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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Jul 2, 2010

Wrong deductions from prepaid amt.

I had an existing balance of Rs.12.50 on my prepaid card. I recharged my phone with Rs.100/- which gives talk time of Rs.87.66. The sms send shows that my balance is only Rs.74.71. When the actual balance should have Rs.100.16. . Kindly give me right credit of balance
Jun 26, 2010

callertune activation without my knowledge

i am a vodafone suscriber no . 9819863172 since last 4 years. i have been charged rs 45 for callertune on 25 june, 2010. i hav been informed that i have activated through the service of *567# when questioned on toll free no 111 and informed that i have sent a message to the vodafone for the callertune at kandivali west raghuleela centre.....i have not activated it, and i want my money back, ie rs 45 back.........do expect a reply
Jun 20, 2010

activation of vodafone live without my consent

On June 15th Vodafone live was activated on my phone without asking me. I was out of town n hence told that I can not deactivate it from there. Now when I call 198 I am being told that I will have to pay now and it will be deducted from my next bill. This same thing happened last month also.
My question to your company is how can you activate any service on my phone without asking me and why are you harassing me by doing so repeatedly??
MY NUMBER IS 9930445535
Jun 16, 2010

harrasment by un known number

i have two corporate numbers from Vodafone. all of a sudden i and my girlfriend start getting filthy messages from an unknown Vodafone number. we tried to ignore it but the number kept sending us messages, this time to most of the contact on my phone. the number is +91 9920549763.
I have lodged a complain with the police, however the search result was that this number is an unregistered number.
I want to know who this number belongs to and why is this person harrasing us.
Jun 16, 2010

Post paid conection is not activetion

Dear Sir / Madam

I Pravin N. Rajgure Taken a postpaid connectionon on 10/05/2010 from your Thakur Village Kandivali East Vodafone gallary my number is 9820145040 .
Still Number is not active even i am not getting any kind of service for the same.
I am having a follow up with your vodafone gallery with Mr. Vishal since 10/05/2010 .
I have submited all documents which is required for a connection.
Kindly look into the matter.
Please do the needful.

Pravin N. Rajgure.
Jun 15, 2010

Wrong Billing - 9820109246

I received my Vodafone bill for the month of May 2010. In the bill I’m being charged for Vodafone Live since 15th of May;10. I have not activated any service on my connection. I spoke to someone from Vodafone named Mr. Dipesh Kalre (there may be spelling mistake in the 2nd name). He neither could handle the call nor could transfer the call to his senior. I called him on 14th May’10 at 2 pm. He was to inform his senior and call me back in half an hour. The call never came to me till now.
I want you to take the same seriously and reverse the amount charged to me with immediate effect. You are charging a customer who is not even aware what you are charging her for. There is a strong grievance against the billing system and I want you to sort this out immediately failing which I will be forced to go to consumer court.
Jun 14, 2010

Vodafone SUCKS!

Vodafone is perhaps the most expensive and bllod-sucking mobile phone operator in the market. Reasons are as follows:
1) Its advertisements are really attractive. More that Shahrukh or Sharman’s
Airtel ads, Abhishek’s Idea ads or Reliance ads. Worse part- people fall for these advertisements. There’s nothing unnatural about it.2) Their SIM cards are really expensive. I bought one for Rs. 150 in one part of Mumbai, my friend brought the same for Rs. 50 from another part.3) Their plans are really expensive. Think about it, theyportrayas if they have a plan for every budget. But oncomparingthe same with other operators, its really expensive.4) They have some strange rule that a customer cannot activate more than two schemes on one number. So if u have a 1 paisa voucher and an sms pack, forget aboutactivatinginternet or anything like that.5) They won’t ever reject the documents when you’re buying the sim. This way the sim is sold and you get top-up and message balance done. Whoooooosh!!! Its almost always deactivated in a couple of days!Now my story. I’m an outstation customer from Bhopal and was in Mumbai for a month. I went to a store to buy the Voda sim on the first day itself. Though i paid Rs. 150 and got just Rs.50 bal, i still thought it might be worth it. All the documents asked for were duly submitted. Needless to say, my no. was deactivated in a couple of days, citing the reason that my photo was submitted in duplicate. RIDICULOUS. Why would a person submit his photo in duplicate.
And this started my endless journeys to Vodafone store. And to different parts of Mumbai for getting the documents of my localites. Genuine documents. Now their ridiculous claims and problems:
1) First trip- Documents not accepted because the local person’s reference was not proper. Guys, were you sleeping when i first took the sim.2) Second trip- Documents can’t be accepted because the copy of my localite’s licence does not show his signature properly!! The number can be reinstated for day or two. But alas, that was not done. Worse, my incoming was also deactivated the other day.3_ Third trip- Documents can’t be accepted because my signature on my licence and on my application are very very marginally different with a line going in some other direction, the direction in which it did not go in my licence. Humorous.
And here i am. . My last trip just ended a few mins back. and i could not stop myself from writing this long review. But customers need to be warned of what they might (please read as "WILL") face.
Hail Vodafone. . Long Live Zoozoos!
Jun 12, 2010

activation of sms package 149

My issue is i wanted to cancell my Rs35sms package and activate a 149 smspackage on my connection#9920236009. I have been calling the 111 VODAFONE toll free numerouos times to activate a sms package on my account. as per my conversation with an agent (Harjinder) in cust serv dept of vodafone he advised me that there was a sms package aleardy which i needed to cancell as he advised me i went ahead and sent a request to cancell that package i did recieve a conformation for that. i tried calling the 198 number now to check if that was cancelled after 72 hours and i was advised that it will take another 72 hours.this is going on from 01st June'10.After 72 hours i got to speak to the same agent again who advised that due to some error it will take another 72 hours.. there is no resolution at all till now.... please assist i am so upset i want that sms 149 package activated on my account immediately my number is 9920236009 if there is no resolution by 2morow i am cancelling my account and will advise all my family and friends to cancel their connections with vodafone...
Jun 7, 2010


I am Mr.Dere i am the customer of Vodafone our mobile no.9833748624 from last 3-4 years we are not receiving regular bills of Vodafone our credit limit around 10000.00 each months they have disconnect my service without information and after the payment Vodafone provided very poor service to customer.

I am not happy with vodafone.

Thanks & regards

Dere Babaji
Jun 7, 2010

Monopoly of Vodafone


I am Sachin Kapoor,, my mobile number - 9930496936.
I have converted my Vodafone Post-paid account to Pre-paid account on Saturday - 5June2010.
And on monday(7June 2010) , my mobile phone outgoing has been disconnected by Vodafone , the reason behind is given by Vodafone that document name is mis-match (like in my passport name is Sachin and on my rent agreement name is Sachin Kapoor).

My complaint is that i got the message from vodafone regarding same issues on Monday(7 June 2010 Time 9.26 AM by saying that "my outgoing will be disconnected with in 48 Hours, so please submit documents". And when i checked then My outgoing had been disconnected on Monday 7 June 2010 Time 9.27AM means with in 1 minute,, At that time i was in office,, i was unable to go Vodafone office in my office timing.

I also called to Vodafone Customer care,, but they replied that you will have to submit the document,, i said that i will submit the document today itself but you should provide some time to me, because i am in office , i can come in evening. AS you send the nessage that my out going will be disconnected with in 48 hours then why did you disconnect my phone with in 1 min.. then they replied that ot's our RULE,,,

Vodafone should provide some hours for submit the documents, they can't disconnected the phone service with out saying any thing.
Because of their bad service i suffer a lot......Some action should be taken by government against Vodafone,,,,,

Government should put some restriction on Vodafone Monopoly like what ever happened with me,,,because it is always happened when anybody do convert their Post-Paid to Pre-paid,,,

Vodafone always say they provide best service but actually they provide Worst service,,, i Suggest to every one that please DO NOT TAKE SIM OF VODAFONE EVER.......

Please take acion on it.
May 31, 2010

issue of vodafone card

3 weeks before i have recieve one call of vodafone company.they says that looking for your calling status on vodafone no.company issuing 1 vodafone scheme to you.i like that scheme & their company boy are collect my evidence as required for sim card & i have also pay 350 Rs for new sim card of vodafone.but yet not come any sim card.one number is given to for any querry the person name is priyanka,i daily call her but she was not accepting my phone when she is accept she says i call back after 5 minute after checking your details,but she not call me again.this activity is done daily with me.
so please take action about this matter urgently.
May 29, 2010

No response for network complaint

Dear Sir / Madam,

This is in regards to the network issue faced on my number 9819199922 for which I have been complaining since the past 1 year.
I have complained not only to the call center but also sent several emails and also visited the Vodafone shop (Santacruz), to which I have neither received any call / sms till date, nor is there any improvement in the network.
I get 0 network bar at my residence which is causing a lot of inconvenience to me. The address where I am facing network issue is as given below :

707, Bldg No 15,
New Mhada Colony,
Opp. Sunder Vihar Hotel,
Prateeksha Nagar,
Sion (East)
Mumbai - 400 022.
Alternate Number :

I have also requested for a address change to the above mentioned address, for which I was asked to visit the Vodafone shop and submit my residence proof.
What is the need for documents to be submitted again while I have been using this number for more than 2 years now.

Request your intervention to resolve my concern, as I have not been getting any response from Vodafone.

Looking forward to a positive response.

Thanks & Regards,
Kuldeep Kadam.
May 12, 2010

Lack of Response

Hi Team,

I am currently a postpaid customer with Vodafone India.
My mobile number is 9833439350. This is in regards to an email which I was asked to send by one of the Vodafone executives to move over to one of their corporate plans.
My request was to get Internet benefits with my current mobile phone service.

The first email sent by me was on the 17th of April. I received an auto-response on the same date stating that they will contact me within 7 working days. As I did not hear anything from them until the 30/04/2010, I sent them a second email. I received another auto-response on the same date stating that they will contact me within 7 working days however; I am still waiting for their response.

I am not upset with the fact that they might not have an offer as per my requirements however; what I am upset with is their lack of competency in responding to customers.
May 9, 2010

unwanted calls

I want the owner details and address of the above vodafone number as my mother is getting unwanted calls from this number. I would appreciate your help. Please mail me the details

thank you.
May 7, 2010

great helpline n over charging

i had complaint on 28/04/10, what heppend about dat
May 7, 2010


I am a customer of orange,hutch and now vodafone for over 10 yrs now and have a excellent
record so far. My primary mobile no. is 9820601839. I have never written or had any complaint
till the other day and i feel this requires some serious introspection by the Vodafone customer service
department. Last month, as my usual practice has been i paid the bill much before the due date
and the said cheque was cashed by Vodafone as reflected in my bank statement. However what
followed is really shameful and unprofessional. I was flooded with a series of calls and sms's to
make payment of the bill and i even faxed a copy of my bank statement to one of the representatives.
However on 4th May my outgoing was disconnected. I made several calls to the call centre before this
date asking to speak to the supervisor but in vain. I would get a reply that the supervisors are busy
and will call back in 2 hours which they never did. Following the intervention of the nodal officer my
line was restored after 32 hours following which i lodged an official written complaint by mail demanding
a written explanation. In reply to this all i get is a call from a call centre employee saying that this wont
happen again. Now what i demand to know is why was my line disconnected in the first place when
Vodafone already had cashed my cheque and your team has not updated the same? Why was i
harassed and flooded with calls for a fault at your end? Vodafone very well knows that had this been some
other country they would have been sued for the same and because of the time consuming legal system
in India i assume the attitude of Vodafone towards a genuine and bonafide customer can afford to be
May 6, 2010

asking me to submit my documents in every six months. even though i already submitted them many times.

I am using vodafone sim from last two years. But in every six months message from vodafone center will come to me stating that i hve to submit my self attested documents other wise my service will be discontinued. Now in last 2 years i already submitted my documents 3 to 4 times even then they are not updating there data and continuously annoying me with there messages every now and then. Last 2 times i went to vodafone office near powai and submitted my documents, they confirmed me it wont happen again but still from last two days i am continuously getting the message from vodafone saying that i ve to submit my documents. Not even that when ever thy called me thy would say sm other name instead of mine and offering me new skims. every tym i had to ask thm to update thr data but only confirmation no action.
got to say vodafone customer care sucks.
mine no. 9769076732
May 3, 2010

Unsolicited calss from Telemarketers

I had registered with the DND( Do Not Disturb) service on my prepaid number(9833167243) in the month of October 2009. I was assured of no telemarketing calls, but the process has not changed, i am being harassed on daily basis from different banks for loans, insurance and various investment opportunities. this is a serious offense from customer relations and request a severe action for the same. I would book vodafone for mental harassment and compensation on a daily basis. request for a solution.
sidharth Luthra
Apr 29, 2010

over chargng

frm 2day m msgng ul bt ul hav stil nt replyd, r ul listng or ul hav cme 2 india 2 earn dis way, ul r a big cheat or shd i say internatnl beggers
Apr 28, 2010

persn at ur helpline is vry danger, he is a big bhai or smethng, n he said he wil cme 2 beat me n m afraid

i dnt hav any pblm wit vodafone or wit its service da pblm here is wit da persn at ur helpline, i had cald 2day at 11.36am n da persn who recivd my cal is a big bhai of mumbai n he has told me ke he wl cme n beat me in frnt of my wife, nw u da peple of vodafone plz help me m vry much afraid na
Apr 28, 2010

ur helpline persn told me he wl beat me in frnt of my wife n childrn, plz do smethng m vry much afraid plz help me

i had cald helpline at 11.36am on 28/04/2010 n da persn at ur helpline talkd ur badly n nw i want 2 say sory so plz gv me his name add. N biodata plz
Apr 28, 2010

ovre charged n helpline persn talkd vry rudely

i hav been over charged 4 VL99, I HAD MSGD act vl99 frm my mobil only 1ce bt i hav been charged 2 times, n wit dis pblm wn i cald ur helpline da persn talkd vry roughly rudely n he told me he wil beat me in frnt of my children n wife n now m vry much afraid so i want his biodata so dat i can cal him at my plce n say sory, m so much afraid ke nw m thinkng of doing a police complain.i m a Malkani n u can chek frm how many years v r wit vodafone bt in 12 years dis has been 1st time ke some1 talkd dis way nw u plz do smethng n reply me at my at [email protected] or reply me via sms bt plz do fast cz if i hav 2 do a police complan i cn do 2day itslf

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