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Zee Bangla

West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about Zee Bangla

Jun 6, 2019

ZeeBangla SaReGaMaPa 2018 show

This never ending show is soo biased towards noble and ankita and very very impartial towards Hriti. Everyone knows that Hriti is the most talented singer of all but the producer director of the show seem not to understand that and gives her all outdated songs, non from her genre where else every one else gets songs from their own genre. At the very beginning she clearly mentioned classical is her genre but till now she hardly sand any classical song. This show is for insulting artists like her. Very very bad. Saregamapa is for people who knows politics and not for innocent n extremely talented soul like her.
Gourab Mukherjee
Jun 2, 2019


I dont know how a judge like santanu maitra could do such mistakes of carrying novel, how could he compare novel and pritam or gourab that guy is not capable of competing them i thik they are carrying novel just because he is from minority group and he is from bangladesh. How could srikant acharya give gourab a gazal to sing , i havent listend srikant acharya singing gazal ever , every one have a perfect segment before asking him to sing a gazal he could have thought that..... just a baised show
Dipankar N. Das
Jun 2, 2019

Bengali sa re ga ma pa

Mohali Thakur is biased, she is trying to keep Riti Tikadar in the programme , though she is not at all fit for this level. Though it is obvious to all, yet other two judges are silently supporting. This should be stopped.
Dipankar N. Das
Jun 2, 2019

Bengali sa re ga ma pa

Mohali Thakur is biased, she is trying to keep Riti Tikadar in the programme , though she is not at all fit for this level. Though it is obvious to all, other two judges are silently supporting. This should be stopped.
May 29, 2019

Wastage of life and time

These serials are too disgusting to talk about. Even a rotten poop and a fungal vomit is far better than these serials with despicable plots and spittable storyline. Those who watch and produce such serials must have never made it beyond 1st grade and definitely possess a lame brain and crippled imagination. These serials should be branded malicious and insalubrious towards the natural health of society and hence should be banned with immediate effect. Otherwise these emetic pieces of crap will stink the whole society.
May 27, 2019

Joibaba Loknath

Are we waiting for Loknath to actually grow old???? This is the pace at which the serial is progressing!!!!!
May 27, 2019


After getting the Shonar Bangla award I expected a lot from this serial but Krishnokoli is now becoming repitative. Why can't the frivolous Mejoboudi be shut up by someone? Why do different daughter in laws have different rights?
Please please tone down Shyama. She sounds like s hysterical patient who is always hyper. I think now she should be made more bold overall. Do something new or else stop the whole jingbat.
May 26, 2019


I am Meghna Rakshit of age 12. I am bengali but I live in Delhi. So, I am not that aware of bengali culture and serials. From the day I came to know about the new serial 'NETAJI', I was really excited to watch it to gain some knowledge about the real life hero Subhash Chandra Bose and wanted to get inspired from him. The first episodes were inspiring and fantastic.I loved this serial so much that I finished all my studies quickly even after having a busy schedule just to watch this serial. But after some time, it seems like the whole serial was turning like other family orientated serials. I can literally see Netaji for about 5% in the whole 30 minutes serial. The main thing what this serial is now showing is about the family drama...I am really disappointed to see the drastic changes. It seems like 'zee bangla' should change the title of the serial if this family drama continues about marriage and all. Literally I know the reason why zee bangla is showing all these. Just to extend the serial for a long time. I expect this channel will show Netaji's part more rather than these family drama in this show....

Meghna Rakshit
New Delhi
Phone No. 9999568284
swarna sarkar
May 25, 2019

Saregampa is biased

I have been watching sa re ga ma pa since forever but what i came up to see is Riti is a worst singer (if not worst) she is being favoured day by day by the judges and it's moraly wrong! Suman sang amazing today but just to favour Riti they have gave him less scores... Is the show have taken money from the candidates or anything. This is ridiculous and i am just going to unsubscribe zee bangla from my cable connection. Bloody biased shows.
Deepayan Dutta
May 22, 2019

hridoy horon BA pass

I don't know why you bring these type of serial "hridoy horon ba pass". A serial where always female character dominate, insult mentally & physically with male characters. Are you kidding us? Are you showing females can do any dirty,sin works on male, no one can stop it. then you all are wrong zee bangla. This is nothing but a GARBAGIOUS FEMINIST serial. I don't know why you are running this serial?
You are forcefully insulting the bengali of this country by the " bangal" bengalis came from bangladesh. This is enough, STOP THIS STUPID SERIAL RIGHT NOW!!
May 18, 2019


Now that suddenly they have taken a five year jump I feel the amount of nonsense has increased five times. How come Joyee has found everything about Samudra but does not find out about Sagar Dutta?! This idiot who is s football great shot does not have a home to stay?! People never learn from their mistakes and dear Joyee always gets to become the mstyr?! Can we have a sensible serial without stupidity? How can a groom to be just room around the house with nobody around him?!
Please we like the game iof football but cannot take this trash anymore to just eagerly wait for some real gamelike problems?????
Stop this serial it has passed it's expiry date !!!!
May 13, 2019

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa format

Recently we observed a few episodes where we brought our Mothers from "Old Age Home" or from Home and encouraging contestants to sing sad songs or virtually pointing our mothers that you are from a separate world like "Bridhashrom". I personally feel sad when we see sad faces and tears on our mother's eyes at the national level programme like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

Thank you,
Debasis Ghosh & Family
May 9, 2019


I think it is the height of stupidity to have a painted lady called Guruma cantering around getting all her whims done in a era when she should have kicked out of the house.
It seems the story writer is going around in circles and has no other theme to work on. Why can't we show a sincere growth of talent in a normal way? Or is it that this is the only thing that runs families in Kolkata nowadays? Please do something about this nonsense.
Apr 15, 2019

Ke apon ke por

This serial is getting shittier day by day . Every time its the same old story .. Joba and Porom gets kidnapped every time .. How can a person gets kidnapped so many times 不不不不不不.This is so ridiculous ..and always Jaba forgives Tandra .but she refuses to take Joba down . .she dies or gets in jail .again she comes back .again she goes .then the story repeats .I think this serial should end foremost .
Manashi Roy
Apr 11, 2019


Onek to holo Aber joyee ta bondho korle khub Valo hoto...r just joyee daka jache na.......gajanor akta sima thaka utch...a to puro golper goru gach a uthe dheye dheye kore nach korche just osojj!!!!!!!!!!癒!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, please stop joyee......
Apr 9, 2019

Ranu pelo lotari

In the episode shown on 09April2019 Dhrubo the hero supposedly gives his very expensive foreign watch to the hospital as he dies not have the cash to give and like and behold, from the next frame onwards the same watch is back on his wrist magically.
What the rubbish is the director trying to show!!!!
Mar 25, 2019

Sonar sansar award 2019

We all the viewers of Zee Bangla are very much disapponited with the award ceremony. According to us the viewers Rajchandra is the only candidate to win the award of best father. Giving award to Krishnacharan is just disgusting and just proving Zee bangla is giving awards without judging the acting. Unfortunately it seems to be completely a got up case.
Mar 19, 2019

Bokul kotha

I think one thing is very clear now. There is no need to look for any help from Kolkata Police. As per Zee Bangla serials they are corrupt and the bought goons of more corrupt politicians. Such confidence is a shame for those dedicated policemen who have put their life on the line. Stop this nonsense please.
Uttara Mazumdar
Feb 11, 2019

Zee Bangla

Zee Bangla is aware that this channel is being aired all over India. In spite of that they are again and again showing that in Rs39 we can get the Zee Family Pack which includes Zee Bangla.
But it is misleading as outside West Bengal this option does not exist that is even if we choose the family pack still we have to pay Rs.19 separately for Zee Bangla as it is not included in the bouquet.
As this channel is so popular even Ong 'probashi' bengalies so I request Zee network to include Zee Bangla in the Zee Family Pack everywhere in India.
Jan 14, 2019


Dear Sir,
I dont have many complaints about this serial except few.
1. Kindly stop showing this odiotic script of Shyama as a voice of Radharani and nobody is noticing even when everyone is sitting in front. If i am moving my lips only and the voice is coming from somewhere everyone will notice it. Please dont highlight negative parts so much. If an issue is creating then show its getting solved also asap. Please dont stretch it so much. We are only seeing the negative people to rule over positives.
2. Kindly stop showing Nikhil so much innoscent that he cannot protest his mother or any outside girl like Titir from talking or doing any wrong. If he is so much gentleman then how he can allow an outside girl to hold his hands whenever she wants when he is married.
3. Try to show some sparks in the serial which can make viewers feel good..
Thank you.
Sonu Rabin
Jan 6, 2019

Horrible serial Joyee

I ever seen like horrible serial like joyee because in the starting time they doesn`t shown his parents and doesn`t shown she remember childhood days but after so many days past she now remembering her parents what a idiotable & worst things they shown. Another things her mother also a football player she doesn,t know that also ,and to play 2 or 3 small tournament she get bunch of money and made a 3bhk plot, dear director Iam also a player I can`t remember such things happened for any player so request you to stop shown those non sense things because all public not a idiot .
Dec 23, 2018

Zee bangla Saregamapa

Today Hriti sang the song Gulabi Ankhen in a different tone all together and we felt that is an insult to the legendary singer Mohammad Rafi. On the other hand, the song delivered by Sneha was much much better and exact to what was actually sung by Rafi Shaab. This judgement is totally off beat and tough to accept as we are hard core music lover and we love Rafi Shaab. Kindly look into this judgement.
Dec 21, 2018





Binita Dey
Dec 18, 2018

The illogical script of the serial - joyee

The serial joyee started with a note of women empowerment and the medium chosen by the serial was football. The protagonist nmaed Joyee is an uneducated football freak from a village whose aim in life is to be a footballer. So basically the serial wanted to show how an ordinary girl from a village struggles and become a successful sportswoman.

The plot-line seems fine. But the main problem is the presentation of the serial. With due time, the serial has absolutely lost its track and now it is nothing but a piece of trash. The only way the director and the writers of the show had come up to extend the existence of this serial is by disguising the characters (both positive and negative) in some ridiculous outfits and also by changing their accents so that nobody can guess their real identity. Yes of course this proves that the director of the serial is so much more smarter than the public watching his masterpiece and that's why he got the guts to continue this garbage despite of running out of storylines whatsoever.

No comments on the acting because the serial consists of some really experienced theatre actors who are really good in their work but are given very less screen timing and the protagonists are just new-comers. But no matter who the actors are, the script is too abysmal and even if the director cast legends, they can't save the serial from becoming worse and worse.

Hence, if not conclude or end, the timing of the serial can at least be changed and removed from between so that if it airs late at night, people can just switch off their tv and go to their beds without undergoing this half an hour of torture.
Ramkrishna Sinharoy
Dec 17, 2018

ZEE Bangla serial Krishnakali

Day by day this serial is becoming an idiots paradise ! There is this endless and tiring villain-y by Disha, Rukmini, the Mother in Law. Disha bags 50% or more of the casting time ! Krishnakali can work miracles.!!!!. find the dummy villains (engaged by Trilochan ) in an unknown city in a day and video tape their confessions !!!!! Just covering miles of the city in bare feet ! Discover and find Pamela's house.. walk into her bed room and easily walk away with the stolen money without any hitch . She beats Sherlock Holmes on a daily basis !! While she can take Lakhs (10) for her brothers treatment from Nikhil .. she cant disclose that she is being blackmail by Rukmini for only three and is being enslaved for life.

The whole story line is so tiring and stupid. When Disha steals... the CC camera stops with Pamela looking around... just short of getting the money from Disha!!!!!. Krishnakali , dressed as a male sings only single songs in Bhabanipur and her own locality moving from place to place in 10 minutes ! In her neighborhood some unknown guy sets up microphones perfectly in homes and Pandals..with parallel connections for Krishnakali to sing... No one knows how.. and no one can see these being assembled or dismantled. Why do we make serials for IDOITS?? Or is the director the Chairman of that club? Or are millions of Bengali village folks who are fed on this staple diet????????????????????????????????

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