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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Oct 10, 2013

cheated by vodafone

Dear Rajashree,

Thanks for your mail. I regret to inform you though, the 30% discount offered is rather insulting to me. I am not asking for discount. I am asking to revoke the false charges altogether!!!
I have been using the service for close to 15 years now and have contributed to huge revenue on Vodafones part.

I have been cheated and taken advantage of for being an old customer.
Over the past 2-3 years, I have been using yearly internet plan and pay for it annually also. Suddenly one fine day Vodafone decides to disconnect my yearly subscription and switch me over to open usage rates when I have not even asked for it. I have not been informed or taken authorization for disconnection of yearly plan or activation of full rate usage.
You can see in the account details that I have been using data services for the last few years, yet your representatives insist that there was and is no data plan active on my number. I find this highly questionable and dishonest.

I am really shocked and appalled by the business ethics employed by a supposedly consumer driven company.

Once again, I will not be held responsible for your internal miscommunication and dishonest methods.

I am attaching the mail I sent to you and a few other consumer protection organizations.

I really do not wish to waste any more time on this issue since it has already been pending for almost 2 months now. I hope you do not force me to consult my legal department or escalate the issue on social media sites and gather more vodafone consumers who have been duped and cheated in a similar way.

I hope you can reverse the fraudulent charges immediately and restore my phone services to its usual setting.

Mr. Mardia.

Dear Sir,

I regret to let you know that I am suffering from the worst kind of customer service from Vodafone than I've ever experienced in my life.

The charges mentioned on my account are fraudulent and false and I will not be liable to pay for Vodafones errors/mistakes/frauds.
Relationship No- 1.5011367
Mobile No- 9833501860

I have called my relationship manager more than 15 times and with no resolution of the problem. Every time I am assured that I will receive a call 'within 24 hours" and till date I am still to receive any calls from Vodafone.

I have been falsely charged the amount of Rs. 7538.97, which has now increased even more with your fraudulent charges; under the pretext that I had called up vodafone 6 months in advance and asked for deactivation of my internet plan 6 months into the future and apparently Vodafone took my request for 6 months in the future. This is the kind of unbelievable lies I was told by the representative. Shocking as it sounds, it is complete lies.

On calling again, I was told a different story that there was some technical error on vodafone side and they messed up the data account and did not switch me over to the plan renewal and instead decided without my knowledge or permission to deactivate my currently used data plan and charge me full data rates without any plan.

It has now been over a month and several calls from my side with no resolution. As frustrating and appalling as Vodafone has made the situation, I would like a final resolution of the problem or a switchover to another service provider.

Mr. Mardia.
Sep 19, 2013

Mobile porting from Vodafone

Had requested a mobile porting option. The person from Vodafone came and picked up the documents and collected transaction fees.
Its 2 weeks ago and till now no action has been taken. Frustrating situation when work is not done on time.
Sep 2, 2013

Registered on DND, still getting promotional SMSes

I have registered with vodafone DND full service, but I still receive their promotional SMSs.
My no 9004553289
Aug 25, 2013

Inflated Charges for Inte

Mobile Number - 9769134280

My father has been a loyal customer of Vodafone for about 9-10 years and has paid all his bills well before the due dates. He took a trip abroad to Singapore and Bali for which he activated Internal Roaming services for getting incoming and outgoing calls. At the time of requesting for international roaming, he was at no point in time informed about the blackberry services/ GPRS charges while on international roaming.

Last month, we received have been charged GPRS usage charges of Rs 21253 from 18.07.2013 to 17.08.2013.

Issues/ complaint

At no point, was my dad informed by Vodafone service agents at the time of activating the international roaming about the ridiculously exorbitant data services charges he would incur. They should at least have the professional courtesy to inform their loyal customers and especially senior citizens who are not even aware how to use internet services, let alone knowingly use them.

I specifically called up Vodafone on my father's behalf but received a very docile response from their customer agents. I was hoping they would at least meet them midway because the charges are ridiculously high for inadvertent mistakes and they need to be held accountable for not being upfront and informing their customers about data services charges while on international travel. To make matters worse, even though the bill due date is on 5th Sept, my father continually receives phone calls everyday as to when the payment will be made.

I have posted this message on the consumer forum to enlighten other users, especially non-technology savvy mobile users who travel abroad and are not aware of these charges they will incur from telecom service providers like Vodafone who go out of there way to ensure customers are not informed about these charges.

Nishit Mehta
Aug 10, 2013

no signal in my house

I am a heart patient who lives in Bangur Nagar on the ground floor.The vodafone signal at the window of the kitchen is the only place some signal comes and even then the voice breaks. Why is the signal so weak. In case of an emergency my mobile will become a handicap. I am concerned that I do not have an assured signal.
deepak Kamat
Jul 31, 2013

Excessive bill

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am using this Vodafone Postpaid number (Mobile Number: 9819153186) from last 4 months , but during these days I never got a bill for more than Rs. 550. I have also done the payment on time for each bill. But for the last bill of Jul 2013 of which the amount received by SMS today , taken me to surprise that I have been charged excessively . As per the SMS, I have been charged Rs. 4032 /- reg which I had asked customer care number immediately but according to him I have been charged for the extra internet data usage which he says I crossed the 2GB free data limit.

If so , then you shouldn’t have allowed me use more than your specific limit. And upon my written information or speaking with me and as per my request/ instruction only allowed me to use increased limit .

In fact, my last three bills were not more than Rs 500 -600/- The last bill was Rs 529/- which I felt little high and thus I had shown my concerns at Vodafone Gallery at mira road on 16th July,13 and as per attendant customer support’s advice, I had discontinued my itemized bill charge as well as changed my plan to unlimited monthly internet plan as was suggested by their customer support.

To be true, the Internet data should have been stopped when I crossed the credit limit . It is meaningless with regards to the credit limit if the service is not barred once it crosses the limit.

I request Vodafone to modify the bill charges for Internet usage as the amount is totally overcharged. I also request vodafone to cross-check the internet usage alert sms's sent to me and take necessary action on my bill modification. Thank you.

Kindly advise me regarding my complaint.


Deepak Kamat
Nafees Shaikh
Jul 23, 2013

Unsatisfactory Service

My Name Ruby Shaikh. I am a student in Rizvi College Studying Law. I am very disappointed with vodafone. Normally i used get 400-500 Rupees bill monthly, suddenly it increased to 700-800 per month. Now they charged me 1200 rupees last. when i ask how this much, they started counting different services which i feel is not correct. When i ask for Itemize Bill they are like "We can send You from Next Month"... I am Very disappointed
Jul 17, 2013

Incorrect Data service Usage Amount Charged

Vodafone - Incorrect Data Usage amount
I am a user of the Vodafone postpaid service. My telephone number is 09920886306 of Mumbai city circle.
I have a problem here with Vodafone, regarding the data plan charges for the month of 17th June, 2013 – 9th July, 2013.

Following are the details of the total scenario –

I had a free Rs.199 2G data plan along with my monthly rental by default à on 6th June, 2013 I gave a request for activation of 3G data plan of Rs. 250 1 GB -à on 14th June, 2013 due to unsatisfactory service of Vodafone 3 G, I DE-ACTIVATED my 3G plan -à I was informed that my old plan of 2G Rs.199 (which is free for me) will get automatically activated once the 3G service is being deactivated à today i.e. 9th July, 2013 I get a mail about the payment due to Vodafone of about Rs.6500 coz of 600 MB usage where I am charged 10p/10kb.

I HAD GIVEN A REQUEST TO VODAFONE PEOPLE TO acknowledge this complain and revert the data charges billed to me of about Rs. 6500 for the usage of 650MB 2G data used WITH SERVICE NO. 659995020.

For which they have declined that their call centre guy had not informed me the automatic activation of my 2G plan, I challenge that and I had requested them to listen to the call centre recorded conversation of mine dated 13th June late evening.

TRAI, please HELP me....
Jul 5, 2013

Heavy internet charges levied inspite activating internet plan

i was wrongly charged heavy internet charges inspite of activating an internet plan of 2GB. on complaining i was told that there is no record of such an activation and the system doesnt approve of the same.

upon repeated complaints to the vodafone executives they offered me a 50% discount on settlement, which is cleverly exploiting a customer and charging him Rs. 3300 for no mistake of his. i refused to pay more than my call charges and the data pack charge which was Rs. 125. Infact i even paid Rs. 600 which sufficiently covered both, but that was also of no use.

On registering a complaint on their online feedback portal, i get a couple of calls, and when i ask them to hold on for a minute so that i can get out of my office and speak, the executives have the audacity to cut my calls. This is the level of service that they boast of.

My phone is not working fot the last one week and i have been punished for no mistake of mine. It is to my utter disdain and exhausted attempts at settling this issue, i have to write this.

You were so persisitent upon a written record for activation of the internet plan, I want to ask you one thing, why was i not given any written confirmation of my complaint on your feedback portal. So that you can safely say no complaint was registered as per our records? Pathetic Service and sheer loot of ignorant and meek customers. Shame on you!
Jun 24, 2013

outgoing services keep getting barred

I converted my loop prepaid number to vodafone postpaid through MNP 3 months back. Since then they have barred my outgoing services (calls, sms, net) for the 5th time as I have exceeded my credit limit (on the unbilled amount) which is just 900 Rs. In spite of several requests and complaints and paying the bills on time they are not increasing my credit limit. Many customers face this problem because of the bad company policy about placing the credit limit on unbilled amount. Should I file a case now or is this going to stop somewhere?

Ashwini Ambrale
Vodafone No.: 8082350199
Jun 21, 2013


Respected sir,
I am Vodafone postpaid customer for the last 2 years. I used to get monthly bill around Rs. 3000-4000/-. I'm a happy subscriber and loyal to Vodafone. But now my view about Vodafone is deteriorating.
I got unbilled amount approximately 32,000/-. I don't know for what reason. I was shocked to see the sms from Vodafone of unbilled amount. I can't figure out what was going on. My unbilled amount crossed Rs 10,000 credit limit and my service was barred. So I borrowed some money from my friends and deposited 15,000/-. Again I got 16,000/- unbilled sms. Now I'm clueless and don't know what to do. When I enquired I was told that this was my internet usage charges. I simply do not know how you charge a blackberry customer while roaming. I am technologically illiterate person.
I can't pay this huge amount. I'm salaried and I've to take care of my family as I'm only earning member of my family. Please look into the matter ASAP. Your kind attention is warranted in this matter. Please consider my track record and my financial condition
Ajit Singhvi
Mob : - 9004725066 Reply Forward
Jun 12, 2013


I have ongoing issues with Vodafone day in and day out. To reach and get problem solved is a big task in itself. Your executives are just not trained and have no manners as to how to speak to the customer and have guts to drop our calls if at all they feel they wont be able to help. Have to call maybe twice or thrice to atleast put forth our points to your executives.

The issue that I have is I was using Blackbery services till 17th May 2013 and then on 17th I asked to stop the Blackberry services and got the 3G plan of 100 Rs. I was advised by the executive that since my bill date is 11th so only for 6 days the services would be charged for blackberry. I was ok with it and its quite fair so i decided to pay for days I have used the service.

Now when I asked the executive to explain the bill, for the first time the executive huy hung up the call on me and the next guy called Akash Senapati was able to help me. My point is for the month the charge is 399 so for 6 days how can you charge me 254 Rs which is just not acceptable and it is not right on your part to do so. If you divide or calculate the amount it comes to Rs 66. 50 and not 254 as I was informed. This is no good as you being a well known service try and cheat people with hidden costs and charges.

Please adjust the amount accordingly and reverse the charges applied on my account. If you do not do so this is for the last time I will port out. I have had enough of it from VOdafone.

Your help will be appreciated and hope you help me in the first place.

Real unhappy customer,

Jun 11, 2013


Dear sir/madam

I have mailed on 10th jun that pls do need full on orgent basis for port out my number but still pending and when I called on 9820098200 your exucutive said your port has rejected..I want to know that why rejected my number for port out, I have allready intimeted to you that at my place no network coverage thats way I dicided to port out to other network and I have requested for port on 4th jun with unique code is VM283568 and rply from your hand it will be done within 7 days but after 7th days as on today i get very bad response ...can you tell me why you are not porting my number ????????????


Shad Anwer
Port Unique code VM283568
Mobile number 9820805024
Jun 11, 2013

Giving wrong information to attract the customer

Hello Sir,
I got transferred from mumbai to pune.
And my number is 9029907111.
And earlier I have tata docomo service provider.
And I like corporate plan fusion 666 of vodafone.
And in pune atos office Vodafone representative told me that you have to go to mumbai vodafone store and convert it to MNP and then told them to activate the pune plan of rs. 666 to your mobile.
Then I went to mumbai Vashi Vodafone store to do MNP to vodafone.
They also told me the same thing and after submitting the 118 rs. they told me that they first activate 99 monthly plan in my number and then I have to write a mail to [email protected] to change the plan.
Now All the vodafone representative said that it can't be possible , you can't activate this plan on your number.
If this was the case they would have to say this before MNP.

Now they say that take a new connection of pune and close this number. If I have to do the same thing, then I can do this earlier but I want same number so vodafone gave me false information so that I can opt for vodafone.

Can you please take action against vodafone for giving wrong information to the customer and then
dont respond them and listen to them.
Jun 11, 2013











Jun 7, 2013

Unauthorized Deduction

Today Morning I got an SMS from VM-VFCARE Stating that Rs 5 has been Deducted for the Match Day Service.This was not authorized or activated by me when I checked with the Customer Care they stated that while checking the balance I must have selected the same but this is false as I had not checked the balance on the said time . Please make sure I get the Refund ASAP and the mistake be acknowledged by VODAFONE. I don't want this service.

Contact Number 8879185963
Sam Thomas
Jun 1, 2013

Complaint Mail for Extra Charges in the Bill

To Whom It May Concern,

I Ms. Valerie Fernandes your postpaid facility user is writing you a Complaint Mail stating the following issues I would like bring it to your notice.

1) I have been charged with an amount of rs. 75/- for Itemized Bill, my number is 9920398193.

2) As per my discussion with the First Bill Desk Executive, I was clearly informed that No Charges will be posed for Itemized Bill. My Bill is sent to me on my Email Id.

3) As well as the Vodafone Center Executive also assured me saying that Itemized Bill would be free for me for lifetime , Since I would be getting by Bill in E-Billing.

4) This issue is yet unsolved. And my bill is due for 05th June 2013, still In have not received any Clarification from your end.

Please find the attached Bill Snapshots in which the extra charge marked in Red Circles.

Requesting you to please look into to the matter asap and revert to me on the same.

Thanks & Regards

Valerie Fernandes
May 28, 2013

activated VODAFONE CRICKET VF alerts without request and deducted 30rs.

I am shivapushpa nadar
add:room no. 419/3,kankanji chawl,kumbharwada 90 feet road,dharavi,mumbai-17
complaint:as i am having a vodafone sim card,they activated VODAFONE CRICKET VF alerts without my request and deducted 30rs but the customercare has not properly responding me.
my mobile number is 9820855149
May 21, 2013

Error in vodafone bill


My Vodafone Number is 9920194916

I have activated Internet 2G trial Pack of Rs 25/- for 7 days from 29/4/2013 till 7/5/13 and after 7/5/2013 i have not used the internet till dated. But going through my bill i have observed that internet charges for the said period has been charged in my bill

So request you to look in to the matter

No reply from vodafone till date. continously following up for the same


May 21, 2013

Complaint for extra charges in my bill

To Vodafone

I Mr Arthur Sequeira your postpaid facility user is writing you a Complaint stating the following issues I would like bring it to your notice.

1) I have been charged with extra amount as compared to my Monthly Rental for both of my Postpaid Plans.

2) Extra Rental has been charged for my number 9819682549 .i.e. A sum of Rs 423,wherein my initial plan is of Rs 248 Out of which my monthly Rental is Rs 150 + 2 Vodafone numbers free for lifetime with a Rental of Rs 98. Including 3G Data Plan of Rs100.

3) An extra amount of Rs 99 has been charged for downloading of a Software which is not applicable to my phone and (which i have not even dowloaded).

4) And also Extra Rental has been charged for my other number 9920082549 .i.e. A sum of Rs 189 wherein my initial plan is of Rs 115 which includes the rs. 99 plan + one number in Vodafone Friends Circle which charges is Rs 16 which add upto 115 /-.

Please find the attached Bill Snapshots in which all the extra amounts are marked in Red Circles.

Requesting you to please look into to the matter asap and revert to me on the same.

Thanks & Regards
Arthur Sequeira
9920082549 / 9819682549
santosh dube
May 16, 2013

wrongly charged

Dear sir,

Last 3 to 4 month i am visiting to Vodafone gallary at sakivihar road, and submitting my request their bur their is nither any action taken on their side i am regularly getting calls for pending payment of my bills.

The issue is that Vodafone has charged me 650/- for 2 month continuously 3G package which i have not activated & had charged me for the utilasation of date use by me, i had already had Deta plan of 149/- 2 GB why should i take the plane of 650/- which has been added to my bill, continuously followed with your excecutive till date it has not been solved, on 14 may i had visited to your galary at sakivihar road, they have confirmed me that this amount of Rs.1300/- will be write off from my outstanding but the same is not done.

If this problem is not solved by Vodafone then i am going to close this no.this is been harassment to i cannot do my work many time their is calls for outstanding payment of my bill during my meeting with my boss.

so i request you pls. solve the matter correspnding with your vodafone gallary at sakivihar rd. with Mr. AZEEM.

Awaiting your positive response.

Regards - Santosh.
May 12, 2013

no money refund

I had activated the blackberry internet service plan of rs399 on my blackberry Z10, i didn't knew that it does not support BIS And instead works on normal internet plan. I contacted the customer care regarding the problem, they said that your amount will be refunded back to you in the next 24 hours which didn't happen..
Contact number:+919819277197
May 6, 2013

Doubt about hacking my number and using my number

Respected Sir,
I think someone is using my number.
I want to get all the sms and outgoing and incoming calls details of my vodafone no. 9920527028 at my email id immediately.. my email id.- [email protected]
Please send as soon as possible
May 4, 2013

fraud post paid billing

Iam user of vodafone network from last 4 years. i have purchase new samsung Grand mobile phone dated 2nd Mar 2013, it was been told by vodafone customer care that there is free 3G service will provide from them for 2 GB per month for next 2 months on purchase of new samsung grand mobile and its a free offer.and it was told me that after 2 months i.e 3rd May 2013 this the service get automatic discontinued.
But iam surprised when i saw my mobile bill generated on 11th April 13 (Bill no: 000000010000992223) ,
It was really shocking. they charge me 2566.46 Rs for my data usage charge., I called vodafone customer care regarding this but there is no proper response they told due to some network problem they are unable to generate the details,so kindly send one mail to [email protected], i send the mail but they have not given any proper justification for this. next time when i called vodafone customer care but again no proper response and they disconnect the phone.
Also i have never requested for any 3G plan on my phone other than the free service provide by vodafone only which is absolutely free as told by vodafone on purchase of new samsung grand mobile phone.

Request you to kindly help in this regards.
Apr 11, 2013

Incpoming call detail from july to November

Please provide the incoming and outgoing call details for the number 9619666854 and for the month jul '12 to feb'13.

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