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Y-Axis immigration frauds and cheats incorporated


Consumer complaints and reviews about Y-Axis immigration frauds and cheats incorporated

May 26, 2015

Need Some details on Y axis

Hi ZainkhanRone,

can i get your contact number, so that u can help me on small doubts.

May 22, 2015

Regarding Overseas Career opportunities



Thank you so much for the review on Y-axis. Your article was an eye opener for me. I was convinced by Y-axis counselor and was arranging for funds they had asked for. After reading your article I have decided not to go with them.
Can you please suggest any good consultant whom we can trust.

Thank You.
Jan 9, 2015

Y-Axis Overseas Gives Equal Interest & Attention to All Clients

Just thought of sharing my views after the whole process is completed, yet time is asserting to share some now…
Mani has done an excellent job, along with Navoday. Really appreciate her “timely” guidance and help on my application!
“Interest and attention” shown is another important factor, which can be rarely experienced in service industry. You guys have really set a very high benchmark!!
Thank you for your excellent Quality of Service and Dedication. Spared one start, and shall share the 2nd part of my views very soon. Hopeful to see that also filled :)

Abdul H
Jan 6, 2015

Y-Axis Complaints Are Not True

I believe its an employee who represents the quality of work, and not a company in entirety. My experience with Y-axis was not that great when I started but later on, I was assisted by a Process Consultant named 'Marcel Francis' and his services changed my perception.
He was extremely professional and totally dedicated to work. He made sure things would not stay pending from his end and literally kept me on my toes! He made me feel my application was in secure hands and ensured it stayed that way.
His turn-around time was quicker than anybody would expect and I do not think I could be assisted by a better consultant than him. He is certainly ready for the next level. It is for this individual and Teena, the manager who took care of me (the angry customer), I rate the company with 5 stars.
Although my application is still in processing stage, a major stage was approved under his guidance. I will continue to work with Marcel until my application is fully complete.
PS: Tanya assigned Marcel as the PC. Make sure you deal with the right people & yes, you may have to demand for it.
Jan 5, 2015

Complaints against Y-Axis in a broader context

For me yaxis & their sales guys were one and the same.But I had a change of opinion when I saw other side of the coin in my routine interaction with a neighbour who works there.
I think complaints against y-axis should be viewed in a much broader context.For example,take the comment of "Viknesh Manoharan" who is referring to a "case officer".I am sure orwellian words such as these are used to brainwash clients in parting with their money.When a tiny fraction of people successfully get job or visa,they think y-axis did it,but the majority of clients who don't get anything,they end up on sites like these blaming y-axis,fully realizing that they have been fooled,because the bulk of y-axis clients never get to set their foot abroad & are the same clients who generate bulk of non-refundable easy money for y-axis.
But before blaming the case officers/agent handlers/field agents,etc of y-axis,it's important to think & ponder about the sales guys of y-axis who make it all happen.It's comforting to think that they must also be making good money in the process.But reality is quite shocking.Cheap tricks are routinely played on them by their ever greedy managers,with a view to steal as much from their salary as possible.Even sales commissions which rightfully belong to them after achieving their sales target set by the management,are denied.What kind of company steals from it's own employees ? SO BEWARE.
Viknesh Manoharan
Jan 5, 2015

Y-Axis Overseas Careers Helped Me a Lot

I honestly recommend Y-Axis for Visa services. I am so delighted with their services. Special thanks to my process Consultant "Sajida Hasham" from Hyderabad, as she was very proactive, highly organized and dedicated to her work. I am really glad that Sajida was appointed as my case officer.I am 100% satisfied with Y-Axis service.
Dec 8, 2014

Y-axis Overseas Job Search service is a big fraud

I am working at a senior management position in an India based MNC. I enrolled for Y-axis overseas job search service to promote my resume for 6 weeks in NSW state in Australia in Oct 2014. Overall, I would like to express my utmost displeasure and disappointment with this whole service of Y-axis as in the end, it didn’t turn out to be what was promised by Mr Sandeep Singh Thakur (Y-axis marketing executive) to me in my discussions with him. He said that I would be getting somewhere around 15 calls per month for interviews. This turned out to be a complete lie as I DIDN’T receive a SINGLE call or positive response from any recruiter after taking Y-axis services. Before taking the service, Sandeep told me that there is a remarkable difference between my sending the resume on my own and it being sent through Y-axis as Y-axis has special relations with recruiters and employers and they take Y-axis candidates seriously. My bad that I fall into Mr Sandeep’s trap and trusted his words. In the end, I observed that Y-axis job service was nothing but simply forwarding the resume in my name from one of my mail account. Had Mr Sandeep told me about this frankly in the start, I would have reconsidered my decision to go ahead with Y-axis job search service. It was my good luck that I didn’t trust Sandeep completely and didn’t opt for the more expensive whole Australia package as promoted by Mr Sandeep and finally was able to save some of my money.

Overall, I am very very disheartened and disappointed with the results of Y-axis overseas job search service and feel like I have been cheated by Y-axis particularly Mr Sandeep as I have not been delivered what I was promised verbally by him. Of course, everything was only communicated verbally and not in written, that’s the only reason why I am not filing any cheating case legally on Y-axis.
I was even promised by Mr Sandeep in mail that I would be refunded my money as I was not delivered what I was promised. But the very next day, he took a U-turn and stopped communicating on how to get my money refunded.

In summary, this overseas job service from Y-axis is a complete fraud. You will be promised a lot in the start to get you enrolled somehow. You will be shown dreams of getting multiple job offers through this service while the truth is that you won’t get a single positive response using this service. The staff at Y-axis is most insensitive and full of cheaters. They simply want to take your money somehow. Don’t fall in their trap. Be smart and share your resumes directly and do the job search on your own.
Oct 27, 2014

Immigration Services

Immigration is a dream for many and in fact, they plan their finances, education and career path in a manner, which will offer them an option to settle abroad. Lifetime savings of candidates and their families, not to talk of their desire for a good quality of life goes into this planning. And immigration bring them – sooner or later – into touch with Y-axis, a company that calls itself “Y-axis Overseas careers” but should actually be called “Y-Axis immigration frauds and cheats incorporated”.

The cheating starts with the name itself: why should a company that claims to be engaged in providing consulting services for permanent residence visas are named “Y-axis overseas careers”? So when you see Y-axis advertisements and speak to Y-axis consultants or Y-axis staff, they say that they are not a recruiting company but can provide assistance in job search? Pray if Y-axis is not a recruiting company, then how come Y-axis is into job search and why this Y-axis job search – if indeed they have claimed overseas HR networks – cannot lead to recruitment? Have a detailed discussion with the Y-axis consultant and it becomes clear that in the name of Y-axis job search, “Y-axis overseas careers” are offering a list of placement agencies and contacts – whom YOU have to write to – which are in any case available on net and one can fine within a 5 minute search. And they charge you for this! Latest is that they charge Rupees 36,000/- including service tax for a service called job search. Supposedly, in this search will have a life of 3 months and they will also prepare an “international resume” as part of the “job search” facility. Sounds good – Right? Wait, speak to Y-axis executive on how many of their clients who paid for such a job search facility actually got a job and their answer is NONE! So effectively, from the time Y-axis charges this hefty amount for job search, they already know that the result of their search is going to be negative and still they market the service? Of course, the contract you sign with Y-axis, makes it clear that service charge paid for job search paid to them is non-refundable, that search is limited to 3 months and that they have given no guarantee that search will lead to any actual job. So you are left with signed contract and poorer of Rupees 36K after 3 months for no fault of yours’. Problem is that Y-axis is carrying on marketing this scheme though they know their efforts have resulted in no actual jobs for clients who sign for their services.

Y-axis carries out job search fraud in many ways: At time Y-axis registers you for resume preparation service and also state that they will circulate it with overseas employers. Of course, there is NO guarantee that this will lead to a job and there lies the catch. And the fact that they charge Rupees 10,000 to 15,000 for such a service means that you get tired after a while and stop following up on what happened to the job search and promises that you were made. So what does it mean to Y-axis – this resume and job search services? Multiply this with 100’s of clients who pay this amount of Rupees 10,000 to 15,000 to 36,000 and one can realize the sheer size of fraud Y-axis is carrying out. In fact, the Y-axis consultants are paid commissions to convert prospects to the resume / job search service, though they already know that there will be no delivery against the payment, from the time they sign the client.

In another instance, the Cheat Y-axis carried out a fraud for Singapore EPEC process. This is a one page on-line form, which one can fill up in 5 minutes. All the Singapore EPEC status did was to permit the holder to search for a job in Singapore for six months. When you approached the Y-axis on what difference will it make if a candidate is to file this 5 minute on-line form himself or taking Y-axis services, you are told that giving Rupees 10,000/- to Y-axis will mean that one will get the Singapore EPEC visa. Y-axis collected this 10,000/- from hundreds of clients and not a single one got the visa. The amount was so small that people just stop following up after a while for refund after they received the refusal from Singapore government on their EPEC application.

So WHAT is the learning from above two examples? NEVER sign on any service with Y-axis where they are charging 10K to 40K, because they are essentially moneymaking tools for the company when business is down. They collect small amounts from big number of people with the contributors not realizing that they are being made fool of!

Currently Y-axis overseas careers are conducting similar frauds in the name of getting visas for Germany and South Africa. All that the visa does is that it permits the holder to search for a job in the country for 3-6 months. But Y-axis advertises this program as an immigration program! WHY would a person who is well settled in India with a great job and salary leave for Germany or South Africa to search for job? And will a person who does not know German language in the first place get a job of any kind in Germany – leave aside in his professional field? And who is going to give one a job – after he/she lands on a job search visa in the country – in the absence of knowledge of French language? Then why should Y-axis sell such a program to innocent clients in the name of immigration and as immigration program? Here too Y-axis makes a fool of clients by telling them that they will provide job search agencies in Germany, when actually they provide none.

Now let us review the website of Y-axis consultancy - http://www.y-axis.com/. First look at the Y-axis website will invite you to “get free counseling”. So far so good and you do get to meet a Y-axis executive who will tell you that you are qualified and hence should execute the immigration process immediately. So what is the next step please? Well, Y-axis does not sign you as a client unless you do not go through the process called Y-axis “Complimentary evaluation report”. To get that report a prospective client must pay Rupees 1000-1500 to Y-axis. All that report offers is the point system you score and their terms and conditions of dealing. And funniest part is that after paying Rupees 1000-1500/- you received a report, which says that “This is a free evaluation report and it is given as a complimentary with your Y-Path report”. So you see, you got a free evaluation report by paying Rupees 1000-1500/-! Congratulations! So if somebody decides not to become their client, they have earned from the prospective client Rupees 1500/- anyways. All other reputed companies provide the assessment (information that this so called free evaluation report carries) and terms and conditions of their business free of charge. To Y-axis one pays Rupees 1500 for this free-of-charge evaluation! To understand the size of fraud that that Y-axis is conducting in the name of Evaluation report, appreciate that the company has around 10 offices and each office takes around 100 such payments of Rupees 1000-1500 during the month, this itself amounts to a collection of Rupees 10,00,000 to 15,00,000/- every month, for practically doing nothing but putting your point score in PDF format. Are they permitted by law to do so? Somebody needs to investigate. Actually permitted by law or not, they should at least not call them free evaluation report when they are charging Rupees 1000-1500 for the service.

Now, Let us start with their services for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program. In the advertisements and on the site “CANADA - We work with Regulated Immigration Consultants”. For the uninitiated, Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires that if an agent represents you, then the hired agent should be a member of immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (http://www.iccrc-crcic.ca/home.cfm). So when their advertisements and website confirms that they “work with Regulated Immigration Consultants” – what would the reader of the advertisement and visitor to the website http://www.y-axis.com/ think? That Y-axis is providing the services of an ICCRC member when they hire Y-axis overseas career services? Right? Absolutely wrong! Go to any reputed immigration consulting company’s website and it will carry 2 critical details – 1) Name of the ICCRC agent who will represent their case and 2) Registration number of the agent with ICCRC. The Y-axis website carries NO such details. Why not? Point is that Y-axis is advertising and claiming to be an immigration consultant, so it should be offering services of an authorized representative who can represent them with Canadian Government in the normal fee. All other reputed consultants – within and outside India – provide services of such an authorized consultant in the fee they charge. But Y-axis is quite about it. So, what is the best next best thing one can do as a prospective Y-axis client for Canadian Immigration? One would assume that one can ask from the Immigration counselors the name of their “Regulated immigration consultants” which they proudly announce in their advertisements and on their website. But surprise is that they do not know who the regulated immigration consultant representing the client files is! So when the staff cannot tell you the name of their Canada regulated immigration consultant, then how can a client they feel safe about the services of Y-axis? Why is the Y-axis cheating is such a way? Why does it not openly tell the world who their partner Canada “regulated immigration consultants” are? Go deeper into the “Complimentary evaluation report” and the fraud that Y-axis is conducting on the innocent client becomes clearer. And here is what the Report states in “Disclaimer”:


• Y-Axis works with Lawyers/Registered Migration Agents. If you wish to process you application through Registered Migration Agent then we will refer you to them.
• If you would like to take professional consultation prior sign-up, we can refer you to a Registered Migration Agent.

So question is when you pay the normal fee that Y-axis quotes and charges – of Rupees 55,000 to 65,000 for federal skilled worker application, do you get services of a regulated migration agent for Canada (ICCRC member) who is legally authorized to represent your file (which Y-axis is not)? The answer is a BIG NO. And here is a summary of services that Y-axis provides against the NORMAL fee, as mentioned in their “Complimentary evaluation report”.


You can choose to sign-up for our Migrant Ready Professional Services. By doing so, you become a premium member of Y-Axis and being so, you will be entitled to free administrative services. You will be provided with our advisory services to process your application to obtain a visa to enter in the country of your choice. Y-Axis and its process consultant will not be representing your case.

1. Document Checklist with IELTS scores –for any three countries
2. Settlement Funds criteria – for any three countries
3. Credential Assessment Services for the chosen country
4. IELTS Guidance document
5. Reference letter Templates
6. Self-Declaration Templates
7. Police Clearance Certificate Procedure
8. Guidance on Medicals
9. Relocation Orientation document
10. Filling up of Application Forms/Documentation guidance for any one country of your choice.


So one thing is clear: They are NOT offering services of a Canadian Government permitted regulated consultant in the fee of Rupees 55,000 to 65,000/-.

Now let us do point by point analysis of above services and the value it offers:

1. Document Checklist with IELTS scores –for any three countries
Comment: Available free of charge at www.cic.gc.ca
2. Settlement Funds criteria – for any three countries
Comment: Available free of charge at www.cic.gc.ca
3. Credential Assessment Services for the chosen country
Comment: Guidance provided by Y-axis freely available on WES (agency which does credential assessment) website and what is more Y-axis does not even pay the courier expenses to send the report to WES! The package containing the transcripts (which client got through his efforts) and Form (filled on-line by the client) is couriered by Y-axis clients at their own costs. NOT by Y-axis as is done by other reputed consulting companies who pay this courier fee out of the consulting fee paid to them.
4. IELTS Guidance document
Comment: Available free of charge at www.cic.gc.ca
5. Reference letter Templates
Comment: Available free of charge at www.cic.gc.ca
6. Self-Declaration Templates
Comment: self –declarations are normally NOT an acceptable form of document by CIC in most instances!
7. Police Clearance Certificate Procedure
Comment: Available free of charge at www.cic.gc.ca
8. Guidance on Medicals
Comment: Available free of charge at www.cic.gc.ca
9. Relocation Orientation document
Comment: Details available free of charge at www.cic.gc.ca
10. Filling up of Application Forms/Documentation guidance for any one country of your choice.

So what are you paying them 55K to 60K for?

And what is the fee charged by Y-axis when they REFER you to an ICCRC regulated Canada Migration agent? Well, such services by Y-axis referred regulated consultants will be offered for around CAD 2500 to CAD 3000. Now that means – in Indian Rupees – an amount of Rupees 140,000 to 165,000/-.

So when another Indian consultant is offering your services of an ICCRC member – who can represent you with Canadian Government in all respects, especially in case of a problem in your file and also provide his address as your communication address – for Rupees 65,000 and Y-axis is NOT offering those services within same fee, them should a sensible client be signing for Y-axis services?

Another critical point here: Y-axis offers services for Immigration to Canada under Quebec Program as well. For an authorized representative to represent the client for Quebec program, the consultant MUST be based in Quebec. So if regulated immigration consultants (names not provided by Y-axis) to be referred by Y-axis are not based in Quebec, then they are misrepresenting to clients that such agents can represent them for Quebec.

Question for clients is this: should they be paying an amount thinking that they are getting business class air tickets when the actual delivery is that of second class 3 tier class travel by train? They compare themselves with other agents and consultants who are in similar field for a longer time and say that they provide similar and in fact better services then them for same fee – when that is not true! How can Y-axis compare their limited services of filling up application form with a consultant?

Decision rests with you. Only way companies like Y-axis can be made to face reality is when customers will see through various schemes they offer and stop taking services from Y-axis.

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