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West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about WBSEDCL

pramod jainani
Nov 26, 2016

Abnormal Electricity Bill-Consumer ID-112263070

Dear Sir,

I Pramod Kumar Jainani, Consumer ID-112263070, residing at Genexx Valley, Block No.18, Flat No.7C,Diamond Harbour Road, Opposite ESI Hospital,Kolkata-700104 (24 Parganas-South), would like to bring to your kind notice that I have been receiving my electricity bills in much excess since April’2016 from WBSEDCL.

I’m believe in Energy Conservation and use Electricity in my apartment with every care taken to conserve the energy. Considering my Energy Conservation practice, I should not be receiving a quarterly bill amounting to Rs.10,000/- plus. May be some kind of POWER THEFT or FAULTY METER is causing me with this kind of billing. I also found pulse light of my electricity meter blinking on very shorter intervals , even when just two fans are in operation in my apartment.

I had lodged my said above grievance several times on WBSEDCL VIDYUT SAHAYOGI but on checking the status of these complaints I found the complaint has been closed without even addressing my problem by the department and there has been no action taken by WBSEDCL Pailan, Kolkata office till date. I have again lodged my complain regarding “ABNORMALLY HIGH BILL” on 2 nd October’2016 with DOCKET NO.5644090 and same is for your reference to take action in this regards, please.

Sir, we are mediocre people and such kind of faulty billing causes us too much of problem mentally and financially.

I would beg your kind self to please look into resolving and helping me in the matter at the earliest.

Thanks & Regards,

Pramod Jainani |M: +91 9830038046
Debashish Datta
Nov 20, 2016

9 to10 hours loadseding

I am Debashish Dutta, I live in barasat.my consumer no is 101119393.today 9am to 6pm loadseding .what I do?
Helpline no response.what is this?
Amir subba
Sep 22, 2016

Lack of electricity


We pay our bill in a time. But in a day we are not getting electricity facility. And in a day 4or5 hour we have trouble for not having electricity, although its a hospital area.
Add.Chotta batasia below
. T.B hospital
. H.C road, darjeeling
Sep 14, 2016

Balance deducted but payment not submitted to WBSEDCL site

Hi ,

On 11.09.2016 at 7.12 PM I have initiated payment for my quarterly bill to WBSEDCL net payment option .But as the server from WBSEDCL was down my balance got deducted from my bank account but the bill was not paid .PFA the screenshot of balance deduction .

Customer ID :152090346

Installation no :06804295

Can you please revert back the money to my below ICICI bank account .
Sep 12, 2016

Money Deducted from Bank, Bill not paid

Dear Billdesk Support Team,

I am AMIT KUMAR BHATTACHARYA, have paid my electricity bill on 13.09.2016 at 11:21 A.M. via SBI INTERNET BANKING. MY WBSEDCL CONSUMER ID is 102535374. SBI TRANSACTION REF N0. is IG0CRURHH6. BILL AMOUNT is Rs.1833.00 INR. DEBIT AMOUNT: RS.1837.00 INR. FROM DEBIT A/C NO. 20060907949. MOBILE NO. 9874653630, EMAIL ID:[email protected]


Sep 11, 2016

Electricity supply

Regular unnecessary Power cut of 4/5 hours during noon, disrupting normal life, saying maintenance work in Pratapgarh, PO+ PS Nimta , North Dum Dum, Noth 24 Parganas area. The matter is brought to the kind notice of the highest authority for immediate necessary action.
pramit kumar biswas
Aug 22, 2016


Sir with consumer no - 123102459 and application no -1003357560 I filled a form for load enhancement in online on 13.07.2016 but due to their server problem I had paid three times Rs 4840 so the net amounted to Rs 14520. After this incident I contacted with local service center Birati . They told me that this problem is not under their jurisdiction and I had to contact with CRM CELL , after that I also contact with CRM CELL they told me that 1 bill is accepted for load enhancement and the remaining Rs 9680 was going to be adjusted in my upcoming electric bill. But in current electric bill their is a huge mismatch , in this they didn't give me any detais that how much is deposited and how much is going to be deducted . They only given me the amount that 2227.5 is my bill and 618.52 is outstanding billing amount . Sir how this is possible where I had paid much more than that. please help me. Sir now I want my money back.


Gobinda Adak
Aug 18, 2016

Intolerable Daily Power Cut of long hours or almost every day either power cut is there or voltage down

Dear Concern,

With an utter disappointment to the worsted service of WBSEDCL, I would like to inform you that in our village everyday there is long hours of power cuts is happening either once in week there is a case of voltage drop. Though I used lodge customer complain Helpline number and used to get a docket number and it is getting closed for the same day the next it's remain at same stage of problem.I think in this age of electronics WBSEDCL is very much less interested to bother for a permanent solution.Just take the case of 18.08.2016 from 5.00 am to 19.08.2016 12.14 voltage down and I have lodged There dockets but There is no solution almost 19 hrs of zero volt electricity supply. There is no value for customer satisfaction.All the things is good of WBSEDCL is to get the bill on time and we need to pay the bills on time otherwise we will be penalized with fine of money. If it is not a government undertaken organization people should go to lodge a claim in consumer forum for the worst service of WBSEDCL.

Gobinda Adak
S/o- Kushoram Adak
Consumer Id-133047752
Aug 12, 2016

Electric Post Broken Problem

Respected sir/madam
I Sharadindu Chakraborty, my consumer id 333042726 and consumer name Shyamapada Biswas, I docked on 11th August 2016 (doc. No. 4623831). The electric post of my locality had broken for storm on 10th august 2016. Today (doc. No. 4671036 )Though I docked from 11th to 12th, our problem still has not been solved. Our power supply area Dignagar, Dist: Nadia. Whenever we tried to contact with Dignagar power supply’s S.S, he told us that we are ‘threatening’ him. His contact no. is 8697706927
Therefore I request you to solve our problem kindly.

I can be reached any time via email at [email protected] or my
cell phone 09434122492 / 09804777047.

Warm regards,
Sharadindu Chakraborty
Handphone-+919434122492/+919804777047 Email- [email protected]
Dr K Konar
Aug 11, 2016

Electricity failure from Poll Connection

Respected Sir,

There was rain with blowing wind in my area at Mankar of Burdwan district under your Budbud circle. The connection from the poll got disturbed on 11.08.2016 at about 3AM. From yesterday, that is from 11.08.2013 I have tried few 100 times to connect your toll free no 18003453201 & 18003452787of Burdwan and also 0343-2512234 at Budbud.The matter has to be documented only then service shall be provided.When does not get opportunity to lodge a complaint for doc. number or not entertained for registering the position how can the customer get service? Is it not dozing customers and lack of administration. The fat salary in the pocket is from the customers Sir then why your good self take due care?
I am not sure how shall my case be attended.
Dr K Konar, East Krishna Ganga, Sukla Para,
Near Mankar Taxi Stand& Purnima Bakery
Vill& PO Mankar,PS Budbud,Dist Burdwan PIN 713144
email: [email protected], mob no.9933402987.consumer id 500091650
Jul 26, 2016

Delay Poll Connection by villege Mobile Van.

Dear Sir,

I have a complain book your toll free no & receive complain no 4183205 dated. 19/7/16 for fail connection. I am continue try
to villege mobile van contact Mob: 7872594837 (with Mr Asit Bagchi, Parimal etc., ) they are telling that they are very busy.
Today after 7 days they are repair poll connection. So we are suffered 7 days (19/7/16 to 26/7/16).

Further request please future if poll connection fail then take necessary action as soon possible.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,
Kosigram Sub Centre
Jul 25, 2016


partha debnath
Jul 19, 2016


Dear Sir,

Mr. Gour Debnath, having a stop meter in 108/1, Banerjee Para Road, Barabagan, Shyamnagar, North 24 Parganas, PIN-743127.

From last few years we are paying Rs. 30 per month for this stop meter. Now in the current bill having Invoice No. ############, billing date 19.07.2016 you have reflected that a bill amount of Rs. 650 per month for next two monts (reading 223.00) which is impossible & unrealistic.For this reason I have not paid the due bill amount.

As such you are requested to recheck & rectify the metre reading & bill and resend new bill at the earliest.

The current bill & previous bill both are attached for your ready reference.

Please feel the matter as MOST URGENT.

Thanking You.

MOB NO. 9804996703
Jul 11, 2016

Transformer problem

Consumer ID No. 123228460 Meter No. ST 604484 Inst.No. 08711561
Matri Abasan Owners Association.


It is to inform you that at the time of rain the transformer, lying near London Bari (Samarpally, Krishnapur, Kolkata-700102), burst as a result the Lift lying at premises no.BC-132, Samarpally, Krishnapur, Kolkata-700102 immediately goes off and its main switch burns. We called the technician from the Lift Company who says that the 440 line with the LIFT is directly or indirectly involves with the transformer of the WBSEDCL. Technician also advised to lodge complaint with the WBSEDCL for rectifying the defects lying in between the transformer and the main line with the said premises/Lift. This is happening each and every time during the rain and we had to bear the expenses for switch and other accessories. Further senior citizens are residing in the building faced a lot of problem to go 3rd to 5th floor using stair due to health problem during the non-functioning of the Lift.

We would request you to kindly depute your Engineer to check the reasons of such problems for immediate solution.

Yours faithfully,

Saswati Chakraborty,
President, Mari Abasan Owners Association.
Mail ID: [email protected]
Dated: 11th July, 2016.
Jul 7, 2016

new connection

I applied for a new connection on 31.05.16. under wbsedcl raipur customer service centre of bankura dist. of WB. They told that as I have no record of previous connection or any due, so they will provide a survey of my house within one week. But till no survey. Whats happening, don't know. If asked them, everyone told i don't know, today he is absent, next time another person is absent. The distance of the office from my house is about 30 km, everyday i can't go there. I have my work.
Till now not clear what is happening there and what they want to do.
Plz tell me the solution of this harracement.
How can i get the connection.

Ujjwal Chakraborty
[email protected]
ujjwal karmakar
Jul 2, 2016

Supply office says not power cut solve today

Barachapa supply office one tecnichan says not low power solve today(2/7/2016).Till day night 10 pm not power problem solve.This power problem create 4.00 pm.telephonic talk supply office thay says not solve now night time.morning time they solve this matter.Imediate taken action this technician.
Jun 27, 2016

Prolonged Power Cut and Poor Service

Indian Complaint Board Forum

Respected Sir/Madam,

We are residing at given below address. Since today morning 11am till now we have been facing power cut and have lodged a complaint with WBSEDCL concerned department.

However, after some delay, the department gave us a call back informing that they will not be fixing the transformer problem until next morning - although the issue has occurred way back during broad daylight today morning, keeping in mind the rising summer temperatures (~38 deg Cel) when electricity disruption is an emergency.

Moreover, other dwellers in our locality with the same manual connection are still consuming electricity without any interruption. This is not at all acceptable as we, being authorized consumer, have been denied necessary electricity supply - which also hinders other utility services like water, refridgerator, etc at home.

In time of emergency, we have been denied necessary electric supply although there is provision for a temporary connection.

My address:-
P-33 Thakdari, SaltLake added area
Landmark : Mission House
P.O. Krishnapur, Kolkata - 700102

WBSEDCL Consumer ID - 123219553
Complaint Docket Number - 3761049
Complaint Log Date - 27/06/2016

Ranjan Chatterjee
([email protected])
+91 896-113-5880
Jun 21, 2016

Overly high electricity bill

Customer Service Manager
West Bengal

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing today to complain of overly high electricity bill i received for three months (June to August) the amount for the bills were Rs.13116, Rs 12934, and Rs 12,934 which is supposed to be of ( March to May) my consumer id is 401152352, it was shocking enough for me to understand and i am living with my sick uncle for the past three months in this apartment at Salaugarah, all we use at apartment are Refrigerator, Fan and TV and some Tube lights. people with air conditioner have not billed half of what we have been billed, i complained at local office of WBSEDCL, but no one is willing to help and we have been told that they will cut the power sometime soon if we failed to settle the bill, which for me is not possible, our monthly budget for foods and basic need are not as much as the electricity bill and i have no means to pay for the amount i have been billed.

I am most annoyed wasting so much time running between the people of local offices and i don't know how and where to approach next. is this police case? am i supposed to complain at police office? this is super stressful for me to handle; beside, i have to look after my sick uncle and can not leave him all by himself while i run between building and local office for, and i already been there more than five time.

Although the local office has sent somebody to check with the meter but was not very helpful. they are saying either its meter jump or electricity theft but building management is saying the electricity theft is not possible with their wiring and person at WBSEDCL local office is saying nothing is wrong with meter and i must pay the bill by due date, now where can i get that much money to pay that too for the electricity i haven't used. and i honestly don't have that many money to pay up.

Kindly look into the matter at sooner time and i am more than happy to pay the actual amount of bill that is liable to the electricity we use. writing to you is my only hope left. I am annoyed , tired and angry.

Below is the building address
Indigo Residency,
Pradhan Para Salugara,
P.S Bhaktinagar,
Dist Jalpaiguri-734008

Kindly arrange to rectify meter and more than willing to pay correct amount.
swarup kr
Jun 19, 2016

power cut

One person shibnarayan nayak of pathuria village, post - chapda, cut the main line connection with out informing your good office. This is why ten families are suffering from good connectivity of electric in this village. There was two phase connectivity through above his house. He prepared his house just under the main line. How is it possible. Please illucidate. He provides only one phase connectivity to other peoples beyond his house. Other people demanding you two phases connectivity.
Amit Prasad
Jun 10, 2016

unbearable power cuts

unbearable power cuts is being happen daily under halisahar electricity board but yesterday night they broke all records of power cuts 8hrs continuously from 9pm to next day at 7am ...so the strict action should be taken against them so the this kind of issue should not happen in future...

Amit prasad
Jun 9, 2016

Requesting you to suggest me for an amicable solution from your end

Respected Sir,
I am Tapati Khan,My Consumer Id – 155035479. I Stay at 78/4, Kantadanga Village Road, P.O-Fingapara, P.S- Jagaddal, 24 Parganas North.

I would to like to inform you that, I am facing a very unpleasant situation due to mistake from your end, without any advance intimation or any notice disconnected the connection at my home and I have already discuss the matter several times with your employees at Bhatpara Sector office( who are authorized person regarding this matter),but I didn’t get any positive result,

Then I have visited your Naihati divisional office and discuss the whole issue with divisional engineer in details on 4th of may’2015 (He said it was basically a misreading from your end in the first place for couple of months since November’2014, and my fault was I didn’t report it then n there ,but the my point was , I have received the bill of entire tenure of November’2014 to March’2015 on 29th of March’2015 ,so it was impossible for me to report until I received the bill).

Then He came up with a solution that I have to pay the total outstanding in 9 equal installments, and instruct me to pay the first installment on the same day (4th May’2015). Then as per your divisional engineer instruction, I went to pay my first installment at your Bhatpara sector office on 4th May’2015 along with written application, but the concerned person ( Mr. Arindam) refuse to accept the payment due to unavailability of written approval from Naihati divisional office and instruct me to come back again on 6th May’2015 to pay the first installment.After that again reconnected power line at my home.

My 9 Equal Installments Details are given Below :-

Sl No Payment Date Amount Rs. Payment Status Paid Y /N Remarks
1 18 May 2015 2308.00 Y Payment Done on 6th-May-2016
2 18 June 2015 2308.00 Y Payment Done on 10th-June-2016
3 20 July 2015 2308.00 Y Payment Done on 13th-July-2016
4 18 August 2015 2308.00 N Payment paid not done due to date fail
5 18 September 2015 2308.00 N Payment paid not done
6 28 October 2015 2308.00 N Payment paid not done
7 18 November 2015 2308.00 N Payment paid not done
8 18 December 2015 2308.00 N Payment paid not done
9 18 January 2016 2308.00 N Payment paid not done

Total Amount Rs. 20772.00

My 9 Equal Installments out of which 3 Installments payment is already done by me but 18th-August-2015 due to some unavoidable reason I am unable to pay my 4th installment amount on the same day at your Bhatpara sector office, after that around 20/22-August’2015 I am visit again your Bhatpara sector office regarding pay to my pending 4th installment amount but your employees at Bhatpara Sector office refuse to take my 4th installment amount and as confirm by your employees at Bhatpara Sector office this installment process has been canceled now. He(your employee) demanding total outstanding amount one time. Currently I am going through a financial problem to arrange this amount at a time. So it is my humble requests to you please do the needful urgently as early as possible,

Now I am again requesting you to suggest me for an amicable solution (because again in the mean time without any advance intimation or any notice still disconnected the connection at my home) as your loyal customer for several years.

With Best Regards.
Gourab Khan
Son of Tapati Khan.
Ratul Modak
Jun 8, 2016

Unreasonable power cutoffs

We're facing high numbers of power cutoff. Our WBSEDCL centre is at kampa, kanchrapara. I had also registered a complain. But nothing changes a bit. On an average there are minimum 10 to 15 times when power gets cut off, with an interval of 15 to 30 minutes. Worst service I've ever had. Please try to give your consumers the services you are promising.
Dipika vashu
Jun 6, 2016

High number power off

We are facing extremely high number of power cuts for long durations. This is a matter of a regular basis. We have called and logged numerous complaints. But we have not received any replies. For eg, today the power is off for about 14 hrs and hence am writing you this.
Kindly check into this as a matter of urgency. Our survival is becoming difficult.

High number power off

May 26, 2016

Fuse Cut

Dear Concern,

We are very regretful to inform you that your customer service is very poor. We have registered a complaint with you today morning (docket no.3057801) but till now there is no assistance from your side.

This is very disturbing and disappointing. Please rectify our problem as fast as possible.

Consumer ID 100363869
May 17, 2016

Unacceptable Power Cut


We've been facing a regular problem of power cut in our area (Naihati, Rajendrapur, Near Lokhnath Mandir, under Deulpara Supply Office). I've checked with other area of Naihati and found that it's happening only in our area. Some times there are 15-20 times power cut in a day. We get power for 5 min then it goes off.Whenever I call our Electric office they inform us that some work is going on. We do get the same reply even at midnight. Also the behaviour of the Electric office and the Mobile Van is very rude.

Technically we don't know what is wrong with the load and supply in our area or is there any thing else. However, being a consumer we want the service for which we pay.

Looking forward for speedy resolution.

K. Das
Consumer No: 155083012
email: [email protected]

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