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Consumer complaints and reviews about Zee Marathi

Feb 27, 2015

Stop the current story of Honar Sunn me hya gharchi

I never used to watch serials. My father told me that this is very nice serial. I also started liking this serial. Specially the understanding between Shree and Janhavi was very nice. Kind of perfect couple. But now, pathetic things are happening in serial. Everything is unrealistic. Pintya's behavior, Gokhale family's reaction. Aai Aaji's heart attack and Janhavi's pregnancy everything at a time. So much dramatic. Now, Shree and Janhavi's divorce. Its painful to see this everything. I just can't come out of it. I watch every episode in hope that everything will be fine at one point of time.

Please change the story track.
Feb 26, 2015

Honar sun me hya gharachi

I used to watch this serial for the sake of enjoyment.In a very fact, everyone watch this serial for some recreation and entertainment.
It was a pleasant and lively serial. But, now a days,it is complete representation of bad track serial. It is becoming painful and unrealistic.
Understanding between couple, was the base for making serial lovable. It was simple and beautiful representation and example in social community. But, why now a days, misunderstanding is projected? It is very much unrealistic story.
Its like, people got addicted to watch this serial, and now it is becoming irritation.

It is complete disappointment.
Feb 25, 2015

PLease stop this serial or change the track

This serial is going on a very bad track. Are you fooling the people or what? How can Janhavi said to be soooo mature to convert all her in-laws in her favor behave like a very mad person? So many people were following your serial now stopped viewing. Stop all this non sense.....Just stop it. And how can she cannot understand her step-mother. All these things are absolutely non-sense.
Feb 25, 2015

stop the nonsense

I am not a TV serial kind of person however I was a daily watching “Honar sun mi ya gharchi”. I want to share my views that now days this serial become painful and not worth to watch. If possible please change the story line where everybody knows how is Janvi’s mother still everybody believes her. This serial was light to watch and was romantic. What writer of the story line was want to show in the role of Janvi’s mother. Ti sagale Pratap karun tila kahich hot nahi ani writer la chukun hi as watat nahi ki vite pravrutichya lokana shikshya zali pahije. Please change the plot and bring some goods story which will create and spared some good time and smile for the viewers.
Adv Chaitali Kulkarni Lakhey
Feb 24, 2015

honar sun me ya gharchi

Plz stop this nonsence you r showing in seriel its a headache now. Jeva seriel suru jhali hoti it was good bt nowadays tumhi je bogus valan dilay na tya seriel la te khuupch kharab ahe now its like a typical hindi daily soap ani itka prem karnare shree ani janhavi sadha ekmekanwr thoda vishwas pn nai dakahu shakat ani ekmekanshi bolicha prayatna pn nai karat ani mukhya mhnje janhavichi aai jeva sglyana janhavichi aai kashi ahe he mahiti ahe tari sudhha sgle tichyawr vishwas theun seatche nirnay ghet ahet he kay bogus karun thevli ahe seriel suruwat changli karun madhech asa kharab walan ka deta tumhi ya serielsna are yamule lokanchya ghari sglyanwr parinam hotat sgle marathi lok baghtat zee marathi ani tumhi he ky dakhwat ahat sglyanna jara ghar ekatra thevnari seriel dakhwa todnari nahi ani gairsamaj tr ajibat dakhau nka its a humble reauest ani jr tumchuakade story nasel pudhe seriel wadhvila tr plz banda kara pn ase walan deu nka jyani waet parinam hotil its request........i hope u will do some gud changes in u r seriel ......reply expected
Feb 23, 2015

honar sun mi hya gharchi

Plssss tumchya faltu story mule amchya gharat j vayaskar laca ahai tyancha swabhav chidka jhala ahai ani maji ajii cha sarkha bp high hota ahai plss I request director of this serial people r not mad to tolerate like this type of story either plss change the track or end the seriel its an humbled request from me ur work is to entertain public not gve headache
mukesh gosavi
Feb 20, 2015

Ka re durava

Dear zee
mulat office che rules wrong ahe personal life made kontach office enter fer kart nahi ethe direct lgn karu naye sangitaly , that ok we accept but mag Boss cha lagn ka thravt ahet rules and regulation sarvana havet boss la pn,

About tangde
Tangde jara jastch boltat ,ati dakvlay to manus
mukesh gosavi
Feb 20, 2015

honar sun me ya garchi

Dear zee
pls aaich character kadun taka tin elimet paar keli ahe tila ata bagvat nahi pls stop this nonsense,
Synthaja Desai
Feb 5, 2015

Honar Sun mi hya gharchi - Nonsense story

Once upon a time this was the best marathi serial. A person like me , who never watched marathi serials in my life, started with this serial.Till the time, where the story revolves in getting their uncle & father back home was good. Then on the stupidity & boredom started one after the other. This has become like any other hindi serials which has no meaning & is unnessarily being dragged to increase the number of episodes. There is no end to their faltoogiri. First they showed,Jhanvi loosing memory, then about the struggle for the servant's daughter & now about Jhanvi's brother's stupidity. Come on yaar! put an end to this so that people remember you & your role for the better. Once, the heart & soul of the serial "Shri-Jhanvi" now seems to me like an headache. After the whole day's office work & then the house work, I just cannot tolerate these people & their baseless conversations. Please end this serial & come up with a nice storyline.
Jan 31, 2015

honar sun mi ya gharchi

We r the usual watcher of this daily soap. Bt nowdays serail is giving seviour pain to brain. All star cast are trying to keep happy janhavi.the plot is to show how much janhavi is good n selfless.
The point Is that we all knw her character bt actual demand frm any soap Is good story n punch. The problem is there is no story and plot is revolving betwn 3 character I. E. Aai aaji, the male lead n so called best person in the world janhavi.
I really want reply if m wrong n producers shud show sm diffrnt plot to enhance trp or stop showing such blunders. We are not fool.
Also If any one having official email of producers pls send me, I will mail it in detail n will put complaint against them for showing female harrasment.
Jan 12, 2015


Dec 30, 2014

Jawai vikat ghene aahe

ZEE TV management is requested to stop the serial "Jawai vikat ghene aahe".

The concept of serial is worst. The senior most actress Savita Prabhune - Mom in law.. is playing such dirty games in that character is not suiting to her image and also spoiling the concept of relations. And that too for what - just to get Raya as Ghar Jawai. This is not at all funny and there are better topics in the world.

Please show something sensible to society for them to enjoy as well as a good things to learn.

Pls stop this serial immediately..

Hope you will consider the request
Arpita bors
Oct 28, 2014

Jay mallhar maliketil vesh bhusha ani bhasha

Dhangaranchi sadi ashi ajibat nesavli jat navti,ani tyanna vyavasthit choli dili jaychi ani jr tya kalat choli nvti tar lakshmi devinchi choli ka dkhvli ahe? mhalsa,latika ani mhalsachya aaichi sadi ani choli purnataha chukleli ahe.
bhashevar ajibat mehenat ghetli nhiye ani dhangaranchya bhashet namaskrasathi JOHAR navacha shabda adhalto to dekhil ajibat vaprala gela nhiye.
Arpita bors
Oct 28, 2014

Jay mallhar malike madhil vesh bhusha ani bhasha

Dhangaranchi sadi ashi ajibat nesavli jat navti,ani tyanna vyavasthit choli dili jaychi ani jr tya kalat choli nvti tar lakshmi devinchi choli ka dkhvli ahe? mhalsa,latika ani mhalsachya aaichi sadi ani choli purnataha chukleli ahe.
bhashevar ajibat mehenat ghetli nhiye ani dhangaranchya bhashet namaskrasathi JOHAR navacha shabda adhalto to dekhil ajibat vaprala gela nhiye.
mukesh gosavi
Oct 13, 2014

honar sun me ya garchi

Dear zee
me mukesh hallichya kalat hi malika kup boring vatte ahe ektr ti band kara naytr te aaichi faltu seens band kara ,malika chnagli hoti bt ata ti bagn pn band zaliy ti malika lagli ki channel change karto.
kasturi seth
Oct 10, 2014

honar sun mi hya gharachi stop serial

respected sir,
in this days this serial was pickup faltu track .Kala janhvi's mother please stop this charactor because nobay can think like that mother so please stop this non-sence. i am regular watch this serial but early 2 days we want to stop to watch this serial please .for your market value please give decion another any body can't watch your all serial .This is a big request.
Ashok Pitale
Sep 6, 2014

Mother of janhavi

This character is becoming irritable beyond limits. No lady will behave in this way.
Please change the character which will be acceptable
Aug 20, 2014

mumbai- goa road khaddemay

Dear sir/ madam,

mi Eknath thakur (Wangani gram panchayat Up sarpanch roha raigad) aapalyala kalavito ki mumbai goa hayway var nagothana te panvel paryant atishay khadde padale aahet, hayway atishay kharab zala aahe pravashana, chakarmanyana bharpur tras hot aahe nagothana te panvel paryant janyaas 2 to 3 tas lagat aahet , traffik jam suudha hot aahe tari ya mule sagalyachi gair soy hot aahe . tari aapan yaa kade lakshya deun aamhala sahakarya karave,


eknath thakur (9860828284)
( up sarpanch wangani -roha)
Jun 30, 2014

Honar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi

what is this nonsence.he kay challay .yaar magchya mahinyat aamhi sarv jan ha programme bhaghaycho pn aata mala laaz vaatat aahe kay faltupana challa aahe .janhavi chya aai che jara jastch challay.ha programme band tari kara nahitar topic tari change kara.
Preeti Kaduskar
Jun 24, 2014


This story is going on very bad track why you want to show jahanvi loss her memory and does not know she got married.Please change the topic and when her mother is going to change such a selfish lady and that old man getting married to a girl this is giving wrong impact on the society. How can a married girl getting married again.

This serial has gone down due to this earlier all our family members used to watch this serial.

Sapna kaduskar
[email protected]
Jun 20, 2014

Complete nonsense... Itz better to stop this serial.

Survat evdhi chaan kelyavar hi serial asa kahi faltu track pakdel as vatlhi nhvt. Sadhya janhvicha smrutibhrash jhala aahe aani tila aapteshi lagn tharlay evdhach aathavtay. Aani he jhal astana tichi aai tya aaptela jaun bhette aani aapte tila parat lagn karavun denya sathi paise kinva gharachi lach detoy. Lagn jhalelya mulich parat lagn karav as vatuch kas shakt hya baila.. hi bai ajun kiti karasthan karnar aani aata paryant kelelya karasthana baddl tila konich kaich nahi boll evdhe murkh aahet ka sagle. Tikde tya gokhale family madhe udyoganchi laat aali aahe. swata udyogat namavant aslelya aai aajinna aaplya gharatlya baykanche achanak baher aalele gun mahitach nhvte ka.. aani mahit aste tar tyasathi kahich karu shaklya nahi ka? Madhyantari ghar sodun gelelyancha particha sohlach suru hota.. sagl khup irritating aahe. Aani serialchya directorla hya saglyachi janiv karun den khup mahatvach aahe. Plz stop this nonsense. Aani qualityaslel content dakavava ashi namr vinanti.
ishwari j malpekar
Jun 13, 2014

complaint against honar sun mi hya gharchi

honar sun mi hya gharchi serial khup ch faltu ahe.. atta tichi memory gelie pan ti khupch soiskarritya hava tevdhach visarlie.. mulat ardhavat memory jat nai.. kai hava te dakhaun lokkan murkha banau naka.. ani atta tyanchi premkahani parat baghnyat kahich interest naie.. ugach dakhavayla kai naie mhanun kai tari twist anu naka.. ani ti fakta lagna nantar ch visarlie tar mulat shri kai tila lagna nantar bhetlay ki kasa kai.. to pan lagna adhich bhetalay na.. mag kai director ani producer la hava tevdhach visaraycha.. kaitari faltu pana dakhavna banda kara jara.. ani kharch kai dhakvayla nasel tar saral banda karun taka serial..
regards-Anjali Malpekar
Madhura Karnik
Jun 12, 2014

Repeat Telecast of Honar Sun Mi

Zee Marathi channelvar navin suru zalelya Jai Malhar ya serialcha repeat telecast satat dakhavnyat yet aslyamule sakali 7.00 vajata dakhavnyat yenara Honar Sun Mi ya serialcha repeat telecast pahayala milu shakat nahi. Tyamule ya channelne Honar Sun Mi ya serialcha repeat telecast sakali 7.00 vajata dakhavnyat yava.

Madhura Karnik
Trupti Suryavanshi
May 6, 2014

julan yeti reshim gathi episode on 5/5/14

In serial telecasted on 5 may 2014 very wrong messages are given to the society abount saints n there asharm dont try to teach ur thinking to the society . In many ashram many great noble things people learn n they live very peaceful life . Those noble things what saints are doing for society u people dont have time to show that. I feel very sad when such wrong things about saints are shown in serials u are hurting many peoples feeling so open ur eyes
Sep 14, 2013

Pls stop showing Tu Tithe Me serial

Could you pls stop to showing this serial "Tu Tithe Me" there is no limits to giving this kind of mesgs to people.Faltu serial....priya is character less girl n manjari is too sati sawitri women to showing always sympathy n kindness in front of her husband n her husband is doing whtever this is true for himself n actually he is very character less men that behaving hell with manjiri. Why you showing this kind of negativity…Could you pls stop stop stop to showing this serial......enough is enough.... just a irritating serial.

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