days

Dear Pratap,

We would like to inform you that since you haven't made an advance request before 1st February 2019, you are migrated to another pack which is closest to your previous one. However, if you're trying to select the channels/packs as per the TRAI guidelines, We would suggest you to send a mail at [email protected] along with the list of channels/packs which you want to select, our team will help you with the same. Thanks!

Team d2h
Thata pratap kumar
Feb 6, 2019

Channels not coming from last 4 days

I'm trying to call customer care but call not connecting from 4 days. In Videocon d2h my pack is Telugu add-on but Telugu channels are not coming error message is ( this channel is not part of your pack). Without intimation my pack has been changed and iam unable to contact to customer care. I request you to pls take action asasp..

Customer id : 70773386
Name : Pratap Kumar
Mob: 8309554293
d2h Team
Jan 25, 2019

Deactivated with unauthorized charges

Dear Sudheer,

We apologize for the inconvenience. We have forwarded your concern to our team and will get back to you with an update soon.

Team d2h
sudheer.s urya
Jan 23, 2019

Deactivated with unauthorized charges

Dear Sir/Madam,
My A/c id is 143820640. I recharged my account on 8-01-2019 with 200 rupee. Hence my subscription end date is 30-01-2019.But my account is disconnected today(23-01-2019). Then I contacted customer care so many times, they're saying various reasons and confusing me with different statements.In my television screen it's clearly mentioned my subscription end date is 30-01-2019. I have experienced WORST service with them. Please help in this regard.My mobile No is 9666938138.

Deactivated with unauthorized charges

Jan 8, 2019

Videocon Charges me Twice for Same Service-Refuse to Refund

I had a problem with my set top box and called for an engineer, the person came and serviced and collected visiting charges of 200/- in cash from us. Later, Videocon too had deducted the same from my account have been chasing the customer care team for almost 10 days, every time i get a revert that they will get back in an hour an nothing happens and i end up calling them back to take an update. Suddenly they say the complaint has been closed, when we asked what is the final status before you closed the complaint there is no answer. I even tweeted them multiple times, once they took details, no response after that. Have informed their Nodal head, B Sateesh as well.

Pl help

Other details
Name: Kapil Raj Saxena
Mobile no: 9849692699
Customer ID: 55942393
Complaint no: 674991594, 67595990

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