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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

May 1, 2016

Illegal vodafone tower in residential area

I am rohit, resident of E139 Yadav Nagar (Samaipur) Delhi-110042. Few years back Vodafone has built a tower on a roof of a building which is very nearby to my home. The tower rays are very harmful and because of this many people have become ill. we feel difficulty in breathing. The owner of building is a powerful people he can harm any one that is why I am writing the complaint here. I request you please take an action on this tower removal.
[email protected]
Apr 25, 2016

unauthorized mobile number re-allocation

I was using my vodafone number for 10 years.I came to bangalore for some time and i couldn't use my number but that number was working.
Without any confirmation vodafone re-allocated my number to some other customer.

When i asked them, they said they have sent a message but i didn't received any phone call for confirming the same or any written letter to my address.they directly shut my services.

My number is distributed to a lot of people,
I am really facing a lot of issues.

No faithfulness for being a 10 year old customer for vodafone.
kindly help.
Apr 1, 2016

Ported Sim has not started yet.

Dear Sir,
I have done port out from AIRCEL in the month of August ( Mobile no +91 7532992260 ) . I got the new sim from VODAFONE in september but the services were not started by the operator. I have requested numerous times to customer care about the continuation of my services but every time they made excuse and replaced my sim. 4-5 times sim has been changed but nothing has happened. I have not made a single call from the number but bill for every month is regularly generated. I have complaint against it many times but no solution is provided by any customer support. Due to this matter the services of my current VODAFONE number 9654757300 has been stopped. I have a doubt that someone in your VODAFONE is using my number because of which the bill has been generated. I have chosen Vodafone for its brilliant services but after this experience i would not recommend it to any person in my knowledge. I want grievance against this matter and need a strong action against this customer harassment and above all I want my 9654757300 number working again.


Raees Ahmed
M : 7530864369
Nov 27, 2015

fuckin biscoot service

I always said Vodafone is the best service provider but today u I realized voda is also a crap like aircel..and reliance
Last Friday I m searching a song on Google suddenly a msg came that biscoot service is activated on ur no. And 45 rs is deducted from ur account .
Then in morning I call customer care ...but can't connected..
Its ok ..I forgot that
But yesterday I thought that if the 45 rs is deducted then I should use that service called biscoot. So today I called customer care . they said that biscoot service is activated . I said I know this but tell me that how it was done as I don't activated it myself. They said to me that u have replied with a msg to activate the service . I said no didnt msg anything .they said yes there is msg . i said I bet u that u don't have that msg . then they said but the service is activated . I said I knw but tell me the use of this fuckin service . he said that biscoot service is a service that company msgs u something.. I said I don't understand this . he said please hold I'll tell u . is a I'd ok I m on hold ..after that he didn't rply for 15 mins that I disconnected the call..
Is that ur service Vodafone ? Where u dropped ur customer service level ? The boy u picked up my call jitendar..he didn't knew anything..then why he is there ..if he can't satisfy a needy customer's confusion.
I'll port to airtel soon..
Akshay Bhatnagar
Oct 29, 2015

service pack activated without my consent

Vodafone has activated some Weekly service pack without my consent and has already deducted money for it without even once asking from me.
Also if you check through the internet they do it for a lot of people without anybody's consent. It is a theft or sheer looting.

kindly please look into the matter as soon as possible.
Oct 25, 2015

Bogus verification

Sir...I got my numbe ported into Vodafone from idea because of network problem. My number was ported but the have not done the verification properly.. I came to know from Vodafone store that the reason for negative verification was incomplete address... and the hilarious thing is that on the same mailing address I receive my other bills.
Oct 9, 2015

Plan activation without concerning

Hi vodafone team,Super Models Club is activated at Rs. 75 for 15days. Bal Rs. 62.386 at 21June 2014 22:06.
Refund my amount to my Mobile No. 9643865085.i dint ask for any plan... isn’t this annoying?Please its a humble request to take this problem seriously and refund balance. I hope action should be taken with Immediate effect. I tried calling customer care but not responding properly
Sharma K Ashok
Sep 6, 2015

Failure of online recharge

Dear Sir.
I recharged my vodafone mobile no 9711894362 on line on 6.09.15 at 19.54.27 hrs throgh pnb bank but my money deducted from my a/c but not received any message kindly look inrto the matter.
my mobile no. ############&
email id [email protected]
sandeep kimar
Aug 20, 2015

no mobile network

Hi, my name is sandeep i am live in prashant vihar area which is under rohini and can be called sector-14 in rohini, delhi -110085
my vodafone mobile number is : 9818524933 , in my area since last one year i am facing acute no coverage of vodafone mobile network :- huge call drops, no signal inside house, getting signal and connectivity after getting out of my lane in B block of prashant vihar, delhi, and regarding this huge no signal problems i brought this complaint registered with vodafone number of times and their technical department has shown no interest at all and stared saying that we are working on this problem and let you know soon, and sometime they say it is your's problem kindly change the mobile phones when i say that number of friends and give them their numbers who also have same complaints then they say we will sort out in one month or two month and some time we will respond to you, but did not get any response at all, my issue is this i want clear signals from mobile tower to at least can take call or can make call to someone. number of time we give our landline number to have talk but missing so many of calls due to this huge no signal at all inside our home ,( i am not talking about basements) i am paying their dues of all kinds from connectivity to calls but they are doing nothing at all, i request to please get back my all bills rentals and specially connectivity bills refunded of last one year and levy a penalty of at least ten lakhs for fooling the entire region of prashant vihar , delhi and doing nothing at all.
Jul 23, 2015

call drop

I Rajiv kumar dham facing lot of problems of call droping for many days ,around a month at least. I am fed up from this situation please help me out to figure this problem.
Karan Gupta
Jul 17, 2015

Myplex Charges Auto Deducted Without Activating

Hello! Myplex Pack is now active on your number, as requested.This service is valid till 14-08-2015 and a 30 days rental of Rs.90 has been deducted.Your current Balance post service activation is Rs.738.839.To deactivate SMS STOP to or call 155223(toll free).

I didnt activate anything they just deducted my balance i want it back.

Karan Gupta
Jun 28, 2015

deactivating processed just for asking the procedure

Hi All..

I am afraid to say that , a company of such a repute and huge market share is maintaining so very low quality of customer care staff. The whole thing began when I sent a mail asking only the procedure of deactivating one of my numbers, but never mentioned the number to be deactivated. in the main message. I just wanted to know the procedure only. I am pasting the whole original message as it was here under.......

this is to state that , i have a few postpaid corporate numbers, one of them is to be returned , because it was given to the the staff and now he has left us . also he has not come up after several reminders so , to avoid any misuse of that number i personally want to get it blocked. pls guide me to the right process for the same ....


surender yadav 9999266650"

Then , the very next day , a girl staff ANJALI (as she told her name ) called me from a number +911171636363 and +911171636393 at 6.25pm and 6.30pm and confirmed if i want to get this number disconnected and I told her not to do so. I also told her the other number which is to be deactivated. but she said that only this number will be deactivated as it is confirmed in the mail. I told her many a times that you have misunderstood the mail and i advised her to read it again. but she refused and told me that your number will be disconnected within 24 hours. I don't understand her personal interest in disconnecting a wrong number even after denying by me.

Also I want to get it highlighted that this girls Anjali , could not even speak properly , though the conversation was in hindi only. I understood that She is new to the team. Also she was keeping me on hold very often telling me that i just confirm from some one else. May be she was a trainee. She was very rude to me. She even threaten me to deactivate my number.

Again I want to make sure that , I just wanted to know the procedure of deactivating a number. after which i would have dropped another mail verifying the number . but the very fast service of untrained staff did put me in a mess . at least she is not authorized to play with the goodwill of company . the person who doesn't know how to speak with a customer doesn't deserve to be at a position where she can deal directly with customers that also with the help of others by keeping customers on hold.

hoping the matter be resolved positively , I also hope I don''t get threatening call for deactivating my numbers. Please do the need full.

not mentioning any of my numbers due to getting misunderstood as number to be disconnected.
Sunil BK
May 25, 2015

Lost my phone

I lost my Redmi 1S phone at Old Delhi Railway Station. I was using Vodafone Phone No 9654161316.
rajeev sah
May 22, 2015

to reactivate my post paid vodafone number 9811387545

on dated 21/05/2015 an incoming call from +911149647750 and a voice of female called herelf Savita from Vodafone customer care told me to deposit Rs. 1100/- for reactivation of my vodafone no. 9811387545 and again called from above said number and further offered me that if I deposit Rs. 700/- today i.e.21/05/2015 then my vodafone number will be activated and if any dues are pending will be settled, as assured by the caller Savita that my number will be activated in morning on 22/05/2015, on the same day in the evening i deposited Rs. 700/- at Vodafone outlet at Sector-8, Rohini, Delhi. it is surprising that as assured by the caller from vodafone customer care and after depositing amount of Rs. 700/- my vodafone number is activated and no information of the deposit has been given to me. Therefore it requested to reactivate my number 9811387545. immedatly .


Rajeev Kumar Sah
Chamber no.1015, Rohini District Courts

M. 9971985636
May 7, 2015

बार बार पैसे काट लेने के संभंद में।

सर जी मेरा मोबाइल no 8375072005 ह। वोडाफ़ोन बार बार मरे पसे काट लेता ह और जब भी म कस्टमर केअर को कॉल करता हु तो उसे भी ब्लाक कर देते ह। सर कल रात भी 20 रुपया काट लिया ह जब दूसरे के मोबाइल से बात करते ह कॉस्टमर केअर से बात की तो कहते ह की नेट से डाउनलोड की ह पर सर म ने कोई advtise भी क्लिक नहीं कीया फिर भी काट लेते ह प्लीज आप सभी कंपनी को कहो के आप नेट के advertise पे क्लिक होने के बाद वेरिफीकेशन पॉप उप पे कया आप इशे डाउनलोड करना चाहते हो यस या नो होना चाहिये और सभी मोबाइल कंपनी पे सकती से कारवाही करनी चाहिये।
Apr 27, 2015

no 3 G services

I am using vodafone 3G, services but sorry to say no 3G network available at my place in ROHINI,,filed complaint and there technical team called twice but nothing happened, when filed a complain with there grinch cell, received reply that due to technical issues problem cannot be resolved at this time and no time frame was given…

I need answers:
1. Am i living in jungle where technical issues can be addressed.
2,If they are not able to provide services then why are they charring for it,

Needs explanation otherwise will take them to consumer court for lack in services.

Request to kindly get it solved.

chan shangrei
Mar 7, 2015

Customer care unwilling to assist and disconnecting calls

I have been availing Vodafone service for the past 2 years. Recently, the 3G internet was very slow, i called the customer care executive to assist me with the issue. I called on the 6th and 7th march(i.e, today), they picked my calls and attended my calls for few seconds and just disconnected my calls without any assistance. At first i thought i was a network problem but i was disconnected for 4 times within these two days. With the customer executives unwillingness to help and disconnecting calls, it clearly shows how lax they are regarding providing service to customers. Even after choosing the preference to converse in English, the customer care executive don't even know how to speak in English. Considered as one of the best service providers but failing their duty in providing customer satisfactory service is unacceptable. Necessary actions from the company in providing a quality service is the need of the hour.
Feb 16, 2015

Adjust the bill Vodafone no. 8586966196

Dear Sir
I had request for deactivation of my Vodafone no. 8586966196 on 4th Dec 2014 and received the request acknowledgement from Vodafone side on same day service reference is 2511633080.
Why My Vodafone mobile number deactivated on 4th Jan.
I had not use No from 4th Dec 2014,So Why I will pay billed amount is Rs. 810.44. and also reimburse the amount between ( 4th Dec to 19th Dec 2014)
Amit Garg
Keshav Lahoti
Dec 3, 2014

Wrongfull Balance Deduction

My account has been Debited by Rs. 20 again and again for bogus reason that is "DNLD-SHOTFORMATS_99 Valuepack_20" as per custmercare response. In previous mails also I haven't provided with satisfactory solution to my problem.
Why this unnecessary deduction from My account has been Debited by Rs. 20 again and again for bogus reason that is "DNLD-SHOTFORMATS_99 Valuepack_20" as per custmercare response. In previous mails also I haven't provided with satisfactory solution to my problem.
Why this unnecessary deduction from my account without any confirmation or sms? I want immediate refund of my deducted balance in my account.

Keshav Lahoti
Mobile No. +91-9582818948
Oct 16, 2014


Mahendra park,Police Station
New Delhi-110033


My name is Rita i wish to bring under your notice that I lost my Sim card. it was 8860477231. i request delhi police to register my complaint so that i can get a duplicate sim for my nos.


A-211,first floor, D.D.A. FLAT,
Punjabi camp,New Delhi-110033
mail id- [email protected]
Sep 24, 2014

Number missing

My Vodafone number is missing but i want this number continue so please provide again same number detail’s

Missing Number 7838286869 and any query contact Mr. Asif khan Mobile number this 9811893894

Nida khan
Jul 2, 2014

change plan

i want to change my plan 349 to 199
Oct 22, 2013

misleading for postpaid plan

Dear sir ,
i converted my vodafone no. 9899945360 from prepaid to postpaid on 15th october 2013 . the person came to collect papers and give me the sim card took my application for plan Browse more 399 of Rs.399 and after 72 hours they activated my number with 400 sachet plan. the vodafone executive took my signed application for 399 plan. then i complained in vodafone on 18 th october 2013 and they said my plan will be changed in 72 hours. after that they sent a person for verification at my home and i complained to him too. after that they sent me message that due to incomplete verification your outgoing service will be deactivated soon. vodafone is doing nothing for my mislead plan. please see to my matter
Vipul lohia
9811239365 (alternate number)
Mar 26, 2013

Fraud Bill

I bought this Vodafone Postpaid No. 9999757408 few months ago with a rental plan of Rs.149/month in which I got 5000 secs & 150 sms to use.
Vodafone automatically, without informing made a bill of 25 days & decreased my usage of 5000 secs to 3700 secs. If you calculate, I should have got at least 4300 secs.
Also, the very next month I lost my no. & I called voda people to block my no. & permanently shut it down. They affirmed ! Now after 2 weeks they have sent me a bill worth Rs. 270 approx. whereas I'm not using the no., Infact I dont even have that sim with me.

Please help !!
Dec 28, 2012

find anumber details & address

am getting wrong calls from 9047451394 and 8608469172... Please take immediate action... Thank you

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