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Consumer complaints and reviews about Whirlpool India

ghosh bhaskar
Sep 11, 2017

Customer harrassment

: Complaint for customer harassment reg…
I feel extremely pained to portray before you the harassment aided by extremely rude behavior which I had to face from your service personnel in Barrackpore, West Bengal, Mobile no.- 8584882272 regarding complaint lodged for a non functioning Stabilizer of your company purchased on 08.06.2017vide Model no. –DNMVX1340D2 Serial no. 171039147.
Sir, I had extremely good faith and belief in the goodwill of your products and after sale services being offered by your company and had purchased a number of electrical appliances including Refrigerator, Washing Machine etc., which are functioning smoothly. But as my ill-fate would have it the stabilizer purchased in June 2017 and having a warranty period of 12 (Twelve) months turned out to be faulty just within 3 (Three) months of its purchase. As a result I am unable to run my Air conditioner through it during this extremely hot and humid environment. I complained to your service personnel at Barrackpore regarding its non functioning and requested him to make sure that I could avail the facility as usual. After many dilly-dallying the service personnel attended the service and replaced the existing stabilizer with another faulty one of Model no. DNMVX1340D2 serial no. 164948019 which functioned for only 10 (Ten) minutes after the service personnel had left my house on 09.09.2017.
In this hazardous situation I called the service centre repeatedly to put an end to my misery but he kept on ignoring my calls with one excuse of the other. After pleading before him he mercifully told me that my problem will be looked after 3 (three) days as they are unable to provide any time within their busy schedule. The rudeness and audacity of the talk hut me immensely and I am presently forced to bear the brunt of the misery for no fault of mine.
In the evening even the Service personnel (fitter) who visited my house called me over the phone (mobile no. 8584882272) and in a cantankerous tone almost threatened me that my problem will only be looked after three days and not before that as per my desire.
Sir, I think that this sort of misbehavior and sub standard customer services at the whims and caprices of the service personnel would jeopardize the goodwill and reputation of your esteemed company and will surely have a cascading effect on the faith and belief that your company has built up over the years.
I earnestly request you to look into my problem and provide me the necessary customer service which I am entitled to at the earliest.
Dated: 11.09.2017 Yours faithfully,

Address for correspondence:
MOBILE NO. - 8017408924/9831450686
Sep 2, 2017

Split AC repair

I had purchased a split Air-conditioner 3D cool 1.5 ton capacity in 2015.
I purchase AMC every year.
The AC had gone for repairs 6 times in this season (April - Aug 2017), not a single month has passed where this AC had run smoothly. This is the story every year.
Last year its cooling coil was damaged and I had to pay Rs.6800/- for it (in addition to AMC cost 3700/-)
This year after multiple gas leakages, now the aluminum coil of the outer unit broke down and I have to shell out Rs.6500/- (in addition to AMC cost 3700/-).
Their service center people are not properly trained or equipped either to carry out necessary repairs or transporting the unit from our residence to their workshop. They don't have necessary material (rope etc.) and the manpower to lift and shift the unit. They rudely refuse to carry out this activity and clearly say that whirlpool does not provide this facility, customer has to arrange for it themselves.
I fail to understand why I'm paying AMC and not getting proper service from reputable company.
When the unit was taken out for repairs it had to lifted from the roof, they didn't had any equipment to carry the unit downstairs, my wife gave them an old worn bedsheet to shift and helped them whereby sustaining cuts and sprains on her right arm.
Now the unit is repaired and they are asking us to arrange manpower and equipment (ropes etc.) to lift and shift the unit on the roof, which I had clearly refused.
I am really sad with the behaviour of the branch supervisor who spoke very rudely and told me to do anything I want to do but he will not provide anything. This is on the top of the pathetic product I'm suffering every year, regret every time I use it.
Not sure how this is going to help in any way.

Sunil Bhalla
Whirlpool Support
Aug 22, 2017

Washing Machine Repair

Dear Concern,

We're sorry for the experience you had. This concern has been raised with our service team. Our service team will get in touch shortly with an update on this concern.

Whirlpool Support.
Tabitha Rajan
Aug 21, 2017

Washing Machine Repair

I have 360 whirlpool washing machine. It is out of warranty period,. I am getting PE error, previous two years back I had this issue and it was rectified by your authorized personnel he replaced the mother board and it worked fine. Now I have same issue I reported it on whirlpool website and the personnel who visited said mother board need not be changed but he changed the sensor and charged 4200, After a week we have same issue. the bill has not been provided , neither the technician visits even after follow up every day for 10 days now, they say it raining and other silly excuse, The customer care help line say they will arrange for call back neither do I receive call nor the issue is resolved. Could you please address the issue. the customer care provided the info that Serve providers - New trust services - Contact person Nadeem/Sahil/Sabeer - 9845944476.

Subhajit Mukherjee
Jul 31, 2017

Washing Machine Scam

Respected Sirs

After great disappointment and sadness I am trying to bring to your notice the bad practice happening in Mumbai - Whirlpool

We purchased a Washing Machine 3 Years Ago. and now no parts available for repair - they want us to buy a new machine as replacement. - This is Cheating of customers by Whirlpool.

1. Multiple customer service numbers toll free on the google where agents miss-represent Whirlpool and come home and charge Rs. 700.00 from me for evaluating the washing machine which was not working.

2. After Detecting PCB problem they quoted 8000.00 to repair it.

10 days gone in the process.
then I discovered that this was a gang pretending to be a Whirlpool Team and fooling us.

3. Then I contacted the real customer service number - 1800 208 1800 - and registered a complaint. New Complaint registered on 4th July.

4. They are then asking for 5000 Rs for the repair for PCB

5. Now they have declared that no parts available - So now they are selling me a new machine as replacement for Rs. 36000 - 10000 ( Buy Back) = Rs. 26000.00 i have to pay them for the new machine.

6. In the mean while I have spent Rs.14k to laundry vendor for washing my cloths.

This is a good way to sell bad quality washing machine to customers through Flipkart and now selling new machines in 3 years to the same customers.

It is more than a month now and customer service team is avoiding my request to help.
I need my Money back or Give me a Machine as replacement for FREE.

If this is a situation in Mumbai I am sure there so many such un-constitutional practices across India.
I am definitely taking this seriously and will knock every door possible on Earth to get justice.
Hope the management team can do something and save me from this mental harassment.

Dr. Subhajit MUKHERJEE

CC: Times Of India
Jul 24, 2017

Whirlpool AC Complaints

I purchase Two(2) AC from "Aditya Vision - Siwan" on 26/5/2017. Now, 1st AC stops working on 11/5/17 (just worked 15 days) & still waiting for resolution till today i.e 24/7/2017.
Then second AC also stop working on 20/7/2017. Not even a technician visited till today. They have service center only in Gopalganj from their only they handle Siwan district to.
Now their service center is saying your area is out of range. Then why they are selling their products here.
Kindly take back your defective Ac's or provide service on time.
Kindly let us believe what we used to believe about Brand "whirlpool"..

Please resolve
Prashant Kumar Singh
Preethy Sakkaraiappan
Jul 22, 2017

Whirlpool poor Fridge service

Fridge board was changed around mid June. We have a guarantee period of 6 months.Again there is problem in board and when called to check for service there is no action taken from Chennai whirlpool service. Poor response when customer calls in. No acknowledgement. Is this how service is done? I need immediate assistance to resolve this issue. This can't keep happening and following up with multiple person with zero results.
jagmohini timothy
Jul 12, 2017

Whirlpool Washing Machine

I purchased my washing Machine in December 2016.After some time i am checking water outlet from surf box water flowing pressure only one side.
2) After full washing time Machine panel showing End but Surf is not clean i have seeing surf white marks on the whole clothes.These two problem facing from 6 monthes.My warranty period will close after 6 months.
So many times i am complaining but Whirlpool service centre not sending experienced mechanic.They are not rectifying my complaint seriously.
Kindly send me experienced mechanic.
Mrs Jagmohini Timothy
Shrirang Anant Limaye
Jul 7, 2017

Replacement of Refrigerator

In 2009 I had purchased two door Whirlpool refrigerator. On delivery date itself it refused to start. Ultimately after about a week of followup it was replaced. After about 8 years the 3 times gas leaked & in desperation I decided to buy new fridge. However on recommendation of the stores salesman & with great hope that at least after 8 years Whirlpool must have improved, I purchased Model "FF 330 L 343 D" a Fridge was purchased on 26th May 17.

On 10th June observed that there is a "excess cooling" as a result the ice hangs from top plastic wall. Customer care experiences are note worthy.

"N" number of follow ups since 19th till date have not resulted in any fruitful outcome i.e. free replacement. Related officials, supervisor & coordinator never picked up persons like service center coordinator, Supervisor or related officials never picked up phone calls & give absolute dissatisfaction.
Now can I expect a quick response? Resolve this long pending issue at once. I am totally exhausted & frustrated with the treatment. In short inference is that Whirlpool has not improved a bit, since earlier experience has repeated like history repeats.
Jul 7, 2017

Replacement of fridge (ch0617005482)

Approximately 30days has left after approval of defective fridge. The same has not been received. Kindly look the matter (9814866653)
Jul 5, 2017

Horrible service for refrigerator

A complaint was registered regarding a double door refrigerator which was purchased , having serial number INA161804570, in November 2016.
Just after a few days,the appliance started giving trouble. the technician had visited and recommended refund for the appliance as it was not repairable and we did not want a replacement.
Now it is July 2017 , and Whirlpool Kolkata just doesn't seem to care.
My family members have made innumerable number of calls to customer care and service people. But none of them took the request forward.
For the last few days now , they are telling , it will take another 40-45 days to resolve this.
Is this some kind of joke? Why are they fooling customers like this?
I shall discourage every person I meet and know , who would want to purchase a Whirlpool product.
I am surprised at their shamelessness.
Jun 23, 2017

very poor and disgusting response from services

I had filed a complaint regarding my fully automatic 360 washing machine top load on 2nd June 2017 SR no:LK0617000729. A mechanic named Amit came on the same date and informed me that the machine has to be taken to the workshop as there was some mechanical error. The machine was at the workshop for five days and when it was returned ,on checking I saw that the problem was the same. It had not been repaired at all. After Amit didn't take my calls I called Mr. Shobhit Srivastava at the workshop(SUVIDHA SALES AND SERVICES) . Another mechanic came to check the machine and informed me that some part of the machine had been changed at the workshop but now the slot sensor needs to be changed. However Shobhit refused to give the required slot centre claiming that the part was not available anymore and he would use another kind of part.when we threatened to complain to higher authorities he asked his mechanic to bring the slot sensor from another workshop next day.My machine was still not fixed . The problem was as it is.
I filed another complaint on 6th June 2017 SR no: LK0617006577. The mechanic Amit came and changed another part and said that the machine now had balancing problem but couldn't repair it. After 4 days Mr. Manoj the service incharge of Lucknow came to inspect and he pointed a different problem altogether. He too couldn't give a satisfactory reply and seemed very evasive
When I didn't get any response from whirlpool , I called Mr. Chandresh BSM Lucknow whose attitude was very loose. he is dilly dallying and not taking it seriously at all.
I am shocked and surprised that such a renowned and well known brand doesn't have efficient mechanics who can help or satisfy their customer. I want my washing machine to be fully replaced now and if Whirlpool still doesn't act upon it then I shall take legal action as my machine is still in warranty period.

Jun 13, 2017

AC not working

On 5 th of June 2017 I complain about my Ac not working. Serviceman attended and said to change one part that we agreed to.. now he is saying that is part is not available. Kindle change the Ac if you can't change the part it's your fault that you can repair your own products. My mailing address is varunbanthia82@ gmail.com. . Resolve my problem at the earliest
Jun 13, 2017


Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to share one issue wrt my whirlpool refrigerator. Refrigerator's gas was leaked in the month of Nov'16 and got it filled up by your service centre technician but due to some issue some amount of gas was removed in the month of Dec'16. He told us that it might be possible that we have to face cooling issue in summer and exactly the same issue we are facing. Now there is no cooling effect in the refrigerator. When two days back I approached your service centre then it was told me that I have to pay for visiting charges first and then later on the issue will be resolved. I'm failing to understand that how within 4-5 months same issue has arisen. It means that earlier it was not repaired properly.

I would request you to consider it on priority basis as we are not getting any help from your service centre.

Your efforts will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,

Contact no. 8800599087
Jun 10, 2017

Service engineers were inefficient

I have a 310 l Whirlpool double door refrigerator that I bought second hand so I do not have any warranty on it. The fridge was working fine but I noticed a small leak in it. I called up whirlpool customer care service, Bangalore and they send a person home to fix the appliance. The service engineer came home, opened up the system and I have no idea what he did but since then the fridge stopped working all together. He said I need to give him Rs 5000 to fix it and kept trying to sell accessories to me. When I called up the office he disappeared and stopped answering my calls. I registered the complaint once again and they send me another person who after stalling me for 3 days came opened the fridge and did not do anything to it. He said the Fridge will work but he disappeared again. Now I am left with a fridge that does not work and I have made end number of calls to the customer care service. Your customer service is extremely poor. I feel harassed. I feel you guys send untrained, criminal minded technicians to people's home who know nothing about fixing appliances and are just after making money and harassing innocent people.
I hope you guys take some action against this kind of appalling behavior and unprofessional attitude.
Whirlpool Support
Jun 3, 2017

Useless call center

Dear Supriyamothay,

We're really sorry for the experience you had. Please share your mobile number & complaint number with us. We'll surely look into it.

Whirlpool Support.
Jun 2, 2017

Useless call center

I purchased an AC in 2015, which is out of warranty. I spoke to one Nawaz, who either didn't hear me or did not understand me. I spent about 5000 (five thousand, yes thousand) to refill gas less than a month ago. This morning I can hear some leakage sound from external unit. I called asking them to check on priority. Nawaz either didn't hear what I was saying or he didn't understand. After explaining a dozen times, he asks me do you need to fill gas. Then he tells me to wait for 24 hours. I asked to speak to the manager and he tells me even for that I need to wait for 24 hours. Can you guys not hire a little more competent guys to handle customer complaints? I have absolutely no faith that someone is going to turn up before 24 hours. I'm so not recommending whirlpool products to anyone only because of the customer care. If I were his manager, I would listen to the recording at least.
Whirlpool Support
Jun 1, 2017

Reinstallation of spilt 1.5 ton Split AC

Dear Manasa,

We're sorry for the experience you had. This concern has been raised with our service team. Our service team will get in touch shortly with an update on this concern.

Whirlpool Support.
Whirlpool Support
Jun 1, 2017

complaint regarding faulty 450 lits. double door refrigerator made on 13.05.17 on customer care no.- nothing done and i was cheated

Dear Kumar,

We're really sorry for the experience you had. Please share your mobile number & complaint number with us. We'll surely look into it.

Whirlpool Support.
N. Kumar
May 30, 2017

complaint regarding faulty 450 lits. double door refrigerator made on 13.05.17 on customer care no.- nothing done and i was cheated

A complaint for the repair of faulty whirlpool refrigerator ( 450 litrs.-double door ) was made on customer care helpline no. on 13.05.2017. The complaint was referred to Cool Care Enterprises , a whirl pool authorized service station in Rohini, Delhi . Technician from the service center visited the house/refrigerator and it was detected that PCB on front door not functioning and needs to be replaced for which an estimate for Rs. 2450/- was given and i was asked to give Rs. 500/- in advance for procuring the part from company as the same was not available at service center . I paid the advance and in turn was told that it may take two- three days in procuring the part. Since after three four days i am contacting the service center but every time i am told that the part has not come from company and it may take another one week or so . Also it was told that if I am in hurry i can manage to get the refrigerator repaired from out side company's service centre . On this ,I called on customer care , who gave me the no. of Branch coordinator Ms. Geetanjali Rathore , Delhi . I gave several phone calls on the no. but it was not picked by anyone even the bell rang fully.

In the meantime , my refrigerator which was not performing for the change of the degree of cooling i.e. from medium to fast , stopped cooling at all and now it is lying idle since 18.5.17 onwards .

My complaint lodged with the whirlpool has fallen in the deaf ears and no one is bothering to get the fault repaired.
manasa paikroy rawat
May 30, 2017

Reinstallation of spilt 1.5 ton Split AC

My service request number is SR BS0517004367

I had put the request on 21st may 2017 to re-install a 1.5 ton spilt AC. The technician had come after numerous calls to the service center and said that bcoz the house is situated on 3rd floor, we need to have facility else they cannot do. I am really not sure why such technicians are hired when they cannot install an AC on 3rd floor..are they only kept to install on the first floor of the apartments... The next 3 days again gets wasted by calling up service center to know the status and very politely I am being said that the technician will be there in 24 hrs and again my day is wasted. Yesterday the honorable technician came and promised that he will be in the flat sharp by 6 am and its already 11:26 am as I write this complaint. Do you people really value your customers???? I m really shocked and disgusted that such a reputed company has a pathetic service centre.

Do look into the issue
Whirlpool Support
May 18, 2017

Whirlpool AC

Dear Ravish2193,

We regret the inconvenience you have faced. Please share your mobile/complaint no. so that we can look into this concern.

Whirlpool Support.
May 17, 2017

Whirlpool AC

Quick summary:

- Bought a new AC in February 2017 from Girias Bangalore( Marathahalli)
- AC stops working early April 2017 (within warranty period)
- Replacement AC made available ONLY on 17th May 2017
- After 100 calls, finally i get a replacement AC today. THANK YOU!

Now they ask me to pay 500Rs to remove the old ac.

Hope you undertsand the plight of a customer. After a month in summer with no AC(for which I bought the AC), now I need to pay for the AC replacement too.

This is such non professionalism from your side. Kindly act on this so that we customers can still believe in Whirlpool.
Whirlpool Support
May 9, 2017

Fridge Compressor Damaged

Dear Sangram,

We're sorry for the experience you had. This concern has been raised with our team. Please allow us some time to get back to you.

Whirlpool Support.
Sangram Chavan
May 8, 2017

Fridge Compressor Damaged

My Complain Number.: PN 0517002227

Bought Whirlpool Fridge Protton Model in September 16, within 8 Months the Compressor is Damaged, it 3 days for engineers to figure out the issue. now they say we need to send an email to company asking for Compressor, They dont have any confirm as to how much time will it take to resolve the Issue, CC says 13-14 Days is the TAT. Spoke with another CC guy he says within 24 Working Hours.

Now I feel Cheated by Whirlpool Company Sales Person which said Compressor has Copper Coating n has no stability issues, and now within 7 Months the Compressor is damaged. Imagine Going without Fridge in the Torching Heat of 40 Deg in the Month of MAY. Loss of Food Items due to Damaged was Around RS 2500. Sales Center says Compressor is not available, whereas the Manufacturing Unit is in Pune my Hometown. Inquired for compressor from Private Seller, he has it for Around Rs 8000. Some it means people under warranty for their Product has to Suffer.

I will never ever buy any Whirlpool Product and will never recommend any one from my close to buy it. at least they will not have to undergo the agony and Pain what i have went through.

The Worst ever Before and After Sales Service. Pathetic...

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