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Consumer complaints and reviews about Zee Marathi

Nov 27, 2019

Ratris Khel Chale 2

What is this serial exactly about? It is definetely not of any ghost , supernatural ,etc. It is more of the serial killer who kills people who comes in his way or questions him. He is like a local goonda , who drinks continuously, robs and kills people of their land n property. He is a womaniser and has a priest n lawyer to support him. He does not care for anybody except himself.

Now no one in village nor police can do anything????. This is the story actually. All that bhoot shown is his fear and nothing else. He is above 50 years of age and physically stong like professional wrestler? Nobody can do anything to him? Nobody can speak to police or anyone and stop this man?

The Police, strong people nor GOD exist in this village. And this is happening maximum 10 years back, when mobile reign had just started.

This is what zee TV supports n endorse. I really want to know in which village in Konkan had even half of this story. Please see what you are showing. Showing us some bhoots making faces n laughing does not make supernatural thriller. Please change the name " Ratris Khel Chale " to Goondaraj or something like that.
Adv Renu
Nov 21, 2019

Complaint regarding serial Ag bai Sasubai

या सिरीयल मधील सोहम हे पात्र sorry to say पण खुपच नालायक आणि अजिबातच् संस्कारांशी संबंध नसलेले पात्र दाखवण्यात आलेले आहे पण माझ्या मते आसावरी यां सोहमवर संस्कार करण्यात अपयशी आहेत हेच दिसुन। येत. सोहम मध्ये एकही गुण चांगला नाही तो आईचा सतत अपमान करतो, स्वताच्या आजोबांबाबत , वयोवुद्द लोकांबाबत देखील त्याच्या मनात आदर नाही, अॉफीसच्या पैशात देखील खुप घोळ घालतो त्याच्यात एकही गुण चांगला नाही तरी पण शुभ्रा सारखी सोज्वळ मुलगी सोहमच्या कुठल्या गुणावर प्रेमात पडली हेच कळत नाही. जरा सोहम च्या पात्रात थोडातरी सकारात्मक बदल दाखवा.
Abhi Maiske
Nov 20, 2019

Balumama chya navane Chang bhal

ह्या सिरीयल चा time बदला
किंवा हे सिरीयल off air करा
I'm requesting you colors tv
Nov 12, 2019

Ratris Khel Chale 2

Wow Wow Wow. Zee marathi proves that any amount of crimes , murders can make a person win wealth, n lady and will never get caught. In almost all serials, police , other people are fools and nobody can do anything. Wow.

Please continue to show these type of serials. These shows the caliber of writers (yeda Pandu hawaldar). Lies n games always win , clap clap clap.
Pandurang N Sarode
Oct 31, 2019

Lagnachi wife weddingchi bayko

To zee TV channels pl stop this program immidatly due to my objection this progrram is verry negative sence for andhashraddha isme bacche hone ke liye ek baba seb deta hai or badi tadat se lady negativ sence pradarshit karti hai ise samaj par bura asar padega hum ye bhul rahe hai hum 21 vi sadi me aakar kya ase baba ke pass jakar ghanta hi bajate rahenge band karo ye sab natak or duniya ko backup babana.
Suresh Wadkar
Oct 29, 2019

Chala hava yeu de madhil - thukrat wadi ha shabd

Mala chala hava yeude ha karykram khup aavadto pan thukrat wadi ha shabd khatakto. Karan maz nav Suresh Wadkar aahe. Mala kadhich kuthehi thukayla aavdat nahi. Aayushyatun 2 te 3 vela chukun rastyavar thuklo asen tybaddl mafi. Pan dusri kahi Manas rastyavar building chya jinyachya bajula thukun lal kartat tyabaddal mala kup mhanje prachand rag yeto. Mala thukaycha asel tar mi gatarat thukato . Aani mahtvach mhanje thukrat ha shabd changla nahi karan tya karyakrama mule kalakarnch aani tyanchya parivarach pot bhart. Bagha tumhala ptate kai. Jast bolalo asel tar maf Kara. Mala chala hava yeu de ha karyakram khup aavdto pls. Aani ha karyakram nehami baghinach he sangu shakt nahi khadi baghin kadhi nahi baghnar.
Oct 16, 2019

It gets boring and it's a waste of time to watch the serials

Between every serial : Again and again -Zee Marathi song is played plus Best of Nilesh Sable, Sagar Karande, etc. Same thing again and again and again and again and again. Now we know it by heart.
Secondly: kahi kshanat! the whole event from the serial is shown before the next part so all the fun from that part of serial is screwed up!

It is becoming so boring!
Oct 11, 2019

Mazhya navryachi bayko

Banda Kara re ti pakau serial. Tuzhyat jiv rangla sampli tari tumchi sampat nahi
Oct 10, 2019

Improper behaviour preached through characters

About the serial 'agabai sasubai', the grandfather Dutta character is shown so mean to his daughter-in-laws and the way he insults them in front of everyone is going to send a improper message to the society. Also the language that the character uses is absolutely unacceptable even if it is a fictional character. Also, the annoyingly simple character played by Asavari looks funny.
Oct 9, 2019

Ratris Khel Chale 2

Pandu hawaldar needs to be in lunatic asylum. It seem the writer is mentally deranged to write such serial. Zee Marathi as usual proves that always corrupt , murderer wins and can get the things as he wants. Fantastic. Police are humbug, no value at all. Some stupid supernatural to be shown , and nobody gets scarred.

You get such serial from mentally deranged person, than what to expect.
Lewis Gallahger johnson washington III
Sep 27, 2019

Please fire the writers of most of the serials on your channel

The same shit is being put out by you every time. If one of the serial goes, you come back with another one, equally melodramatic and abysmal. You keep the first few episodes good(considering the beggining of any story or plot is slightly amusing and tolerable)but as usual substandard. The later episodes degrade in their quality becoming something totally different. Imagine if Hum Saath Saath Hain, the seemingly millenial love story suddenly turned into a murder mystery? No one likes you Zee Marathi. If you gavae any shits about customer satisfaction, brilliant marathi serials such 'Eka Lagnyachi Teesri Goshta' would be brought back. But apparently not.
So please stop. Either omit yourself or stop until the writers of you serials become sober again. Sorry for the rant but I guess this is as short as I can keep it. Would go on for the next few days if I was as jobless as most of the actors become after their serials get dished out by you after listening to your customers once in a bluemoon.
Marine Pilot
Sep 26, 2019

Zee Marathi Serials

Arre Shee Marathi,

Out of morbid curiosity, just watched your latest episode of ABSB the contents of which once again prove. that the retards who make these shows have a constipation of ideas and a diarrhoea of never ending Faltu episodes. In this latest episode you show that Redhi Mhais pradnya character as usual gossiping about the sacking of that dumbo erandale tale drunk Soham characte. This info she got from the door conveniently left unlocked by that simpering Shubhra character! And that Ass Avari is shown so dumb as to forget all the nastiness of pradnya and in fact not rebuke her with" mind your own business" type reply and kick her out? You even go further to show her being favourable to her son for not telling her he is sacked and ridiculously rebukes her daughter in law for keeping it quiet? What is your agenda eh? That widows should be slaves of all at home including an ass hole of a father in law and that mothers should spoil their sons and unnecessarily be nasty to their soonbai? Or r also be doormats for shitty neighbours to walk upon.? Looks like you guys haven't a clue about city life or modern society. Kai ugach Faltu acharat pana and unrealistic situations sarkhe dakhavtat? Vaat lavli junta high standard Marathi entertainiment chi! Just shut down all these crap serials and come out with better stuff. All true fans of Marathi should stop watching these shit crap serials. It's amazing how well known actors accept these low standards and perform all the bavalat ridiculous stuff day to day for years in these shit serials. Surely professional pride should come before money?
Jai Maharastra!
Sep 25, 2019

Majya Navraychi Baiko/ratris khel chale/other serials

One of the point shown in all the serials, that police are the most stupid people. They do not understand many things nor do they investigate in depth. Now this is most ridiculous thing. It seems that all through out all serials are made to degrade the police department. Secondly no character in the serials, thinks that it is necessary to take help of law. If taken, they will never get justice, as the culprit will not be found or there wont be sufficient evidence found, In fact, checking the documents itself will give all the evidence in case of fraud. Why do the serials try to prove law is not important or police are most stupid people.
If the police simply digs Anna Naik premises , they will find enough evidence to hang him. Assuming , this was not discovered , still there are many evidences of fraud, murder. And police department is intelligent and capable of finding fraud persons , in very short time, let me assure that.
Anyway, all I can say, that the writers of these serials are uneducated people or lives in make believe world and thinks that the audiences do not understand law. Seems to be sending false meassages to audience.
What more to say?
Jayshree b
Sep 23, 2019

Quality of serial content decreased

Dear zee marathi,

Quality of serial story line has decreased, high time to think about what should show to daily users. On today's era people are matured they need qualitylative subject line but u gyes are showing faltu content serials like mazya navryachi bayko, mukhyamantri chi bayko many stories are literally non sence, serial time should not more than 2 year. few years back our family was watching only zee marathi serials but now we don't even go to zee marathi, this is not only in our case but many users changed their preference form zee marathi

Plz think about the serial content
Jayshree b
Sep 23, 2019

Quality of serials on zee Chanel

Dear zee marathi,

Quality of serial story line has decreased, high time to think about what should show to daily users. On today's era people are matured they need qualitylative subject line but u gyes are showing faltu content serials like mazya navryachi bayko, mukhyamantri chi bayko many stories are literally non sence, serial time should not more than 2 year. few years back our family was watching only zee marathi serials but now we don't even go to zee marathi, this is not only in our case but many users changed their preference form zee marathi

Plz think about the serial content
Sep 20, 2019

Regarding jaago mohan pyare

Please those who are reading this msg... Please jaago mohan pyare serial parat chalu kaara yaar... Ti ekch serial amhla sarvana khup avdaichi. Shruti marathe ani atul parchure ch kam khupch masta hta.. Ani amchi mula suddha avdine bghachi.. Tension diwsbharach tya serial mule dur vhaich.
Sep 13, 2019

Why villan of serial has to be portrayed in western clothes - example: Shanaya from MNB and Pradhnya from ABSB

I have one simple issue with Marathi serials of this era. Why all modern westernised women are supposed to be the villan? Is it a crime to wear western clothes? Why always an ideal Marathi women has to be in traditional attire, why can't she wear jeans or short dresses? Why Is it mandatory to wear traditional clothes to keep culture alive in you ? Does the thoughts and character of person not matter ? Why cant a good character person wear western dress? Why do you want to create a picture of girl wearing western clothes as a girl who is not fit for society and wants all bad things with surrounding people?

There are beautiful traditional thinking women out in this world but when it comes to marriage, marathi girls are expected to be in traditional attire for life and quit wearing what they like.. this is all just because a mentality set by this serials that an ideal daughter in law wears saree, and if she wants to live a little modern life she will be allowed to wear salwar or kurti with a scarf.
It is assumed that her in-laws are too supportive if they let her wear jeans! So no where it matters what a girl in this society want's to wear. This culture works purely on approval basis and the main reason why old people don't allow their daughters or daughter in law to wear modern dresses is just because your TV serials have set their mentality as the culture reflects in what you wear. Your TV serials give a very wrong message that a western dressed marathi women is a very bad person.
I would request you to please stop portraying a modern westernised women as villan of your serials, this impacts a lot of minds and your daughters have to pay for it.
Stop taking away the basic right of your daughter and daughter-in-law of choosing their own dressing style by creating a bad picture of western women.
Sep 13, 2019

Mazhya navryachi bayko

Serial ata banda Kara. Ugach Kahihi artha naslele aani odhun tannun episode kashala banavtat. Chavun Chavun chotha zhalay serial cha. Please banda Kara. Lokanacha anta pahu naka
Marine Pilot
Sep 11, 2019

Zee Marathi Serials

Arre tumhi Zee Marathicha "Shee Marathi " Karun taklah with all 3rd grade faltu shit crap serials like MNB, TJR to name a few,
going on and on and on for the last three miserable years. Most stupid dialogues, overacting, ridiculous story, idiotic direction and cheap stuff in all of these shitcrap serials. Not that you have taken any hints from the numerous complaints to try and improve what's being shown on your daily telecast on your Marathi channel. Aho laaz Kashi vat at nahi to bring down the glorious Marathi standards of stage drama and cinema of the past glorious golden days eh? Stop belittling our true Marathi spirit and pride by showing such third class stuff, or is there some hidden agenda to bring down the once high standards of Marathi entertainment.
Even your new serial ABSB ( the plot of which is obviously plagiarised from a popular western serial) but which had a potential for showing a romantic comedy of the friendship between two mature persons is now going the same way as the rest of the shit serials.
Why do you show silly pseudo westernised tatya pavtya characters in all your serials? Their so called western English is horribly tatya pavtya accented like Bale instead of bell , fade instead of red, bade instead of bed and so on. In ABSB how can a woman working in a posh restaurant not know how to make a simple cup of tea, or use a chimta or keep a cup upright for pouring tea in? Kahi pan acharat bavlatpana dakhavu naka. Kai doki nahit ka viewers na? Or are you all retards showing this stuff for retards alone?
I do hope the so called guardians of Marathi pride and Marathi manoos do decide to watch all the crap being dished out on your Marathi vahini, and perhaps they may realise how low the standards of Marathi shows has reached and perhaps do something about making sure the quality of Marathi shows goes back to the good old standards of past years. Meantime, unless you can improve upon all these serials, stop telecasting all the bullshit and give viewers a respite from daily dished out crap.
Jai Maharastra!
Siddharth kittur
Sep 9, 2019

Bring back shriyut gangadhar tipre

Dear concern.

We beg you to stop harassing us by this bull shit circus called as MAZYA NAVRYA CHE BYKO and TUJYAT JEEV RANGALA, I'm sure you are just stretching it because these idiots have not got any other offers Instead of that please bring back programs like shriyut tipre or gav gata ghazali,hasa chakat Fu etc which were really being enjoyed, kindly look into the same.thank you
Sep 8, 2019

Ratris Khel Chale 2/MNB/Other Serials

In almost all serials of Zee Marathi , Law of the country has no meaning. One can commit murder, abuse, roberry any no. of crimes and the person will not be even get caught. Is Zee Marathi promoting Crimes & Criminal activities? Instead of showing serials of moral boositing, funny n enjoyable or atleast emotional , what is this they are promoting.
Does the writers think that Marathi viewers are uneducated and does not understand law?
This is the request to the Zee marathi viewers to shift to Starplus Channel, that is far more entertaining and with much better script and ideologies.
Sep 5, 2019

Ratris khel chale

Is this serial promoting local terrorism. Please stop this nonsense immediately. This serial was suppose to show some supernatural things. What it is showing on continuous basis is terrorism n giving wrong messages. Pandu hawaldar should be jailed for writing n sending wrong messages.
Supriya Gadgil
Aug 30, 2019

Violation law is the norm and no action is taken

Guru despite stealing 35 crores is free with no police arrest despite an FIR . Sulakshana abducts Popatrao and steals 10 crores . She is also free . Shanaya freely uses cash buying a flat of few crores and no questions asked . When no transactions of such magnitude are allowed in cash . Goverment authorities are mute spectators to all this . This all for the sake of adding few more episodes is nonsense. A wrong message of Act illegal or do crime and you are free .
Aug 16, 2019

Repeatative Content

On Zee Marathi HD, 2 complaints/ suggestions

1) Chala Hawa Yeu De- was and is a good program but nowadays the quality of humour is degraded. It clearly shows actors invited for the show are paid to laugh loudly. Their expressions prove that so please make the show natural as it should be like it was earlier. The Actors Bhau, Sagar, Kushal, Bharat & Shreya are versatile and too good, please use them in good manner and not just for foolish PJ's.

2) Between 2 serials, Zee Marathi HD shows Best of Sagar Karande(Band Kara Band Kara), Bharat(Shikshan Mantri), Kushal(Pinga), Shreya(Anganwadi), Bhau(Jyotish)...good but how many times daily and weekly. It is so repeatative that a 8yr boy knows all the dialogues. Once a week is ok but it is so irritating that the moment "best of" and Zee Marathi Anthem starts, we switch to other channel.

Kahitari Kara, Quality down Naka Karu...

Mee Marathi, Zee Mararhi
Aug 12, 2019

Ratris Khel Chale 2

The writer of the serial acts in the same serial as Pandu. It seems he writes the serial in same way. His famous line is "Visarele" . Yes the serial has forgotten laws for murders, crimes , etc. Anna can bury people in his own premises, can kill , grab , womanise, can do whatever he wants. Only some bhoots in night will sometime scare him, not that he ever gets scared of doing any type of crime,
Above all he is extremely blessed, that he never even get caught in his deeds. God is always blessing him. Hahaha.-----

Above all, most of the people are foolish or stupid like Husband of Patankarbai, wife of Anna, and many more. Very Very funny.

Please continue to show stupid, illogical, meaningless serial serials, It will good for people to do something better than waste their time is sitting in front of TV.

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