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Consumer complaints and reviews about Water

Jan 17, 2017

non availability of water supply at home

Dear Sir/mam,
This is to bring in your notice if nay body even has time to help us INDIAN CITIZEN that we are facing a huge problem of water supply in our area and because of this life has become extremely difficult more over spending more than Rs 2000/- per week to get water to fill our minimum requirement of five members in our family .i am staying at Santoshpur (Jadavpur ) near Santoshpur lake we are deprived of basic needs like water hence request you to look into this problem and take corrective measures urgently .

Anticipating your Response URGENTLY.

Thanks & Regards
Arnab Muhuri
2/1, Chanchal Sarani,Kol-75
Ph no :-907662434.
sharma sanjana
Nov 30, 2016

no water supply from last 5 days

respected sir/mam

here we are having problem regading water supply from last 5 days. Its very serious concern for us as you may understand having no water at home from last 5 days. Hope there might be taken proper action towards this reason.One thing more its seems too inconvenient that without making any announcement how could civilian faces such problem.
Nov 12, 2016

पानी की कम सप्लाई


आपसे निवेदन है की इस बात पर जरूर ध्यान दें यहां बहुत संकट है पानी का क्योंकि यहां जिसके हाथों में पानी खोलने का ठेका दिया है वो हमें 15 दिन में एक बार पानी देते हैं चलो मान लेते हैं की 15 दिन में दे रहा है ठीक है पर पानी इतना तो देना चाहिए ना जो अगले 15 दिन तक चल सके बस 1 घण्टा 30 मिनट पानी देने से क्या 15 दिन के लिए पानी रिज़र्व करना संभव है नहीं बिलकुल नही है अगर यही एक समस्या होती तो कोई बात नहीं समस्या ये है की लोग यहां अपनी पॉवर और पैसों को बहुत गलत फायदा उठा रहे हैं जैसे की पानी खोलने वाला आदमी जिसकी उस से अछि पहचान है वह उनका पानी व्यक्तिगत रूप से खोलता है रात में चुपके से उनको पानी भरवाता है और हम प्यासी जनता 5,6 दिन बाद इधर उधर पानी के लिए भटकते हैं या 500 से 2000/- रूपए खर्च करके टेंकर मंगवाना पड़ता है जो हर व्यक्ति नही कर सकता कृपया करके इस समस्या का समाधान करें आपसे उम्मीद है ।
कृपया संम्पर्क जरूर बनायें

Oct 9, 2016

no handpump in my vill

Dear sir,
I want to complaint that in my Vll having drinking water problem so plz everyone want to that only one pump to be established there and solve this problem plz.
If any solution to be inform me plz.
Susheel kumar
Kanika malhotra
Sep 12, 2016

Water supply

Ek ghanta tum log paanj dete ho woh bhi tum lig ganda supply karte ho paani ka dil toh tum ek din late nhi lete sharm nhi aate aise govt ke muhh par thukna chaahye jo janta ka paisa kha kar un cheezo ki zarorate bhi puri nahi karte jinke cheezo ke bina jeena mushkil hai area jhilmil coloy E block ek gahnte mein aadha ghanta toh gandi naali waala paani aata hai baaki aadhe ghante mein tumhara sir faad de hum waise tum log besharm ho prob thik toh karoge nhi phr bhi zara si shram ajaaye toh saaf paani supply kardena
Aug 16, 2016

Water tax is not given

The newly water company is being launched in garjul village of bihar.The water company is not registered with ISI and fissai and not paying taxes to bihar govt. too.So i want bihar authority of health department to investigate and look into this matter.
Water is being sold to all over village in container
Ankush dh
Jun 16, 2016

So much water waistage in my village siwanamal

Everywhere there is water wastage in my village please do something for future.almost 10hrs water follows in seavers.
Mansi G
May 22, 2016

Insufficient supply of water

Hello Sir,
I am from Heera Pura Jail Road, Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh) 464001. Here temperature is around 46 degree and in that situation also we are not getting sufficient water supply. Since 15 days water is not supplied sufficiently in the whole colony. Please provide at least water in this much high temperature.

Sanjay nimbria
Apr 30, 2016

water supply

I am a villager from jind city many problem are created for water please help for water of my village my village name is nidani and no water supply come other water comes in 3days after
shaikh arzoo
Apr 9, 2016

water problem

Dear Sir/mam,
This is to bring in your notice that we are facing a huge problem Within 3month of water supply in our area and because of this life has become extremely difficult.i am staying at mankhurd station near by cheeta camp trombay-4000888 we are deprived of basic needs like water hence request you to look into this problem and take corrective measures urgently .

Anticipating your Response URGENTLY.

Thanks & Regards
Mar 27, 2016


I'm from Ulhasnagar, we are here facing a lot of water problem. Because there is one organization which wants to take water on lease from Municipality. They are creating artificial shortage, with the help of politicians. We are getting water only 2 days in a week, that too with a gap of 3-4 days. People here have taken private water lines from the Municipality water supply, I want that all such illegal lines should be removed. We all pay same amount of water taxes, so this should be stopped. Politicians are playing dirty politics. They claim that people from our locality has not given them votes, as they have list of names who has voted for them. VOTE IS CONFIDENTIAL. Due to which they are creating problem for my locality.If water scarcity is there, than entire Maharashtra should follow the shortage of water. Why there is NO WATER PROBLEM IN MUMBAI?????
Mar 25, 2016

Water Problem

Dear Sir,
This is to bring in your notice that we are facing a huge problem of water supply in our area and because of this life has become extremely difficult.i am staying at maratha section-32, Ulhasnagar-4. we are deprived of basic needs like water hence request you to look into this problem and take corrective measures urgently .

Anticipating your Response URGENTLY.

Thanks & Regards,
Mar 8, 2016

No water supply in stand

We the poor people of Brahmakumari Marg, ward no-2 of Titilagarh town are not getting a drop of water since last six month although we are getting a lot of false assurances, Also two stand post from the office have been supplied by PHD on our Marg, daily we are getting different reasons from the officers for non availability of water. Other areas of the town are getting 24 hours drinking water because the correpted officers & their staffs are getting profits from them.
Please take action to avoid a future violation.

Jan 26, 2016

water Sortage

Water Supply

We are facing lot of Shortage of Water supply in Mumbra a Rashid Compound, Bypas Almas colony if there is some probllem in pipe line or anything goverment provide water tank thats good service but some pepole are working there as a gov. Employee and they are taking money againset water tank and specelly they are told to pepole give money to driver. Why? Why we have to give him chai paani?
please take acation other wise I am going to send complain to PM and media For correption.

Thanking you, 
Irfan Patel
Jan 24, 2016

Water supply 13 days in Month

In mandi Bariwala water. Is supplied only 13 days in aMonth But charges for the whole month. I. In some locality of Bariwala water is supplied for whole of night. Insome loc. Connection is given from MAlN. LINE
This seems to be some. KHAPLA .So please enquire &reply. Thanks
Nilesh J. Wagh
Jan 18, 2016

Shortage of water

There's very short water supply from 15/01/2016 till today 18/01/2016.
Kindly look into the matter.
Thank you.
Sep 30, 2015

insuffucient water supply

Respec sir
We are the resident of kotkapura city (fauzi road , om prakash street . Sir this is the only street where water suppy is not sufficent and no timmings pf water suppy is there..only 45 min water supply is there in whole day which is not sufficent as compare to ither areas water supply is 4 to 5 hrs... we complain many times to the local water managment but ther are not ready to listen. Plz sir, its are humble request..solve this problem.
Surender K. reddy
Aug 25, 2015

Water Supply

We are facing lot of Shortage of Water supply in Surarum area including Priyanka Nagar, Sai baba nagar and all areas of Qutbullapur mandal. It was mentioned in official site that they should provide water supply once in 3 days i..e twice in a week but here they providing only once in a week, sometime they provide once in 10 days if ask they give some silly reasons like there is some repairing going on of pipes and like that. please look into this problem and help us.

Thanking you,
Surender Reddy
singh sukhi
Jul 24, 2015

पानी कम आना

हमारे यहाँ दो गाव है और एक पानी की टेंकी है पानी बोहत कम आता है रोज लड़ाई होती है जितना पानी आता भी है वो भी कोई टाइम नही है ऑपरेटर जिस गाव से है उसी में पानी जादा छोड़ ता है प्लीज़ हेल्प करे जी
Jun 25, 2015

Water shortage since one whole year

Dear Team,

I am a resident of Fakirshah complex Mumbra. We are facing water shortage since last one year.We only receive water for approximately five minutes a day, and that water is not even sufficient for drinking and cooking... forget about taking bath and other toiletary needs. Morever , twice a week there is no water supply at all. And apart from our building all the other buildings have adequate supply of water.When questioned to the society members they have no answers to our queries.. Request to please resolve our problem..

Thanking you
Mrs Reshma Shaikh
Bhagat Singh
Dec 28, 2014

water supply complaint

sir my name is parven kumar my father name is bhagat singh. my village is akehari madanpur.
sir mai apko inform kerna chahta hu hmare gaav mai drinking water ki bhot bddi problem ho gyyi hai yha drinking water bhot krab aa raha jiski vjh sai gaav mai bimariya badti jaa rahi hai. river ka pani ka kuch log mis use ker rhe hai or gaav mai krab pani aa raha hai or surpnch bhi kuch nahi ker raha ..i req. you to solve our problem. i shall be very thank full to you . my no. 8529595661
Sep 4, 2012

Irregular Supply of Water

Re : Complaint against irregular and insufficient drinking water supply

In every sphere of our life, Water is important and we cannot even think to survive without it.

Keeping the above universal truth in mind, we, the residents of 940-960 Baba Farid Puri, Wesy Patel Nagar are in the bottleneck of the above problem and in lurch for the last three months facing unprecedented water crisis loomed in the Areas, and thus the inhabitants have been grappling with acute shortage of water. The situation has now become so acute and worst that water is not available even for drinking. Cooking has also become impracticable at this stage for us living in this well-populated area.
We, the residents of this area also allege that the water meant for us are being sold to small industries, which is causing water shortage as well. Also we accuse that tube-well operators of this disaster, as in our view, water is supplied to only those streets where VIPs live.
We have been complaining of water crisis/shortage for a long time and submitted numerous applications to the authorities concerned, but no step has been taken so far to solve the crisis/problem so far.
We, the residents of this sector also alleged that due to poor and negligence of the civil authorities, most of the houses are not getting water supply on time and the entire areas are facing enormous troubles due to shortage of water, while scorching heat is adding to our miseries.
Expressing anger in view of above worsening situation and circumstances, we once again submit our request and memorandums to you to kindly look into the gravity of the situation and sort out the dire condition and problem of the residents forthwith, which has left us thirsty for a long while.

Thanking you,
Sonu Tomar
House No.944-960
Baba farid Puri,
West Patel Nagar,
New Delhi-110008
Apr 25, 2011

Lack of water/ bad water


I live in Old Panvel Takka, Godrek Sky Garden. Recently, we have been facing acute water crisis. And the the times when we do receive water (which is a really small and unpredictable window period), it is dirty and contaminated. We do not know the exact reason for this; there have been rumor floating around that it may be due to the laying of pipes in the area (which has been going on for a long time), or some problem with the water Dam.

Kindly investigate this situation.

Oct 4, 2010

dirty water

in arera coloney E4/91,92,93 and 94 from almost 6 months mixed sewage water is coming,we have complaint to "NAGAR NIGAM" {E2} water supply ,then also sewage water is coming.please take action in this issue.

complaint from;E4/91 areara coloney 10 no. bus stop bhopal.

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