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Vipul MedCorp TPA Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon


Consumer complaints and reviews about Vipul MedCorp TPA Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon

Mar 19, 2019


worst service of from top to bottom never ask anyone to use vipul medcorp .
Aug 1, 2018

Daniel of Cashless approval

I was bleeding through stool continuously since 30/07/2018. I am 81 year old senior citizen shocked to seen the continuous blood and black stool four to five time on the same day. When I consult Dr Jaskaran at Fortis Hospital, upon review of ongoing bleeding and my situation he recommend to get immediate admission and start medication. Fortis hospital has immediately started the medicine through oral and through fluid in vains. I am still bleeding till 01/08/2018 morning. They have done number of test to ruleout the reason for the same and send the case for cashless approval.

But to my surprise you have deny to provide cashless approval on the ground of some exclusion 4.10 and raised some baseless queries which was duly respond by the hospital that admission is unavoidable (copy of letter enclosed). Despite that regular response and justification, your team has rejected the cashless and force me to pay the money. Please let me know how a poor old man will get the money to pay hospital despite having valid medical insurance.

Since I have no money to pay to hospital and you have deny to pay cash less, I am in extreme tension.

My son tried to convey this number of time to your team and request to connect some senior person but you have not connected him.

If I die or suffer any heart attack just due to your un-human cruel rejection, the Vipul Medcorp is responsible for everything happen to me.

Again requesting you to kindly approve the cashless for a tension free day in this old age or suggest to finish the story of life in this hospital just because of Vipul Medcorp.


Aeshwar Prasad Jain
Policy Number 0402002818P103266042-File No 19CB01UIA3297-MOST URGENT
Abhijith MK
Jun 28, 2018

Claim not processed


Policy Number:-################
Policy Holder:- Prathibha Kashinath
Sandisk India Device Design Centre Pvt Ltd

I have applied for cashless transaction for a surgery of my mother on 27th June'18, and also followed up through calls the next day, but every time they said that some internal query is being raised and it will be processed within one hour, but this was the answer for whole day on 28th June'18.
Please anyone will be able to help here?
Feb 12, 2018

Claim not approved

Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to my file no 18RB02NIH0817 with the name of Neha Panwar. I am Tarun Kumar H/O Neha Panwar had admitted my wife for in hospital for the month of December 2017 for pregnancy delivery. I had given all the hospital charge of 31000. After thati had given the mediclaim policy to as Vipul Medcorp team on 4 Jan 2018 till that time I had gone to many times to Vipul Medcorp office faridabad and called to Vipul team faridabad and Jaipur several time. I am not getting satisfactory reply form insurance company and I am so sorry to say that I am totally dissatisfied from the management of vipul Medcorp insurance company. This is what a customer feel before doing the treatment through mediclaim company. Request you team please help me out in that.

Thanks & Regards
Tarun Kumar
Mob -9654572626.
[email protected]
Jan 16, 2018

Claim Not processed File Number:-18RB01NIA0925

Hi Team,

Please find below details:-

File Number:-18RB01NIA0925
Policy Number:-32110034162500000380
Policy Holder:- Mr Prem Kumar Girdhar

Still claim is not approved after file is processed and inspection is done by Mr Sachin from your Gurgaon inspection team, Inspection team visited hospital around one month back and processed the file as well as all the documents we have submitted that were required as confirmed by Sachin from inspection team. Can you please process the claim as it's being quite long, We are following up almost every day with no results. As we are paying instalments on time, Please process claim asap.

Jan 11, 2018

Approval delayed for more than 48 hours

All the documents were submitted on Thursday at 11:30. Whenever I call, I get a response that it will be completed in under an hour. It's been over 10 hours and I am still getting​ the same response, "will be completed in under an hour".

When I ask to transfer me to the person responsible for the delay, or the head, because the person I'm talking to is not responsible for it and has nothing to do with it except enter the data, I get the same answer every time, "he/she is not available right now."
Sep 5, 2017

Not approving Claim

My father went through a surgery related to heart which is a day care process and is payable however Vipul Medcorp just rejected the claim just saying that it's not payable because 24 hours admission was not done. As per the hospital and doctor, TPAs do pay these claims but Vipul Medcorp is just not wanting to listen to anything. I provided a link to them as well where this kind of case was discussed in the District Consumer Forum and claim was paid however now they are not event replying to my emails.
Mar 10, 2017

Delay in settlement of claim

My file no. is 17 RB 01NIA 1678. There has been inordinate delay in settlement of claim for pre & post hospitalisation expenses. I have sent all discharge summaries, original bills alongwith copies of report. Vipul is unnecessary asking for original copy of blood test reports inspite of the fact that we have provided original bills alongwith copies of reports downloaded from internet. Even we are not having original reports as we had downloaded blood test reports from hospital website. This is practically to harass the patients and delay the reimbursement process. The staff of Vipul Medcorp are useless and does not listen. Please help.
Jan 10, 2017

Not approving Claim

My sister went through a surgery related to eyes which is a day care process and is payable however Vipul Medcorp just rejected the claim just saying that it's not payable because 24 hours admission was not done. As per the hospital and doctor, TPAs do pay these claims but Vipul Medcorp is just not wanting to listen to anything. I provided a link to them as well where this kind of case was discussed in the District Consumer Forum and claim was paid however now they are not event replying to my emails.
Nov 3, 2016

Not approving Cashless Claim

This company is the biggest fraud in the medical insurance industry.The customer care will never pick up the phone and they will not approve any cashless claim and at the end you will be forced to pay to the hospital and then get reimbursed.The reimbursement will take months and they will cut the amount unnecessarily.The mobile no and the contact details mentioned on the contact us webpage will never work.
Never go for VIPUL MEDCORP the biggest fraud.
[email protected]
Sep 19, 2016


Hi, I have submitted my bills 4 months ago, still there was no update. VIPUL MEDCORP Insurance is the worst insurance I never seen this kind of insurance company before.

So guys please don’t go with the VIPUL INSURANCE, THIS is my personal experience.
Jul 27, 2016

No Response from Vipul Med Corp Team

I have submitted the claim on 29th June 2016.All necessary Documents are submitted with Original Bills.

All Query reply submitted on E-mail.File no.is 17RB01UIJ0598 and Card No : ################.

No response comes from Vipul Med Corp.
Jun 25, 2016

not responce to my claim file stauts

Dear Sir/Medam,

I kindly request to my complaint positive reply. I submit my Claim file last month. Last 2 to 3 time I call to vipul medcorp tpa pvt ltd. every time ask next week your payment release. Till date my Claim file amount not received to my account. Our Policy No. 22030034152500004065 & File No. 17RB11NII2116. Our claim amount Rs. 27605/-.

Dear Sir/Medam I hope you for your positive reply.

NAYNA PATNI - 9724248223
Jun 8, 2016


respact fully i big to say that my policy no.################ and file no.17RB01UIH0609 resolved to internal query from neft to payment file date 06/05/2016 query id prof and cencil check reseved to 23/05/2016
Mar 22, 2016


This is the worst ever TPA I have come across. They have deliberately put a claim form which needs seal and stamping from the Hospital, so that patients miss the filing of claim on time as they would be running back to the hospital even when they have been discharged. If you claim for 1 lakh, the rate of your approval by Vipul would be 10K (as per my numerous experiences) and they have their stupid reasons for that. They would not pick up their customer care phones in 1st attempt to avoid queries and abuses by the customers. They really make the patients feel worse and I am sure their karma will teach these bastards a good lesson one day.
Feb 23, 2016

Unknown Claim

Respected Sir/Madam

I am a employee of techbooks international pvt ltd. Company provide group insurance on vipul portal I have one of claim is shown in my id but I have no any claim. I request u to sort this matter.

Rakesh Bhatia
Emp code: OEG
Apr 30, 2015

worst approval terms ever seen use lesss

worst approval terms ever seen use less, as per doctor my treatment cost will be about 1.65 lac, and i forwarded the same to vipul medcorp for the approval and i was shocked to see that they have approved only amount 15 K out of 1.65 LAC Bill, and the reason is they told we have our term and condition mentioned in the policy, what type of terms and condition is this when i have policy having limit of 2.5 LAC, Vipul MedCorp Review "NOT RECOMMENDED"
Jun 27, 2014

insurence card is lost

pls kindly give my insurence number my name is shantharaja
Mar 29, 2011

Claim amount not received(more than 15 months)

Hello sir,
I m Hari parkash Jain from hisar, i and my family is covered u nder individual health insurance from United India Insurance co. vide policy no. 11040048109700000038. My son (Yash Jain) was admitted in Mallya Hospital Bangaluru on 21st-march-2011, we'll trying ur contact no. but not rcd. any response. now sending all the claim papers through post.
It is for ur information.

Regard:- Hari Parkash Jain
Jan 21, 2011

Claim amount not received(more than 15 months)

hi, i know very well.
because m also submitted my all documents 5 months ago bt n any response

so guys dont go with the vipul insurance
this is my personal experience
Dec 1, 2010

Claim amount not received(more than 15 months)

Hi, I have submitted my bills 6 months ago, still there was no update. VIPUL MEDCORP Insurance is the worst insurance I never seen this kind of insurance company before.

So guys please don’t go with the VIPUL INSURANCE, THIS is my personal experience.
Nagendra Singh
Mar 16, 2012

Not approving amount according to Insurance policy


I have to say that My wife Mrs.Meena Kumar is suffering from heart problem and she was examined on 06.03.12.According to doctor's advice her angiography was made and it was detected blockage in her heart. Estimate was sent to Vipul Med cop but vipul medcorp has sent approval of 1,28400/-rupees of 329000/-approximately. I also contacted to vipul department , its any employee replied me on my phone saying that you are not entitled to get more amount rather than approved amount. while it is also mentioned in policy book indicating criteria wise disease and according to policy I am entitled to get 70% of my policy. My wife is in tensed situation and I don't know what will happen in any time. So I request that please help me in such adverse circumstances. ID No. of Mrs. Meena Kumari is 03FBF0004456C (Vipulmedcorp, Gurgaon).
Feb 27, 2012

No any inform of my mediclaim

Sir/ Madam.

I am Mr. Jai Deep my policy no is - ############/00002758 & Card no - ################. I was hospitalized on 26-Nov-2011 at Jivan Jyoti Nursing Home Shanti Nagar Loni GZB.I submitted my claim paper on 13-Dec-2011 to vipul med TPA pvt.ltd. I was promised that my claim would be settled in 20 days.How whenever I am calling the customer care no proper response is available no clarity is given. I would really appreciated of some action is taken in this regard.
r k jain
Feb 12, 2012

not setaled claim

on 4-11-11 fortes hosp, dr atul give the prescreption to admeet in hosp, for her treatment &also told some test done in the hosp,due to some reasen i take some medician for some time relief ,&in that time take your silaed reaiveu , i sent all the dacument in the hosp. to vipul tpa for cashless they refues it & said ple.deposit all dacument in our gurgau office for riambesment ,i deposit it dated 3-1-2012 Put querry 14-1-2012,deposit it 3-2-2012 but till today dated 12-2-2012 ,also deposit daycare document dated 18-1-2012 for cemo therapy also deposit dated25-1-2012& 8-2-2012 Total amount of this claims is rs 138596, I REQUST toyou ple give my reambesment amount immejeatelly i didnot go their office for two month,
Nov 13, 2010

Claim amount not received(more than 15 months)

Complain regarding:policy no 370700/48/############

Sir/ Madam,
I have sent all medical bills and document to vipul med corp TPA Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon on 27/9/09 and he received the same on 3/10/09 the above TPA no responding for about more than 2 months,after that they send the query to their parent body i.e. national insurance company branch office ajmer dated 1/12/09.
Branch office again not responded for about another 3 months and not replying to TPA, then i went to ajmer branch and sent all documents from branch to TPA,after that i sent the al to TPA on 16/6/10 and requesting to issue the cheque in favour of Smt Sita Devi Heda W/o Late Shri Ramesh Chand Heda with all bank ac details as they required,i mentioned in e-mail that she is copartner of the above policy,but TPA sent the cheque in favour of Ramesh Chand Heda and bank ac no. mentioned on cheque is related to Smt Sita Devi Heda,they also send letter with addressing to Shri Ramesh Chand Heda (who is not alive)on his address.
So ireceived the letter along with cheque i.e. (in favour of Ramesh Chand Heda and bank ac no. mentioned on cheque is related to Smt Sita Devi Heda) on dated 2/11/10
I request you to kindly consider the case as fast as possible and settle the claim amount with delay payment and punish the TPA for negligence towards our case
Thanking you
Raj Kumar Heda(son)
77,Satyam Shivam,
Ana Sagar Link Road,
Ajmer (Rajasthan)
[email protected]

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