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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Abhishek Deshmukh
Jun 24, 2017

Poor Network and lying customer care service

Extremely poor Network quality!
unnecessary balence deductions!
When you complain to them about their service, all i get is automated email!
I think Vodafone is third class company, please if possible Don't let them ruin our life with false promises and take action against them . Thank you
Jun 10, 2017

Automatic scheme activation by vodafone charging money from my prepaid account wiyhout my permission

I have been using vodafone for long time. I had no problems before. But since last few months, Vodafone is activating unnecesary scheme from my prepaid account 8007834020 charging balance without my permission. I did not ask for those scheme. Just 10 min back they activated unlimited at 30 charging 5 rs, which will be autorenewd tomorrow. This is not the first time they did something like this. I have been charged 99rs, 75rs etc for many unnecessry schemes before. They do not refund money even after cancelling them. They just cancel the scheme so that they can activate some other!! Plz do something🙏🙏🙏. Thank you!!!
-one frustated vodafone customer
Ishant Tale
Jun 9, 2017

bluffing in billing payment fromvodafone representative

Dear Sir,
I am corporate customer of Vodafone from last 7 years for number 9820301457.On date 24th April &25th April 2017, I had received call from 022-40392612 which was your Vodafone bill collection representative for payment of pending bill of Rs 1092/- for my mobile number 9810543816. After rigorous discussion with them, it was asked to me to pay Rs 600/- and told that your balanced amount will be reversed.But,it couldn't happened.Now,I am not getting mail from your regarding payment of balanced amount.
Please look into the matter and rectify the same.

Thanks & Regards,

Ishant Tale
Larsen & Toubro Ltd
May 29, 2017

Poor signal infirior service

Dear Sir/ Madam,

There is no network in our society, I have been requesting Vodafone team since Januray 2017 and launched many complaints but am not getting any satisfactory solutions.

This is despite the fact that one of my number is a corporate number and other number is also a vodafone number facing lot of issues due to this and they are billing on top ofit without fixing the problem.

May 23, 2017

mnp no 1900 blocked

my cell 9373121374 Vodafone is blocking SMSes to 1900. Whenever one tries to send 'PORT' to 1900, an error message is received "Unable To Send SMS" or "Message Sending Failed". This is being done to prevent the customers from porting out of Vodafone. You will be able to send SMS to all other nos but 1900
May 18, 2017

Vodafone portability fake

I was an airtel user. I decided to change my service provider and shift to Vodafone. Vodafone offered me 21gb data and unlimited calling for 399.
The porting process took 14 days. Once ported. I have not received any data except 1 gb and free calling. The remaining data as promised was a scam to get me into Vodafone. Can somebody help..
May 14, 2017



This is to inform you that myself Kapil Shukla and my no: 9167263094 been regular customer of yours cellular network,hereby complaining regarding unwanted deduction of my account balance of approximately of 50 rs. please follow up my complain as your customer care executive is not supportive as per my expectation. please sir grant my request from your end to return my deducted amount.
Hoping to get proper satisfactory feedback from your end by tomorrow.
Thank You
swapnil deotale
May 4, 2017

Vodafone activating all the VAS without my consent

9158833945 Vodafone is activating all these Value added services daily on my prepaid sim card. They do this until they make sure that my main balance becomes zero. This is a clear loot and robbery from consumers. Please look into this matter and reverse all the transactions or I am planning to launch a social media campaign with all the proofs and am willing to go to the extremities like Consumer Forum and TRAI.

Vodafone activating all the VAS without my consent

Subhankar Sengupta
Apr 29, 2017

Activation of VAS services

My wife(Sharbari Ray)no is 9673357799.Its on Rs 999 plan(postpaid).She has been charged Rs 6000 for VAS services.When we called Vodafone customer care centre they said you have been charged for that.When we said to adjusth the bill they said we can't do that.Moreover they have disconected my incomimg and outgoing till you pay Rs 6000..
Apr 21, 2017

Number disconnected without information

Hi Team,

I have been using Vodafone number 8550921210 since March 2013. Initially the number was a post paid number which in transferred to pre paid in May2015 as I was to travel abroad for my project. I have always kept my number on and all my bank OTP were registered on this number. Since past 20 days , I am not getting any network on my number, When inquired from the customer care, I was informed the number do is not in my name. Without any communication about the same , my number was issued to another person. And since, I am at abroad, I am unable to perform any internet transactions from banks.

This is a serious concern, as I understand ,my bank OTP is going to an unknown person.

Request your intervention in the same.

Thanks and Regards
Mayank Sharma
Sam marne
Apr 15, 2017

I want 352 offer

I am an old customer of vodafone. . Vodafone had recently launched their 352 unlimited offer for customers... i am interested in this offer.. i didn't get any sms related that offer. So i called to customer care but they told me that u can't get this offer.. i want this offer.. so please do further..
My vodafone number is 9823915614
I want this offer otherwise i hava to take decision.
Mar 16, 2017

Vodafone wrong and misleading bills

my monthly plan is Enterprise special 199 +MI3G2GB Rs. 350 = Total amount 549 and Vodafone shown monthly charges Rs. 675 is totally wrong and misleading. from March 2015 vodafone taken extra money from me. After various follow up till date vodafone not correct the same. Vodafone not following business ethic and doing the malpractice. Vodafone every mail given different explanation about the wrong bill it is self explanatory and proven that Vodafone doing malpractice. Vodafone nodel office also supporting vodafone malpractice.
Mar 13, 2017

Data plan was active and charged even when my data service was deactivated

I am using Vodafone services. I have activated a 1 GB plan which costs me 250. Later I deactivated Data services which restrict data connections. That means I can't connect to the Internet. But My data services plan was still kept on active. So eventually it means I have been charged for the service That I can't use. I called up Vodafone and they said one has to cancel the service by themself. But it is a clear loot as data service is deactivated by Vodafone on my request how can they charge me for the data plan.
Mar 2, 2017

Tube world pack

Today Rs.35 were deducted from my account for some useless tube world pack that i never subscribed to, what the hell is going on? Why am i losing my precious money for your benefit?
Feb 28, 2017

Bill plan not given as per commitment after porting

vodafone committed me to give Rs. 299 per month plan in which unlimited calls, 6 gb data, roaming free, 100 sms per day .. these are free and included in this 299 plan..
Because I ported out from airtel to vodafone... And in airtel I was having this plan in Rs.349 per month, but after porting vodafone forged and decieved me by giving rs.499 plan..
Vodafone always mishandles its customer, always misinforms them, and then charge them extra money.
My number 9920890778
Shravan Vijay Singh
Feb 23, 2017

Unwanted subscription

I have Vodafone's postpaid number
Every month their are some unwanted service added to my phone and Money is deducted....
Now its VDS Annentstore..... which has deducted 35rs ...Plz have a look towards this issue ASAP.... next time it happens i am gonna Port my Number into some other Company...... hope i dont get that 35rs added to my bill next months...
Feb 17, 2017

Post-Paid to Pre-Paid

HI Sir, I have been a Vodafone customer since last 03 Yeasr, but its services are very bad as compared to other network.I have submitted an apllicationfor chnaging from Post-apaid to Pre-paid at Vodafone MInistore, he charge some extra amount too, but till now the pre-paiid has not been done.

Very abnoram high billing are coming in Post-paid plan as they activate any plan with your approval
Feb 16, 2017

no recharge


My Vodafone number is 8879804389.On 16-February-2017 i did recharge my number from Bank of Baroda for Rs 200/-.
The amount has been debited from the bank with Payment Transaction Number HBD35121909253 pay but no amount was added to my balance with Vodafone.

Please verify the same and you can contact me on my mobile Number.

Ghadyali Nadeem
Feb 13, 2017

Increasing Credit limit without consent

Vodafone unilaterally increases the credit limit without taking the customers approval. Time and again I have told them that I don't want my limit to be increase from 500/= but they go on to increase the limit to 1300/= so that they can inflate my bill amount. I have WiFi installed at my home and the home phone does not goes outside. We only use the WiFi data never the mobile data still they charged me 650 for using 190 MB data.On one hand they are offering existing and new customer 2 GB free data on 4g sim for me I am there milking cow. Quite recently I thought maybe accidentally the data might be started by my kids however recently I saw a spate of messages coming to my registered email that Data is being used on my mobile however the mobile was not even being used for calls I was wondering how they were charging me for data when i net is not being used at all.

Jai ho Vodafone! the customer complaint center never picks the phone when they pick they hang on you if the talk they put you on hold for hours and finally if ever they come back, they don't have a resolution and offer call back which never comes and if ever they call they hang after giving a miss call followed by a message that " we happened to call you and you didn't respond " over and out start all over again LOL.
Feb 6, 2017

I am getting continuously call from this number and they are talking in bad languge with me

Dear sir,
I am continuously getting a call from this number 9619492952 and the person is giving bad words and speaking in bad languge this is my sis number so kindly do it as soon as possible.
Jan 30, 2017

Unauthorized service pack activated


2. Juiceup pack activated on 12 Jan 17 for RS. 35 weekly

3. Juiceup renewed with charges RS. 35.00 on 16 Jan 17

4. Icandy TV service activated RS. 75.00 asking enter the one time password.17 Jan 17

5. Juiceup renewed with charges RS. 35.00 on 19 Jan 17

6. Icandy TV service renewed RS. 75.00 20 Jan 2017

Ravi Gupta
Jan 26, 2017

Fake from +92

I got a call from +92 from Pakistan and he said that u have won a 15 lac from urs company and he take our account number and then he told to call tomorrow at 9 morning after he told to pay the tax of 12500 to take 15 lac we didn't transfer that amount . Because of brother he know that all this is fake so beware .
Jan 26, 2017

fake commitment

I have called 9 Jan 2017 to Vodafone CC. and tell them thatch i have received extra 200rs on bill which internet usages. so they told me you have only 2GB data monthly. and ;ast month bill cycel data is exceed that’s the reason we have charge you 200. so i have told Vodafone CC that port time your CC tell mi that ill get 3gb 4g data every month and i have confimr same 3,4 time before entre Vodafone. now you tell me another thing how is possible. so im tell that CC persons i dont want your services please disconnect my number and giver my security deposit back. so that time CC persons tell me will remove 200 rs from latest bill sir. after that im said okay remaining amount I’ll pay. and after that i have paid all remaining amount.
after 2 weeks Vodafone sending msg that i have pay 200 rs which is renaming my last mail. so i have call CC and tell him all story but they just neglect this thing and tell mi we haven't comments you such thing i have gave case id also but told me this is not as you tell me it’s just for your plan information.

I facing every month issue from Vodafone its such fake company,
I need solve this issue ASAP.

Sameer M
Jan 24, 2017

Activation/deactivation of services


My phone number is 9769684550
I am using your service since years. I had one more number 9167911951 which you can check how much I have used. I have been calling customer care and telling them to discontinue this number as I am not using it anymore but they say I should go to Vodafone store which I will not as I don't have so much of time and in Vodafone store it takes hours to get anything done. I have asked repeatedly to discontinue that number but as u failed to do it I stopped paying unnecessary bills coz I can't waste my hard earned money on this. But u keep on charging as you people are here only to earn.
And today you stopped my outgoing calls of other number 9769684550 whose all the bills I have been paying regularly. First of all you have no right to stop my outgoing calls of this number as I have paying all its bills on time. It's my business number and you can't do that.. If you want me to pay the bill of other number you should send your executive and get a letter signed of discontinuation of number. I won't go to Vodafone store. And if my number doesn't starts in next 24 hours I am going to lodge a complaint against you. And I will discontinue all my relationships of corporate numbers and family numbers from Vodafone. Which is around 60 numbers.
You people are making me sick. I want a immediate action taken against it. Or you will face the consequences.

This is really irritating and disgusting from your side. As i have asked to start my outgoing calls on my number and then take payment. I wont pay anything unless my number starts. Also i will pay the bill only when you discontinue that number. Your executives don't know how to talk to a customer. Even i am in service industry. They are threatening me that they will stop my incoming calls also. I am Totally done with you people.

Vibha Gupta
Ruchita Chougule
Jan 23, 2017

Dotbot services

Refund my amount
Vodafone is debiting my money from my main balance....by activating DOTBOT ,VVidia ,etc without my permission.... Vodafone needs to refund my money.... I did not expect from Vodafone like this stupid wrk... Vodafone no 7507642223

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