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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Indu Mehta
Nov 22, 2016

wrong dedction


I got a message that your Social book pack is active on my vodaphone no. and 30 days rental of Rs. 90/ has been deducted. I have not made any request. Kind deactivate this message. My vodaphone no..7800572732.
Oct 29, 2016

Deduction of 90 rupees without my permission

My Vodafone number is 9582572499. Vodafone deducted 90 rupees without my permission and knowledge in lieu of activating some desitube value added services. I want an immediate refund of this money. When tried their contact center, Ivr didn't allow to reach a live person. Disgusting experience using Vodafone.
Oct 29, 2016

Deduction of 90 rupees without my permission

Vodafone deducted 90 rupees as value added services without my permission . Some desitube service was activated without my knowledge and permission. It is really disgusting and frustrating when you see this thing happening. And when I try reaching their contact center then Ivr didn't allow me or gave me option to talk to their representative. I want this refund asap.
renu sagar
Oct 15, 2016

12 years old number sold without my consent

On 12 March 2016 , I went to Philipines from IBM ( I work for). Since I did not get my debit card along and hence was not able to pay the bill which was generated back then.
I was getting email messages that i need to pay my bill but I told via email to vodafone that since I am out , I shall settle the bill when I am back but please do not disconnect the number . However, they still did the same and sold to someone.
I cam back on 3th sept and found that my number has already been sold to someone and was told by vodafone store that its TRAI rule to do this .
Even though I have a pending bill of 1000 Rs and I am user from more than 12 years but still they didn't send anyone to my home address or sent any email on selling the number like this .
Vodafone people said I can ask and request the person who got the number and get a NOC from him and then I have to settle the bill and then can get the number back . I was in touch with that person who promised to give me the number back without any issues but he has not yet .. I keep trying him and tried other ways as well but he is not helping me ..
He is a milk man and given his DTC ID proof to vodafone for buying the number.. he was very nice to me initially but all of a sudden started doing this.

Now my issue is -- I need that number because its circulated everywhere and lot of places where I dont remember even but people do contact me on that .

I am not sure how and why vodafone sold an old number. Atleast being an old customer they should not inform me before doing this and taking this action or send someone to my home address to get the payment as well.

Please help me .

Renu Saggar
My number was 9999334130
The guy who bought my number is Sanjay Tanwar - 9818521223
I am contactable on 9899240533

Please help me
Shanu khan
Oct 9, 2016

Bill estimated charges

Dear sir/mam,
I am user of (9999895840)
I am facing this problem since April till now. And no resoond at all from your side after i called back to back & talking to your customer department 198 that your vodafone company generating my bill wrongly with estimate wrong charges and they always say that sir you have made a call on a personal number and they always tell me the same query that you called on a 5 digit number till 90 mins. For that you charged Rs 1200-1500 And they told me 2 times in between 6 months the first time in april and last time in September and i know that I didn't talked any person on a 5 digit number till 90 mins. It couldn't be possible. On the first time they made me fool and said that your number will be disconnect if you don't pay the bill for that chrages that I didn't know even and whenever i asked for the bill they never send it to my home.. after then they never ever send me the bill accept i request them for the bill and when i request them for the bill they always sent me after a month when I requested in the mean time they cutted off my phone and then i pay the bill and asked for the bill of April they never send me.. even they didn't respond me as well. So this is the service that you are proving to a local person.. I don't want deduct my amount from the bill sir,
I want more than that
I want to draw back my call recording on that 5 digit number i want you to check out those recordings which made in april and september sir because i know your company is lying and making extra chages to make fool their customers to give you the benefit of 2 Rupees.. either i will come to your office in delhi and i will listen those recordings with a police officer and i will leave a case in the consumer court for my both bill of unauthorized charges, that you are making money with no proove..
Shanu khan

Bill estimated charges

Oct 8, 2016

deficiencies in services

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that i am using Mobile services of M/s VODAFONE from the last several months and facing a lot of problems in connectivity while working on internet and also making calls.

Due to this deficiencies in services i have suffered huge financial losses which i am reporting to M/s Vodafone from time to time. This problem i am facing from this last Nov' 2015,
and every month M/s Vodafone is simply assuring me through e-mails and over telephone that from the next month onwards our services will be in order and recently they extended this assurance of good services up to Nov' 2016. The financial losses suffered by me due to their services already been reported by me to M/s Vodafone from time to time.

After facing the said problems, i have not paid their dues for the month of Sept'16 amounting to Rs.598/-,. Due to which they have blocked all the services of my mobile.

Therefore, considering the facts, i request you to kindly ask to M/s Vodafone to submit the complete details of my communication / e-mails to you
to justify the above issue and for taking the suitable action accordingly from your end.

House No.77,
New Delhi-67
Sep 24, 2016

Unnecessary deduction of balance

I am a vodafone subscriber and my mobile no is 8373917270, the company has deducted unnecessarily balance of rs 21by activating any services by the name of vodafone book services of which i never heard nor requested.i want the company to refund my deducted balance as soon as possible.
This msg was send by the company after deducting my balance.
Hello! Social Book pack is now active on your number, as requested.This service is valid till 02-10-2016 and a 7 days rental of Rs.21 has been deducted.Your current Balance post service activation is Rs.1.611.To deactivate SMS STOP to or call 155223(toll free).Click on the link to visit the site
Mankhush jha
Sep 22, 2016

give a link for win laptop and deduct 49 rs, how can i refund my balance

give a link for win laptop and deduct 49 rs, how can i refund my balance
Sep 17, 2016

complaint of balance deduction

It is stated that I got a text massage from company on 8/09/2016 at 08:09 pm regarding crediting free internet data of 50 MB in my account valid up to 13/09/2016. I used data at around 08:34 for few seconds for which Rs. 16.44/- has been deducted from my main balance. When I called up customer care next say to complain the same, the executive informed that no such massage has been sent as per his record. He told that he is forwarding my complaint to his senior and asked me to put complaint via mail with screenshot of massage. If no such massage has been sent to me then how come I got it? If it’s been sent by company how come customer care executive have not any record of it. If message has genuinely been sent to me, 50 MB data has been credited in my account and I used it accordingly, how come main balance by Rs. 16.44/- has been deducted for it. The said discrepancy may be rectified and deducted balance be debited back in my account.
Please find attached SCREENSHOT OF THE MASSAGE.

complaint of balance deduction

Chandan Arora
Aug 27, 2016

Misbehaviour by Customer Service

Hi Team,

I would here want share my feedback and the way I have been dealt with being your esteemed customer for such a long time. My complete family has been using Vodafone for years and I am sorry the way I have been treated is extremely pathetic.

My Mobile numbers are: 9811188686/ 9873483338
Name: Chandan Arora

I have called your customer care team today from 9873483338 and spoke to the agent Arjun he was superb and helped me to throughout and with whatever he could. Since I had a query in regards to my other number 9811188686 he requested me to call from the same number for any deactivation or waiver request which was understandably okay.

I called from my number 9811188686 and discussed about the data plan as I received a message of deactivation of this plan where I had asked the agent to help to share a waiver with the INR250 data plan and change it to INR100 as I would not require since I am traveling and would not this number with me.

This agent activated the INR100 plan and there was a lot of voice issue where is was not able to hear and the call got disconnected due to connection issue which is now a days not a new thing in Vodafone. I called back again and the next agent informed me that now your data plan of INR250 has been deactivated and INR100 has been activated and there would be a charge of INR350 in total + the rental of INR 149. I told him that why would I pay the charge of a service which I am not using or dont want to use. Either you sould have kept my plan of INR250 intact for this month and changed to INR100 from next billing cycle. He then kept my call on hold and transferred the call to his superior to help. I clearly told told him to explain to his superior with the concern and then only transfer my call. When the superior came on the call I could barely hear his voice and hence missed his name and he said that how may I help. I told him that the previous agent would have shared the issue before transferring the call. He was so rude and disrespectful and the way that he treated me on the call was aap chilana band karoge tab toh sort out karoonga. Please understand I have been pushed to be loud is because the way I have been treated and have been asked to repeat the information again. With no respect this supervisor disconnected my call and said in Hindi ab chilla hi le fir aur karle jo karna hai. I would request you to please listen to this call.

Immediately I again called the customer service team and asked for the name but the agent refused to share the detail. I asked him to transfer the call to the manager to which he asked my concern and I again shared my concern. I asked him for the resolution and he started blaming me only for all the issues. He said that it was me who disconnected the call and not the agent. I can prove this that the previous supervisor disconnected the call but he denied. I asked him if he can help and he kept me on the call for a long time and in the end he put all the blame on me that you are the one who got the services activated. Let me be very honest if someone is calling you to make a change would you not tell him the conditions and consequences of the changes been made. I then asked for the manager to which he denied to transfer and said all of them are busy and cant attend the call. I then asked him that if that's the case please ask them to call me and he suggested that someone in next 2 hrs will call me. I was so irritated with the way I was being treated that I wanted to get rid of Vodafone honestly and any of the customer would be if this is how they are treated. I am now about 45 mins away and I am sure that I will receive no call back addressing this issue. Also I have filled the feedback form on your website however I am not sure if this will be addressed.

All I want to point out is that for you it may be the 10th call but for me its my first call and I would expect some resolution. The reason of making a customer irate is not him but the way he is dealt. Keep yourself in the customer shoes and tell me where am I wrong.

The point is not for INR100-200 but of self respect and hence I would here go to any level to get an apology from the same person who has treated me with disgrace. Also to be be very honest such supervisors should be taken an action upon as they dont deserve to be there at such levels. This is complete nuisance and disrespectful. Kindly help me with the resolution for my problem at the earliest.

If this is not addressed in the right way I will be compelled to take this on social media and complaint via consumer forum for the way I have been treated.

Awaiting for your response.

Best Regards,
Chandan Arora
Aug 26, 2016

Automatic deduction from my account without my consent

Yesterday I got a message on my number 9711566226 declaring that I have been charged Rs 21 for activation of some 'Unlimited Videos Pack' that I have never subssubscribed. More over this deduction took place automatically and completely without my consent. This type of automatic deduction is highly dictative and unethical.
I request you to deactivate this service and refund my righrightful Rs 21 into my account at the earliest. I am attaching screen shots for details.
Aditya Mishra,

Automatic deduction from my account without my consent

Anju mansha
Aug 13, 2016

Applied for mnp b

I have applied for mnp but kalkaji Vodafone store people are not completin my request and not responding to my call
rex tylorh
Aug 7, 2016

Money Deducted from PAYTM

I have recharge the Vodafone prepaid balance from PAYTM ,it's said successful but still I haven't received yet,i want to Refund back my money .
Transaction ID IS=DL0159707089 amount 33
Transaction ID=DL059711546 Amounts 32
Transaction ID=Dlo159713684
Rohit Singh
Aug 5, 2016


I have lost my Vodafone sim which I have kept in my sunglass box, in Chattarpur metro station I realised the box is not in my bag in which I have sim and memory card sim no is 9582113794
Jul 25, 2016

Folo pack

I got the folo pack nonsense too. Got 45 bucks deducted from my balance and then don't know how another 30 bucks after which my balance shot down to 300 from 400 , when I had recharged it few hours back,and made one phone call after that charging me 28 bucks:(
Jul 25, 2016

bc vodafone cheater

i has complained lots of time to vodafone cc regarding data deduction . bal deduction . network issue and the major 1 is DND they were not solving any problem of mine.. all of the representative executive all are illitrate i thing owner is also illitrate . they don't know how to speak to custmer.. i called lots of times to appelate. nodal. regarding my DND ISSUE . most worst network... don't try to call me warna ab gaaliyaan milengi sunne ko... ok 9953781806
sanjiv bakhshi
Jul 18, 2016


From: Sanjiv Bakhshi [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2015 10:56 PM
To: 'connect1, vodafonecustomer, Vodafone India'; 'Gupta10, Amit, Vodafone India (external)'
Cc: '[email protected]'
Subject: RE: Final Payment Reminder Before Legal Action

We will meet in court.

1) Vodafone can-not get away with your representatives giving false & misleading information while converting 3 yr old connections from pre-paid to post-paid & can-not absolve itself of taking responsibility for same when user is making complaints from the date of receiving the first bill & Vodafone is deliberately not replying to the complaint till many reminders were sent & same mistake was repeated in 2nd bill also. Committed @0.30 p / call vs Actual Billed @0.50 p / call

2) Vodafone can-not absolve responsibility & claim that its own tele-customer care operatives have given false / wrong information that internet / whatsapp connectivity will only come on blackberry phone when the blackberry plan is taken & without which it will connect only on the wifi connection at home.

3) My alternate no. is available in the ‘form’ AVAILABLE WITH YOU as well as with all the tele-callers who call regarding the bill payment but the mail below again FALSELY claims that it is not available with you all.


This is a matter of Principle & cheating by Vodafone staff………not the measely amount pending & I am willing to see you all in consumer court. I suggest that you initiate the action & stop wasting time with these false mails.
Jul 17, 2016

abusive language use by executive

I called on the helpline number of Vodafone regarding to know if there any procedure to get back my money because by mistake I recharge my data plan on wrong number but executive not ready to listen anything he said not possible. So I said ok please transfer the floor manager to know there is some alternative for sure but he dont transfer the call instead of that he abusing me . I think all this call are recorded. So listen the call and take some action and make out that kind of executive who not ready to listen customer grievance. If I dont get a reply within 7days I will escalate to higher authority.
Jul 13, 2016

Fraud by Vodafone

Dear Sir,

This is Mohit Malik. I was a customer of IDEA Postpaid, On 25th june 2016 I had received a call from Vodafone and they insist me for MNP in Vodafone. I had received the call from no. 9136332065 on 25th june 2016. She comunicate me that we are offering you a 199/month plan in which you will get 600 minutes for STD/Local, 400 SMS (National) and one local mo no (V2V) will free for first 3 months and after the usage freebies call rates will be like : STD 50P/Min, Local 30P/Min.
When I got my no activated I was fully serprised because I got the information from customer care that the plan will be rs. 249/month and in this plan 300 minutes are provided to me and 300 national SMS. I have told to customer care executive that I was informed for the facilities like I mentioned previous. in this case customer care executive told me that I am arranging the back call related to you query. Next day on 6th July i got one call from no. 7696982970 named Varun. he told me that I will communicate with that person who offered you this plan and don't worry your plan will be same as you communicated by that person in 48 hours.
I waited for two days but problem not resolved and I had got one message that your new plan is 199/month and you will get 600 minutes and 300 SMS, I called the customer care and told him that one local V2V no is free in my plan, but that guy told me that there is no free number into ur plan you have to pay 75/month additional if you want free number. I had raised one complaint into customer care but no replies from their side. after 5 days I called today again on customer care same answer I got Again.
I called that lady who called me firstly but she replied me that "agar aap same day number de dete to free ho jata ab nahi hoga ". I told her if there is no free number in my plan and CCE (customer care executive) is saying you have to pay 75 rs then to whom I gave the number.

Now the condition is " I called many times to customer care and that lady" but no replies.
Kindly Help me regarding this else I am going to FIR for 420.

I am giving you the number by whom I talked many times regarding this condition.

9136332065- Executive who called me First
9990257711- Executive who told me that now we can't do anything
7532937831- Executive who came to me for picking up the Documents
7696982970- Executive who called me back call from Customer care and said to me that you will got the same plan which you choosen.

Mohit Malik
EMail: [email protected]
Mo. Number- 9015244503
Jul 4, 2016

Non activation of net pack

I have filled net pack of RS.199/- on 1st July 2016 at 9.30 a.m. through net banking. I have already complained this matter to Pyou but still no action is taken. So I request u to return my amt. to me. An early action is requested.
Jun 20, 2016

Bill Payment

On 10.05.2016 I made a payment of Rs.241.60 through internet towards the payment of vodafone bill vide Transfer no. ############. But so far the payment is not received by Vodafone. I, therefore, request you to kindly refund the above said payment at the earliest.

Thanking you,

With regards,
Jitesh Soni
9013308898 (M)
Jun 15, 2016

Asking for more payments within 4 days of new connection


Am really disgusted with the kind of service receives regarding my Vodafone emovile WiFi connection.

I took connection on 8th June paying 4200/- and on 12th I received a bill for 630/-. I was told I have to pay nothing else apart from that and my monthly charge will be around 125/- for service tax. But to my surprise my bill had been produced for 630rs in 4 days. I received a call from Vodafone store stating that it was their mistake in explaining n it was the tax I will receive upfront and no monthly bills.

Today 15th June my connection is disconnected due to this bill which is die to be paid by 30th June.

I spoke to abhijeet Nerli at 198 and I was told to contact Vodafone store at 11 in the night when I had to send an emergency email which was my work related. Unfortunately that could not be done on a phone email lime this email am sending you guys.

I was later told that my credit limit is 500rs when my monthly rental itself is 850rs + taxes. How can I have a credit limit lower than my monthly renatal. Doesn't this sound nonsense. Any person with common sense would say this is wrong credit limit.

I asked the person to raise a complaint to register my dissatisfaction but abhijeet nerli and Zafar both denied to raise a complaint.

I asked for supervisor and as always the supervisor went out to have food and there was no one else on the floor to manage in case there is an escalation.

What a lovely brand Vodafone is where they don't have a customer ownership process in ace. Nobody to help a customer when there is a problem.

You have caused me a problem due to which I had to face embarrassment from my boss because I couldn't manage to send my work related email. I will take this as higher as possible.
Jun 12, 2016

Bill paid but demanding

I am a Vodafone user since 2005, I paid my last bill on 31 May 2015 by online using Vodafone.in site. I also sent all transaction details to Vodafone nodal officer but despite all this, Vodafone executives call me from 1 to 11 June daily thrice in a day repeting same dialogue that pay your bill. I explained the on each & every time that I have already paid the bill & sent proof to vodafone nodal officer please coordinate within your departments & provide me the email, I will also send you the same proof of my innocent. But the y did not understood & continue harassing me, even Vodafone nodal authority could not take any solid action to stop my harassment. They set a automatic voice reminder to my each & every outgoing call which was delaying UN necessarily to make any call & it was very annoying. I complaint them about same & they removed that but still calling me to remind that pay your bill ( which is already paid by me) again they set voice reminder & I complaint them, they removed but again on 10 June 2016 they barred my any out going call due to which I could not make some important call on need, it was extremely painful & unbearable.
Now they finally text me that we have credited your payment & sorry for this problem, we will improve on this area.

But what about my 11 days continue harassment? I want concrete action for this shit & heavy compensation for this painful torture given by Vodafone to me without any reason & even they proved very careless in this case. Please help.
Jun 11, 2016

Fraudulent Calls on my Mobile

During my recent visit to Vietnam, as soon as I reached, got multiple repeat calls from "Hapur-India" on my mobile. The calls were made to show these are urgent calls. Multiple numbers were used to make these calls. Seems like my "roaming status" was provided/shared from Vodafone to these people operating out of Hapur to make fake calls there by adds to roaming call fees for end users. Considering countries like Vietnam incoming/out going call rate is very high, such calls are being made. Most importantly, it seems it is a revenue sharing model between Vodafone and such parties.

Have provided sample call details to Vodafone..but yet to get a response to my mail. While I wait for them to respond, their system is very active to claim dues.

Y should I pay for fraudulent calls to my mobile which are routed through my service provider-Vodafone. Request Vodafone to find a solution/respond to my queries asap..also initiate action against the fraudulent call makers.


[email protected]
Jun 10, 2016

Automatic Activation of FOLLO pack

Please credit back the amount deducted for FOLLO pack on my mobile no. 9582838778.
I have never activated any such service.

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