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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

May 1, 2021

Unauthorised plan switching

In 2021, amidst the corona pandemic lockdown, Vodafone is repeatedly changing user plans to higher value monthly payment without user initiating or authoring any such change. Vodafone customer care claims that the dealers are responsible for the fraud.
Mar 27, 2020

Money deducted but recharge not done

Vodafone recharge not successful:

On 27th March 2020, I recharged Rs 379 into my Aunt's vodafone prepaid account number: 9168 366691, through SBI Master card and the money has been fully deducted from my SBI account. But the value of the recharge has not been reflected in her account yet.
Please consider this issue and please refund my money back.
Mar 25, 2020

Automatically deduction of money from main account inspite of not subscribing to facility

This is with respect to automatic deduction of money from main account of Mobile.

I initially had done a recharge of 50 rs and had above 39 rs in my Vodafone account..after sometime on 25th may I get a message from Vodafone stating 28 rs have been deducted from my account for the service I have applied for(how to ) videos...

Request for the money to be refunded immediately else will change service provider.
Sudha Mishra
Mar 7, 2020

Services barred in the name of Previous operator O/S

My mobile number 9167202729 is badly impacted by the services of vodaphone since last 24hrs being helpless and didn't got any suport from operator forced to write an email .. and requesting TRAI to action with immediate effect .
I ported back to voda from airtel in prepaid and since yesterday my outgoing calls are barred tried reaching CC on 198 and 111 both numbers were not reachable from my number how

Some how managed to reach CC now I was asked to call airtel as they have baared my services it's like asking a robber to check the doors are closed . If the number are successfully ported and used on other netowk how can some one else can barred the services 2nd problem

Airtel CC standard answer it's vodaphone never we are not able to fetch the details and voda don't know the detail reason and to avoid me forced to visit store .3rd problem

Without payment operator does not allow to port out is what my belive and. Expirence when I ported my another number to JIO . Howcome outstanding payment of airtel can force voda to barred the services ..

If any outstanding airtel should send me full and final settlement bill with details of bills how much the bill is and I am liable to pay if any which I didn't received

My final question to my operator did u cross check with airtel before barring if any bill was shared with customer and that is not paid ..?
The number of days my services are barred need compensation from voda as it's voda and daily recharge and days count

Or if fail to resume my services. U can hold me only for 90 days ... And I mean it

Requesting TRAI to pls focus on this grey area were telecome operator pay with subscriber one they don't allow to port if the bill is not paid and 2nd if the port out happen than they barred the services saying previous operator has done due to outstanding and no bill copy or final settlement bill is shared

If any outstanding pending from my side need a bill which explain me the number of days need to be paid ... Or else nothing will be paid and voda cannot stop my numbers as recharge is done for 84 days and the numbers of days they fail have to compensate monetory and strict action for mental hatresamet.

Feb 5, 2020

Invalid VAS charges

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Srinivas Somayaji and I have been a valuable and loyal Vodafone customer for more than 12 years. I have never ever complained in the past for poor services, billing or network related issues. However after what happened on 4th February 2020 gave a shock of my life.

Due to financial crunch, I made late payment of my Vodafone postpaid connection (9819285629) of Rs.500 at Vodafone kiosk at Ghatkopar East on 3rd Feb 2020 (due date was 22nd January 2020 with bill amt of 436.21).

On 4th February 2020, I got below message (probably a VAS) from 53488:

K.L Rahul kaun hai?
A) Indian Cricketer
B) Indian Boxer
click karo http://bit.ly/eazywin
aur Jeeto Rs.50000 ka CASH rs.5/ans par
aur abhi bhejo A ya B

Unknowingly and foolishly I copied the link & pasted URL in my desktop computer on Google chrome address bar. It asked me to enter my registered contact number and then proceed with the quiz. I answered all 2000 questions after which I noticed that I got 3-4 messages from Vodafone V-Care stating that my Vodafone postpaid connection has been temporarily withdrawn and my services got disconnected.

After visiting Vodafone gallery at Ghatkopar East to get my services restored, I learned that because of this, I have been billed for more than Rs.9000 as VAS in just a single day, and to get the services restored, I will have to make a minimum payment of Rs.6000. Or else I will have to wait till my bill generation day (which is on 7th of every month) for Vodafone to analyse and hear my plea further.

I have already called Vodafone complaint number 9820015887 and told about all that happened. But I was told to either pay minimum amount to get my services restored OR wait till my bill generation date and then discuss further.

Request you to kindly understand my concern and situation as this number is my primary registered contact number linked with my bank accounts, and I cannot process any transactions online.

Note: I am currently going through a very tough time due to financial crunch and not in a position to make such a huge bill of Rs.9000 (VAS).

Invalid VAS charges Invalid VAS charges

Aug 28, 2019


I have been Vodafone customer since long almost for 8 years for now.But currently issue which i faced with Vodafone support made me re-think about it.
I am using Vodafone number(9619311524 and 8692874444) since 2013 .I reported issue with my Vodafone internet connectivity for number 8692874444 in June July and Aug.Last week i visited Vodafone store in saki naka Mumbai and requested them to convert my post paid number(8692874444) to Prepaid and response which i got from Vodafone customer support team was too frustrating. At-last i was asked to visit again on Monday with all documents and get pre paid sim issues.
When i visited same Vodafone store on Tuesday(27/08/2019) i was told that we don't have sim you can request for stopping you number and else go get sim wherever you can get.This is reply customers are getting from Vodafone stores and making us think why we should use Vodafone.
Now concern is that if Vodafone centres are having issues with converting sims to prepaid from postpaid.Why customer should pay for postpaid rentals without any fault from his side.
Is it my fault that Vodafone is not able to deliver prepaid SIM's.I always want to be associated with Vodafone but such events are really frustrating

My Vodafone center Visit details-
Vodafone Store Address:Address: Hyde Park, Saki Vihar Rd, Ganesh Nagar, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072
1st Visit TOKEN 72-23rd Aug 2019
2nd Visit Token no 86-27th Aug 2019

Please help me in coming out of this mess.You can contact me on 9619311524

May 19, 2019

Unwanted OTP message from 17863

OTP from 17863
Last 1-2 months i got OTP SMS from 17863 in my Vodafone number. Someone can tell me what is the issue.

Unwanted OTP message from 17863

Vinod Teckchandani
May 16, 2019

Connectivity isues

We are facing major connectivity issues with Vodafone mobile services for our mobile numbers
9821260612, 9820980612 and 7506180612 at our residential address at:

A 202, Krishna Regency, Datta Mandir Road, Vakola, Santacruz East, Mumbai-400055

since the past one month. Request a speedy resolution.
May 4, 2019

Unnecessary OTP received

Respected Authority,
I have receiving unnecessary OTP from number 17863. Please stop this immediately.
May 1, 2019

Vodafone - Fraud Dindo gane pack


Vodafone is charging 50 INR for last two month in the name of Dindo game. Saying value added service charges what kind of service is this where user never enjoy it. After complaining, vodafone has not refunded my money.

Vodafone is doing Fraud this way and developed illegal business model to charge 50 Rs to people to generate revenue, where user never approached to Vodafone for this Value added services.

Vodafone is worst service provider after registering complaint till today none of the solution has come and even not refunded my 50 Rs (last month) and even this month again charged me 50 Rs for dindo game.

Vodafone is involved in unethical business practice (dindo game) and looting people's money this way. Again today, i have registered complaint but no solution.

Vodafone resolve this issue and refund my money.

Jan 25, 2019

Fake Commitment by Vodafone Executive

Dear sir,
I am taking the port from Airtel to Vodafone on Commitment of Mr. Rahul (Vodafone Executive). They committed me to take 399 plan in which they given

1. Unlimited Calls & messages
2. 40 GB Data
3. Amazon Prime membership free for 1 year.
4. 400 coupon vocher
5. Miss call alert service.
6. Netflix subscription for 3 months
7. Callertune service for 6 month on 30 rs charges...

But after port Vodafone executive denied to given

1. Miss call alert service.
2. Netflix subscription for 3 months
3. Callertune service for 6 month on 30 rs charges.

After port your executive also not picked my call...
I am already raised the complaint but not take any action till now.. Now I am going to complaint in consumer court..

It's nature is fraudulent..
I am providing the phone number of executive who committed me.
Rahul (9719919615)

My experience for Vodafone is very bad and my review for that company is negative...
I am trying to many times but your executive not provide any response.
Early actions are highly appreciable.

Thanks & Regards

[email protected]
Oct 26, 2018

Disconnection of services without consent for false unpaid due

Dear Team,

This complaint is regarding the disconnection of my service without my consent for false unpaid due of my previous operator for my number 9702635272. I have ported out of Airtel 2 months back after paying all the dues. After 2 months I have started getting calls and sms of unpaid due from airtel and Vodafone. I said to them that after paying all due only I can port out and have done all the needful. Post which on 18 Oct 2018 they have disconnected my outgoing services from TRAI. After escalating a matter to airtel their Customer Experience executive has called me for settlement of the issue. She had waved off my unpaid bill due to bad quality of service from airtel. She has sent me the waver mail of which same i forwarded to the appellate team, nodal team and Vodafone care team as payment proof . They haven't paid attention to my mail and continue sending me unpaid messages and calls. I have informed them so many times that i have shared the airtel details of payment waver but still they neglected my issue and keep on telling me it will resolve and will do needful. Now its almost 42 hours they have disconnected my services from 7pm 24th October 2018.
Nodal Officer Shagufta Khan were so arrogant to answer and were ignoring my complaints and again asked to wait again for 24 hours. After lots of useless communication from them I am now complaining to this portal. Hope the needful will be done to my issue.

Swapnil Kadam
Oct 24, 2018

Harrasing for porting sim

Hi Sir,

I am and Airtel customer and for past One month i have been continually getting calls from Vodafone for porting the sim to Vodafone. I was an Vodafone customer for past 4-5 yrs and i had some data network issue which was not resolved by vodafon even after continuously following them for 6 months. So i ported to Airtel and i am happy. Now i am getting continous calls daily even after so many refusasl. Seriously i am fed up of them. Please take some serious action

Rupesh Jathar
Sep 19, 2018

Recharge not reflecting


I recently made a recharge through the free charge app on to my Vodafone number. However, the same has not yet been reflected even after waiting for the requisite period which was mentioned to be 30 minutes .
Transaction ID- NCMP6695378286
May 3, 2018

Frequent call drops and data not functioning properly

Hi Team,

I am getting frequent calls drop and data functioning is not properly working. Even data is not giving a speed of 2g for data access while 4G plan is already activated on my number.
Please do the needful on priority.
May 3, 2018




CA Viren
May 2, 2018

Charged 826 for calling 51717

I have been charged Rs 826 for calling 51717 for 59 minutes.

No one can call 51717 even by mistake- as it is not correct number-
TirumaniRaj Ramaswamy
Feb 27, 2018

Unknown VAS


My name is Tirumaniraj my tel no is 9769174513
Vodafone has added VAS without my concent.
Monthly Bill charge for this service is INR 300/-
They should stop this & refund my money back.

Tirumani Raj
shamika desai
Feb 22, 2018

refund of unsucessful recharge

i recharge online rs 349 is unsucessfull then i was recharge from vodafone app of rs199 they also unsucessfull.then i talk to customer care they said u got u r refund in 3 or 4 days but now its completed 10 days still i dont get my refund. my number is 8879347626/8291705303 please check the details and contact me as soon as possible.
Feb 2, 2018

big data network issue

I tried to call vodafone customer care no. To talk with executive but as the call is remotely operated my call is no get connected with executive only the recording to dial a number is repeating again and again.
I tried on no 198,199,9823098230 and 9820098200
But even they not sent me new internet setting.

My problem is that vodafone is telling me my phone bandwidth is less than 2100 Hz so I can't use their 4G services.
But even they are not giving me good 3G services.
Every time my phone speed is less than 20 kbps is this is 3G speed.

I had recharged big plan of daily 1Gb use for 3 months but at the end of the day in 24 hrs I can use maximum 100mb.
Please help us.
Company is cheating with customers.take some actions so that they stop doing this type of fraudulent things.
Dec 29, 2017

Conditions not fulfilled as promised.

In the last week of November i got a call from your Vodafone marketing team. They told me about a Rs.299 plan which will give me unlimited calling (local + STD), 20GB if data and local sms. I had my doubts about this so i confirmed twice from them if they were sure it is for Rs.299 and they said yes. So i asked him to give me the whole plan hand written with the signatures to which he agreed and told me to send it with the person who would come the collect the documents. But he didn't so later i called him and he said he would drop a mail to which again i agreed, and waited like a day but i didn't receive anything. Next day again i called that same person, so he made me talk to his team leader i think. His name was Mr Jeet. Mr Jeet gave me his number and gave me guarantee about the plan and if anything happens i can call him. After a week i was ported to Vodafone so to confirm about the plan i went to Vodafone care where I came to know the plan which he gave was for Rs.399 . So the next thing what i did was, i called up this person told him about the plan, to which he replied he will check and give me a call. Next day that is on 08-12-2017 Friday, i called him at around 10:20 am and asked him why hasn't he called me yet so he said he will called me by 2:30 pm. I waited that whole day tried and then called him in the evening at around 6:20 in the evening but nobody answered. I again waited the next that was Saturday and then today thats 11-12-2017 i called him up and asked him if he did anything about this and all he said was I am sorry and i cannot do anything, it was a mistake and he cannot fix it. I asked if i can talk to someone with a higher authority to which he said sorry and to every question i had he said sorry sorry and sorry.

This is not acceptable. Vodafone really knows how to cheat on their customers and also how to get new customers by giving false plans at a lower rate and then charge more for the same plan. hahaha, Hats off. #vodafone#cheaters

The Vodafone Executive's name is Mr. Jeet

His number is 7738595844

Thank you
Shanti sagar
Dec 14, 2017

Billing after disconnection

My mobile No. 9820108432 was disconnected in 1st week of September, after I paid all the dues till then.
I m still receiving bills and telephone reminders. This is my second complain. I want to know how to complain to TRAI for this cheating by Vodafone.
Shanti sagar
Nov 29, 2017

deduction of my balance

Today my balance deducate ₹ 25/- unknown service (dnld alt rozg, ₹25 dnld, ₹30 another dnld--------Total apprx.200 rs.) without any information and any warning/sms. I dont connect customer executive. I known this 4-7 last activities from *111#. Overvall balance of 257/- was deducted in this months. I dont know why. Then how can you deduct on that also .And i did not sent any request for service. So sir i want refund my balance please.
Nov 9, 2017

Call Drop

Two months back I had recharged INR~350/- plan from Vodafone. When I started using it, I faced server call drop problems. My call were not lasting for around 1 or 2 mins. I tried contacting Customer Care several times. Even I visited Vodafone gallery. They noted my complaint but to no use. Ultimately I had to use my second sim (Jio).
Now I am planning to port my vodafone to BSNL or Airtel but I am not sure whether I will get better service there.
Nov 9, 2017

Deduction of amount without activation of services

Deduction of pripaid balance
Dear sir/madam,

Today my balance deducate ₹ 21/- unknown service (dnld alt rozg, ₹45 dnld, ₹30 another dnld) without any information and any warning/sms. I dont connect customer executive. I known this 3 last activities from *111#. Overvall balance of 230 was deducted in abt an hour. I dont know why. Even my net balance is till 18 nov. Then how can you deduct on that also .And i did not sent any requeste for service. So sir i want refund my balance plz plzs.

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