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Water Department, Nashik Municipal Corporation


Consumer complaints and reviews about Water Department, Nashik Municipal Corporation

Prajakta K
Feb 13, 2019

Wastage of water by Neighbour

Our Neighbor Mr. Dusane, is wasting water everyday. He has wasted water by not switching off motor even if water tank is fully filled. Please take some strong action against him.
Jul 10, 2018

Water shortage


On behalf of our income tax colony,we Request for adequate water supply in income tax colony pathradhi phata,nasik.
from last few months we are not receiving proper water supply in our colony.

Kindly look into matter asap.

Thank you,
Income tax colony.
Niaa ubhrani
May 7, 2018

Low water supply

Hi sir/madam i am a resident of ramdas colony ushakaal apartment canada corner...Their is very less or u can say no water supply in our society from last 2 days.it has created problem for resident.
Hope you look after the problem as soon as possible.
[email protected]
Mar 20, 2018

Regarding wastage of water in my locality.

Respected Sir,
I am resident of Nashik Road. I would like to inform you about the wastage of water in my locality.
The building at the back side of my house is found to be wasting water by careless measures. Since 00.05 i.e 12.05 am the water is overflowing from tank. I made some noise so that the house owner would know about the issue but no one responded. Now its about 02.30 am and water is still running all the time. Being an alert citizen I have captured video and images to let you know about this insidence. Since its night time flowing water is visible to naked eye but more or less in images and video.
Sir its my humble request that you take appropriate action against this insicence.
Thanking you.

Harish Jorvekar
Mobile no: 8928082218
Flat no. 18, Sagar society, Datta Mandir Road, Nashik Road, Nashik 422101.
Sunil Govind Mulay
Jul 6, 2017

cleaning of voll

dear sir,

respected sir we request you to clean the thakare voll of shimpi lane, near azad chowk, old nashik as we are facing the problem of unpurified water supply to your area due to closed voll so we kindly request you to washout this voll immeditely and solve this problem on urgent basies.

Sunil Govind Mulay
House No-3593, Bhagur Darwaza,
Shimpi Lane, Near Maruti Mandir, Azad Chowk,
Sachin Cosmetices
Old Nashik, Nashik 422001
Contact No-9822300310
Saba patel
Apr 4, 2017

About water supply last

Dear sir,
I am from Chistiya colony wadala road...last
2week no water supply in my colony..I was
Call all the Mnc employees no one take
Action...please solve our problem urgently..
Thanking you
Saba patel
Mar 21, 2017

Lowest water pressure line

Respected sir.,
With the ref above subject..
Iam sanket zinjad we are living at makhmalabad baad ghadhe mala in gokul nagar.. we have one connection of water line from 4 inch diameter pipe. We have been faced crucial problem of water supply already.

One building of Gill avenu taken 1 inch water connection unauthorized. From 4 inch diameter. They have other options of 6 inch pipeline .but they taken from residential 4 inch diameter pipe. Instead they have already one in exist . So currently problems has started newly and facing on huge level.
We are living in independent home please solve the problem or provide another new 1inch connection to us

Mar 16, 2017

no water supply in our society

Respected sir,
I am resident of pushpa Chandra appt,sadguru nagar,govind Nagar Nashik. Their is no water supply in our society from last 2 days.i t has created problem for resident.
Hope you look after the problem as soon as possible.
Dec 25, 2016

Low pressure water supply

We at saraf nagar ,wadala pathardi road,infront of guru govind singh college are experiencing low pressure water supply with reduced timing. Pl restore normalcy
Nov 23, 2016

low pressure water supply

RESPECTED SIR, we resident of ashpura nagar house no 54,53,55,52,59,60, getting low pressure water supply from 16/11/2016 till today 24/11/2016. we are getting water once in a day only. so please consider our request and go through it. waiting for your answer. YOURS TRUELY resident of ashapura hou soc, hosno 54,53,55,52,59,60 dhatrak phata panchvati , nashik
Sep 27, 2016

Double water connection issue

Hello sir,
In our building / Apartment our previous owner Sudhakar Kadwe, has separate water connection than our building's connection.
please check and how it is allowed. If it is correct then please allow us for separate connection for each flat owner for monitoring separate water consumption.
Please investigate and take action.
one another issue we have not received water bill. we are ready to pay the same.

Thanks and Regards
Bhagwati Krupa Apartment, Satguru Nangar, Nashik Road 422101
Rajesh Akolkar
Jun 17, 2016

Lack of Water Supply


Dear Sir,

I am resident of Suyojit Garden, Sahdev Nagar, Gangapur Road, Nasik. We are facing acute shortage of water supply since last one-two months.

I completely understand the problem of water shortage in city. However, there seems to be regular supply in near by areas. Now the storage water in society is finished, we are facing severe water crunch as we do not have any other source.

Please solve the problem urgently & help.

Thanking you,

Rajesh Akolkar
Row House No. 23, Suyojit Garden,
Sahdev Nagar, Ganapur Road, Nashik
May 24, 2016

inadequate water supply & timing of the same..

मी वृंदावन नगर मधील एका रो हाउस मध्ये राहतो. आम्हाला दिव्य मराठी च्या माध्यमातून पाणी पुरवठा वेळापत्रक समजले ज्यात आमच्या भागात सकाळी 4 वा पाणी येणार असे आहे परंतु पाणी येण्याची वेळ आपल्या कर्मचार्यंकडून अनियमित होत आहे. जे पाणी सोडण्यात येते तेही खुपच कमी दाबचे येते ज्यामुळे रोज रोज आम्हाला 100 ते 200 लीटर पाणी मिळते इतक्या कमी पाण्यात कुटुंबाच्या दैनंदिन गरजा पूर्ण होत नाही
पाण्याची वेळ व त्याचा दाब ह्या दोन अत्यंत महत्वाच्या गोष्टींवर तोडगा काढल अशी अपेक्षा आहे. आणि पाणी योग्य वेळेत व मुबलक मिळणे हा आमचा अधिकार ही आहे. त्यासाठीच आम्ही पाणी बिल महानगर पालिकेला आम्ही देतो.

आपल्या कडून अपेक्षित प्रतिसाद न मिळाल्यास आम्ही यासंदर्भात आपल्या विरुद्ध जनहित याचिका दाखल करण्यास मुक्त असू.
आपण आमचा होणारा रोजचा मानसिक छळ थांबवाल अशी अपेक्षा.
May 14, 2016

Worse service for water supply in Nasik

Attn: water supply authorities:

I really wonder whether you are literate people are doing this job or all ill-leterate .
I have seen that sometime water comes at morning 6am sometime evening 5.30pm and sometime it comes at 3pm.
Do you think that inspite of our busy schedule we are waiting everytime when water will come?
On thusday there is no water supply in satpur area.
Atleast friday supply it on time.
But you idios are not even doing that.

I do not want to say anything more. Better you understood. I wonder why Peoples of Nashik did not say anything.
Apr 17, 2016

water wastage

People waste huge water for washing cars, lobby, bikes and floors..etc.. people in phatardi area are wasting huge amount of water, I think we should make them aware and some strict action should be take against waste of water.

Mar 28, 2016

Wastage of Water

Sir Jai bhavani road patole mala madhe Panya che nasadi gele jate ahe loka motor chalu karun deta ani off karayche durlaksha karat ahet tay mule pani che tank owerflow houn ketek tass pani vaya jate ahet tar apan petrolling karun swtha baghave.
Vilas ingole
Mar 21, 2016

पाणी गळती बाबत

माननीय महोदय,

मी शिंदे गावात राहतो. तर आमच्या रोड वरून ( नाशिक - पूणा रोड ) जाणारी MIDC सिन्नर ला पाणीपुरवठा करणारी पाईप लाईन गेल्या बऱ्याच दिवसा पासून 2 ठिकाणी leakage आहे. त्या मुळे रोज हजारो लिटर पाणी वाया जात आहे. तरी आपण त्वरित पाणी गळती थांबवावी ही विनंती .

मनोज लहनु जाधव
शिंदे गाव
Mar 11, 2016

Pipe line leakage

Pipeline leakage

Dear Sir,

My name is Anup Birari, residing at Ashoknagar, Satpur, Nashik. I wants to inform you that, in our area Near Ashok nagar 1ST bus stop Hanuman Temple there is pipe line leakage due to this lot ofwater getting wasted mostly in the evening since 2~3 days.

So, I request you to kindly take a action to correct water leakage as early as possible.

Thank You

Anup Birari
Ashok Nagar,
Mar 2, 2016

Wastage of drinking water

My name is Yogesh Waghchaure, residing at Shivaji Nagar, Satpur, Nashik. I wants to inform you that, in our area there is lot of wastage of drinking water by the way of Sada, washing of 2 / 4 wheeler vehicles. I had already complained to your good offices in writing, but your officers did not considered the same for action. If the wastage of water by this way will continue for few days, all the Nashik city will have to face a serious problem of shortage of water.

I tried to tell my well known peoples the importance of water & to save the water but they cant hear me.

So, I hereby request your good offices to kindly take a strict action against the peoples wasting the water by such a way as earlier as possible you can & also tell them the importance of water in our life.

Hopefully you will do the same.

Yogesh Waghchaure
Shivaji Nagar,
Dinesh Bagul
Feb 29, 2016

मेन चेंबर लाईन चॅकअप झाली आहे.

विनंती अर्ज करीतो की आमचे घराचे मेन चेंबर चाॅकअप झाले आहे.ते साफ करुन मिळावे. N52 BE 3-38/2 सिंहस्थनगर सिडको नाशिक.9
Deputy Chairman ,Konark Nagar-2
Jan 30, 2016

No water supply

To: Respected Water Supply Department Authorities,
Nashik Municipal Corporation, Nashik.
From: The Deputy Chairman, Konark Nagar Housing Sty.,Phase-II,Adgaon Shivar,Panchvati,Nashik-422003.
There is no water supply in 2nd row of houses i.e. bungalow No:36 onward in Konark Nagar Nagar,Phase-II, since last many months.
The residents were used to call water tankers from NMC authorities. However the water problem has become acute, and you will agree Sir, that without sufficient water family members has to face so many problems. Many senior citizens are living in this area and are not able to meet the day to day water requirement of their families. We trust the NMC authorities always aiming to welfare of Citizens to Nashik. I hope and request your good self to kindly arrange for regular water supply or else please arrange to supply regular water tankers.
Yours truly,

Brahmani Park
Jan 7, 2016

No water supply in Brahmani Park's Godawari Row house since a year and half

Respect Water Supply Department Authorities,
On behalf of all residents of Brahmani Park's Godawari Row houses are facing a acute shortage of scarce water supply since a year and half. We have visited almost all possible concerned Authorities but still no step in solving the problem has been noticed.
On demand we have been supply weekly by water tankers but one has to be shared by all which is again problem for us all. Please Sir take a personal level solution for this situation and make us have ample supply of water. Or please if possible Sir do provide us with some temporary connection of another water supply line.

Thanks in advance!

Residents of Brahmani Park.
vaze vijay vishwanath
Oct 22, 2015

inadequate water supply & timing of the same..

विजय वि. वझे ‘वरद’, स्वप्नपुर्ति सोसयटी
ओंकार नगर, म्हसरूळ
पथदिप व पथ स्वछ्ता विभाग.
नाशिक महानगरपालिका
विषय:- ओंकार नगर कालनी, किशोर सुर्यवंशी पथ नाशिक येथील पाणि पुरवठ्या संदर्भात…..…

सध्या पाणी टंचाई मुळे पाण्याच्या वेळेत तसेच कालावधी मधे बदल करण्यात आलेला आहे. त्या बाबत आमची काहीही अडचण नाही. आपण “दिव्य मराठी” च्या दि.7-10-2015 च्या अंकात काही भागातील पाणी पुरवठ्याच्या वेळा दिलेल्या आहेत. आमच्या ओंकार नगर भागात पेपर मधील जहिरातीतील तक्ता, पंचवटी परिसर मधे अ.क्र.12-म्हसरुळ जलकुंभ यात जुईनगर, ओंकारनगर,शिवरोड,… या भागा साठी
सकाळी 4 ते 6 हि वेळ दिलेली आहे.मागील काही दिवसापासून ते कधी 3 वा. तर कधी 4.0 वाजता येते, तेही जेम तेम एक तास फक्त असते.निष्चीत वेळी व कालावधी साठि योग्य दाबने आल्यास तारांबळ होत नाही. सध्या असलेल्या दाबामुळे जेमेतेम 10 फुटापर्यंत पाणी चढते.तरि कृपया योग्य याबाबत योग्यती कारवाई होणे अपेक्षीत आहे.
वझे विजय वि.
paresh more
Sep 29, 2015

water bill

please send water bill sainath row house no.5 'a' wings panchavati nashik mobile no.9604787219
Aug 19, 2015

Water leakage

There is a leakage of mnc daily water......From last 20 days the water is continuously flowing.........rite from 7 am to 11 am everyday the water is wasted......we have complained almost 15 times but no action is still been taken.....address- Near ice cream factory...,Behind Parth hotel,shramik nagar ,Nashik-422012

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