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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Dec 11, 2010

3rd complaint regarding the blocking of my prepaid number 9899282919

With due regards, this is to inform you that i am the user of Vodafone prepaid service from many years the experience is really very pathetic because the services are not good. I have already made 2 complaint-on 27-11-2010 and 10-12-2010 regarding the blockage of my above said number. Now i just have only one option that is to file a legal complaint against the service provider.

Ms. Parul Deshwal
Dec 10, 2010

2nd complaint regarding the blocking of the out going services of 9899282919

With due respect Sir/Madam this is with the reference of my previous complaint made by me on 27th Nov, 2010 at 3:26 PM. regarding the unnecessary blocking of my prepaid phone numbers 9899282919 & 9899032057. After making the previous complaint to you they started our phones within 3 minutes without asking any documents, but after 13 days again they blocked my 1number(9899282919) and this time after blocking the service they send me a message and the message language is "Important! OG Service has been barred on this Vodafone number due to non submission of docs. Please submit your docs within 24hr to enjoy uninterrupted services". I m unable to understand that after blocking the service of my phone without informing me in advance what type of justice they have done with the customer because after barring of the phone this type of message does not make any sense. I have already told you that we submitted our documents almost 12 times and again & again they block my numbers and this time my one number 9899032057 is working and another one 9899282919 is blocked the address profs and other documents are submitted by me for both the numbers then how the service provider will do this? This is my humble request to you please make some action or please suggest me something because if the educated people face such type of problem then i am sure that the uneducated or lower class people may be harassed by the service providers because they don't know regarding the consumer forums. Waiting for the positive response.

Thank You
Ms. Parul Singh
Assistant Professor
Dec 7, 2010

Connection error

Hello My no. is 09899739019 and since fast one month I have been having serious trouble with my connection. first I thought it was my mobile handset so I changed it bu the problem continues. The call gets disconnected on its own after 20-30 seconds despite mobile showing full network coverage.
Have tried to call customer service a million times but it says check the number you have dialed at 198.
I have even tried calling via landline but they disconnect the phone after 2 minutes.
Im highly frustrated.
Help me.
Dec 5, 2010

Deactivation of incoming and out going even after paying bill


This is Murali and my mobile number is 9811422709.
Outgoing and incoming facility of the above number is deactivated in 3 times even i payed more than my bill amount.

My total bill amount for Nov-10 is 2600.00
I have paid total 3000.00 My payment details are as below.
On 15-11-2010 i have paid 1000 through my card i have even reference number with me and it was updated even in my online account.

the second payment was made on 20-11-2010 of 2000.00 by cash in vodafone outlet.

Even after paying 400.00 extra my outgoing and incoming also got blocked.




Thanks & Regards
Dec 5, 2010


plz send me the call history of 9654858966 vodafone number as soon as possible on me e- mail I'd - [email protected]
Dec 3, 2010

ownership change

this is vishal here using vodafone number 9999112840 .

and i have no problem in saying vodafone is the best service provide as i use but it is worst for the customer in every means.

its more then two months still i am suffering from the same problem and its 2nd time i writing here.

three times i have subited documents to vodafone for ownership change still the issue is not resolved.
they even do not know who collected the documents from me.

every time when i visit vodafone store new person is handling to whom i have to tell my story but they are just the stupid person on the earth they commit that tommorow u just met me or i will give u call regarding the issue but nither i got call from them nor my issues is resolved and when i go to v store then every time that person is not there .

my issue is more than 2 months older and from last 15 days i went to vodafone store but noone there is gentleman who know every thing they are just a parasite every time sucking my blood.

every time i called to vodafone centre we din have update about ur documents.

so tell who should look after for updates????

after i post my blog here i got a phn from mr kunal he was a gentleman 9711362280.
called me that u just met the Vaibhav kapoor for the issue .

i had a talk with all executive and yesterday withmr. vaibhav kapoor.alos he commited that he will provide response to me and give me a call regarding that i din got any response any of them any time if i dont visit store.

so u can imagine how they are responsible............
why u are paying money to them theyare there to help customer but customre suffers just because of them

even if i complained for any body they just give me a no. on which no action willl be taken and never let mw know about my complained status.

further all that i visit vod.store so much time that they know me by face .and this is jus rubish.

i provide them even affidevit for ownership change they still ask for handwritten application .
which it mean
if u dont even think wt centre govt,]. is then who m i

Sujat ,Akhil, Ruchi, and at the last vaibhav team head at vodafone store all of them are irresponsible .

i dont know why they are there for .

if all of them not access single customer for such a long time .

take necessary action urgent or please access my file soon or i should go to court now..................

this is my 2nd post here and still my issue is same .

if i suffer more i will sue vodafone now on.

and all of them to whom i talk because there is no other way to me.



poor vodafone customer suffered by vodafone day by day
Nov 27, 2010

without any notice blocking of the numbers

With due regards this is to inform you that i am the user of Vodafone prepaid service from more than 6 years and in between these six year i have always submitted my documents for verification and that is almost 12 times i done that but this time i don't know what happen they blocked my two phones without any information(no sms and no computerized call) my numbers are 9899032057 and 9899282919. There helpline numbers are always busy and not providing satisfactory replies. I just want to know that the service providers don't have any responsibility towards there customers. Waiting for the hopeful response.

Thank you
Ms. Parul Singh
Nov 23, 2010

block of my prepaid sim card


my mobile is missing in the morning at bus, so i want to blocking of my prepaid sim card .. my mobile no is 9654453014. plz kindly requesting u and give the reply as soon as possible. my address is J-Ist- 641/18 Main Road Sangam Vihar New Delhi - 110062

Thanking you,

Nov 20, 2010

promotional Sms

I have been using Mobile No: 9999333495

I have already registered for DND call, but still my I am receiving from below Numbers:
Ba ncr 1
Ba omr
Td orris
Ba mhg
Ba palm

Kindly look into the issue.

Thank you very much
Nov 19, 2010

Vodafone is untrustworthy and disgraceful

I’ve been a Vodafone customer like the rest of my family members and my experience like theirs has been totally unsatisfactory due to the deplorable services that Vodafone provides.

I’ve been using the number x since April 2010. Since my usage was not much as I was using it for incoming only, I decided to change to prepaid. However I was advised by your corporate care group that if I wanted to change to pre-paid, I must visit a Vodafone Store. They also suggested that I consider the Lifetime Free plan.

I went the nearest Vodafone store and enquired the process for migrating to Prepaid and also the details of the Lifetime plan. I was provided with the information and like any common customer, I trusted what I was informed. I was persuaded by the Vodafone store that the Lifetime Free was not only economically more effective but also that migration to Lifetime Free will take much less time and effort. The information given to me was as follows:
1. For prepaid, the migration will involve change of SIM card that will take 2-3 days, compulsory top-up of minimum 200 every 3 months
2. For Lifetime Free, I was offered a more beneficial plan i.e one-time payment of 449 instead of 999, waive off of charges for CLIP and itemised bill.
Since obviously, it was very apparent that the Lifetime Free plan was more cost-effective, I gave the go-ahead for migration to Lifetime free plan. However, my peace my mind was short-lived. I did not know that Vodafone could not be trusted, that Vodafone employees make dishonourable commitments and that they blatantly dupe customers.

I was SHOCKED to see my bill. All the benefits I was assured of, the very basis of my migrating to this plan, were not extended to me at all! The commitment made to me was not honoured. My bill included charges for CLIP (for an entire year) and itemised bill that was supposed to be waived off as per the word of the Vodafone executive. In the last 3 months, I made multiple complaints by – all I ever got was auto-acknowledgements.

While the goof-up made by your employee was NEVER resolved, instead my number has now been DEACTIVATED – there is neither any incoming not any outgoing.

Can you please make sure that the commitments made to your customers are honoured?
Can you please ensure that the CLIP and itemised bill charges are rolled back and service is restored on my phone??

[email protected]
Nov 19, 2010

Vodafone Bill

I have 2 no of Vodafone and allways recd the bill month wise.Since last month I have not recd the monthly bill to submit the payment. So many time discussed in customer care executive to send the bill. Now the vodafone charged for the disscution with executive. but sorry to say that till date no action has done from the vodafone.I have request to executive to send the bill in my IDbut no response. Please help me as per your moto"HAPPY TO HELP"otherwise change the moto.

Pradeep Kumar
Nov 12, 2010

Unwanted messages & Calls

I am a Vodafone Corporate connection holder Mobile no. 99996750**
I opted for Do not disturb service but still I receive unwanted advertisement messages and calls and they have leaked the Information to HDFC, Lic & ICICI tele-callers who have my mobile no. along with the name, when will we Indians understand the Data protection acts.and these companises will be fined.
Nov 9, 2010

Number Details

I urgently need Details of the following vodafone number....
plz hep me urgently
Oct 22, 2010

Deficiency, lack of transparency and dishonesty in service

The elan and audacity with which Vodafone is functioning in its fiefdom called India is mindboggling-and all with the tacit support of the TRAI. Call Dropping has become a daily and most charactristic feature of Vodafone's service, coupled with the unsolicited and most annoying messages being forced on the unwilling customers merely for increasing revenues. Apart from providing a most expensive but poor network service, not one single call can ever be complete with less than three call drops-thus multiplying the revenues of this service provider. IN ADDITION, EVERY TEN MINUTES ONE GETS ALL SORTS OF UNWANTED MESSAGES, ALL CHARGED ON A NETWORK WHERE ALL OUTGOING AND INCOMING CALLS ARE METERED AND CHARGED! And, there is no respite from this torture by a company refusing to pay Indian income tax and without any DNC facilty!
No use writing to TRAI who DO NOT RESPOND or take any action!
Oct 9, 2010


My mobile no is 9873339484 and i am the loyal customer of vodafone from last 5 years. i have submitted my document related to mobile connection twice earlier. again vodafone is asking my documents.Is is fair to asking document again and again. no response fm customer care it is useless as usual.

Moreover they have barred my outgoing. When I ask them to provide the copy of Govt order for re verification of user no answer from them.
Oct 8, 2010

Incorrect Information

Vodafone asked me to submit the documents for re-verification. It also mentioned that the required documents can be scanned and send to the given vodafone mail id. Which i did.

But after that also they disconnected my phone no.. When i contacted the customer care, representative informed me that i have to submit the required documents, even though i told him that i received the mail from vodafone, stating that the document can be scanned and sent( which i did), then also he was not listing and informed me that i have to submit it in person or vodafone representative will collect them from me. This all will take around 48 hrs.

Vodafone never informed that they are going to disable my number. This is really pathetic condition for the service provider like Vodafone. Now i have to stay disconnected for 2 days atleast or have to again submit the documents in person.

If Vodafone doesn't accept the documents online then why they mailed like that??
Oct 4, 2010

security money not returned back

sir my mobile no 9999162740 was post paid on feb 06 2010 I have cleared my all dues and converted my number to pre paid .till now ihave not received my security money Rs 250
Sep 30, 2010

No Signal in my office

My phone not function in my office in village Asola, Fatehpur Beri. I registered my complaint at your costomer care no.111 many times but no action was taken on your part.
From :- Ajit Singh Tanwar
Sep 27, 2010


We took two Vodaphone numbers 9711190773 and 9711190741 which costed us Rs.1100 but these numbers are not being activated and the company is not even giving us refund.We have been complaining to the company's executives Neel,Nitin,Harish and Dharmendra Kumar since one and a half months but there is no response and we haven't got our money back neither the sims have been activated.We now seek redressal.
Sep 22, 2010

Refund of Security Deposit

Having communicated with various people at Vodafone Care who have miserably failed to resolve my problem, I am writing to you as well as the consumer complaints forum due to their inability to issue the refund of security deposit of my number 9873532778.

I had applied for the refund in May'10 no matter what your records indicate. It was mismanagement on behalf of your Vasant Vihar store that they failed to register the request for the same even though I had asked them to.

Furthermore the cheque was not delivered within the stipulated 45 days from the date your records show the request was registered.

In the last communication from Vodafone, I was told that the cheque was dispatched on the 11th of September. Today is the 22nd of September and I don't think that any company takes more than that time to deliver a letter.

I am very angry and upset at service handed to me by vodafone india and have suffered a lot of mental anguish regarding the same.

I will from now on openly discourage people from using Vodafone based on my experience and will migrate to a competitor as soon as number portability is allowed..
Sep 20, 2010


had lodges a comlaint to activate DND for sms which was to be comiled by 17 sep but till date am getting msgs on top of it am unable to contact vodafofe cusmere care exe.
my tel no remains 9811338088 also please adv. me how to ctc. your rep.
best wishes
Sep 10, 2010


plz give vodafone Mobil no 9899944642 detial Name and address.
Sep 7, 2010

not attending my complain

Dear Sir,

I am using vodafone postpaid corporate connection 98993 90345. I personally visited vodafone store and applied for limit extend from 1500 to 2500. Even after one month, they did nothing. Now my mobile has been stopped. They are not listening.

One side they say that we will extend your limit after see your usage. Other side they stopped out going. How to do?????????

Now I am complaining on 111 number. But they are not answering me. Today I have talked with Mr. Latif and then Mr. Shiv Devraj Suri. But they are not solving my problem.

Vipul Agarwal
Sep 4, 2010

for address and feed back

[email protected]
Sep 3, 2010


Dear Sir,

I am really at loss to describe my anguish, anger and frustration. I am originally a Hutch customer and was so satisfied with their service that I had taken 2 connections. But it is least to say that the same service sucks after it became Vodafone. It really sucks – there is no other way to describe it. You are so align to this country that it is just a matter of time before you go down the drain.

In the past 4 months I had been asked to submit my Address Proof, My Identity Proof and a Photograph three times. The latest being on 1st of Sep-2010, with a THREAT that the connection will be disconnected if the same is not done in 24 hrs. I did comply with the ORDER without any delay and submitted My bank statement, Driving License and Photograph to the Sec-12 Vodafone Store on 2rd Sep-2010. The irony is that after doing the same also my phone got disconnected today, 3rd Sep-2010.

A few observations:
- When I had submitted the same documents already 2 times before and that was duly verified by one of Vodafone executive before accepting, how is it going to help this time when essentially we are repeating the same
- As you do not sign a receipt for the submitted documents, I do not have any proof (naturally). And next time I am equally vulnerable to the same blackmail
- Why the entire organization is not working as a cohesive unit and each time we are made to feel like dealing with separate disjointed units; i.e. Messages coming from a separate source, the store executive cannot help in any way except accepting the docs AGAIN, the Call Center Exec do not have any update and just commit any arbitrary date
- Do you understand the real implications of asking someone to comply with an instruction within 24 hrs, even the court of laws do not do that to the proclaimed offenders
- And, after complying with the THREAT, you still carry out the same subject your customers to same frustrating experience
- If I am paying for talking to one of the call center execs, than does not it imply that on the other hand there should be someone really qualified to answer the questions
- If your system is not geared to act before 48 hrs (that is time the call exec told me will take to reactivate my number again, and after complying with the 24 hr deadline still my connection got disconnected), why you wait till the last moment before asking customers to comply with so called govt. regulations

The Conclusions:
- It is evident that you are taking customers for a ride
- That you are treating customers as dogs or worst a guinea pigs
- You are running an obsolete and non responsive system
- Your arrogance is showing in each aspect of your behavior
- It is a matter of time that you all will be thrown out of this market place
- Long standing customers like me (9 years), will not think twice before switching to another network once number portability is in place
- We love our numbers but not the service providers
- Your employees looks disinterested at the best and offensive at the worst, they do not belong to this place
- You all feel you are so big that a single grievance and a stray complain does not matter any more

I hope that you have what it all required to act promptly, now go and do something for god’s sake.


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