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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Sep 5, 2019

No Network

I have Vodafone Red family plan of ₹749 in which 3 nos. are involved for unlimited callings and data of 120 GB per month.

Internet is not working on my secondary nos

I'hv reported this to Vodafone Team on 28-Aug-19 by visiting Vodafone store at M2K, Pitam Pura, Delhi but the issue is not resolved yet. However, Vodafone is sending me false msgs that it is solved.
Executives at Vodafone store too are failed successfully to get this resolved. Moreover, they are not good to customers.

Thanks to help me in getting this done.

Best regards🙏
[email protected]
Feb 10, 2019

Network Issue

Hi Vodafoen team,

I have been your customer for more than 10 years, but now I think it's time to switch all of my connections to another network as I am unable to use proper internet as well as proper calling facility using you network in my area(H.No. 157, Pocket 11, sector 22, Rohini, Delhi-110086).

I have written this complaint in hope that you would install some network tower near my area after you get this complaint so that I and other people living near this area won't have to face such problem any longer.

In case any information is required than please contact me on 9555549888.

Vaibhav Gupta
[email protected]
Nov 12, 2018



This is to lnform you about no network coverage of Vodafone in Rishi Nagar Rani Bagh area from several years. We have filed no of complaints but all gone in vain. Every time we had informed that company (VODAFONE) is planing a new site near to this area and problem will get solve with in 90 days.

Kindly expedite the same.

Aug 22, 2018

deduction of balance

May kindly see the complaint regarding unnecessary deduction of balance. I am valuable customer of vodafone having cell phone no. 9899122903 in my vodafone account balance is more than Rs. 50 before 10-15 days now i suddenly check my balance i was shocked that available balance is Rs. 0, for the deduction i have contacting customer care representative at 198. My call is attended representative of customer care. She told me we have no information before 1 week for that your balance was deducted. She told me that I have complaint against this my mail and told me that your balance will be refunded within 24 hours.
For that i am requesting you to provide me docket number & confirming registration no of my complaint for above cited matter. And refund my balance as soon as possible
Anshuka Sharma
Jun 28, 2018

Balance deducted but recharge didn't credited

I have made a recharge of 348rupees on dated 27th of June, 2018 but , the money dof Rs. 349 deducted from my account but not credited the recharge till now.
I need it. I want my data pack recharge of Rs 348/- or want my refund back in to my account
Please do the needful... I need it
Thanks &Regards
Anshuka sharma

Balance deducted but recharge  didn't credited

Anuj Aggarwal
Apr 27, 2018

Vodafone Services are Pathetic

I was using Airtel services in Delhi India on my number +91 93100xxxxx but I was regularly getting calls from Vodafone for port out.. I thought I should try to use my number in Vodafone because sometimes (once in hundred times)I didn't get service in Airtel (once in hundred times). I gave my documents for port out into Vodafone.
Then after few days my number port out into Vodafone and I put up my sim card into my handset from that day till today I am not getting any services neither calling services nor internet services. Most of the time my number is not reachable OR All lines are buzy if someone tries to call me and I never get any 4g and 3g internet in my phone even though I am using iPhone 7 plus.

Few days ago I was out of town means I was outside Delhi and I was getting no services in signals. I suffered for 5 days.

I tried to reach Vodafone for help I had logged a complaint on 3rd April and they took a time of 7 days to sort out my problem but they didn't do anything for me.

Even today its 27th April I again called them to help me and to sort out my problem but they are unable to help me.
Now I am asking them to release my number so that I can port out my number into Airtel or some other company but they are saying you can't and you have to suffer with Vodafone services for 90 Days.

Please help me out guys or allow me to port out my number into some other carrier before 90 days on special request or something.

I never recommend anyone to use Vodafone at any cost.

Please stay away from Vodafone.
Jan 18, 2018

My Vodafone Mobile no ported out fraudulently

For the past two weeks I was constantly receiving calls from AIRTEL representatives regarding a porting request on my phone no 9873925772 . My service provider was VODAFONE . After constantly confusing to the aforementioned airtel calls , I received a call from a person intimating as a Vodafone employee and he offered to clear the mix up and cancel any request made to AIRTEL. He said that a new request need to be generated and I need to provide him with the porting request number. The call came from 9773504244. This incident happened on Jan 6 2018 . On the 11th Jan I found that my number had been ported out to AIRTEL under the name of some one called Paramjeet Rati.
Please take strong action regarding this matter as the number may further be used in various cyber crime.

[email protected]

My Vodafone Mobile no ported out fraudulently

Tarun Arora
Dec 13, 2017

Fraudulent value added service charges on mobile

Everyday vodafone is activating some or the other value added service on my mobile without my concent. I'm finding no way to deactivate them. Even after calling them 100 times I'm finding no solution. These guyz are pathetic. I want to port my number but I have to wait for 3 months
Gaurav Yadav
Jul 8, 2017

Vas charges extra

Extra VAS charges in my vodafone bill and this is not the first time . This time they added 20 Rs of VAS .This is totally unacceptable. Please modify my bill. They add VAS without the customer consent ..This is like a business for them.
Kajol Nautiyal
Jun 1, 2017

Deduction of money

Automatic activation of a random service on my number and therefore deduction of balance. Can't get in contact with the customer care executive. Filing the same type of complaint for second time. And also posting this same complaint for the second time as the company gave no response to my previous complaint that I posted 3-4 days ago. Really disappointing service!
Ashley jain
Mar 15, 2017

Customer service and products

I am a prepaid customer of Vodafone and i was treated like an idiot customer. My vodafone mobile number is 9899617966.
on 15 mar 2017 i have made 4 calls to vodafone customer service on 198 regarding a recharge of 352/- .
In the first call the 1st guy gave the required information ( in a recharge of 352/- i will get unlimited calls and 1gb data per day for 56 days).
In the second call the 2nd guy Vishal gave the required information. Then i made the recharge of 352/- and i received a text that it is valid for 28 days. Then i made the third call and the 3rd guy did not response for 3-5 minutes and then he tried to make me a fool by placing the call on hold and then transferred the call to sales team. Then the sales representative picked the call and i was about to explain this hassle but he disconnected the call.
Then i made a forth call and 4th adviser Arpit said "due to technical issues he can not help me, he cannot transfer the call to supervisor as there is no supervisor at the moment, he do not know the complaint email ID" . WHY?????

Regards pramila
bharat bhushan785785
Feb 23, 2017

Garbage of 3months stored

Request you to take an urgent step & stop them before any loss happens to anyone due to over garbage spread at main kanjhawala road. Bawana where 3d camera is inserted it is near 3 months passed but the garbage of big severe spread there on the road I request you to do on the priority
Feb 9, 2017

Unprofessional Staff

I lost my phone yesterday, so I visited the vodafone store at D-Mall Rohini to get a new sim. Ms Jyoti first of all very unprofessional, she did not assist and was very rude while talking. I waited for 20 min after which she said it would take 10 min so I stepped outside and came back in 10 min, The gaurd and Jyoti did not let me enter as it was 2 minutes past 7:30. First of all has she lost her mind? I was in the store since 7:10. this is unacceptable and being a Vodafone Customer for the past 7 year I am really shocked by this kind of attitude. This is definitely not customer service.I am hereafter deactivating the services from vodafone.
Parvinder Singh Gaba
Jan 26, 2017

Pathetic Network

Sub : Pathetic Services by Vodafone from last 7 & half months

This is to bring into your notice that I have been using Vodafone’s sim card (9999415742) for long and have been facing Network Problem from last 7 & half months. I spoke to many Customer service Executives of your organization but 4 of them gave me fake commitments whereas the others were partially knew about the solution and promised me that I will receive a call and it turned out to be No Solution. Then around 4 months back I was really unhappy and dissatisfied with the network so I decided to port it to some other Network and got connected to a female executive in Retention Dept. She convinced me that if the sim would be changed then I will not face any problem at all. I agreed to her statement and received another sim after 3 days and a waiver of 500/- as I faced a lot of inconvenience. But nothing really changed evenafter changing that sim. Therefore, I have stopped hoping for any solution.
Unfortunately, everybody in my family has been using Vodafone since very long time and have been facing the same problem.
1 My mother is critically ill but if somebody needs to talk to her or we need to call Doctor then we become helpless.
2 We can’t interact with our close ones, relatives, friends, Clients and our best friends just because of this Worst reception.
3 We cant book the cab, cant call any electrician, Plumber or anyone.
4 We are not contactable until we come out and stand 20 mtrs away from our house only then we are able to talk over the phone
5 What’s the point of using service like this wherein we face the same issue in many ways.
6 There is no Data Connection we get the moment we enter the Varaandah of my house.
7 We really don’t want to pay even a single penny as our bill, escalate this to TRAI and Media so that everyone must know about the Pathetic network of your organization.
8 We would like to claim for it and soon you will receive a notice from my Lawyer as this Problem will not get any solution.
9 We would love to Port all our numbers immediately
10 We would like to sue VODAFONE ASAP.
11 I am not looking for any resolution this time. Infact, I want Vodafone to be Penalized.
Really to be Penalized.

Thanks & Regards

Parvinder Singh Gaba
C-7/ 287, Keshav Puram, New Delhi – 110035.
Vidhi Sharma77
Dec 14, 2016

Dismissal of services without intimation and proper Notice

I have been using Vodafone no # 9899877017 . Network quality and services are so poor that my Sister and Husband have got their Vodafone connection changed to Airtel and Idea respectively but I still continued showing some faith in them .I also have been facing Network issues at few places but that also I didn't mind . Today morning at 6:03 am I received an sms informing me

"Important ! incoming calls on your Vodafone phone will be barred due to non submission of documents. Please submit your documents in 24 hr to avoid Incoming services "

Hello ?? which documents ? You have never sent me an sms intimating me about any issue I am a loyal customer and using your connection since last 8.5 years and this is the last thing I deserve

It didn't stop there . At 6:03 am, I received another msg that

"Outgoing calls on your Vodafone Mobile phone have been barred due to non submission of documents . Please submit your documents in 24 hrs "

I was amazed to look at these 2 msgs .

1. I was never aware of any such requirement . What you need by when ? I never received a mail, msg or call

2. You are barring my incoming calls without notice and telling me you will bar outgoing as well and have given me only 24 hours office ?

Don't I have any other work than going to your stupid service center which is never happy to help ?

I so wish I also would have got my connection changed to some other operator so that I would not have faced such issue and unprofessionalism .I finally paid price for my loyalty and sticking to you guys for 8.5 yrs where others who have switched to other operators are so much happier

I had to miss a call and an important meeting in the morning as I spent that time in your center for no fault of mine .This is the notice you give to your loyal customers ? We have already barred your outgoing calls and will bar incoming as well if you don't do so and so in 24 hours ?

Highly disappointed . My phone is still not working inspite of me missing my meetings and spending 1.5 hrs at your center .
Madhav madan
Oct 22, 2016

unreasonable money deducted

Unreasonably an amount of rs.225 is deducted. Without any permission, warning, any message. I need cash back.
Mobile no. 9811173645
Money deducted on 21st october"2016
Sep 22, 2016

Unwanted service actived without any request

Vaishali Dabla here using phone number 9654480985 Rs. 90 were deducted without any reason no services were activated yet I suddenly get this message that reads Desitube service now active on your phone
Rs. 90 deducted from your account. I want my balance back please help me out I just got a recharge :(

Unwanted service actived without any request

Sharma shipra
Sep 13, 2016

Worst signals

Dear sir
Pls note that i am facing the problem of 0 signals or no signals from tha past 6 months at my place due to which my phone continuously respond to others as switched off or not reachable when somebody call me and when i give a call my call drops regularly
Pls chech look into the matter
Aug 31, 2016

Call drop

I stay in Rohini Sector 13 Delhi 110085 and frequently getting call drops and call failures which is highly frustrating. I switched to 4G thinking its a superior network but situation is same.

I am a old user and believe that while reading my complaint, the technical team will resolve the issue on priority.

Vivek - 9999902927
Ajay Kumar prasad
Aug 10, 2016

cheater calling

A just call a girl from this no: 8375047419 and through serch its location is delhi. she want cheat with me with credit card.

Kindly trace and took action on his.

Ajay, Mumbai
Jul 19, 2016

network issue as well worst 4g net

I marked 2-3 complaints regarding the network issue but it doesn't resolve till date. Vodafone customer care tells every time that till that we resolve your concen but they fails to resolve netowk issue problem.
Even I tell them to sent your engineer on site to check the issue but they ignore that also. There internet services are worst its like a dabaa network which doesn't work.

I m appealing to higher authorities that look into that matter why vodafone is soo irresponsible like that.
Jun 17, 2016

RE: Verfication not done

Dear Chanda,

We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns. However, request you to provide us with an alternate number so that we can successfully contact you.

Reliance Communications
Chanda Bakshi
Jun 16, 2016

Verfication not done

My Name is Chanda Bakshi. I have been requested for PORT-IN (8586988979) from reliance to corporate connection in Vodafone Postpaid .My sim is activated within 7 days but after 3 days my outgoing is barred due to negative verification.And i requested for verification again in my office because i lived in PG.After 4 days,Still verification is not done. This is my official number & i am facing lot of problem .Please resolve ASAP.
May 24, 2016

Balance deduction

There was a sudden deduction of Rs45 from my account for a Glam world pack which has got randomly activated for 15 days.
This pack was not activated by me but is a folly on the company's part. My number is 9680040875. I humbly request you to deactivate it at the earliest and refund my money back to my account or else I will be compelled to take sterner steps.
May 13, 2016

slow internet

I have using 2g internet and it's speed is 4 to 10 kbps.But the given by Vodafone speed is about 50kbps.and iam complaining to customer care they just block my number so can't call them.And one thing more I complained for same problem last year on12 November 2015 and Vodafone custom care said to me that it will be solved on 20februrary 2016 but it is not solved till now.I am telling they are fruad that they always say in starting in Vodafone care that 'happy to help' but it is wrong. I appeal to Vodafone to take some serious action against your custom care employees and bad service like tower problem.

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