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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Shrikant Athavale
Nov 7, 2017

false charge and regular deduction of moey

I have been using Vodafone mobile number for over 4 years now. In the recent times, they are regularly deducting money from my account, saying i am using mobile data. Let me bring this forward, I have wifii connection with a speed of 50mbps in my house and in my office, I use Jio for mobile data and that is in my Iphone. I use MI phone for vodafone, and the mobile data in the MI is turned off and there is not point i would use data on vodafone as i have access to other options of internet. Vodafone has already deducted more than 300 rupees, when i called the customer care they say my mobile data is on, I dont understand why vodafone is using such a cheap trick? They are thieves and deserve to be punished. I want to sue this company in the court, can I get any help on this forum?
Thank you.
Oct 29, 2017

Ill Mannered staff

i went 2 days back to Bodafone store to reactivate one of my number in name of Mrs.Ranjana chatterjee my number is 9764834968 which is not in use fo a long preiod due to over rush waited for a long when my turn came your staff of store not ready to reply my questions straight away they said need to take new sim card not even check the number at their system properly then i connect to call center they replied number is active &only to insert at phone what i did it and my sim is restarted .

Same way they can do at store but instead of that they are misguiding me either they had lack of knowledge of do not want to do
job also not to know how to speak .They do not had an adequate idea and not properly trained .

Before open a store need to train your staff or close down this kind of store.
Oct 24, 2017

overcharged bill and harassment by Vodafone

overcharged bill and harassment
I have been using vodafone since 9 years or more than that. But the response I get is terrible. I have visited customer care many times regarding the bill and the plan but Vodafone never solved it.
I again got an overcharged bill and my plan has not been updated. So I stopped using vodafone and got another number from different network.

I stopped taking calls but now vodafone is harassing my father everyday. I can pay the bill but not the amount which vodafone sent me. and if vodafone would not stop harassing my father by calling him everyday. I will take this further and sue the company.
Oct 23, 2017


On 9/21/2017 7:25 PM; From: rahul.doctor@gmail.com; To: vodafonecare.mum@vodafone.com; ; ?CC: ; Subject: Re: [IMPORTANT]: Your Vodafone E-Bill for Mobile:98XXXXXX97 (Account No:101420311) for the Month of September'2017;
Dear sir ,

I was not in Slovenia so there is some major error in your billing . Further I had  roaming packs activated in all other locations

Kindly look into the  same failing which I shall have to resort to. A copy to consumer guidance bureau

Further with a credit limit of rs 10000 your sytem should have generated an immediate alert when I was abroad which did not occur

Kindly send me a copy of the entire bill in  detail or terminate my connection as you'll are overestimating the billing

Thanking you in disgust

Dr Rahul Doctor
Oct 10, 2017


Network of Vodafone has gone bad, it is horrible can not connect to anyone in Mumbai location.
Spoke to Vodafone care lodged a complain no response on the same
Sep 22, 2017

outgoing messages barred,error10

my sim is of uttar pradesh and i live in pune, Maharashtra.
i am not able to send message to any number from my mobile.
checked sim in other phone also still facing the same issue.
vodafone store is also not doing anything kindly look into it
mobile no. 8960955479
Biplab Dutta
Sep 21, 2017

mental Harresment, Sharing Private details of customer, breach of privacy,

Vodafone is harassing with continuous call, i have asked for disconnection of my 7 numbers with Vodafone however there is no help.

They are sharing my private details with my wife and they are calling her and harassing her. they have shared telephone bills of different customer to me and they kept on doing that even after me visiting their store 5 different times for the same reason.

The dont share their nodal officer details, there is number provided where you can directly call and speak with them.
Sep 15, 2017

Recharge no not clear

Please help me my voucher no is not clear . My serial no is 14081790523943
Ashok Ganager
Sep 13, 2017

Without consent VAS started thus need corrcted bill

I am using the Vodafone Corporate – MSEDCL Sim Card Service in spite instructing not to activate any thing with out my written request. Unnecessarily the charges of the same are levied on me in the current bill. Vodafone No : 9930821028 – Ashok Gurulinga Ganager Alternate No. 9819778811

Therefore I am once again requesting you, activate the vas Blacklist service & D2 Service. Send me the corrected bill then only I’ll pay the bill, failing to do so, you are compiling me switch from to other.
It is also brought to your notice that earlier also the same instructions are already given but the same is repeated once again, Kindly look into this matter personally and give us the positive reply.

You are further requested that I don't want any VAS , without my written request if anything activated I will not bare the charges of the same . In the above issued please send me the written reply.


Ashok Gurulinga Ganager Parvati
Manager (HR), MSEDCL
M- 9323401028 or 9819778811
Abhay Mehta
Sep 8, 2017

Service provide to 2 persons on 1 no.

Vodafone co. Provided services to 2 persons for 1 no. And because of that I am losing my mobile number which I am using it from last 10-12 years.
It's been 18 days and didn't resume my service only because their mistakes.
I was using RCOM Mumbai circles and went ported out to Vodafone
Now they (Vodafone) co. Said that my no. Is already in use from Dec 2016
No one replied even from appellate, in gallery they said it will done only by upper authority
How can 2 co.s provide services for 1 no. To 2 different people??
Pritam D.
Aug 23, 2017

Deduction from mobile balance the service which I never Activated

Hungama Video Alert & Cellca Video Content pack are eating my balance every week. I Never activated them. But still they have been eating my money from long back & in total its (35+49) rupees.

Vodafone Money Eaters. I want my all money back.
Chetan chaudhari
Aug 22, 2017

Wrong billing issue !!!

Hi Team,

I am using VG_MU_MV_CAPGEMINI_325_ NEW plan as shown in attachments. For this month, I have used 950MB out of 1000MB.
But in unbilled amount section it is showing that, I have used more internet data which is wrong and I am not suppose to pay that bill.
Can you help me out from this confusion ASAP.

AS this is 4th time I am sending mail regarding the same issue.
1. Sat 7/29/2017 10:44 AM
2. Mon 7/31/2017 11:17 AM
3. Thu 8/17/2017 5:57 PM > They said that "Thank you for your e-mail dated 17/08/2017, regarding bill clarification for your Vodafone mobile number 9923944689.
We tried to get in touch with you today at 12:03PM,12:45PM and 01:22PM on your Vodafone Mobile number 9923944689 but were unable to do so"" > is it the solution Vodafone provide to the users.

Then you created 2 indents/ Ticket/ service registration no.

1. 345339138 : Expected that it will be solved within 10th Aug. > No Solution.
2. 345661020 : Expected that it will be solved within 12th Aug. > No Solution.

My Last billing date is 25th Aug. 2017, so bedsore that can I expect solution from Vodafone Company.

Kind Regards,
Chetan Chaudhari
chetan.chaudhari@capgemini.com | chetan.chaudhari@sogeti.com
SR. Software Engineer / ♠ SOGETI / INDIA (Mumbai)
Contact #:- Mob : +91 9923944689

 Switch off as you go |Recycle always |  Print only if absolutely necessary

From: corporate.assist@vodafone.com [mailto:corporate.assist@vodafone.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2017 1:26 PM
To: Chaudhari, Chetan
Subject: Wrong billing issue !!!

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your e-mail dated 17/08/2017, regarding bill clarification for your Vodafone mobile number 9923944689.
We tried to get in touch with you today at 12:03PM,12:45PM and 01:22PM on your Vodafone Mobile number 9923944689 but were unable to do so

With regard to your concern, we wish to inform that the bill date of the mentioned Vodafone number is 25 of every month. So bill for the period 25.07.17 to 24.08.17 is yet to be generated.

We would request you to kindly await the bill to be generated so that once the same is generated in case there is some doubts we shall check the same.

Please note your interaction number 197866838 for your future correspondence

In case you need further assistance, please do call or e-mail us. We will do our best to help you.

Happy to help,

Vodafone Corporate Relations

Contact numbers:
For any queries call 199 (chargeable for agent access @ 50p/3min) or +91-9820098200 (standard calling charges applicable)
For any complaints call 198 toll free helpline.
E-mail: corporate.assist@vodafone.com
Website: www.vodafone.in

On 8/17/2017 5:59 PM; From: chetan.chaudhari@capgemini.com; To: corporate.assist@vodafone.com; ; ?CC: chetan.chaudhari@capgemini.com; ; Subject: Wrong billing issue !!!;
Hi Team,

I am using VG_MU_MV_CAPGEMINI_325_NEW plan as shown in attachments. For this month, I have used 950MB out of 1000MB.
But in unbilled amount section it is showing that, I have used more internet data which is wrong and I am not suppose to pay that bill.
Can you help me out from this confusion ASAP.

Also I want to change my plan to 349.
Can you help me ?

Kind Regards,
Chetan Chaudhari
chetan.chaudhari@capgemini.com | chetan.chaudhari@sogeti.com
SR. Software Engineer / ¿ SOGETI/ INDIA (Mumbai)
Contact #:- Mob : +91 9923944689
Switch off as you go|Recycle always|Print only if absolutely necessary

This message contains information that may be privileged or confidential and is the property of the Capgemini Group. It is intended only for the person to whom it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient, you are not authorized to read, print, retain, copy, disseminate, distribute, or use this message or any part thereof. If you receive this message in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete all copies of this message.

Wrong billing issue !!! Wrong billing issue !!! Wrong billing issue !!! Wrong billing issue !!! Wrong billing issue !!! Wrong billing issue !!! Wrong billing issue !!! Wrong billing issue !!!

Aug 15, 2017


I was never activate the chota credit offer then also aromatically u fool Vodafone people activate the kind of so many stupid offers and no reason you people deducting my balance I don't know why u people doing this
This is really worst experience with Vodafone
And you can't take my calls means I can't able to reach the costumer care why I don't know
Vodafone you really cheating and harashing me
Aug 10, 2017

not allowing my existing prepaid number to be linked with adhar

Jul 30, 2017


so i opted for the plan of 499 with 10gb data and unlimited calling. only to know that i was misguided by an executive and sold the wrong plan. also vodafone charged me 900 RS for downloading. And in i phone you cant download anything than how can they charge you for downloading.
shamal chavan
Jul 25, 2017

deduction of money

Hello! Mobile Apps Club pack is now active on your number, as requested.This service is valid till 25-07-2017 and a 1 days rental of Rs.5 has been deducted.Your current Balance post service activation is Rs.2.46.To deactivate SMS STOP to or call 155223(toll free).
Your subscription for Mobile Apps Club pack has been renewed and Rs 5 has been deducted.The service will get renewed on 26-07-2017.To deactivate SMS STOP to or call 155223(toll free).To download CallerTune App click hyperurl.co/v
though I have not subscribe any pack as ' mobile apps club ' . Please stop sending such message on my number and stop money deduction from my account.
Jul 15, 2017

Balance reduction

Activated mobile service without my permission I have lost 200 ruppes and my balance have reached to a low amount and still when I recharge my phone they start New services and cut the amount from my balance .I want my money back or you will be loosing a customer pls you have to take action against it otherwise sorry to tell you I have to approach consumer court
Jul 1, 2017

Bill generated even after number getting disconnected


This is regarding my Vodafone number 7033416195 which I used to have around 3-4 month back. Due to excess VAS and unauthorized service pack activation, I asked for disconnecting my Vodafone number which they confirmed on call. From the last 1 week, I have been receiving several calls from Vodafone asking to pay bill of 1300. Do you people think of us as fools? I am not going to pay a single penny as I have already paid for the entire service I used of your company.
Now it is a sheer lack at your end and you can't ask the customer to fill up for your lack at work. Try to hire some professionals who know how to work.
You people have given me connection through call , so now you have to disconnect it through call only. I am not going to visit any Vodafone store. You better stop harassing me or I will have to Lodge a complaint of mental harassment against you.
Check at your end and plug your internal gaps before starting a company.
Abhishek Deshmukh
Jun 24, 2017

Poor Network and lying customer care service

Extremely poor Network quality!
unnecessary balence deductions!
When you complain to them about their service, all i get is automated email!
I think Vodafone is third class company, please if possible Don't let them ruin our life with false promises and take action against them . Thank you
Jun 10, 2017

Automatic scheme activation by vodafone charging money from my prepaid account wiyhout my permission

I have been using vodafone for long time. I had no problems before. But since last few months, Vodafone is activating unnecesary scheme from my prepaid account 8007834020 charging balance without my permission. I did not ask for those scheme. Just 10 min back they activated unlimited at 30 charging 5 rs, which will be autorenewd tomorrow. This is not the first time they did something like this. I have been charged 99rs, 75rs etc for many unnecessry schemes before. They do not refund money even after cancelling them. They just cancel the scheme so that they can activate some other!! Plz do something🙏🙏🙏. Thank you!!!
-one frustated vodafone customer
Ishant Tale
Jun 9, 2017

bluffing in billing payment fromvodafone representative

Dear Sir,
I am corporate customer of Vodafone from last 7 years for number 9820301457.On date 24th April &25th April 2017, I had received call from 022-40392612 which was your Vodafone bill collection representative for payment of pending bill of Rs 1092/- for my mobile number 9810543816. After rigorous discussion with them, it was asked to me to pay Rs 600/- and told that your balanced amount will be reversed.But,it couldn't happened.Now,I am not getting mail from your regarding payment of balanced amount.
Please look into the matter and rectify the same.

Thanks & Regards,

Ishant Tale
Larsen & Toubro Ltd
May 29, 2017

Poor signal infirior service

Dear Sir/ Madam,

There is no network in our society, I have been requesting Vodafone team since Januray 2017 and launched many complaints but am not getting any satisfactory solutions.

This is despite the fact that one of my number is a corporate number and other number is also a vodafone number facing lot of issues due to this and they are billing on top ofit without fixing the problem.

May 23, 2017

mnp no 1900 blocked

my cell 9373121374 Vodafone is blocking SMSes to 1900. Whenever one tries to send 'PORT' to 1900, an error message is received "Unable To Send SMS" or "Message Sending Failed". This is being done to prevent the customers from porting out of Vodafone. You will be able to send SMS to all other nos but 1900
May 18, 2017

Vodafone portability fake

I was an airtel user. I decided to change my service provider and shift to Vodafone. Vodafone offered me 21gb data and unlimited calling for 399.
The porting process took 14 days. Once ported. I have not received any data except 1 gb and free calling. The remaining data as promised was a scam to get me into Vodafone. Can somebody help..
May 14, 2017



This is to inform you that myself Kapil Shukla and my no: 9167263094 been regular customer of yours cellular network,hereby complaining regarding unwanted deduction of my account balance of approximately of 50 rs. please follow up my complain as your customer care executive is not supportive as per my expectation. please sir grant my request from your end to return my deducted amount.
Hoping to get proper satisfactory feedback from your end by tomorrow.
Thank You

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