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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Monika Nayyar
Feb 22, 2016

Overcharged Bill

I have recently ported my vodafone number from Delhi to Mumbai, and while doing that I paid both my billed and unbilled amount. For the first month bill cycle from mumbai, I have got a bill of Rs. 1223.5, out of which Rs 730 are miscellaneous charges. I requested the bill from vodafone pay app, which states that I'll get the bill within half an hour, however it took vodafone days to send me my bill. When I looked upon that bill, Rs 730 are stated as NMNP Balance transfer. I called up mumbai customer care, they asked me to call delhi customer care. Delhi customer care has told me that I on't have any pending amount and so is confirmed by delhi vodafone centre when I visted them after that. Delhi vodafone centre has asked me to talk to mumbai vodafone centre, but the latter showed me their helplessness in the matter and did nothing. Therefore, I would like you people to look urgently into the matter as i do not have any outstanding amount from my delhi circle, yet 730 charges are attached in my bill at the name of NMNP charges.

Monika Nayyar
No.- 7838225633

Earlier in delhi circle, the number was at my father's name- Mr. Prithvi Singh

Hoping to get a solution as early as possible.
Thank you
Feb 20, 2016

Vodafone does not send monthly bill

Vodafone number 9820534345 was subscribed more than 10 months back. however, since then vodafone has not sent a single bill on its own. Every month I need to call vodafone to send a bill so that I can pay the charges. Vodafone does not send a bill, then it disconnects the outgoing for non payment in case I have not been able to call for the bill. How is it a non payment when you have not raised an invoice/ bill. I have written/ called repeatedly to vodafone mumbai customer care, nodal officer, country head customer care, but all mails have received absolutely no response or reply. Is service provider not obliged to send a monthly regular bill to its customer?
Feb 20, 2016

Over charges of data plan

DATA plan issues is major in the plan. For last 2 months I have been overcharged for over usage of data plan. I am using the data of only plan 1GB 3G connection. In spite they are charging for over usage of data this kind of issue is going for last 2 months for January and February..
Now a day we get mobile phone in just 251 and in other hand we are been looted by the service provider for over usage.
We should be clever in of for are reversal
So will be able to take necessary action on service provider
[email protected]
Feb 17, 2016

Vodafone Number Deactivation

My vodafone number was suddenly deactivated on 10 FEB 2016, I was using the number for my OTP transactions in international roaming for ast one year. I have balance more than RS 20. As er Trai , to deactivate a number vodafone should follow the below rules but they didnt follow in my case

(iii) There shall be no deactivation if the balance in prepaid consumer account is Rs.20/- or more;--> I had good balance more that 20
(iv) An ‘Automatic Number Retention Scheme’ shall be implemented for prepaid consumers on payment of reasonable charges;--> I didnt get any message from Vodafone
(v) A consumer whose connection is deactivated shall be given a grace period of 15 days within which he can reactivate the same number;-->I didnt get any grace time
(vi) Consumers shall be transparently communicated the terms and conditions of deactivation of SIMs due to non-usage--> I didnt get any communication about the deactivation.

Can anyone suggest me how to deal this legaly ?
Feb 17, 2016

transfer of my number to the other person

hello sir/mam
i own 5 numbers under my company name in a cooperate plan.one of my number was not put to use for about 4-5 months that number was transferred to the other individual without giving me any notice.all my numbers are printed on stationary as well as on online branding.
This is seriously affecting my business profile.
i understand there is a policy if you don't use the number in 3 months it will be deactivated and the sold as a new number but when its in cooperate plan how can you transfer this without giving any notice either a hard copy or phone call n may be just an email.

thank tou
Akshit Kumar
Feb 16, 2016

wrongly billed

Hello Sir/Mam,

This is to bring to your notice that i have taken a plan of 299/- month and an extra mobile no. unlimited calling for 49/-
first five months they billed me properly but sixth month they billed me for the unlimited calling number (mistake of their agent)
which they initially agreed .Now they are acting smart by claiming 4000/- odd amount to be paid or else they will take legal action.which i think is completely injustice for a good customer who has never failed in payments.
Also they cut my outgoing calls internet plan and incoming calls which gave me huge loss ...which they are not ready to compensate.
i tried mailing them ten times.but there is no revert .Even the managers are of no help .All false promises and none give their proper identity .misguiding here and there.

I request you to help on this matter
My vodafone no:7506825069
Feb 15, 2016


I have been using vodafone postpaid connection with monthly rental of 375(corporate sim) which has 1Gb free internet.
I had received alerts via email as well as message in phone that I will be charged at 50p/Mb on extra internet usage but they have charged wrongly at around Rs4/Mb.
This has happened since August. On regularly taking and emailing I got a revert for the month of December only.
I made payment for Dec once it was corrected. But they now issued a bill which includes charges for Dec also.
And for Jan they have shown 650 against MI_CAP_650_30d_R_PROMO_3G, which says after extra internet billing of 650Rs no charges will be taken.
But my charges for extra internet havent exceeded this limit.
Another concern is that the 1Gb free data is not given ,instead only I got 932 Mb and they charged again at 4Rs/Mb after that.
Hence i got a very huge bill amount. And on top of that 14.5% total tax also.
I have mailed then again and made the payment of rest of the amount.
Daljit singh sandhu
Feb 11, 2016

regarding due bill even when i paid the dues

i was holding postpaid no 9029291200 with vodafone earlier and then i placed a request to convert the same to prepaid. I called customer care they informed that you have to pay all dues then only we can take request for conversion to prepaid. I asked my dues and paid the same and submitted request to change it to prepaid from postpiad at koperkhairne vodafone gallery. I called raised a complaint and then they processed the request post my followup. Then my number got converted to prepaid and now after 2 months vodafone wakeup and saying you have due on your postpaid number.. I dont understand what type of service they give, they themself say that without clearing all dues we can not convert from postpaid to prepaid then how come there is a due when i paid everything and then only my request was taken..
Really pathetic service i say..i will port my number from vodafone to airtel if they wish to serve like this..
Daljit singh
Mob no 9029291209
Feb 8, 2016

Wrong Plans added without consent

In November, I was about to change my Mobile service provider from Vodafone to Airtel as the service charges for prepaid were much more than the competent service providers. I was opting for mobile portability. But I got a call from a executive of Vodafone to know the reason for switching to Airtel and the offer given by airtel. They insisted me to not to change service provider, as they will be providing me with a better offer than airtel. Their offer name DV499 in which they offered me 1200 free minutes and 1 GB of 3 G data free and after completing 1 GB, it will have unlimited 2 G data for life time. They also told me that 200 messages will be given free to me every month. As I found the offer to be better than airtel I decided to go with it. I forwarded my Passport size pictures to an email id provided: [email protected] In two or three days I was handed over a postpaid sim card.

I was enjoying the service and paying the bills on time unless the recent bill January 2016 which Vodafone sent me of Rs.952.01 where in offer of Rs.499 plus additional Rs.299 for 3 G Data which I was getting free earlier, was charged.

I called up Vodafone Customer Care to check the fault in the bill and rectify it, but they surprised me by saying that the offer given to me was for a period of only 3 months, which I was told to be of a lifetime offer. They refused to help me out and told me to contact the person to whom you gave documents when you switched to postpaid.

I have the bills of all the months as attached which shows the offer .
Please check into the matter and determine whose fault it is because I wont be paying for the bill amount until and unless they rectify the bill or sue their agents.
Feb 5, 2016

sim blocked

my full working prepaid sim was blocked without any reason or prior intimation. Upon asking the reason they had no explanation to give.
I had to go to Vodafone gallery 4km away from home at 1030am, where the executive asked me shift to postpaid from prepaid for immediate effect. So i paid 200rs and shifted to post-paid. Gave all documents and had been confirmed and reconfirmed several times that my sim would get activated within 2 hours. However it wasn't activated till 6pm. So i again revisited the store. And got a false confirmation that the sim would activate surely by 8:00pm. As expected nothing happened as promised.
This is purely harassing the customers for no reasons.

Pooja goradia
Feb 4, 2016

3G net charge but speed is kbps

Take necessary action on Vodafone for internet
Now they are charging high for 3g but they have reduced speed it is very bad internet provider
Manohar Udgiri
Jan 30, 2016

illegal post paid billing

Hello TRAI ,

i am postpaid vodafone user .when take new postpaid connection vodafone nw sending N number of flash messages back to back..

there so many flash messages continueously and back to back which unknowing the user while handling ..subscription getting created to the user ..which worst..

please look into matter such back to back continues flash messages...

postpaid vodafone user
Jan 15, 2016


This to inform you that my company as give me NOC to port out to other vendor(operator). From last 2 month I am trying to port each and every time you’re giving different issue when I don’t want to continue with Vodafone any more why your creating issue again and again and harassing me. My company Authorized person as mail to [email protected] that the user don't want to continue with vodafone we are issuing NOC so please don't stop him to port the reference no are : 122298580 date : 01/12/2015 & 124715311 date :24/12/2015. Now when I called Yesterday at customer care what the issue they are giving different issue now the issue is I have to convert the number to individual then you will allow me to port why did not you specify me in the mail when we have send mail to you regarding porting you have specify to get NOC from Company , Address proof , ID proof and Photo. In the mail you did not specify me and given me new request no 15110498 . Today i got message of rejected with message that contractual obligation from the subscriber agreement as per our company record we did not sign any contractual agreement-with vodafone. each every time I call to call center or nodal office i get reply we will call you back i did not received any call till that it seem that you me harassing very much I request to not to stop my porting this time otherwise I will take this matter to consumer forum and other place
Jan 9, 2016

Sim Disactivated due to there negligence

Had submitted the documents for address change in month of Nov. The customer executive has not added the request in there system due to which the number has
Been deactivated. Had already visited the store 3 times for document submission.
On calling up the customer care the only answer given is visit the store again. It seems they don't understand that we too work.
Customer care don't have the proper info for the queries asked.
Mini store of no use. No proper solution given.
narendra r tiwari
Jan 5, 2016

recharge of mobile no 9619285483

I have recharge my vVodafone no 9619285483 through paytm by net banking for rs 222 IN. But the mobile is not recharged. The date of transection is 04/01/2016.
Anurag Dixit
Dec 29, 2015

Extra Money being charged under Internet usage

This is regarding the complaint to be filed against Vodafone for charging extra money in my bill for the month of December, bill cycle (18th Nov-18th Dec).

The Bill Details are as follows:

Mobile Number: 7045814045
Name: Anurag Dixit
Bill Period: 18.11.15 to 17.12.15
Bill No.: 38897332
Bill date: 18.12.15
Bill plan: E_Connect_3G_375_2015

There are several queries regarding the extra amount charged by Vodafone.

1) The Bill shows that I have consumed 1440.94 MB of Data as shown in the screenshot attached. This data includes the 1024 MB of free data under my plan. However, I was charged for the complete data @ Rs. 705.21 and Net amount Rs. 438.26

2) On 12-Dec, I applied for the booster pack of 300 MB, the charges for which have been added in the Bill as one-time charges. However the data I consumed thereon has been charged by Vodafone as shown in the red box. If the data was consumed by me above the booster pack. I need the consumption report for the data consumed under booster pack which is missing in the billing cycle.

3) Even if the data was charged, In the internet usage section as shown in the screenshot attached, there are three entries for the date of 12-Dec,13-Dec and 14-Dec(as shown in the red box) against the charges of the data. I want to know what rates have been applied to calculate charges as there is a huge variation in the charges against the usage.

4) In any case, the bill shows that I have consumed a total of 1440.94 MB of data. As per bill I should get 1324 MB free data since I have 1 GB free data and 300 MB booster pack, so for the remaining 116.94 MB usage what rates have Vodafone applied so that I am getting Rs.438.26 as Internet usage charges?

I need a clarification on the above-mentioned issues so that I could continue using Vodafone further.

Anurag Dixit,

Extra Money being charged under Internet usage Extra Money being charged under Internet usage

Dec 23, 2015



I am Using Vodafone (Mumbai) Number iam trying to port to airtel it has rejected 3 times and not getting proper feedback from Vodafone when I do not want to continue with Vodafone why there creating issue.
Dec 21, 2015

Irresponsible and faulty attitude

One of the Agent named Samar called me about 1-2 weeks ago to change my number to postpaid. He gave my details to Shilpa(9819077041) and all my documents are sent to her through watsapp. She said that within 2-3 working days your sim will be activated. But I have not receive my sim till date of today and my prepaid sim is also out of service now.
And now I am trying to get in contact to both but they are not picking my phone and their response is also not as satisfactory
Nov 30, 2015

Very Very High International roaming Bill Very High International roaming Bill

I had recently travelled to Thailand. During my travel i had activated International Roaming. Even i received a call from VODAFONE suggesting to activate International roaming packs.

I checked with him my Credit limit, which was Rs. 5000.00. So i have not activated any plans, as i was planning to buy local SIM card in Thailand.

Since In india, i was using data i forgot to switch off DATA. Now i have got shock of my life with Bill in excess of Rs 2 LAC. How a service provider, who has been disconnecting my phone line in case my bill exceeds my Credit limit has allowed such huge Data charges. I can pay up to 2 times of my credit limit max not this 48 times of my CREDIT LIMIT.

Does TRAI has some guidelines on this.

varsha r
Nov 22, 2015

wrong information

Providing wrong information about any plan. They are saying take 199 rental plan and pay more 50 rupees to get one no. Vodafone to vodafone free but then they are not giving any free calls to any no. Worst service provider.
Ishan Doshi
Nov 22, 2015

Fake items in bill

Original complaint no - 133663018

New complaint on 16.11.15 - 135300870

Spoke to priyanka on 21st November 2014 & she mentioned to send mail to [email protected]

Managed to get these complaints after numerous attempts to contact them first of all.

Till now, no reply yet.

Tried contacting them through social media, they reply back saying they well get back to us. Has happened multiple times - till date no response and no one has called back.

Since last 2 months, they have been charging me approx 10,000-13,000 huge enermous bill amounts inspite of the fact that i have not even made a single call nor have i even answered any call. Only my basic tariff plan is active thats it.

We are just running around in circles getting in touch with no one who is solving our issue. I hope Vodafone realizes this is not what is expected out of them especially treating someone like this who has been your loyal customer since start.

Pls call on 9167125109 at the earliest.

Very disappointing and frustrating. #vodafone #bad #customer #service #loot #consumer
Nov 13, 2015

No network in house

Vodafone mobile no network in house MOB NO. 9930324033.

No network in house

Nov 13, 2015

wrong monthly mobile bill

I am using vodafone number 8879802056 from the last 23 months and i have never faced this issue of billing.
This month i saw that my mobile bill is approx Rs 1749 which is more than double of my mobile bill of the past months.
I called the customer care and ask for the itemized bill and when i saw the itemized bill, they have charged money on that number which is free from my mobile last 23 months.
Actually i had taken plans of 299 on which 1 local vodafone number will be free of cost and it was fine from 23 months but this month they have charged for each call.
When i call the customer care then he told me that u have deactivated this plan on 7th october, which is not possible because i have not called to customer care from the past 23 months even i was not aware about the number of customer care.
so if they think i have decativated the number then they have data that i called them, because while calling they say that this will be recorded.
please help me in this scenerio,
vijay tibrewal
Nov 4, 2015

making irritaion by sending msg 4-5 times daily

Dear Sir/Madam

I have Vodafone No.9867002844

I sent one massage to my relative before one month. But now I came to know that the massage is received by him daily 4-5 times.

He got very frusted and told me to stop this.

Why this irritation made by you?

I know you want to increase bill amount by making this stupid things, but if you not stop this nonsense things then I have no option to go for FIR.

The phone no. to whom you are sending this massages 4-5 times daily checked in your records.

I have already call your customer care no. 111 , 199, 198 and +91-9820098200 but that also many times. But no option comes to talk with you customer representatives. So how can I contact you?

It is very serious situation and request you to please resolve this as early as possible.


Vijay tibrewal
pravin padave
Nov 3, 2015

internet pack recharg

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had made net banking payment on 03-11-2015 for online recharge for Vodafone mobile through my Dena Bank account

The Recharges was not made but the amount was debited from my Dena bank A/C.

Kindly refund the amount to my account at the earliest

Transaction Reference are

Thanks & Regards,
Pravin Vasudev Padave
Payment Description
Order Id
Payment Amount: 147.00

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