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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Jan 28, 2017

Unable to resolve the DND issue

On my mobile number +91-9819821838 i had registered DND and it is supposed to be active from 2014.

But i still keep on getting calls and SMS messages. I had raised the issue with Vodafone in Dec 2016 but they are still not able to resolve the issue. They keep on calling me asking for more details which they should be having with them.
Cloud 9 Honda
Jan 11, 2017

Complete fraudulent activity with regard to Plan information and Data Usage

Dear Whoever,

I am writing this mail to you in complete haste at this point in time. You people don't understand service at all unfortunately and sell your connections just by offering plans which you turn up not providing!

I and my organisation have become a prey to this. Now better take this mail on a serious note.

We were committed 2 additional numbers which shall both have 88888 at the end on doing an MNP to Vodafone from Airtel. These numbers till date have not been activated and the worst part is that since our visiting cards have these numbers printed on them basis your commitment do you know the business we are losing and the confidence of our esteemed clientele?

Further on the Rs. 1599 plan that I am using on 91633 77777 shows exhausted since 3rd January 2017, just after 3 weeks of using your connection? Never has this happened while we were with Airtel. In fact Airtel had warned us of such activities by Vodafone. Moreover I was made to understand that the plan had 10GB Data Plan at 4G speed, on calling 198 now and talking to Shamim I have been informed that I have consumed around 8000 GB which is itself extravagant and I am awestruck to learn from him that the plan is a 8GB plan.

How did it so happen that the number being used by my spouse as 91637 39999 under the same plan is facing the issue since the same day, date and time which I mentioned hereinabove? She is a Home-Maker and same as me has never faced this issue with Airtel ever! In fact her 2GB data top also got exhausted in 72 hours time.

Either get the system right or let me ensure you get it right, whichever you are comfortable with.

Just let me put the issue straight;

1. Activate my numbers
2. Set the data plan right and the usage

For your better understanding let me help you with the information that the set I am using is iPhone 7 and my spouse is using iPhone 6S. Never do we turn the auto update on and never do we use hotspot.

There's Wifi at our home and is sufficient for us when home.

Hope to hear a positive feedback ASAP from your end

Bikram Banerjee
MD, Cloud 9 Automobile
+91 91633 77777
Jan 9, 2017

false commitment to the customer


I am Sameer Mundekar. Month of November 2016 I have port my postpaid number 9987788012 from Airtel to Vodafone base on commitment ill get 3GB 4G data on 499 on monthly basis.Bases on Vodafone customer care team commitment to me I have agreed to port to Vodafone any hassle.

In month of December bill, I come to know Vodafone charged me Rs.204 for 250 MB data. Its exceed 2GB shown in bill. When I have sent mail to Vodafone customer and tweet on Vodafone, I got a call from Vodafone after 7,8 days.
I’m shock they have told me we have not any commitment you that you will get 3GB 4G data on monthly. I am tried to convenes them month of Nov the lady was told me I’ll get 3GB 4G data in every month so how you can say now we not did any commitment. They want from me conformation documents for same.

It gives lot of stress and uncomfortability with the service provider. Vodafone pls refrain yourself from doing so..else people will look for alternate.

I am expecting 3GB data with same rental plan as per your commitment.

Sameer Mundekar
Dec 12, 2016

wrong info on browse plan


I am very upset because i have lost lot of valuable time of mine by going for recharge through Paytm. As i have Paytm and was doing a special recharge of Rs 43 for 30 paise per minute, and i was getting a recharge of Rs 34 into my account. I am overall upset about the plan that has been displayed and wrong information is displayed for customers. Paytm is a very big company and this type of errors are not acceptable. 3 times i did the special recharge and three time i got the recharge of Rs 34 into my account.
I would like to raise a complain and i would like speak to some senior management regarding the issue.
I would like to know if I would trust and continue with Paytm or should move on with some other online company. Please contact me ASAP as i would like this matter to be resolved. Why wrong information is been put on the site which is not working.

Romeo Menezes
Mahinder kaur
Dec 6, 2016

wrongly excess GB activated

My vodafone mobile no is 9873366374. I was interested to charge for 1 GB at 147 but wrongly it is acivated for 3 GB. It is waste for me. I request you to please convert it for the plan of 147 instead of this plan. And refund the balance to my account. Thankyou
Nov 28, 2016


Joel Dmello
Nov 23, 2016


Dear Sir,

My Mobile No. 9561903663 I Am Postpaid Customer Of Vodafone,

On 23rd Nov 6.34 PM I Received SMS Stating

Hello! VDS AJDESIBEATS pack is now active on your number, as requested.This service is vaild till 30-11-2016 and a 7 days rental of Rs.35 will reflect in your next bill. To deactivate SMS STOP to or call 155223(toll free)

One think i done get is i have never requested for Any of this service.
so how on earth this thing got activated on my no.

Is it some kind of SCAM by Vodafone to Cheat its Postpaid customer.

Why should i Send SMS To Stop Something which i Have Not Requested.

My Email : [email protected]
Nov 7, 2016

Misscom by telemarketing

Hello sir,

This is to bring in your notice that I have received a multiple calls from vodafone telemarketers saying that I will get roaming free al over india. So I started taking information about the same. Then I asked that will I get roaming free all over india. Then she conveyed that for out going you have to do the recharge of rs 75. I asked to transfer the call to senior person then they transfer the call internally and I was getting the background sound saying that 'cal cut kar' then they hungup the call.

Below is the number from which I have received the call:-

Request you to take strict action against them.

Oct 17, 2016

SIM related


We have notified our team and will call you soon.

Vodafone India
Sudarshan Ryagalla
Oct 12, 2016

Bad Customer Service

My Vodafone sim no is 9619949452.I lost my mobile phone so i had to block the sim and then later i went to the store at S.V Road,Andheri West in Mumbai to get my new sim.Since my sim card was registered with my dad's documents so they were denying to give me a new sim saying concerned person should be present here.And my dad was out of town so they were unable to help.So i tried to port out for that also they didn't gave me a proper response.But however just to earn some money and cheat customers on billing.They told me to convert to postpaid and without any hesitation they soon agreed to give me a new sim and now these ppl didn't had any problem if the concerned person is here or out of town.And without having no option i had to purchase the sim.Bloody cheaters.
[email protected]
Sep 27, 2016

False number calls charged

I have been charged Rs 1260/- plus 15% service tax for 90 minutes on a number entirely unknown to me which is owned by vodafone itself and is supposedly chargeable service from Vodafone. There has been no call made by me to such a number as I am not even aware that such a number exists.

As I understand there have been numerous such false bills charged on the same number. Net complaints are rampant.

The helpline person Mr Vikas initially even refused to take my complaint saying I can send a mail. It was only after threatening him that I want this call recorded and I want him to refuse to take my complaint on the recording. I finally have a complaint recorded on vodafone with the complaint number 233526284
Sep 27, 2016

international roaming internet charges

I activated international pack of Rs.500/- a day on 13th night till 16th night i.e 3 days and the pack showed active every time I checked from my vodafone app and website.
Once I returned to India my outgoing got barred saying my bill is Rs.1,10,000/-.Despite that the unbilled amount Rs.70,000/-.Whats going on ?? Stores,customer care no response yet for the bill amount.

Thanks to get my outgoing activated atleast after few days.Awaiting a response.
We are a loyal customer with so many connections and have always paid bill (which were unchecked by us amounting to Rs.5,000-Rs.10,000 a month per connection)

Still a cheat#very sad#

Kindly arrange a solution and waive off for which I aint liable.

Sep 23, 2016

Harassing sales calls on my airtel number

I have complained to Vodafone countless times for the Sales calls I receive from Vodafone on my Airtel no.9833382206 every day! My complaint number with them is 157199847
I have tried writing to Vodafone mumbai and Vodafone maharashtra email ids [email protected] and [email protected] requesting them to stop these harassment calls. Every time they have replied ensuring it will not happen again but in vain. I am frustrated and annoyed with these continous sales calls everyday from random cell phone nos. It is my waste of airtime minutes, money, time and energy. I am willing to go to court on this. Kindly address the same.
Sep 11, 2016

loss the screatch digit number

Secret pin damaged
I bought Rs.50 voucher of Vodafone and the secret pin got damaged after scratching ant the last 4 digits are not.My serial no. is ############. Please kindly send me the secret pin on either my email [email protected] or on my mobile no. 9920641739.please send it soon.
Sep 6, 2016

repair of network booster

there is problem in vodafone netwrok booster located at the address of 248 f behind rama market munrika village new delhi -110067
is not working form last week.
kindly send someone to repaire this booster as soon as possible.

thanks and regards

raj kishan
Sep 2, 2016


In two months they have charged 3666 for my bills.
I have emailed to [email protected] but they are saying bill is correct.
Then I have googled about this issue this issue is with so many vodafone customers.
Also they have stopped my all services of my number since i have not paid bill for two months
Gautam Sawant
Aug 31, 2016


MOBILE NOS. - 9820606121

I had subscribe US- PACK @5500 which was valid for 15 days. i.e.. 15th April to 19th April.

- 3 major benefits -
1) Free incoming calls
2) Free incoming messages
3) Data upto 1 GB free & beyond 1 GB data would be stopped.

- VODAFONE have charged me Rs. 62,377.14 + Taxes. towards interanational Data usage for the period 26th April to 29th April.

- I had requested them through mails ,visited store & call centre to understand how can i be charged during the valid Pack period ( 15th April to 29th April ) for international Data usage . Since your pack clearly says that beyond 1 GB usage the data will be stopped .

- Also if you check the messages sent to me from your company on daily basis of data usage status my last message on 29th confirms my data usage is just 750 MB . It is shocking to find such difference in their bills & messages sent to us. ( I hope this was a one time error )

- I have been following up with the company both call-centre & Voda store i have been just ignored & no body has bothered to even reply my query or have reverted back .

- Constant humiliation from your collection centre .

- Regular disconnection of my out-going calls & last time for almost 3 weeks. This had put me into lot of stress both my personal life & work , humiliation . No commercial compensation can get my humiliation & stress experienced back.

After many attempts company revised the bill on around 18th Aug Under the policy of " ONE-TIME GOOD WILL GESTURE '' ... & they reconnected my service.
How could company revised this bill under this policy even there has been billing error through there back hand department .
Also how can the company disconnect my service & harass the customer .
I have been continuously writing them for justified reply for this billing mess & justified compensation for this horrified experience .
They have again discontinued my service...
Aug 23, 2016

False promises

Hi, i was Vodafone postpaid customer..
I was using mumbai sim.. so i was getting roaming in Maharashtra.. i called Vodafone customer service for help and they asked me to activate "rome like home" pack and they promised me that i will be enjoying my services (alloted free minutes & SMS) in Maharashtra too.. this was a free service.. after 3months i choosed to port into Airtel.. my Vodafone billing date was 11th to 10th of every month and i ported out of Vodafone on 25th so i have used there service for 15 days only.. the last bill i received i was charged roaming charges in Maharashtra which was supposed to be waived off as i was subscribed to"rome like home" pack.. they charged me ₹126/- as roaming charges.. now when i asked for clarification they said that only incoming services are free in rome like home pack.. they are cheating every customer. Please look into this Matter..
Abigail Xavier
Aug 14, 2016

excessive rentals

its really sad... tht i hardly use mist of the services... for calls i have a plan.. nd for data... i use my wifi at hme... so downloads nd sending huge files are next to impossible... but when i started using vodafone the bill was around 400 and now its comming upto 900 nd its disappointing... sad vodafone .... i have the proof of usage...

Hello, Summary of your Vodafone bill dated 11-Jun-2016: Rentals: Rs.628, Local: Rs.43.2, SMS: Rs..5, STD: Rs.0, ISD: Rs.0, Rmng: Rs.2.65, Data: Rs.5, Others: Rs.100, Disc: Rs.-50, Serv Tax: Rs.110.45, Total Charges: Rs.846.8, Add Prev. bal: Rs.633.08, Add Adjust: Rs.-15, Less Pmnt: Rs.620, Total bill due: Rs.844.88,due by 29-JUN-2016. To pay online click on http://www.billdesk.com/Vodafone/QuickBillPay

excessive rentals excessive rentals excessive rentals

praveen mali
Aug 3, 2016

my SIM card missigs

My SIM card missings my number 9742991875
[email protected] plz help me sir
Rahul khetade
Jul 26, 2016

extra bill charged


1. I am using Corporate plane Rs. 125 and i have 2 Connection On same plan.
2. upto last Month i am paying two thousend per month for same two connection approximatly i pay upto 4 to 5 thousand per moth.
3. Because of that i was going to byculla mini store they advice mi to go main gallry located at byculla near to CCD Shop they will give some using plan or reverc your bill.
4. same day dated (Please check bill date Paid) I Paid Bill total 8000 for 2 conenction and same day i Request Them to active 100 rs Internet Plane for both no. . Your customer Executive Assure me by saying you go after half hour it will be activated.
5. after some day i surprised because i see my bill 765/- with o/s -6 on my vodaphone app that mean i paid till date my all bill clear. i cant understand because what this happen again i go to your byculla main store so, your executive tell me that my one no.which 9821894790 on this no plan was active because of your executive mistake or whatever you say. i clearly tell him this bill i m not pay so he replies it will be depend upon your bill so we help you and tell me come after when you get proper bill for july
6. after generating my bill i am going to CST Galllary For this Matter so their Executive rarely Tell me this is not concern with us you have to go where you active plan.
7. next day I am go to Byculla Gallary get My Complaint and tell me come after 2 weeks.
8. Now I Am again go so he tell me this is not concern us you have to mail to corporateassist because of this is corporate plan.

I am so disappoint by your executive and tired by going 5 to 6 times to your gallary. their are no one have correct information about consumer complaint action now

so i am want my revers bill for 9821894790 by deduction of Rs. 765/- and also 150 Rupess which is also extra charged by you and also inform you if you charged me late bill Payment charge whatever which is 100 or 150 this is i am not paying because from 1 month i going your gallary for my extra bill revers.
so you can't charge me late payment fine also if you give me my revers bill upto due date so this is show you taking care of your customer.
After 1 Month your executive tell me this is solving by after you mail to corporate assistance they help you, we cant. so what i getting by going on your gallry again again.
Jul 23, 2016

Threatening calls

I Rishabh banerjee had been getting threatening calls from Vodafone in the name of bill collection of mdn number 9930169601 saying that if I don't pay the bill the person will track my number and will take action coming at my residence. I would like to question the ethics of Vodafone as in is this how Vodafone behaves with customers. My bill was quoted as something 9000 odd rupees approximately and still I asked for a settlement amount of closing the amount in 1500 rupees which Vodafone was ready to go for, after which I never received a call from Vodafone regarding the settlement then why is Vodafone now mentally harrasing me and my family and calling as well as threatening. I am sharing you the number of the person who called me up and threatened me to be present in court or otherwise he will track me down and will create a scene at my home. 8080752759 was the number from where I received this threatening call from and the guy told me that he doesn't care for the settlement amount quoted by Vodafone, although I have not used such a high amount of services on Vodafone.
I would request you to take this matter seriously as this shows amount of indecency causing mental harassment to me and my aged parents.

Rishabh banerjee
Vodafone Cusotmer
Jul 15, 2016

not getting any idea about welcome kit

I purchased Vodafone postpaid sim card weeks back(15 days) and was told that my welcome kit has been dispatched on 4th July 2016, since then I have been calling customer care executive, who doesnt have any idea about the status or tracking number of the welcome kit.

I have been also trying to reach out to VODAFONE care center from where I have purchased the sim, that too doesnot opens.

I am frustated following up so many times and getting no response from any of them.

Is there anyone who could assist or shall I reach out to CONSUMER FORUM.
Jul 13, 2016

worst service

I had add activated family & friend pack with a rental of Rs 49 per month. And now in july they say that i havent request for such pack or so as their system is not reflecting. When asked on their customer care no it was the worst ever experience, most of the time the just keep the call on waiting or just disconnect when they are not able to answer the query.
The worst service provider ever
Tyagi Himanshu
Jul 12, 2016

Prepaid sim not activated

Please activate my new connection 4g sim no.9050849695 its being 3 days

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