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Vodafone India


Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone India

vijay tiwari bilaspur
Jun 1, 2016

value added service

Your phon officer not to contect me .i was trying your vodafone care number many time.my balance is dedectedby activated velu add service which is not activated by me.what can i do
Deepu cutie
May 31, 2016


Ur agent did not given any proper information n just wroke up in that place ...agent name Suresh(Vodafone showroom near mail road)..he didn't listen my words .what the wrost service it providing to people. ...
May 28, 2016


this is avinash from new Delhi. i want to register a complain about your Vodafone service. my postpaid plan no.9873019042 has wrong bill implement. the customer care's mam (megha) misbehave with me. and say that you use 3rd party application. but from my side there is not any use of this kind of service. now i just want to port this no. in another network
May 26, 2016

Vodafone Worst customer care service

Since 2014 Vodafone has been giving us a hard time. All complaints even personal visits to their Peninsula office at Mumbai has fallen on deaf ears. They have a customer don't care attitude. The senior citizens in our office have faced the worst from Vodafone. Bills not received on time, sudden disconnection of services etc. I can produce all the written complaints. When I visited Peninsula office & made a noise the security was alerted. Now my next step is to storm into the office of the Managing Director & CEO. Hoping to get an immediate response at [email protected]
May 13, 2016

Slow Internet Due bad network

I have using 2g internet and it's speed is 4 to 10 kbps.But the given by Vodafone speed is about 50kbps.and iam complaining to customer care they just block my number so can't call them.And one thing more I complained for same problem last year on12 November 2015 and Vodafone custom care said to me that it will be solved on 20februrary 2016 but it is not solved till now.I am telling they are fruad that they always say in starting in Vodafone care that 'happy to help' but it is wrong. I appeal to Vodafone to take some serious action against your custom care employees and bad service like tower problem.
sunil k kumar
May 12, 2016

Network Problem

Due to majar Network Problem,

My Name SUNIL KUMAR MY Mobile NO. -9899481918 Post Paid is majar problem of Network.

We received following Problem of this no
1. No Network Properly
2.Call Dropped
3. One way Network/False Network
4.I didn't Incoming calls and do not use Outgoing calls
5.If call connected by Incoming calls we are received any sound
6 Network Fluctuate
N Narasimha Rao
May 11, 2016

Wrong plan implemented with out consent

Dear sir,

I am enjoying your service with my no.9160112266. At the time taking this connection the plan opted was VF double value 199, on inquiry with the customer care after receiving the last month bill we under stand that the plan was changed in the month of March. We have not given any instructions to anybody asking to change our existing plan. As such, we request you to look in to the matter keep the old plan in force. In fact, I am also having the following numbers that is 93921 05232, 77992 88088 and 77992 73388. We are paying all your bills well in time and it is not out of the way to state that we will stand in credit to your account as we pay advance payments, this sort of unwanted things will disturb the relationship between us. We are happy with the interaction I had with your customer care person who attended me on 10-05-2016 evening. Convey the compliments to the person who ever it may be.
Thanking you

with regards
N.Narasimha Rao
May 9, 2016


i never subscribed the v videa video service but it gets subscribed on 28th april 2016. when i tries to uninstall it by following the instruction in the message and dialing and also tried sending "STOP" to 155223.it says that number is invalid and message is not sent .I am very much dissatisfied with this issue..i have been your loyal customer from a long time but this is forcing me to port number on some other network.
Thank You
ado ashok kumar
May 6, 2016

deduction of balance

I ADO ASHOK KUMAR completly froud deducted my balance on 5th may 2016 approx 8pm of rs 21 massege MCSECURE but i was not opted how to deducted my balance from my mob no. 9711223579
Jeevanantham Ramesh
May 4, 2016

No Network

My Mobile No is : 8144155550

My Name is J. Ramesh, I am working as Inspector of Customs and Central Excise, Pondicherry, My house is situated at B-4, Type III, Central Excise Staff Quarters, D.P. Thottam, Muthialpet, Puducherry-03. This place is heart of the City. I am the Customer of Vodafone from the year 2013 and Iam a Post Paid Customer. For past 6 months I cant make the call and receiving the call at the time when Iam in my house. I made complaint through the Vodafone shop and through customer care, upto March 28 2016 they are not respond for my complaint. On 28th March 2016 only they are taking my complaint into account. But not yet they are not rectified my problem and they disconnect my service due to non payment of bill. I paid bill properly for the previous months and Iam not paying the bill for last two months for the tune of Rs. 2,400/- Its not a big thing for my status. Why should I pay the bill without you are serving me the service properly. If you not rectify the same within a week Iam going to court for your adamant (For past six months you are not rectifying the Service adamantely) activities.
samuel prabakar
May 3, 2016

balance cutting

on 5th may i recharged 50 rs my number . 9655855617 this is my no i am not happy in ur vadafone customer care because i tried more than 50 times for ur company.but ur company told me press the 1,2,3,nos going on like this even nowitself no one responses for customers, k the problem is ur stolen my balance in my no. so i want to know the reason immeadietly.forwhat ur cutting my balance.so please kindly the problems and deactive unwanted services and messages from ur company.
Apr 24, 2016

International Outing calls barred

My complaint number is 158416026. Please check it , i had been calling since 19th April and still my problem is not resolved.
this is the pathetic service ever seen.
I had been making calls on behalf of my friend in Australia since 19th April, on an average 30 mins every day i loose with customer care service of Vodafone.
I am really feeling good that i use airtel and not bull shit promises of Vodafone.

My friend had activated 1499 international roaming which had 30mins incoming free, out of which Vodafone has already used 15 mins, but making incoming calls to him, as he is in Sydney. There team is unable to solve this issue. it says outing calls have been barred we have tried every possible Solution to this.

I can see we are being cheated by VODAFONE

Kohila Senbagam
Apr 22, 2016

you stolen my balance and internet data

My mobile number is 9585123431. I activate a 2.25 GB internet pack by recharging for an amount of Rs. 348 on last 19th April and I recharged for Rs. 255 on 4th April.
Yesterday (21.04.2016) while updating my phone I received a msg that my internet data finished and you deducted an amount of Rs. 80/- from my balance. Hence I could not complete my phone update.

So immediately I called the customer care supporter and complaint about it. They accepted it was mistake but they refused to credit the stolen balance from my phone and further they asked me to wait for another 48 hours to give datas. I really do not understand why should I wait for 48 hours to the get data when you stolen from my phone for which I already made payments. This is ridiculous.
You say in your advertisement that you are happy to help you but in reality you are stealing hard-earned money from your valuable customers.

When I take china credit for Rs. 10/- you deduct the money with the interest of Rs. 3 from my account within 48 hrs. so why do not you pay my balance of Rs. 80 and my 2.25 GB data with interest ???

I hope you took immediate action on my complaint atleast to say that you respect your customers and their money.

Hope you do not like to lose your customer.
Singh vickey
Apr 18, 2016

Offers not Available for my vodafone number 9833765680

Why doesn't any offer provided for my no. if that is applicable for all, like their are tariff plans, full talktime, etc.
It seems that you guys don't want to provide a better service to your customers.
Sumit Kashayap
Apr 13, 2016

Due to majar Network Problem,False Signal ,Incoming Outgoing calls call dropped

My Mobile -7677845897 is majar problem of Network.
We received following Problem of this no
1. No Network Properly
2.Call Dropped
3. One way Network/False Network
4.I didn't Incoming calls and do not use Outgoing calls
5.If call connected by Incoming calls we are received any sound
6 Network Fluctuate

Note- My Complaint already registered by Customer care

detais are Following:-
1.Complaint No-313031774,Date -2April 2016
Resolve Period -8/04/2016 ,04:45
2. Complaint No-313731444 , Date -5April 2016
Resolve Period -08/04/2016 ,02:51

My Alternative Mobile -09572044194
Apr 12, 2016

Signal problem

we recently switched from idea to Vodafone but the problem is, Here your signal strength inside the offices and in few areas signal is almost zero it keeps on varies always, We don't know we thought of taking many contacts in Vodafone but we regret for our decision, we have already given complaint to your local Gulbarga dealer but non have visited and checked the signal. Its up to you if signal strength enhances than we will bring many into Vodafone fold as we belong to "Art of Living" wanted to make total AOL a group here. Pl take action if not we have move back to idea.

Rajeshwar Prasad
Rajashree cement works.
Adityanagar,Malkhed road,
Gulbarga dist. 585292
Khushbu Ameta
Apr 11, 2016

Unusual waitng calls

Hello vodafone
what the hell is going with your network..if someone trying to call me they gt waiting call automatically..i wanna know..this is a usual problem or i m only..who down with is problem
Apr 11, 2016

payment receipt not received

I have made the payment on of Rs 2159.33 on 25 Mar 16. I have not received payment receipt neither email nor physical receipt. There is very poor response from vodafone.
akshay vaidmutha
Apr 10, 2016

recharge problem

On 10 th april, I have paid rs 35 for online recharge of Vodafone number 8094450560 .the same has been deducted from my account no ################ but did not get recharge .on 11 the April I get online recharge of rs 70 from same account with same number ,the same I received. Kindly request to recharge 8094450560 with rs 35.
pradeep sharmayug
Apr 8, 2016

unwanted deduction

Vodafone deducted Rs 50 without any reason 02 times i.e in the month of Mar and Apr 2016. vodafone costumer care did not gave any satisfactory reply about the query. i have not activated any services, vodafone automatically activated any service about which i don,t have any idea.i want vodafone to deactivate the services and refund my balance, or else i will change the service provider other than vodafone, and let my friends to do so.

Pradeep Sharma - 9052276462
Neeti Nangia
Apr 1, 2016

complaint for Excess bill has been generated no-9654999019

This is with reference to complaint for Excess bill has been generated no-9654999019, on our request internet was activated on dated 27/2/2016 on number 9654999019 (plan of 500MB),after activation within two days 500MB consumed and bill generated for amounted Rs 1417,You are requested to give us the detail of bill ,where 500MB has been used, Request you give us detail of bill as soon as possible and waive off the excess amount which has been generated.
vicky shah 1
Mar 31, 2016

unwanted reduction

the vodafone company diduct my 28 rupees without any imformation and without any resion . last date 23/03/2016 ,time 9 .10pm they diduct 14 rupees and yesterday 31/03/2016,time 8.10pm they diduct also 14 rupees .i am trying to call but they don't recieve my call and they don't responce my call. sir i am very tense . sir please pay attention my problem and retune my balance. my mobile number is -9643513346 and my email id is - [email protected] Thanking you
Mar 29, 2016

Vodafone Mobile Service

Warm Greetings of the Day

This is Tarun.Vora from Bangalore.
I got to know about your esteem website & the help rendered to any the Consumer related to telecommunication issue.
As I have do not wish to waste your valuable time, addressing the problem am going through in the shortest way possible.

Kindly spare a Minute )Especailly all VodaFone Postpiad USer"s

If every Indian comes Forward & Address their Problem then , I assure know International,Multinational or a National Company take us for granted.

We keep quiet & let go the mater at times People that is above middle class are not bothered do not even check their Bill the other Side the Lower middle class Force fully Pay up cause they are Bullied by the company that is we will take a legal action etc etc

Vijay Mallya IS one of recent Example..Down the Line Whose Money is that its our"s The Various TAX we pay

Have 3 Post Paid Mobile connections of Vodafone

8088694883,9341665386 Post Paid Till Day NO outstanding have 2015.

Started facing network issue,& No Signal ssue. For the new connection that is 8884111649.Bought During the same periosd July 15th
Since September when I got to know about the issue from my Vendors & Clients that is "Why is it I keep my Mobile switced off"" immediately took the necessary steps by addressing the issue to the following..Calling the Customer care (32 Calls ) , mailed the Customer Care,Nodal, Appellate (12 mails) .

Despite the Network issue (Since July 2015 ) have been Paying the Bills for 2 .numbers cause they get a manageable r Signal that is Average Compared to the new connection

The 3rd number (8884111649) Nov 2015 Bill was intentionally not paid cause was under an impression that they will look into the matter seriously but I regret to Convey No.NO.

Last month a Feb 22nd Technical person from Vodafone did atlast come home (Vodafone Survey team) & cross verified every nook & corner of my residence & concluded what
I had been addressing since past 6 months was true & conveyed the same to his Related Department & assured me that this problem will be solved in 2 weeks , its more than
4 weeks the problem still persists for the 2 number (No Due"s).For which I am still paying the bill cause running a Organization

Instead of Looking into the matter,they Suspended the Service in Feb 2016 without any prior notice but, have been billing till day & now it has escalated to RS 1700 (Nov was 701.28) from past 3 days are chasing me for the payment , 3 days back received a Legal Notice either I pay up & face the matter legally see them at the civil court (Have not received any letter from the court)

I have all the Evidence"s (Call recordings, email copies) the networks Problem was not in a particular Location or a Area But across the City of Bangalore & Chennai , gone through enough depression, agony , lost Time & Money which at the moment can be evaluated in Terms of Compensation . Cause My 2 Decade"s old the customers when did call out of 10 times 8 times they use to hear a message " This number is Switched Off" & I had to cut a sorry figure ,nobody was ready to believe was facing network issue since 4 months (Oct When I held the Due for the new connection 8884111649).
Dhanraj kumawat
Mar 29, 2016

Not get balance of 50

not get balance of 50
sir on 28 march 2016 I recharge with 50 but not get amount in my no is 7737440425.please solve my problem
Mar 28, 2016

Not receiving postpaid bills.


My mobile number is 9156674159. I am not getting any bill by email or hard copy due to that I am unable to pay bill.
Currently outgoing calls are restricted on this number. Please send me the bill on email id "[email protected]" and for now start my outgoing calls. I will pay the bill within this week.


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