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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Oct 25, 2018

Billed 1.6L on IR, though usage was recorded real-time

I traveled Mauritius with my family in Aug 2018. My kid (2 yrs), being a mobile geek, took my cell online and browsed YouTube. I do not deny this fact till now that there was usage done.

Series of incidents happened:

1. Prior leaving India, I activated an IR Pack, which states, Incoming SMS/OTP's will not be charged.

2. Since my kid was unattended for a while, she was browsing online. At the event of usage by my Kid, SMS Alerts on real-time basis were being recorded in VodaFone system, which were never delivered till date about my Data usage.

3. Though SMS alerts were recorded, the system acting like a dumb machine, apart from recording SMS, did not stop my usage since I exceeded my credit limit on the first message itself.

4. Vodafone was so generous enough to keep recording internal SMS's as a proof and increased my credit limit to 1.6L i.e. One Lakh Sixty Thousand..

5. I have an email from Vodafone stating my outgoing was "restricted" at 97 MB and another stating I have used 227 MB.. No one from Vodafone is able to explain me How 2 contradictory statements can be made?

6. Appellate & Nodal Authorities are so generous enough to help me with standard disclaimers, however not willing to agree that since the usage was recorded real-time, this should have not happened at the first place. I am trying to get answers from Aug till date, but none are able to help me with the same.

7. Thanks to Vodafone's Dynamic Credit Rating Scale, my credit ratings are up from 3000 to 1.6L, in 15 mins, without a written/verbal consent of my.

Case History: SR #235049820
Oct 16, 2018

Vodafone trying to cheat

Hi All,

Vodafone is trying to harass me by dialing unnecessarily n number of rude calls to my number.
Suddenly they have issued 2 bills for my numbers for month of Aug in October.
At that time I wanted to leave Vodafone because the pathetic network and plans that they are offering however, they didn't allow me to leave by giving an assurity that a situation like that won't take place again.

I have already mailed the CEO of Vodafone on Sunday however, I haven't heard anything from him yet.

So I understand that the complete chain of people from top to end don't care about their CUSTOMERS.

I want this to be taken care off immediately.
Aug 23, 2018

International Roaming Refund pending from 4 months

We have a corporate account with Vodafone in office. Facing international roaming refund issue pending from last 4 months of our National Manager. Follow ups , calls, reminders, visits, nothing is working. If this continues we will be changing all bulk numbers to other service.
Contact - 74000 61565 - Viren sir.
Aug 22, 2018

Port out denied

My port out no 9167610001 is denied as outstanding balance
I put a sms for porting out from Vodafone on 23rd July 2018.i got multiple calls from Vodafone retention team to offer plans and not to port out,my reason for out from Vodafone is that there is no range in my area and even after repeated mails to corporate.assist@vodafone.com there was no resolution
I have been using this no for more than 12 years now.but due to range issue u decided to port to jio
My request was rejected by Vodafone obana basis of bill not raised and payment due,when I called them they told me to wait for the bill to be generated and make payment,which I did the very next day and send a sms to port out again on 13th Aug the call center agent asked me to make an advance payment of RS 100 which I readily did and waited for 7 days as requested.
On 22nd I called the IVR 198 to o chk my port out status which says request rejected due to non payment.

I called them again only to get assurance by the call center agent that I will get a callback.

I need to take Vodafone to task and planning for an legal actions

Pls help and advice.
Aug 16, 2018

why do vodafone store customer to go for prepiad plans

greeting of the day

dear sir/madam

This is to bring to your notice my cell phone 9967351422 has been closed
I had visit vodafone showroom at churchgate and they insist that i go in for a postpaid plans.my choice is pri-paid plan
why does vodafone force customer to forcibly go for post-paid plans please see to the matter and do the needfull .

thinking you
Jun 14, 2018

Pathetic Service

Vodafone calling itself as the best provided, it has extremely downgraded and pathetic service!! The calls don't connect until more than 3-5 tries! the data is always on H, even though we pay for 4G. Data connection, phone connection.. everything is below average!

Jun 2, 2018

Abusive marketing calls on DND number

I use to be an Airtel customer and ported my number to Vodafone. Because of their ridiculous service and unethical billing, I switched back to Airtel. And after that my life biggest misery started. I get around 10 calls from Vodafone every single day leaving Sundays to port in my number back to Vodafone. I have registered with Airtel as DND but these calls doesn't stop. I have started blocking these numbers patiently but I keep getting calls from different offices of "Vodafone". It's harrowing because at times I with my mom in the hospital I get these calls. And shit hit the ceiling when these calls started getting abusive when I said I was not interested and it was a DND number. I m felt with only one option now to put a police complaint. It is mentally harassing. There has to some discipline and culture they should follow even if it's for sales. Only coz it's a woman that they are talking to they can't just start being abusive.
Sangeeta Prajapati
Number - 9987367670
May 13, 2018

Invalid deduction of balance

Recently, I went on an international trip. I had kept my phone 9870459651 on flight mode throughout the trip, so that my phone remains out of international roaming.

However, Vodafone has deducted Rs.99 from my balance despite the fact that my phone was out of network for the entire duration of the trip.

I tried sorting out this issue by talking to Vodafone customer care, but they aren't giving any heed.

Also, there were other Vodafone users on the trip for whom the Rs.99 amount was not deducted. This raises the question as to how Vodafone's system is working, where deductions are happening for only select customers and not everyone.
May 3, 2018




Feb 20, 2018


RE: MOBILE NO:9892064657
I received a message from Vodafone as "RE 1 STORE PACK IS NOW ACTIVE ON YOUR MOBILE NUMBER" and it also says that Rs.99 will be charged in next month's bill. I have not made any such request to Vodafone to activate such plan nor does anybody who uses my phone made such mistake of making such request.
Please give me refund of Rs.99.
Also last month I was charged with excessive usage charges of Rs.910. Please give me refund of Rs.910 too.
Neha Hande
Feb 13, 2018

Unknown VAS charges

I have been charged for 1004 rs. as VAS charges.However I have opted for RED plan of 499.Please solve this issue ASAP.Hoping for convenience.

Unknown VAS charges

Feb 2, 2018

Refund Not Recieved

I recharged my no 9648383459 with rs 509 bonus plan(84GB-84days+ unlimited calls+ 100SMS/day free) in vodafone app, money is deducted from my bank acct but i got message saying it was unsuccessful. Transaction ID from my bank acct is BIL/############/PGMIB-/VODAESP_LICI586..

Please refund the money or activate that plan

Vodafone Customer Care Number
Jan 17, 2018

Vulgur talk

Vulgur messages
Jan 11, 2018

Caller Tune Not Activated

I have requested to activate caller tune on my vodafone no 8879870958 for which the charges were deducted from my plan.
However the activation is still to be done. I have already raised a request/complain however no response from the vodafone team.
Pathetic service.
Jan 2, 2018

cannot migrate from postpaid to prepaid

Application for the migration from postpaid to prepaid with all required documents for the number 9224378347 was given on 20th Dec.2017 at the vodafone store opp. Navjivan Society, Lamington Road, Mumbai-400007..the name of the Vodafone representative at the store who took all the documents and 15 days advance payment was Mr. Smit...but till date no action has been taken..on visiting the store again on 1st Dec. 2018...I was informed that it will take few more days..why no action is taken till 2nd Jan 2018...if it only takes 48 hrs to migrate from postpaid to prepaid
Dec 26, 2017

Excess bill

My GSM No : 9867198392 I have vodafone connection with post paid plan 499. It was change from 499 to 59 16th Dec 2017.
now I got bill 5463.95. which was for data usage.
this loot from telecom company specially from vodapfone. I was chassing with network issue and call drop issue from last 4 month.
I complained on wrong billing and poor network services. Till now no solution and compaint was unresolve.

This is to bring to light the tricky business traps of vodafone.I have been using vodafone postpaid for years an on and off been subject to sudden high usage bills on sudden months.
I have been tolerant enough to pay the bills as also the number had other conveniences like calling other in the network for free,certain amount of internet downloads free(supposedly) etc.
This was until I realised one month when they charged me a sudden hefty Rs5463.95 for internet usage.MY earlier high usages usually got unto rs.700 and if that is what the pattern was and if by rules the download is till 10 GB,
Norammly it was capping of 500 Mb. post cross this unlimited with 2G speed. so I could not understand how they charge 900 MB @4G speed.
vodafone should have stopped the connection at and after 500 mb usage or at least by business ethics and principles send me a warning.
If not so,at least the billing credit amount should not have exceeded rs 1000 and i should have been restricted usage unless the credit amount to my internet billing account has been paid.
it is only at the end of month that i suddenly get a bill of Rs5463.95 which is a mere unethical business trick to fool customers and trap them in.
I am subject to the cheapness of a supposedly multi millionaire combat...wonder if this is how they make money...if they get away with on...
they'll get away with this again and again.And the sufferers will be the innocent poor victimised customers who to avoid their harassment succumbs
to such unethical and intentional cheap business tricks of these companies

Excess bill

Amit mhatre 47
Dec 17, 2017

Sim not working / sim network

I applied to port from airtel to Airtel vodafone on 13th of dec and today it is 17th November. This is very frustrating as I have visited vodafone gallery several times and they are not just giving execuse, not giving any satisfactory answer.
Applied for 9773900388
Current no. 9004900388
Email id mhatre1987@gmail.com
Nitin Sawant
Dec 16, 2017

Fraudulent value added service charges on mobile

Fraudulent value added service charges on mobile
Everyday vodafone is activating some or the other value added service on my mobile without my concent. I'm finding no way to deactivate them. Even after calling them. I'm finding no solution. I lost 1000rs bcoz of this issue from last 1 month, i want solution on this.

Mobile number: 9870491410

Fraudulent value added service charges on mobile

Dec 15, 2017

No feedback

Dear Mam/Sir

I have been regularly trying to send emails, trying to call helpline numbers, several times been to Vodafone gallery, but I am not being addressed. I have followed all the instructions and tried to justify all the required details which was asked to me but seems that Vodafone executives are not willing to help.

Dec 6, 2017

call dropping

Despite putting a complaint mail to Vodaphone providers the regarding call dropping no action is taken.What am I supposed to do?Change the mobile network?

Saurabh Punamiya
Nov 16, 2017


Vodafone number 9930590540

Alleged charges Are on international roaming

Client credit limit 800rs

Vodafone claims credit limit not applicable to international roaming

However i was not informed about the same and vodafone has not sent messages regarding such information. Vodafone even went to the extent of reversing bill amount to 10000 accepting the error of not communicating and i have that on record.

It also says the information regarding roaming charges come over a period so they cant track the number while usage is done.

However vodafone admits that they shut my number 3 hours after the so called falsely claimed usage happened and i have evidence regarding the same thereby proving vodafone gets information to track credit limit as well.

I also have a 3 year clean record of paying bills 10 days in advance of due date.
Our family uses 28 numbers from vodafone and vodafone can run a background check regarding the same. The notice defames my credit standing and the allegations are baseless. My offer to payment of bill remains at paying 800rs as my credit limit permits on monthly basis
Nov 4, 2017

International Roaming Fraud

I bought Vodafone’s international roaming package for my travel to the United States in the month of August 2017 for Rs. 5,000. I continued to use this international roaming service until the beginning of September after which I requested Vodafone to deactivate the international roaming. Around Sept 11, I received an official confirmation message from Vodafone saying that my international roaming package has been deactivated. In the meanwhile, I paid the bill on my phone amounting to roughly Rs.7000+ by the due date. I did not verify the charges, as I still believed in the fairness of the service provider. However, within the next couple of days, I received another message from Vodafone that stated my current bill as roughly Rs.17,000. I was alarmed because I had NOT made any calls using that phone ever since the international roaming got deactivated. If I had used the Internet in the interim, I ensured that I had connected it to my local WiFi--mobile data was disabled. Since then, I have received multiple emails from Vodafone indicating my payment is overdue (it has been building interest too) and that the current bill is Rs. 28,102.97.

Worst of all, dealing with Vodafone’s customer service has been the height of my misery. Over the last couple of weeks since this fiasco, I have spoken with several agents over the phone that has all provided me with insufficient and inaccurate information. On Vodafone’s suggestion, I have sent three emails to Vodafone customer care and each time I received different answers from 3 different agents – an action that is indicative of the lack of consistency in their understanding of the bill, and the fact that the charges have no solid foundation. As if the outrageous bill wasn’t enough of a nightmare, it has been practically impossible to reach a “senior executive” who apparently is the only person authorized/trained enough to help me resolve this dreaded situation. Every time I call Vodafone customer service, I am assured that I will receive a call from a “senior executive,” but that elusive call never comes. And of course, they have skillfully blocked my outgoing calls. I am more than shocked to see that a fairly reputed service provider (or so I thought until now) could be so unethical and unprofessional in dealing with their loyal customers. This harassment has cost me my precious time, energy and peace of mind. Needless to say, I will switch to a different provider because that’s the logical thing to do for anyone with an iota of sanity. In fact, I will make it my life’s mission to ensure that my friends and family members too never enter into any business with this service provider.

Upon posting this on social media like Facebook and Twitter, a person who identified himself as social media officer Harsh Vora called me. He is arguably the rudest agent I have spoken with. He had a very cold tone and was not even willing to help me out--gave false information as well. Today again he called up, and in the same rude manner said,'You have to PAY'.
This is certainly not the behaviour I have expected from Vodafone. However, my friends from India have experienced similar situations from you guys, and even my UK friends complained about the same. I have already submitted an application for deactivation.
Nov 3, 2017

Fake Bank Calls

From mobile number 7808543394, I have received three times fake call regarding Aadhar Updation and he has not disclosed the Bank Name but asked to provide all Banks Debit Card Numbers and Aadhar Number. I have denied to provide the details as my all accounts were linked with Aadhar and with his voice I felt that it is fake.

I have also cross verified his number from Truecaller app and found this caller as fake. I request to please take strict actions against him so that they can not do fraud with anyone.

Dinesh Gupta
Oct 27, 2017

Vodafone Online recharge Failed

I recharge my Vodafone No 9167605006 on 23.10.2017 my transaction no is ONR################ the amount was deducted from my account but my recharge was not done.
Oct 25, 2017

Charging for data while have datapack activated

I have my datapack of 650MB and the data usage in bill was just 431MB. And still they are charging 1700Rs. As per the service center they are saying u have used more that the datapack but my itemised bill back clearly says that they are lying and they are saying they have charged those extra MBs @ rate of 0.50 paise/MB. SO are they so dumb cant check the actual calculation atleast.

Either the CCE are not fit to work or dont understand the issue. While speaking with them i have to explain the issue several times. The situation is same for last two wks and over that for last 4 days they have stopped my outgoing.

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