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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Jul 28, 2011

do not complete their given commits

my name is amit mann and my address is 333,bhitarla panna,budhiya wala kuan,v.p.o. khera-khurd.delhi 110082..my mail id is ([email protected])..my mobile number is 9818656661
due to very respect---
i port my given number from prepaid to postpaid..a executive came to my home and gave me a SIM an i gave him my documents..he told me when it get started call 121 first,,and vodafone will give you any offer surely,,like free SMS,free CALLS, discount on BILL,,,etc etc...i did the same..i made a call to 121,executive told me that i m very lucky and they give me offer of a vodafone number umlimited free..
i asked sir how can i activate this,,, he told me "i m sending you a sms,,u will have to enter the mobile number you want to free with,, and reply the same path",,i did the same he told me..
i got a reply that your request is forwarding and with in 72 hours your request will be activated.after 72 hours i called them again on 121 and asked for the same service... they again told me to send a massage again,, again i did the same they told me..
again i got the same reply from vodafone..that your request will be activated with in 72 hours..i called at 121 again and i asked for my offer...
executive told me that you don't have any offer like this on your 9818656661 number.. i told him all aboutr it.. but he denied..
on vodafone site ...i gave them my feed back same like this they replied ...they will call me.... but no call and no satisfied reply....
Jul 26, 2011

Fake calls from +92 number

This is to inform you that I am getting calls from +923414370882 , the person calling said that he is from Vodafone and my number has won 10 lakhs in lottery and please dial 00923005614536 to get further details.My wife unknowingly that this could be fake number dialled the number.

I have searched about this on internet and found that this fake racket running from pakistan and many people are receiving these kind of calls.

Please take a note of it and take the appropiate action and please suggest in case something needs to be done from our end.
Jul 22, 2011

find anumber details & address

I want a details and address of the above vodafone number. please mail me fast.
thank you.
Jul 6, 2011

DND activated but not working properly

I am a Vodafone customer and I activated DND long time back but still I am getting promotional SMSes and calls.

[email protected]
Jun 26, 2011


I am Ankit Gupta, mobile no.9711192965, vodafone postpaid customer. I had been given a special benefit of "One Vodafone Number free calling on for 3 months" from Vodafone Store Model town, Delhi as on 14th April 2011. As per my latest Bills of the month June 2011, I had been charged @20 paisa/min for the outgoing calls on that number i.e Rs.224. No action is taken as per my complaints and requests by Vodafone care and Vodafone Store Model Town, Delhi till date. This problem is arised again as i had previously complaint for the same problem of the month april and may 2011.
The customer care executives in Vodafone Store, model town Delhi, treated me very badly. They totally back-step from their words and the way of talking is also unprofessional. Ms. Nishtha wason is the concern person at the Vodafone Store Model Town, Delhi to whom i had been talked. She clearly warn me for complaining anywhere and is refused to waive off these unnecessary charges levied on my bill. This is totally inconvenience of services by the Vodafone Store Model town, Delhi. I have been mentally harassed by the Vodafone Company from last three months.
So, please kindly take some action and waive off the charges.
May 29, 2011


I am Ankit Gupta, mobile no.9711192965, vodafone postpaid customer. I had been given a special benefit of "One Number free calling for 3 months" from Vodafone Store Model town, Delhi as on 14th April 2011. As per my last Bills of the month April and May 2011, I had been charged @20 paisa/min for the outgoing calls on that number i.e Rs.112.40 and Rs.595.60 resp. No action is taken as per my complaints and requests by Vodafone care and Vodafone Store Model Town, Delhi. And this problem will also be reflected on my next month Bill of May,2011. So, please kindly take some action and waive off the charges.
May 4, 2011


hi i m himanshu one of the unfortunate users of vodafone who are absoluite cheaters these people are deducting my balance in my apple phone 3g which does not even have the internet service ,they have on their own activated the live service of vodafone and they have reduced my balance twice from 300 to -11 ,pls beware of these cheats.

pls refund bcoz now even the customer care link for talking to ccs executive is not available after repeating requests.
Apr 23, 2011

charges on service with service activation

Hi All,

I am using the vodafone number 9899xxxxxx, my gprs service is been deactivated from the customer care with my concern and when I check to myservice on 111 it says that your service is activated but when I go to vodafone live I says your service is not active. vodafone vas services are big fake.

Baware friends before going with vodafone..

even if your number is DND you will get promotional

agrim grover
Jan 15, 2011

No Network / Voice Break / Call Drop /

For the past one year i am having network problem at my residence in Pitampura, New Delhi on my mobile no.9811072715 from the vodafone mobile service providers and the company seems to be working in such an unprofessional matter that after lodging several complaints, no body is bothered that there consumers are suffering due to there negligent attitude. Everytime they are extending there deadline to rectify the complaint, which till date 15-01-2011 is not resolved and on further investigation done by me on the status of my complaint, still the company official are clueless when they will be able to rectify my complaint of Network Failure / Voice break / call drop while talking on my mobile at my residence in Pitampura, New Delhi......Please advice what should i do
Jan 12, 2011

no signal @ home

we have using 3 no. of vodafone one postpaid & 2 pre paid but no mobile signal @ my home and my home is well located & its fully authorised sector-3 rohini near m2k cinema.

i have alrady complaint for it on call centre but no replay..
Please help me ..or else i will change my service provider.

[email protected]
Jan 10, 2011

call detail of my lost card

i want the call detail of my lost card "9654281365" as the number is deactivated by me. the number was used by the person for 2-3 days after the phone was lost .please send yhe details to email id.
Nov 29, 2010

callertune activation

I am gaurav singhal. I m using a vodafone mobile number 8860430078. On 29 november 2010 i recieved a message from vodafone that my callertune has been activated and rs 30 has been charged for the same. regarding this i called on their customer care. Their executive told me that i called on the no*567# (which i didnt) on 11:30 pm on 29 nov 2010. but i recieved the msg on 11:28 pm 29 november 2010 and he told me that i copied the song at 4:00 am on 28 nov 2010. at that time i was sleeping. i dont know why the hell they have activated my caller tune without my permission and charged me. Their executives dont have manners how to talk to customers. and they are completely lying. when i ask him that i want to talk to any senior person he put my call on hold for 10 mins actully after 10 mins i disconnect the call coz nobody was answering. please help me and take some action
Nov 13, 2010

unnecesary harassment of customer

That I am a vodafone subscribers for more than 6 years and holding two numbers in my name 9873170613 and 9999300790. both these numbers are postpaid.

That I have submitted all the documents related to customer verification in October 2010 at Vodafone shop at M2K, Sector 3, Rohini, Delhi-85.

That I was submitting two copies of my documents with two separate forms as I have two connections in my name. But at Vodafone shop I was told by the executive to submit single form for both the numbers as the numbers are in same name and address. So I had submitted a fresh single form stating both of my aforementioned numbers on approx. 14-15 Oct 10.

That from 10th Nov.10 vodafone has started sending warning message on my 9999300790 to submit the vitrifaction documents before every outgoing call. In the message customer is asked to contact customer care for more assistant.

That keeping all this in consideration, I called vodafone customer care on 13th Nov. 10. But to my surprise I found not a single option on IVRS to contact customer care executive. The IVRS starts with promotion campaign of Delight message then it says Press 1 for ... 2, for .., 3 for ..., 4 for ... 5 for ...., 6 for delight message (repeated again, although it was told in the beginning also) and ends.

That in none of the 6 options there is anything like "talk to operator" which is "option 9". After many options in random i got connected to sales dept. some executive named Nitesh picked the phone and asked me to call again on IVRS and disconnected the call.

That again after trying several times I reached to customer care executive, named Deepak through "SIM Lost complaint" option. (Is there any governing body to check the genuineness of IVRS of the operators?)

That After telling entire story I was told that vodafone has not received any documents from my behalf. Then I asked to check the status of my second number 9873170613. I was told that they have received the document against this number on 16th Oct.10. Despite telling numerous times that it was the same form that verifies my second number then howcome vodafone can send me such warning messages.

That when I was not satisfied with Deepak I asked him to transfer my call to his senior / manager so that I can make them understand the situation. But firstly he refused to do so then on putting pressure he put the call on hold and after few minutes he came back and told that the senior is busy and asked me to call later. (Can anyone understand the situation I was going through after trying for approx. 1 hr or so)

That I again insisted him not to disconnect my call as happened with previous executive under any circumstance and I can wait till his so called senior gets free to attend my call. After making unnecessary arguments he again put my call on hold and after sometime disconnected it.

I want that such things need to be monitored on regular basis by Government authorities so that customers should not face any such problems. It is ONLY customers who pay for the operators not the operators, so how can they behave like this.


Alok Som,
Mail ID: [email protected]
Nov 12, 2010

transfer of phone numbers

Dear Sir,

I am using the phone no since last one year. this phn no 9999112840 is issued on the name of my friend ritika verma.

I have submitted my ID proof and NOC from ritika verma to the executive of vodafone who collected it from me 15 days before and executive assure me the number will transfer to u very soon.

but its not like that . i contact to vodafone store rohini then they simply said we did not get any documrnt form you regarding that till yet

A lot of times diffferent executives called to collect for the documents. but when i subitted the documents they even do not know who is collected the documents form me.

so this is proper miscommuication between them .
just because of them i suffer alot.

So now again when i went to Vodafone store regarding that executive said you again subit the document.

i just get reed of that.

please do the necessary action at the earliest
Nov 11, 2010

Concern regarding the Blackberry charges on your Vodafone number 9711360103

This is to inform you that I Ivon Massey facing problem in my billing details for 9711360103.As I called up your customer services today to my surprise I came to know that I have been charged for Blackberry Services since April' 09.As you can check that I have never used Blackberry services even I do not have Blackberry handset.I bought new Blackberry handset few weeks back.As you can check in your system that which handset I was using previously.As per your representatives I have been charged since 2009.I have never checked bills as I totally trusted your services and I have no issues reagrding connection.However,I cannot understand that how the big company like Vodafone can do this to it's loyal customer that you are charging me for Blackberry services which Iam not using and I am very disappointed to know about the charges.
Now these guys are not giving me any satisfactory reply they are telling me that i am have sent message to get these services activated.I got a new blackberry handset last month and previously on that handset my freind was using blackberry services.When I called up Vodafone customer services they told me that services are already activated.Then i tried to use services on my blacberry handset and these services are not working.They told me to restart handset and then try and services does not started.Now my concern is that i want my money back for the services which i am not using.
Oct 8, 2010

Unauthorized amount deduction

I have been purchased a sim no.89911100180005904462 of Vodafone against vodafone no. 9582115759 on 03.10.2010 and recharched with Rs. 75/- but when the sim was activated i found zero balance, Kindly submit the detail for the same, other wise finally I have to knock the door of consumer fouram.

(Ramesh Kumar)
Phone no. 9213842857
Jun 16, 2010

company not give me a call detail..

i want call detail of my vodafone prepaid my number is 9582414564 I need the previous 2 months back call details on my e mail [email protected] and my 2nd mobile number is 9811932932...........it's urgent.......
May 11, 2010

Mislead By customer Care


I called up Vodafone customer care this morning at 7:40 AM to get information regarding vodafone Mobile Connect. The person who attended me clearly mentioned me that neither there is any activation charges nor monthly rental for the activation. But when I send the message they deducted 199 rupees from my account as monthly rental. I was mislead by this customer care guy. Later when I called them they clearly refused this thing and when I asked for a call transfer to the supervisors I was always put on hold for few minutes and then disconnected. I tried talking to them many times but no response from there side. They also lodged a compliant, telling me that the senior person will contact me in 2 hrs, but till now I haven't received any call from them. The Compliant no is 2150388176. So this clearly makes me in a situation to lodge a complain against them. Keeping due faith in the system I want your help in resolving this issue as soon as possible.
My name is Dinesh Kumar

and my no is 9811694423

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