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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone India

Aug 23, 2018

International Roaming Refund pending from 4 months

We have a corporate account with Vodafone in office. Facing international roaming refund issue pending from last 4 months of our National Manager. Follow ups , calls, reminders, visits, nothing is working. If this continues we will be changing all bulk numbers to other service.
Contact - 74000 61565 - Viren sir.
Aug 17, 2018

Deactivation of sim without warning

Hi Team,

After so many follow up with Vodafone India Vodafone Mumbai and Vodafone MP, I got frustrated when my complaint was not entertained by Vodafone , and want to take some action against them.

It is since Monday when I am trying to get my Vodafone some activation which got deactivated my Vodafone from without warning me . With every call they tell me they are working on my issue but don’t give me any update. And say they will call me shortly. I tried to reach out to them via twitter same thing is happening ther.

My problem is as it’s my primary number for all band and communication I am facing a lot of trouble because of that and it’s doenst matter to Vodafone to have look on such serious issue.

I would like to request you to reach out to Vodafone for my issue and take some strict action on my concern
Jun 15, 2018

Incorrect Billing

I travelled to Indonesia from 30 May 2018-5th June 2018.

1. I activated IRoam 599 pack
2. I tried to activate yet another pack IRoam FREE which did not happen as Vodafone sent me a message stating that as I have already activated a 599 pack, I cannot activate one more.

3. After I returned, IRoam FREE got activated on its own (on 9th June 2018) And I have been charged Rs. 2500 for its activation.

4. Neither had I asked for an activation nor would I want an international roaming pack while I am in India.

This is absolutely ridiculous. I have been in touch with Vodafone customer executives for almost a week now and the issue is still not resolved. I have tried all means to resolve this: through chat, calls and visiting the Vodafone store. And I am terribly disappointed with the kind of service Vodafone gives us.

I have also requested to port my number. A Vodafone customer executive just called me stating that Vodafone cannot re-issue another bill with the correct amount if I am porting my number.

It is absolutely ridiculous that a telecom service provider has stooped to such levels to retain the customer.
Dec 23, 2017

Abssive language use to a female customer-vodafone

Dear team
This is my Indian number and Ian come to UAE for a year. I had been to VT Mumbai Vodafone gallery to convert my post paid connection to prepaid the agent told me no need to port it as he is giving me a good deal 99 rental i was ok with it and in just 2 days I got a bill of 15000... however I told them I would be paying it by Jan as my account is blocked and I am coming to India by jan. The person called me from Vodafone +918692900099 Sunil and started abusing me... being a lady he was just jot listening i told him i would pay the amount...

Request you to be in favour of female critisimsm
Sanjeev Nandu
Dec 16, 2017

Additional Billing

I am using vodafone post paid mobile with internet service for last more than 3 years.

In my last month bill, company has charged additional amount by saying that i have clicked on online games. I have never used online games. I had put a complaint to the company for wrong billing. I personally visited the vodafone gallary in Mulund and explained the problem. The helpdesk person informed me that in some advertisements which appears on the screen if you click by mistake, the game service start and same is charged.

This type of advertisements are accepted by Vodafone company and are trying to make additional billing by cheating customers. When i explained this to the store person and asked to remove these charges he said that i am under corporate plan and will require to write my complaint to vodafone thorugh email. Same was done and they agreed to only reduce the charges by 1/3rd. This is nothing but a method of cheating done by the service provider to make extra money.

I request you to take up with Vodafone India and discontinue such cheating methods adopted by them. I do not want to pay any extra wrong charges. Please help me to sort out this extra billing. My vodafone no. is 9930070183.

Sanjeev Nandu
Nov 14, 2017

Wrongly charged for Data on 9819267248

I downloaded Vodafone app and was give free gift of 1gb data by Vodafone which was activated automatically. After sometime I got a message that your bill for current cycle is 2000+ for the data used above 1 gb. Then I got a message that my call service will be interrupted. All these happened because I downloaded Vodafone app. I didn't requested for free gift and they have not reinstated my original plan instead they continued high speed to charge me wrongly. Now they are not supporting as bill is not generated yet which will generate only after a month this is as per my discussion with customer service team, mail team and chat team. This is mental harassment and Vodafone seems to be enjoying this loot of our hard earned money.
Nov 9, 2017

bill paid for no. 8879748226 but harassing by calling to pay remaining amount

Earlier i complaint about last bill delivered by vodafone for no. 8879748226 after comunication with vodafone customer care she understand problem and comitted their mistake of duplication of rental matter resolved and she told me to pay 400rs at last same day she given me refrance no. 107727087. I paid 400rs same day and matter was solved but again since yesterday vodafone customer care calling to pay bill 300rs more to pay bill. Why to pay bill more even after bill paid after bill amount settled.
Plz look in matter and disscus with customer care girl who given refrance no. 107727087after bill amount settled.

bill paid for no. 8879748226 but harassing by calling to pay remaining amount

Sep 23, 2017

Billing Issue

Dear Vodafone,
I travelled out of the country in July and there was some issue with my international billing. I have been complaining about the same to Vodafone since my return asking for some help. My last email has not been replied to, I have called customer care multiple times and they say that we have lodged a complaint and their manager will call back within a day but this has never happened till date even after 7-8 attempts. I finally complained on this consumer complaint forum on 2nd Sept. Vodafone replied on 15th Sept saying that they are sorry for the trouble and requested me to give my number on the link provided and I would be contacted immediately. I replied immediately-filled the form on the link provided as well as replied to the message too with my number. I have still not received any response and now Vodafone has deactivated my number. I am unsure how I will be contacted anymore. I have had my number for the last 20 years!!! And it is very saddening to receive such treatment after so many years of loyalty.
Please do guide me as to how I can contact your company now to sort out the issue. I have shifted to another service provider and may permanently have to do so if I receive no help.
Jan 31, 2017


Hi Alok,

Really sorry to hear about such an experience. We will arrange a call back at the earliest.

Vodafone India
Jan 23, 2017


Hi Alok,

We are sorry for the unpleasant experience. We will get your concern checked ASAP.

Vodafone India
Jan 22, 2017

Extortion by Fake billing continuously since many months +91 8828977456

I am very sorry to know that such a reputed company like your has resorted to cheap tactics of to trouble customers.

I am loyal vodafone postpaid customer since more than 5 years, still you are doing this to me. I am deeply hurt and very angry about this cheap behavior and I will ensure that your cheap tactics are heard at the appropriate level. I am also using your m pesa service.

Please note that last one and half years I am out of Mumbai but still continuing with your post paid plan. I saw last six month or so you are charging me fake bills for roaming call received in Saudi Arabia, which is completely wrong.

Initially I thought that it is my mistake to receive calls, but later when I checked my call logs and the number given on your bills, I came to know that these calls have never been received by me. You are just cheating the people like us who are blindly trusting you.

I am not going to pay such bills and want to convert the sim to prepaid immediately. I will shift to Airtel afterwards. I have two other sims of Airtel in my wife name but there is no such cheap tactics like yours. Airtel even reverted the airtel talk money twice when they were not able to provide service but, I doubt about cheat company like vodafone.

You may fool some times, but you will ultimately loose the loyal customers like us.

Please call on Saudi number only, if you seek any clarification.

Very Angry and Unhappy for this breach of trust.

Alok Bajpai
Saudi number: +966508325415
Aug 17, 2016

Fed up with Vodafone Postpaid billing service

Dear sir,

Vodafone tells to consumer my vodafone apps to know the current status of their uses ( phone calls, sms, data uses, unbilled amount etc )
They also suggest to consumer to send an sms "DATA BAL" to 199 for knowing th data uses.
I am really annoyed by the customer care team and their officer as well. They are hardly trained to understand the customers problems.
From 12th aug 2017 to till date I have spend almost more than 8 hours with customer care for my resolution.

Apart from my data usage billing issue, caller tunes and I can see discrepancy in my current unbilled amount for my both number 8879334571 & 8879334572.

As per my current plan (Rs 325 ) I can use
450 - local and national sms beyond that it would be chargeable
600 Mins - Local or std or roaming mins are free - beyond that it would be chargeable
1 GB data is free beyond that it would be chargeable.

From 4th Aug to 6th Aug 2016 I have send approx more than 20 SMS I.e. DATA BAL to 199 to check my data usages balance and every time I m getting messages that I have consumes 1023.74 mb data , which is absolutely less that 1 GB. I did same to check in my Vodafone apps and it was also reflecting the same. Which I the correct information because I did not use my any extra data after this and closed my data during that period.
Same I conveyed to custcare on 6th Aug at 10 am . But when my bill was generated yesterday I saw that I have used more data, how come its possible.

Please see screen shot which I got after sending DATA BAL to 199 from vodafone regarding my usage after regular interval,
I have checked till 6th Aug 2016 @ 11.59 pm and till that time it showed me I have used only 1023.74 mb data.
Even I had called to customer care on 6th aug 2017 and they told me my data uses is 1023.74 MB.

When my bill was generated , then I can see from this I have used 41 MB extra uses on 4th aug itselfand for that they charge 163.00 rs and 15% service tax on top of it.
Here question is either their bill is wrong or their system my vodafone apps, their customer care official who told me that I have used 1023.74 MB on 6th aug 2017,
and gettig SMS from 199 after sending DATA BAL is wrong.


Today is 16th Aug 2017 and currently I can see in my vodafone apps my unbilled amount is Rs 0.58 and till now I have used 74 mins of calls, 384.59 MB data and 0 SMS, so here question is why this unbilled amount is Rs 0.58 is showing against my 9979334571 number.
Also I can see in my vodafone apps my unbilled amount is Rs 1.75 and till now I have used 120 mins of calls, 197.54 MB data and 0 SMS, so here question is why this unbilled amount is Rs 1.75 is showing against my 9979334572 number.
This is not happening very first time with me it is happening with me from last 4-5 months.


I had given a complain to deactivate the caller tune from my number 8879334572 in APR 2015 and from that time every month I am giving complain about it, but till now my caller tunes has not deactivated after 16 months. For that I have sent almost more than 30 mails
to corporate.assist@Vodafone and nodal.mum@Vodafone and more than 50 complains to vodafone customer care.
You can assume how much mental harassment vodafone is giving me from last 15-16 months.

Now you can observe how vodafone is fooling people, how much is their system transparent and how much mental harassment vodafone are giving to their special consumer.
I have all the mail which I have sent you to deactivate the caller tune from Apr 2015 till today.

Please find attached screen shot for the same and mail which I have sent to vodafone to deactivate the caller tune in past.

Ravi Alok

Fed up with Vodafone Postpaid billing service

Jul 25, 2016

Terror Call from Cusomer Service Manager - 07289910087

Hello Team,

Since complain was log on this site. Call received from Vodafone customer manager on 26-07-2016 9:50 AM till 9:56 AM IST

Please provide proper justification for Terror Call from Cusomer Service Manager - 07289910087

Need assistance from this site admin to look into this also. if required will share audio call recording also.

with regards,
Giriraj Jadhav.

Terror Call from Cusomer Service Manager - 07289910087

Jul 25, 2016

Refund charges|Deactivate BBM Plan 399|Employee miss behave

Refund charges|Deactivate BBM Plan 399|Employee miss behave
Hello Sir,

This is Giriraj Jadhav i am Vodafone postpaid subscriber with no- 9221945875,
i am using this number from Past 4+ years currently. further i am writing this to address 3 three issues.

Requested to Deactivate below two plans on the same day more then six months back for correct date need more time.
Unlimited Internet 650 per month (Plan got deactivated successfully).
BBM Plan 399 (Plan is still active till date.)

****Deactivate BBM Plan 399****
Today 24-07-2016 i visited Vodafone store opp kalyan station for Deactivate BBM Plan 399.
I have been requesting this for multiple time at multiple stores.
Request number log today's is 211712022.
every time they provide fake request number and says there might be delay in receiving sms.
i request written confirmation ad it was not provided, since i did not received request number on my phone.

****Refund of BBM Plan charge 399 every month*****
Since Deactivate of BBM Plan 399 was request earlier also. Executive logged a complain and informed me its done.
this time also i did not received request number on my phone.
when i requested written confirmation for both the issues. they informed me it cannot be provided.
On insisting to provide written confirmtion the executive AJAJ required other executive and then the other executive logged the complain again for deactivating the BB Plan.
this time i received the SMS with request number. Request number was provided 211712878. (no idea since the ticket did not mention any detail in sms)
Inform they cannot provide any detail apart from number. which might be fake and said do what ever you want. we cant help.

****Employee miss behave - AJAJ Shaik @ Vodafone store opp kalyan station.****
The Executive AJAJ was rude on asking question and was not helpful for providing details.
My issue was not noted and not received SMS with detail. i requested written confirmation from the executive.
Since the executive was not ready to helpful and when asked of manger he said go home come tomorrow in rude tone.
My temper went high and i ask him one more time, should i keep visiting the store multiple times for getting my issue resolved
He replied yes and do what ever you want and said system has been closed go ahead and log a complain against me or go complain to any one.
when ask for email address i was provide email address on paper "vodafonecare.mum@vodafone.com"

Giriraj Jadhav
Jan 3, 2016

75 Rupees not refunded despite 3-4 assurances by CSE's

My Uncle's Vodafone number (9833000580) was charged with INR 75 for some random VAS pack which was accidentally activated by Vodafone on his number. He complained about the same very next day and the customer executive accepted the glitch and assured that the debited amount shall be refunded in 24 hours. But even post 24 hours the amount was not refunded, so he called the customer care again and this time around, he received a reply from the executive that the request has been taken, but due to system downtime the amount will reflect in the account only after 30 minutes. This assurance too like earlier one proved hoax. The last correspondence he had with the CSE, assured the balance to be credited in 13 minutes. Just so you know 13 minutes have never been so much longer than 48 hours ever. Such deficiency in service that too with a customer who has been loyal association to you, isnt expected from a Telecom Giant like yours, which has been the customer's favorite for years now. Please resolve this issue at the earliest or he shall be compelled to port out.
Dec 10, 2015

Plan change not executed and billing dispute

I was about to port out all my Vodafone numbers to Aitrel with their family plan on 27th Nov however was informed by Vodafone executive Suhas via web chat that he would be offering a similar plan and offred me the Red Family plan 1999 Primary number: 9820820009 informing that all my Vodafone would be converted into 1 single plan and was informed that he would be deactivating d existing plans for all my numbers and Activating Red Family 1999 plan keeping 9820820009 as the primary number and adding my alternate numbers 9833420037, 9833871605, 9930331514 to the Red Family plan @ Rs 99 for each number. I was also provided a reference number 138420704 confirming the same

Now i get to know u have just activated Red 1999 individual plan for 1999 and not changed d plan for my other number due to which i have been received huge bill for 9930331514 and also am unnecessarily paying extra for all my numbers

If u check my bill for 9820820009 i have been charged Rs 466.44 on pro rata basis as per d red 1999 plan therefore as per d web chat conversation i should have been charged Rs 99 on pro rata basis for each of my other numbers and d red family plan benefits should be shared amongst my Vodafone numbers therefore i should have not been charged for data usage for 9930331514 and also d rental for 9833420037 should have been Rs 99 wef 27th Nov. I had also received an Sms on my number 982082009 on 27th requesting to add each of my other Vodafone number to d red family plan which i did, i had also had a web chat with an executive Radha who confirmed the plan had been changed successfully for all the numbers.

I wanted to combine all my Vodafone numbers into 1 single plan and was informed that they would be deactivating d existing plans for all my numbers and Activating Red Family 1999 plan keeping 9820820009 as the primary number and adding my alternate numbers 9833420037, 9833871605, 9930331514 to the Red Family plan @ Rs 99 for each number. Since they had changed the plan for the primary number wef 27th of Nov to 1999 they should have also changed the plan on other number to Red 99 as promised which was not done.

I want Vodafone to re-calculate the charges as per the Red 1999 plan which was promised keeping 9820820009 as the primary number and adding my alternate numbers 9833420037, 9833871605, 9930331514 to the Red Family plan @ Rs 99 for each number wef 27th Nov 2015.

Sebastian Dsouza
Jikriya Ibrahim Majgaonkar
Oct 18, 2015

metering for false isd call and disconnection of service despite of regular payment of bills

ref docket no.114762490.
dated 2/10/2015
mobile no.9820800754
Dear sir/madam,
From past 1 month the service on above said mobile no.98200800754 has been disconnected by Vodafone in spite paying the bills promptly.for last 20 years i been regular and prompt payer customer of Vodafone. but then to they disconnected my service in spite of paying my all bills and provide my bank e-statements as evidence for same to verify the customer care of Vodafone.They are just giving we false assurance they will connect it within 24 hours but in vain. 1. vodafone has metered me false international call for incoming which is already blacklisted and all call barred for international call in my handset and sim setting, thereby there is no possibility of international call.2. The above same situation of metering me false international calls has been repoted by twicely by vodafone in past 6 months. 3.Again the same situation occurred but this time they don''t reduced the charges of overrated metering international call in bill of September 2015, 4. not send bills of same, for it only sent SMS,in spite my asking several times cs Vodafone to send bill on emails. 5.later Vodafone convinced me to pay the bill first of Sep 2015 in order to resume the connection and the we settle and wave off the over metered ISD call in next billing of Vodafone. but in vain till this day they have disconnected my service in spite writing several email to nodal officer of Vodafone. I have already mention my Docket no to you for your verification. now i have no alternate then to readdress such matter to consumer forum for justice and to address the fraud such services is doing by charging international call and forcing customer to pay heavy metering charges in bills in order to incurred, or to take advantage of malicious profit of money or gain by harassing regular customers.pls help me to seek justice.
Lekhna Shetty
Apr 25, 2015

Numbers ported to Vodafone

Dear Sir/ Madam,

The time we ported to Vodafone from day one we are facing problems.

We have take a corporate plans and 4 numbers ported to Vodafone with a trust that we would receive better services but unfortunately we are getting the worse of worst services.

After almost 2 months all the numbers got into Vodafone services but again after 2 day of service all the numbers have been automatically barred (surprisingly the reason being that the documents were not submitted to Vodafone, if this was the case then how was it active for few days).

After several follow ups and re submission of documents the numbers got back into service.

Now again the second day one number again automatically got barred without any valid reason.

Now I am afraid of losing my job just because of somebody else’s fault.

It’s really surprising to know that VODAFONE is such a PATHETICE SERVICE PROVIDER

I want immediate action on this else have to forcefully opt for some other service provider.

Rashmi Shetty
+91 99202 88002
Apr 7, 2015

WOW - Worst Of Worst Services

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you all as it is a major issue with regards to the services of your company.

My name is Mihir Parmar. I am banking professional. I am from Mumbai...

Case Summary

I wanted to purchase a postpaid Vodafone number. I got a message from one of the executive name Mr. Sunil (9930373037) of Vodafone Company that if you want related number than contact us on the given number. I called this person for getting a number i.e., 9769549769..I booked this number against my name and the executive came to my office place for collecting the docs on 26th March 2015. Both committed that the Sim will be active in 2 days. After 2 days I received a verification call from your company and they committed that the number will be activated in 1 day. Total 3 days gone but there was no solution at all as on the 4th day I have to travel to Gujarat. On that day also the same story was repeated. I called Mr. Sunil more than 10 times but there was no response..I messaged him for the same. This is how the retailer or Vodafone employee or the Vodafone agency serves to their clients that too the postpaid clients.

Last Saturday i.e., on 4th April 2015, in the afternoon from Gujarat I called up Vodafone care executive for the issue and there was a person named Monika, she told that till date no details are updated in our system. I told that it's been 10 days and there is no update. Can you please help me out for the same? She told you can take out you simcard and again put it into your cell phone after 5 minutes. After putting the same, you need to select Vodafone network manually and the Sim will be active. By performing this activity there was no solution at all.

Again on Last Sunday i.e., on 5th April 2015, I called up Vodafone care in the evening at around 6.30 pm. I spoke with many people. Names are given below..

Anand (Executive telle calling department)
Amol (Ececutive Billing department)
Sohela (Executive postpaid department)
Ankit Mishra ( Executive postpaid department)
Dhaval Mehtalia (TL Postpaid department)
Shakil Ahmed (Manager Postpaid department)

I was not getting proper responses from the any of the executives so I asked them to transfer my call to senior level (I am not sure that they were at senior level or executive because the way they spoke to me was terrific). After that I had a word with Mr. Shakil (Manager), he told me that wait for just one more day sure your things will be done. He gave me an genuine commitment. I thought he is a manger and will not give false commitment so waited for one day. I don't know that being at manager level people don't know the meaning of commitment. As no status was available after that.

Yesterday i.e., on 6th April 2015, I called again Vodafone care to speak with so called Manager Mr. Shakil. One Executive named Wasim answered my call. I asked him to transfer my call to Manager Mr. Shakil Ahmed. He told we cannot transfer the call directly to the manager you need to provide the details to me. I gave him all the details but at that moment I came to know that still my details were not registered in your Vodafone system against the postpaid number (I was very much amazed with the fact that even having a word with Managers there will not be a solution. This is how Vodafone Company works.

Still there was no response from your company. I wonder as how your company works. What parameters are set to address the customer complaints if there is an issue regarding the services…?

Today is the 13th day but there is no solution for the issue. Infact again I have received the below message from one of your company's retailer. I am very much amazed with your superb services.

9769 54 9769

I am not sure whether my issue will be resolved or not. I have taken 3 numbers on my name and I am stable client of your company but now I will go for other service providers. This will not after you company but i will also populate this issue on social media networks also. What about my money i.e., 300 rupees which I have given to your agent....? Your company is using it since thirteen days. What about my documents which I have given to your company...? I don't have time to visit Vodafone store otherwise I would have shake your people over there also. As I can see that no parameters are set to resolve the query of the clients on priority and to provide the status at least to the client on daily basis. Simple as if I take 300 rupees of yours and give you some commitments but if I am not on my words till some days than what you will do? I need my money and docs back. You don't customers pain. Hats off to your company's services. I can say WOW - Worst of Worst Vodafone Services.

Enclosed is the receipt of the agency for your reference. Hope at least you people at higher level will reply me ASAP and solve the issue so that I can change the service provider for better services.

Mihir Parmar

WOW - Worst Of Worst Services

Mar 12, 2015

agents are not responding well & my prepaid connection deactivated

i had vodafone prepaid connection ,i was happy with that...but
one month before today i received a call from your agent that they are saying that they are calling from vodafon and offering me to convert it in postpaid connection,as i am a govt.employee ,they said this plan is for u,there was a plan of 299,then their agent come to me for taking document and 150 rs their charge ,they gave me new sim,then ,i have waited for one month the connection was not activated,always i called her they said document problem ,please send me on whats app,i send that passport copy what was required ,however sim was not activated,i again called and asked,they said some another reason,they said some official reason,i have wasted everytime my calling money (balance),i have recording of all that calls,
few days before today i have again received a call from an agent said i am calling from vodafon,and am coming to you for your passport copy,they said whats app print didnt not come good,i have given that again,then after 2 days some one came from vodafon for verification,i gave him what he demanded,now they said my problem with postpaid connection will resolve,
i have also so many of works apart from this sim activation,but however i have managed.
Now again the problem is my old prepaid connection sim is also become deactivated from 3 days,they didnt said this thing earlier, however i have managed to call from my another alternate number of airtel (which is in roaming),but your agents are not responding well,
As this was my only local number for office purpose and personal, i became isolated,i am not getting my all important call.
Now i decided either you resolve my issue,or i will file complain against you in court for doing fraud activity with an government official.
my details are:
Name: vishal gaurav
vodafon prepaid number: 9167294081
location : mumbai
email id: vishalgaurav4@gmail.com

alternate contact number:9560115629(delhi no.)
Feb 14, 2014

BBM Services

My name is Umesh Goel and have been using vodafone black berry services since last 1 year on 11 th feb 2014 i recharged with INR399.00 through my banking account online for renewal of my black berry services and i received a successful message from vodafone however my service weren't activated so i called the complaint number 198 to enquire about the same and they informed that i have deactivted the service by sending an SMS on 11 feb 2014 so i denied on the same because if i would have deactivated the services from my end in evening so would not have recharged for activating the service and 23:44hrs late night on the same day. i confronted on the same and agents started disconnecting my call and i was never escalated to supervisors as well and i again and again started making calls but was in vain i just want my blackberry service active as i run my small business and have to be online to interact with my international clients on BBM as well as on email i was assured on 13th of feb 2014 that my service would be active within 24 hours but still in vain
Jan 3, 2013

Pathetic customer service from contact centre

Hi All,

I am a customer to vodafone since 5 years and being paying bills of more than Rs 1000. I got a new handset and have exceeded the Internet limit and wanted to activate the data add on pack. send SMS on 31st Dec and plan was not activated so called the contact centre on 1st Jan at 10 to speak to customer care. A simply request of activating data plan took me 3 times to call leaving me with a pathetic experience.

Called the customer service and had a word with Prashant 1st call:-

Prashant was sounding sleepy and not interested. I told him about the data plan not getting activated he placed me on hold for 10 minutes and then gets back starting took the request and the service will be activated ASAP. So i asked him what does ASAP means to him then he said no estimated time. Asked him for reference number and he said that sorry couldn't take request an send SMS. Informed him that sms send 5 times on 31st and still not active. he then says nothing can be done and you need to wait, Asked him that why at the start he said that request was taken for activation and he didn't have answer so i requested to speak to supervisor as he didn't know what to do. He immediately agreed to transfer the call. he placed me on hold and after 15 minutes was transferred to prepaid department

Customer care agent from prepaid department said cannot help and will need to call back.

Was expecting supervisor and didn't get and wasted 30 minutes getting no resolution. Called back the customer care

Called the customer service and had a word with Ahmad 2nd call:-

He was rude and not interested to assist, Informed him that i wanted to speak to supervisor he was rude and stated that i need to verify the account with email address and Date of birth. I couldn't remember email address and said will verify the payment made, Plan details. But he stated that whether verifying this detail cannot transfer to supervisor. Informed him that previously called the contact centre and they agreed on other details and kindly do not make is own rule or will need to complain about the pathetic experience. Hearing this he hangs the call.

Is the customer care agent allowed to hang u[ on customers???????????????????

Called the customer service 3rd time:-
this advisor was understanding and he understood my frustration after security check he trasfered the call to supervisor Shailesh. Shailesh took the request and informed services will be activated in 4 working hours and service was expected.

Expected this request from Prashant and ahmed and not from a supervisor.

Wanting immediate actions on Ahmed and prashant and shailesh stated that action will be taken but do not know what?????

Kindly improve the customer service from Vodafone customer care
Dec 4, 2012

Unfair Deduction

Hello Shirin,

Hope we were able to help. Thanks for your time on the call.

Vodafone Customer Care, Mumbai
Dec 4, 2012

Unfair Deduction

Hello Shirin,

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Vodafone Customer Care.
Dec 3, 2012

Unfair Deduction

Dear Sir/Madam,
I had put ab 2G internet pack on my number and after which i got confirmation from the vodafone that your pack is activated and the balance available. After which within an hour they have deducted an amount of Rs.65 from my account. For the same when i contacted customer care their 1st reply was it was cause i have done some chargeble download from the internet which is untrue ans when i argued on that they told its cause i have downloaded within 4 hours f activating the internet pack.
Vodafone people need to answer where they have mentioned anywhere that the pack gets 4 hours to get activate. If its there it should inform the customer immidiatly after customer put this pack. If they dont then they are wrong on their side and they must refund customer all the money they deducted on this false ground.

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