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Viveks Service Center, Chennai

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Viveks Service Center, Chennai

Jul 31, 2017

OGeneral 1.5 T Inverter AC Split

I bought this product in Apr-17 and got it installed in Jun-17. By 29-Jun-17, it stopped working.
I have written many mails in addition to few hundred phone calls to Viveks and OGeneral. If i call OGeneral - they will say Viveks will attend and i will get few hundred SMS stating that the complaint is CLOSED. Without resolving the issue how a complaint can be closed.
Then the actual head ache will start, will start receiving another hundred SMS, starting that Mechanic ... will attend and flood of SMS from many mechanics and calls asking the exact location location & land mark. Finally will end up with few mechanics visiting the site. One will say, i am responsible only for Voltas, another will say we dont provide service, if it has been bought from Viveks (as they are sale and support company). Another will call and say he will come at specific date and time - you have to add another dat and 12 Hrs to that time. You have to keep waiting for days and Hours.
One mechanic finally came and confirmed to Viveks - that the AC is not working - by this time 20 days gone.
Story has not ended yet (today is 31-Jul-17 may in my life time it is not going to be resolved).
Jun 16, 2017

AC O'General

We purchased an O' General Split AC 1.00 Ton ASGA 12 BMTA R32 3S -White on 02/ April/ 2016. We have issues with the A/C we purchased the product from AC Bazaar there is no prompts response. We are really dissatisfied with the customer service. They never came for service in time the past year as well. It has been 15 days since we called AC Bazaar. We have called them nearly 30 times to their customer care and the showroom as well. We also called O'General - 18602081007 and AC Bazaar : 04446467700. Only the Manager Sasikumar responds to the calls but there has been no resolve to our problem.
Philip soulwin
Jun 12, 2017

Lack of response for more than a month

We are regular customers of viveks as well as on regular amc. .but they have been so slack in responding to put complaint with regard to our air conditioner.this has been for the past one month....the hottest month of the year. ..may.they either don't attend the call or give a reply that they will call back as our complaint was mistakenly overlooked...we have a small baby and have undergone untold misery due to this irresponsible behaviour of viveks service centre.HORRIBLE SERVICE ...
Philip soulwin
Jun 12, 2017

Lack of response for more than a month

We are regular customers of viveks as well as on regular amc. .but they have been so slack in responding to put complaint with regard to our air conditioner.this has been for the past one month....the hottest month of the year. ..may.they either don't attend the call or give a reply that they will call back as our complaint was mistakenly overlooked...we have a small baby and have undergone untold misery sir to this irresponsible behaviour of viveks service centre.HORRIBLE SERVICE ...
Syed abuthakeer
May 4, 2017

worst service and poor quality of product

Really very very worst service and Quality of product is also worst, I have purchased Carrier AC on 8th April-17 and AC was installed on 9th April on the day its self we are not getting proper cooling and swing motor is also not working till date, so we made complaints on regarding this issue over through telephonic and directly i visited to Karaikudi show room to rectify above mentioned issue, but till now I am getting good respond from the Viveks show room.
Baskaran Mayakesavan
Apr 24, 2017

Horrible service.. Useless incharge

I bought 5 Daikin AC last year.. As per terms they have to do two services. They have skipped a service and period is elapsed due to their ignorance. I have requested to complete the 2 nd service before extending service warranty. They never stick to the committed dates. We are at the mercy. The incharge for this program doesn't even have knowledge to understand service Gaps and provide customer satisfaction. I am helpless.. Hope management should look in to issues seriously.

Mar 28, 2017

Worst customer service

Got a Daikin AC in Jan 2016 with assurance of 1 year free service. Viveks never turned up for Service till January (They came only once). Called them in February to check AC. They indicated there is a gas leakage and took the AC for gas refilling. They now are charging for INR 3500 when the issue is from them not servicing it.

When enquired they agreed that, it was their issue of not coming and servicing the AC. They told me that, they will check and process discounts to lower the amount. It has been a month since they took the AC and they are giving one or the other reason for not coming and fixing it.

Finally, i am frustrated and fed up and asked to fix the AC asap and get the money what they wanted. They again giving me reason that it will take another week.

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. I had my major purchases with them and now I have made my mind not to even turn heads in their shop.

1. High charge for Gas leakage fix. INR3500.. Other places they charge INR1800
2. Even though it was their mistake and they agree to it, they say that i need to pay for the repair. What in the world is this logic, i don't understand
3. Even after I am saying i will pay the full amount (out of frustration), they are not coming and placing the AC... It has been a month and have to call them every day to check status.
4. Every time you call and yell, they will say their manager will call me in another 1hr or so. That 1hr never came..

Vignesh Sankar
Mar 25, 2017

Delay in delivery and installation

We had purchased daikin 1.5 tonne AC on 2017.03.16 and we had specifically intimated the sales person that delivery of the product had to be done only after 7pm. They said the delivery people will call and you can confirm time with them. The delivery person has called the next day and we told him to come around 7pm which he refused. We had to make so many calls to Vivek customer care and complaint. We really did not know if they had logged any complaint or had taken up the concern. We wait odd for two more day and the product hasn't got delivered. We nearly made 10 calls per day from the day we bought AC and got it delivered on the 4th day after 7pm. In the showrooms, they talk very appealingly and make the customer buy a costly AC and they don't care after the payment is done. And the real headache after that is installation. We had asked for installed on 24.03.2017 at 10am and we had received a message at 1pm telling that so and so person will come to your place for installation on 24.03.2017 at 10 am.. it's is already 2 pm now... we had called the concerned technician and he is telling he is not assigned for us and he is in duty at some other place l.. we had made nearly 100 calls to Vivek's with respect to delivery and installation and still installation is not completed. We have deided never again to go for Vivek's for anything. Very poor customer service. All they target is on money. Highly frustrated.
Jan 2, 2017

New Year offer

I am one of your regular customer got the SMS from your end that today is the last day for New year super sale getting over by Today. You are also mentioned that Cash back offer, free gifts. When I reached home immediately by 21.30 Hours I reached near by Selayur branch and purchased the Preethi Electric Stove. one of your your salesman informed that it was only one hour offer. I had shown this SMS to him. Then he call his sales officer over the phone. She informed the time was 9.00 am to 9.00 pm. She also advised me to read the News papers. In this SMS you are not given the specific time and also your not advised me to read the News papers.Really today your representatives are hurt my heart. My mobile number is 9840034242.. I request you here in after not to send any SMS to me.

Thanking you for your service,


Padmanabhan Iyer
Aug 17, 2016


Here is one more customer complaint from a dissatisfied buyer of Daikin AC from Vivek's shop. I purchased one 1.5 ton split AC from vivek's Shop at their Manappakkam complex on 05/08/2016. After frequent calls two boys came after 3 days and installed
the AC. Next day, it was made known to me that the AC has not been properly installed by the boys who wasted 5 hours to install one AC.. Hose pipe for water flow has not been fitted properly resulting in poor or nil water flow and AC did not work and there is no chillness absolutely till date..They have not checked the gas (sufficient or not). The shut-board at the side encompassing/ intended to cover all the copper pipes has fallen down Immediately i registered my complaint but the service centre refused to give complaint number stating that they can register the complaint only after receipt of installation report from installation team.All these days i have been calling 46467700 and reminding my complaint but nobody came to repair and complete the installation..It seems that the dealer has an inexperienced/unskilled boys as installation team.
The work order for installation number is 935336 which is stiill pending with the call centre . The call centre staff pass the buck to some other supervisor Until this complaint is registered here there was no response from service centre.The call centre staff stopped picking up my phone calls throughout today..(17/08/2016)
My advice to the buyers of AC: Please purchase from good dealers of daikin Ac who do installation properly and attend to after sales service. This is my worst experience with vivek's customer service centre. Call number 46467700.
padmanabhan, Nanganallur, chennai 61.
Jul 15, 2016

Worst customer service

Here is a frustrated customer because of vivek's service. We purchased a diaken AC 1.5 ton 6 months ago at Chennai thoraipakkam and there was a PC board issue. The mechanics from viveks came and collected the board quoting 48 hours of repair time. It's been 5 working days and nothing happened. The customer care is so dumb to not even know what's going on with this issue. They sing the same song that they understand our problem and the urgency to get the repair done. The AC is still in warranty and I have a small kid at home based on which I wanted high priority attention on this simple board replacement. When something has to be done free of charge it's so difficult for these people to keep their words. Always buy in showrooms which offer proper customer care and value customers or who even know what's customer care.. not from these electronic shops that sell lot of shit along with the products.
May 1, 2016

A/C delivered after 12 days istallation due.. unable to contact.

I am booked LG Split A/C at Vivek Exhibition Nandambakkam on 17.4.16, after contineous follow-up to warehouse Manapakkam they delivered on 29.4.16, after for installation in Warehouse persons said further booked customer care no. 44-42131616, 44-46467700. This so many times tried but unable to booked, again I try to warehouse they not pickup my phone call. Further I contact to Tambaram Vivek show room they instruct contact to customer care only. Who is responsible person, if anybody knows pl. Inform me thanks lot to you.
My cell no.9445167616
My Bill no.11IH1600378 dt.17.4.16. LG Split A/C 1.5Ton LSA 5 AF3D 3S BTR
Apr 29, 2016

Refrigerator Not delivered. No proper response from the team

I have ordered whirlpool refrigerator at tambaram viveks branch on 13th Apr 2016. The sales executive told me that the product will be delivered in the next day which is 14th Apr. on 14th Apr, i did not get any call from the branch for any delivery info. so i called on 15th Apr multiple times then they are telling me the stock is not available and they can deliver only on 18th Apr.

On 18th Apr , i did not get any call when i ask them on the night , they say you can check for some other model or take your money back.

i said i ll take my money back. But now for returning my money its around 3 weeks and im yet to get my money. Im already fed up going to the viveks tambaram branch.

I would suggest viveks should improve the customer service properly.
When i call customer service, they say they will talk to delivery team about the problem. But they are not calling me back with the update. When i call again , the another person picks the call and says the same that he will talk to delivery team about it.
Apr 27, 2016

Delivery of Split AC

Worst customer service 7 days delivery now crossed 11 days not able to reach customer care have to wait in queue for 15 mins atleast and no response they say they have centralized the system no use. Have tried other outlets which are much more efficient.

Apr 16, 2016




Apr 12, 2016


VIVEKS IS THE WORST ELECTRONIC OUTLET WITHOUT ANY MORAL VALUES TOWARDS CUSTOMERS. I purchased HP AC 101 TU for INR 35, 000 on 27-Mar-16 during warehouse sale at Manapakkam. Cost of the laptop was at least INR 3, 000 more than other shops and online rate. The laptop was defective one and not working due to hardware malfunction. I immediately contacted Viveks Customer Care and sent mail too. I was asked by Viveks Customer Care to contact nearby branch. On 30 Mar 16, I went to Porur Viveks Branch which did not even care to see the defective lapton but asked me to go to HP Stores at Parsn Complex near Anna Fly Over. As the Viveks Porur Branch did not help me, I again contacted Viveks Customer Care and complained about it. I gifted this system to my son who studies Engineering and he was totally disappointed due to this defective system. He had an online test for which I had rented a laptop by paying Rs.2000. In spite of many reminders and mails to Viveks, they did not care and Porur Branch person in Laptop Section casually told me that it is the customer’s responsibility to go to HP and get the defective system repaired and Viveks had no part in it. With great difficulty, I had taken the laptop to HP and after 10 days follow up with HP, I go the problem solved on my own. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY MORE ITEMS FROM VIVEK IS THE LESSON I LEARNT. This outlet does not have any moral responsibility as it does not attend to customer’s grievances. This is the second worst experience I faced with Viveks. Earlier I purchased LG 32” TV and in that TV also I had issue. BE CAREFUL. THERE ARE MANY GOOD ELECTRONIC OUTLETS IN CHENNAI OFFERING COMPETITIVE PRICE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE
Apr 8, 2016

Worst delivery

I have purchased a Fridge on 26/03/2016, it was commitment given to be delivered in 5 days. But has not delivered till date claiming various reasons stock not available. Before committing to customer stocks details need to be confirmed by the seller. I have made multiple calls and no proper response from any one.

I was getting lot of mental pressure dur to this, can some one help me in lodging complaint in consumer court against this vivkes.

Mar 25, 2016

Ac service

Respected sir / Mam

My name is v.gayathri from Thiruvanmiyur . I had purchased an AC from adyar viveks. I had given it for service on 4th of March 2016 and the concern person Akshar Sheriff who took the AC from my residence told me the problem is with the compressor , we luckily had the warranty so he said he will replace a new one . Hence it got delayed a while I happened to call them again to know the status . When called the concern employee of Viveks said the problem is with the coil and promised me to deliver it in two days time . I again reminded the customer care to bring back the AC on time . They cross checked and I got a call from the mr.akshar saying that I will get it delivered on 26th March 2016. . When I called him he says the Ac will get another few days to be rectified cos of the parts not been delivered from Samsung . Do u think it's really good for your customer to buy a product from you and make them wait for 20 and more days for just a service to be done ? It's one of the worst ever company I have ever seen and I would like to get the compensation onbehalf of your late in delivery . So worst the company and the people who you recruit as so called employees.
Mar 23, 2016

AC Installation

am buy the blue star AC bi 3hw18vcu 1.5ton.19/3/2016
they delivered to 20/3/2016 but still now not installe . viveks service center promised me 23/3/2016 peeson onthe way he will installe today but still no one come. its very wost service and company

my name .sye imthadulla
Mar 5, 2016

Samsung split AC service

It is the customary of Viveks home service centre to call us only to remind us due date of AMC. One service at the begin of the year and another one at the end of the year and that too if we decides to continue the AMC, the service technician will come home to attend. But there is a danger if we decides to discontinue, the technician damages the working equipment. This kind of worst service one can see with Viveks !!! I am one of the affected !!
Feb 17, 2016

Incorrigible Service

I bought a Blue star AC which had a Gas leakage within 6 months, Viveks did not contact us for the first free service, when we contacted they did not respond properly, finally the service was arranged on Feb 3 2016 , they said the Gas needs to be filled and it has to be provided by Blue star It has been 2 weeks still the issue is not resolved and always the customer care executive says that blue star has not approved their request.

We are totally disappointed with Vivek's response and also Blue star's capability. I will never recommend this dealer and the Brand for purchasing electronics.

such a bad service for their reputation!
Feb 6, 2016

Refrigerator service

Today morning had logged a complaint for my whirlpool refrigeration service. Am happy today your call centre executive and the engineer responded the call and attended by your engineer Anish and working fine the commitment in service and time are reasonable and am very much delighted about the service. Thanks and keep it up
Dec 24, 2015

viveks service very wost service

Very wost service......
Nov 2, 2015

Vivek’s sale person Wrong promise Product not delivered.

Mr.Mahesh and TangaRaj
Vivek Ltd
Corporate office
150, ( New 68), 2nd floor,
Luz Church Road,
Mylapore, Chennai 600 004.

I have purchased an FX50 Blue Star Split A/C 1.5 ton (3HW 18 FB1 3S-White) on 22-Oct-2015 Bill number: 11IB1500561 from Viveks Trade Center Show.

Vivek’s sale person promised me that above said product will be delivered within two days, (before 24-Oct-2015), but product not delivered as promised, I called customer care on 25-Oct-2015, they said someone will call me to confirm the deliver but no one called me. Again I called customer care on 26-oct-2015 they apologies and said AC will be delivered by 28-Oct-2015 and some will call me but no one called me and AC not deliver.

On 28th October 2015 I called customer care they said Mr.TangaRaj will call me, later some time Mr.TangaRaj called me and said A/C stock not available need time till 1st November 2015, with unsatisfied I accepted the same. But even 1st November I don’t get AC. I called customer card on 2nd November 2015 they said Mr.TangaRaj will call me but no one called me.

Because of this false promise, physical strain and mental agony suffered by the complainant (me) and my family members would like to cancel the order and return the my cash before 4th November 2015 in above said address, in-case not returned within term period, would like to file a complaint petition under sec. 2(1)(g) and 2 (1)(b)(i) under Sec. of the Consumer Protection Act.
Oct 28, 2015


Dear Sir,

We have ordered 3 nos of Ac @ Trade Centre Exhibition on 24.10.2015 but still now we have received only one split ac and then balance two window was not delivered on that when we are booked they promised me we deliver the parcels by monday itself but still now no response from customer care department.other wise you didn't deliver by today or tommorrow itself (or cancel the order & return back the money.

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