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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

May 14, 2011

Call services barrred

my number is 9818173909 ported from Airtel to vodafone pospaid.I am in UP west right now.From morning my call services barred.When i called customer care but they are not responding & putting call on hold for so long time.I am paid 1600/- to vodafone to activate services but no satisfied feedback recd from last 12 hours.

Hope you will take action on the same.Below are my details of payments paid to Vodafone today.

Paid date Paid Amount (Rs) Paid by Transaction ID
14/05/2011 800 Credit Card WAP - MCIT1054458264
14/05/2011 500 Credit Card WAP - MCIT1054458811
14/05/2011 300 Credit Card WAP - MCIT1054368333

Rahul Rana
May 10, 2011

Activated internet pack but not able to use and balance continuously being deducted for Ph.No. 9899171649

Dear Sir

I have purchased new SIM 9899171649 on 08/05/11 and activated unlimited GPRS pack of Rs 499. to use it on my phone using my phone as modem. I started using net next day after 24 hours of receiving activation SMS for unlimited internet. But after sometime i found out that I was not able to use internet. My balance is showing Rs -372.35. I am not able not understand why was i charged and even after paying for gprs scheme why am I not able not use internet.

Please look into the matter as soon as possible. There has been a very bad response from vodafone customer care. No one has been able to solve the issue, they just asked me to call after 4-5 hours. I have tried 3 times after a break of 5 hrs but each time i had same disappointing response.

My current contact number is : 08860317492

Nitin Bighane
Mobile : 08860317492
May 6, 2011

mobile no. Portability

i feel sorry about this because that mobile phone has some technical problem... So when u call me it shows swtich off... Plz call me on 9560881388...
May 6, 2011

balance deduction

I,shilpi sharma have activated a value added service named beauty on my vodafone number,9711214034.From then till now,i have made many efforts to deactivate this service but its all in vain and the balance of rupee 1 is deducting daily.I have made a lot of complaints.
the comlaint numbers are 2188178408,155923980,5462086
Every time their response in the same that it wil be deactivated within 4 hours and it has not been till now. Moreover now the deduction has increased to rupees 30 per day.I am totally harassed by this attitude of the company.Kindly help me
May 4, 2011


I have been recieving calls from 2 numbers stated : 09796553000 and 09596310594 and have been saying ill about me, i have been trying to avoid these calls but the person calling from both the numbers is the same and is continously calling me from past 10 days and have been saying all bad things about me and to me. Please as a matter of women pride please get this rectified or block these particular numbers from calling me.
May 4, 2011


May 3, 2011


Hi Team,

There is a vodafone number 9711187174 which has been surrendered and utstanding of 1600 at the esnd was paid completely.Still i am getting calls to pay the bill.is this the service that i get, You vda store at Rajiv Chowk says that they have lost the form .
I am not liable for any bill and there is no usage .Please check and get me rid of all this urgently

This is unfair.Please provide me the help on the same to retain the trust on vodafone

May 3, 2011

Mobile Number Portability Rejection

Hi ,
I have applied for mobile number portability and wanted to switch from Vodafone to Airtel. But Vodafone rejected my request mentioning "The number or range is in Contractual Obligations...". I am not sure what contract is associated with number.
When I contacted Vodafone customer care they said to visit their store.
My doubt is that Is there any clause in MNP to stop user from porting out.

Please let me know what else I can do to port out from Vodafone cause i am absolutely dissatisfied by the service plus vodafone have a regular habit of changing their scheme also other service providers have better schemes.
Apr 29, 2011

mobile no. Portability

Now i m custumour of reliance... Bv now i want to convert my reliance no. into vodafone throw mobile no. Portability..
Is there any profitabe offer for my then call me plzzzz..
Apr 29, 2011


Dear officer,

I am Vodafone user for past few months, before that I was connected with Reliance since 2004, but as of now my experience with Vodafone is not good. The reasons are as following:-

1. My entire services were barred many times within 1 month (08/04/2011, 15/04/2011 & 29/04/2011) while I was on roaming on 8th April & 15th April and today 29th April, I am admitted in hospital for last few days without any information and any reason even there was no bills are pending or the payment is due.

3. I got the message on 09/04/2011 @ 1.45pm and 15/04/2011 @ 7.15pm and on 29/04/2011 @ 5.36pm that “Hello! Your Outgoing Call service has been restored on your Vodafone mobile phone 99535 73138. To know active services status sms MYSERVICES to 111 (toll free)”

Now I would like to know the reason why the services has been barred on 08/04/2011 and 15/04/2011 and 29/04/2011, I need to have to proper reply on above points, do let me know what Vodafone will be doing to compensate me as on 09/04/2011 my father was admitted in hospital for his heart problem and I was mentally harassed.

As I feel that Vodafone is not a customer friendly company at all, the way it is treating me. Now I may me taking this media and other higher authorities as well.


Deepak Kumar Gupta Kotawala
Apr 25, 2011

Descripancy in Bill


I have sent the below mail at [email protected] since mine is a corporate connection but have'nt received any response from vodafone yet.Kindly update and please waive off the late payment charges as the mistake is at your end.

i checked my bill for mob no 9654355875 & and have found some discrepancy in my march bill.

As per my discussion with Shweta tiwari,vodafone executive, my advance rental plan was renewed without any monthly rental.Thereby my bill amount should have been USAGE CHARGES and tax i.e Rs 477.kindly correct the bill and let me know the final amount to be paid.|

Also,I am not able to view my bill for march month for mob no 9654355865.Can you please let me know the correct amount to be paid as i have renewed that plan as well and requested for annual rental waiver as my average bill is more than 500 per month for the last 1 year.

waiting for the response at the earliest.

Mob no 9654355875
Apr 21, 2011

Balance Deduction Without Any Request

Dear Team,

I m using Vodafone prepaid mobile from last 4 years. I m very happy with services but yesterday I have received a SMS you have activated VA_ Business alert and Rs.30/- has been deducted from your account. I have never requested any such kind service. I request you to check on priority basis and reverse the deducted amount other I will mark this case to higher atthourties.

Also, I have already called to Vodafone customer care they are disconnecting the call every time.

Vodafone Prepaid mobile number – 9711435098

Lalit Vijh
Apr 21, 2011

service not given though charged


I am Dhananjay Chaudhary a frustrated and ill treated customer of Vodafone with mobile number 9811190942, I have just got blackberry services from Vodafone 2 weeks back which were activated almost 3 days after they charged me Rupees 399 after several calls and more than 20 hours of call wait on their customer care they asked me to visit Vodafone centre and then it got activated. On the morning of 21st April 2011 I realize that my balance is rupees -26 (in negative).

I would want to bring to your notice specifically the below mentioned higlighted points:-

• I tried calling up customer care on 111 around 12:25, which has no option of connecting to a customer care agent to start with. (UNBELIEVABLE)
• Futher to this my blackberry services are also disconnected for which I have already paid Rupees 399 full amount in advance for the month.
• After numerous times of trying the CC and explaining them the problems i was facing, they had the audacity to tell me that " I had browsed internet so it has been deducted" I fail to understand why would they deduct amount if I have paid for an unlimited plan from Vodafone as claimed by them??
• Further they transferred me to a senior supervisor named Mr. Dharamveer and he explained to me that there are two browsers in the phone out of which one is free and the other is charged, and when I asked him as to how would i know about these glitches, he retorted back saying "if you do not have technical knowledge you should have called up the customer care and asked about it"

Finally I got my phone recharged and now have a Positive balance of rupees 60.898(after adjusting rupees - 26) I waited for several hours for my blackberry services to be activated, which are not yet activated so call up the customer care around 19:15 and again to the same repetition I can’t call up customer care, so took someone else Vodafone no and called and they say it’s all active and there is no problem from their end and gave me a toll free complaint no. 198 I called up on this no. from my prepaid no. 9811190942 and is answered by an agent and after explaining him all the situation he says all services are active there is no problem after my several attempts to explain him that they are not in middle of the conversation he asks me to hold and puts on mute and after 2 minute I hear some voices and few digits being dialed and I am transferred to the IVR the one when u call up the customer care on 111 from which I am unable to reach any customer spokesperson. I called back again on 198 and this time it was answered by an agent named Mr. Azad after explaining all the situation and my problem all over again again and again ,to my shock he informs me that if I download anything from my blackberry messenger I will be charged and in the middle I am again asked by him to hold he puts me on mute and I hear some keys being pressed and I am transferred to the IVR same on. After feeling that this is somehow being done purposely to avoid I called back again on 198 and was answered by an agent Mr. Dilip and believe me I had to explain all that what I faced since morning to him and he says sir your services are activated and u should get it recharged and they money is deducted because u sent an MMS 4 times that’s why I was charged rupess5.10 several times. and when I start explaining him furiously he asks me to hold and puts me on mute and for two minutes and then I hear some key being punched and transferred to the main IVR. This is so humiliating frustration and pure torture from Vodafone people. I decided not to call them back to avoid more harassment from them. still the services are not activated 22:30 when I write this out of pure agony and frustration and ask what can I do to get this sorted and the loss I have taken because of them who is responsible for this,
This how the agents are trained at Vodafone.
Is this how you bluff with customers and keep the costs hidden.
I would like Vodafone to take serious action against such customer care agents and a proper explanation to my problem created by Vodafone.
Apr 20, 2011

non provision of service

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Ankita Jain, am using vodafone number +91 9873632008. On 20th April, 2011 at 7:32pm I activated Blackberry service on my phone by sending an SMS ACT BIS15 on 111. The company has deducted the amount from my balance but the service is still not activated on my phnone. Moreover, the customer care service is extremely disappointing that too when they charge for the call to customer care executive .I called nearly 7-8 times to check for the service, and each time my call was put on hold saying that my call is being transferred to their senior manager. It has been more than 24 hours now and the problem remains unattended at their end with no response.

Kindly do the needful at the earliest.


Ankita Jain
Apr 19, 2011

Network problem since last 24 hours

Vodafone network problems are horrible!!
Since yesterday at 10, I have not been able to make outgoing calls or SMS or even receive incoming calls or SMS.
At first, Vodafone guys tried to blame my handset for it and made me try all sorts of rebooting methods and even asked me to change the Access Point settings on my mobile phone.
When nothing worked, they accepted that its a problem with their base stations in Delhi and that several customers (the customer care agent told me 4.3 lacs customers!!!) in Delhi have been facing this problem since 19 the April morning.
All along they have been telling me that they are sorting the problem out at their end and that I should wait for a "couple" of hours...or that they have "forwarded" my number to higher up....what the hell does forwarding my number do for me if the problem is not solved???!!!

Well, Vodafone I have waited for 24 hours now and I AM FED UP WITH YOU!!

So after being associated with Vodafone as a "high revenue" post-paid customer for 8 years, I am switching my service provider.

Not just because they have utterly failed to solve the problem even today (more than 24 hours after this problem started), but more because of how they have handled this problem by giving me repeated false commitments!!

- Hari
Apr 19, 2011

pathetic customer service

hiiii....my name is Taufiq ahmad, mob. no. is +919999964282 yesterday 18th of apr i got a msg regarding vodafone superweek, i activated it or while following all turms and conditions i used this service that was absolutely free, even after when i checked my account i saw my bal was in (-), i dailled 198 to complaint it was around 4:00pm 1st ms. kavita picked up the cal i share all that and and she was aggree then that my bal was diducted wrongly, she commited to me refund my bal and said she had frward a request and gv me a request no. but i did not get any cnfrmation sms and i called up agn to 198 and this time a guy picked the cal i agn share all that and he put me on hold, i had been holding since around 15 mnts and then my call was discncted without gv me any info, i called up agn on same no. this time mr. rajiv picked my cal i agn shared all and gv that request no. that i got frm ms kavita and then he gv me info that there was no request for my no. then i came to know that it was a fake request no. i asked him to take my complaint but he didnt take any complaint regarding that and i asked to transfer my call to his senior he put me on hold and came back and said all senior were in a meeting said there was no senior available on the floor...i asked imphased on him to transfer my call to senior agn and then he put me on hold and did not come back i waited for 30 mnts but due to no respons i disconnected my call myslf. and in all this conversation the language, and tone of this guy was really pathetic,was irriatating....
and now i'm very disapointed with vodafone customer srvice... and i'm gonna chnge my service provider..
Apr 18, 2011

deduct money everday

Sir ,

My number is 9873411757 .
I didn't activate STARTOP service on my number .
But customercare excutive is not giving me clear alnswer and when i request them to find out right answer thne she (pinkky Garg ) hold my call and transfer to other which was tapped call .

please look at this matter and kindly revert my money back .

and request to your excutive give proper anser without call cutting


Apr 18, 2011

Porting deniel

My MNP request for my Nos. has been denied by Vodafone stating I am under contractual obligation. These Nos. are in individual name and I have not signed any contract with Vodafone. While trying to contact 111 they say we don't know about this and will contact you.
Apr 12, 2011

froud call

sir i am vivek singh i am regular from vodafone but i have recived every day 2 to 3 hunderd this no 9873153903
Apr 10, 2011

details leek out my number

respected sir,
i m the vodafone user and my vodafone number is 7838977804.i want to complaint the leakage of my call detais i cant imagine this kind of major mistake than by your site plz take action as soon as possible
Apr 7, 2011

Pathetic Service, Barred the outgoing

Hi..ihave recently moved to Delhi..and took a Vodafone corporate connection....no. 9899707713....person came to my residence for verification..but no one was there at home during that time..so they barred the outgoing due to negative verification. I called up the customer care and asked for the re-verification to be done. for next 4 days I was at home..nobody turned up... i again called the customer care and was told that verification had been negative again..as no one was at home...which is crap...i was at home for the entire day...i asked them to raise the request again for verification...person came nexty day at my home....my wife was there..after taking the information..he said the outgoing will be activated in few hours....more than 30 hrs passed still the outgoing is barred. I called customer care to register my complain..they refused to register the complain and instead asked me to wait till 10:00 am next morning....i then called up 198...person told me that the number is showing active...i told him that i cannot make the calls..he asked me to hold for sometime and then simply disconnected the call....i called back the customer care again and was conveniently told that I will have to visit a Vodafone store to re-submit the documents...as if I have ample of time for all this crap....

Vodafone is truly one of the worst service provider....but my bad luck is that they are the corporate service provider for my organization...
Apr 7, 2011

not working

My Vodafone no.9899930138 still not working for more then five days after submitting the required documents.
Apr 4, 2011

irrelevant charges levied

i am a vodafone prepaid subscriber this is in relation to irrelevant charges being applied on my number since 12th march 2011 regarding internet usage. in view of which i contacted the customer care executive and i was told that my GPRS services were activated so i deactivated those services. following deactivation i got a confirmatory call and message from vodafone.2 days later my balance dropped to negative with credit given to me again i contacted customer care i was told that some internet services were active for which i was asked to switch off my phone n and again insert sim.After this episode again same thing happened,these deductions have continued for past 15-20 days and the customer service of vodafone have been negligent in this regard when asked to transfer the call to senior executives they keep the phone on hold and then disconnect the phone. In reference to my yesterday's call i was given a complaint no.155094796 but even after that no action has been taken. No senior executive has responded to this issue,this is simply a case of consumer harrasment
Mar 29, 2011

Missed calls from no with ISD +92

i got a missed call from number +923475216600, and when searched from isd code +92 found that this number is from pakistan. I request vodafone team to look into this matter and how my no reached them.

Navin prakash
Mar 29, 2011

Got a miss call from +9230 that is pakistani number

Dear Sir

I got a miss call from +923072687117 which is a pakistani number . Please see into this matter.

Rohit Bansal

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