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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Nov 27, 2012

incoming calls are barred

hello i am shobha. recently i got my number ported 20 days back from bsnl to vodafone. started using vodafone connection after one week. but within few days my outgoing calls were barred. i was asked to resubmit my photo and identity proof which i submitted on 19th. again my incoming calls were barred without any intimation. when called customer care the answer was same to resubmit my photo and address proof which i submitted again i submitted today (25-11-2012) morning 11 am. the problem is not solved and inspite of giving the documents. the customer care people talk very rudely instead of helping there are very arrogant. please help me solve the problem
Nov 20, 2012

GPRS and customer cares irresponsible service


I am a corporate Vodafone Customer from past 4 years. Number 988611808. From the past 3 month I am facing issues accessing Internet (gprs) from a particular location. This issue was communicated to the customer care team. Till date their is no resolution to the issue and the customer is kept in dark. Every time when I call the customer care to check the status on the issue a new ticket is logged. Current ticket number - 1440422448.

I seek the support from necessary authority to take action on the same.

Gopi krishnan
Nov 19, 2012

Worst Kind of Service


I am Rekha from Chennai. I came to Bangalore on 11th November 2012 and got the new Vodafone sim from GENERAL TELECOM SERVICE, BRIGADE ROAD, BANGALORE. The new number is +91 88841 83841. I have submitted the documents on the same day and paid for the Sim activation charge and Internet activation.

Still now it is not activated. I have called the person in-charge from the retailer shop AZAD at GENERAL TELECOM SERVICE (+91 99720 30330) where I have got the sim. He told that he has submitted the documents the very next day and even told me that it got activated on Monday - 12/11/2012 but it was not.

I have called VODAFONE Customer care 'n' number of times reaching out to +91 98860 98860. They say lot of irrelevant things saying simply ''the ball is not in my court''. Atlast after several attempts, they told me that I have to go for the VODAFONE OUTLET nearby and added that my documents were not yet submitted to the company. I was shocked and called the retailer and checked out. But the retailer said that he had submitted the documents to the VODAFONE COMPANY DISTRIBUTOR (employed by VODAFONE INDIA). The Vodafone distributor number is +91 98868 37719 and he is so lament and dint even pick my call or never ever respond to queries.

Frustrated by the worst kind of customer service through Vodafone care, I planned to reach the outlet hoping to have the better service. I have requested for half a day leave from my office leaving out important tasks for the sake of activation of new sim. But adding to the worries, it was pain in the ass again. When I reached out to the Vodafone outlet near FORUM mall, they responded in an ignorant manner. They say it is the problem of the retailer. But I have been advised by VODAFONE CARE people that I can submit the documents at the VODAFONE OUTLET in my case since the documentation is the problem. The people in the VODAFONE OUTLET never ever listened to my problem. They say simply ''WE CANT DO ANYTHING, IF SOMEONE FROM THE CUSTOMER CARE SAYS, GO AND ASK THEM'' . I never expected this kind of irresponsible behavioral from the VODAFONE OUTLET.


Finally, I called up my retailer and asked him what I should do. He atlast gave me the number of VODAFONE DISTRIBUTOR for that area and told me Mr................... is the repsonsible person and his number is +91 98868 37719
Nov 16, 2012

SIM card registration failed


I am Ram Balak Sahu. I have vodafone prepaid SIM card. I am using this SIM Approx. 4-5 months. Since yesterday
Getting message that "sim card registration failed"

My Vodafone mobile number:9986833095

Day before yesterday I recharge my mobile number with 250 and unable to make any call.I missed so many important call.

Please solve this issue as soon as possible.My another vodafone mobile number is 9742900780 and contct me on this number.

Best Regards
Ram Balak
Nov 15, 2012

deactivate caller tune

Dear Sir
Pls deactivate callertune from my number 9739101635 as soon as possible
Nov 10, 2012

Deactivation not done from two months


My Number is - 9886140007

Complaint :

I have raised a request by submitting the form to deactivate the connection around September 21-26 2012 in R.T.nagar, Bangalore Vodafone store.

Today i came to know that the connection has not been deactivated yet. Please take immediate action on this as i am getting the

bill amount unnecessarily. I am expecting some immediate action or help on this problem.


Nov 1, 2012

unfair balance deduction

on 28 October 2012 (Sunday) Vodafone deducted some 135 INR Rs from my account. I complain with them, my complain number is 1432062160 and my mobile number is 09886137237. i have been told that my complain will be resolved in 24 hours. its been almost 3 days and they have not paid back my balance nor any reply from them. every time I call them they are giving me funny excuses like system is down and everything. They told me that no balance deduction information they have so my money should be given back.I am really fed up with all these replies. please help me, thanks. Nirav Jadav
Oct 22, 2012

Unknown Balence deduction & after recharge no effect.

Hello Vodafone team,

I have vodafone prepaid connection (9916216615).On date 21/11/2012 unknown balence deducted from my account of Rs.20 and next day 22/112012 recharged my number by Rs.40 online and still my account in negative what is wrong with Vodafone don't know i need all my balence back in my account as soon as possible.Kindly resolve the issue fast.

Ashutosh Tripathi
Mb- 9916216615
Oct 11, 2012

simcard lost

Hi i lost my phone where it i had Vodafone number 9742008322, so please deactivate my number 9742008322
Thank You
Sai Manohar P G
[email protected]
Oct 10, 2012

Promotional Calls

I have been a Vodafone customer for around 7 years(BPL, HUTCH, VODAFONE), current Mobile no: 9620551983. I get irritated receiving the Vodafone promotional calls everytime I receive it. Infact, nothing irritates me more than this stupid calls.

I have registered for DND few months back, assuming that this stupidity will stop. But, it never does.

Dear Vodafone,

I dont want your stupid offers on Foreign calls, Stupid Caller tunes, and Stupid STD sms offers. Please leave me alone.

Thank you.
Oct 5, 2012

Cannot able to change language from kannad to english.

Hi i am Pritiranjan.
Recently i took a sim of vodafone. I made a recharge of rs .111. But, didn't got any recharge in return.So, i tried to call customer care executive. When i'm trying to call to vodafone customer care its in kannad language. So, i'm not able to understand.

Please change my customer care language to english and reply to me about the recharge details.

Oct 3, 2012

Excessive Billing

I had called up Nodal office on 14th Sept 2012 and complained regarding excessive billing. They mentioned that they will call me back on Monday i.e. 17th Sept 2012 but no call received till date.

Credit limit is Rs.3k then how come it got exceeded and bill crossed to Rs.16k. i dnt understand this.
I received msg on 2nd Sept 2012 mentioning that my credit limit is 3k and current unbilled amount is Rs.2942/-
then on 3rd Sept 2012, i received an msg mentioning "Yr services would be barred as usage of Rs. 10535 (approx) has crossed credit limit. To restore, pl make pmt. for nearest store sms STORE <Area> <Ctiy> to 111.
In one day, the credit limit crossed Rs.10k and the system didnt barred my services. When the limit has been set for 3k then how did it exceed it.
There was no initimation regarding the crossing of data plan. How will a customer will be aware of usage going above the limit. There should an message sent to notify that you are going to cross the limit of usage etc.
Oct 1, 2012

Balance deducted after giving request for DND

My mobile number is 9538464551. I have taken this number to europe. I have registered for DND via calling customer care and the request was taken for the same.But still i am getting advertising calls from vodafone for which i am charged Rs. 70(INR). The same has happened three times. Tried calling customer care but did not get any positive response. I am complaining here so that vodafone executive take the required action as soon as possible and refund my amount deducted i.e. Rs. 210(INR).
Oct 1, 2012

data insecurity


My phone number is hacked by some one and whatever the messages I am sending are going to them also as a copy for this illegal activity some one in your organization is helping ,may be BPO people or the database maintenance guys.I feel this as very irritated and insecure.Please take some action against those fellows who is not following data security.

Thanks and Regards,
Sep 28, 2012

asking puk code

i have entered a wrong pin code to my mobile now it's asking PUK code and i do no the mobile number what can i do
Sep 13, 2012

Poor Netwrok Connectivity

I am using Corporate Vodafone connection. I live in Ejipura, Bangalore. I often have poor network signal in my area. Calls get disconnected and voice is also not clear. I have contacted Vodafone customer care but no action has been taken so far.
Sep 8, 2012

incorrect charges and misbehaviour from support agents

Hi, I am asip ikbal, I have recharged my vodafone number for 10 paise per call to local vodafone numbers with a validity of 6 months and used the service for 3 months, now vodafone is charging me more per call and when contacted support they say that I hav not recharged and my number do not have this offer, contacted 3 times and they disconnected call afterproviding incorrect information and in that one agent confirmed that the offer will be reactivated but they did not do that.
Sep 7, 2012

Please activate my Vodafone SIM


This is regarding Mobile no 9980781169 and SIM number 8991860044780123864 .I have ported out from Airtel and ported to Vodafone on 03rd September.I got message from Vodafone that "Your porting request has been approved by your current operator .We will communicate the porting date Shortly " .But till now my Vodafone number has not been activated and everytime I have tried to activate the Vodafone SIM I am getting error "SIM Card Registraion Failed ".

I have called Voadfone Complaint number "198" twice today .Both the time they provided me contradicting information.One was telling that your SIM is registered in Vodafone and will get activate in one hour while other told that your number is not registered in Vodafone and she has no idea on how to get this problem resolved .

My number is not wokring from last 05 days .I have expected better Customer Care and response from Vodafone .However please respond to following questions :-

Why the Vodafone activation SIM is not activated yet even after 5 days of the message ?

Exact Date and time when it will get activated ?

Sep 1, 2012

Refusal to debit excess payment onlie

It so happened that while i was trying to pay the bill online for my mobile number 9986024796, it showed an error and i repeated the action thrice leading to excess payment of 3300. When i spoke to the customer service, they said it cant be reimbursed online and that its a long procedure and would take a month before they could post me a check with the same value. The person named Mohammed was insisting on letting the amount get adjusted against future bills. And when i demanded to speak to the floor supervisor, he adamantly hung up on me. I have been a so called valued customer since the past 5 years plus and this is the service they render. I want my money back and discontinue their service......but the question remains...how/?
Aug 28, 2012


I have ported from Airtel to Vodafone my mobile number is: 9611213530. But till now my vodafone SIM is not activated..
what is the problem please reply back./...?
Aug 13, 2012

cust care

hai this is karthik i m using vodafone sim but the customer care ppl talk very rudely in 198 especailly in evening times they even don't provide correct information and they tell what they want plz check abt that and get back to me
Aug 13, 2012

Number barred and registration failed

I bought a vodafone prepaid sim ( 9742670879) on 5th july 2012 from a retailer in bangalore, done all the documentation , submited my voter id card xerox copy(Delhi' voter id card) photo and fill all the information regarding. After 15 days got a msg frm vodafone to submit documents again , inquired abt dis frm retailer frm whom bought d sim, he told me its submitted already. after 1 month got d same msg frm vodafon nd my no got barred i.e m not able to dail nd receive calls snd msges nd all.I have 55 rs balance also in it... I submited my id froof nd photo again to retailer, next day dey cancelled my sim card registration nd alloted to someone else. When i visited d nearest vodafone store dey told me no is alloted to sumone else nd ur balance cn't be bring back unless u go for postpaid sim . Dis is hw dey run dis company, makin coustmer fool nd suuffer a lot. Disgracefull, pathetic
Aug 13, 2012

Vodafone Netcruise Cheat

Dear Sir/Maám,

I am a regular user of Netcruise-8453709855 for more than a six month. Usually i recharge for RS 801. On Aug 11 , i went to my retailer and asked for low Tariff,i called up Customer care department from his Vodafone retailer cell no -9886613482(Umesh Gowda) between 7 .15 PM and 8 PM m(several time). The customer care person informed me that for a recharge of 348 rs, a user can download up-to 500MB and after that speed will get reduced automatically however i can used up to 30 days.
Then we have confirmed again before he recharge my vodafone net-cruise. However it was not working from yesterday night(because of download complete 500 MB download). Yesterday night, i called Vodafone customer care officers,Salim pasha and Rafeek (Bangalore based vodafone customer care executives), both of them were rude and not provided any information needed. I request you to check vodafone recorded voice calls from 9886613482 on 11th August(between 7 .15 PM and 8 PM) to your customer care regarding Taiff Discussion. I woul like to lodge a companint and expect to resolve this with in next 48 hours. This is a clear case wrong communication on Tariff and Vodafone has cheated me . Request you to resolve this at the earliest.

Aug 12, 2012

system of billing

I am using Vodafone Dongle with a tariff plan of Rs. 400 plus taxes monthly with unlimited downloads but at a relatively slow speed.
This being a post paid connection, on perusal of the detailed billing, I find that internet usage time is charged at about Rs. 10 per second
and my total bill for the month of July 12 comes to Rs. 11000 though the company gave a discount of the full amount and asked me to pay the tariff plan only. When I checked up with the company officials, they said that this is the system of billing by broadband service providers. Just because they
gave a discount of the entire amount, that does not mean they can charge unreasonable tariffs. Whether anybody can through some light on the above practice? My question is when they suddenly stop giving discounts, I will be end up paying a hefty bill which is absurd and stupid. shankar
Aug 12, 2012

Vodafone Wrong Billing Procedures

HI ,

I was a vodafone customer since years.

Recently , i got a smart phone and i was not aware of data usage billing process.
My tariff had 2GB free and 10ps/10kb after 2gb is crossed.
I had credit limit of only 6000.

Then my calls were barred saying my credit limit has reached and they sent a big bill of Rs.10,800 saying i used till 3GB.

How can they keep my credit limit as 6000 and allow me to bill till 10,800rs.??

I have been getting calls that i will recieve legal notice if I do not pay and i was very disturbed as no vodafone cutomer care answered my queries properly.

I finally paid 10,800rs to vodafone and switched to Airtel.

My vodafone number was 9916176068.

I request you to please look into this complaint and help me get back my money from vodafone.
My credit limit is 6000rs which means maximum for a month i would pay vodafone Rs.6000.
BUt they have taken Rs,10,800 from me which is truly wrong from there end.

I am shocked myself that i had to pay 10,800 for one month of usage and i badly need your help.

I will wait for your response.


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