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Consumer complaints and reviews about Zee Marathi

Marine Pilot
May 21, 2018

Zee Marathi Serials

It is time you stopped that stupid TJR and MNB serials. In TJR that Vahini has been going on and on with that Bail's backside Rana acting dumber than Sahebrao! Arre Kai faltupana lavlat ahey? There is no scope left in this serial, stop it please. That MNB has been boring viewers for almost two years! Tech tech ugalat baslat ugach, kahi akkal ahey KA nahi director la? That guru's mother is most irritating with her gavthi pavtya pseudo Nagpuri tantrums and that dimwit Shanaya is shown to behave worse than a primary school child! You are repeating cycles after cycles of the same situations and circumstances with no end in sight. Most stupid ridiculous serial. Just stop it where it is currently, no one will miss it no care what happens to the story or how it ends. That TMBU is also reaching ridiculously low levels of TV dramas total murkhapana in all the episodes, it is an insult to viewers that you are telecasting loads of crap on primetime, bandh kara this bakwas stupid serial too. As for HTTAH, the main actors are good and suitably portraying the characters in the serial but sadly their potential is not really exploited as they are not being given good plots, all the episodes are rather childish, coarse and silly, you could really take this serial to more intelligent levels, otherwise this show will also end up unfortunately like your other stupid serials. It is time for some responsible person in Zee to look into the ridiculously low standards of the shows on zee Marathi and do something to bring back the grand old high standards of Marathi cinema, stage and theatre of bygone glorious days. Arre laaz rakha Marathi and Marathi mansachi!
Jai Maharastra!
May 21, 2018

Immoral and wrong social message

Mazhya navryachi bayko characters is stupid brainless serial. All of them are shit eaters and so they think the same about audiences. Zee marathi has lost all its charm and standards by promoting and broadcasting such dukb serial. Above all is setting wrong idols in the society. Radhika seems to have worked hard and proved herself just to get her dumbass husband back. Is this what a powerful Indian woman is for. The serial is absolutely contradicting feminist views.
Amruta kulkarni
May 19, 2018

Majhya navryachi bayko

Band kara aata lavkarat lavkar hi serial, vatel te chalay. Shiiii....Ankhi kiti tannar bekkar serial ???? Saglyach serial bekkar aahet. Ekahi serial baghnya sarkhi nahi zee marathi varchi. Majhya navryachi bayko, Tujhyat jeev rangala, Tujha majha break up kuthlich serial baghnya sarkhi nahi... Positive dakhva kahitari.. sagla chukicha dakhavtayt pratek serial madhe. Ajun kiti varsha asach dakhavla janar aahe ??
May 16, 2018

Zee Marathi book 'khali doke ver paay'

Regarding recent book of the zee marathi 'khali doke ver paay'. I had order the book online on 07th May 2018

and today 16th May 2018 still not received the book. If they can not manage the delivery properly then why take the orders from so many people . After making advance payment with delivery charges for the book, why there is so much delay.
When I had contacted to the Bookganga.com which are the one where I had placed the order, they told me that,
Its Pre booking and we dispatched on first come first serve basis.

I request to the Zee Marathi if they take Pre booking for the book then mention in the advertisement also.
And for Pre Booking do not take advance payment. Once its available then demand for the money .
May 15, 2018

Dista tasach asta he chukicha vatay

amaskar as per big boss rule pratyek weak madhe 1 member gharabaher honar hota mag tya Rajesh la ka thevla aatmadhe. Purnapane chukicha aahe ani family sobat basun baghnyachya layakicha show nahi as he.rajesh aani reshma che je kahi chalale aahe te aadhi band kara, big boss lahan mule dekhil baghtat
tyana jo kahi romans karaycha asel to tyani baher jaun kara tumche prem tumhi ya karykaramat dakhau naka
task khela hi phaltugiri band kara pl.

girls yana wegali bedroom dili astana dekhil ....... rajesh aani resham che he kai chalale aahe task rahila bajula

aani TV war yanche roamnce baghayla miltat....... rajesh la elemenet kara

rajesh nawata tyaweli task agdi chhan watat hote aani home dekhil chhan watat hote

sagle ekatra hote

rajesh la tari baher kadha nahi tar reshamla
Kimaya Mhatre
May 15, 2018

rajesh behaviour

rajesh aani reshma che je kahi chalale aahe te aadhi band kara, big boss lahan mule dekhil baghtat
tyana jo kahi romans karaycha asel to tyani baher jaun kara tumche prem tumhi ya karykaramat dakhau naka
task khela hi phaltugiri band kara pl.

girls yana wegali bedroom dili astana dekhil ....... rajesh aani resham che he kai chalale aahe task rahila bajula

aani TV war yanche roamnce baghayla miltat....... rajesh la elemenet kara

rajesh nawata tyaweli task agdi chhan watat hote aani home dekhil chhan watat hote

sagle ekatra hote

rajesh la tari baher kadha nahi tar reshamla
May 4, 2018

Big boss marathi stop dadagiri of resham and rajesh.

Stop stupidity dadagiri of resham and rajesh and smita. Give them punishment. Why does resham give innerwear of women to rajesh. Why does smita threw clothes of house members. This is bad picture. Big boss take action. Put resham against rajesh. Stop their bad behaviour. What wrong show they are giving.
May 4, 2018

Big boss marathi stop dadagiri of resham and rajesh

Stop stupidity dadagiri of resham and rajesh and smita. Give them punishment. Why does resham give innerwear of women to rajesh. Why does smita threw clothes of house members. This is bad picture. Big boss take action. Put resham against rajesh. Stop their nonsense What wrong message they are giving.
Apr 29, 2018

no segment for old shows

As someone who grew up watching Zee Marathi it is disheartening to see the overtime drop in quality content. The most brilliant serial seen till now is 'Eka Lagnachi Dusari Goshta','Asambhav' and 'Gangadhar Tipre', it would be nice to see repeat telecasts of the show since some cannot be viewed on Youtube as well. We would like to dwell in nostalgic memories for at least half an hour on weekends since you don't show any good movies anyways.
kaustubh s
Apr 23, 2018


zee marathi official site (zee5) literally a very shittttttttt site it's. does not work only.
Riya Salunkhe
Apr 23, 2018

Tujzat jeev rangala

Can you please show that the good person wins . And the bad people can't get away with their bad deeds . What you show inculcates people to think . What are you trying to tell us showing that nandita gets away with anything she does ?? That no matter what you do you can easily get away by emotionally fooling people ? That's what you are trying to show in your serial . When your serial can't promote good thinking and good deeds will reward you better life . Then it's better that you don't promote the evil too . Don't make serials just for making money or for the TRP's ! Make serials that will inculcate good thinking in people .
Marine Pilot
Apr 21, 2018

Zee Marathi serials

Your serial TJR has lost all relevance with the original well started romantic story about a humble simple village wrestler and farmer falling for a city bred school teacher. But after the first few interesting episodes, this serial has dragged on and on. What has happened to Rana's wrestling and regular Talim etc? And Anjali and her school career? You are throughout only focussing on that Vahini and her devious schemes Ian's making problems for all the characters one by one. Anju had her turn now it is Abba! Arre KA tanat baslat ugach? Get that vahini exposed, abba reinstated as minister and end this bulshit serial.

Tasach end the worst serial MNB which is most stupid and idiotic. That kakubai mavshi bawlat Radhika is the most irritating character, How can she get away taking the law in her own hands and thrashing people and slapping friends? What crap is this?
That new character Soumitra is the latest buffoon on the scene besides that Jadya idiot Anand. Arre someone who is a big shot with international experience may help an old friend but with dignity, not playing the fool with childish plans and getting slapped for it!
Total acharat pana ahey! Third rate bullshit crap serial going on and on for almost two years, Stop it now!

TMBU is in the same idiotic category. That Samir is such a dumbass, his father a jackass, the mother an overacting moron, that Menka with only one stupid expression throughout and that Meera another erandale ghetlela constant expression. All the other actors like Aji, Baby, Rajnish, Atya, the lawyer, and all of meera's family are much better actors and playing their part well and it is a pity the serial has no scope to use their talents. Time to finish off this serial if you have enough sense to gauge the feelings of the viewers from these complaints.

The serial HTTAH is better than all the other serials only because thankfully it is not a continued story but individual episodes, otherwise the comedy is rather cheap stuff . There is plenty of scope to improve!

Although these are all Marathi serials, the English spoken by the characters in all of them especially the westernised characters is incorrect, heavily Marathi accented with wrong pronunciation. In TJR that Anjali says "leest " instead of list. In MNB that Shanaya and Radhika also mispronounce English words . In TMBK that Aji says " Robo" for Robot ( the T in robot isn't silent!)
In HTAH that so called westernised Shalini says " why are you shouting me"? Instead of why are you shouting AT me!
Then instead of saying " Ape-Ron" for Apron she says "Appron" and it is "opportu-nitty" and not incorrectly stressed "opporchu-nity" for opportunity. Arre doki nahit tar dictionary or youtubevar check kara. Pseudo westernised tatya pavtya English bolu naka!

Most disappointed with all of these serials and only have a morbid interest to see how you end them, hopefully soon.

Jai Maharashtra
Ravindra Vishe
Apr 19, 2018

Laagir zhale ji... Every one is dumb

Every person... Other than sometimes... Only shitals muslum friend..n ajay somewhat....are dumb person... Shital family is the top most dumb n stulid family in all..shital herself seems to be ridiculous character...
Hey swatah tari kasey nivadataat asey kaam karayala...
Kiti murkh lok aahet
Ravindra Vishe
Apr 19, 2018

Jago mohan pyaare...height of stupidity

Jago mohan pyaare... One of the total illogical ridiculous serial... Too much brain hamarage fictional story... No level... Most stupid is that angel shruti marathe only... Mohan is king of dumbness ... Symbol... Mohan's wife too dumb n irritative from her face only... It is better to talk abt the others...
Pl stop this serial at all.. At any cost
Apr 13, 2018

Zee Marathi serials

Kantaala aala

Zee Marathi chya office madhye rubber bands aani chewing gums free miltaat vaatate :-D :-D :-D

khechat jaa khechat jaaaa - murkha prekshak baslech aahet ase watate saglyaana.

Kahihi daakhava - baghtilach - ho ki nahi :-)

MNB - If Radhika is so dumb - then may be she deserves what she gets.... BTW - if all the office staff from ALF have moved from Guru to Radhika and now she has started to prosper - ACTUALLY - the staff are the real stars - and Niether Radhika - NOR Guru are capable of anything in life - :-D :-D :-D

TMBU - Looks like there has been a fight inhouse - half the characters have disappeared - he he he... similar to a previous serial - Khulta kali - ;-) ;-) - Trainee director and writers at work.... seems like a college project...

Grahan - OMG - ghabarlo me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - ajuun please ghabravu nakaaaa please please please - ratri zhop naahi yenaar -- what a joke...
Sanjay Dashrath Sawant
Apr 12, 2018

Grahan serial

Grahaan serial is very illogical and seems that they have lost the plot completely. Nothing seems going in sink and the starcast except Pallavi Joshi doesn't feel have that caliber to be casted in serial. Background music is very irritating as it does not gel with the actual scenes. They should have choosen a good actor against Pallavi Joshi who can match her in performance. Present character seems he himself needs some good physcologist. The only character after pallavi joshi who acted well is her mother inlaw.
I request Zee marathi to start something new and which will help students and childrens in there academics as there is vacation season going on.
Apr 12, 2018

background music in Gaav gata gajali

The music that is played in the background is too loud because of which dialogues are not clearly audible. kindly look into it so that we the dialogues are properly audible. Also that background music need not be played throughout the serial for 30 long minutes. Dont spoil the such a beautiful serial with such minor errors.
Apr 10, 2018

majhya navryachi bayko

ya serial madhe ek stri ji navryane fasvali geli aahe aani aaplya astitwasthi jhagadat aahe ase kaahise dakhvale aahe.
pan day one episode pasun yachi feeling kadhich naahi aali.

suruvaatach muli navryachya lafdyapasun jhaliy aani jichyabarobar he lafde dakhvanyat aale aahe ti keval sundar aahe evdhich tichi qualificaton asne mhanje stri hi keval shobhechi bahuli asavi ase vaatate.

radhikala jevha he kalte ki navra eka sundar aani elite mulikade aakarshit jhalay tar tevhach hine aaplyat badal karayala ghyayala have hote v halu halu ti aplyat pragati karat geli aahe ase apekshit hote. pan hi baya tya mirchi masalyat adkali aani karkhana kadhayacha tar office thatun basli aahe.

bar office pan office cum dharmshala vaatate. hi baya saglyanach kamavar thevun ghetey pagar kay ek ek masalyache paakit denar aahe. dudhwala kay, bakula, naniji. yedchaap.

bare aata ticha jo getup daakhvala aahe tyat ti business women kami aani bedhab jast distey. tila to neet carry pan karta yet naahi. evdha coat boot ghalun suddha bhasha tich havna ni bavna.

sampva aata hi seriyal. please.
Apr 7, 2018


Just shows that a good and absolutely wonderfully sung title song DOES NOT guarantee success of the serial

Do not judge the book by its cover - in this case the cover - the title song is fab...

But the director has lost it...

Rubber band itka khechuu Nakaaa - DO NOT INSULT YOUR VIEWERS INTELLIGENCE.

Its been a month - and after the first 2 episodes, she has forgotten to search for her own house - and even that is part of the GRAND PLOT - that she was not supposed to be doing it anyways - then what the hell is she supposed to be doing...


Dont waste Pallavi Joshi's talent !!!

Seriously - WRITERS - PLEASE DO NOT DANCE TO THE PRODUCERS TUNES - have some spine yourselves
R A Gawande
Apr 7, 2018

Stop showing Graham serial on Zee marathi

Stop showing such irrevalent serials on TV Channel..
Apr 5, 2018

Tuzha maazha breakup

Complete Idiotic plot...

The writers are idiots...

These serials are just showing how much writers are dancing to the tunes of the producers...

Samir - Complete SPINELESS character.... can he not stand up to his mother and Menaka.... DUMB IDIOT.

Meera - Am sure she is someone's somebody - else am really wondering how she has got the part - she cannot act for nuts... And WHO designs her wardrobe...

Menaka - Lousy acting.. and the only expressions she can give is pout her lips and widen her eyes... complete Mattha.

Lata - Good performance in the beginning - for about 3-4 episodes - but after that complete OVERACTING.

Good performances by Rohini Hattangadi, Atya, and the vakil.

And the father does not stand up to his wife???? what lousy build up of characters...

And whats this bullshit about taayu, attuu, mauuu - rubbish - trying to show a very lovey dovey atmosphere... very artificial and made up...

Director is on drugs...
Apr 5, 2018

tuze maze breakup -faltu hot jatey

आजच्या एकविसाव्या शतकात जी मुलगी जॉबला जाते ती सर्व दुनिया शिकून घेते
जर मीरेने यापूर्वी जॉब केला असेल तर मग तिला माहित असले पाहिजे कि मेनका सारख्या मुलींना कसे सांभाळायचे
मोबाईल मध्ये कॉल रेकॉर्डिंग असले पाहिजे.
ती येत असताना व्हॉइस रेकॉर्डर चालू करायचा हे सर्व आपोआप सुचते.
तसेच २ लाखापेक्षा रोखीचा व्यवहार करता येत नसताना मेनका ५ लाख रुपये रोख देतेच कशी ??
Marine Pilot
Apr 5, 2018

Zee Marathi serials

Arre Kai murkhapana chalavlat for the last almost two years of telecasting crap bulshit serials like TJR, MNB, TMBU, and HTTAH?

That TJR should have ended gracefully after Rana winning the Whatever Kesri wrestling match and that vahini exposed.
But no, you have to drag it more with many Faltu episodes involving the characters and their problems one by one.
Overall it looks like that vahini is the main character. Vahini hagat jatey and bakichey kadhat jatat with that bail backside Rana worshipping her like a goddess and the others just keeping quiet especially that gogalgai pathakbai. Stop this serial now, khup tanlit

MNB is going on and on and on with that enema face Gurunath shown to be winning all the time. You guys haven't a clue about corporate matters. Now guru appears to be a CEO, managing director in place of Mr. Kapoor and a partner I place of Sathe bai!!!
At the same time getting scolded like a junior emplyoee by the other "partner" the office and it's working and staff are shown to be
such idiots. This all shows the poor educational background and knowledge of whoever is responsible for this and the other serials.
For all the makeover that Radhika still looks like a kakubai and her English is very poor. Nobody introduces themselves
as "Myself Radhika" it should correctly be " I am Radhika or my name is Radhika whatever... All the so called English spoken by all the so called westernised characters in all your serials have a Marathi accent which does not match their getup!
Absolutely hopelessly third class gutter stuff serial Bandh kara hah sagala

Your TMBU is the most idiotic serial showing Samir a clown, Meera a fool and all the others buffoons if you know what that is!
What total rubbish, end it now.

HTTA is better than the others because at least it's a fresh episode every time without one story stretching for years.
But you could cut out the badwords and reduce the overacting and bad pseudo English spoken by Shalini.

But do viewers a favour by ending ASAP the serials TJR, MNB and TMBU

There is no hope of you guys ever achieving the good old high standards of Marathi stage dramas and movies of the bygone golden days. At least don't sink the standards of your serials to such disgusting, mediocre, shit levels!

Jai Maharashtra!
Kirti Chavan
Apr 4, 2018

Why you stop showing gaav gata gajali serial

Gaav gata gajali was one of the good serial which you stop showing now .n showing Jaago Mohan Pyare which is totally fantasy n not so good in comparison with gaav gata gajali.
Please start showing this gaav gata gajali ..it's humble request
Apr 4, 2018

Mazya navryachi baiko

For all complaints on MNB - I completely agree that the makers have completely lost the plot. The makers are not fools to not understand that there is nothing happenning.

I have been in the media industry - and there are only 2 possibilities - Either they are just interested in the TRP, or the advertising revenue that its bringing in....

Only one way to voice your opinion - STOP WATCHING IT... the moment viewership goes down - advertising revenue will drop - and they will either end it - or shift it to a difffernet time..

I would love to see it at 11.30pm at night... just before the nightly diet food programmes :-D :-D :-D


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