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Zee Marathi


Consumer complaints and reviews about Zee Marathi

Mrunal Kulkarni
Jun 2, 2021

Majha Hoshil Na

Aaj chya 2021 era madhe, advanced technology zala ani itke develop jale countries. Tari hi mama lokana aajun hi kapde naahi. Corona madhe pant nahi melat asel tar at least bermude dya. Itke hushar aahe mama loka ani serial khup changla aahe pan kapde naslya mole ghaan disat aahe.
May 24, 2021

Marathi serial yeo Kashi-Tashi mi Nandaya la

Disgusting, badly written with very bad characters of the girl’s parents propagating Dowry system and showing a girl in very poor light. Zee Marathi should wake-up to the reality that this sub-standard , badly produced and creatively handled project which is demented and against all ethics, morals and human dignity. Why is the channel showing bad examples and supporting it with cheap and third grade writing and production. The girl’s mother is shown as a brainless woman who has no regards for the values of a girl’s rights? Why can’t Zee Marathi look into this seriously that they are encouraging Dowry and also showing a very poor story content.
May 21, 2021

Zee marathi tv shows

Please please stop promoting wife abuse, degrading women on tv show likeAg bai sunbai. Abusive husband, spoiled little brat, calling his mother by her name, not showing any respect to his mother taking bribe at such a tender age, all so..... disgusting and no one says anything really hard to believe.even that Aasvari character is so"...............xxxx who can’t see what’s happening in the home or how her idiot son is having affair with other woman and no clue about what’s happening in her own house how come she is top most business woman it’s a joke. In short please stop showing this type of show and insulting all women . Especially that Sohum character is the worst in tv history. Stop wife abuse, please stop spreading wrong message. Stop it. Stop this stupid story line or stop the show.
May 21, 2021

Zee marathi

Please, please stop showing wife abuse, domestic violence, and degrading ladies in your tv show Aga bai sungai. Awful show, kid doesn’t show respect to mother, calling her by name, total spoiled brat. husband is having affair with other woman . Asavari character is so ...... .. vague and unreal. The whole slow is total garbage. Please stop showing these nonsense. This is not family show you can watch with your whole family. Please please stop this stupid show. Thanks.
May 15, 2021

Aggabai Sunbai

This series is utter nonsense. A child saying your a horrible mother...what kind of message are you ppl trying to convey? Housewives are useless? Stop this degrading of women in all your serials. First you degrade them and then glorify....what’s the use or the point?
May 12, 2021

Close devmanus serial

END this serial.
Serial is just getting stretched. Its a business.. no msg for society. meaning less episodes
Atharv M
May 6, 2021

Promoting Domectic violence in Aggabai Sunbai

Zee Marathi who kind of serials you are showing to Viewers, Yesterday's episode of Aggabai Sunbai (MNB 2.0) was such a bullshit, How Soham beheaved with Shubhra litreally you are promoting domestic violence and cruelity, Height of Stupidy was when Shubhra (Who was strong in Aggabai Sasubai) done nothing after soham's domestic violence with her. Please stop the serial as soon as possible
Nahitar Zee Marathi band 😡
Apr 28, 2021

Stop showing shit ag bai sasu bai

Aag Bai sun bai is a piece of shit showing extra marital affair dumb wife you was strong character in first part and in second she has losted his memory. Zee marathi is always showing extra marital affair like navrachi bayoko, ratris khel chale and now aagbai sun bai. Please stop telecasting this shit under family show they are promoting this kind of affairs.
SANJAY Umrotkar
Apr 26, 2021

Dev Manus Serial

No CC TV camera in ACP house,
They got the piece of Shirt but the police did not try to use dog squad to find out or trace the culprit.

ACP Divya Singh such senior post Police Official is shown so foolish.
Which Police Officials shares such serious issue and case details with common public irrespective he is doctor or anybody else.
Everything seems dramatized and fake
Apr 16, 2021

Time change 10.00Pm

तुम्ही ची सीरियल चांगली आहे परंतु टाईम चेंज करा कारण रात्री 11 वाजता चालू होऊन रात्री 11.30 संपते त्या मुले रात्री झोपायला त्रास होतो
Amol Ambokar
Apr 15, 2021

yeu kashi mi nandayla

i guess, that baby elephant sweetu is a big heavy burden on her mom's head. so she's getting despo for her marriage but my ques is what will the beggers eat after sweetu gets married to that sicko mohit
Prashant Mulik
Apr 5, 2021


Dev Manus serial give very bad massage to society. They are showing very weak police department and wrong story than the real story. Stop this type of non sense serial... Skip the fake story ( Divya Singh ... )

Faltu Giri... Devi Singh and Divya Singh...

Indirectly your insulting the Police Department which was very successfully caught the Dr. Pol...
Mar 27, 2021


सर्व कार्यक्रमा मध्ये तुम्ही फिरीवाल्यान सोबत आणि रिक्षा वाल्या सोबत मराठी बोलण्या ऐवजी हिंदी मध्ये संभाषण का तुम्ही दाखवता... मराठी कार्यक्रम आहे तर मराठी संभाषण दाखवाना.. फेरीवाले आणि रिक्षा वाल्यान सोबत मराठी संभाषण दिसू द्या आपल्या मुंबई मध्ये मराठी बोलली जाते हिंदी नव्हे..
Mar 25, 2021

Close Devmanus serial

The serial Devmanus is Very bad serial. it creates bad impression to children and also all people. Request you to Close this rubbish and nonsense serial.
Vandana patil
Mar 23, 2021

Close devmanus serial

Initially serial was really good..all characters performed well but now serial is faltu and rubbish. No meaningful episodes..close this serial soon.
Vandana patil
Mar 23, 2021

Close devmanus serial

initially this serial was good..allcharacters are performing good but now serial episodes are meaningless.. what rubbish they are showing..Police image is really spoilt..are criminals so sharp where Police can't catch accused. what they are showing all the time love affair and murder..all women are shown weak..how many months they are going to repeat the same thing...love affair then murder..show sumthing meaningful..he is caught..what punishment he gets..devmanus serial is boring and pathetic episodes.please don't give wrong msg to society.
Vandana patil
Mar 23, 2021

Close devmanus serial

1st thing...this serialwas really good initially.it was showing good msg to people but now they are stretching the serial .foolish episodes..no meaning..All the time women is shown depressed and dependent on serial killer..Police image is shown so bad..are police so dumb. how many days now they are showing..murder..love affairs..serial should show sumthing meaningful..accused is arrested and what punishment he gets in real life. How can they show Role of ACPso weak..just end this serial..not showing good msg to society. I think now director needs to understand what people like to see..all episodes are faltu..
Vandana patil
Mar 23, 2021

Close devmanus serial

very foolish serial...no meaningful episodes..
ajay md
Mar 16, 2021

देवमाणुस (मराठी सिरियल)

देवमाणुस सिरीयल मधील न पटना-या गोष्टी
सर्वच कलाकारांचाचाभिनय चांगला आहे, विशेषत: किरण गायकवाड चा अभिनय चांगला आहे,पण दिव्या सिंग ही व्यतिरेखा खुपच खटकते, कोणत्याच अँगलने हे पात्र वरीष्ट पोलिस अधिकारी वाटत नाही,एका छोट्या गावात एवढ्या तोकड्या कपड्यात जाँगिंग करताना या पात्राला दाखविले आहे,एकाही प्रकरणात तिच्या हातुन गुन्हेगार सुटला नसल्याची ती सांगते पोलिस अधिका-याने कोणावरही आंधळा विश्वास न ठेवता सुक्ष्म निरीक्षण शक्तीतुन गुन्हा्यांचा शोध हे साधे तत्व पण अनेक प्रसंग दाखविले आहेत,ज्यात ती डाँक्टरला देवमाणुसच समजुन सहज सोडताना दाखविले आहे,पर्सनल गोष्टींमध्ये इतरांना सहज शिरकाव करताना दाखविले आहे.एवढ्या घटना झाल्यात पण त्यांच्या तपासातील प्रगती कोठेच दाखविली नाही,वास्तविक तिला या गुन्ह्यांचा तपास नीटपणे होण्यासाठी पाठविले असताना,तपास फक्त तोंडी लावण्यापुरताच दाखविला आहे.एकंदरीत हे पात्र पाहताना पोलिसांची अब्रु धुळिला मिळाली आहे असेच वाटत राहते.सिरीयल आता फार वाढवु नये,कारण सुरूवातीचा चांगला इम्पँक्ट व पकड हळुहळु ढिली होत असल्याचे दिसत आहे.
Mar 5, 2021

देवमाणूस सिरीयल बंद करा

किती मूर्खपणा दाखवाल अजून ? झी मराठी ची सुरवात काय प्रतीच्या सिरिअल्स ने चालू झाली होती आणि काय वेळ आली आहे ? आधीच आजू बाजूला इतक्या वाईट घटना घड्तायेत आणि त्यात तुम्ही अजून देवमाणूस सारख्या सिरिअल्स मधून त्याला प्रेरणा देत आहात.

जितक्या सहजतेनं आरोपी गुन्हे करताना दाखवत आहात तितक्याच इम्पॅक्ट चे असेही एपिसोडस दाखवा ज्या मध्ये त्या डॉक्टर ला जबर शिक्षा झालेली दिसली पाहिजे लोकांना. जेणेकरून ज्या व्यक्तीची गुन्हे करण्याची मानसिकता झाली असेल त्याला चपराक मिळेल.
Mar 4, 2021

Dev manus

This serial seems like they feel we are fools. Even Divya is such a fool being an police officer. How can this person be successful in everything. Not possible. Hard to digest. Plz a request. Show what has happened in the true story. And not keep fooling people. And better end this serial soon as possible.
Feb 24, 2021

Yeu kashi Tashi me nandayala--Malvika character

This is regarding the Malvika character in 'Yeu kashi Tashi me nandayala'. Is it correct to show how she treat to her employee,security person.
1. She slaps his employee
2.Asks security to tie shoe less.
3.Torture employee regarding fatness

What message you are sending to society?that if you have money and position you can treat others the way you want?
even her behavior with her mom is ridiculous.

Please be responsible about what to telecast.
Anupama Moghe
Feb 21, 2021

Maza hoshil na

It is impossible to believe that the brahmes living in a city and trustees of a renowned company did not bother to have an enclosed bathroom to take bath. Add to that they expect the only lady in the house to bathe herself there. You don't have to have a lady living in the family to realise this. What is Aditya going to do about it. Disgraceful. The men in the family are educated. Don't they know that a decent dress code is required.
Feb 20, 2021

Voice problem

Hi sir, the eco in the sound of ‘AG BAI SASUBAI’ is not mixing properly, the sound is hear like door darshan tv sound. So please check that .... thank you...
Feb 18, 2021

Agabai Sasubai

Please stop this madness. The creative and writing is very very bad. Meaningless and bad portrayal of women characters. Shameless and pathetic.

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