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Consumer complaints and reviews about Yatra

May 4, 2018

Horrible reservation experience

This is to bring to your notice about the most horrible travel reservation experience from a company like yours and what we continue to face till date, when travel date is so close in next 10-12 days on 20th May.

Reservation Ref no. YH3704227 and transaction I'd YH370422783NBqe for Europe international holiday (Jewels of Europe)
Pax - 20

I am writing this on my father's behalf Mr. Satish Pagaria, who has brought this holiday package booking for not just himself, but 10 other families and brought in so much business to your company. And apparently he is the one who is answering all queries to the whole group on your behalf and still struggling for visa till the last minute, following up day and night with your ever changing team.

It has been a tremendous torture for all these senior citizens, 20 people coming from various locations, to follow up on Visa and all other mismanaged communication from your side. Shouldnt your team be proactively following up with us instead of we following up? The trip has not even started and we are still in India and struggling. What will really happen when they reach Europe??

They have dealt with 4 POCs so far from your side (Prafful Mishra, Shrey Adalka, Aashish, Aradhana) and constant back and forth followups asking your team for documentations and dates. 3 times the visa location has been changed (Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad) and we were communicated that both visas can't be done on the same dates so arrange the travel twice in a week's time, implying additional travel for these senior citizens and additional travel and hotel costs too!!

This information was wrong as they processed both visas for 2 families on the same day by paying some 2k extra, where in everyone ekse had to travel twice. Till date 2 families, including my father's, have no dates for UK visa even after constant follow-ups. Also, even after giving us dates for the first visa, your officials never reached on time to visa office, putting us in penalty zone for delay.

As of today, we have no dates committed yet for visa and we are being asked to pay some 20k per person, where in the delay was never from our side at all. I am surprised to see the professionalism your team is showing on this matter and still not responding with any dates even after we told them to get the visa done at our cost.

Shouldn't Yatra be bearing this cost and also pay us for the mental torture that my father has undergone answering all queries of his group and following up insanely with your inefficient team?

Can you take up this matter at highest priority or else by EOD, cancel all these 20 bookings, as we don't think it makes sense to send our parents to this kind of a mismanaged trip and put them at risk.

I am attaching the whatsapp chat conversation for your reference since past 2.5 months post booking. See it by yourself how things are managed. My last communication is with gipsa.jain@yatra.com, manager of Aradhana, who commits to revert back with resolution by EOD.

Monica Kothari
Collectrate Road,
Kankroli -313324
Mobile - 9845562141
Feb 13, 2018

Consumer complaints and reviews about Yatra

Dear Smita,

Greetings from Yatra.com!

Regret the inconvenience you have gone through. Kindly share your Yatra reference number to enable us to assist you.

Best Regards,
Yatra Care
Smita Bayari
Feb 11, 2018

Worst experience


I had booked yatra holidays during Christmas time. Initially I was in contact over email and phone with Vishant Chaurasia. He provided a good service and was very responsive. I went ahead with the offer and completed my initial payment. I was told that II will get a call prior to 15 days of my travel to complete my booking by full payment. I was expecting a call . Even after 15 days/10days prior to my travel I did not receive any call. Suddenly I get a mail that if I do not complete full payment then my booking will be cancelled. From then until last day of my travel was the worst experience ever ie almost 2 weeks.

As soon as I received mail for full payment, I contacted Vishant as he was only the person from Yatra I knew. He said you would have got a call and shared a landline number for me to contact Mohan Mahato. I tried landline number and sent mail to Mohan Mahato for 2 days. No response. Somehow after 2-3 days Rashmi picked up the call and assisted me for complete payment. I followed the procedure and my payment was done.

After my payment I mailed Mohan Mahato and Rashmi several times to ask whether they received my payment and to know when they will send me vochures. Nobody responded over mail even once after sending 5-10 mail in 1 week. No one picked up the call either. I kept on calling and mailing for confirmation of my travel. When there was 2-3 days I raised a complaint . Still no response.
No one contacted me over mail or phone. I thought I lost all my money and I will not be able to travel with only flight tickets. My family members and I dint pack our luggage also.

When I contact Vishant, instead of assiting he said his working is only till booking and he is no more responsible after booking. If you cannot handle your customer why do you take booking? Such a poor answer. You have internal contacts and arrange a call . You provide us some landline number where no one picks up even after holding the call for 10min.

Finally at the last day of my travel, at around 7pm I get vouchers . Next morning 8am we had flight. We somehow managed to pack our belongings and do arrangements for airport cab.

After returning I get a feedback mail . After getting feedback, I get a notification that I will receive a mail for Rs500 ecash after a week. I waited for 2-3 weeks but I dint receive. Later I mailed Vijay Kumar who had sent my travel vouchers. Till today he did not respond.

With such a poor and worst response from yatra people, how can I choose yatra for my next travel. I cant even suggest people to go with yatra. I can rather suggest them to never opt for yatra in future and share my worst experience.
Dec 30, 2017

Misleading booking of flights

Dear Customer,

As per our records, customer care team would have contacted you for all your concerns and have shared the required information with you on call. Should you require any further assistance, please call us on 955 5800 800 / 1860 5000 500 For holidays please call on 18602002323.

Best Regards,
Yatra Care !
Ifteqar Ahmed Haleem
Dec 28, 2017

Misleading booking of flights

Hi Yatra Team,

I cannot believe this happened. I very carefully selected my travel dates for March and here I am with a shocker that i find my tickets were booked and confirmed for Feb.

With the horror, I called the Yatra Support phone line and to start with I had to wait about 2-3 hours for me to get to talk to someone. if this is not frustrating already, I have a lady who is not even clear with her name and I felt she was willingly not clear on her name. The first sign of bad customer service. When I explained my issue on the wrong booking of the month, I was told that I had to hold while she checks the issue and the usual hold time is over 2-3 minutes. Comes back and says, she can help with rescheduling but there would be a penalty. As if I am not aware of the penalty but why the penalty when I am sure it is not my fault?????? I ask for the booking log as and the lady says she needs to forward my request to another department who will take a look and assist further. Absolutely no commitment. She then says it would take about 24 hours for the concerned department to come up with the logs. I had no choice but to wait. 2 hours of this conversation, another individual calls me to confirmed if my issue was resolved. It was shocking to learn that someone had resolved the issue but without any resolution. Just that he seems to be a nice guy who at least sympathized with the situation, so I went over and explained the whole issue to him and now this guy said, that in 48-72 hours, I should have a response. As irritating it was to hear the delay, I had to let it go only with the hope that I have a fair solution and end to this saga on online madness with Yatra.com.

Let us see now if Yatra.com can go over an above to come up to a fair solution to this. Will visit this page again to review and post the results, hopefully positive.

Booking Ref # 0712746260626

May 18, 2017

Hotel Booking

Dear Ajeesh,

Greetings from Yatra.com!

We sincerelyregret the inconvenience this may have caused you which was completely unintentional. Since the hotel could not confirm the booking due to inventory issue we tried for the best available alternate and offered you.Our team has contacted you and offered an alternative in Maple Tree Hotels which was approximately 25 min away from the original property. We confirmed the booking in alternate hotel by taking the loss of INR 2008 post your consent. Later, we receive call from you that you need another alternate. We have contacted the hotel where your booking were already confirmed post your consent and they denied for the refund. We regret. However, refund on the booking would not be possible.

Best Regards,
Yatra Care
May 14, 2017

Hotel Booking

Dear Ajeesh,

Greetings from Yatra.com!

Regret the inconvenience caused. We are looking into your query and our team would respond at the earliest. Request your patience in the interim.

Best Regards,
Yatra Care
May 13, 2017

Hotel Booking


I am writing this complaint for a recent hotel booking which I made through yatra - booking reference 28047868715.

I booked for a stay in Chennai for 28th April to 30th April. While I was on my way to Chennai, I called the hotel to inform them that I would be checking in late. I was then told that there was no booking confirmation and there were no rooms available. I called yatra customer care and was told that there has been some miscommunication and I will be provided an alternative hotel accommodation. This happened at 20:30IST on 28h Apr. I was told that I will get a call in 1hour to confirm the booking.

Here is where my nightmare started - 22:00hrs and I still dint receive a call and I was with my wife and 3yr old daughter on our way to chennai. I decided to call and was told that a backend team is working. This is where I got really concerned and I told them that I was already late and this team was delaying my travel further because I had to stop driving to get this message sorted. 30 mins into the call I was offered a hotel about which I had no clue and I was given 10 mins to check for reviews online about the hotel and confirm if booking could be made. I was unhappy about the ratings and reviews so decided not to accept this. However, I dint get a call....

I called again and explained that I wanted a different hotel which had the same rating as the original hotel I booked for. After lot of arguments I was told again that the backend team will check and get back.

At 23:30 I called again as I dint any calls from your team. I was promised by an agent that she would herself get this sorted and call me back. I told her that I was expected to reach in 2hrs and needed a confirmation asap. 00:00hrs I get a call today that only one hotel was available and the ratings are decent.. at that time I had no choice and had to accept the same as I dint have time to check the hotel reviews etc....

Because of the time I spent speaking to yatra agents that night, we finally reached chennai at 02:30 am - mind you with my wife and 3yr old daughter.

I was extremely unhappy about the hotel rooms and when I called - got a message that your customer care don't function between 00:30 to 08:00.... How on earth can this be?? What if no one confirmed the hotel to me?

I dint have a choice and had to put up with this because of my family. Next day morning I was told by the hotel staff that this hotel was 1hr drive to the place where I originally booked a hotel - Ambattur.

I was in chennai to attend a function and this was unacceptable to me. I called yatra again and asked them to change my hotel for 2reasons
1. I was not happy about the hotel
2. The hotel was too far from where I planned to stay

I wanted the call escalated to a manager and was told there were none and they would be available only at 10 am. I said ok, I will wait at the hotel and I need a manager to call me and provide a solution.

10:30 I still dint get a call.... Mind you I was already late for the function!

I called again and was promised again that a manager would call me as no one was available. I said I am not hanging up until someone comes online and speaks to me. I holder for 30 mins and no one came!!!!! The call was disconnected and till this time no one has bothered to call me back.

This is the most ridiculous experience I have had my entire life.... Stranded on road with family and no idea of where I was going to stay.... And the time I wasted calling and talking to your incompetent, unapologetic and don’t care attitude staff!!!

You ruined my weekend visit and everything I had planned to do...

I need a complete refund for the booking amount and compensate for all the nonsense that you guys put me through!

You can trace the calls I made – I also have the last 3 calls I made recorded, which I will share through social media and let people know what you really are.

THIS WAS MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH YATRA – and you me an unforgettable nightmarish experience!!

Hope I get a response at least after that.
May 4, 2017

abandoned us during emergency

Dear Rahul,

Greetings from Yatra.com

Booking reference - YH3192014

We regret for the inconvenience caused. As we checked our team has tried their level best to assist you regarding your query. Please be advised that an eCash credit of INR 3000 with one year validity and a refund of INR 2500 against un-utilized services is under process. Your bank may take 2-5 working days to credit it into your account from the refund release date. We request your patience in the interim. For more details regarding eCash usage you may visit this link - http://www.yatra.com/online/ecash-faq .

We believe in a long lasting relationship with all our esteemed customers and every feedback is valuable for us. We have taken up a serious note & feedback has been shared with​ ​the concerned team for further improvement. However, again we request that kindly treat this as an isolated case and rest assured you would never have this kind of experience in future.

We shall certainly try our level best to provide you satisfactory services in future. Should you require any further assistance, please feel free to write us.

Best Regards,
Yatra Care
May 3, 2017

abandoned us during emergency

On 19th Feb I made a booking for Andaman through Yatra. The travel dates were from 14th April to 18th April 2017. The itinerary of 4 nights and 5 days were not fulfilled as promised. YH3192014 is the booking reference id. They abandoned us during the emergency and we were ill treated when called to raise a concern.
Feb 3, 2017

Double charging on credit card and net banking but booking not done

Dear Sathish,

Greetings from Yatra.com!

We would like to inform that amount has only been charged once under Yatra booking reference number YT19941336 and rest of the amount was not charged from our end. We request you to please contact your bank for the same. E-tickets has been sent on your registered email id with us. We request you to please carry the ticket print out along with your photo identity proof.

Should you require any further assistance, please call us on 09555 800 800 / 1860 200 1800. For holidays please call on 18602002323. Alternatively, write on support@yatra.com

Best Regards,
Yatra Care
Feb 3, 2017

Double charging on credit card and net banking but booking not done

Dear Sathish,

Greetings from Yatra.com!

Thank you for contacting us and we regret the inconvenience caused. We are checking the details of the payment. Kindly allow us some time and we will update you at the earliest. We appreciate your patience in the interim.

Best Regards,
Yatra Care
Feb 2, 2017

Double charging on credit card and net banking but booking not done

Dear All,

I wanted to book a round trip on yatra from bangalore to hyderabad. I tried booking through the credit card the booking did not go through. I tried again with my net banking account and again the booking did not go through. But amount has been deducted from both my credit card as well as net banking. I tried several times to contact yatra, but they would not respond. Please help.
Sep 27, 2016

feed back on the holiday

Dear Subrahmanya,

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience faced by you and your team during your holiday to Portblair. This is definitely not the level of service we endeavour to provide to our customer. Please be assured that we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that such instances, though rare already, do not recur.

We would like to offer you a eCash of Rs 2000 as a gesture of goodwill. Once again, I would really appreciate if you would allow us another chance to organise your future holidays, as we truly value your support and association.

Should you require any further assistance, please call us on 09555 800 800 / 1860 200 1800. For holidays please call on 18602002323. Alternatively, write on support@yatra.com

Best Regards,
Yatra Care
Sep 20, 2016

feed back on the holiday

Dear Mr Hebbar,

Greetings from Yatra.com!

Regret the inconvenience caused to you, please allow us some time to get the details on this complaint.

Best Regards,
Yatra Care
Sep 18, 2016

feed back on the holiday

Booking reference No. - YH2786966.

Its a humble request to all your team don't cheat customer. I will not come again to yatra any more.

As per the voucher nothing was done. all the time I use to call yatra to verify again and again. may be for one single holiday for call to yatra only have spent more than thousand.

After all this last day plan was to visit Ross Island and Chidiya Tapu was not done local guide informed me that ross island its closed for weekly maintenance & Chidiya tapu is too far which cant be completed on that time so I reached yatra then Yatra called local guide Sonu to make alternate after that nothing done forcefully I have to go for air port as its was too late to fight with all.

with that I have been stayed in one of the hotel Neil Island Pearl Park Beach Resort which was not having any type of three start quality if you want I can share the pic of the hotels and in same neil I was in beach side from morning 9 to 4 with out any plan such worst plan provided by yatra.

I need to write some more but because of time constraint am stopping here only if you need more details please call me on the below number.

final please don't cheat customer like this at least have courtesy to have call with customer after the trip and give solution which was faced.

I cant expect anything as I know you people will not give any dam to customer I am sure to any of my friend I will not refer to yatra.

Be happy yatra by cheating customer and making money.

M Subrahmanya Hebbar
Jun 15, 2016

Changed flight timing

Dear Rajpal,

Greetings from Yatra.com!

Regret the inconvenience caused. Would request you to please share your Yatra reference number or contact details and we will be happy to assist you.

Should you require any further assistance, please call us on 955 5800 800 alternatively write on support@yatra.com.

Best Regards,
Yatra Care
Jun 8, 2016

Changed flight timing

I have booked the tic from yatra, from Dehradun to Bangalore round trip journey for my parents. As my parents are traveling so I have chosen the least waiting time for connecting flight from delhi, which was 55 min and 50 min at delhi for round trip. But after the payment I got the ticket with waiting time 10 hours and 20 hours respectively. When I called them just after seeing the tic they are saying its your fault you have to pay 32K to change the flight timing which is the more then twice the cost of my tic.

Changed flight timing

Jul 23, 2012


Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us at Yatra.com.

We apologize for the inconvenience you have faced in this regard. We have processed the full refund of INR 4291 for reference number YT9870221 on 21st July. Since the transaction was done through Net Banking, it generally takes 7 to 10 working days for the amount to reflect in your account. Hence, you are requested to wait till that time and cross check the status of refund from the concerned bank after the completion of this period.

Should you require any further assistance, please call us on 955 5800 800 or 18605000500 or alternatively write to support@yatra.com
Best Regards
Yatra Care
Jul 19, 2012


I HAD booked a package tour to Thailand, July 21st 2012 they made a big blunder by doing a spelling mistake in air ticket and from past 1 month they have not corrected, they send me the same air tickets again and again saying its corrected,seniors doesn't care about the quality of the service to the customers,
May 9, 2012

Payment taken towards a booking but tickets not issued

The payment was taken against an airline booking confirming the fair on a mail and asking to revert back with the confirmation which was done. Later the next day the agent revert back stating the fair has changed and need to pay the difference amount.

This is like getting the customer to monetary commitment and advising to pay the difference amount and not standing by the amount confirmed on mail.

Kindly advice if this can be taken legally. I have all the mail conversations/confirmations from the travel agent.

Apr 1, 2011


Dear Guest

We wish to confirm that our team has contacted you and had processed the refund against all three tickets.
Should you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mar 28, 2011


THIS is in reference to tickets book through yatra.com follow is the flight detials

Cancellation details

Yatra Reference Number 01031120665 .

Yatra Reference Number 01031121236 .

Yatra Reference Number 01031121532

MY concern regarding refund are

yatra is claiming that as this tickets are booked under free flight offer which offers us base fare reduction in indigo airlines
is not refundable, non changable, and non canceble

i agreed to the norms of yatra.com and i duly respect them

let me hear the few answers from your side
1. first of all my interface with yatra is internet site called www.yatra.com, i had booked the tickets throgh it and cancelled through
it. on cancellation screen its clearly shown to me the amount i am eligible for refund, its ammounting to base fare reduction and cancellation charges applicable.
on this confirmation i cancelled the tickets. if anybody on this earth is saying that is a default interface and our software dont
understand the free tickets rule then its a voilation of internet money transaction protocol. when i press on my net banking account confirmation that i am
transfering this ammount to yatra.com its not a default interface. bank will deduct the money from my account for sure.
Pls respect the financial transaction protocol, it had taken years to develop it.

The interface SHOWS ME VERY CLERALY the calcumated amount that will get refund. after reading that i clicked to proceed.

after i click on confirm after a while i get mail that your money cannot be refunded.

When i called to customer care they told me that this ticktet is under offer so monet cannot be refunded

Please expain me following thigs:

Why this information is not displayed on the interface where i cancelled the tickets.

That page has information that i have done a free ticket because it gave me the amount deducted for promotional code,

if that information is given that time only the page would have give me that amount refund will be ZERO, but it gave me some figure after deductiog amounst like

200 yatra charges

600 airline cancellation charrge

600 promational code deduction.

Now i called yatra atleast 3 times expalning them , each time some diffrent reprensatitive will attend the call and i am expaling them all this things and they will tell they will revert back to me .

This is case of fraud as on time of bolling u will give me all terms n condition but in same yatra in time of cancellation it was given me amount that will be refunded . ITs a same yatra site then u should have give me amount zero in that interface , this is a fraud information given to me.

As i thought as this is also interface by yatra they are giving privelegde to customes who cancle through yatra, coz according to me in any financail transcation will not give me wrong calculation of money. THIS IS TOTALLY A FRAUD DONE.

2. secondly its yatra terms and condition that my number will not be shared with any body other than yatra. then why the indigo which
i assume is third party in all this transaction had called me about cancellation of flight. i want to know the reasons why yatra had
not taken care of informing me, via email or phone number about flight cancellation details, why i had been informed via third party. and
why this third party had reschudule the flight which is non changable, as per your terms and condition

3. thirdly as per your so called terms and condition the tickets booked under free flight offer are non changable and non cancellable and
thus non refundable. as this flight is non changable then via the third party called indigo airlines change the flight schedule.
this flight cannot be changable in any case as per your terms and condition.

if yatra is the sole authority to govern the flight regulation according to civil aviation rules proposed by govt. of india. Then
i request you to give me either compensation as per your comviniance

1. Arrange the same indigo flight, from raipur to bangalore on 12 of march, as i had no concerns with indigo, i dont know whats there
terms and condition either, i know only one things that this flight is non changable as this is free flight offer. if yatra takes the
responsibility of my booking and it governs my cancellation refunds then it should also arrange the alternative arrangement.

2. compensate me with equavelent fare which equals to full fare on 12 march with any airlines travelling from raipur to bangalore, i will
refer the yatra.com fares for the same on the commencing date.

3. compensate me the amount of time i had invested in talking to your call center executive, its nearly equavalent to 4 working days
as per my company regulations and prevailing terms and condition it will aproximately come around to 1 lakh INR. (i will submit the
duly terms and condition for this)

4. compansate me with the false information given on www.yatra.com while cancellation of tickets, its a total voilation of internet
money transaction, and its a violation of norms proposed by verisign signatory authority. its a matter of frogery and a criminal offence.

5. pls. dont refund me any thing related to cancellation of above tickets, becouse it will voilate the terms and condition of yatra.com

As per my knowledge any web interface should work according to industry protocols, its a total violation of norms if on web interface you
show some thing and on mail and on call you say another thing.

Pls let me know your concerns,

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