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Consumer complaints and reviews about Zee Marathi

Jan 23, 2019

Tula Pahate Re

Everything looks mysterious. But why is Esha praised so much? Apart from showing naive girl , and bewitched by Vikrant there is nothing to add to her character. Once she gets married she forgets completely of her parents. That promise to help her parents financially and take care of them vanished? That exam results ? Nothing. Only be nice. All that sankari thoughts. But where is the hard work ? No need to stand on her feet.
And Esha's father culture is something to understand. There is no thought for a wife when he sells the house. Does a wife after the years of hardship should stay on street, because he want to pay not needed financial expenses for marriage . that too , by not handing her cash, but keeping it in her house.
All is seen that Heroine only understands so call love, doesnot want to do anything in life, her stupid father does more stupid things and call it Swabiman. All nonsense.
Marine Pilot
Jan 22, 2019

Zee Marathi Serials

Arre bindok,bullshit,crap serials bandh kara! You have entirely spoilt even your TPR serial by going the same stupid way of all your other serials. It seems there is no capacity for keeping the serials on proper track with logical plots and realistic interesting storylines.
Tumchya tya Ninkar in TPR chi Akshardham kilus yeil a lag li with his stupid lachaar, sadaa sheput ghetlela hangdog expression and silly ways of making problems and finding even sillier solutions to them. Arre does anyone sell a house in this way? Kai chutiyapanti
dhakavtat tumhi of some persons coming with a briefcase full of cash which that idiot Nimkar does not even bother to check? And all house sales are registered, taxed, and done through legal channels, not the least in the idiotic dumb stupid manner you have shown!
Kai viewers murkha ahet ka? And then you show that bavalat Nimkar hiding the money apparently in Sarnjame's house! If he was so concerned about wanting to pay some money as his contribution for the wedding to uphold his pride, he would do it directly and openly so all know he has done his best, not in the stupid anonymous way you are showing it. If no one knows what is the point?
Kahi PAN Faltu dakhvu naka. It is amazing that the so called well known senior cast are allowing themselves to act out this foolishness prakar in all your serials. It is a downright shame that nothing is being done to even now get all these dumbkoff serials on track and turn them into something worth watching instead of raising the bile of the viewers and resulting in irritation instead of enjoyment. Just wrap up TJR,MNB,LJJ now and get TPR on track or end that too. Looks like all the worst serials are being aired on Shee Maraichi. Badlaila nahitar bandh kara, as vaat lavli tumhi of the high standards of good old Maha Marathi drama,stage and cinema.

Jai Maharashtra!
Jan 22, 2019

Mazhya Navaryachi Bayako serial complaint

Please stop the serial. No values, no ethics or teaching shared. All rubbish. Feel like throwing stones on story and characters. It’s worst serial I have ever seen.
Marine Pilot
Jan 14, 2019

Zee Marathi Serials

Arre faltupana bandh karnar ki nahi? What continuous shit crap are you dishing out on your serials like MNB, TJT, LJJ, and now also on TPR????

Your MNB is the most stupidest of all these serials with that bavalat radhika, erandale tel ghetlela expression Gurunath, that most irritating silly Sarita with her stupid tantrums and above all the brainless bindok mindset of the person or persons responsible for this /these serials. Arre is any one foolish to arrange for her husband's lover to be brought home in style? Which century are you guys living in? Is there no law, courts or police? You are insulting these institutions by making them look insignificant and irrelevant.

Your TJR is totally meaningless now. Even that sahebrao seems to be more intelligent than that bail backside Rana and that other erandale ghetlela expression Anjali. The same goes for your LJJ with never ending boring episodes.your TPR is also heading into the never ending abyss of dismal boredom with silly unrealistic situations and cheap behaviours from so called educated and cultured people. In all your serials you waste time on replays, Faltu flashbacks, long drawn boring philosophical monologues and cheap and stupid dialogues with too much overacting.

It's time nav badlaila to Shee Maraichi because tumhi Marathi cha nav kharabh Karun rahila, arre those non- Marathis who understand Marathi must be surprised and disappointed to see such cheap stuff which has gone a long way below the high standards of the golden days of Marathi drama and movies which I doubt anyone associated with the current crap being dished out even know about.

Sad to see that even so called good actors who have played excellent roles elsewhere accept all the rubbish they are being made part of in these serials. Something must be done to stop the spoiling of the good record and reputation of the once upon a time good
old high standards of Marathi movie stage and TV entertainment. The one perfect way to ensure this is to stop immediately, all of these silly stupid crap serials and bring in better stuff for the viewers who deserve much better from you.

Jai Maharashtra
Jan 9, 2019

Majya Navraychi Baiko

The writer Rohini Ninave has her husband or brother or any of her family members had got married once again in this way without divorce? Is she from UP /Bihar/Pakistan where law has no value? Form where this female gets such nonsense ideas?

Such nonsense , extent of illiteracy shown amount highly qualified people , really shocking. How much to misguide /wrong messages to be given?

What women liberation or any such things. All wrong and damn foolish.
Amol Ambokar
Jan 8, 2019

Amo A

Mazhya navryachi bayko
which country has allowed a married man to remarry. for it bloody baa (guru) has to get converted. if u cant guide ppl atleast stop misguiding them. indian law is very strong. if tom an illetariate man with no sense of law gets married agn after watchin mnb then who is responsible
Milind Bhave
Jan 4, 2019

C Grade Serials

We are Maharashtruan family staying in Gujarat. Just with one reason we insist everyone in family to watch Zee Marathi. I have been a TV viewer for 45 years now. Starting with the PIJ channel to the only available Doordarshan to the today's many channels to choose from.
I think you need to change the team who approves the serials. All the current serials are Sick. Don't you have better script writers?
Come to Gujarat. You will find a lot even in Vadodara.
- Milind Bhave
Marine Pilot
Jan 2, 2019

Zee Marathi Serials

Please stop all your crap serials MNB, TJR, LLJJ, they are going on and on with worsening levels of total gutter level content being dished out to viewers for the last several years now. While closing them why don't you award special prices to your characters and actors as follows:

Most Bavalat idiot stupid heroine - Radhika- MNB
Most Bavalat idiot stupid hero - Rana -TJR
Most Erandale thobaad expression anti hero - Gurunath - MNB
Most Erandale thobaad expression heroine - Anjali - TJR
Most silly irritating child character- Ladu - TJR
Most irritating boring vamp - Vahini - TJR
Most melodramatic, overacting,irritating stupid senior woman character - Sarita - TJR

If you get rid of these characters, these serials will be better off!

Your research and knowledge about history is pathetic in the least!
In Baaji, you have overlooked the fact that in the days of Shivaji Maharaj and the subsequent Peshwa period all the then ' Maratha' warriors used sword and shields, aho dhal Talwar! Pathivar Nehemi dhal asaichi, and dhal talwarichi ladhai asaichi! That Baaji or others are never shown using any shields at all and the period costumes are also bordering on the ridiculous especially the pagadis!
Kahi pan Faltu dakhavu naka!

While some chawl ways of life and situations are shown quite well in TPR you are taking liberties with depicting people as cheap and mannerless and mean in a very crude way. Arre kithi pan Shrikant asley tari most rich people are educated, polite and well behaved and know how to be politically correct in relating to lesser fortunate or poorer people. Ugach kahitari acharat dhakvu naka.
In the last few episodes that Jalinder chap is suddenly out of circulation! And it is obvious that Jaideep's wife will be the new hurdle for Isha after marraige. You will fill in many episodes with overseas visits and as usual with your other serials, spoil this basically promising serial with the same silly melodramatic cheap silly crap to stretch it for a long boring time!

The time has come to tune off Zee Marathi, before it become Zee Maraichi! ( vel ) due to these most boring bulshit serials!
Better to watch other channels and discs of the grand old high standards Marathi dramas and movies of the golden days of yore!

Jai Maharashtra!
Marine Pilot
Dec 30, 2018

Zee Marathi Serials

Wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

The effort to display a cosmopolitan outlook on your serials like you did recently on a MNB episode about the Christmas celebration falls short, and it is suggested that in doing so, the truth and tradition behind this festival is understood and shown properly.
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and not about Santa Claus per se. The tradition of Santaclaus is based on a real historical person more than a thousand years ago who lived in present day Turkey. He was in fact a Christian Bishop, the then bishop of Smyrna,hence the bishops red/ purple outfit. He was a very generous and kind person, especially towards children to whom he gave gifts around Christmas time. His name was Nicalaus ( Nicholas) and he is referred to as Saint Nicholas or
San Nicalaus or Santa Nicklaus which got shortened to Santaclaus. The Santa tradition associated with Christmas developed in memory of this man's genenerous way of remembering, honouring the day set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!
Santa alone isn't Christmas, there's much much more to it and indeed it is rather disappointing, that while you showed Jenny, apparently a Christian girl in MNB, attending many pujas and aartis in many episodes, all these you did not have the thought or decency to at least show her attending a church Christmas service with her office colleagues. This is surely no cosmopolitan approach at all on your show, despite the fact that there are Marathi people of different faiths and Maharashtra is the best and most cosmopolitan state in India

Jai Maharashtra!
Marine Pilot
Dec 27, 2018

Zee Marathi Serials

Arre bandh kara all the crap you are dishing out on MNB, TJR, LLJG, and now also TPR there's no sense, logic or even a decent plot or story content in any of these bulshit serials. The mediocricity and poor standard of knowledge and education of whoever is responsible for these crap serials is very obvious from the rubbish being dished out episode by episode for several years now.
In MNB how can a simple masale company employing a few women using simple domestic implements operate a 300 crores business? How can that Shanaya' mother expect to take over 300 crores from a corporate company? What shit crap is being shown eh? Arre all you need is to bring in that Bakula mavshi' police officer daughter to nab Shanaya's mom, that dhungan guru and that Kida Kdya, put them in the lock up for a few days and sagley sudhartil and you will have a cheap suitable ending to this crap serial.
That TJR is going on and on with that stupid vahini whose same dialogues and pseudo accent is getting irritating now, that shen face bail backside Rana betraying his wife and sucking up to that vahini, thet dumb Anjali with her constant Aho Aho, the silly fat kid Ladu with his Maaoo Maoo! Arre enough of this rubbish. That LLJG has gone beyond it's plot and story, jut end it now. TPR is gone off the track with that Nimkar behaving in two extremes of all high and mighty and on the other hand a silly spineless dumb idiot. It will be a great PR for you if you can just stop all these silly serials for a few days and either revamp them with some high standard stuff and then resume the shows or better still just end them all Phate phat and bring something better for the viewers in the New Year!
Kachra kela tumhi a chya Marathi high dramas reputation cha and of Marathi mansanchya characters cha by showing such cheap, immoral,criminal, and devilish characters on all these serials while showing the so called good characters always very weak, compromising and always losing to evil! What total rubbish? Stop it now! Arre Marathi manoos have more Manuski, more honesty, more integrity, loyalty, principles, scruples and bravery second to none!!!

Jai Maharashtra!
Dec 21, 2018

Tula Pahate Re/TNB

Now a days, there is a realisation that all this serial has no consensus with law or any knowledge. Can any employee in whatever position can do any nonsense in owners personal matters? Can any body do goondagiri and other person meekly will accept? Where is law n police? nowhere? Is this serial based in UP/ Bihar where anything can happen. Saranjame seems so cultured, than why have he employed such uncultured , game playing employees? Isha , absolutely has no character of our own. Apart from getting infactuated with Saranjame, there is no talent seen,
TNB is another most stupid serial. THe office atmosphere is like pan patti dukan. Anything can happen there ,except work. Can any mother, allow her daughter to get involved with married man, when there are umpteen unmarried rich suitors available. Please watch career oriented women. How they are and what challenges they face.
Marine Pilot
Dec 19, 2018

Zee Marathi Serials

When are all these crap serials ever going to end? Arre Kai anta ahey ki nahi for all the rubbish being dished out on zee Marathi serials? In TPR Kai faltupana lavlat with stupid scenes. like that dholya Zhende in TPR taking that sobbbing slob Nimkar kadeyvar??? clad in a sari? from his shop all the way to the office in Mumbai?? Arre Kai Lok vedey ahet kai to accept such utter nonsense?And that Nimkar acting like a dummy throughout? Arre he is also shown quite fit and robust, kai angat dum nahi ka? to resist that dholya Zhende character? Arre police etc nahit KA Shahryar? That dhapnya Nimkar is either shown very docile, meek and quiet or yelling at his daughter and Saranjame when convenient to the director of this now become totally crap serial. Lavkar lag a lava Vikrant Isha cha and end this serial which shows that Myra character supposedly an " Assistant Vice President" a senior appointment carrying on more like a PA or Secretary or more like Vikrant's mistress! Total utter nonsense. As usual you lot have failed miserably to make it an interesting serial about love and age gaps. As for that MNB no sangh anta can barge into any office just like that. The police would certainly take action, also all Radhika has to do is expose Shanaya to the sangh anta by removing her plaster as she already knows it is all fake, ugach kahitari cheapda faltu dakhavtat, chakka okarya yeichi vel ali just viewing all this silly shit crap serial and the totally dumb performance of that bavalat radhika, that erandale expression of Gurunath and most idiotic irritating antics of that guru's mother. How come Shanaya and her mother can stay at KDya's place with dadagiri? Faltu crap bandh kara, viewers have suffered enough. Also stop that TJR with that stupid bail backside Rana dumb as ever and still unable to see through that vahini character while all others including Abba conveniently not checking her ways. That bavalat Anjali with her stupid " Aho Aho" and that fat silly kid with his " Mau Mau" is jarring on the nerves now, just stop this serial. I think, you have allowed the reputation and standard of Marathi serials to be irreparably damaged even more so because of the so called great actors agreeing to play their part in all the silly stuff being dished out to viewers without any qualms or even objecting to it. Kharabh vaat lavli Ancyra good old Marathi drama and stage chya high standards and traditions chi. Arre bandh kara hyah sarya bakwas malika.

Jai Maharastra!

Dec 18, 2018

Tula Pahate Re

What is trying to show Esha is good person? By hurting, causing misery n pain to her parents, ruining her name and talking bulshit about career, and taking care of parents. Hides things from parents and let her parents suffer pain. She is scared to tell her parents the truth, but doesnot think twice to go anywhere with Vikrant. Is this is potrayal of Esha . Is this we give message to young people?
What bulshit ambition , courage and hard work ? No inner strength to fight against the harassment face by her parents, so much she is under the thumb of Vikrant.Why? What all this nonsense?
Dec 14, 2018

Tula pahte re

'Tula pahte re'
Ok..you people wanted to the theme to revolve round a couple with lot of age gap...are pn jra tri sense taka re..
...kon kuthli mulgi yete..dhad ek divas kaam nhi krt tya ofc la...n ashi ky faar aflaatoon ae asa pn dakhvla nhi ki ekhada crorepati impress whava....mhne ambitious..bullshit ambitious...idiotic.your serial giving out wrong signals of young girls being gold diggers.really wonder how come people love this serial so much.....n more surprising is Subodh bhave sir agreed for such a serial..
Vipul Shinde
Dec 14, 2018

Tumcha Aamcha Jamla

Hi Team,
I would like to keep your attention over here that, I Vipul have been registered on Tumcha Amcha Jamla portal approx 7_8 months ago and I am not getting any proper response..

Now a days once ad scrollsdown on ZEE MARATHI in which we suppose to share our NAME, AGE, CITY, GENDER etc. etc.. through SMS on 57575. I already shared all those details to you in the month of March and in August but now also I received same automated reply which I already received in the month of March "Thank you for your interest, we shall get in touch with you shortly". Means since March till today I am waiting to for the day when your period of shortly will get over.

So I contacted with Tumcha Amcha Jamla customer care and they provide me one contact number 8291940620 to communicate for the same.

When I contact on this number we got the response that due to technical issue I may not receive the invitation to participate in your program.

Means, I sent msg in two different months, but in both months I dint get any response.

Further. I asked, how can I participate now/what is next procedure, but no reply from same number.

I sent a request to one profile in which i shown an interest, however that person reject my request which was ok for me, but when i checked with my pending request, again the same profiles shown in same,

It means one profile is in rejected list as well as in pending list.

Kindly revert on

I am expecting some good and sensible revert from your site.

Or else provide me the contact details where I can approach for this concern.
Dec 14, 2018

Tula pahte re

'Tula pahte re'
Ok..you people wanted to the theme to revolve round a couple with lot of age gap...are pn jra tri sense taka re...ky ae...kon kuthli mulgi yete..dhad ek divas kaam nhi krt tya ofc la...n ashi ky faar aflaatoon ae asa pn dakhvla nhi ki ekhada crorepati impress whava...mhne ambitious..bullshit ambitious...napas gaadgi diste pkki..idiot...your serial giving out wrong signals of young girls being gold diggers.r eally wonder how come people love this serial so much.....
Dec 10, 2018

Tula Pahate Re

TPR started with good note and became interesting for sometime. It seems whole world is scheming towards Esha and after one is resolved , other crops up. All that prayer to Goddess , seems to have no meaning. Now , maybe there marriage is fixed, and than Vikrant's wife will come, who is not legally divorced by him, What is all these. The laws have no meaning in any of the serials.

Secondly, Esha, is busy romancing, instead of studying , working hard and giving better life for herself and her parents, though she talks differently. Is that the message we give to young generation.

Making melodramatic is fine, had it been Vikrant's wife had died or divorced , than yes, it will be interesting to see the marriage of age gaps, But this is again going to turn out some meaningless serial it seems.
Dec 6, 2018

Zee marathi ￰बदनाम होत आहे

अगोदर झी marathi पाहण्यासाी आम्ही non marathi ￰लोकांना सांगत असू पण आता तुमच्या सर्व third class सिरीयल मुळे आम्हाला लाज वाटू लागली आहे यांना झी मराठी पाहायला सांगताना . ￰फालातू आि कित्तेक महिने िनाकारण चाू असलेल्या सिरिअल्स बंद ून जरा नवीन फ्रेश सिरीयल चालू करा like तुला पाहते रे ...सर्वात अगोदर 3 सिरीयल pls pls pls pls pls बंद करा .माा नवऱ्याची बायको, तुात जीव रंगला आणि लगीर झालं जी ...डोयाच्या वरून आणि कोणााही न पटणाऱ्या कथा कश्या काय तुमच्या लेखकांना सुचतात हो.? Seriously एक सांू वाटत कि ह्या सिरीयल कधी ना कधी तरी तुम्हाला बंद करावीच लागतील पण तो पर्यंत झी मराठी ची जी बदनामी होत आहे ती कशी भून ाढाल .
माझ्या नवऱ्याच्या बायको मधल्या सारख्या एकदा गुरुची खेळी मग राधिकाच्या परत गुरु ची परत राधिका ची उफ्फ ￰￰कंटाळा आला आहे ते बघून ,त्यात ते गुरु च्या आई ची overacting आणि बिनडोक पणा pls pls pls कुठे तरी थांबवा .
तुझ्यात जीव रंगला ह्या सिरीयल ला तर कोणती story टाकून त्या अंजली ला महान दाखवायचं हे ओढून ताणून दाखवावं लागत आणि त्या opposite नेहमी ती नंदिनी असते पण कोणालाच कळत नाही आणि कळलं तरी तिला काहीच शिक्षा नाही ..बस्स करा रे बस्स करा .
आणि ती लगीर झालं जी अरे त्या लढाई ला गेलेल्या जवानाचं काही तरी दाखवा त्याच्या घरातले problem आणि त्या मध्ये फसलेला तो जवान आणि त्याची बिच्चारी बायको काय दाखवता आणि ती बायको जी लग्नापूर्वी वाघीण म्हणून फिरत होती ती अचानक tya भय्या ची मांजर कशी बनते .त्या भय्या च आणि जयडी ची खेळी कोणालाच कळू नये आणि ती कधी कळणार तर जेव्हा प्रेक्षकांना सहन न झाल्यावर सिरीयल बंद करू लागतील बघायला तेव्हा वळण घेईल ..तोपर्यंत अंत नका बघू रे आमचा ...
Pls pls pls बंद करा ह्या सिरीयल रेअसत झी मराठी च्या reputation साठी तरी हाथ जोडून कळकळीची विनंती .
Nov 21, 2018

Majhya navryachi baayko

This serial is unnecessarily dragging. It's enough now. Viewers want to see radhika happy at last with soumitra. Though the serial reflects a lot on Indian culture of preserving marriages it's also sending wrong ideas of putting up with unlimited nonsense from a spouse and stopping today's woman from starting a new life with someone she deserves.... This serial seems like it has no end. Pls pls pls give it a happy ending now... High time.
Marine Pilot
Nov 20, 2018

Zee Marathi Serials

Congratulations! As is very usual with the trash you end up dishing out, you have once again succeeded in spoiling within a very short time another one of your serials TPR which started off in a fresh promising way addressing the apparently main issue of an age gap between a man and a woman in love.Taking into consideration the quite well done coverage of chawl life and characters, this serial could have continued as a romantic comedy with small doses of trivial hurdles and misunderstandings but steadily leading to a marriage of the leading couple with plenty of scope to explore more situations in their married life and in the business.
Instead you have once again gone the path of cheap melodrama, introducing hardcore villains and criminals, life threatening situations and over bearing attitudes and overacting from that Myra and zhende characters and bordering on silly unrealistic situations like a multi billionaire being treated as a child being locked up and helpless to even order or sack his stupid employees.
Arre jari kalpanic serial asli tari stay close to actual life when depicting such things. How can Vikrant tolerate Myra after she has caused a big loss to the company by leaking confidential information? How can he ask her to stay on even when he is now aware of her. vicious faltu character? and why does aaisaheb take crap from her daughter-in-law? Please get rid of such stupid overdone themes and that zhende's unrealistic dadagiri which seems so ridiculous and you had to go the same old shitty way of Bollywood melodrama formula of man,woma,villain,vixen,mother in law, parents, chamchas, urlah court scenes! these will come up I'm sure with the same repeated crap situations to stretch this initially good serial with a novel theme. Arre don't spoil it by changing directions towards gutter level stuff, keep it on track, nahitar lavkar bandh kara.
Stop TJR and MNB now as both these serials have been meaningless and torturing viewers with boring episodes for a long time now. It is high time to review and introspect what is being dished out daily to distressed viewers who want good entertainment on par with the grand old high standards of Marathi stage, dramas and movies of the good old days! Jaaga, botah kadha, ani changlya kamalah lagah. Faltu serials bandh kara!
Jai Maharashtra
Nov 16, 2018

Mazya Navaryachi Baiko

Dear Zee Marathi,

Please please stop that 3rd class serial Mazya navaryachi baiko. Nonsense serial.
Unnecessary you will loose zee marathis credibility

Nov 16, 2018

Mazya navaryachi baiko

Dear Zee Marathi,

All serials are good especially shamabji raje is very good.

But please please stop mazya navaryachi baiko it's boring now unnecessary stretching there is no logic.
Third class serial

Amol Ambokar
Nov 13, 2018

zee marathi serials

dear users or watchers,
zee marathi isnt going to stop all non sense serials on their own simply because they are getting good TRP's. time stop watching zee mar serials. tv mar and Sony mar has quality serials. stop watching zee mar or continue to crib
Marine Pilot
Nov 11, 2018

Zee Marathi Serials

While it is understood that targetting the majority viewers, Zee Marathi serials highlight celebrations of all the Hindu festivals through the current serials like TJR, MNB and TPR care should be taken to be considerate and respectful when referring to other religions and their beliefs and practices. On your recent episode of MNB that Jadyanand when referring to his interest in Jenny apparently a Chriatian, remarks that " me baptist hoto ani ticha Kai te pandhra Khatoh" this is extremely offensive and exposes the lack of knowledge and cheap mentality of whoever the stupid person is responsible for the story and dialogue content.
First of all baptism, or baptisma as it is generally known in India is either a sprinkling of or immersion in water of a person who voluntary of his or her free will publically express their faith,belief in and desire to accept the teachings of and follow Jesus Christ.
Whereas " Baptist" is generally defined as a member of any Baptist Church one of many Christian denominations.
" te pandhra Khatoh" mentioned by that Jadyanand obviously refers to the wafer or bread representing or symbolising the body of Jesus jyacha tyannni sarvanchya papa ( sins) karta tyaag kela! So to refer to it in a condescending , mocking and ignorant manner is most offensive. So while in general you are bashing so called in your opinion " things western" it is better to carry out proper research and take care to know something about the wider world around you. As it is, all your serials are most stupid and ongoing for a long time with no end in sight. Your current standards of all your serials are a disgrace to the grand good old standards of Marathi entertainment of bygone glorious days of Marathi stage and cinema.
Jai Maharastra!
Marine Pilot
Oct 31, 2018

Zee Marathi Serials

Arre tumhala or whoever is responsible for all the daily crap dished out doki nahit ka? Kai acharat pana lavlat on your most stupidest
serials like MNB and TJR? Arjun for how long are you going to stretch MNB with the same irritating scenes and sequences?
KA you are going to continue on and on with all this silly childish bullshit? How can you show an ex- CEO behaving so cheaply and melodramatically threatening suicide eh? Arre highly educated and sophisticated polished people don't behave like this, jara research kara move in corporate circles and then write and direct serials based on such backgrounds. Why don't you retire that gurugand's. irritating stupid mother, chuck her out and fast forward with quick positive developments in Radhika's favour , let her get divorced( unless you have forgotten the case is not yet closed!) let her marry Saumitra, let Jadyanand propose to Jenny, let Shanaya marry Shreyas, and end this stupid serial ASAP. Faltu ahey from day one, baas kara atah!

As for TJR, you spoilt the original charming story/ plot and have now unnecessarily starting focussing on ladu and introducing new baal characters. The way you show that fat kid laddu being bullied by that idiot Anjali and that little girl being forced into wrestling boys borders on child abuse! Even if female wrestling is in vogue, little kids are not and should not be forced into it for the twisted entertainment of others! Aree men women equality can be shown in many ways not through such silly concocted situations.
That Anjali news seems very arrogant and proud and if you must revolve your serial on silly ideas of equality through kusti alone, why not go the whole hog ( if you know what that means) and make one big dangal out of it by involving all your silly characters eh?
Arre ashya kustya pan lava in this dangal, vahini vs anjali, mixed one of chanda vs barkat, rana vs sahebrao, and more permutations and combinations which can include other characters in this silly serial. Time to end this idiotic serial, stop it!

TPR having gained the initial attention of viewers as a fresh and different serial from your other crappy stuff is now entering the same category of idiocy like the others. Arre passport kadhiaila procedures are streamlined and on line, don't belittle the efficient passport department which does an excellent job these days. Kai office che lok kadhi jatat ka employeecha passport kadhiaila, kunala chutiya ban vat ahat? It's a personal document got by individuals personally not without signing of forms and just giving of photos! Kai bindokpana ha? That Myra might as well be that Monica from her earlier serial KKKN same acting, same expressions, same character type, no versitality whatsoever, the storyline is loosing its flavour and getting insipid and gross in turns. Looks like this serial is going the same stupid way too! Really miss the good old high class Marathi stage, drama standards. You will never improve nor want to either. Gattarat padun tangdi var ahey attitude will not change by the looks of the crap being dished out through your serials MNB, TJR etc. Wake up and try to reach the glorious Marathi entertainment standards of bygone days!
Jai Maharashtra!

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