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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Feb 4, 2015

Complaint Againest Deduction of Money Without my knowledge and Miss Behaviour of Customer Service agent

My Name is Rachappa B
My Vodafone No: 9538987329
Complaint Againest Deduction of Money Without my knowledge and Miss Behaviour of Customer Service agent

Today that is 02/02/205 at 2:15 am i got deduction message from " VX-VFCARE" stating tha

Hello! Tiny TV service is now active on your number, as requested. This service is valid till 11-02-205 and a6 days rental of rs.66 has been deducted.

But the actual fact is i didnt requested for such services. I do ont even know what that service is. Without my knowledge how you people deducted my Balance?
My complaint is that amount has to refunded, and the bludddy hell service has too be deactivated immediatly.
If the same has not been done as soon as possible then i'm ready to escalation upto Consumer court
What the bluddy service you people are providing?
I called customer care for complaining the same one person by the name Ravichandra answered my call and behaved like anything.
He said straight way we do have option to take complaint, its your fault bla bla bla........
I need quick action on that fellow you check out with recordingsi called around 4:18 am on today that is 05/02/2015
And the money has to be refunded back to my account thats all
Feb 4, 2015

internet free package

My no is 9833438982 ,I have purchased a samsung note 3 mobile and i inserted my vodafone sim in that.when i get message from vodfone care that i you got samsung galaxy note 3 offer that 2gb free usage per month for 2 months and i exhausted my free 2 gb in the first month in 23 jan 2015 ,then i activate another plan for browsing.and the 2gb free usege for next month was not get because of i used another internet packs .on 3rd feb 2015 i got a message that my plan is renewed but i cant get the free packs.when i called to the customer care they replaiyed that my free pack is lapsed bacause i used anthor plan. This is cheating because they not inform early
Shashwat Gupta
Jan 30, 2015

money deducted from account but recharge unsuccessful

I recently recharged my number from paytm but it showed recharge unsuccessful so i did it again but it was again unsuccessful but after few seconds i recieved two sms's that ₹50 have been deducted from my bank account each but there was no recharge so kindly recharge or refund my money back.
My order numbers are 745993687 and 745992855
Mobile number is 8447317552.
Balram Thakur
Jan 30, 2015


sumit tyagi
Jan 29, 2015


Ihave paid my vodafone bill of ammount 500 by paytm on 16th january but my payment did not receive at vodafone store. Ammount of bill have cut to my account.so please update my bill payment.
Mob. No.-7838058737
Order no.-728588498
Transiction id no.-115011625890621
If u want any enquiry u can call on 8744082340
Rahul bangia
Jan 23, 2015

network problem

I m facing problem in internet for last since 4 days in Delhi 6 .. n ur Vodafone customer executive said sir pehle call cut karne k baad (y) likho send Karo 6789 .. are they trying to making us freaking fool .. agar prob solve nhi karni to bata do .. mere pass 27 logo Ka staff h sabka port Kara deta hu. n plz change ur slogan so called happy to help .. very disappointed by Vodafone.
regards Rahul bangia.
no. 8860597425.
let's see kab call ata h. . :( :(
[email protected]
Jan 11, 2015

Without number call come on vodafone postpaid

Dear Consumer court team

I mention My plan complain regarding incoming call without number in the name of CALL lot of time but until no response from Vodafone customer care but they even not responding and if responding then cut in between call .Now what can I do for these problem.Please solved
My contact number is 9828022154
Thanks & Regards
Jan 11, 2015

Abusing language call

Getting call from 09930996432. Who is speak only abusing language.
Plz take action against this no.
warm regards,
thanking you
yours sincerely,
pradeep kanwat
[email protected]
Jan 10, 2015

Vodafone keeps deducted money from my account and blocks me from making calls to Vodafone customer care

I am customer since 5 years and faced Manu issues with Vodafone. I have enough balance and 3g data services activated on my Vodafone number. money will be deducted for tv pack, that and this(many times)..but I won't activate or use those services, still money will be taken from my account up to 99 rs. vodafone won't even inform me that money is deducted. I contacted customer care for refund they agreed in the beginning and I have conversations recorded as proof. but they did not..I called them again after two days for refund but this time they were saying I am late in informing them so I am not eligible for refund. I went to customer care center,jalahalli circle,Bangalore but they did not help me and said to call customer care. here "no body is taking responsibility" for Vodafone's mistake. today they again deducted my money from Vodafone prepaid balance. and I am not able to make a call to Vodafone customer care. vodafone "has blocked me from making calls only to customer care".
I am angry and very much frustrated by the service and deductions of my money. I need to know why is Vodafone started to steal my money and don't want to speak to me by blocking my number.

please do something before I leave Vodafone for another service.
Akhilesh Shukla
Jan 8, 2015



My postpaid number - 07838881211

Its a corporate connection, Now few months ago the plan which i have selected has increase by 50 rupees which I understand.
Now I want to know why the plan has not been discussed with me prior changing it, consumers take the plan as per their convenience and you have changed my plan without telling the plan. I thought might be the price has been revised but the plan remains the same, but no I was wrong and I had STD calls and local calls both on this plan, but now I only have 400 local calls which doesn't meets my requirements. I complaint plenty of times to the customer services but nobody cared. I also complaint but nothing happened. This number is being used by my family . so if you want to talk about this call on 9160360007.
Jan 1, 2015

regarding refund of extra charged amount

I have recharged my mobile number( 8587929045) on 28th December, 2014 with Rs. 108/- to avail the facility of reducing the std call rate to 40p/s at around 5:10 pm. The confirmation of recharge was received by me after that and around 5:26 pm I made a std call from my number. I talked for around 66 mins. which makes the amount to be charged by the company is Rs 26.40/- . But the amount charged by the service provider was Rs. 78/- , which is three(3) times the amount should have been charged according to the plan. I called the customer complaint of the service provider and make them aware of the above mentioned fact. They started to continuously confuse me with different kind of details regarding the call rate and told me that it takes time for the service to get activated for 24 hrs. However this fact wasn't mentioned in the recharge confirmation details provided to me by SMS service. They are now telling that it is my fault that this fact is not known to me and I have incomplete information regarding the process the process. My point is how am I is a less informed person when they have not provided me with the fact of activation of service within a certain period of time (in this case it is 24 Hrs.). In every recharge process, after getting the confirmation SMS from the service provider , we start using the facility. So, if there is any exception to this process , the responsibility lies with the service provider to inform the customer beforehand and make him aware of the fact, which is surely not done in my case. Again after registering my complaint they started to transfer my call from one res ponder to the other in the name of "transferring my call to the senior officer" and harassed me for at least half an hour. At last they told me that my grievance will be surely redressed within next 24 hrs. which is not done till now.
Payment of Rs. 108 is received by Paytm!
State Bank of India DC Transaction No 201412286265995
TransID DL0092894669

regarding refund of extra charged amount

Dec 30, 2014

bill paid but not updated

My name is manjunathan.k.r I have a voda post paid no- 9880087457
I have paid my bill of rs 800 on dec 30 but my outgoing call is restricted. Tran id of paid bill is no. VFSKAR 7636
Dec 19, 2014

bill paid but not updated

My name is pranav I have a voda post paid no- 7838188424
I have paid my bill of rs 578 on dec 10 but my outgoing call is restricted. Tran id of paid bill is-0999999991210001151666
Dec 19, 2014

bill paid but not updated

I have paid my bill but my outgoing call is restricted transaction id is-0999999991210001151666 . Also give the tran id to voda custt care executive but no response get fro him
plz look.on urgent basis
saudan singh
Dec 11, 2014

Extra bill charge add.

Dear Sir,
My Name is Saudan singh I am Using Vodafone connection No. 9582631075 , Preset time on my number activate ( 666) Unlimited Plan . Before I using 125 Rupees Rent per month Plan, Last month Vodafone offered me 666 Rental plan , but plan Offering person not tell me term & Condition for Appling this plan . Please revert back to me which extra charge( 38 ) Rupees & re send me new bill after correction Excess money 38 Rupees
Please do needful ASAP Basis.
I Am Waiting Your Response ……..
[email protected]
Nov 25, 2014

Regarding unauthorise access to my number

Sir, i am using two prepaid vodafone number which is being blocked by someone without my permission .what should i do to make my vodafone numbers more secure.
The numbers are-7549496969 and 8676971998
hina iqbal
Nov 23, 2014

balance deduct

Recharge not successfull but balance got deduct from account my order has been faild during the recharge but rs.34 Deducted from my account could you please refund the amount my cell phone no.9210713288
Nov 19, 2014

Complaint on vodafone extra charges on bill

I have been using Vodafone for 6 years now, And 1.5 years ago only I have changed my number to postpaid and I have suffered a lot since then. From month of July, billing amount has been raised drastically. But for this month it has just crossed all my limits of patience. They have charged so many extra wages that it comes out to be 4000 bill for the month of October. I certainly looking for possible action from or against the service provider. Inspite of all the inconvienace I have suffered from Vodafone, I am sure they are not going to entertain my complaint and I don't see a slight chance of taking my complaint seriously by them.

Please find attached sheet of extra charges they have put on my bill.There are extra charges of 1100+850+450+150 they have put on me for netpack(I can they do a mistake in cheating itself by putting a person liable to pay this much money for freaking one month of 3g pack usage)Technology was to ease people's life not to bring more trouble.

I hope you will help me with my request and find out a way to get rid of all inconvenience they are making me to pay them.

Mrs. Sanyogita Grover

Complaint on vodafone extra charges on bill

Oct 30, 2014

RWS&S Department

my outgoing connection is suddenly barred why?
vidushi rastogi
Oct 28, 2014

without customer permission sharing call details and information


i am vidushi rastogi and my no. is 09899200582. any person went too any customer call details so you sharing call details that i worn you don't share my personal details and call details . that i inform you and with out any police verification and information with me don't share . please block my details.please do the stickily action,
Oct 26, 2014

some executive people of vodafone are leaking my call details to third person...

I have taken a private number of vodafone company.. Sad to inform that some executive people of this company are providing my call details to the third person who is my family member... This is happening to me from past 5 years but I did not ever noticed... 2-3 months back I took Vodafone number... This is my 4th number I have changed till now.. i filled the Form and I did not gave my any email id in that Form... yesterday I went to vodafone center and cheked my account any unknown email id was registered with my number which is not mine... THAT IS NOT MY EMAIL ID.. i am filing complain against vodafone company person who so ever is doing this... my relative is missusing my details and blackmailing me from past 5 years.. this person is taking out my details through email with the help of some vodafone executive people's by giving them bribe... This Is very illigal and I am going to file an F.I.R AGAINST THIS COMPANY EXECUTIVE.... THIS IS VERY ILLIGAL AND I WANT YOU TO TAKE A QUICK ACTION AGAIST IT AND FIND THAT CULPRIT WHO SO EVER IS GIVING MY DETAIL TO THIRD PERSON... PLEASE TAKE SOME STRICT ACTION AGAINST THIS..
Oct 14, 2014

Regarding Unnecessary billing/ Charges of Data.

I have post paid Mob No 9582735648. This No was enable with data pack of 198/-. I have personally speaks with Vodafone rep about that discontinue the data and its services on or before 27 Sep 2014. How ever they have not done it and the data service was continue on the above no. Now customer care tell on that no your data is continue and you have to pay Rs 860/- for that.
It is unjustice . My self is in Army and this phone is used by my family. inspite of repeated requested to customer care they have not stop the data services on the no. It is not the mistake of my or my family. If we have requested to stop data services on this no and Vodafone coy have not done it, than why I have to pay for that.
[email protected]
Oct 11, 2014

I dont want Vodafone to pay for downloads


How can Vodafone deduct balance without taking a confirmation. The call center agent of Vodafone says even if you click unknowingly also we will charge you. Is this legally possible wherein a person is charged without informing? Its like a virus which u click unknowlingly. No sms confirmation / approval was also seeked. I want Vodafone to disable this feature that it has where it would pay on my behalf to some other agency. ( i wont call it a bug to keep vodafon happy) . I want all such value services to be disabled on my number.

Oct 9, 2014

deduction of balance

Deducted my balance in the name of fake downloads rs 180
mobile no 9570088301
I think to switch to other
Poonam Kumari
Oct 7, 2014

Extra bill of postpaid connection

I have taken Vodafone Postpaid plan for Rs.249/ my number is 9711322927. In this plan, 2G for 1GB is free and other Corporate number is free from each other. My September bill is Rs.7014/- when I watch this amount I am shocked Vodafone company said in my bill you are used 3.54 GB data. I am definitely sure I have never used 3.54 GB please give my Net Surfing details. I want to know how used from me. please check my bill and give the correct bill.

Thanking You
Poonam Kumari

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