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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vijay Tv

Sep 16, 2014

Saravanan meenatchi

Vijay TV,
What are you thinking about viewers?
Saravanan meenatchi serialla yethavathu msg irukka?
Atleast logic aavathu irukka?
Bad/funny things below
1. Raja sekar and kuili characters are comedy one.
Arivaalala vetra alavukku yethavathu strong reason irukka?
2. Kuli and tamil's mother were same age group before. Now tamil's mother getup is very older
3. Yenga Kanadala earn pandravangulukku Tamil Sothu yethukunga?
4. apdi yethum yella sotthaium yeluthi vaankittu odittangala?
Apdium kaatala
5. Tamil character kku mothalla aale suit aagala
Thayavu Senchi intha seriala seekiram mudikka paarunga
I often saying vijay tv serial tharam koranchittu varuthunnu
But u keep on doing
then theivam thantha veedu - thoo
Solli paarthuttu ippellam antha time la Vera channel paakkarom
Enakenna naztam
Go ahead
Sep 16, 2014

Adhu Idhu Edhu

Hi Vijay TV ,
I like all the reality shows in Vijay TV,but Siricha Pochu in Adhu Idhu Edhu show is the best among all . Vadivel Balaji, Amudha vanan, Singapore Deepan and their team always rocks....Daily I used to see the clipping in youtube. but one show in which powerstar participated and amudhavanan came like power star and started teasing him in front of him and started insulting him and TR...I dont understand why you people underestimate the person and make fun of him to make your show hit...Do you have a guts to do the similar thing in front of other leading tamil stars...?.If someone becomes popular, then you want them to participate in your show .If a person fails as a hero, the started insulting them...Many people had given negative comments and dislikes,,,,Please dont to this kind of shit things again.

On the whole, A leading Channel losing its momentum slowly by doing these kind of things.....
Sep 16, 2014

Deivam thandha veedu

Can't believe the bad storyline and pathetic characterisation of this 'Deivam thandha veedu' serial... god save us from such ruthless producers and directors who think they can get away with crap... Wonder what connection they have with Vijay TV board to get such a prime slot, as well as awards for this low class serial... Hero and Heroine are losers of the first degree, mothers in law seem to think daughters in law are nothing but new maids come to work in their house and unbelievably stupid incidents make up the entire story... Why don't they watch other classy serials and try to give us something like that, instead of this low quality shit?
Sep 15, 2014


Sep 15, 2014

change of saravanan

why the hell u changed irfan he was soooooooo cute u put some stupid as saravanan now i was a great fan of sm but now really i have stopped watching it director pls put irfan back it is a request of all fans this new entry looks horrible he dont know acting he is not a good pair for rachita pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls we wnt irfan backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk pls pls pls
Sep 15, 2014

Deivam thandha veedu

Nice promo this week.. Hope it lives up to our expectations ! With this serial anything is possible. Who kns, probably next week Sita might turn dumb again n start listening to Priya. Like how they showed Ram to be in love with Sita one day n den feared they may ve to finish the serial soon n hence showed him like a psycho the very next day. If these people run out of ideas, they make illogical stories to just drag a few episodes ! Huh
Sep 15, 2014

deivam thanda veedu

nice promo of deivam thanda veedu seetha understand what priya is doing in her life nice and trick to watch
Sep 14, 2014

jodi number 7

This anchor Mahesh is obnoxious. He tries to put down the co anchor constantly. Not only that he tries to put down almost everybody. Specially the way he talks to Sai shakthi. Some people can dance and some cant. For that matter he cant ridicule the contestants being an anchor. He ridicules people constantly about their appearance. He needs to be removed.
Sep 14, 2014

saravanan meenakshi serial

Hello Director sir,
We know the story of SM,HOW U R going to end.Definitely the pair will get married and both the families will reunite happily.Only thing what hurdles the pair and families will come across,that is the one ur going to bring in future episodes and show. Main aim to watch SM by FANS is only for pairs like sreeja, senthil and rakshitha, irfan.Their acting were really cute,with romance, comedy and excellent expressions.But naduvulla eppadi oru new person,U introduced and damaged the entire upcoming episodes of the SM serial.Very difficult to see the pair after seeing sreeja,senthil and rakshitha,irfan.What happened to u director what made u to decide like this.But in the world one person is happy for changing to new saravanan that is my husband becos he use to return home from office daily around 8.30pm to 9.00pm.He wants me to prepare dinner and serve for him immediately but I use to watch the SM serial interestingly, then only I use to prepare and serve dinner that is after 9.00pm.so we had lots of arguments and fight. Now my husband is happy becos I am not watching the serial. He is thanking u a lot for disturbing the acute pair.
Sep 14, 2014

En kanavan en thozhan serial

en kanavan en thozhan tamil title song
Dear Vijay tv,
I am a big fan of your channel.
You entertain tamil people nicely. HATS OFF to you. I watching En kanavan en thozhan serial every day. I also watch Diya aur baati hum in Star plus by daily.
In hindi episode title song bgm is very nice. But in tamil dupping episode there is missing. I know in tamil episode we not used hindi words.
But i request, please the same tunes in to tamil words. My requistion is world tamil fans of en kanavan en thozhan serial.
Please consider, this is not big one for you. Already you change mahabharatham title song into tamil. We expect the good result. Regards,
Essakkiappan & All fans of EKET.
Sep 13, 2014

saravanan meenakshi

Iam the big fan of old saravanan meenakshi. i never miss the episodes i watch the serial regularly because of senthil and sreeja his romance, fight, sentiment comedy all are very nice. i like this pair very much so pls make another serial with him. iam eagerly waiting to see this pair again in vijay tv screen. ramanan sir pls do anaother project.
Sep 13, 2014

Theivam thantha veedu

sutha chandrans makeup is tomuch. i never see these type of mothers. seetha character was too bored. ipdi oru ponnu erupala romba over ah eruku director sir please change the seetha character innocent to bold and strong. sometimes this serial was very irritating and not digesting and i cannot accepted the irritating scenes like small things make a big problem for seetha.
Sep 13, 2014

please dont intate janaki amma with local person i really get to upset

Dear sir

see janaki amma is respected by all please dont make comedy about her i really upset

dont do this again
Sasisuresh Sasisuresh
Sep 13, 2014

deivam thantha veedu

In DTV sudha chandran's make up is little less nowadays comparing with previous episode.The role for seetha is too bad.It is a stupid concept that seetha is so innocent.It is very bored to see her innocent face.Make seetha more aggressive.
Sasisuresh Sasisuresh
Sep 13, 2014


I am a mad of SM.It was going good for long time.But after the entry of new saravanan(vetri) the serial is getting bored a lot.Senthil and Sreeja, Irfan and Rachitha were acting so good.But this new actor looks like an aged man and acting like an aged man.If he is continued the total viewers of SM will become zero .Please consider our request and bring back irfan.
Sep 13, 2014

airtel super singer junior 4

Is this show Super SINGER Juniors 4 or Super RHYMES juniors.... angeline is telling like rhymes and these three gr8 judges saying was super and giving shower to her.. where as Jessica voice was eliminated....till today angeline had never come into danger zone... she has not even come out from her childish speech style... and even Ananth vaidyanathan agreed...still y vijay TV is keeping her in competition... if u compare Jessica, Ishwarya with Angeline...everyone in the whole universe will agree Jessica, ishwarya, sunantha are far best..... do not make the viewers to so feel so stupid on the judges decision.... even the judges may realize the same but still y they are taking this kind of decision.....whom they are trying to please.....whatever u do u have to answer one day....may not be to the viewers but to god.... here after keep angeline as guest performer so that in the next season she will be doing better... even she and her family knows that they are not really talented to be in top 13. stop this biased favored judgement hereafter......
Sep 12, 2014

Saravanan Meenatchi...

I want My Sakthi saravanan Irfan....
please irfan Maruoadium varanum
Ipa iruka hero Konkuda set agala please................
Sep 12, 2014

saravanan meenakshi

SM Director / Vijay TV, pls consider the fans request. So many people says about the same issues, from this u can realise, hw way this is a sensitive issue, pls don't avoid viewers suggestion, pls do the need ful thing for SM Serial fan's and vijay tv viewers, always we have more expectation from vijay tv, pls don't spoil it. Plsssssssssssssssssssssssss correct all those thing very soon

Asha sathya
Sep 12, 2014

Saravanan Meenakshi

Hai. Vijay t.v.

I am wondering as to why you have not replied in any form to so many queries about the sudden change in Saravanan Meenakshi. The hero is not suitable to the role.Are you planning to bring back Saravanan's parents? The serial is getting boring by the day.As mentioned y'day by Rajshekar,tamizh must be happy that his sister has settled in canada and is doing very well. Why the hell is he so angry.Over acting.

Please announce the whereabouts of Irfan. We would like to know.
Sep 11, 2014

saravanan meenakshi serial

The heroes who acted in SM SERIALS were shifted from small screen to big screen.This happened becos of you and you have to be proud of it.But in selecting new saravanan ,you made a worst decision .you purposely selected this horrible man so that he wont go to big screen. If this is your mentality what will happen to the remaining episodes of serials.Already the serial is getting flopped nowadays. Before the serial was really fantastic with comedy,romance and family sentiments with the cute pair,but now you totally spoiled the serial.We all are irritated and frustrated to see the serial nowadays.I want to know really whether your taking serial for your personal purpose or for vijay tv viewers and SM FANS sake.If your taking serial for vijay tv viewers or SM FANS,then select a right person instead for this new saravanan. Dont disappoint your fans and vijay tv viewers.This is not a right attitude and we never expected this from you.We hope you wont disappoint your fans and vijay tv viewers.
Prem Kumar
Sep 11, 2014

Geet - Hui Sabse Parayi in tamil

please telecast Geet - Hui Sabse Parayi dubbed in star vijay tv in tamil.it is wonderful serial.it is like to youngters.my friends and family also like this serial.so plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz telecast Geet - Hui Sabse Parayi in tamil.

thanking you
Sep 11, 2014

en kanavan en thozhan tamil title song

Dear Vijay tv,
I am a big fan of your channel.
You entertain tamil people nicely.

HATS OFF to you.

I watching En kanavan en thozhan serial every day.

I also watch Diya aur baati hum in Star plus by daily.
In hindi episode title song bgm is very nice. But in tamil dupping episode there is missing.

I know in tamil episode we not used hindi words.
But i request, please the same tunes in to tamil words.

My requistion is world tamil fans of en kanavan en thozhan serial.
Please consider, this is not big one for you.

Already you change mahabharatham title song into tamil.

We expect the good result.

Essakkiappan & All fans of EKET.
aasha tabitha
Sep 11, 2014

Change hero actor back to Irfan

Why change irfan to another actor to play sakthi saravan's role? It's such an eyesore as the new actor doing the role is nowhere near Irfan and certainly does not fit the bill. Pls bring irfan back! The drama serial is going downhill.
Sep 10, 2014


The Current Office script is not up to expectations. Karthik supposed to be a Hero and role model doing all the right things but suddenly now willing to give up his wife for his previous mate Susan for very silly reasons. He appears to have a tunnel vision and fixated that Rajiv contributed to her death and blames himself repeatedly. Most viewers share the same discomfort watching the current episodes as it does not make sense.
Sep 10, 2014

naduvula konjam distrub panuvom anchor mahesh words are all irrritated the people...

we are want to see all the program in vijay tv but which program is anchored by mahesh dosen't make us to watch because he always talks too much with unmannerly..he always bosses over himself...and he always points out the people mistakes...he is not a person to point out the participants mistakes he only has anchoring job to entertain the audience but he never do like that...WE DONT LIKE HIM ..because he first indroduced in our channel but later he went to sun tv then he criticised about vijay tv then he again come to our channel and ...the people in my area are always say like that mahesh is a rude anchor we dont like to watch his program ...k then he dosen't have any rights to kidding all high authority people but he always do that....say him that all his faults and get out him from our channel...

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