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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Mar 23, 2011

regarding billing amount

Hello Parvesh,

We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Please share your details at http://bit.ly/g1OSRd and we'd be happy to help.

Vodafone Customer Care
Mar 15, 2011

internet pack not activated

Hi Chaitanya,

Thanks for writing in to us and for the time on our call. Trust we were able to resolve the issue. For any assistance in future, kindly email us at [email protected] We're happy to help!

Vodafone Customer Care, Delhi & NCR
Mar 10, 2011

Unsolicited BULK SMS

Hi Mamuniz,

We've been trying to reach you on your phone but have been unable to do so. Please share a convenient time for us to contact you.

Vodafone Customer Care.
Mar 8, 2011

Do not disturb service

Dear Parag,

Thanks for writing in to us with your concern. We request you to kindly provide us with your 10-digit Vodafone number at the earliest in order to expedite your request. For any further assistance, please email us at [email protected], and we'll do our best to help.

Vodafone Customer Care, Haryana
Mar 8, 2011

Unsolicited BULK SMS

Hi Mamuniz,

We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Please share your details at http://bit.ly/eAywk7 and we'd be happy to help.

Vodafone Customer Care.
Feb 28, 2011

drop box

Hi i am anis i am from Gujarat staying in Bhavnagar ( there is only problem in shishuviar circle ) i am using mobile client for internet i am having unlimited downloading plan the number of sim card is 9978407040 it is i have a problem of server and downloading speed is in bytes 500 bytes i can't even download a file from Gmail also i am doing complain in store and your network operator is also telling i am checking and saying but there is no response this is my complain number - 1278112794. This problem is since 26th - 10-2010
Other operator are giving 3g service on this rate only i am willing to change the operator for better service i am very disappoint from this service
Feb 10, 2011

drop box

hello vodafone.. myself swarnali i m using a kolkata number 9674358540.. i did'nt request for changing my caller tune, , but it has been changed forcefully... i need my money back and my previous caller tune back.
Jan 19, 2011

deducted my balance

Hello Deepak

Thanks for writing to us. As checked you've been charged as per the usage. For any further assistance please write to us at [email protected] Sorry for the inconvenience. Happy to help!

Kind Regards,
Vodafone Customer Care, Haryana.
Jan 16, 2011

drop box

hai Vodafone, i am naveen, n i am residing in trivandrum, i was using Vodafone(9645060906) from lat 2 years n i was not in India for last 10 months, but still my cousin used the same sim till last 6 months, n then i came back home my Sim was deactivated, wen i approached customer care, they told me that, i will not get the same no: with a prepaid connection, i will have to chance into post paid connection, ordinary people like us cant afford postpaid connection, its always better to have prepaid connection, so is there any chance for me to get the same number, my contact no is 8086969944, expecting a positive answer, please note that i haven't taken a new Sim yet
Dec 20, 2010

Getting Commercial SMSs

Dear Durga,

Thanks for writing in and thank you for your time on the call. Trust we were able to assist you with DND functionality. If you need any assistance please write to us at [email protected] Happy to help!

Kind Regards,
Vodafone Customer Care, Delhi.
Nov 27, 2010

Vodafone network coverage

I also reside in this society and raised first complaint on July 31st and they gave me three months time. Of course three months have already been passed but they keep giving me another three months time every time I ask for the status and finally decided to wait for Number portability to come. I think you should also do the same thing,
Nov 16, 2010

Unexplained Charging

Hi Mayank,

We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Please share your details at http://bit.ly/9gAkEQ and we’d be happy to help.

Vodafone Customer Care.
Oct 27, 2010

Useless customer care and poor service


We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Please share your details at http://bit.ly/ba2E9s and we’d be happy to help.

Vodafone Customer Care.
Oct 25, 2010

Useless customer care and poor service

This is only your problem, humara to mil jaata hai 1 miute main.
Aug 12, 2010

Vodafone network coverage

Well I am facing the same issue and have escalated this already. I hope we will get due attention and will get this issue resolved ASAP.
Aug 2, 2010

promotional messages


I am also getting many promotional messages and they have made my life hell.

Can vodafone find a solution to this once and for all. my mobile is 9820954856 and my name is kunal
Jul 6, 2010

getting unwanted calls

Hi Deepti,

Further to our call, we believe that you have received your new number and the old number has been deactivated. Apologies for any inconvenience that you may have faced and thank you for continued patronage.
Kindly let us know if we can assist you with any other request or query that you may have, at [email protected] We would be happy to help.

Vodafone Customer Care, Delhi & NCR.
Jun 30, 2010


Hi Vikas,

We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Please share your details at http://bit.ly/bAuBtu and we’d be happy to help.

Vodafone Customer Care.
May 5, 2010

Sim card not sent even after two complains

Hi Shalil,

We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Please share your details at http://bit.ly/cOizlW and we’d be happy to help.

Vodafone Customer Care.
Prashant Chauhan
Jan 19, 2013

I cant send message

i I cant send message i followed all the instruction of vodafone customer care but they cant solve my problemm
Jan 5, 2013

unfair treatment

My company recently given me corporate number( mobile no-8860641625 on the name of “Maini Materials Movement Pvt. Ltd.” ) of Vodafone for official use. But you have barred services of my number since last 2 days .When I asked your customer care about the reason then they have told me that some other guy from my company with number (8860641611) has not paid his bill that’s why you have barred my services also . From past two days I am requesting to enable my number just because I have nothing to do with that guy & his number but you guys are not listening .Pls tell me what is the logic behind it. If my company is purchasing 50 numbers from you then will I be responsible of every number & it’s bill ? what is that logic ? This is my official number & my work is suffering . I want activation of my number from immediate effect. I am not responsible for bill of some other guy just because he is using number given by my company. Pls tell me clearly I can’t take responsibilities of all numbers purchased by the company. & also talk to my company about changing our service provider. Because this is not the way to serve in corporate. There are several other ways to tackle these type problems like talk to our office coordinator about pending bills or any other problem etc. But barring services of my number for pending bill of some other guy’s number is just ridiculous. Pls remove my number from alternate number from any other number from my company. My work is hampering just because of it & I can’t take chances with it anymore.

I am very much disappointed from your way of treatment to customer & it is not acceptable in corporate world also.
Jan 2, 2013

not provided my previous no. 9999907158

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had a vodafone Mobile connection No. 9999907158. It was a post paid connection which was using for business purpose. It was my regular/permanent number. I have completed all the formalities to restart this number. I appraoched number of times in gurudwara road branch gurgaon near to nehru park and they assure me that it will be issued to me and restart soon. Even that executive taken regular follow ups with his seniors. But they have alloted this no. to someoneelse after my regular follow ups. I run pillar to post to reissue this number and they taken the money but not reissue to me. Please help me as it was my permanent number and used for business purpose. I'll be very thankful to you.

Parveen Kumar
new contact no. 09671406909
[email protected]
Dec 21, 2012

Out going Barred

Dear Sir,
I have paid my vodafone bill of 8447748453= 400 and 8447748451= 2298 on 20/12/2012 from online HDFC bank netbanking even my out going calls of both number not released till now, please do needful.

Dinesh Kumar
Oct 16, 2012

Complaint regarding Vodafone mobile number 9953045104

I have been using Vodafone Number 9953045104 for the last 5-6 Years. Now a Year or two back I got another Vodafone Number 9953001077 which was being used by my sister. A few months back my sister lost her Mobile. At that time I was out of station so when my sister went to Vodafone store she was told that I need to come to the store and then only they would be able to issue a replacement SIM. Now a few Months back I received calls that there is an overdue bill of around Rs 1800 on that number. I went to the store however they had my old address in their records. At that time I was not carrying any address proof so I told them that I will come back later with an Address proof so that they can reissue me a new Sim and I will make the payment. After that I never received any call from Vodafone about this and due to work pressure and commitments I forgot this thing.
Today since the afternoon I was unable to make any calls from my Vodafone number (9953045104) so I called their Customer service. The Rep Jitendra did not try to help me and simply told me that they have blocked my number because the bill on the other number was due. I asked him that how they can block my number for which I have been making timely payment and plus they did not even inform me prior to blocking the same. The Rep simply did not wanted to help me so I disconnected the call. I called my Number and found that they have even stopped my incoming.
I work as a Fraud Analyst in an MNC and my Mobile is the only source of contact between me and my Office when I am outside. Because Vodafone blocked my number so my Office people were unable to contact me for some very important works which lead to financial loss for me as well as my Clients.
Now I would like Vodafone to start the Services for my Number 9953045104 as they have no right to disconnect both the Incoming/Outgoing without any prior intimidation and further more when the bill for the said number has always been paid on time (If I am late sometimes then I pay the late payment charges without any fuss).
For the Vodafone Number 9953001077, I will visit the outlet to get the number reissued after paying the bill at the earliest.
I would like to ask a question from Vodafone. My mobile number is the only source for my family to stay in touch with me. If anything would have gone wrong with me or my family then who would have been responsible for the fact that they were unable to contact me or I was unable to contact them?
One last thing, I would like Vodafone to compensate for the Monetary Loss and Mental Agony that they have made me go through. I don’t want anything for myself however I want Vodafone to contribute something to NGO Cry http://www.cry.org/whoweare/ataglance.html which would be a compensation for the harassment that I have gone through.
NGO Cry has my full permission to follow this up with Vodafone on my behalf.
Would also request TRAI and other Government Monitoring bodies to step in and check these Multinationals who think that they have the right to make their own rules. They only end up Mentally/Financially harassing innocent Taxpayers.

Aditya Shukla
Temp Contact Number: 9891245203
Oct 10, 2012

No Action on complaints

Trust me I am really felling helpless and frustrate to have a provider like Vodaone !!

I am using a number 82--8500--8500 which belongs to Vodafone. I had marked a complain regarding DND on 1st of Sept. Today i got the resolution that i had given a wrong number and time of call, that's why there is not action to be taken in that regard. Sir can you guys check my voice recording that what number and time i had mentioned there because i had given that number and time from my phone. otherwise also they told me that particular number belongs to Airtel and believe me the number which you guys are sauing that its AIRTEL was selling me caller tones on VODAFONE ( it Was saying to activate this caller tone press 5 *types* ) .
OK that's fine, for a min if i believe that particular number is from Airtel, then my question is, at least 5-10 call in a day i receive from that type of prefixed number and i.e : +91-1401-65**** and all the calls are automated IVR calls. you can check my call records that how many call do i get in a day and all the calls offer me vodafone recharges( and that too my number is postpaid), to activate the caller tone, to get this service , to get that service etc. Now i get a call from one of the executive(9873426053) mentioning that they were not able to resolve the complaint till date and they need another 7 working day.

Can anyone please look into the matter and the calls frequency of the call from the number mentioned above. Please do the needful else i will be left with no other option to port my number to some other service provider.

For your Reference I am mentioning the latest call time and the number from which i received the calls

+91-1401-652976 at 1:44 PM 10th oct
+91-1401-651751 at 10:58 AM 10th oct
+91-1401-653873 at 10:44 AM 10th oct
+91-1401-652125 at 9:19 AM 10th oct

+91-1401-653758 at 4:45 PM 9th OCT
+91-1401-653850 4:20 PM 9th OCT
+91-1401-652194 3:52 PM 9th OCT
+91-1401-653689 1:24 PM 9th OCT
I just have record of call up to 1:24 PM Oct 9th other wise there were 4-5 more calls are there.

Boss now you tell me what do i do !!

Looking forward for a solution ASAP

Neeraj Yadav

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