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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Feb 29, 2016

Deduction of main balance for incoming calls

I'm really surprised with their behaviour,_ I'm a loyal customer to Vodafone fr years n all of a sudden I realise that on my prepaid account they have charged me on every incoming call. Why would that happen in the first place!?? Aren't incoming calls free all over???? I'm pissed with their behaviour.. CCR's are really casual and don't give the right resolution on this issue.. Whom do we approach?? I'm changing my connection this time. If they will behave this way towards loyal customers ...
bharat pandey
Feb 28, 2016

net pack did not get complete data according to offer

I got SMS on my no7045447496 of getting 2gb data by recharging rs397 n I recharged but I did not get complete 2gb data so I want my complete data n I called on 198regarding this so he told u should visit Vodafone office n now I m not able to talk to representative on 198 since that date so pls solve my problem as fast as possible
smriti 360
Feb 26, 2016


Today i got one phone call from vodafone and ask me one no.(9643107450) which is not belongs to me.But they told that no is in my name and address documents is mine. I am surprised becoz i have already vodafone one no.8447701296 then why should i apply for another phone.I am a very old customer of Airtel (last 15 yrs) maintening a single no.9810063115 and never have any dispute.
I clearly remember that 2/3 month before i applied a wifi conection from vodafone which i cant use due to some problem and they request me to cancelled the wifi no.It was only WIFI not out going call sim.I present my documents to vodafone ppl only.
Now they told the no use in my name which is not mine have dues in 6000/-rs. Now my first question no phone co give limit 6000/-in new connection and why not they call me when standard limit cross and why not they discontinue this no.It is very clear that my documents is used by their own ppl otherwise how can they continued this big amount.

Pls.do the needful and I am awaiting a favourable reply from your end.

Thnx N Regards

smriti gupta
Feb 21, 2016

Acsess bill

Dear Sir/Madam
I am paying continue accesses bill. I am not using internet still they charging for internet and some other services as well now i fed up i complaint so my times in customer care.
Now I have no0 other option my bill is outstanding of this month.
Pleases help me. Now I won’t be going to pay extra.
Please settle the issue .Vodafone actually torture me mentally as well as financially.

[email protected]
Mitesh Verma
Feb 18, 2016

Help needed regarding number blocked by TRAI

Got this msg

Dear Customer, You have violated the guidelines of TRAI (GOVT) by sending promotional communication hence your number will be deactivated within 24 Hours. (August 2015) it has been more than six months since my no is deactivated i was using my no. with airtel for last 10 years. I port it to vodafone in july 2015 & in August 2015 it got blocked Outgoing sms & calls have been blocked only incoming is there
i didn't sent any promotional msg but vodafone is saying that you'd have done that
i am asking them to give me a proof they are saying they cant & the no. is blocked by TRAI, the no. will get blocked

Is there any solution?
Snehal Firodia
Feb 15, 2016

Vodafone showing wrong plan details

I have activated Corporate Postpaid plan on my mobile number.
It is really really frustrating that my plan activates only half of everything.
Like, in my plan i am able to use 1.5GB data where as actually only 891.9MB data free.
Also, i have 350 local mins free. Whereas in actual, i get only 204 min free.

Even i called customer care 5 times. And i am getting fake answers like, its being updated, etc.

Can i know the reason behind this.?
I am new customer for vodafone.
If vodafone wants customer satisfaction and not to loose the customers, it will surely take action regarding this.
[email protected]
Feb 2, 2016

Deduction of Internet Pack on WIFI

I want to say that today I went to Delhi Haat, INA.
I got to know that their is Free WIFI zone in Delhi Haat inside. So I connected my phone then their is requirement for my Number then I entered my Number which is +917738868058, then I got password I have entered password. Then it connected.

After a while I got message that "you have Exhausted your Internet Pack".
How can it will be possible as I have connected the Wifi.

Their is a deduction of around 500 MB of 3G pack of the above said mobile number.

I am sure after reading my Mail you will take some action.

Thank you
Faizan Khan
+917738868058 (Mumbai)
+918879886839 ( Delhi)

Deduction of Internet Pack on WIFI

Jan 21, 2016

Service Disconnection

It has been over 15 days since I contacted Appellate Authority at Vodafone for my number 9811810103 and executives have been committing false pretensions. Please refer to service number 930324693.

I have spoken to Jyoti on multiple occassions and raised the concern but someone called Vishal has now disconnected my number altogether with no info to me. Please go through the entire chain of events below.

Today's emails:
Hello Jyoti,

I received a call from someone 9999597172 and the representative is asking for an immediate payment of Rs. 4300+ (not sure of the entire amount as am busy at work) to get my number re-activated. His tone tells me he is doing a kind of favor by calling me, and obviously does not have any idea of the magnitude/severity of the issue at hand. I had asked him to call me back in an hour and hope/expect he would do so.

Is this ransom to have my number reactivated, which has been disconnected/disabled because of Vishal - another appellate team executive?

If it is a ransom, I demand a letter from Vodafone confirming the same post which I will make the payment. But, I am assured that approaching Consumer Court here is the best option to serve some sense into your service standards. Where are the following changes that I have been trying to get incorporated into my Vodafone account:
1. Confirmation of deactivation of Rs. 850 5GB 3GData Pack which was to be removed almost 2 months back - If you/someone reviews the usage, they will clearly see there has been less than 2GB usage because I had requested for the same to be activated (Rs. 450 Pack for 2GB 3G Data).
2. Where is the reversal/credit of Rs. 800 (2 months of Rs. 400 reversal as 5GB pack was not requested)?
3. What about the Monthly rentals that I am being asked to pay though there has been no services active on my number for the last 1 month now? It will be close to another Rs. 1050 - you can check for usage and you will see the number has hardly been used even for incoming calls.
4. And what about the horrible harassment-like experience I have had with Vodafone for the last 2-3 weeks? There can be no compensation worth to negate it, leave alone compensate. This is something that I will raise for Consumer Court to assist with - worth Rs. 50000 of mental harassment and torture at the hands of uneducated representatives.

I am busy as of now with my professional engagements, and would be calling the representative back in another 40 mins (my next availability) to discuss the same. And I am hoping, you will utilize the next 35-odd mins to do some maths and assist me.

Disappointed still,

Original Messages:
Reminder Email# 4:

It has been over a week since I reported it to your customer care and around 3 days I emailed your appellate authority. But there has been no response or contact made yet.
I called up the customer care today to be told all I had asked for is port out and refund on the email and requests that I put to customer care. The representative after two holds disconnected the call. I am afraid my number will be disconnected because of your sick and incapable service delivery.



Reminder# 3:
Can someone look into this? I tried contacting your customer care and was told I had asked for port out and refund which is not what I had asked for - please refer to my email.

I am contemplating taking to social media to have this resolved and approach consumer court for the service delivery fethched here.

Pls call me to resolve this. Despite asking for someone to assist with the bill and for payment collection once the amount has been validated with refunds like asked for on emails. But your executives seem to be disinterested and disconnect the call post asking me to wait for verifying the account details.

Reminder# 2:
Can someone look into this? I tried contacting your customer care and was told I had asked for port out and refund which is not what I had asked for - please refer to my email.

I am contemplating taking to social media to have this resolved and approach consumer court for the service delivery fethched here.

Pls call me to resolve this. Despite asking for someone to assist with the bill and for payment collection once the amount has been validated with refunds like asked for on emails. But your executives seem to be disinterested and disconnect the call post asking me to wait for verifying the account details.

1st Email: Sent weeks back:
Firstly, this is the 2nd time in 3 months when I have to contact you for erratic changes being made on my account.

Please refer to the bill for period Dec 24 2015. There are multiple deviations since I last spoke to your representative around Dec 15 when I made a payment of Rs. 4000. I was advised by your team that there was a credit of Rs. 507 applied due to Data Plan changes made in error by your service executives.

1. What is this charge of Rs. 56.10 for services called Mobi T Chak de Fatte? I never used or know what this service is and please do not try and sell the idea of Premium Services being activated because users do not have the idea. I have been a mobile user for 10 years and now seems the majority of duration I stuck with Hutch, then Hutch Essar and now Vodafone was all waste. Remove this charge from this bill and all other bills and revert the charges.

2. Last time when I had issues with the 3G Data Pack and one of your representatives called to confirm it was sorted, I had clearly asked him to change the 5G Pack to a 2GB Plan. It was confirmed but I see that there is still a rental of Rs. 850 when I should have been paying Rs. 450 like the plan was advised for. Please change my plan - and if common sense prevails, you will notice that there has been limited usage of 3G services all of December, not even half of the granted 5GB data has been used. Please revert the charges, and change the plan to a 2GB 3G plan at the earliest.

3. What are the late fine charges all about when I hardly receive your bills? I had never opted for eBill because I have never understood the use of it. I have not had the bills for last 2-3 months due to which was paying partial amounts. The last time there was outbound barring and I made the payment, I was suggested the credit limit would be increased - but there has been no change. After thrice raising request like advised by your Appellate and Customer Advisors, all that ever increased was a Rs. 100 top up to existing Rs. 5000 limit which is a mockery.

Beyond the above, here are more challenges that I have tried raising with your customer service teams but to no avail:
1. Can someone look into the ISD calls I make and understand that service restoration on my number is imperative at the earliest?
2. I called today morning from my 3rd VF number and spoke to Tanushree - who clearly did not wish/want to transfer the call to her supervisor. She lacked basic understanding of bill and failed to even answer my questions. When I asked her to transfer the call, she asked me to wait and returned to take my number with a promise to call me back within 2-4 hours. That call never happened. I called up Manish Jain's number, your appellate, and Samshad answered the call. Please refer to the Case ID that I gave to him for my number 9811810103. He was supposed to send me the bill copy (which I had to dig out from n number of Spam/Promotional emails that Vodafone sends). And his promised call still has not happened.

For a customer that pays Rs. 4000+ on a monthly basis, this is the basest of needs given I pay 14% for Service charge. Not sure if this is the standard of service that I am paying for.

Here is what I demand for to continue using Vodafone for all my 3 numbers:
1. Restore services on my phone# 9811810103 at the earliest.
2. Please revert the charges and confirm the amount to be paid. Send an executive to pick up cash tomorrow/Wednesday between 0900-1130 am when I am at home.
3. Change the data plan from 5GB to 2GB Rs. 450 plan.
Jan 18, 2016

Wrong Bill generation on the name of VAS(Value Added Services)

My interaction number is 930352562 for my vodafone number 9899304205.
I am suffering this VAS issue every month which I have never activated on my end nor used, I am paying huge amount of extra bill due to these services which I have never activated and even after getting them deactivated , they get activated on there own and the similar amount gets included in my bill.
It can be verified by the numerous calls I make to vodafone customer care executives on 198 , regarding the services which got activated but I haven't activated.The reply I get is that this is a third party services which get activated when I use my internet plan of vodafone, but I have proofs that I had kept my data connection off and used wifi at home still these messages come to me that so and so services have become activated which I have never activated.
This month the bill has come of approx 3000 INR , out of which 1786 INR has been charged for download of these value added services (VAS), which I have never downloaded. I was given a request number 141952042 for the waiver off Rs 1786 by vodafone customer care executive on 8-01-2016, but this request has been rejected by vodafone. PLEASE HELP ME FROM THIS HARASSMENT OF VODAFONE.
Jan 16, 2016

account deducted

Dear sir ,
Today your company has been deducted my 35 rupees for GLAM ZONE Service for 7 days rental and I want to say that I am and not send any sms for activate this service on my mobile no .so how your company deducted my 35 rupees from my main account and active this tips of service .

I want return my rupees otherwise I will deactivate this no of your company .

My no-8588958340.

And your help line no 198 is not working .

Lalit kumar
Jan 16, 2016

balance deducted

Dear sir ,
Today your company has been deducted my 35 rupees for GLAM ZONE Service for 7 days rental and I want to say that I am and not send any sms for activate this service on my mobile no .so how your company deducted my 35 rupees from my main account and active this tips of service .

I want return my rupees otherwise I will deactivate this no of your company .

My no-8588958340.

And your help line no 198 is not working .

Lalit kumar
Jan 15, 2016

Network issue

Hi Team,

This is concerning the network issue I have been facing at my residential address with vodafone for along time now. I have sent emails to to their corporate email address i.e. [email protected] & [email protected], i was told that the issue will be resolved by 20/12/2015, but nothing changed. I have sent several emails to vodafone to ask for further help and resolution, there wasn't any reply. I called customer care and went to their store, I was told they have an update that TAT is till 31/01/2016 and this info was not shared with me by their corporate deptt and no one bothered to tell me. Please look inti the matter as I have waited long enough and been immensely patient with this company. my alternate numbers are 9212226530, 9212069078.

Rajat Sharma,
Rajinder Kumar Gautam
Jan 13, 2016

Cheating by the vodafone

My vodafone mobile no is 9999009218. On 27-12-2016 I have recharged of Rs 255/- for 1GB data with offer benifit of 500 MB free under X-Mas offer but the company did not fulfill the offer. I have contacted through e-mail but all in vain. They cheating thousands of customers by offering such fake offers.
Govind Kumar Tripathi
Jan 5, 2016

False charges of Rs 3008

My vodafone bill is showing Rs: 3008 as international charges of internet. i m just wondering that I dint use the internet while was on international roaming. then how can the charges accumulated in my account. i shall not be able to pay that while i shall pay the remaing part of bill.
Govind Kumar Tripathi
Jan 5, 2016

false charges of International roaming

My vodafone total bill is Rs: 5750.Bill is showing Rs: 3008 as international charges of internet. i m just wondering that I dint use the internet while was on international roaming.Only sent some SMSs--- then how can the huge charges accumulated in my account. i shall not be able to pay that while i shall pay the remaining part of bill.
Jan 2, 2016

overcharged/ extra billing

Dear Respected Sir,
I would like to divert your attention towards the manopoly of mobile service provider company " vodafone". I am using vodafone pretty paid mumber - 9873692171 and when this month I received my bill I found that approx 650 was charged to me for Internet services which I didn't used. I called there customer care number for the reversal but the denied the same and told me that Internet service is basis service and they will activate it without any prior information on all numbers. Sir please help me out and punish this company so that this was not happen with other citizens. Also for your information I never asked / requested vodafone to activate Internet services on my numbe
Dec 30, 2015

Non conversion of post paid into pre paid.

I Santosh Dwivedi availing Vodafone post paid service of mobile number 9971162399 and would like to convert into pre paid. I went to Vodafone Store South EX., Delhi 04 time at a stretch, but the work is still not done with the reason one or other. I also wanted to pay the dues. Now I am fed up from the service rendered by the provider and even not interested to avail the prepaid service. You can check that I was a very esteemed customer of yours, but due to non conversion of my mobile number into prepaid I will discontinue all the services of Vodafone. I called many time to Vodafone care but of no use. Its intimated that from tomorrow onwards I m not going to pay the bill of this number as post paid, and the responsibility will lie only on employess of South Ex. Delhi.
Deepanshu Kapoor
Dec 27, 2015

False statement and unauthorized balance deduction

I recharged my prepared no. 9015027372 with Rs. 90 on 25th December 2015 and when i woke up in the morning of 26th December 2015 i found that an amount of Rs 35 has been deduced from my balance and this is not the first time i am facing this problem.

So i called on 198 for registering my complaint. Ms. Anjali Chaudhry attended my call she said we are sorry for this i am deactivating the service which was activated by Vodafone without any your permission and she also said that your complaint is registered now and your balance will be refunded in next 24 hours.

But when i not received my refund in given time i called on 198 Mr. Pradeep picked up my call and when told him about this he hang up my call without resolving or telling the status of my complaint.

I again called on 198 again this time Mr. Satnam was the representative who attended my call and when i told the whole story i said that there is no such complaint registered with us and we will not refund the balance to you. you can do what you want in this respect.

I request TRAI and our respected telecom minister Mr. Ravi Shanker to take strict action against such type of false statements and malpractices being followed by Vodafone.
Dec 17, 2015

biscuit store pack suddenly activated

This happened at the night of 15 DEC 2015. Suddenly I got a SMS that biscuit store pack activated on your number and it deducted 45 rupees without confirmation. I wan to know why this happened with me.
Dec 15, 2015

wrong plan sale and no action taken to correct it.

I had port my 9711130116 number prepaid to postpaid. and executives of vodafone came to our office for selling the corporate connection. and done many commitment. i have all there mails in which they explained the plans also. when my 1st bill was generated there was no such discount applied as they promised to us. we had done complained in vodafone. and there service team visited to our office and gave us surety that they will gonna solve this issue but no action taken. then i discontinued the services with them and complaint that if they gonna solve my complaints and correct the bill and will do apologies then i will pay the amount because i suffered a lot because of vodafone. they had sent there recovery agent in my office without even asking and the person misbehaved life he will do some wrong if i did not pay my bill. i explained him also about my issue and they said they will talk to there seniors and solve this. but nothing happened. and today also i received a call from vodafone and they says the same thing that pay the bill. and misbehaved. they did not even coordinate internally and just call the people continuously.please i suffered a lot. please take any action against them.

rohit sharma
[email protected]
Dec 15, 2015

Vodafone sim card block without intimation

Dear Sir,
I was using vodafone number 9819940891 and 9769635119 from mumbai circle in month of november 2015 I had use facility of PORTABILITY and above numbers were shifted to PEN Dist Raigad, M.S. PIN 402107.I had submitted all relevant documents after that I had received the verification call in which I had given all verification information on call which was received from vodafone.The caller on the other side confirmed my information and I asked is this ok? The caller had wellcome me.Ensuring that every thing is ok.Nothing was demanded for further any document requirement.Meanwhile the same above said number were registered with vodafone site also my email ID was registered with vodafone is [email protected] this email ID is not recently one same was registered with vodafone before too.If any discrimination found latter then vodafone would have called on my both number but vodafone did not.Also no email was given to me saying that come with your document.Finally on 15th Dec 2015 at around 19:00 Hrs both above said sim cards were blocked.But it tooks me to know one and half hours that sim is blocked.
Such functioning of system How TRAI could tolerate? First of all TRAI must be questioned that are they really controls all mobile companies.If so then this is the way?All this matter who is answerable?
Thanks.Prakash Tabaji Vakhare.
9819940891 which is blocked.
alternate 9769635119 Hooo this is too blocked
Dec 13, 2015

there was dedcisation in my balance ...they said that they are going to refund...now if i call ur cust care number they have blocked my number

This not the way U treat ur customers...deactivate the block...
Dec 8, 2015

Casual Behavior of Vodafone employees


This is the second time I have been posting against vodafone for the same thing. I have recently shifted to Mumbai and I had requested for MNP along with upgrading my network from 2G to 3G. A thing which usually can't take more than 7 days, this bloody idiots took more than 2 months that too thanks to the continuous follow ups that I did from my end. In addition to this they even charged me with 1000/- bucks stating that they will use that money for unbilled usage and they will send the remaining amount to me within 15 days. Its now been over 2 or 3 months that I have not received my money.

Plus the best these guys could do was to not pick my calls or keep my call on waiting. When it comes to getting the money from the customers you guys literally come to begging and when it comes to returning back their own money you behave as if you don't know who the hell are we.

Well good news is you guys have ruined your reputation by keeping such people in your team and they will bring no good to your organisation. It is because of people like these that the organisation generally receives complaints and even sometimes get sued.
Nov 29, 2015

Harassment & not change post paid to pre paid plan

Sub: Complaint against VODAFONE for misguidance-not change post paid
paid to prepaid-made excess payment every month, harassment and
threaten for illegal recovery–Shokeen Ahmed–Mobile No.-9868987570
Kindly refer to the above cited subject.
In this connection, it is submitted that I am regular VODAFONE mobile no. 9868987570 customer for since five years. Before 4 months ago Vodafone Call Centre has called at my mobile and that time my mobile was using my son. The executive has told my son that at present Vodafone has launched scheme for the existing customer that if you change your plan from pre paid to post paid only at Rs. 249/- per month than you will get the benefits i.e. 300 calls free, 300 STD calls free, your mobile bill will be very reduced. By mistake my son has agreed for the said plan. I angered with my son why did you agree with the plan I am very convenient from the pre paid plan. The executive of the Vodafone was come after some time. I refused the postpaid plan of the Vodafone executive but he misguided me that don’t very you can change your plan after 3 months. Due to mistake of my son I was agreed for the said plan only for 3 months.
From the next month my problems were started. My prepaid phone bill was never over Rs. 250/- 300/-. I was shocked when the Vodafone sent message bill of Rs. 500/- +. During the conversion from prepaid to post paid the executive assured me that your bill will not be made over Rs. 249/-. My number was very old and the same was available with my all relative, friends and business customers. Therefore, I was waiting of the 3 months I have deposited the said bill. Further next month I again shocked when the Vodafone has sent message me bill of Rs. 4800/-. I again request to the Vodafone Call Centre for the excess bill but none of the action has been taken by the call centre executive and again they stated that before 3 months you cannot change for pre paid. The advice me to avoid dispute deposit of Rs. 1120/- and don’t concentrate the massage bill. I further again deposited Rs. 1120/-.
It is further submitted that Vodafone has disconnect my outgoing calls from 1½ months and disconnect my incoming calls from 25 days. After disconnection I complaint to the Vodafone Call Centre at Lajpat Nagar outlet on 12.11.2015 vide Token No. 116 at 11:54:45 AM for the purpose of Billing and tariff plans. The executive has told me that first you pay Rs. 2000/- and after that your matter will be looked after. On 29.11.2015, I get the Vodafone Bill of Rs. 2714/- (from 20.10.15 to 09.11.15) vide bill no. 27423606 relationship no. 142300534/-. In this bill the Vodafone has added VAS downloads 8 Unit of Rs. 360/- (unnecessary because phone was disconnected by the Vodafone since 1½ months it could not be possible to download).
From the above facts you are requested to kindly take the necessary action against the Vodafone because they misguided me, already taken excess payment, not started my mobile number, not send any bill details and not changed the plan from post paid to pre paid. None of the call centre executive solve the problem and they threaten pay immediately Rs. 3000/- - 4000/- and this bill will be increased every months and legal and other action will be taken by the Vodafone against you. I will be always thankful to you.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully,

Mobile No. 8527283152
S-42, Masjid Road, Jangpura Bhogal,
New Delhi-110014
Chaitanya Hajariwala
Nov 27, 2015

Vodafone Postpaid Bill Not received in Email in address as well as hard copy of bill

Respected Sir / Madam,

With reference to above complaint, My Mobile No. 98250 26022 Natverlal Maganlal Gohil Presently I have not received your Invoice on Email as well as hard copy of my postal address. Only the outstanding follow mail is received after over a due date. Kindly request you registered our complaint and check your system - our email address is [email protected] and alternate email is [email protected]

Thanking you,

Darshan Construction

Chaitanya Hajariwala on behlf of Mr. Natvarlal M. Gohil(Director)

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