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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone India

Jun 1, 2020

Activation of Re.1 Store service without my consent.

For second time, I have received messages saying that The services Re.1 Store as been activated, without my permission. I have never asked for it. The first time, it charged me Rs. 35 and second time Re. 60. This is unprofessional and unethical of you guys. You must re-fund the balance to my number. Or, I shall escalate it with the customer forum & forever stop using your services. Day by day, you are becoming worst!

Activation of Re.1 Store service without my consent. Activation of Re.1 Store service without my consent. Activation of Re.1 Store service without my consent.

Mar 16, 2019

Network speed less than 1 MBPS

Screenshoot is the proof of Vodafone network speed.
Frustrated with the repeated customer complaints.

The tickets get resolved automaticaly that network speed is good.

Never go for Vodafone.

Network speed less than 1 MBPS Network speed less than 1 MBPS Network speed less than 1 MBPS Network speed less than 1 MBPS

Chander joshi
Feb 15, 2018


Charged with 7600 bill as my credit limit is only 3000 snd with any intimation to me activated the international data how they activated the international data pack and how they charged beyond the credit limit
Balaji Rao
Feb 12, 2018

Roaming Mobile data

Complain Number : 411499388, Mobile data not working in karnakata circle roaming, registered on 09 Feb and escalated to top level without any resolution since 4 days.

Revenue and brand value loss - Responsible service manager pick up and engage network engineer to check the request from my phone reaching the servers and getting fulfilled.

198 complains and roaming team is not competent to resolve the issue.
Jsing negi
Dec 31, 2017

replace sim

Hello sir..
It's my number 7830331754 .unfortunately that was my damaged SIM, a couple of week age.so I went Vodafone store at laxmi nager ,they gave me duplicate SIM at that time but they didn't take further steps for that ..Hence I went there several time tho I wasn't single customer there, there are many customers who were facing these problems. They said to me that everytime take chit number that was wasted of time..afterthat they cheeked and said it would be open 24 HR or 48 HR, or 4 HR.. Whenever I went there ,they said to me. I'm fed -up your services,i think you should Recruit new employe.that is what I felt. And still my SIM is not open Even I Have completed all formalities. I hope you can do something for that.
Jsing negi
Dec 31, 2017

replace SIM

Hello sir..
It's my number 7830331754 .unfortunately that was my damaged SIM, a couple of week age.so I went Vodafone store at laxmi nager ,they gave me duplicate SIM at that time but they didn't take further steps for that ..Hence I went there several time tho I wasn't single customer there, there are many customers who were facing these problems. They said to me that everytime take chit number that was wasted of time..afterthat they cheeked and said it would be open 24 HR or 48 HR, or 4 HR.. Whenever I went there ,they said to me. I'm fed -up your services,i think you should Recruit new employe.that is what I felt. And still my SIM is not open Even I Have completed all formalities. I hope you can do something for that.
Sandeep Mohandas
Dec 21, 2017

Looting Customers

HEALTH YOGA Pack,WWE ZONE pack are auto activating everymonthwithout my confirmation-I am going to file a case against vodafone india
Ravi Shiranala
Dec 17, 2017

Value added Service witout approval

Vodafone India has activating Value Added services witout customer approval. From last three months they are charging without aproval from me.When I approached them they are answering that next month onwards it will be closed but not doing so.
Nitesh Agarwal
Sep 26, 2017

Regarding extra money charged by vodafone


I was charged extra money by Vodafone for internet even though i had a data pack. On calling them they refunded my 930 Rs charged by them. But the service tax of 930 Rs(18% GST which comes to around 200 Rs) is still not refunded. When i called customer care they assured the money(200 Rs) will be refunded. But when i checked bill today, i am charged previous month charges plus late payment fee. Now they are saying, sorry your money wont be refunded.
Very frustrated with Vodafone. Time to port to Airtel!! My vodafone number +91 9739698535
Manu H s
Aug 10, 2017

Cheating bill

My rental plan was 199 and additional data 350 Rs
And mobile Internet service is Rs 59/- only. This is
My bill.. But u people are sending me that wrong bill... Do you think customers are fool... Every time and every month I need to fight with your peoples for billing issue. R u aware of the customer problems and situations... Really u people's are proved one more time Vodafone is big cheating company in the world... You bloody great fools. Stupids... You are not fool's.. Really customers are fool's.... ( Vodafone is one of the cheating network) compared to other networks.....

Thanks and Regards


Cheating bill

Jul 5, 2017


Dear Vodafone team,

My mobile number is 9916657757. I could see current month June 2017 . I have been charged for Rs. 50 Re1 Store fake downloads .Only Vodafone team and God can say what are these charges for.

I wonder what’s this strategy of making money from customers. With out confirmation activating plans

I was using past 8 years Vodafone connection and i am a HR manager one Reputed Telecon company .
When I called up Customer care , they didn’t give any proper explanation on it.
This is ridiculous. Please reimburse the money Rs. 50..

Once refund i will pay my current bill.


Mobile: +91 9916657757

Alternate: +91 9686670342
Sagar Bangalore
Mar 18, 2017

Disconnection of service without intimation - Address verification blunder

I gave an application for switching from prepaid to postpaid on 18 Feb 2017 and the same was activated on 1 Mar 2017 after quite some delay and me calling several times and writing to Vodafone.

On 16 Mar 2017 at about 1800hrs they disconnected the number completely without any warning. After calling customer care, they told that the address verification was negative. The only solution provided by the call center was that I visit the store and submit the docs again. Back to square one! Go and submit the same docs again? I wonder where is the logic in that? My docs and the address is still same and I have to submit same docs again? Vodafone already have all the details. Just because the person who was supposed to check my address decided to go on a coffee break instead of doing his job, why am I being harassed here for? The nearest store is 18kms away and I am not sitting idle at my house to run around submitting the same docs repeatedly. Why do they even have a call center when the only solution provided is to ask the customer to go to the store? (Same solution provided over the phone when I had the issue while converting from prepaid to postpaid) They are quite happy receiving payments online right? Why can’t they assist the customer with the same attitude while he is facing a problem? The funny part is that I have one more postpaid number at the same address (same document provided) and that person did his job and verified the address as correct. Again they cannot explain why one number is having a positive verification and another is negative. I have given the exact same documents for both the postpaid numbers. This clearly shows that the address verification executive is doing a lousy job and Vodafone is punishing it’s customers for it’s own blunders.

The person at the Vodafone store verified my original documents while taking a photocopy. Going by their reply, that the address is negative, they are saying that the address on all my Government issued IDs is also negative (logically!) This shows that they do not seem to have any respect for the Government issued IDs. People have travelled abroad (after getting visas) and they can’t verify the address as per passport!

I am aware of the regulations that require address verification and I want them to do the same too, but not at the cost of causing extreme discomfort to the customer, especially when there is a verified alternate postpaid number with Vodafone at the same address. It clearly shows the carelessness.

In addition, I have paid this month’s bill in advance and a security deposit of Rs. 300. No service provided since 16 Mar 2017 at about 1800hrs. They don’t have the courtesy to call and inform the customer. They just blocked my number and don’t care for my calls. Now they are treating me like a criminal. I wrote to them and send my ID again to [email protected] Now they are not even replying to my mail. So much for Happy to help!
Jan 30, 2017

Reactivation of lost sim

I lost my phone on 28 of jab 2017 in an hour I visited a mini store in Bellandur, the store keeper promised for the activation of the number in 2 hrs, after 6 hrs I called the customer care who said i had too wait since their back end team is not available and their supervisor is not available. Next day I had 3 live-chat session who kept on saying me to visit a vodafone store. Since it was sunday , every one knew the stores are closed. But I was said to visit and they are sorry, i roamed around to find one store in Sarjapur, who was busy in his computer screen and never bothered to investigate the issue and gave the same answer i Had to wait till monday.

on 30th jan 2017 i received the mail confirmation saying me to visit the store and submit the documents which I have provided them while I got the sim card. Since this number is used with my officials this became a big issue. Customer care executives gives false promises and bluff saying their supervisors are not available after forcing a lot they pass the call. These guys blocked my number when I was not in the country for 28 days. Very Bad experience with Vodafone and really cant take this anymore.
Vijey Ramaswamy
Oct 7, 2016

Network issues and Call drop

I hold two numbers from Vodafone, I started facing network issues since September 2015 and issues still persist. My mobile numbers are 7406194194 and 9538979979. On these two numbers I had raised atleast 16-20 complain ticket number each. But every time Vodafone customer service team or the back end team closed the ticket number without informing me about the resolution and these things happened for a long time. We even had vodafone engineer visiting our place and confirming that network is bad and would have the matter escalated. After 3 weeks since we did not receive any response , called again your company and was informed they do not take engineer report seriously, all these were on the call. I was later promised 50% waiver on my rental plan in lieu of this issue. Every after the promise made, I had several issues with the statement.. everytime when I called or emailed vodafone customer service I never got any prompt response, it was only after follow ups that vodafone customer service or some supervisor used to call me and I had to go through the issue all over again. I even tried applleate for the issue, but inspite of that the response and network service remained the same (PATHETIC). For this month's bill (September bill), I have been not given 50% discount as promised and moreover they have charged Internet charges .. Please note I use basic handset and have no idea how to operate internet on that phone, which only vodafone customer service team or applleate team or top CEO of the company has to let me know how this can be done. I wish to take up the matter further and service provider like vodafone not mislead other customers. There services are worst and not up to the mark. I urge to take action against the company and people involved in this.

Rayhan Khan
Sep 30, 2016

Misbehaving from Vodafone store 28-09-2016 and fake promises.

Hi Team ,


My Vodafone mobile number is 9620109070, I am really upset of behaviour from Vodafone stores executive and manager. From past three months he was co-ordinating with me in stores. When I have purchased the sim from that time till I am facing some other issue. After I have purchased the sim for 1st time there was negative verification and my connection was barred, I have submitted my documents again and again. Acctualy the verification executive use to call me and he use to tell I am near your home. Then after sometime when I call him again he use to disconnect. Many I time I have complained to Vodafone store executive "Mr.Shivraj" then finally he called that executive and asked about it, then that guy said he have verified and he will update that verification successful but on the same day eveving my number was barred again I went to the store and spoke to "Mr.Shivraj" then again he called but the verification executive didn't responde the call. The issue continued for 15-20 days everytime I use to visit to Vodafone store and beg his complete the verification and activate my number. Evrytime he use to give some other reason. Finally the issue resolved after 20days. Then I asked him my number was barred for 20days and everytime I have to come to Vodafone store and request I want waiver for my bill for which didn't use then he assured me and promised me that he will give me waiver.

*The billing issue:
This issue also is continuing form 2-3 months, I can not tell the exact month bill because the issue is repeating from long back.
Everytime I activate booter pack from my Vodafone app or by using USSD but that day there some error popping up like you can not activate kindly contact customer care. After I called they informed me that technical glitch is going on. Then I request him to activate 250/- booster pack for that he made me wait nearly 20-25 hold stating the system hangged he is restarting😣😣😣 then finally he released hold and said that he have activated the pack, I don't know he was in some hurry to disconnect the call😒😒 and said it will activate with in 30min, but after 1 hours also the pack didn't activate. Then again I called some one picked the call and at the opening only he kept me in hold for 30min😤😤 I was frustrated after he released the hold not even apologiesed😞😞😞(so unprofessional) then I aksed him about the issue and he informed me that during some issue the pack didn't get activated he will activated the pack, then again with out asking me he kept me in hold for 5min and came and said that he have activated the same pack. I was like okay.
But after 30min I got message that 450/- booser pack activated that to 2times 😵😫😫😫😫. I was like WTF then I called again asked for the escalaton and got the reply from them is they can not transfer my call, and they can not do anything once the pack is activated it will be added in the bill, and once the bill is generated I can escalate and ask for waiver. Then after the bill is generated, I totally shocked and went to Vodafone store and "Mr.Shivraj" co-ordinated with me I have said everything and he promised me that he will help me to het the waiver for the booster pack which I have changed and for the negative verification. Because of this I didn't pay the bill and there was delay for it and I have been charged for Late payment fees again🤔😣😣😣😣. Then like that 2months over I didn't get any waiver evrytime I go to see store he use to assure me that he will pass the waiver and after someday when I go again he use to give some reasons like the executive left office bla bla bla, but this month I was really frustrated because again my number was barred PSTN.
When I went him and asked he is like no I didn't promise you for the waiver I just I will try, I asked him ok take CCTV phortage evrythng will be recorded there right, so everyone will able to know then he was very rude to me all sudden. Then asked him to talk with his manager, then "Mr.Usman" came and said he is manage for the Vodafone store. The opened all the bill and she was like confusing me and said no we cant do anything it's your mistake you have used the service. Then I asked him why your executive have assuring me that he will pass the waiver then he is like no he didn't promise and all sudden "Mr.Usman and "Mr.Shiv Kumar" started replying very rudely as if like they want to hit me. They said call 199 we cant help. Then I asked him what if your executive do mistake while active packs I have to suffer for that, he is like you have used the service you have to pay etc all rubbish. I though to take a video and launch a police complaint against there behaviour but they didn't allow me to shoot the video😫😫😫 they do what ever you want. Hell this the behaviour we customer expect from executive when ask for the resolution. My family members everyone use Vodafone connection because we have crush on it but after they came to know this behaviour we are planning to shift it to Airtel though it's little costly but there behaviour is good toward customer.
* Yes, obiously I want waiver I am not ready to pay for the mistake which call center have done, I want all the recording from you guys, because I know that I have said them to activate 250/- pack.
* It's not about money it's about the customers respect 😤 trust with Vodafone. I want to know what is action have been taken on them. I will launch police complaint and I will go to consumer court, I will post the issue in FB page, Twitter, let all Vodafone fan see that when customers need help how the executive behave to ward them👿👿👿.

"It was Indiranagar Vodafone Store" I have taken the pic of Mr.Shivraj.
Sep 7, 2016

My No deactivated, they are denying to reactivate it.

My Vodafone no 8954291781 which is from UP west circle was working fine but suddenly it was deactivated then visited to Vodafone store in Bangalore to reactivate it but they denied and and advised me to visit UP west circle Vodafone store which is approx 2000 KM from here.Is it my fault my sim was deactivated.kindly reactivate it.
Can contact me on my alternate no 8287021952
Name Harish Sharma
Email ID [email protected]
Jul 27, 2016

Request For Signal Boosters inside my office

Hi Team,

I am working since 2012 with Company NTTDATA, SJR iPark, Ground floor, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560067.
I am using this Vodafone network past 3 years No: 9019504143.

Inside my office I am unable to get network coverage due to the signal boosters are not installed.
Please install the signal booster as soon as possible otherwise I am planning to move Airtel based on your steps taken on this issue.

Jahnavi Reddy
Jul 3, 2016

Lost mobile

I am N.sreenivasulu Reddy.I have lost my mobile 4 hours ago.I request you to please block my Sim card which belongs to Vodafone, Karnataka. The number which I wanted to block is 9739688088.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully,
N.sreenivasulu reddy
Ramakrishna Mahavadi
Jun 2, 2016

Anonymous Calls

Today I have received 2 calls from 2 different numbers which are anonymous. The numbers are 00740937 & 0051488338 at 16.58pm and 16.59 pm.

Then I called Vodafone Customer Care regarding the numbers, the Executive simply refused to listen to me saying it's none of their business. When I protested, she callously replied, you can complain to whomever you want.

Hence I request Vodafone to look in to the matter.
May 17, 2016

can't reach Vodafone's customer care operator

I wanted to talk to the customer care personnel but I could not connect no matter how many number of times I tried and how many different customer care numbers I tried. I wanted to get back my deducted amount of Rs.90 for some pack which I never activated.

Feb 29, 2016

vodafone harassment and fraud

Hi I am Vodafone user for 6 yrs now , with vodafone no 809******. I have asked Vodafone to cancel my number as I was travelling and didn't require the number!! Vodafone did exactly that!! In Jan 16 Vodafone sent me a mail and mentioned that my number was still available and I can re-activate the same. I was not even in India at that time to even consider it. However ,i decided to keep my number when I was coming back in Feb 16 and asked the vodafone to activate the number!!

Now Vodafone took advantage and have charged me Rental for month of Dec 15, Jan 16 ,when I didn't even have vodafone sim card, I have activated number from 15 Feb 16. I have sent 10 mails to nodal team ,but without any proper response!! Vodafone doesn't want to pay TAX to govt. but wants to cheat and grab money from customers? This is non sense and ridiculous to say the least!! Vodafone has to be penalized for such mistakes, time and again!!
Vodafone has charged me when my connection was de-activated, I don't know how this can be possible, only Vodafone can explain!!
ramaseshan naganathan
Feb 15, 2016

harassement while converting from post paid to prepaid

dear sir
i have three vodofone mob numbeer only 6 months before as i bought a touchscreen mobile i want to vodofone office in 80 freet road koramangalore, bangalore but but they foreved me and my wife to take post paid and they mentiioned so many advantages but we found it was not true and we waited for 5 months as i could not get proper details i went to vodofore office to convert from post paid to pre paid the office gave lot trouble we have to continue as we a lot advantages finally i had to beg them to get my account to prepaid account but both times we had to produce ID proof ,adress proof , pancard photos and nearly 6 times we had produced these above accounts and i don/t know what they store in computer/// horrible...finally they put another bomb shell that my wife.s account can be converted only after 3 months as already we compleated 6 months to my surprise while converting from pre paid to post paid they didnt ask presscence of my wife now they made me to run between house and office nearly 5 to 6 times our mob number is 9986586147 and 9916354138 also we are aged 61 and 67 years respectively and we can.t withstand a treatment a thrashing treatment like this any more please help us ramaseshan and padmavathy ramaseshn
Manjunath Rajanna
Oct 9, 2015

Customer care executive abused

Hi Team,

This is to bring to your notice that, I had received call from your call center from one of your lady executive today (09-10-2015) at around 11:09 am regarding the payment of my Vodafone number – 9538999689, she spoke in Kannada and started questioning me in a very rude manner and abused me of lying things, I am using this connection from past so many years and I request you guys to cross check if I have defaulted my payments till date, who the hell is she to question me or call me a liar? Please go-through the recording of my conversation happened today with your executive and I want to hear from you on the action taken to the complaint raised by me and see that these things not repeat to any of the loyal customers henceforth.

I have the recording of the same in my phone and planning to lodge the complaint in the consumer forum too, I don’t want to continue with Vodafone anymore and request you to cancel my connection from immediate effects, please share me the bill amount I have to pay to discontinue from the services.

May 5, 2015

Vodafone harassment and Fraud

Hi, my vodafone no 8095006822. I have been a victim of vodafone harassment and torture.
I am paying rental every month to vodafone for over 5 yrs and vodafone is not even ready to provide basic network @ my residence...Vodafone has very bad network coverage in the heart of the city and they claim fastest network, compared to what??
Vodafone has been running the business of leaking customer info to banks and other telemarketers , vodafone customer care exec do this !!! Its easy to get details out of these idiots!!!
Vodafone is harassing me when i register a complaint for DND. vodafone exec have been calling me and asking as to why i raise the complaint ,instead of addressing the core issue!!! Nodal team has been ineffective and useless in this regard!!!
More or less very horrible experience with vodafone!!!
Vodafone also adding unwanted charges on my rental , when I have no 3G activated, how come data charges are applied??
Apr 16, 2015

Regarding Bill for Deactivated Service

Hi Team,

I have taken a vaodafone Postpaid sim 9739359594 in january, i lost that one month ago. Then Immediately i made a call to your customer care and asked them to block it,hey replied that "we are blocking" .On
the next day again i got call from one of your customer care executives
and he was told to me that "We are calling from central vodafone
office, your sim got deactivated, if you come we will provide new sim to You",and i Told to that person i am not interested to continue postpaid.Then After a month all of sudden i got a call from your customer care representative and she is asking the for the "Bill Due".How do you expect customers to pay money for deactivated services ?

Get back ASAP.

[email protected]

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