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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

babban yadav
Nov 21, 2012

my sms or call details

dear sir

sir my no is 9671870754 plz send me his call or sms details last 25 july to 2 nov
Nov 19, 2012

clip service

I am Ashish Sharma and instead of submitting all my documents i.e. photocopy of my Driving License, I am receiving a clip barrier message on ma number i.e. 9313801503 . please send me a solution asap on my ID i.e. [email protected] .I will be waiting for your reply. thank you.
Nov 19, 2012

All incoming uotgoing calls not going

Hi ,
My No. Is 77838350011.
I have submitted photocopy my passport and my photo on 10the Nov 2012. Again I had to visit thee vodafone store again on 17/11/2012 because thee incoming calls were coming as 'Unknown' and was informed theat thee document I submitted is not updated in thee system. So, in thee evening theat problem solved. I was getting thee numbers for thee incoming calls.

And today 19/11/2012 all incoming outgoing calls blocked.Please help me it is urgent.

Withe regards,
Please contact on 9434097097.
Email: [email protected]
Nov 18, 2012

Wrong commitment to the customer

Dear sir,
I am using vodafone network for telecommunication, but last week I lost my vodafone sim during travel.I request to the company for new sim Company sent me new sim on 15th november, but company sent me unactiveted sim, therefore i request to the company for activation of sim at 17th november. Company customer care employee Mr.Manpreet & Mr.Subham told me that your sim will be activete within 4 hours.Some employee of vodafone customer care again told me your sim will be activate in 24 hour's.

So i really very hurt due to the wrong commitment.
My request number is-2290587344
please help me.
Nov 15, 2012

Deduction of Balance By vodafone without any justification thrice and for no reason


Again for the last few days i am facing the same problem...Unjustified balance deductions.....I recharged my no. with Rs 10 and within few seconds my balance was 0.09 paise ..I didnt get any notification or msg regarding the balance deduction

After some time again I recharged my no. with Rs 50 and with few minutes my mobile balance balance Rs 38 from Rs 43 and then in the next 3 hours balance got deducted twice i.e from Rs 36 to Rs 20 and the from Rs 20 to Rs 11 without my knowledge...When i called customer care, the executive started arguing and talking rudely ...In the middle of the conversation ,when i was inquiring about the deduction he disconnected my call without even informing...

It happening again and again....

They still haven't resolved the prev. issue where my balance was deducted in the same manner and rather than accepting their mistake they starting blaming me...

i was using blackberry services for which i paid 400 rupees yesterday.Along with this i was having 80 rupees balance in my number but suddenly my bb sevrvices stopped working and whn i checked my balance it was Rs -40(negative Balance)

I called customer care and they are putting the blame on me that i had sent mms to people..Even if i had messaged ,how did the balance reached Rs -40(negative Balance) as when you have Rs 0 in your account you are unable to send msgs...

Along with this,i don't even know how to use mms service and if balance was deducted i didn't got any message or any popup notification.
Suddenly all the services stopped working and i was unable to make calls>then only i checked the balance

The customer care executive kept me hold for such a long time and then in the middle disconnected my call without giving me proper info..And then those people started ignoring my calls...
After callin them fr 10-12 times they attended and started saying the same.

normal facts : When you send any message to anyone a popup notification that this much balance is deduced..

I didnt got any notification

2. When you have zero balance u cannot send mms /sms or make calls...how did my Balance reach Rs - 40

Sir already i had faced a lot pf problems with vodafone when i had a postpaid number.They charged me so much at that time for no reason.Even at that time i kept on struggling to their office and calling customer care but they treated so badly..
In the end due to big bill amounts and charges for those services which i had never requested ,Vodafone sent me in a debt of almost Rs 8000
In the end due to that,i had to close my number

Now again i am facing the same mental harassment and issue due to them

please help me..

I have even clicked on the link ,filled the required form provided in the prev. complaint by vodafone but never got any reply or any support from them....Now again it has happened/.....
Nov 15, 2012

Billing for not using

Vodafone Post Paid No ; 9582215593

I was not using the above mentioned SIM from past 1-2 months [Before 3 months period offer & I lost it]. When i purchased this SIM along with ZTE usb modem for internet, i was told that for Rs.450/- 2GB of 3g data will be given every month for 3 months, that is it. They didn't mention anything after 3 months period. The offer expired 1 mmonth back. Now i have got a bill of Rs.730/- due on 29/11/12. Though i was not subscribed to any plan, the bill was showing that that the plan was of Rs.650/-.
I did not subscribe to any plan & as i was told at the time of purchase the plan was for only 3 months. Now the bill issue is not fair.
Nov 15, 2012

poor services

now what happened with me was very annoying.....i buyed a new phone (samsung chat)model no.GT-b5330 on october 1 2012 n have been using a vodafone sim.....from that day till no ...i have called to vodafone customer care for atleast 9 times "ALEAST"to either send me the GPRS setting or i myself will set it manually...bt from the day of purchasee till now....nothing worked at all.......... vodafone has wsted my time n money.. your employees keep on and on shifting the call. .....i don't know why the comany is working without any plans?
a time came when i bursted on ur employee...n then fr some days they kept my no. as undisturbed?
the company and its employees...plz have patience n .. TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERs.. and now
because of all this inconvenience u ppl make it all happen...n i will soon switch to airtel.
Pd91 Send email
Nov 14, 2012

Clip Barring

the number is currently being used by a friend of mine. i wud get into touch with her nd reply back asap.
thanx for prompt reply!
Vel India Send email
Nov 12, 2012

Clip Barring

Hello Piyush Dureja,

We called on your number but there was no response. Please share an alternate contact number with us at http://bit.ly/SXHZv2 also let us know a convenient time between 9AM to 6PM to reach you.

Vodafone Customer Care, Delhi & NCR
Rahuldevsaini Send email
Nov 12, 2012

Vodafone mini store

Myself Rahul Dev Saini, Residing in Bhorgarh, Narela, Delhi with my small and reputed family.Few days back i found my sim to be damaged and went to nearest mini store for replacement of Vodafone sim.On 9th Nov, 212 morning i went to mini store and found Gagan handling customer complaints with Tag line "Happy to Help", but in some time found very difficult to talk with the person.His language was too disrespecting and careless in a way that i have done some crime by coming here.Going further he told me to come after some time and when i went found this guy not at his desk to recieve complaints.After lots of efforts and time when this person came he again started misbehaving and asked some unusual and unwanted questions.He gave all the efforts in making me and my wife to regret our decision of coming to mini store for help.Then after lost of hassle and 5 times of our revisit and complete mental pain we found us with replaced sim but with lot of disrespect.I being a simple man with well reputed family never found such misbehaviour in my life.I would like to bring this in notice with the motive to improve his behaviour for me and for all other customers.I bring the customer of vodafone since last 13 years would expect strict and result oriented action from vodafone since this can be and should be resolved at basic level without escalating to higher authorities.Let me know what is the action plan from your side.My number - 9811262491.Regards - Rahul Dev Saini.
Vel India Send email
Nov 9, 2012

Talktime not received

Hello Bharat,

We wish to inform you that we have addressed your concern over an email. Kindly check.

Vodafone Customer Care, Delhi & NCR.
Vel India Send email
Nov 9, 2012

Vodafone Service Port Number

Hello Nitinsapra,

Please be informed that we have addressed your concern over an email, kindly check. The outgoing services on your number have been barred on 5 November 2012 due to negative verification. Kindly visit your nearest Vodafone Store for further assistance.

Vodafone Customer Care, Delhi & NCR.
RAVIC248 Send email
Nov 8, 2012

mobile services has been stopped by Vodafone

Good decision. But since you are in post-paid while disconnecting you better do it with proper evidence, ie retain copy of last paid bill, then mail to [email protected]<city>vodafone.in and intimate of your disconnection, get their reply or resend mails until you get reply. save those printouts to save yourself from further harassment.
Vel India Send email
Nov 8, 2012

Extra charges from Vodafone

Hello Ashwani,

Thank you for talking to us. We will get back to you with an update in 48 working hours.

Vodafone Customer Care.
Prash009 Send email
Nov 7, 2012

Network Issue

I am using Vodafone number 9886704591 from past 8 years , I have network issue at my Home , I hardly get the connectivity on my Phone ,I am chasing Vodafone customer support from past 4 months. every time they say it will fixed in 10 days. But it never gets fixed. I am really frustrated with the service Vodafone provides.
Nitinsapra22 Send email
Nov 7, 2012

Vodafone Service Port Number

Please register the Complaint for them..
Ashwani.vash Send email
Nov 6, 2012

Extra charges from Vodafone

Hi my name is Ashwani Vashitha I have VG_M&G_MV_TechM299 mobile corporate plan from Vodafone. Which is included 5 gb free data in this plan. I activate this plan from 3 Oct 2012 and I used 3 GB data in October month which is lower than 5 I expect will not any data charge from Vodafone but I surprised when I received bill from Vodafone they were charged 8900/- INR and now they are send me mail pay same amount otherwise service will not provide you please need your help to resolve this issue. I am enclosed all data which is require to you. I am not defaulter all information is provided by me is true and i don’t want to pay any additional charges. I am using these services after confirmation from Vodafone. One more think is my credit limit is 3100/- but don’t get exceeding massage now they charged 8900/- why they don’t informed me to cross the limit?

My billing cycle is 3 to 3.

Any inquiries please feel free to call me.

My Number is: 9711743333
Email id: [email protected]

Address: D-95, Pandav Nagar Delhi - 92
Meshakvijay Send email
Nov 6, 2012

prepaid bill statement

dear. sir/madam

my name is meshak vijay
since 4-5 days im getting sme calls that im missusing my number
my number is 9052750075
nw a days this number i hve given to y wife, but she said she didnt no anything about it, so kindly send me atleast a call statement on my email id
my adress is
n.meshak vijay kumar
gowrinathpuram colony
E.C.I.L post hyderabad
Viveka Nandan Joshi Send email
Nov 6, 2012

Bad Vodafone Service

Dear Vodafone Team

I am Vodafone prepaid customer, I am apply for change my prepaid service to postpaid service on 29th October, 2012 and I request to you to please come for verification only Sunday or after office time but my verification have not done till date.

If you do not want to change my prepaid service to post paid service, please inform me as for as possible than I am going to apply for other post paid service to other post paid service provider.

Thanking You

MOBILE NO. 08860135785
RAVIC248 Send email
Nov 3, 2012

Ridicules customer service better to wind up your network(sim rejected)

did dey come as said...?
madam as said d c.care exec.s really dont hav brain second dey dont wish 2 wrk, third dey shift u from one dept. 2 anothr to frustrate u and finally make u RUN out of vodafone. best is 2 write 2 v.fone.care and nodal... c.care 198 and 111 useless and fit to be closed.
at last go to police and court and make dem pay heavy fine
Nov 3, 2012

MDN 8459542237 not activated

Dear Sir,
my Vodafone net cruise MDN 8459542237 not activated after made the payment.
many time sent the mail and spoke with call center executive and visited in the store, but number not activated yet. i am using this from Dec 2011 and facing such problem in this time only when my bill was late.They are saying payment not received but amount has debited from my account and also shared the snap-shot which i made the payment through on-line via credit card and mentioned the transaction ID with them.

Kuldeep Singh (8527818878)
Prathmesh Shah Send email
Nov 3, 2012

Missed calls from no with ISD +92

Alert !! got missed call numbers starting with 2522 series ... continuously 4-5 times at regular intervals. Shockingly RS 50 gets deducted each time you try to call ( which gets disconnected) for less than 5 seconds. The Vodafone customer care does not know any details ...
Vel India Send email
Nov 2, 2012

Ridicules customer service better to wind up your network(sim rejected)

Hello Savita,

Thank you for your time on the call. We will get back to you with an update in 24 working hours.

Vodafone Customer Care, Delhi & NCR.
Lalwani Send email
Nov 1, 2012

Ridicules customer service better to wind up your network(sim rejected)

Already done that please check you record with name savita and as per your request again i have raised complaint please check and revert if you can
Vel India Send email
Nov 1, 2012

Ridicules customer service better to wind up your network(sim rejected)

Hello Savita,

We truly regret the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your contact number with us at http://bit.ly/YqW75o so that we can address your concern better.

Vodafone Customer Care.

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