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Consumer complaints and reviews about Zee Marathi

Omprakash Patil kolhapur
Jan 17, 2018

कंटाळवाण्या मालिका बंद करा

कंटाळवाण्या होत चाललेल्या मालिका बंद करा
विशेषतः माझ्या नवऱ्याची बायको, लागीर झाल जी आणि तुझ्यात जीव रंगला. ह्या मालीकांची खरी गोष्ट संपली आहे. राणाच्या मालीकेत वज्रकेसरी नंतर ही मालीका संपायला पाहीजे होती. आता रेणूची लवस्टोरी. उद्या बरकतची. काहीपण दाखवू नका. मराठीचा दर्जा राखा. ऐक मालीका 6महीने पर्यतच दाखवा.
Hrishikesh Sholapurkar
Dec 19, 2017

Too much advertising instead of comparing

While watching Sa Re Ga Ma Pa it is observed that too much advertising n that too poor quality. Ads were involving Amazon and Meswak. I think we see enough advertisements during breaks and we deserve to listen good comparing. But comparing done presently is not upto the mark and is local show level. Hope to see some progress as show goes on. Also judges were dragged in this, which never happened in prior seasons.
Dec 15, 2017

Stop bhenji hiring innocence & give a reality

Arre too much now, y is Radhika not telling to Guru's parents regarding his affair. Director Wat r u doing, totally pissed off. I m a fan of the show but now it's totally weird to watch same stuff. Get a life for Radhika, how much her character of tipical bhenji will be portraying,. As a viewer it's totally wasting my half hour to watch this same again n again.
In today's world a husband like this is too hypothetical. How can watch her husband with anyone. How stupid to watch, get a life. Now a days women part ways when a cheat is caught in a relationship. Serial is going 3rd class quality. Kindly get Radhika a makeover man also let there be divorce with Radhika & Guru. Wat a husband bravo, all nonsense.
Dec 12, 2017

कंटाळवाण्या मालिका बंद करा

विशेषतः माझ्या नवऱ्याची बायको आणि तुझ्यात जीव रंगला.

उगीच काहीतरी वाढवायचे म्हणून वाढवत आहेत.. ऐकच गोष्ट याला सांग, नंतर तीच दुसऱ्याला, तिसऱ्याला सांग, मग चौथा. मुंज, कॉलेज, मेकओव्हर, सहली यासारखा भुसा भरत आहेत, गुणवत्तेची सर काही उरली नाही. यांना काही नवीन सापडत नाही काय?

या मालिका काय शिकवतात आपल्याला? कारस्थाने रचणे, दुसऱ्याला पाण्यात पाहणे, खाष्टपणा, कटकट, वायफळ बडबड वगैरे वगैरे.
Amruta kulkarni
Dec 8, 2017

Stop all serials on zee marathi

It's really very irritating and boring. Ekahi serial Baghanya laayak nahi. Have stoped watching T.V. Kahitari dakhvaycha mhanun dakhavtat. Nonsense. Nusti khechakhechi chali aahe serials chi.
Marine Pilot
Nov 30, 2017

Zee Marathi Serials TJR & MNB

Arre W the F are you stretching TJR after already reaching the logical climax of Rana winning the VK .
You should have exposed that vahini's trick of jaifal to Rana and ended this serial. But no, you are now repeating the same shit about Rana getting tricked into another commercial enterprise misusing his name. Same crap again and again and again for so long? Stop this serial now.

MNB is also showing crap. That taklit Panwalkar is now taking his turn to behave like a saku Saint.What rubbish! There have been mass resignations in actual life in such situations of a lousy boss and in fact the boss gets sacked. Why are you showing unrealistic moronic rubbish when you haven't a clue about corporate systems, management, ethics and practices?
Faltu khitari dakhvun you are ugach wasting primetime dishing out crap to viewers.

Least you can do is fast forward positively these two serials, finish off that vahini and Chanda in TJR and that dhungan guru and shit Shanaya in MNB and END both these turned into crap serials and free primetime for better stuff.

Laaz Varun rahili to see such downgrading of traditional high standards of Marathi drama and acting.

Jai Maharashtra!
Pavan Jadhav
Nov 28, 2017

Please stop SAREGAMPA Programme

You had lost your TRP Because of SA RE GA MA PA Please stop this serial and Restart Chala hawa yewu dya once again. If you cant do this then shut down your channel for 1 hour on Monday and Tuesday.

Please stop the been displayed in the serial SA RE GA MA PA and that too such a bad serial is been given a prime time slot. Do note that this is the time when people tend to relax post their working hours and from their daily activities. There has to be a tangent within which you have to showcase all the drama.

You people are literally harassing peoples during this prime time slot.
Pradnya Adhav
Nov 27, 2017

PLEASE END Mazhya navryachi baayko ASAP

When we initially started watching the series we thought it was something interesting in a way because it showed the behaviour of the men and how a housewife should handle such a situation, thereby making her strong emotionally and economically. BUT now it seems that the series has left its ideology and is only focusing on stretching the series as much as possible.
I am a Senior College lecturer and while discussing the effect of media the discussion somehow began about this series, I let the students discuss it as I wanted to see what effect it was having on the youth, some of them did'nt like the series at all but were forced to watch it, nevertheless during the discussion I realised that many girls felt that Shanaya was a better character than Radhika BECAUSE SHE ALWAYS WINS. She does not need to work lives a luxurious life of someone else and there is no commitment, Radhika was not the strong woman anymore and no one likes her any more.The boys felt the same about Gurunath however wrong he behaves he wins (While discussing the role of a CEO in a company, one of my students said its a wonderful job you just boss around and do nothing, you are always free to do whatever you like............ Really) Having an affair with someone like Shanaya and no commitment is better than living with a housewife like Radhika.
Before this discussion I saw series only for the sake of entertainment, BUT I realised that they deeply affect the thoughts of a person.
A series which I thought was made for Women Empowerment has now taken a different turn. It is my humble request to Zee Marathi to end this series appropriately as soon as possible.
Santosg gharat
Nov 27, 2017

Stop the bullshit in MNB on zee marathi. you are promoting negativity by such utter nonsense

Please stop the utter nonsense been displayed in the serial Mazha Navryachi Bayko and that too such a dumb serial is been given a prime time slot. Do note that this is the time when people tend to relax post their working hours and from their daily activities. There has to be a tangent within which you have to showcase all the drama. But the negativity showcased by you for such a long period have all gone beyond all possible tangents. Also Show something good aspects of life proportionately where in the young generation (who are unfortunately forced viewers of such garbage mind induced serials) can get positive energy and can learn some good aspects in life....

You people are literally harassing peoples during this prime time slot. People tend to relax after office hours and they want to have a good time with their family leaving behind all the office tensions and physical cum mental exhaustion. However you people on the other hand are adding to the anguish of the viewers by showcasing such utter nonsense.

Try to end this stupidity at fhe earliest and give the serial justice by showing some good content with positivity message to the society...

Needless to say but that dumb ass portrayed and foul minded SHANAYA must be getting all the unwanted curses from the Hard working marath womens.....

You people are tarnishing the image of all hardworking marathi womens who work so honestly and try to maintain their work family life balance....
Marine Pilot
Nov 25, 2017

Zee Marathi MNB

What crap are you showing on MNB?? Arre Tummala kahi corporate working chi idea tari ahey ka? First of all no CEO can behave in the way that dhungan Gurunath is shown to behave. Nor does a board meeting call all staff in for promotions or discussions!!!?
And the CEO cannot barge into a board meeting in this manner. Murkhapana cha aarka! Also the. Board cannot take d elisions against a fellow director on such flimsy accusations. How come Kapoor is not bringing out Gurunath and Shanayayunofficial Singapore trip and the loss to the company. In fact other than the lady on the board and Kapoor the other two directors are such buffoons and morons. It is all a load of crappy serial which has undeservingly taken up a good prime time slot when people want to RELAX in front of the TV and see some good stuff instead of getting agitated with all the rubbish being telecast day after day for more than a year now. STOP this most stupid MNB serial or show it at midnight when alll viewers are asleep! A look at TMBU also confirms that this new serial is as idiotic as your other current serials like MNB.
Your low standards are a shame to the high standards of Marathi stage and drama of yore.
No point writing any further complaints either।
Jai Maharashtra!
Marine Pilot
Nov 24, 2017

Marathi Serial MNB

Arre Kai bawlat murkhapana dakhavta ahet tumhi on MNB. You guys have no clue about corporate and company operations.
No employee can leave his office at random to stalk the big boss or spy on meetings and take videos at will. Every employee has a direct supervisor and has to clock in and out of office. Then there is security manning all cctv cameras. Kai Faltu acharat pana lavlat?
Show something true to life and logical and which makes sense. Most irritating to see such idiotic nonsense on primetime.
Also Gurunath cannot bypass Kapoor his direct boss who also appears to be on the board of directors with power to make his own decisions. What drap cheap stuff!
Stop and end this stupid serial.
Jai Maharashtra!
Marine Pilot
Nov 23, 2017

Zee Marathi Serials TJR & MNB

Congratulations! Looks like you are going ,to END TJR after Rana's' Vajrakesari gadha win on Sunday? Hope so ! There is no point dragging this serial beyond that point.

As for MNB, it has reached the heights of idiotic, unrealistic, stupid nonsense! Arre first of all the so called "hushyar" CEO Gurunath will not be so stupid to mix up his work and play, nor expose himself cheaply to hangers on, parasites and pimps. Then again, no big boss like Kapoor and the whole company staff interfere in anyone's private life or involve themselves with his wife. Most idiotic stupid nonsense! That Shanaya is shown so childish and stupid, and that Radhika seems to have appeared from the 1950's with her dressing styles and mannerisms. You keep dragging and dragging with the same repeated bulshit that viewers primetime chi vaat lavli. Arre that Gurunath would have been sacked long ago in real life, but you keep on giving him and his chamchas the upper hand.
Enough of this stupidest serial. You ended a much better serial passant ahey mulgi very hurriedly to bring in this crap MNB! What a waste ! Arre bandh kara hi Faltu serial. Enough is enough!
Jai Maharashtra!
Dr. Ankit.. K
Nov 18, 2017

Lagira zala Ji......

In now days New Rahul is coming in Lagira zala ji serial.
This boy speaking very fast... All guys ajinkya and vikas teasing on his speaking and laughing.. So it is not good to teasing any disability.. In there many people in this world that problem.. So.. Remove that character in this serial.. You made for this character for comedy purpose but you don't know many people facing that type of problem in this world..and I also see this type people and what they face the problem in public and people makes laugh of them. and I also work for them..(therapiest) . please I kindly request the producer shweta shinde please remove this character.. So I will go....
Marine Pilot
Nov 15, 2017

Zee Marathi TJR and MNB

Arre baas kara ki all the nonsense you are dishing out on these two serials. It's high time you let that bail Rana see through the wiles of his vahini and that Anjali to become more assertive. Come on! How come that Godhakka who for one full year of this
serial has known how bad that vahini is, suddenly in one episode listens to and gets influenced by vahini, and who trusted that Anjali always now decides to doubt her? Just because of Faltu story and direction? Most ridiculous! Now expose that vahini and Chanda ,let Rana win the Vajrakesari and END this serial ok?

As for MNB not a clue where this idiotic serial is heading or when it is going off the air! Arre Kai tech tech parat parat ugalat baslaat? Think ahey you have that dhungan guru and imbecile Shanaya on the backfoot, don't change the pace now, don't let that Radhika play atya patya, daghad KA maati or like a pendulum keep changing her plans. That Aai with her pseudo Nagpuri accent is most irritating and so is that gavthi Radhika. Why don't you get that guru and Shanaya sacked and jobless, fast forward the serial over several years like you did with KKK and end it asap.

Jai Maharashtra!
Haresh Parab
Nov 11, 2017

End MNB serial

Humble request to please close boring serial Mhajya Navryachi Baiko.. why r u guys following the foot steps of Hindi serials of Star Plus & Colors, you have ur own creativity & ideas.. it's really torture (wen I reach home from office) to see this idiot hero running behind Shanaya, nd sometime Shanaya in, Radhika out den Radhika In - Shanaya Out.. don't think audience r fool.

Pls give a proper climax & end this serial. Let's other try their imagination & creativity..
Marine Pilot
Nov 9, 2017

Zee Marathi TJR & MNB Serials

Arre Atal baas kara ki! Kai tanat baslaat hyah serials? Now that Rana is healing his leg let him get back to normal, open his eyes to see what his vahini actually is, and win that Vajrakesari and END this derailed serial ASAP and stop showing such useless prolonged serials on primetime.

As for MNB tech rech parat parat again and again crap of shanaya in Radhika out Radhika in Shanaya out now Shanaya is coming in again or maybe if you get it right this time throw guru and Shanaya out let guru get demoted in office or get sacked, let Radhika
become a big shot and fast forward and END this lunatic serial ASAP Kriti vel Ajun bore karnar? Bandh kara hyah don hi serials
or show Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj and hum hain Ashik on primetime instead of TJR and MNB.
Jai Maharashtra!
Manasi M. Vaidya
Nov 7, 2017

About Sambhaji Maharaj serial

Thanks Zee Marathi for the Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji serial. It is wonderful and I watch the serial with my son. It is absolutely important that our young ones see this huge bravery and magnificence of the maratha warrior. There is no match in world history. All the actors have done their part very well. M impressed with the portrayal of main characters Shivaji Maharaj, Rajmata Jijabai and young Sambhaji Maharaj as well. Please continue with this enormous contribution. Words are insufficient to tell you how indebted i feel to see such perfect portrayal of ever revered characters of history. I realize the importance of their sacrifices, intellect and vision even more.
Nov 6, 2017

Play guard add on Zee marathi

Hello Sir/Madam
There are very few Programs which we watch along with entire family. One of it ChaLa Hava Yeu Dya on Zee TV
When we seat all together suddenly vulgar CONDOM add starts on the screen. It is very disgusting situation , and small children curiously watch and will ask questions,

Why such add, is it for making the money than Shame on the Producer and who us responsible to approve such kind of add.
There can be different time and platform to show such add and not during the Program like Chala Hava yeu .dya.
Marine Pilot
Nov 4, 2017

Zee Marathi Serials TJR & MNb

Currently your TJR seems to be at it's worst in all respects. That Rana is shown behaving as a real pain in the backside character with no regard for his wife and ridiculous loyalty to that vahini. Even Abba seems to be keeping quiet and allowing vahini to carry on with her stupid remarks and tricks! Come on! Stop stretching this serial with stupid melodrama and cheap stunts. How can that vahini interfere in a husband wife relationship with that cow Anjali keeping dumb and behaving cowardly in front of her junior jau? Most stupid ridiculous
idiotic stupid serial it has turned out to be! Stop this idiotic nonsense and end it now. Kantal alah khup. I think you have spoilt it by bringing in silly stuff.

MNB is also stretching into eternal lunacy. Why are you sending wrong social messages with Radhika still saying" Hyanah Bhavan nahi rahile hey Kai karat ahet " what crap is this? That dhungan guru is the main culprit and not that Shanaya! Also how come a CEO has time to run to pimps and chamchas neglecting his job? What rubbish! End this most crappy serial running for more than a year NOW!

Jai Maharashtra!
Marine Pilot
Oct 28, 2017

Zee Marathi Serials TJR & MNB

Why don't you relegate these two primetime stupid serials to past midnight? Less frustration for viewers who prefer some good stuff on primetime. In TJR with that Rana soaking in all the shit that vahini is giving him about his wife, how can you director not focus on Anjali finding Rana after the accident and rescuing him on the motorbike with such difficulty and making Rana to appreciate her thus saving his life? Come on! enough of that vahini and her shenanigans( if you know what that means!) time you let Rana see through her evil ways and give that Gai Anjali some spirit to confront vahini, that Sunny da to put his wife in place and END this derailed serial ASAP.
Your MNB has sunk into the abyss ( if you know what that means!) of stupidity and moronic idiocy! Arre which highly placed CEO would take advice from riffraff and get blackmailed. Moreover no CEO has liberty to threaten his staff in such cheap ways. It is quite obvious you guys don't know anything about corporate organisations. Karachi at ti tanat baslaat hyah two stupi serials. Bandh kara ASAP.
Over and above all the usual rubbish, you waste time on commercials, internal advertising and faltu long drawn out dialogues, philosophy lectures and the camera panning on stupid expressions of the actors. You unnecessarily recap repeatedly and your "pud hail bhagat " shots are never in proper place. No good at all . Sorry to see such mockery of good old Marathi standards.
Jai Maharashtra!
Oct 27, 2017


Marine Pilot
Oct 25, 2017

Zee Marathi Serials TJR & MNB

Many years ago when I lived in Singapore, they had a special TV channel for classical, higher standard of intellectual level serials and programs. Thus viewers with a normal or higher IQ could relax and enjoy such stimulating programs on primetime.
Why doesn't Zee Marathi do the same? Your TJR is bogged down with that stupid retard Rana forgetting all his promises to his wife of
trust, no third person and faith every time that vahini talks the same cheap stuff with him. To add to this idiocy, that Gai Anjali stays dumb as ever without confrontation with that vahini and taking crap from her, Rana, Mahajan master et al. This serial which had the best social message of an obviously intercaste marriage, love between a highly educated city girl and a rustic village uneducated pahelwan and a broad minded government minister using no security personnel whatsoever was a real good model for people and politicians to accept and adopt. But by bringing in unnecessary complications and keeping that Rana forever oblivious of his Vahini's evil nature, you have spoilt this serial beyond measure. Guess you will stretch it and stretch it and end it in a way which will make viewers wish they were holding their breath for no reason more than a year over for some good stuff. End this nonsense now.

The same goes for MNB. Same silly situations and circumstances repeating endlessly. That guru and Radhika are getting to be very irritating with the same conversations and havbhav. Same type of acting and dialogues from all the other characters for more than a year now. End this rubbish Asaph. No point writi anymore complaints or feedback, time to switch off Zee Marathi. Sad to see Marathi entertainment standards decline to such low level retard rubbish. Jaga! MarathiTV chi izzat theva by improving your show standards.
Jai Maharashtra!
Marine Pilot
Oct 20, 2017

Zee Marathi TJR & MNB

Marathit Mhan ahey "kutryachi shepoot vakadi ti vakadich, phunknit ghatali tari vakadi ti vakadich rahil, saral kadhi honar nahi"!
Tyach pramaney your serials TJR and MNB will never ever, it seems get on the track of sanity and logic again to entertain viewers with some sensible stuff at least? Both these serials are stretching and stretching with the same up and down in and out repeated situations and circumstances. You have that bail Rana behaving like a retard of minor age and still not seeing through his Vahini's nasty svabhav who in turn being the smaller suun gives crap to that gai anjali who takes crap from everyone just like that idiot Radhika in MNB who by now should have freed herself from that dhungan guru and exposed him to her parents. Can you do us a favour by at least informing viewers as to when you plan to end both these serials. At least we can switch off if you plan to prolong them or bear up for a few more episodes in case you plan to end them soon.

Jai Maharashtra!
Marine Pilot
Oct 17, 2017

Zee Marathi Serials TJR & MNB

Zee Marathi, Congratulations!

Finally you showed the best riveting episode of MNB! A very good showdown for that Guru and Shanya from Radhika Masale Company and Associates! Absolutely no complaints about this episode. Now that you have shown Radhika wanting Guru and Shanya to dust her office tables, do make it happen ! Don't backtrack into Radhika feeling guilty or getting back into her Sant Sakubai baiko mode by stretching this serial into further silly episodes and drawbacks. Just let the steamroller roll steadily against the guru Shanya pair and let the viewers delight in the total defeat and shaming of guru Shanya to send a strong social message that if one is married he or she should stay devoted or faithful, if they cannot, then get divorced if at all but don't cheat. As for single girls, don't get involved with married men! Chalo, you have MNB on track now nearing it's "terminus" let there be no anticlimax and stupidity now!

Sorry to see TJR getting derailed! Ugach kahitari Faltu complicated situations with that Rana behaving worse than a child and stupid Anjali taking crap from him and vahini. Same stale dialogues with Aba conveniently out of the way etc. Baas kara faltugiri and end these two serials ASAP!! Kantal alah atah with all these never ending insipid melodramas. Bring back Marathi standards of bygone glorious days! Jai Maharashtra!
Marine Pilot
Oct 13, 2017

Zee Marathi TJR & MNB

As usual with your lowgrade story plot and lowgrade direction, you have completely spoilt TJR by unnecessarily involving Rana in an accident and writing off his wrestling and kheti activities. This serial was finally getting on track with a big wrestling match in the offing for a logical end of the story. You could have got Anjali's German trip postponed because of another reason, exposed Vahini's true nature to Rana and let him win the wrestling match and wrap up the serial positively. But no, you are stretching it into eternity with faltu situations and circumstances, overacting from that vahini and same stale conversations. End it Asaph and start something new.

That same with MNB, why does that Radhika not confront that dhungan Guru with the truth about his affair? Why is she dumb as ever and not telling him she saw everything in Singapore. Your episodes are getting worse and worse. Why are you sending wrong messages that condone men for having affairs by blaming the girl concerned only? The married man is more to blame than the unmarried girl. Why are you imposing silly stuff on viewers? Enough is enough, end this long running useless serial now.with the irritating Nagpuri false grating accent and that Radhika and her mother-in-law's stupid dialogues. Silly stuff fit for imbeciles!

Don't call it a "Marathi " channel your standards are no way near what Marathi standoff yore.

Jai Maharashtra!

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