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Jul 16, 2019

retelecast for Tuzat Jiv Rangala serial

Pl retelecast of Serial " Tuzat Jiv Rangala" at 12.30 A.M. and stop advertisment of Teleshop. Why you Telecast the Advertisement of Teleshop. please stop it.
Marine Pilot
Jul 11, 2019

Zee Marathi Serials

As is usual with the low grade substandard stuff being dished out on Zee Marathi serials, the Tula Pahate Re serial has not unsurprisingly turned into a shitty damp squib. What had a potential for a nice romantic and amusing story with some hurdles thrown in but ending positively suddenly took a dip right into the gutter after Vikrant and Isha's wedding. What total crap and rubbish have the persons responsible for this serial have come out with. What change of mentalities and outlooks from the various characters after spouting the usual philosophical and melodramatic bulshit! No sense to the whole story at all with a murderous thug like Vikrant gaja patil being mollycoddled by that stupid Isha despite all the rajnandini revenge stuff shown earlier. Great relief that this shit serial is ending soon. Sorry to see potentially good actors playing such stupid roles.
As for Mjha Navryachi Bayko, it should have been stopped ages ago and though the recent episodes do give some satisfaction of that erandale expression faced Gurunath getting the shit beaten out of him it does not excuse the ridiculousness of the story,direction etc. The police and courts are being conveniently sidelined and the director is taking liberties by depicting most silly unwanted illogical situations. The most irritating character in all your Marathi serials is that gurunath's mother Sarita, most stupid, idiotic silly woman whose image is an insult to women in general. Just stop this shit show now. The same goes for Tujhat Jeev Rangalla which has also lost it's original village boy, city girl romantic charm and is just drifting along like scum in a gutter. Stop all these useless stupid serials, go back to the drawing board and watch old Marathi movies and dramas, learn something about the grand old standards of those bygone days of high standards of Marathi stage and cinema, only then you may get an idea to do something worthwhile to uphold those standards and hopefully ensure that all new upcoming serials on Zee Marathi are something the viewers will enjoy watching from time to time. Arre sudhara nahitar futtha! Don' t down grade Marathi standards.
Jai Maharashtra!
Jun 28, 2019

Majya Navraychi Baiko

No point in criticizing. It is deaf to the writers , producers & Actors. Best just to stop watching. Lets us not waste time in writing height of stupidity and degradation to the women. I think Zee marathi should stop all the serials and keep nice musc, cookery, travel ,sports etc programmes.

Not only it will be worth watching , and people do will gain knowlege & ideas. Apart from that, talented people will gain access to the media and get oppurtunity to showcase it.

And these script writers , actors for a change will not get any importance as they hardly contribute to society via these serials.

Let it be knowledge based , education based entertainment, where society gains.
Kishore Vichare
Jun 25, 2019

Mazya Navratri baiko

The serial is becoming boring. Script repetitive. Also full of humbug. Being stretched unnecessarily.
Please stop this bogus and stupid serial. Don't torture us.
We deserve something better.
Kishore Vichare
Jun 24, 2019

Mazya Navraya chi baiko

The serial is becoming disgusting and boring. The plot is just revolving in circles. The story does not move forward. And the events humbug and far removed from reality.
On the other hand other serial Tula Pahate re is coming to a close which is far more interesting, why unnecessarily stretch this serial.
Please stop this stupid serial.
Kishore Vichare
Jun 24, 2019

Mazya Navraya chi baiko

The serial is becoming boring. The events it depicts are far removed from reality. It is being stretched unnecessarily. Events only repeat.
Bored of watching humbug and farce.
Just compare with Tula kahate re. It will draw to a close despite being far more popular.
Please end this serial.
Jun 23, 2019

Mazya navryachi bayko serial

Stop telecasting such a nonsense serial. Where the people has to keep their brain aside n watch this useless stuff..
I don't understand if director has d option to show something good to the people then why they direct such a stupid stuff. If u have a chance to do something good then do it but don't do such a hilarious thing where viewers has to suffer..
If the complaints are not entertained then the only way is to stop watching this serial so that the TRP will go down & they have to forcefully stop telecasting this nonsense serial ..
Rash rosks
Jun 22, 2019

Tujhat jeev rangala

Wht nonsense???
Ekti nandita avdha karat ahe?? Band kra te serial bogass
Jun 22, 2019

Third class series

Mazya navrachi bayko is third rate & hopeless serial. Should be closed now.
Jun 18, 2019

Tula Pahate Re

Why this show is not telecasted on 18th June 2019. Is there some problem with you guys. And moreover this has not been yet uploaded in Zee5 app.
Jun 12, 2019

Mazhya navryachi bayko

The serial is becoming horrible. Please don't degrade women in this manner. It is nonsensical to portray that a self sufficient lady who has been harassed by her unfaithful so called husband, is trying to be lovey dovey and she has to accept him because a stupid mother who is also a woman is portrayed as a fool who is forcing her daughter in law to accept such nonsensical husband. Hell with such serials. Of course I have stopped seeing this horrible serial Stop it where have all women gone .
Jun 11, 2019

Mazhya Navaryachi Bayko

Its waste of time and energy to watch this serial.... becoming really intolerable. Serial is becoming worst after Rohini Ninave left. New writers are thinking people will watch anything they show. try to write something which common man can digest.
Jun 7, 2019

Ratris Khel Chale 2

There is some serious problem with you guys. Do you mean to say that India was such a country there was no law or order. People can murder and bury in there premises. Only time that crude Anna will get scared of some ghost in the night. Otherwise he do not have any fear? and he can continue killing people, grab lands and hit anybody that comes in his way? Does it mean that India was so illiterate that people could not understand crime?

THe whole village is too scared to open the mouth? Is he feeding them so that they get hell scared of him? Thus it means any criminal person can enjoy life n freedom & only scared he will be of so called ghost?

Really cannot understand the serial. There is something seriously wrong with writer as he no clue what actually he wants to show.
Amol Ambokar
Jun 3, 2019

mazhya navrachi bayko

what nonsense r u sowing. what level of bastardness can guru go. for his selfishness he can even sell his baccha to oldie maha dick and again be ceo of the company. what logic is it even after so many mistakes still radhika (shit lady) is accepting her husband, is she waitin to have a baby guru from guru's baccha
Dilip Khanolkar
Jun 1, 2019

माझ्या नव-याची बायको

सध्या दुरदर्शनवर काही अर्थहीन मराठी मालिका जवळपास १-२ वर्षापासुन चालु आहेत. काही मालिका म्हणजे केवळ मर्कटचाळे असल्यासारख्याच आहेत. विषयाशी कसलाच ताळमेऴ नसलेली एक मालिका म्हणजे माझ्या नव-याची बायको. मालिका हनुमानाच्या शेपटीसारखी लांबत चालली आहे. त्यातुन निर्मात्याचे मनोरंजनाच्या नावाखाली वैचारीक दारीद्र्य प्रकट होते.
दारीद्र्य इतक्या खालच्या पातळीवर गेले आहे कि मेडीकल सायन्सची सुध्दा वाताहात लावली आहे.
शनायाचा न पटणारा मुर्खपणा, राधिकेचा मी मी करणारा आगाऊपणा, त्यात अगदी सुमार दर्जाचा अभिनय करणारा केड्या, शनायाची आई, पोपटराव ह्याची अकारण उपस्थिती, राधिकेचा नवरा गुरुनाथ सुभेदारच्या डोक्यातुन निघणा-या अफाट /भन्नाट आचरट कल्पना, कसलाही बोध न होणा-या तथा मुर्खपणाच्या सर्व सिमा पार पाडलेल्या अती सामान्य
मालिकेचा शेवट करावा आणि प्रेक्षकांची सुटका करावी.
May 31, 2019

Majya Navraychi Baiko

Even if the viewers write bad , and sad reality about this third class serial, it will continue. what more to say. Just stop watching.
May 29, 2019

Chala hawa yeu dya

Hya serial madhe pratyek punch nantar aalele celebrity fakt hastana dakhvayache asatat prekskani fakt tyanach pahayche ka? Punch purn vhayache aat camera celebrities kade jato. Aamhi fakat celebrities na baghayache ka?
May 29, 2019

Mazhya navryachi baiko

Do you guys even read all the complaints is there any department who tries to learn the viewer views.
First mistake of a writer was to keep cash in the office which itself is a crime, and how would u ever keep the books of the money was to be handed over in cash. No corporate would ever give any funds in cash is the first bull shit out of all the bullshit the writer wrote. Pls have a educated experienced writer not the one who takes notes from his daughter and makes this a shitty sad fantasy !

And pls about the other serial tuzhyat jeev rangala either make him a dumb a serious dumb and throw him in the shades or give him some value as u brought him as a man of the family! Seems the director is a women who really hates to give any grace to the man ! Very poor writing in both the serials ! Pls shut this mockery and have some decent educating more subtle sensible serials! Don’t make the people dumb as they are dumb enough already in the messed up feminism and ethical values.
May 29, 2019

Mazya Navryachi Bayko

I have not seen a more useless character than Radhika. It is a pain to see the way she dresses up . Her hair stylist seems to have no knowledge of what can possibly look nice on a not at all good looking Radhika. She wears a formal trouser and jacket to the office with hair which in oily curls, left open. If you want to show her as a business woman please show her decently and absolutely formally dressed. Otherwise she should have been shown as a woman who always wore sarees to the office as well. She seemed to wear the same 3 sarees to the office. How can a woman of her status have only 3 sarees.
4 months ago she was to get divorce from her husband in 15 days. Are these 15 days not yet over?
Shanaya and her mother have bored us to death.
The people in her office are not shown to work. They are busy solving their personal problems and yet Radhika Masale is doing very good business ....... so good that the company is wanting to spare 35 crore rupees for the farmers. RIDICULUS.
Ask Radhika to tie her hair . you cant move around all places with hair left open. That open hair looks extremely bad on Radhika.
She always holds her pallu as if she is standing on the stage for her own wedding reception.
That lady Ankita Date (Radhika's character) is a pain to the eye. Nothing is nice about her. Please change.
May 25, 2019

Mazya nawaryachi bayako serial

झी मराठी वरील माझ्या नवऱ्याची बायको please बंद करा.
अतिशय मूर्खासारख्या न पाटणाऱ्या गोष्टी दाखवून झी मराठी नि खालावलेला दर्जा दाखवून दिला. राधिका सारखी स्त्री जिला तुम्ही कर्तृत्ववान दाखवता ती असे मूर्खासारखे वागणे सहन करताना दाखवणे म्हणजे स्त्री चा अपमान केल्यासारखे वाटते.
त्यात काम करणाऱ्या कलाकारांना अशा निर्बुद्ध script वर का काम करावेसे वाटते याचेही आश्चर्य वाटते.
bhavana sonawane
May 24, 2019

Faltu serial

Are bas kara tya faltu guru cha darweli fasvun punha sahabhuti dakhwanyacha faltu pana. Radhika sarkhi business women etkya faltu navryachi darveli kela gelya gelelya fasvanukila kashi faste. Ani ti shanya tichi murkh aai ani to kedi kewhadi murkh panachi acting lahan mule ahot ka amhi. Ani tya gurunathchi aai bus kara aata prekshkana murkh samajale ka? Zee marathi var kadhi kali yewhade atishay darjedar serial dakhwale jayche kuthe gele aata asele serials. Jidenpahave tikde faltu pana colors var gadghyanchi tyat to akshay murkh ewada motha manus ek de jau ka tikde hyatac adkalela ekwde changale kalkar gheun saglya sanskrutichi vat lawali aahe ek bayko astana dusri bayko doghihi ekac gharat kay tharwale aahe tumhi saglyani tumhi jase dakhwal tase lok adopt kartat. Thodi tari vatu dya naka var lau kutub vyawsthechi.
Amol Ambokar
May 20, 2019

mazhya navryachi bayko

who the hell is chotu (mahadick). he shold know that he has sold the company due to fraudster guru and now he's supporting him. if he does fraud again, who will buy the company. i think that maha dick should sit in his home and support that bastard guru. they have no business to interfere in other's company. radhika has bought it so she should take a call in company matter and not maha dick
May 19, 2019

Mazya Navryache Baiko insult of Farmers

Its an insult to farmers infact it would have been to any social work done y a Company and then money is been not given due to someone's selfish needs . is this right. Now a days farmers are looked in India as a poor and tortured individual in that you show this. So disgusting Radhika was supporting farmers you would have shown villagers been happy to get rupees and are well settled . ZEE is been watched not in India but outside India too, so such sensitive topics should be avoided . You could have taken any other example to show Radhika going down or bearing loss and loosing confidence, and what else can we expect from this serial only a woman can get tortured and has to bear a loss. Is the director so against women , please end it up now. So many times you will show ups and downs for god sake the writer needs to be punished and director for continuously showing such images. People specially women come home after work or even a housewife sees such serial gets demoralized and whats the hope you show .
I strongly advise broadcasting minister to please intervene in between and look upon such serials and right away take action
May 17, 2019

Mazya nawaryachi bayako

झी मराठी वरील माझ्या नवऱ्याची बायको please बंद करा.
अतिशय मूर्खासारख्या न पाटणाऱ्या गोष्टी दाखवून झी मराठी नि खालावलेला दर्जा दाखवून दिला. राधिका सारखी स्त्री जिला तुम्ही कर्तृत्ववान दाखवता ती असे मूर्खासारखे वागणे सहन करताना दाखवणे म्हणजे स्त्री चा अपमान केल्यासारखे वाटते.
त्यात काम करणाऱ्या कलाकारांना अशा निर्बुद्ध script वर का काम करावेसे वाटते याचेही आश्चर्य वाटते.
[email protected]
May 14, 2019

jago mohan pyare

जागो मोहन प्यारे सारख्या सीरियल चालु ठेवा.अश्या सीरियल मुळे लोक स्वताचे सर्व दुख विसरतात

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