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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Jul 30, 2015


my phone no 08447230122
Jul 29, 2015

sim lost

I have lost my Vodafone sim no.09873732076 at my hostel.kindly lodge my complain so I can get my duplicate sim.
Shivanu Chauhan
Mukherjee Nagar ,Delhi...09
Jul 29, 2015

please solve my problem at the earliestas the call is not going to a pirticular number of bsnl

I am using vodofone and now i am facing an unknown problem with one particular number from bsnl.

I am trying to make a call to my friends mobile but call end within a second. My frnd has not blocked my number for sure.
I cannot call my bsnl frnd but can recieve call from his phone..

Vodafone who so ever...just solve the problem..
plesae contact me in this number-9643924890
Abhishek Roy
Hardik Sharma
Jul 27, 2015

bill without service

I am a Vodafone Customer, my no is 7574841668/7, i have been using this no for more than 6 to 8 month.

I have a monthly rental plan of Rs.299. now when i want to disconnect this plan and simcards, I have called them to stop the services and block the cards at the month end.

After week they called me and said that they had just blocked the card and bill is ongoing so i had to pay the bill of current month as well.they didn't told me about this bill issue before, when i requested them to block the card.

Now they are saying i have to personally come to vodafon office and make them to stop services and at that time, I have to pay the complete bill.

As I had not paid the bill of last month, they have stopped the services on my sim card in current month. through out that they are adding the bill of current month.

so if I didn't get the complete services, I have blocked my cards, why would i pay the bill of current month,that they are adding.

Please suggest
My alternate no is 8460158825
Jul 26, 2015

okhla vodafone customer care

Not activitie my sim facility
Jul 21, 2015

deduct money to active un demand service

zeeditto services without premission
This vodafone guys are cheating on coustomer ...how can then deduct money from permission and shamelessly sending message for renewal .....we should drag them in court ....its not 35 rs of mine ....just image if they are doing this sht with 2 million customer for just one month ...how much they earning. and we ignore that as only 35 rs who will call to customer care and all.....
Karan Gupta
Jul 18, 2015

Auto Deduction of Balance without service request

Received SMS today 12:33am stating below :-
Hello! Glamour Zone pack is now active on your number, as requested.This service is valid till 18-08-2015 and a 30 days rental of Rs. 90 has been deducted. Your current Balance post service activation is Rs. 549.539. To deactivate SMS STOP to or call 155223 ( toll free).

I didn't activated any service and my balance is auto deducted. I want my refund back.

This is Second time happening. Firstly on 15/07/2015 Myplex service got auto activated.Then also i complaint. Thankfully refund was provided.

And again today another service is auto activated.Why are these services getting activated on there own.

Kindly refund my Rs. 90 balance asap
and make sure these kinda services won't activate again in future.
Jul 12, 2015

New sim restricted, unfair unbilled amount

According to a latest mint survey nearly 50% of Vodafone’s customer base is either not satisfied with its services or doesn’t hold an opinion at all. In past few days I have also joined that club. The incompetence of Vodafone’s service staff not just at lower level but at nodal and appellate level is what I have witnessed in these few days. These people don’t think, they don’t delve deep into consumer’s problem. In fact they just want to close their service tickets so as to improve their performance ratings. As a result rather than solving problems, they usually simply state what the problem is, without looking into the causes.
This particular case highlights the faulty systems which Vodafone has in place for new postpaid connections. It also depicts the ineptitude of Vodafone’s customer service staff in dealing with such problems.
My new postpaid sim (7838384196) got activated on 5th July morning. I had opted for 199/- monthly rental plan, with which comes 300 minutes of free local and STD calls. I then activated a monthly 3G data plan (150_500MB_3G) with a fixed monthly rental of Rs 150/-. So technically if I have data usage of less than 500 MB and make less than 300 minutes of local/STD calls during the month, I should get a bill amount of 349/- (150+199) Rupees at the month end. Fair Enough!
But to my utter surprise just after 3-4 hours of sim activation, my sim got blocked. I received a message from Vodafone saying that due to non-payment of bills my services have been restricted (What the hell!). Now the thing is I surely didn’t (or can’t) make 300 minutes of call in these 3-4 hours nor did I consume more than 500 MB of data (latest usage data were shared with the customer care team, interaction ID 883241962).
Disheartened, I then called up the customer care center where the executive attending my call didn’t had a clue about the problem. I asked him to transfer the call to his supervisor. Instead he put me on hold for 16 minutes and then discontinued the call. I then e-mailed the customer care office regarding the issue. They replied saying that I have to pay 893.62 rupees to unblock my sim as I have unbilled usage of the same amount (What the hell again!).
Now you can imagine my disappointment and disbelief when I saw that e-mail. Since I have a monthly rental plan, how did I get unbilled usage in just 3-4 hours? Unless I cross the limits (data or voice) which come with the plans I shouldn’t be charged a single penny more than 349/- rupees. I emailed them asking the same question. But these guys with their scripted replies didn’t manage to answer it. Ever e-mail of their insisted upon me paying that amount. I subsequently escalated the issue to nodal and then central appellate authorities, but received unsatisfactory replies from them too. No one uses their brains. They just check the system and see usage and bill amount and reply with the same. What they don’t get or try to think about is why there is an unbilled amount in the first place when I have a monthly rental plan active on my sim and usage is within limits.
It’s been more than a week now and I have reached the limits of my patience. The sheer dumbness of replies from Vodafone customer care executive makes me wonder about the future of Vodafone in this country. With this type of customer service and this level of proficiency of your service staff I don’t think you will have many happy customers.
Finally, it’s a sincere request that please don’t contact me unless you manage to scrap the unbilled amount of 893.62/- rupees and admit that there is an issue with Vodafone’s system when it comes to new postpaid connections. Any other scripted rubbish reply from Vodafone will force me to throw the sim away. After all, since nationwide mobile number portability is here, I can keep my old number. :D

New sim restricted, unfair unbilled amount New sim restricted, unfair unbilled amount

Ankur dhingra
Jul 10, 2015

Wrong billing

I have applied for international roaming pack of 599 at vodafone south ext store on 16 June.
Person available at vodafone store said me that it's activated.
But now I have received bill of 36000 which means the bill is generated without any discount of vodafone discount pack
Now I am running from 15 days to waive the wrong charges but vodafone stores at not listening to me.
Please help
Jul 9, 2015

Sim Lost

Mudit Sabharwal s/o Rajeev Sabharwal residing at 8900 / 14-B, Shidipura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi - 110005
[email protected]
Lost Sim - 9999699202
Jul 7, 2015

No network

I have a postpaid connection of Vodafone no. 8447478950. Since last 2 days it did not get network for this i talk to custmor care but they told me outgoing service stopped but i don't know why please solve out this problem.
Ăakash Mehra
Jul 4, 2015

Call Details

i need the itemise call details for my prepaid vodafone no 9654136394 for the month of JUNE 2015 and may2015 both incoming and outgoing at my email [email protected]

please provide me...
Jun 25, 2015

payment of bill of vodaphone

Dear sir
I have made payment to vodeophone mob no 7705998800 which is post paid and in the name of my wife Ms Saraswati devi
I have payment of Rs1083 .that amount has deducted from bank but massage from videophone comes as under
Videophone mob no-7705998800
subscriber nos -1.78268799
payment amount 1083.0
payment date -22.06.015 15:43:56
Transaction ID - DSMP3864909269
payment Status - Failed
so you are requested to resolve my problem
Dinesh tiwary
Jun 22, 2015

auto ISD calls and deduction of amount

I have a Vodafone prepaid connection and there is a deduction of Rs 28 every now and then against one number 0033640017362.
In all possibility this is a prank by vodafone itself and that why they provide ISD facility on prepaid connection by default. They do no not even bar the ISD on even request also.

Please check the status of other prepaid vodafone connection and a resolution to this affect must be done.

I have made many complaints to vodafone but to no avail.
Jun 21, 2015

Wrong promise

I have recived the message of 2gb internet on recharge of rs 297 as an offer from vodafone service *121# . It was clearly mentioned that on recharge of rs 297 , I will get 1gb internet instant and rest 1 gb after 4 hrs. So I recharge my phone with rs 297 on 19 june 2015 , after looking the sceme offered to me . I got 1 gb internet but I have not got the rest 1 gb . I complained about this on vodafone customer care after 24 hrs and they asked me to email the complaint with the screenshot on the vodafone . I did as they said but no action has been taken yet and now they have blocked my number also on customer care , I have been again and again trying and finally I have decided to complaint about the company in trai. Hope I will get some response from them.
Looking forward with hope to resolve this problem and take strict action against the company. I am sending you the screenshot of the sceme along with the attachment.
Thanking you

Wrong promise Wrong promise

Jun 17, 2015

Poor Service , Outgoing and incoming calls Stopped

Dear Team,

I am a Vodafone Customer, my no is 9999306447, i have been using this no for more than 2yrs.

Initially i had a monthly rental plan of Rs.299 but after sometime it was changed to Rs.699 without my consent, when i called the customer care they told me that we have changed plan as per your request but when i asked them to provide me the details of it they just gave silly excuse and assured me of changing it but that never happened. After my repeated calls they somehow convinced me that its good plan with some free calls and 1GB of free data on 3G ( but they never provide me 3G) .

Since Dec 2014 i have been requesting them to change my rental plan to Rs.499 and also deactivate my roaming plan but they keep on adding charges to my bill, not only this they didn’t provide me the itemized bill of my ISD calls for the month of April,2015. I just got bugged by their customer dealing and unprofessional attitude. I stopped paying them till issue it not resolved and even i asked them for number portability but there were no responses from them and finally they stopped my services. Also, during the scrutiny of my bills i found they charged me Rs.100 for 0.03 sec of ISD call which was a shock for me.

Just to mention here, i called them many times and they kept me on calls for more than half an hour many times but the issue was not resolved. I have been mailing them since April 21 but there was no response from their side, my all services are stopped after the 2nd week of May. I have incurred huge losses because it’s my business no as well.

Just few days back i got a mail for the non payment of bill followed by a legal notice 4 days back.

Please suggest
My alternate no is 9015435336
pooja bajwa
Jun 17, 2015

Internet services

Hello sir/mam,
Myself pooja bajwa.i am Vodafone customer. Sir /mam I have bought
Samsung Mobile on 4 June 2015 and according to your offer everyone
who bought Samsung mobile will get 2gb 2g/3g data within 48 hours.bt I
got it after 12 days .and on 15 June 2015 I have made recharge of
Rs195 in my Vodafone number 9643618813 in which I have got 2g 1gb
data.BT now this data pack of Rs 195 is deactivated by Vodafone. So I
want you to either refund me or give me data 1gb which I have got in
195 rupees recharge.i hope u will take action soon.
Jun 10, 2015



I want to login the complaint that I lost my nokia asha phone on 8/06/2015 in Delhi near minto road, cp, new delhi and my mobile no is 8860117359, as after that when i called on this number somebody picked but now number is continuously switched of now.
Kindly treat this as my complaint so that no one can misuse my number.


Mohit Malhotra
Jun 5, 2015

network problem

regarding network problem
first compaint on-8/4/############
second compaint on-8/5/############
third compaint on 22/5-2564629278
forth compaint today -executive name-girdhari lal(executive code-863722384)
pls resolve my problem as soon as possible.
Jun 1, 2015

Vodafone blocks Facebook stealthily

Vodafone is now blocking Facebook in a stealthy manner:

Tracing route to facebook.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 1207 ms 359 ms 369 ms
2 2011 ms 349 ms 360 ms
3 * * * Request timed out.
4 326 ms 369 ms 339 ms
5 * * * Request timed out.
6 * * * Request timed out.
7 * * * Request timed out.
8 * * * Request timed out.
May 26, 2015

Vodafone Service error 0*9


I have been getting this vodafone service error : 0*9 at times on my display screen . Kindly tell me what does this error means? How can I get it resolved. Whenever this error is coming the tower goes off the network showing a cross sign. I have replaced my SIM card thinking that it'll solve the issue but of no help. Please suggest asap
May 17, 2015

blocked sim card

My sim card has been stolen with my mobile yesterday.i have using vodafone company sim card.my mobile no.is 9654597005, Pls block my sim card as soon as possible. regds gokulanand bhadola
May 17, 2015

Sim complaint

Name- Nayna Singhal

Address- 1/6446 east rohtash nagar delhi

I have lost my sim and my number is 9015391231.

date of loss- 15/05/2015
place- delhi
time- 7:00 PM

Please accept my complaint.
Nitin bhardwaj
May 15, 2015

Bank balance deducted but recharge not done

Dear team.
Mera bank of Vadodara account se 255 par deduct ho gye but recharge nhi hua.
My paytm account n :7895372368
Recharge n. : 9643272787
Operator. : Vodafone
Amount: 255
Time 8:36am
Alternative bnumber : 7840056044
So kindly request you to pls resolve my problem. .
Reg : Nitin Sharma
May 13, 2015


Maine Vodafone k Office m 250 RS jamaa kraye the Secuarity k liye
ab Maine apna N.o Dobara Prepaid m kra liya h lekin meri Security abhi tk mujhe nhi mil payi mujhe apna prepaid SIM prapt kiye hue 4 Months Se jyada ho gye h

Kripya meri Security Money Vaapas Dilwane ki Kripya kre

My Vodafone N.o. 9536386582
User: Vikas Kumar

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