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Y-Axis immigration frauds and cheats incorporated


Consumer complaints and reviews about Y-Axis immigration frauds and cheats incorporated

Apr 16, 2020

This is an official response from Y-Axis


Dear Shruti Kanyal,

As we are discussing with our Manager, You can be surely be assured of our amicable solution on the same.

Best regards,
Client Relationship Officer
Y-Axis Overseas Careers
Mar 3, 2020

Y axis fraud


When I am writing my complain here in forum, it is self explanatory what my frustration level will be.

I was searching out for some consultant for applying for Spousal sponsorship program as I wanted to save my time. Unfortunately, I dropped a query at y-axis and that was the day when the mental trauma began. One of their consultant, Noel Fernandes immediately contacted me. I discussed few things with him and after that I was continuously getting calls from him, even 5-6 times a day. He managed to convince me and I signed the agreement with them and paid them the full amount somewhere around 10.12.2019.

After that my case was assigned to another consultant mehajabeen Saba who sits at hyderabad. She sent me the checklist on 12.12.2019 mentioning all the documents required and I submitted all the mentioned documents to her on 30.12.2019. After that, I was continuously following up with her regarding my application. After around 8 days, she asked me for 2 additional documents, my employment documents and CSQ letter. Later, I checked online and found that CSQ is not required at this stage and I informed the same to her. Then on 08.01.2020, she mailed me confirming that CSQ is not required. In the email she confirmed me that I will receive my forms by 11.01. 2020. However I did not receive my forms that day and after following up with her again and again and dropping several mails to her and calling her several times, I received the completed forms only on 16.01.2020.

I went through all the details and found that there were various descrepancies in the forms which I jotted down and sent her a pointwise email along with other queries on 20.01.2020 morning. However, as usual she did not revert back to me and I had to call her for update. When I called her it seemed that she hasn't seen the email. She told me that she will check the same, will update the forms and will get back to me. However I didn't hear back from her till evening. I only had to call her for update and she told me that she will send me the corrected forms by next day.

In the evening of the same day, I called upon Noel Fernandes and told him about the whole situation. Though I was constantly marking him in almost all the email conversations with Saba, while talking with him, he was behaving as if he is not aware of anything. He told me that I could have informed him earlier so that he could have arranged to change my consultant. Here I would like to point out that in the agreement, it was clearly mentioned that consultant won't be changed at my request. Anyways, he asked me to drop an email requesting to change the consultant and assured me that he will do something about it. I dropped the email. However, next day I was informed by him that my consultant is not change but assured me that saba will take care of my process properly.

I had already wasted much time and I didn't want to waste more. Hence me and my husband did the necessary changes in the application and submitted it.

Now I have received request for CSQ and I am following up with Saba and Noel both since 27.02.2020 for filling up the required forms. First she told me that she wi provide me the forms by last Saturday i. e. 29.02.2020. But I did not receive any update from her. After following up, today she told me that now she will send me the forms by Friday.

I can't wait till Friday as I have to sub the forms at the earliest. So we have decided to fill the forms on our own with the help of some of our friends.

We have been cheated by y axis. Our money got wasted. I really want my money back.
Feb 22, 2020

This is an official response from Y-Axis


Dear Client,

We regret the inconvenience caused.

As our respective team member has called you and assisted you with all required information, Now we hope all your doubts/Queries have been resolved.

If you still have any doubt /Query please feel free to write us on [email protected] We will be happy to assist you.

Best regards,
Client Relationship Officer
Y-Axis Overseas Careers
Feb 21, 2020

This is an official response from Y-Axis


Dear Teezee,

Thanks for taking the time in writing to us.

We understand that you are not satisfied with the service rendered by Y-Axis and as a result you have raised your concern in this forum. We are concerned to note your grievance.

However, we have checked our database and unable to trace you out. Please provide your YRN (Y-Axis Registration Number) or registered contact details / Email ID on [email protected] so that we can arrange a call back and assist you after reviewing your case.

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,
Client Relationship Officer
Y-Axis Overseas Careers
Feb 11, 2020

y axis Mumbai

I have opted for migrating to Canada. Initially the whole team were very positive about my education and experience I have got till now in Mumbai. The team ( Mainly Vimla nair - who should be fired on immediate basic coz of no professional ethics) vey very keen and would call me 10 times a day. After paying advances they became threat, stated there won't be any opportunity if I don't clear balance payments. Well, I cleared my balance payment too. Now after six months some how none of my score matches to the Immigration service.

Cut to, People has stop responding. Head of the department is always on leave. There is no progress of my application.
It's not that you don't have to pay extra for your ILTES and WES application, which we can do directly also. So what have they done apart from eating money and not responding to calls. When the team says we will arrange a call back, that's another fraud. I have got a call after a month that to in the night at 1, wow and you expect us to answer at 1.

like disgusting this is.
Jan 22, 2020

Cheating(Not refunding)


My name is Arvind Nagar. I have opted for Australian immigration process assistance and paid the full fees to Y-axis Dubai office (Representative name: Praveen Deshman). I have tried 2 attempts for English Language Test and could not succeed in getting a required score. Hence, as per the agreement Y-axis suppose to refund me 25% of the paid fees. I am following up with the process coordinator (Mr Krishna Murthy - Y-axis Dubai) since December 2019, however I am not getting my refund back.

I am really fed up and helpless now due to these unprofessional behavior from a reputed firm like Yaxis. This is really unacceptable and I am gonna go Legal to get my refund if I will not hear back from them in a week's time.

Please help me to get my refund.

Arvind Nagar
Nov 12, 2019

Status of Refund - yaxis

Dear Relationship officer,

This is to update you and other users about my refund status .

Your CRO team has agreed to refund us 70 percent of amount ..

Once the refund is done and it hits our account we will remove the complaint and update the readers .

Kavya Shetty
Oct 21, 2019

This is an official response from Y-Axis


Dear Kavya Shetty,

We truly understand the Situation and hope that your family constraints get resolved and may all your Immigration dreams come true.

With the understanding that you are not able to proceed further.

Our Client Relationship team is in touch with you and please be assured that we will surely provide you the best possible solution.

Best regards,
Client Relationship Officer
Y-Axis Overseas Careers
Oct 21, 2019

This is an official response from Y-Axis


Dear Priya,

I'm glad that I spoke to you.

As I introduced myself, I'm Madhulatha, I Head the Client Relationship team.

Over the last few days, there has been a discussion with our Client Relationship team and also Process Team and we are glad that we were able to provide you an amicable solution.

We truly value your business with Y-Axis.

Kindly revert for any clarifications.

Best regards,
Client Relationship Officer
Y-Axis Overseas Careers
Oct 8, 2019


Dear Yaxis Team,

This is to inform that me (Kavya Shetty )and my Husband Prashanth Shetty paid amount of INR 1 lakh to Yaxis on 9th August 2019 for Canada PR ..

due to some health reasons we had to change our mind and we did not initiate with the process , we were in touch with Mr Cristofer and Ms Gaouthami , when we explained them about our plight , we are at stage 0 , No documents are shared , NO IELTS given nothing .. but when we are asking them about refund policy they say it is wilful termination of service so they cant give us any refund .
I tried explaining them the situation but they are now not reverting calls and mails.. initially they were in full form and used to call us twice daily once they received 1 Lakh and we mailed them about withdrawal they started ignoring us.

Please look into this case and request you to help us as we are from a middle class family and the amount that we paid is very huge for us.


Kavya Shetty
Sep 30, 2019

No refund yet!

In my situation, Y-axis was a huge disappointment. I paid them the money (50k) and they gave me the NOC codes, saying I was eligible to migrate. However, I did my own research and found out I was not eligible under those codes. They didn’t just give me one wrong code. They gave me another code, saying I was eligible to apply under that one, but it turned out I wasn’t eligible under that code either. They admitted their mistake and said they would give me a refund. They seem to be taking forever to process that refund, bouncing me from one department to another and it has been very frustrating. The sad thing is that if I hadn’t done my own research, Y-AXIS would have gone ahead with the whole process and I would have found out much later, after spending a lot of money, that I was not eligible. I cannot recommend Y-Axis.
Priya Meiselbach
Sep 19, 2019

This is an official response from Y-Axis


Dear va5

We appreciate if you can publish your details too, and not raising a complaint with a hidden identity.

Y-Axis has an exclusive Customer relationship department, to address dejected clients. We will do a thorough investigation on the matter and provide with an amicable solution. If you are our registered client, please share your identity and let us know your concerns in detail to [email protected]

As long as, the identity is not shared and you write to us about the complaint, we disagree with the comments posted and will approach the required department for action.

Best regards,
Client Relationship Officer
Y-Axis Overseas Careers
Sep 15, 2019

Y Axis is a scam, dont fall for thier trap

Y axis is a gold digging cheat firm which do not provide you with any service
They charged me approx 80,000 and did nothing
All the information they provided is available on Public domain
there was nothing specific they did
when asked for refund they started talking about SLAs
They themselves dont have any SLAs , the agents are never available
They dont respond to emails on Time
Every time you raise a complaint they just say sorry and apologise and get away with it
Their agreement is one sided , dont even sign it
Do not make payments in cash
Do not sign up for anything with YAxis they are a big scam
Government of India should block them and arrest the owners for cheating the population
Jul 16, 2019

This is an official response from Y-Axis


Dear Gayatrivarma,

Thanks for taking the time in writing to us!

We are extremely apologetic if you ever had such troublesome instances.

When we have reviewed your concern we see that you never approached Y-Axis.

Y-Axis is a transparent company to deal with and we share all the details accurately with all our clients.

If you please share your contact details and directly write to us at [email protected] then we will be more than glad to help you with the best possible solution.

Best regards,
Client Relationship Officer
Y-Axis Overseas Careers
Jul 13, 2019

This is an official response from Y-Axis


Dear Swetha,

Thanks for taking time in writing to us!

Thanks for trusting us and we our concerned team member discussed with you, Y-Axis is a transparent company to deal with and you be rest assured about the same.

Should you further have anything please do write to us at [email protected] and we will be glad to further help you on the same.

Best regards,
Client Relationship Officer
Y-Axis Overseas Careers
Jul 11, 2019

This is an official response from Y-Axis

@Kapil Gehlawat

Dear Kapil Gehlawat,

Thanks for taking the time in writing to us!

We are extremely apologetic if you ever had such troublesome instances.

When we have reviewed your concern we see that you never approached Y-Axis.

Y-Axis is a transparent company to deal with and we share all the details accurately with all our clients.

If you please share your contact details and directly write to us at [email protected] then we will be more than glad to help you with the best possible solution.

Best regards,
Client Relationship Officer
Y-Axis Overseas Careers
Jul 1, 2019

False Communication

Dear Y-Axis,
I swetha .v. , yesterday paid a total amount of 96393/-( reciept no 2019-2020/KP/G/1051) inclusive of gst for the canada express entry migration program by consulting and discussing with Mrs Padma Ramesh wee ho is a employee in y-axis at kphb branch, hyderabad. As it was sunday she didnt given me either invoice or SLA ...today Suprisingly we got the SLA mail , In that agreement, amount for these consultation is only 70437 + GST 18% which equals to 83,115.66.
further to avoid the miscommunication, we would like to go further if the SLA is for the total amount what we paid.
As per our understand with padma's communication the IELTS and y-axis job site consultation is free of cost.
If these kind of services are of paid services then we would like to opt out.
Hope a Genuine, fare reply and amicable solution or remedy will be expected from a reputed organization like Y-axis.
Swetha. V.
Jun 30, 2019

False promises

We applied for German visa in y axis.we fell into the fancy words and promises of y axis.they even guaranteed us a 100 percent success !!

We paid 60,000 for job search and German visa process and all we got as service is a list of documents to submit ( that is available online ) ...job search is nothing but cheating !!
Our visa was even rejected as they din even provide us proper guidance

I hope no one falls into their trap any more !
Kapil Gehlawat
Jun 13, 2019

Make Fool to Clients

First of all y axis stop saying urself as number one consultant,
Ur team is doing only one thing impress Ur clients, do false commitment and take fees. Once you received free, then it's client duty to call or mail again and again, even after that your team not respond.
I ll make payment for work visa in Germany, as per your team member German language is not compulsory and u had best consultant to take care for that. Once we make payment I ll received only 3 calls in 4 months after regular calls and phone calls, even Ur team did not see my resume before sending to German consultant.
I did not receive a single call for job and your team is saying 4 weeks completed ....from last 2 month we are follow for refund again no response. Really same on u guys. Stop playing with people's emotions if u r not able to revert on time or fulfil Ur commitment.
May 13, 2019

This is an official response from Y-Axis


Dear Prapa Bose,

Good Evening!!

Thanks for taking time in writing to us,Our respective team is coordinating with you and will certainly provide you the best possible solution.

Best regards,
Client Relationship Officer
Y-Axis Overseas Careers
May 1, 2019

Fraud company Y-axis fake promise for visa

I went to the Kolkata branch of your visa agency Y axis on 29.04.2019.I had explained to you (Ms. Priyanka Banerjee) in details about my travel date 2nd August 2019 and my return date 9th October 2019 , after the detailed talk you had assured me that if I provide the correct documents then my visa (visitor visa Plab slab)will be done latest by mid July 2019.You have charged me extra money for a premium service for fastest visa,which is supposed to be within 5days and you also mentioned that all steps will be explained by the consultant over phone as that person will have a better idea about Plab 2 visa..The next day I got a call from your consult (Jyoti Reddy) and to my horror she absolutely contradicted your statement, 1.she told me that the visa appointment cannot be done before 15th May , so you misguided me about the privilege visa
2.She even told me that I might not get my visa in the month of July 2019 to attend my Academy classes which I have booked for Plab 2 preparation and will be unable to travel to UK on August, when I asked her does they (Y-axis ) has any previous experience of doing visa for plab 2 and academy she mentioned to me they have only done it for plab2 exam and not the academy so I have high chances of getting my visa in the month of October as my exam date is 8th October..So this is how you have totally misguided me and have taken my money with fake promises and assurances.Your institution mala fide arbitrary and as such I don't have faith upon your organisation.So in the view of above mentioned circumstances I would request you to refund my money which I have payed and you are instructed not to proceed with this visa process any further.I have emailed several times to support mail id, all have been sent but none answered, even yesterday your agent told me she will come up with a solution today and will get back to me , she hasn't called and is also not answering my calls..Please respond to my complaint or I will be compelled to take legal actions.
Apr 27, 2019

This is an official response from Y-Axis


Dear Client,

Thanks a lot for taking time and writing to us!

We are extremely sorry if you ever had such experience with us. However when we have reviewed your information we are unable to find any of your records. Please share us your contact details and write to us directly at [email protected] for a quick resolution please.

Best regards,
Client Relationship Officer
Y-Axis Overseas Careers
Apr 21, 2019

Fraud Cheaters for Express Entry Canada

I have paid yaxis for express entry program canada. Post the payment maid to them for helping us in process, terrifying service, zero help. Dont apprise us time to time, even when we tried to connectafter receiving our IELTS score, it took almost 1 month to actual establish a line of communication. Sales person who sold this stopped taking phone calls. when contacted to her team lead, he didnt send any response. We were not motivated or apprised of any AIPP and other programs, They just left a customer in middle of something, no help, no consultancy, like they are not interested to get a lead into success.

Hopefless fraud people. Didn't even find any of their management numbers or email listed.
Feb 7, 2019

This is an official response from Y-Axis


Dear Imran,

Warm greetings for the day!!

As per our telephonic conversation, Our concerned team is already in touch with you and please be rest assured they will certainly provide you the best possible solution.

Thanks and Regards,
Client Relationship Officer
Y-Axis Overseas Careers
Feb 1, 2019

Frauds cheating

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: imran khan <[email protected]>
Date: Fri 1 Feb, 2019, 12:02 PM
Subject: Re: Your Immigration Evaluation report | Y-Axis
To: <[email protected]>, Xavier Augustin <[email protected]>, Xavier Augustin <[email protected]>, Naresh Kumar S <[email protected]>, saranya cr <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>

Mr. Augustin,

Your cro called and he started reading out the rule book.

I see where this is going. You can't do unethical business.

I need refund.


On Fri 1 Feb, 2019, 10:38 AM imran khan <[email protected] wrote:
Hi Mr. Siddiqui,

I'm glad that Y-axis tried reaching me on my no. as well as my spouse No few moments I had sent a reminder Email however if you had called you would know that I was on a second call and the moment I tried to answer the call it was disconnect.

It is a basis courtesy to call back after few mins if some one is holding an another line. I find the act of giving missed call was a pure gesture of creating records which is futile. I tried calling you back and got to know that you are yet to reach office.

I wonder why I'm even getting a call from you when my previous mails clearly states that i want a full refund.

Let me know the mode of Refund and if you require my account details.

I don't want the matter to be dragged!!!!!

@ Mr. Augustin,

If it is not too much to request I would appreciate a line of acknowledgement from you!!!!


On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 7:02 PM imran khan <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi Naresh,

You spoke to me yesterday around 1Pm and assured me that the Refund Team will call me in 24 Hrs. I had requested for a call back by yesterday's evening for which you said you'll prioritize however so far it is more that 24 Hrs and I'm yet to get a call back.

Is this the line of services that you render???

Pls be advised that I'm completely dissatisfied with the way I had been enrolled with full of False promises. I have wasted 2 years and a huge Amount in this process. My dream is shattered because of your exe. who made me a guinea pig just to earn her incentive.

Refund the amount on priority before this case goes on Social Media.

@ Mr. Augustin,

Special greeting for the day!

Hope you have understood my grievance. Ms. Athira Pillai who was the face of Y- Axis has cheated me,
created interest in me to go to Canada,
Gave false promises that I'm eligible to apply with out a MBA.
Primary Applicant IELTS score requirement is 6 and secondary applicant score requirement is 5.

I lately found that my Job Code 0125 profile is not so popular in Canada and hence the options of picking me up even through PNP is remote .

However knowing all this just to get business she deliberately persuaded me to sign up and post sign up she disappeared.

With all due respect I just want my entire money back. I don't want to be associated with Y- Axis . Pls make a smooth exit.

Awaiting your revert.


On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 3:49 PM imran khan <[email protected]> wrote:
Dear Team,

I have been cheated by your staff in terms of enrolling me to your Express Entry services for Canada.

Your Staff Athira Pillai had spoken to me and my wife and omitted that a IELTS score of 6.5 is required for the primary applicant and a IELTS score of 5 is required for the secondary applicant and the whole processing time takes about 6 to 9 months and I can be in Canada by then however lately I have realized that my profile is not suitable / meets the basic standards after paying for your services and paying Canadian Embassy to get ECA and what not!!

It is a complete run around and I have spent a lot of time and money in this because of your Staff wrong commitment and I'm no where right now.

I have heard a lot of Y-axis and that is the only reason why I enrolled as per your advice .

I have spent a longer time in this and realized lately that I have been fooled and this is a greatest Scam.

I hereby request you to refund the amount I paid for the services.

Imran Khan

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Do Not Reply | Y-Axis Support <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, Nov 19, 2016 at 4:18 PM
Subject: Your Immigration Evaluation report | Y-Axis
To: [email protected] <[email protected]>
Cc: [email protected] <[email protected]>

Dear Imran. Khan.,

Please find your eligibility assessment report attached.

Our Evaluation team has worked on your eligibility based on the information provided to us and concluded that your report is Positive. You are eligible to apply. Request you to please read it and understand.

I believe, you would have already run through your plans with your family members and have made necessary arrangements to begin the process.

I will be calling you to discuss your report and to get started.

To indicate your interest in getting started with your process, please Click Here

Look forward to hearing from you!

Athira Pillai
Email: [email protected]
Phone:044 30868456

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