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Consumer complaints and reviews about Zee Marathi

kalyani ghonge
Apr 1, 2015

bring shree and janvi together

Shree and janvi should come together .that's make it now to boring and make people depressed and please stop it and change the direction of serial if u can't than please make end of serial or bring it to some solution as fast as u can first my best serial was honar sun mi ya gharchi but now the best serial is dil dosti duniyadari
[email protected]
Mar 29, 2015

honar sun me ya gharchi

Bhangar story aahe. Gharatalya ekala pan doka nasawa. Ji mulagi gharatalya pratekala madat karate ti asa ka wagali asel asha root la konala jawasa watat mahi. Mothe pan porkat ani overall serail porkat. He aapla culture nave use and throw.

Thamaba serail 4 diwas sasuche sarkhi warshanu warsha nako nahi tar baal whyayala 10 warsha lagatil
Mar 28, 2015

honar soon mi hya gharchi;Juluni yeti reshimgathi

Honar soon mi hya gharachi madhe tanala janara Shree Jhanavhi tala doorawa murkha pana aahe.Ek mekaanna japataana doghanche marg vegale hotayet.Je dogh premat aahet dakhawatanna sadh tyancha astitva aajubajula aahe kalnare aata bajune jaounahi kalat nahi.Please jast bhavanaanshi khelu naka reasonable raha..... JYRG:hya madhe pun Chitra cha vagan gharatil ekahi manasachya lakshat yet nahi Hushhar Nana, Mai ,Aarchu aase kase dole zak kartayet.Aani sakhha bhaou nahi karnar evadhi madat aani jawalik Aaditya ka kartoy.Xaliye Meghana kadun purvi kahi chuki pun aata ek bayako mganun ti possessive aasan aani Chitrla bhanawar aanan garajech aahe....ter please tumhi aase faltu ego caring dakhwoon prekashakkana bhulawoo naka....
mi marathi
Mar 27, 2015

होणार सून मी या घरची ....

होणार सून मी........
इतक्या तक्रारी येऊन सुद्धा मंदार देवस्थळी तुम्ही काहीच का करत नाही याचीच कमाल वाटतेय. तुमच्या कडून तरी ही अपेक्षा नव्हती कारण तुम्ही इतक्या मालिका गाजवलेल्या आहात मग याच मालिके बद्दल अस का होतंय. पुढील कथा मिळत नसेल तर कृपया ही मालिका बंद करावी हीच नम्र विनंती.......
mi marathi
Mar 27, 2015

होणार सून मी या घरची ....

होणार सून मी........
श्री आणि जान्हवी एकमेकांची ओळखणारी व्यक्तिरेखा त्यात आई आजी व जान्हावीचे बाबा यांची उत्तम शिकवण आणि सहा आयांची प्रेमळ माया शेवटी याचा परिणाम "बकवास". त्यात जान्हवीचा बालीशपणा आता पाहवत नाही.
कृपया ही फालतू मालिका बंद करावी........
Ankita S
Mar 27, 2015

worst serial Honar Sun mi Ya gharchi

Hi Team

We have been watching this serial Honar sun mi ya Gharci regularly, but the recent track of this serial is getting disgusted day by day. they are liosing of the track by jus creating Melodrama and streching the story of Shree Jhanvi to a vry unrealistic unappealing level. This is jus going a bad way to your seriala TRP and you are loosing viewers
this is creating negative impact as a story cannot evrydy recolve around so called "jhanvi Pregnancy" this is a pathetic drama goin ahead just tota shitty serial to watch now
If they do not have any subtance left than jus wind up th serial dnt create headache and stress th viewers

Please request to end this nonsense serial ###Honar Sun Mi Ya Gharchi##
Mar 26, 2015

Serial Geting Annoying

We watch serials to get refreshed from our days Work .. But honor sun is kinda getting annoying now . Just crying crying . I really don't understand why u creating this MELODRAMA now . I can see Lot of people who religiously watched this serial has already stopped watching this serial . Every 2 months Shree Janvi is separated ..
I guess if u don't have enough Story or good plot . Just stop the serial .

I am not sure if anyone is reading this .. Kindly action Soon
Mar 26, 2015


I "used" to be a regular viewer of honar soon me hya gharchi. Reason i am writing "used to" is- your serial has become a bullshit now. Yes, That's the correct word for you. really it is such nonsense going on in this serial now. I used to recommend this serial to my friends who watch those pathetic hindi serials and also because there is no family melo drama n big large sets here. And actually u showed a modern family thinking here. Its such a shameful thing that you couldn't maintain your quality. I think the director or whoever is involved in the story play has got influenced by the hindi serials. I totally agree with amr Mukesh. I change the channel when this serial comes. I feel yukkkkkkk. Really
But......no way hence forth I will never ever recommend any one to watch this serial.

Please please please please stop this Bullshit serial. You have already lost many of your viewers.

Appreciate your earliest action on our request. This is a humble request to the director stop showing such a nonsense about relationships. I don't understand what message you guys want to show from this serial. If you people are not able to give right message through your serial then atleast stop showing them wrong things....
Kindly end the serial or take it to right track. if you dont have the story please stop fooling us by this nonsence
[email protected]
Mar 26, 2015

Honar soon mi ya gharchi

Time pass chalu aahe mi aawdine baghaychi
Aata mi band kele
shree maza aadata janhvi mazi sundar
Kati labvata konasthi bas band kara
Mandar devsthali hya Na vinati
maha episodes kashala time pass
Ek wakya bolayla shree la
Khar shashikala bai ne sarv khot kabul karun ektra aanave
Tya baghitale ki eka bai chi aathwan yete.
Tyani sudharle pahije.
Shree family to very goods
Please lavakar aandi dhakhwa
Shree aani janhvi la
aabhari rahin
Mar 26, 2015


changalya serialchi vat lavu naka, shri & jahnavich nate avadhe takladu navate, ki te dogh murkha zaletka? bavtalpanacha kalas dhadhavu naka, vishaya sampala asel tar band kara serial. shri & janhavicha vishwas kuthe gela? hindi serial sarkha karu naka nahitar kohini pahnar nahi tumachi serial
kasturi seth
Mar 26, 2015

Kay pan dakha vu nka

hey will you stop this non-sens . otherwise every women's stop watching 'honar sun mi hya ghara chi 'so will you change the track of this serial . please get together shree and janvi early .
Archana Ganesh Gore
Mar 25, 2015

complaint against honar sun mi hya gharchi

Dear Z Marathi...

I am very upset because of Honar Sun....resent sotry, please stop this imotional drama.....we are getting irrited.....please change your resent story other wise everybody will stop watching Honar sun.....plase finished this distances between Shree & Janhvi..... we never like to see this...& we realy heat this seasion.......please please change the story....& fill happiness in this serial......& some reality......

I realy request you.....

Archana Gore.
Yamini Chandra
Mar 23, 2015

Honar Soon Me Hya Gharchi

Hello Zee Marathi,

Greetings from Canada. We have regularly been watching Honar soon me Hya Gharchi from your website here religiously for the past year or so. We also love Julun Yeti Reshimgathi and Ase He Kanyadaan. The latter two are relatively good story lines and draw the audience into watching them day by day.

However, you are being EXTREMELY RIDICULOUS with your plot and dumb story twists in Honar Soon Me Hya Gharchi. Please fix yourselves RIGHT NOW. By putting a "special" episode of an hour in which literally nothing occurs other than more headache and heartbreak you are not only wasting everyone's time but I guarantee you will also lose many viewers including the eight or so families here in our city that watch this unfathomable serial. I understand that your motive as producers is to make money but by making this serial incredibly slow-moving and faltu, you are accomplishing nothing! The story is no longer something we want to watch so there is no pull in our minds to watch each episode from one day to the next. Nothing occurs and negativity and mis-communication simply grows day by day and that, my friend, is not entertaining.

Please change this plot and fix Shree and Janhavi's relationship otherwise I along with many other viewers have only one thing to say. Good luck. No one is going to watch any longer as it literally just causes unwanted stress. People watch serials for relaxation and entertainment from their day to day lives. They do not watch serials to become even more frustrated and annoyed along with their daily troubles. This is where your brain power as producers is lacking, you are simply not giving the viewers (your money source!!!) what they want. This is an open letter to you and an invitation to honestly consider what you are doing and make a change in this serial as it is in the best interests of ALL parties involved. Thank you.
Mar 23, 2015

stop stretching the rubber band of emotions

Hi. I am liking this serial alot at starting. But now you are stretching this serial without point. Now ur stretching this serial without point. And playing with people emotions.i suggest change ur story writer.please bring the story back on track. Otherwise everyone will stop watching this serial. for ur meaning ur lenghthening the misunderstanding between janhavi and shree

Mar 23, 2015

Honar soon me hay gharchi

Don't put complaints here... nobody will take any action here... One thing we can do is stop watching this stupidity. Faltu drama she ha saga.
Sonal Mithare
Mar 23, 2015

Negetivity In Honar Soon Me Hya Gharchi

will u plz atop telecasting this serial?
Amhala khup avdaychi hi serial,because of really sweet and positive things.
Pan ata khup "Ati" zalay. Plz i request you,k positive goshti dakhavta yet nastil,or kalat nasel k changlya ani positive goshti ky astat,tr band kara serial. Lokanna divas bhar damun ala k chan,changla ani positive kaitri pahava asa vatat asta. And you guys had achieved it bt now this serial is nothing bt a big irritation.
I really want this serial to go on n do good,bt you guyz are completely going wrong and hurting people's feelings. Stop it plz.
sanjay nikumbh
Mar 23, 2015

negative thinking serial & stop serial

If you are going to continue with the same ..for another one to two days people will not only stop watching this honari soon serial one of zee marathi .- starting very popular but end is boring .
Mar 22, 2015

Honar sun me hya gharachi

On occasion of Gudhi Padwa you kept one hr episode,but still you didn't show any positive thing. Many of the peoples are disappoint to watch this serial. Please stop this all drama however it goes on from last 3 months. If you continue same then Janvhins baby will deliver. In current era this situation is not possible.
Please change the track as soon as possible. It is an humble request to director.
This serial is really playing with emotions of watching peoples not actors.
Mar 22, 2015

stop the serial honar sun mi hya gharchi asap

Honar sun mi hya gharchi serial is turning meaningless every single day day.Forget the rest, the lead characters whom people considered as their ideals are behaving so illogical and unwarranted that it make no sense.So much groundless drama.Stop all this nonsense...plzzzzzzzzz STOP it.Viewers are not Idiots.Stop fooling and torturing them.Please end the serial as soon as possible.
shweta adhyapak
Mar 22, 2015

honar sun mi hya gharchi

look we all love this serial a lot but now a days people have started showing a lot of disinterest towards this serial and all dis is happening coz u guys are showing all the negative situations dat too they r getting worse day by day
pls show some thing positive like janhavi should meet him personally and tell him about her pregnancy..
i hope u ll take note of all our complaints
[email protected]#♥
Mar 22, 2015

honari soon me hya gharchi

If you are going to continue with the same ..for another one to two days people will not only stop watching this honari soon serial one ..but also stop watching other all serial of zee marathi ..you people are playing with emotions ..
[email protected]#♥
Mar 22, 2015

honari soon me hya gharchi

I am very much upset with this serial .what is this finally you kept one hour special episode but you still did not show anything special in that .
Ashwin B
Mar 20, 2015

honar sun mi ya gharchi

stop this serial asap
Mar 18, 2015

Honar sun me hya gharachi

Disappointment to note that a husband (shree) does not aware of his wife (Janhavi) is pregnant..Biggest joke..Show something people can believe...
Mar 12, 2015

Honar sun me hya gharachi

Please change the track of serial. Why you are extending the episode of serial. Just go straight forward and stop the serial if you dont have any idea. Dont show any dram. We are watching this, not mean that u show whatever you want.
The very famous and meaningful phrase in English is " SHORT BUT SWEET" and make everything happy.
Just use common scene. No pregnant women can hide good news from husband. Its not possible. Dr never told that stop speaking with hubby and you showed this. How it is possible? We are in 21st century not 15 or 16th. Just crash head and bring some new idea to continue.
I suggest that please reply to comments of viewer not just read and trash it.
Take it serious.
Thanking you .
Hoping for best in next coming days.

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