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Consumer complaints and reviews about Zee Marathi

Marine Pilot
Sep 18, 2017

Zee Marathi primetime Serials

Arre in your today's episode of TJR that Anjalibai does not know where the "Kala "Samudra" is! In an earlier episode she teaches that it is called "kala Samudra" or Black Sea because the waters aren't clear. However today she points to the Barents Sea north of Russia when showing the kala Samudra to her students on the world map. Unless she meant the Kara Sea which is further to the East? FYI the Black Sea is located north of Turkey and bordered by the ex- Soviet Union states. The only access being through the Bosphorous near Istanbul. Please take care when showing about education in your serials. I don't think a chap like" head sir Mahajan" in this serial can behave so foolishly in real life. It is a TV show of course but care should be taken to keep standards up. Enough of that vahini and that Rana's devotion to her. How come every time he forgets his promise to his wife about not allowing any third person in their relationship? It is getting to be very irritating to watch the same dialogues and situations every day. End this serial now.
A common feature in all these year or more long dreary boring serials is that you show all the villains making trouble successfully at every stage for a long time, and suddenly towards the end, you bring them crashing down in the last one or two episodes or end everything in a very lame stupid way.This leaves the viewers with the unfulfilled satisfaction of seeing good triumph over evil or good winning against bad. Arre give viewers satisfaction of at least having the second half of the total time of these serials to enjoy the gradual but steady downfall or remorse of the villain characters. Don't make it like the results an overdose of erandale or Epsom salts have on constipation, where the final or ending episodes of your serials shower the viewers with a final load of cr@p which all the while was being dished out in seemingly unending boring episodes upon episodes for a long time.

PAM and KKK went the same way. Looks like KDP, MNB and TJR will share the same fate. It is a pity that potentially good kalakars
have not been used to their optimum acting skills. The story,plot, direction being of very low standard reflected in the "restricted"
scope for good acting in the performers. You can even now, do something about upgrading Marathi serials to the dizzy heights of fantastic Marathi stage, dramas and classical movies standards of yore. ie. IF zee Marathi IS truly a Marathi channel and not kowtowing to Marathi and Marathi mansacha cha dvesh karnare types Kai? Jai Maharashtra!
Mukta Deshmukh
Sep 18, 2017

About misleading

I'm 27... N an independent woman..I also know how the world works..but your MNB serial misleading the women.. that dumbass shanaya character is so annoying..how is it possible actually every single time that shanaya manages to manipulate gurunath.. as he is a boss actually working under his actual boss..that boss didn't know about the client n this guy is easily fooling everyone.. whenever there's a new project or a meeting takes place..every single person in the office should be aware of it..with every details..the boss is saying that he's going for a meeting with a foreign client n nobody objected even there is no meeting neither the main boss even knew about it..I mean this is bullshit..are u really kidding?? N ok he's going for a meeting there are several formalities to follow..like the paperwork from that client.. nobody's interested in that.. how's that even possible...n about that affair why gurunath is always bullying radhika.. even though he knew that shanaya is using him for money.. u r misleading the young generation that whatever happens to you don't be against ur husband even though he's having an affair n be easy on him..why isn't she punishing him n file for a divorce like revathi did.. gurunath should be in a jail for physical n mental harassment..when he threw out radhika from his home..u should teach women the other options to overcome this affair condition not support husband to have an affair n lie to ur family because ur wife loves u she'll forgive u at any cost..just stop misleading us..be realistic please
Rutuja gawande
Sep 18, 2017

Regarding tuzyat jeev rangla

I love the series of tuzyat jeev rangla.. but only one problem.. they never shows girls in classroom of anjali's school.. being a TV show i think they should motivate girls education though serial as social message.
Nilima agale
Sep 17, 2017

Abt serial

Very stupid ending of KKK.i had existed abt the end but I never seen this much nonsense educated couple and worst writer. I had wested my 1/2 hour of every day.only name of the story was perfect
Sep 17, 2017


I hardly watched the serial because every single time it was full of Monica's nonsense.
I thought the serial would move beyond it but no. For curiosity sake I watched the final episode, wondering how it would end. The climax was the worst ever.

Basically the whole serial was pointless since the first episode. Full of melancholic faces and depressing mood. Monica was such a horrible character. And the main characters themselves lack the understanding of marriage. What can a child tell them wether to marry or not. The dialogues were garbage.

Worst serial in Zee Marathi. The other serials are also very puerile.
Sep 16, 2017


Watched the last episode of KKK..and was disappointed to see the end. Writer of the story is making fun of the viewership of the serial.

I must appreciate that dialog for the first half of the serial were good. Last 3/4th took a terrible turn and end was one of the worst seen.

This acts as strong discouragement to see any marathi serial on zee marathi in future, and one looses the respect for the creative people in this domain. We spend time on these program and kind of attached to the story, characters, the situation..when you end in nonsensical manner..even the memory of the story and characters becomes a torture..

Please take care of your script carefully otherwise large chunk of the marathi viewers would go away from marathi serials very soon.
Best Wishes,
Marine Pilot
Sep 16, 2017

Zee Marathi Primetime Serials

So finally you ended in a most idiotic silly way one of your quite stupid serial KKK or more appropriately Kalta Kaley Kalena!
You could have at least ended it in a logical and realistic way though that Vikrant character seems to have had more than his share of erandale judging by his expressions, maybe that Manasi character too took some as portrayed by her makkha face acting or lack of it. This serial started in July 2016 and for more than a year a lot of idiotic nonsense was dished out! Unfortunately our morbid curiosity to see how it would end was an exercise in waste of time. Like this idiotic serial, all the other garbage serials like KDP, MNB and now also TJR should be ended Asaph. Most viewers, at least those with reasonable IQ may not watch any of your newer serials as we now are aware that we cannot expect anything of high standard from you anyway. Marathi mansachi iijjat khali geli because of al these mediocre serials. Better to watch old Marathi dramas and classic movies! No point wasting time on more zee Marathi stuff!
Jai Maharashtra!
Sep 16, 2017

Zee Marathi serials

THANKS A LOT to Zee Marathi for ending the stupidest serial KKK.... Was watching the last episode out of curiosity... but even that was so stupid....The most boring lead pair i have ever seen

But one thing i appreciate about the story writers is that they remained true to the Title... Kali shevat paryanta khulalich nahi ....LoL Thoroughly disappointed by Sharvari Patankar

If we had awards for "WORST" serial / story / actors etc.... KKK would be the front runner... Although any of the prime time serials like MNB, KDP can give it a tough competition
Sep 16, 2017

Zee Marathi serial

THANKS A LOT to Zee Marathi for ending the stupidest serial KKK.... Was watching the last episode out of curiosity... even that was so stupid....But one thing I appreciate about the story writers is that they remained true to the Title... Kali shevat paryanta khulalich nahi ....LoL The most boring lead pair I have ever seen. Thoroughly disappointed by Sharvari Patankar, Vivek Apte

If we had awards for "WORST" serial / story / actors etc.... KKK would be a front runner... Although any of the other prime time serials like MNB, KDP can give it a tough competition
Sep 12, 2017

चला हवा येऊ द्या या कार्यक्रमात अन्नाचा अपमान

मा. महोदय,

झी मराठी वहिनी वर सुरू असलेला चला हवा येऊ द्या हा कार्यक्रम मी नियमित पाहतो व आपण त्यातून झी मराठी प्रेक्षकांच खूप छान रित्या करमणूक करता परंतु आपण चला हवा येऊ द्या भारत दौरा शिर्डी येथे संपन्न झालेल्या कार्यक्रमात जो सासू सुनेचा कार्यक्रम झी मराठी वहिनी वर दिनांक १२ सप्टेंबर २०१७ रोजी प्रक्षेपित केलात त्यात कुशल भद्रीके यांनी जे अन्न श्रेया बुगडे यांचा अंगावर फेकले त्या मुळे आपण अन्नाचा अपमान केलात अस मला वाटत, कारण आपण ज्या महाराष्ट्रात राहतो त्या महाराष्ट्राची संस्कृती अन्न हे पूर्ण ब्रम्ह असल्याचे शिकविते व ज्या शिर्डीत आपण हा कार्यक्रम राबविलात त्या नगरीत साई बाबांनी शिर्डी मधील लोकांना स्वतः अन्न खाऊ घातलं परंतु त्याच नगरीत आपण असा अन्नाचा अपमान केलात या बद्दल एक झी मराठी वहिनी चा प्रेषक म्हणून मला खूप वाईट वाटत आहे कारण याच अन्ना साठी आपल्या भारत देशातील गरीब जनता वन वन भटकतेय हे आपणास ध्यानात असावे.
पण मला खात्री आहे आपल्या हातून अशी चूक पुन्हा घडणार नाही.

कळावे राग नसावा...


दिपेश तांबोळी
एक झी मराठी प्रेषक
Marine Pilot
Sep 6, 2017

Zee Marathi Prime time serials

You guys really are way below standards as far as story, plot or direction is concerned.for TJR, MNB and KKK is concerned. That KDP is not even a Marathi serial and most useless of all zee Marathi serials.

You are unnecessarily introducing "foreign trips" in these serials. Another way to stretch them I guess?
You wasted several weeks on the Swiss trip in KDP. Now that idiot Radhika has gone to Singapore with an overcoat on her arm? !!!!
Singapore is just above the equator and very hot and humid. We can now expect more silly stuff from that " enema being taken" looki of
Gurunath and that imbecile retard over acting Shanaya. Stop this serial!

MNB has that Gai Anjali going to Germany, again unnecessary extending of this serial for no reason.

KKK is ending, thank goodness! But do it smartly. Most idiiotic to show that erandale face Vikrant and " mukkha face" Mansi trying to get
Isha from her biological parents! Stop making irritating situations and end it off. Having seen the beginning of all these mentioned serials, it is just morbid curiosity which keeps most viewers to keep track to see how these most stupid moronic melodramas will end. One thing for sure, no more watching any of your new or future Marathi serials. Better to watch all th stuff from the golden days of high standard Marathi stage dramas and old movies. Botah adjunct baslaat? Basun raha, don't take heed of complaints from people who are way above your inttelectual level! Jai Maharastra!
Aug 31, 2017

Marathi serials standard going down ???

I am a Mumbai born and raised Gujrati but watch some of the Marathi Shows regularly. Having watched other serials / shows like Eka Lagna chi Dusri Gosta , Chuki Bhul Dhyavi Dhyavi ... etc .. I feel the standards of Marathi Serial , as far as the writers are concerned, has stooped too low..PERFECT example is Malya Navryachi Baayko . I know that Guru nath is an Executive, but, the way he is financially supporting his ' Dumb ' girlfriend Dhanya by letting her use his Credit - Card to go on a Spending Spree to satisfy her urge of shopping, a question comes to my mind as to how much does he earn per Month, ₹ 10 LAKHS ??? I would definitely like the channel to pull the plug on this show if they want people like me who are Non - Maharastrians as well as Marathi viewers to still watch the show !!! I would like to commend the writers / production team of Jadi nai and Jago Mohan Kyare for giving us such wonderful shows !!!
Marine Pilot
Aug 31, 2017

Zee Marathi serials

I just watched the primetime TJR, MNB this evening ie. 31st Aug all most disappointing total bull$#!£!!!
Why are you stretching TJR with Faltu situations. That Gai Anjali is supposed to be a modern city girl most of whom are expert scooter and motorcycle users. Not much in Mumbai but definitely in Pune! Your episodes which have more Ads than serial content
really seem to stretch uselessly into eternity. Stop this nonsense immediately.

That Shanaya's tantrums make your skin crawl with disgust. Does a mature young woman behave in this way? and that Radhika carries on like a kakubai of the 1959s most idiotic stupid serial stop it a sap.

KKK is idiotic as usual but one consolation it seems to be ending soon. Whiew!!! What a relief!

KDP is just what this abbreviation means in other quite commonly known and used vulgar words in Hindi !!!
Looks like your new and other serials will not be watched by lots of disappointed viewers.

I don't think Zee has Marathi entertainment standards interests at heart. Maybe, it appears to be a move to
degenerate good old high standards of Marathi, dramas, stage and cinemas of yore.

The people concerned should extract their "botah"and apply themselves to salvaging the serials even now.

Jai Maharastra!
Aug 30, 2017

Trash content of marathi serials

This is with reference to the content that is shown on TV serials these days.

Indeed there have been similar posts here that raise the same concerns that I have raised below and I agree to some of the complaints/comments made on different threads regarding the content that is shown in Marathi serials these days (for that matter any serial in any language in general these days).

I would particularly like to mention about brainless serials like "Majhya Navryachi Baiko" , and also "Kahe Diya Pardes" needs mention here.... utter stupidity. I am mostly in office most part of the week but happened to see these serials only for one day when I was on leave and I was immediately put off by the senseless content of such serials. I would prefer not watching TV at all instead of wasting precious time over such trash... its difficult to image how others are able to digest such serials.

This serial does not even deserve negative comments here its so pathetic. what message are the creators of this serial trying to convey to viewers through this serial???? In the name of entertainment and 'freedom of expression' any damn thing is served to the viewers these days with the simple explanation that if someone does not like the serial then they can just change channels.

No matter how much we develop in terms of education, and social awareness there is no denying the fact that the viewers in general in this country are easily susceptible to getting influenced by what is shown in the media and such serials no matter even if it is only fictional entertainment, definitely sends wrong signals and message across the society in general of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in our society and because of such serials young minds get easily influenced and also follow such practices.... not sure how even actors agree to be a part of such senseless content driven programmes. I myself know a couple of married people who are attempting to do such "adventurous" extra marital stuff in real life after getting influenced by such serials like "Majhya Navryachi Baiko".

Since I am particularly talking about the Marathi cinema and Marathi entertainment industry here in this case, it is sad to see Marathi theatre and Marathi artistes wasting their skills in doing senseless work like this. Marathi industry was so strong in terms of content some years down the line in the past especially the theatre dramas etc but just to gain popularity and viewership they have had to blindly follow the trends that are set by Bollywood and the senseless content shown there.

Also every regional program channel shows the dialogues on their programmes in their regional language... but
Marathi serials, movies are making more and more use of hindi in their dialogues which is unacceptable. If you have a separate channel for Marathi then stick to the Marathi language. even Marathi movie songs are in hindi ... I mean where are we heading to ????
Not sure about others but it affects sentiments of people like me who care for the language and culture.

Marathi entertainment industry's USP was its strong content driven movies/serials produced which used to convey serious and real lessons to viewers but it is losing its core values somewhere these days.

Terribly disappointed by serials like "Majhya Navryachi Baiko". Also "Kahe Diya Pardes" is a pathetic serial.
Hope better sense prevails and the producers discontinued such serials as soon as possible.
Marine Pilot
Aug 29, 2017

Zee Marathi serials

Not sure what is the IQ of those directing MNB. It is most ridiculous and unreal to see that dumbo Shanaya carrying on as a maid servant and that "santa Sakhi" radhika making her do household tasks and polishing shoes???!!! In exchange of an apology?
And what about her stupid husband "sadaa enema. lavelela expression" gurunath'? She conveniently gives him "pati Bhakti"
Totally rubbish!!! And with all having modern mobile phones these days, can't that dumbo Mahajani take any photos of guru and shanaya together, whenever he sees them? Faltu tumhi tanaat thevat ahat hi murkha lowgrade serial. Bandh kara asap.

Same goes for TJR ugach Faltu stretch karat ahat. Kantabai alaa atah. That Rana,s retard bailapeksha stupid dumb behaviour and that vahini and chanda's same stale dialogues Aikun vit Alan atah. Finish off this serial ugach Faltu tanu naka!

Looks like KKK is ending finally in a few weeks. At least make the last few episodes move fast logically and end this stupid serial
even earlier. No comments on KDP as have stopped watching that bhaiyya bull$#!£ long ago.Hope you end it soon.

You know, am not watching any of the new serials as dokyala Tara's nako and don't want to suffer the agony of seeing good old Marathi standards going down the drain. Seems the drains have choked in this case as your stupid serials keep going to eternity.
Most disappointing! Laaz Kadhali tumhi Marathi talent chi! Norah baher kadha! Jagey vha! Ani kahitari Marathi Abhiman
Japan rahil asey changlya high standard shows dakhwa Ho! Jai Maharastra!
Aug 26, 2017

Unnecessarily importance to some typical shows

"sangeet samrat " kay divasbhar tech tech ...bakicha evdhya sunder serials aahet amhala tya sudhha baghayla avdtat divasbhar "zee yuva " vr sangeet samrat ...kiti bore hott ...
Jara bakicha serials vr sudhha laksha asu dya ...tyancha mule TRP jaast vadhel ...
Marine Pilot
Aug 19, 2017

Zee Marathi Primetime serials

So you have done it,! Spoilt the TJR with Faltu extension of. Vahini's cheap tricks and that Redhya'rearside moron Rana going "Vajhini,vahini, bloody vahini" all the time. To top it that Gai Anjali after showing a bit of spirit is again behaving like a deflated balloon.
All it took was for Abba to freeze everyone at the moment of vhani's exposure and call the lawyer to explain himself, and everything would have cleared. Vahin now exposed surrenders and asks for forgiveness and Rana and Anjali ensure she gets all security and maybe arrange good things for her in Mumbai? I'm sure you will end this way, only thing is that you want to unnecessarily want to drag,
draaag, draaag and drag uselessly for no reason. Come on baas kara hey murkha nataks and end this serial.
Stop MNB KKK and KDP immediately and Marathi standard of dramas chi laaz rakha.
,Jai Maharastra!
Marine Pilot
Aug 18, 2017

Zee Marathi Primetime serials

Your LJJ serial before primetime is quite ok at this stage. The hero and heroine ( Sheetal?) are both cute characters. Please don't spoil it.I usually watch the last five to ten minutes as I am now, out of mere morbid curiosity, watching the next two TJR and MNB serials.
You are now on verge of spoil ink TJR giving too many escape routes to that vahini, making that retard Rana act worse than a bail's backside and that Anjali acting dumber and dumber sagalah padtah gyaila! Come on! If vahini claims the lawyer has purposely made the kararnama in that way, all Abba has to do is send for the lawyer and clear up such an important matter immediately. Instead you are once again stretching the serial unnecessarily with that stupid Rana forgetting his promise of " no third person" to come between him and his wife and foolishly taking his vahini' side and blasting his wife in a mean way. You did have a social message with what is obviously an intercaste marriage between a "gavthi" uneducated crude dumbo Rana and a sophisticated,polished and highly educated girl like Anjali. But judging from the way your episodes show Rana behaving in such a bailacihi backside way, no girl like Anjali will ( in real life) ever consider marriage in such situations with a boy like Rana is shown to be. She will be much better off with her own educated modern type. Please don't make her so stupid and jellylike to take drap from vahini or even the retard bail Rana. Either make her walk out and end this serial or expose that vahini completely to redyah Rana and put an end to further useless stretching of this serial. Ranachi Talip and kusti , shush an etc. bajulach rahika! Faltu vahini la major role delay ahey, not to forget her chamchi Chanda!
Abba and Godakka seem to be the best actors! End this serial before it gets spoilt. KKK and MNB should end NoW. Jai Maharastra!
Marine Pilot
Aug 16, 2017

RZee Marathi Serials

In today's KKK erandale face Vikrant is now acting like a fish opening and closing his mouth with loss of words to confront that idiot overacting Monica. What an AH he is with no guts, or gumption. That kid is most irritating and that Buk is another stupid character. No helper ( I don't like the word "servant" for poor people having to serve idiots for no fault of their own) today would take any crap from employers. The whole serial lacks story,plot, social message, logic whatever. When are you ending it?

TJR should not be stretched too long now that you are exposing that vahini. Fatatfat finish kara on a good note.

MNB seems to be stretching through all the festivals as an excuse. Stop this stupid serial now. That enema receiving expressions of Gurunath and that stupid Radhika's silly gavthi act is getting to be very irritating. End this serial now.

KDP is totally useless, stop it

Arre old english shows like Mind your language, Hercules Poirot, Sherlock Holmes can be watched again and again for years and are collectors items. Old MarathiTV nataks like Vichya Majhi puri kara, Katyar Kallat gusli, Old movies like Amar Bhopali, all Marathi historical movies are all fantastic collection items to be seen again and again.

Tumhi hyah stupid primetime serials muley Marathi standard chi vaat lavli. Aho Arjun vel gel I nahi, Bota baher mokli kara, and lavkar sudhara hyah serial che remaining episodes and Marathi mansachi laaz shabut theva ho! Jai Maharastra!
Marine Pilot
Aug 14, 2017

Zee Marathi serials

Stop TJR

It's is stretching into eternity with ridiculous flashbacks, that retard imbecile Rana behaving worse than sahebrao and now that educated Anjali getting dumber and dumber. Not the remotest idea what you are trying to convey through all these Faltu serials. How about showing sahebrao' flashback too?? It's time you expose this vahini and make yedya Rana into shyanya Rana Stop that Anjali behaving like an a$$£!er and end it all before it reaches the depths of moronic stupidity!!!

Stop MNB it has become unbearable with that stupid Radhika, her idiot mother in law, that silly childish Shanaya and her idiot friends, the buffoons in gurunath's office and above all that nincompoop Gurunath who has the expression of someone getting an enema!

Stop KKK name it instead " Kalta Kaley Kaleyna " as there is no clue to what it is all about with no plot, story or logic. Besides same expressions and overacting of all cast. Most irritating is that Vikrant's erandale na lagoo padlyache expression.

I have stopped watching KDP bhaiyya bul$#!£ Hope you end it soon.

In fact publish when these stupid primetime serials are scheduled to go off the channel. We can then decide to see the few remains episodes with a morbid curiosity to see how you end them! Or tune off if they will run for a prolonged period.

Challah bot kadha and Marathi mansachi laaz rakha! Standard sudhara ho!!! Jai Maharastra!
Aug 12, 2017

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

The moral of your serial is that the husband can have an affair, show disrespect to elders, cheat on his wife and continuously conspire and break relations in order to divide and rule and still win. Till the very end Shanaya and Gurunath will be shown as winning every battle and in the last episode (i.e. after many years) they will be caught and they will ask for forgiveness and very large heartedly Radhika will forgive them and Shanaya will marry Shreyas.
So, finally the viewers will never get the satisfaction of seeing Gurunath and Shanaya being punished and made to suffer (how they are making others suffer). Why is it that the good wins at the very end and not mid way of the serial. Atleast in the movies it is different...... initially the bad might win but atleast after the interval the good is shown as winning.
We started to see this serial because of the scenes in the title song. But the producers of this show have not shown anything similar to what is happening in the title song.
Instead of making the viewers more angry and frustrated, the producers might as well show that Gurunath and Shanaya have succeeded and Radhika and son are thrown out of the house.
Wow! what a moral your serial has, that you can have an affair, hurt people and still win and on top of it not be guilty at all!
Marine Pilot
Aug 10, 2017

Zee Marathi Primetime Serials

Your TJR,MNB,KKK, & KDP have exhausted even all the most possible idiotic, moronic, retarded and most silly stupid situations for anymore of your bull$#!£ episodes! At this rate there is no limit for how long you will continue to impose such mediocre stuff on the majority of viewers. Right now I am watching the silliest of all the KDP bhaiyya bul$#!£ episodes, how stupid can one get. All ridiculous retarded bhaiyya melodrama not in keeping with the times. Same goes for KKK and MNB what crap is all of this? You have as usual spent almost a year on all the villain characters of all these serials having the upper side, if you want to generate interest of the viewers and salvage these serials, which have long tried our patience, then get the situations changed to all the villains now getting exposed and in big trouble. Stop all the foolish antics of that bail Rana, that idiot Radhika, and all of those erandale and suppository user looking/acting characters in KKK and KDP.

I really hope you end all these serials ASAP if not please take them off primetime. Else Zee is going to become unpopular and lose viewers. It is extremely disappointing to see your standards going so incredibly low and shame Marathi mangos intelligence and intellect. I have reached saturation point of watching all this crap and not only stop watching these stupid serials but also get off this complaint channel. You should be reminded that it should always be to high standards of our beloved Marathi traditions.
Jai Maharastra!
Aug 6, 2017

Tuzyat Jeev Rangala Zee Marathi show

Looks, style and all herogiri is fine. But it is useless scripting of the episodes these days. Don't know what's the point writer and producer and director want to prove- stay illiterate and fall to superstition and show teacher loosing confidence or creating false jealously. Doesn't go at all even though I understand it is just a show. it is unfortunate the quality of Marathi serials that can spread a nice message is falling and directors dragging episodes for the sake of fake entertainment. Stopping in 2 days and hope this show doesn't loose it's charm further. Same things, same background music again and again. same drama of Vahini. Getting out of story. Good luck and may you get some sense writer and director.

This show is becoming less story and more drama. It is hard to watch episodes after episodes with no signs of Rana being ready to learn. The learning is delayed through introduction of beliefs by Nandita. Just like Rana's split personality portrayed in earlier episodes the writer is trying to show changes in him in a completely odd way. Also, instead of showing social message of importance of education for farmers, the writers are making it filmy to show Rana as hero. He is hero no doubt. He looks good no doubt but drastic change in him influenced by friends doesn't go at all with the core of the concept. Showing filmy style herogiri is not what this show might deserve. Instead both Rana's change and message can be and should be handled in a different way. With so many farmers in a bad state due to several socio-economic and natural situation, educating them can be the mission of this show without compromising on quality and comedy. Sudden ignorance of Rana and superstition is unnecessary. Writers must get this point and not drag this further just because of hits and likes.
Aug 6, 2017

Wake up Mazya Navryachi Baiko and Tuzyat Jeev Rangala

This show should live up to the name Mazya Navryachi Baiko. The ending should be as unusual as the name of the show.

I thought this show is unique in several aspects. But turns out that the writer Rohini and the director doesn't seem to openly see the falling number of viewers and fans. They seem to be adding more dumb scenes. I'll be specific now as the time has come to abandon this show. It is shameful that there is no review done by Zee Marathi TV channel.
Shanaya's character has become monotonous and boring. Her beauty and acting can be put to better use. Her expressions are same and same and there is a limit to show dumbness. Which learned girls can give money for rent without an agreement? Most dumb thing in writing this script. Shanaya is constantly shown lazy, disorganized, insulting Guru's parents and on top of it asking and begging for money. And guru complying with everything she asks. On top Isha holds her from telling the truth with a greed to spend the rest of the money to shop. Where is this show going? Hope they either stop this show and end expectations or change the story for good. Better fun is to show Shanaya slowly changing. Starts realizing money is not everything, distancing her from selfish and dumb friends like Isha, start liking Guru in true sense. It will be good turn of events. None of the other twists will work to bring 500k views again as before.

The best twist perhaps could be Shanaya and Radhika become friends. Sounds illogical at first glance but given this is just a show and looking at the success of this formula everytime I think the end with Guru, Radhika and Shanaya walking hand in hand (with Guru in between) will give more popularity and better message than message through hatred and cat fights and revenues. Good luck See Marathi.

The less they show materialistic attitude of Shanaya the better. However it is the time they show her changing from ATM focused girl to truly loving and caring. It's little challenging for mass public to accept Guru's double intention but showing it in a nice way with him rather genuinely treating both Radhika and Shanaya would have a better affect not disrespecting either of them. Have provided feedback based on my previous comments in June to Zee Marathi. Hope it reaches the writer and producer so this show.
By the way, story aside, Guru and Shanaya can make a good chemistry on screen in this show. But they must stop spreading wrong message like Shanaya saying she ripped Guru's credit card. That selfish and money mindedness is spread as good and acceptable through this show and that is disappointing. Overall, with all drawbacks, I must say that the comedy was good in this episode. For a moment it makes forget about poor messaging about materialism exceeding true respect and unconditional love.

June 15th episode
This show is something weird but at the same time little different. I heard multiple comments about the show with some naming it as faltu show, some demanding it to be stopped immediately. Before I go to the writers and directors I would like to say that all the people who voice their disappointment and concerns must be the same people who loved this show. Ofcourse, for different reasons - some loving the affair while others staunchly believing social and religious norms. I won't take the side of either group but would agree that with every episode the writer is doing a poor job. Time to wake up and get some creative writing going. Let's take the facts - this show had nearly million views for some of the earlier episodes. Look at the views now - the numbers speak so wake up writers and directors.
Now coming to the characters and acting - acting is fine. The situational comedy, for example, Guru reacting to Radhika touching his feet and hospital scenes are good, but some characters are dragged. Also, the main message is wrong and even if you don't believe in religious beliefs, it is totally wrong to influence people preserving rituals to question why we are doing it. For example, Vata Purnima. The writer must do homework to study why this pooja is done and research for some scientific and spiritual reason rather than disregarding this age-old tradition of ancient India. That is very shameful on their part. Coming to Shanaya and her friend giving her the most stupid advice and Shamita reacting to her mother-in-law the writer should have had some common sense. All this will definitely influence the generations. Do some research and provide facts rather than humiliating and insulting beliefs of thousands of people, especially those who can preserve the tradition. Showing Shanaya bluffing and fooling Guru and Guru believing is not appropriate to show. As I mentioned several times, it is definitely the time they show Shanaya truly falling in love with Guru and changing and less fake and more real (BTW they have a very good chemistry and that is a plus point). This transformation in her will revive the character and make people, the fans feel comfortable that at least the monotonous selfish character of Shanaya depicted in the show is changing and this might help to improve the rating and viewership.
Anyways, the bottom line is that this show is a filmy show (maybe, there are cases like this in real life, after all, it is life and everyone has choices) and we must watch it as a show. However, the show must create a new experience for the viewers and fans. Guru showing true feeling to Radhika is fine and Shanaya changing into real caring and a non-selfish person would be a better option. What the writers and directors MUST IMMEDIATELY STOP is degrading cultural values and not only hurting sentiments of thousands of believers but promoting a culture that insults other religious festivals. A mere message of planting trees does not compensate for the damage you as a writer is inflicting on the younger generation. BTW, I have blended myself completely with the younger generation and look at the world through their eyes and Iove them, but the show with this motive is unacceptable. Writer - Rohini and director - hope this feeling reaches you both.
Paras Lad93
Aug 5, 2017

Dil Dosti Dobara

Please don't end dil dosti dobara it lost its trp due to missing of 4 main characters so please bring them back and continue the serial without closing serial

If Not possible start working for 3d part 3 with same charecters and different concept along with syrus and savi

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