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Consumer complaints and reviews about Zee Marathi

Siddharth kittur
Sep 9, 2019

Bring back shriyut gangadhar tipre

Dear concern.

We beg you to stop harassing us by this bull shit circus called as MAZYA NAVRYA CHE BYKO and TUJYAT JEEV RANGALA, I'm sure you are just stretching it because these idiots have not got any other offers Instead of that please bring back programs like shriyut tipre or gav gata ghazali,hasa chakat Fu etc which were really being enjoyed, kindly look into the same.thank you
Sep 8, 2019

Ratris Khel Chale 2/MNB/Other Serials

In almost all serials of Zee Marathi , Law of the country has no meaning. One can commit murder, abuse, roberry any no. of crimes and the person will not be even get caught. Is Zee Marathi promoting Crimes & Criminal activities? Instead of showing serials of moral boositing, funny n enjoyable or atleast emotional , what is this they are promoting.
Does the writers think that Marathi viewers are uneducated and does not understand law?
This is the request to the Zee marathi viewers to shift to Starplus Channel, that is far more entertaining and with much better script and ideologies.
Sep 5, 2019

Ratris khel chale

Is this serial promoting local terrorism. Please stop this nonsense immediately. This serial was suppose to show some supernatural things. What it is showing on continuous basis is terrorism n giving wrong messages. Pandu hawaldar should be jailed for writing n sending wrong messages.
Supriya Gadgil
Aug 30, 2019

Violation law is the norm and no action is taken

Guru despite stealing 35 crores is free with no police arrest despite an FIR . Sulakshana abducts Popatrao and steals 10 crores . She is also free . Shanaya freely uses cash buying a flat of few crores and no questions asked . When no transactions of such magnitude are allowed in cash . Goverment authorities are mute spectators to all this . This all for the sake of adding few more episodes is nonsense. A wrong message of Act illegal or do crime and you are free .
Aug 16, 2019

Repeatative Content

On Zee Marathi HD, 2 complaints/ suggestions

1) Chala Hawa Yeu De- was and is a good program but nowadays the quality of humour is degraded. It clearly shows actors invited for the show are paid to laugh loudly. Their expressions prove that so please make the show natural as it should be like it was earlier. The Actors Bhau, Sagar, Kushal, Bharat & Shreya are versatile and too good, please use them in good manner and not just for foolish PJ's.

2) Between 2 serials, Zee Marathi HD shows Best of Sagar Karande(Band Kara Band Kara), Bharat(Shikshan Mantri), Kushal(Pinga), Shreya(Anganwadi), Bhau(Jyotish)...good but how many times daily and weekly. It is so repeatative that a 8yr boy knows all the dialogues. Once a week is ok but it is so irritating that the moment "best of" and Zee Marathi Anthem starts, we switch to other channel.

Kahitari Kara, Quality down Naka Karu...

Mee Marathi, Zee Mararhi
Aug 12, 2019

Ratris Khel Chale 2

The writer of the serial acts in the same serial as Pandu. It seems he writes the serial in same way. His famous line is "Visarele" . Yes the serial has forgotten laws for murders, crimes , etc. Anna can bury people in his own premises, can kill , grab , womanise, can do whatever he wants. Only some bhoots in night will sometime scare him, not that he ever gets scared of doing any type of crime,
Above all he is extremely blessed, that he never even get caught in his deeds. God is always blessing him. Hahaha.-----

Above all, most of the people are foolish or stupid like Husband of Patankarbai, wife of Anna, and many more. Very Very funny.

Please continue to show stupid, illogical, meaningless serial serials, It will good for people to do something better than waste their time is sitting in front of TV.
Aug 10, 2019

Aggabi Sasubai

Hello Store writer, Director and Dialogue writer of "Aggabi Sasubai" serial

You are spoiling and unbalancing social stature and breaking family bonds

The characters portray of Ajjoba (Datta Kulkarni), Ms. Aasavari and her son are giving wrong message to teen age generation viewers. Those who meet their grand parents once year or once in while will thing that all grand parents are adamant, selfish and want everyone to bow to them. Hence they will either maintain distance from them or would even stop visiting the.

Ms. Aasavari (mother) is portrayed as humble and innocent that she is even not able to take her own decisions and obeys everyone without analyzing situation. Younger generation will thing that their mothers can be treated similarly and bad attitude can be shown to mothers.

The son, though married is portrayed childish, not helping in house hold work and also not shown as an earning man. Isn't a show of bad qualities?

What are you trying to sell? What kind of thinking is in your minds? Do you know that you are showing irresponsibility towards society and even spoiling you own family structure?

Wake up gentlemen. Make changes such that society is built in properly and not haphazardly. Gentlemen, be responsible and take owner of ills that are show and will get practiced in society due to this serial.

Be aware
Aug 6, 2019

Mazya navryachi Bayko

अशी बुरसटलेली सिरीयल चालवायला तुमच्या मंद मेंदूमध्ये अक्कल कुठून येते!?

काय फलतुपणा आहे!? Social activities fight against social menace like polygamy, domestic violence on women, discrimation at home for a girl child, female foeticide, and you psychopaths promoting exactly the same thing!
The childish girl having affair with a married man, showing her as a gold-digger and a stupid women, you are tarnishing women's image!

I wish I had enough time to fight a case against this dumbness, but apparently i have better things to do with life!
Aug 2, 2019

Ratris Khel Chale 2

Can Anyone carry Gun and roam freely in Malwan- Konkan? Was there no law or police anything in that place? Is this what Maharashtra is? Or is it Bihar / UP ?

Please do not show which is completely wrong. So does Zee Marathi Serials advocates that Law is not to be followed ,one will become sucessful?

That law has no value in this country, and you can choose your career has Don and you will be reach & powerful.

Is this what our culture and Country is?
Aug 1, 2019


Why you apply charges on Zee Marathi seriouls on Zee5 app it's free for us then why you made Marathi seriouls premium...whats is your aim to make profit or to bring smile on people face.
Aug 1, 2019

retelecast for Tuzat Jiv Rangala serial

retelecast for Tuzat Jiv Rangala serial
Pl retelecast of Serial " Tuzat Jiv Rangala" at 12.30 A.M. and stop advertisment of Teleshop. Why you Telecast the Advertisement of Teleshop. please stop it.
Sanjay Prabhudesai
Jul 30, 2019

Please stop nonsense serials immediately

Zee missed the opportunity to close the serial Mazhya Navryachi Bayko on the right note. However, it looks like Zee Marathi has chosen to continue the serial which does not have a real substance.

It would be highly appreciated if the writers are instructed to make the serial that enhance Indian Value System and not destroy the family bonding. Zee management should also think about restricting the serials to 100/200 episodes max and make writers be more creative and imaginative in creating a story.

Hope Zee is not waiting for TRP to drastically hit the serial rating before taking this call.

Thanks and hope the positive action in this regard is taken by Zee management.
Jul 23, 2019

Ratris Khel Chale 2

Such a shitty scrip. Does Malvani people resembles like Anna? Only things that Joker Anna gets scarred of some bhoots in the night, who apart from laughing at him, cannot do any harm. The whole village is shit scared of Anna. He can kill anybody including his grandchild, can harm anybody to any extend. What are you showing? There is no law, police, nothing. What we should make out of such bullshit serials.

First we thought it was ghost serial. Completely wrong. Nothing in this serial, except power of one man, who can simply destroy others, their life. Yet this man lives gloriously and just continue destruction.

Sometimes, I wonder the sanity of the writer. And of producers. Just because Marathi audience is tolerant, show anything, do anything, fool them. What else to say.
Sandhya Dengle
Jul 18, 2019

Pls. Stop Mazya navryachi bayko

Pls. Stop this bakwas serial...which has no morals, no script..no acting...Writers have nothing to do with story..Zee marathi do not have other serials..to show..they are degrading themselves and Marathi language serials..we are not expecting this from Zee Marathi.pls. people don't watch this most bakwas serial and give them trip.
We were very happy with Zee marathi channel...but not now..
Jul 16, 2019

retelecast for Tuzat Jiv Rangala serial

Pl retelecast of Serial " Tuzat Jiv Rangala" at 12.30 A.M. and stop advertisment of Teleshop. Why you Telecast the Advertisement of Teleshop. please stop it.
Marine Pilot
Jul 11, 2019

Zee Marathi Serials

As is usual with the low grade substandard stuff being dished out on Zee Marathi serials, the Tula Pahate Re serial has not unsurprisingly turned into a shitty damp squib. What had a potential for a nice romantic and amusing story with some hurdles thrown in but ending positively suddenly took a dip right into the gutter after Vikrant and Isha's wedding. What total crap and rubbish have the persons responsible for this serial have come out with. What change of mentalities and outlooks from the various characters after spouting the usual philosophical and melodramatic bulshit! No sense to the whole story at all with a murderous thug like Vikrant gaja patil being mollycoddled by that stupid Isha despite all the rajnandini revenge stuff shown earlier. Great relief that this shit serial is ending soon. Sorry to see potentially good actors playing such stupid roles.
As for Mjha Navryachi Bayko, it should have been stopped ages ago and though the recent episodes do give some satisfaction of that erandale expression faced Gurunath getting the shit beaten out of him it does not excuse the ridiculousness of the story,direction etc. The police and courts are being conveniently sidelined and the director is taking liberties by depicting most silly unwanted illogical situations. The most irritating character in all your Marathi serials is that gurunath's mother Sarita, most stupid, idiotic silly woman whose image is an insult to women in general. Just stop this shit show now. The same goes for Tujhat Jeev Rangalla which has also lost it's original village boy, city girl romantic charm and is just drifting along like scum in a gutter. Stop all these useless stupid serials, go back to the drawing board and watch old Marathi movies and dramas, learn something about the grand old standards of those bygone days of high standards of Marathi stage and cinema, only then you may get an idea to do something worthwhile to uphold those standards and hopefully ensure that all new upcoming serials on Zee Marathi are something the viewers will enjoy watching from time to time. Arre sudhara nahitar futtha! Don' t down grade Marathi standards.
Jai Maharashtra!
Jun 28, 2019

Majya Navraychi Baiko

No point in criticizing. It is deaf to the writers , producers & Actors. Best just to stop watching. Lets us not waste time in writing height of stupidity and degradation to the women. I think Zee marathi should stop all the serials and keep nice musc, cookery, travel ,sports etc programmes.

Not only it will be worth watching , and people do will gain knowlege & ideas. Apart from that, talented people will gain access to the media and get oppurtunity to showcase it.

And these script writers , actors for a change will not get any importance as they hardly contribute to society via these serials.

Let it be knowledge based , education based entertainment, where society gains.
Kishore Vichare
Jun 25, 2019

Mazya Navratri baiko

The serial is becoming boring. Script repetitive. Also full of humbug. Being stretched unnecessarily.
Please stop this bogus and stupid serial. Don't torture us.
We deserve something better.
Kishore Vichare
Jun 24, 2019

Mazya Navraya chi baiko

The serial is becoming disgusting and boring. The plot is just revolving in circles. The story does not move forward. And the events humbug and far removed from reality.
On the other hand other serial Tula Pahate re is coming to a close which is far more interesting, why unnecessarily stretch this serial.
Please stop this stupid serial.
Kishore Vichare
Jun 24, 2019

Mazya Navraya chi baiko

The serial is becoming boring. The events it depicts are far removed from reality. It is being stretched unnecessarily. Events only repeat.
Bored of watching humbug and farce.
Just compare with Tula kahate re. It will draw to a close despite being far more popular.
Please end this serial.
Jun 23, 2019

Mazya navryachi bayko serial

Stop telecasting such a nonsense serial. Where the people has to keep their brain aside n watch this useless stuff..
I don't understand if director has d option to show something good to the people then why they direct such a stupid stuff. If u have a chance to do something good then do it but don't do such a hilarious thing where viewers has to suffer..
If the complaints are not entertained then the only way is to stop watching this serial so that the TRP will go down & they have to forcefully stop telecasting this nonsense serial ..
Rash rosks
Jun 22, 2019

Tujhat jeev rangala

Wht nonsense???
Ekti nandita avdha karat ahe?? Band kra te serial bogass
Jun 22, 2019

Third class series

Mazya navrachi bayko is third rate & hopeless serial. Should be closed now.
Jun 18, 2019

Tula Pahate Re

Why this show is not telecasted on 18th June 2019. Is there some problem with you guys. And moreover this has not been yet uploaded in Zee5 app.
Jun 12, 2019

Mazhya navryachi bayko

The serial is becoming horrible. Please don't degrade women in this manner. It is nonsensical to portray that a self sufficient lady who has been harassed by her unfaithful so called husband, is trying to be lovey dovey and she has to accept him because a stupid mother who is also a woman is portrayed as a fool who is forcing her daughter in law to accept such nonsensical husband. Hell with such serials. Of course I have stopped seeing this horrible serial Stop it where have all women gone .

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