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Consumer complaints and reviews about Zee Marathi

Dec 10, 2018

Tula Pahate Re

TPR started with good note and became interesting for sometime. It seems whole world is scheming towards Esha and after one is resolved , other crops up. All that prayer to Goddess , seems to have no meaning. Now , maybe there marriage is fixed, and than Vikrant's wife will come, who is not legally divorced by him, What is all these. The laws have no meaning in any of the serials.

Secondly, Esha, is busy romancing, instead of studying , working hard and giving better life for herself and her parents, though she talks differently. Is that the message we give to young generation.

Making melodramatic is fine, had it been Vikrant's wife had died or divorced , than yes, it will be interesting to see the marriage of age gaps, But this is again going to turn out some meaningless serial it seems.
Dec 6, 2018

Zee marathi ￰बदनाम होत आहे

अगोदर झी marathi पाहण्यासाी आम्ही non marathi ￰लोकांना सांगत असू पण आता तुमच्या सर्व third class सिरीयल मुळे आम्हाला लाज वाटू लागली आहे यांना झी मराठी पाहायला सांगताना . ￰फालातू आि कित्तेक महिने िनाकारण चाू असलेल्या सिरिअल्स बंद ून जरा नवीन फ्रेश सिरीयल चालू करा like तुला पाहते रे ...सर्वात अगोदर 3 सिरीयल pls pls pls pls pls बंद करा .माा नवऱ्याची बायको, तुात जीव रंगला आणि लगीर झालं जी ...डोयाच्या वरून आणि कोणााही न पटणाऱ्या कथा कश्या काय तुमच्या लेखकांना सुचतात हो.? Seriously एक सांू वाटत कि ह्या सिरीयल कधी ना कधी तरी तुम्हाला बंद करावीच लागतील पण तो पर्यंत झी मराठी ची जी बदनामी होत आहे ती कशी भून ाढाल .
माझ्या नवऱ्याच्या बायको मधल्या सारख्या एकदा गुरुची खेळी मग राधिकाच्या परत गुरु ची परत राधिका ची उफ्फ ￰￰कंटाळा आला आहे ते बघून ,त्यात ते गुरु च्या आई ची overacting आणि बिनडोक पणा pls pls pls कुठे तरी थांबवा .
तुझ्यात जीव रंगला ह्या सिरीयल ला तर कोणती story टाकून त्या अंजली ला महान दाखवायचं हे ओढून ताणून दाखवावं लागत आणि त्या opposite नेहमी ती नंदिनी असते पण कोणालाच कळत नाही आणि कळलं तरी तिला काहीच शिक्षा नाही ..बस्स करा रे बस्स करा .
आणि ती लगीर झालं जी अरे त्या लढाई ला गेलेल्या जवानाचं काही तरी दाखवा त्याच्या घरातले problem आणि त्या मध्ये फसलेला तो जवान आणि त्याची बिच्चारी बायको काय दाखवता आणि ती बायको जी लग्नापूर्वी वाघीण म्हणून फिरत होती ती अचानक tya भय्या ची मांजर कशी बनते .त्या भय्या च आणि जयडी ची खेळी कोणालाच कळू नये आणि ती कधी कळणार तर जेव्हा प्रेक्षकांना सहन न झाल्यावर सिरीयल बंद करू लागतील बघायला तेव्हा वळण घेईल ..तोपर्यंत अंत नका बघू रे आमचा ...
Pls pls pls बंद करा ह्या सिरीयल रेअसत झी मराठी च्या reputation साठी तरी हाथ जोडून कळकळीची विनंती .
Nov 21, 2018

Majhya navryachi baayko

This serial is unnecessarily dragging. It's enough now. Viewers want to see radhika happy at last with soumitra. Though the serial reflects a lot on Indian culture of preserving marriages it's also sending wrong ideas of putting up with unlimited nonsense from a spouse and stopping today's woman from starting a new life with someone she deserves.... This serial seems like it has no end. Pls pls pls give it a happy ending now... High time.
Marine Pilot
Nov 20, 2018

Zee Marathi Serials

Congratulations! As is very usual with the trash you end up dishing out, you have once again succeeded in spoiling within a very short time another one of your serials TPR which started off in a fresh promising way addressing the apparently main issue of an age gap between a man and a woman in love.Taking into consideration the quite well done coverage of chawl life and characters, this serial could have continued as a romantic comedy with small doses of trivial hurdles and misunderstandings but steadily leading to a marriage of the leading couple with plenty of scope to explore more situations in their married life and in the business.
Instead you have once again gone the path of cheap melodrama, introducing hardcore villains and criminals, life threatening situations and over bearing attitudes and overacting from that Myra and zhende characters and bordering on silly unrealistic situations like a multi billionaire being treated as a child being locked up and helpless to even order or sack his stupid employees.
Arre jari kalpanic serial asli tari stay close to actual life when depicting such things. How can Vikrant tolerate Myra after she has caused a big loss to the company by leaking confidential information? How can he ask her to stay on even when he is now aware of her. vicious faltu character? and why does aaisaheb take crap from her daughter-in-law? Please get rid of such stupid overdone themes and that zhende's unrealistic dadagiri which seems so ridiculous and you had to go the same old shitty way of Bollywood melodrama formula of man,woma,villain,vixen,mother in law, parents, chamchas, urlah court scenes! these will come up I'm sure with the same repeated crap situations to stretch this initially good serial with a novel theme. Arre don't spoil it by changing directions towards gutter level stuff, keep it on track, nahitar lavkar bandh kara.
Stop TJR and MNB now as both these serials have been meaningless and torturing viewers with boring episodes for a long time now. It is high time to review and introspect what is being dished out daily to distressed viewers who want good entertainment on par with the grand old high standards of Marathi stage, dramas and movies of the good old days! Jaaga, botah kadha, ani changlya kamalah lagah. Faltu serials bandh kara!
Jai Maharashtra
Nov 16, 2018

Mazya Navaryachi Baiko

Dear Zee Marathi,

Please please stop that 3rd class serial Mazya navaryachi baiko. Nonsense serial.
Unnecessary you will loose zee marathis credibility

Nov 16, 2018

Mazya navaryachi baiko

Dear Zee Marathi,

All serials are good especially shamabji raje is very good.

But please please stop mazya navaryachi baiko it's boring now unnecessary stretching there is no logic.
Third class serial

Amol Ambokar
Nov 13, 2018

zee marathi serials

dear users or watchers,
zee marathi isnt going to stop all non sense serials on their own simply because they are getting good TRP's. time stop watching zee mar serials. tv mar and Sony mar has quality serials. stop watching zee mar or continue to crib
Marine Pilot
Nov 11, 2018

Zee Marathi Serials

While it is understood that targetting the majority viewers, Zee Marathi serials highlight celebrations of all the Hindu festivals through the current serials like TJR, MNB and TPR care should be taken to be considerate and respectful when referring to other religions and their beliefs and practices. On your recent episode of MNB that Jadyanand when referring to his interest in Jenny apparently a Chriatian, remarks that " me baptist hoto ani ticha Kai te pandhra Khatoh" this is extremely offensive and exposes the lack of knowledge and cheap mentality of whoever the stupid person is responsible for the story and dialogue content.
First of all baptism, or baptisma as it is generally known in India is either a sprinkling of or immersion in water of a person who voluntary of his or her free will publically express their faith,belief in and desire to accept the teachings of and follow Jesus Christ.
Whereas " Baptist" is generally defined as a member of any Baptist Church one of many Christian denominations.
" te pandhra Khatoh" mentioned by that Jadyanand obviously refers to the wafer or bread representing or symbolising the body of Jesus jyacha tyannni sarvanchya papa ( sins) karta tyaag kela! So to refer to it in a condescending , mocking and ignorant manner is most offensive. So while in general you are bashing so called in your opinion " things western" it is better to carry out proper research and take care to know something about the wider world around you. As it is, all your serials are most stupid and ongoing for a long time with no end in sight. Your current standards of all your serials are a disgrace to the grand good old standards of Marathi entertainment of bygone glorious days of Marathi stage and cinema.
Jai Maharastra!
Marine Pilot
Oct 31, 2018

Zee Marathi Serials

Arre tumhala or whoever is responsible for all the daily crap dished out doki nahit ka? Kai acharat pana lavlat on your most stupidest
serials like MNB and TJR? Arjun for how long are you going to stretch MNB with the same irritating scenes and sequences?
KA you are going to continue on and on with all this silly childish bullshit? How can you show an ex- CEO behaving so cheaply and melodramatically threatening suicide eh? Arre highly educated and sophisticated polished people don't behave like this, jara research kara move in corporate circles and then write and direct serials based on such backgrounds. Why don't you retire that gurugand's. irritating stupid mother, chuck her out and fast forward with quick positive developments in Radhika's favour , let her get divorced( unless you have forgotten the case is not yet closed!) let her marry Saumitra, let Jadyanand propose to Jenny, let Shanaya marry Shreyas, and end this stupid serial ASAP. Faltu ahey from day one, baas kara atah!

As for TJR, you spoilt the original charming story/ plot and have now unnecessarily starting focussing on ladu and introducing new baal characters. The way you show that fat kid laddu being bullied by that idiot Anjali and that little girl being forced into wrestling boys borders on child abuse! Even if female wrestling is in vogue, little kids are not and should not be forced into it for the twisted entertainment of others! Aree men women equality can be shown in many ways not through such silly concocted situations.
That Anjali news seems very arrogant and proud and if you must revolve your serial on silly ideas of equality through kusti alone, why not go the whole hog ( if you know what that means) and make one big dangal out of it by involving all your silly characters eh?
Arre ashya kustya pan lava in this dangal, vahini vs anjali, mixed one of chanda vs barkat, rana vs sahebrao, and more permutations and combinations which can include other characters in this silly serial. Time to end this idiotic serial, stop it!

TPR having gained the initial attention of viewers as a fresh and different serial from your other crappy stuff is now entering the same category of idiocy like the others. Arre passport kadhiaila procedures are streamlined and on line, don't belittle the efficient passport department which does an excellent job these days. Kai office che lok kadhi jatat ka employeecha passport kadhiaila, kunala chutiya ban vat ahat? It's a personal document got by individuals personally not without signing of forms and just giving of photos! Kai bindokpana ha? That Myra might as well be that Monica from her earlier serial KKKN same acting, same expressions, same character type, no versitality whatsoever, the storyline is loosing its flavour and getting insipid and gross in turns. Looks like this serial is going the same stupid way too! Really miss the good old high class Marathi stage, drama standards. You will never improve nor want to either. Gattarat padun tangdi var ahey attitude will not change by the looks of the crap being dished out through your serials MNB, TJR etc. Wake up and try to reach the glorious Marathi entertainment standards of bygone days!
Jai Maharashtra!
Marine Pilot
Oct 24, 2018

Zee Marathi Serials

WTF are you going on and on and on with MNB with the same repeated crap sequences, of that dhungan guru, his idiot mother, stupid radhika and her nauseating philosophical rambling comments on every festival and situations. Arre the viewers know everything about these festivals and the principles and stories behind them ugach murkha characters chya tondoon pravachan nako.
You know though that Shanaya character is shown an unlikely real life dimwit, the actress who has recently taken that role deserves
much appreciation for sounding acting and even looking like the previous actress, must take a lot to imitate an idiot's role!
Anyway, atah baas kara with this nonsense being shat out daily and please don't stretch by showing love affair of Jenny and Jadyanand or other staff, just cut the crap and end this most idiotic stupid serial and believe me, all viewers will heave a sigh of relief!

That TJR has derailed and gone off track long ago, you have forgotten the basic plot and are revolving in turn on other characters and their problems and introducing Faltu situations and additional patras for no reason. That Anjali, Rana, vahini and ladu are the most irritating characters and it is time this silly serial is ended too.

TPR started well, but as is usual with your current low standards, this serial has silly unrealistic melodramatic characters like that Jaideep and his wife, too much head wobbling by Esha's mother and father when speaking and over acting by Myra. Your lack of knowledge about corporate offices and staff is very much evident in the way you show people carrying on in these offices with meetings and conferences. Totally ridiculous! Also it is obvious that most of your actors are from non- English medium schools background including your so called westernised characters like Shanaya,Myra and that Shalini from HTTAH all of who speak English with a heavy Marathi accent which is ok if they are not portrayed as having western background. Please try to pronounce
correctly eg. Bed not bade, Letter not later and the letter R in Surprise is SILENT!!! It is pronounced sup- rize NOT like" Sir price"
All your characters in all your serials make this mistake, come on , jara research kara, thoda traas ghya, doki chalvat, and provide entertainment for viewers based on the legendary high standards of early Marathi, dramas, cinemas and traditions. Bring back these
standards, before you loose your viewership.
Jai Maharashtra
Oct 23, 2018

Majya Navraychi Baiko/ TPR

Thankfully Tula Pahate Re is not written by Rohini Ninave. She can only write stupid, meaning less, nonsense storyline like Majya Navraychi Baiko.

It is indeed happiness to watch TPR with refereshing female lead and a experience actor like Subhodh Bhave.

It has been really sickening seeing Radhika , Gurunath and Shanaya at the prime time. No storyline, nothing to gain only to get irritated.

Somewhere, there is a feeling that TPR storyline is going to resemble "Rebecca" in Indian version. Lets see.
Oct 20, 2018


The serial TPR has started with a great premise..please do not let us down with lazy writing..rather than rerunning the scenes why not let the characters voice their thoughts? Also rather than playing hindi songs why not compose your own!
Oct 12, 2018

Mazhya Navaryachi Bayako- Discourage to women Power

Now it is totally discouraging character of Radhika. This is really insult of women power. Except 2-3 occasions, the Radhika is absolutely shown without any thought.
Either show Radhika strong woman & punish Guru or else stop the serial.
Oct 12, 2018

Not encouraging serial for Women

Now the serial is absolutely waste of time. The character of Radhika is very discouraging. Except 1-2 incidences, rest of entire serial, Radhika as women power is shown very weak.
Either show strong Radhika (Women power) or stop the serial.
Marine Pilot
Oct 11, 2018

Zee Marathi Serials

WTF are you going on and on and on and on repeatedly with the same sequences and situations in your crappiest of all serials MNB? Arre how many times you are repeating that Gadvachi Gand Guru character being caught red handed making mischief and that dumb stupid Radhika still letting him off with one more chance? And all at the behest ( if you know what that means) of that Guru's stupid,gavthi, murkha, bavalat Adani mother with that bone jarring pseudo accent and who should get an award as the most silly and irritating character on zee Marathi serials. Arre yha serial la kadhich kahi artha navta. You fans forwarded to end an excellent serial PAM to bring in this most shit serial in to bore viewers for more than two years. Looks like it will go on and on though viewers are fed up of the same repeated crap being dished out and to see the unbearable erandale faced guru, that stupid mother of his and that idiot Shanaya, KD and fatso mavshi. Band Kara ha bakwas! Also stop that equally long drawn stupid TJR as it is most irritating to watch that bail backside dumbo Rana , that idiot vahini, the fat silly kid and that fool Anjali going "aho, aho," all the time.

You are now soon going to spoil also, the new serial TPR with your usual stupid poor direction and unrealistic portrayal of events and circumstances. Your total ignorance of the corporate world is quite obvious as no major business can be just signed over as you tried to show in MNB nor do people behave so crudely or rudely and cheaply in corporate offices. Arre Adhi go and observe how CEOs , Directors, Managers and Veeps ( Vice Presidents) behave and work in large corporations and businesses and only then try and portray such characters on your serials, ughach kahitari Faltu dakhavu naka viewers la. Another thing is the horrible English pronunciation and accent of your serial characters, nustey western dress ghalun isn't enough. All your so called westernised actors speak English with a heavy Marathi accent. Arre it is letter not Mala " later" lihaicha ahey, and bed not "bade" it is very irritating the way your characters in all the serials start philosophising at every opportunity. It's high time you just stopped MNB, TJR, LJJ, right away, no one will miss them at all. Start something new, hopefully based on good old Marathi movies and stage standards.
Jai Maharastra!
Oct 10, 2018

Sachin Desai

अहो कप्लेंट बोर्डवाले तुम्ही खरोखर कप्लेंट वाचता की आमची चेष्टा लावलीय.ती माझ्या नवर्‍याची बायको अतिरेक न करता ताबडतोब बंद करा. काहीही आचरटपणा दाखवतायत. लोकांना काय खुळे समजलात का? लवकरात लवकर फालतुगीरी थांबवा. जे सत्यात घडु शकत नाही त्या गोष्टी दाखवताय. तो गुरु किती वेळा खोटं वागणार, तरीही काहीतरी मार्ग काढणार मग त्याची आई त्याची बाजू घेणार. आता खरोखर थांबवा. यामुळे टी आर् पी वाढणार नाही तर कमीच होईल. त्यामुळे लवकरात लवकर शेवट करा या सिरियलचा आणि प्रेक्षकांची सुटका करा, उपकार होतील आपले.
Sep 25, 2018


Marine Pilot
Sep 23, 2018

Zee Marathi Serials

Arre STOP all these long drawn for ever ongoing serials like MNB TJR and even that most idiotic HTTAH. Ugach faltu prolong Karun rahilat with all crap and nonsense. The viewers are fed up the same old expressions, dialogue and overacting of that bail backside Rana that stupid Anjali and moron Vahini not to mention that silly fat and most irritating ladu in TJR. As for MNB it is beyond any comprehensible plot, story or meaning to the regularly dished out shit crap with every unbearable irritating episodes! Arre bandh Karun taka this most shit serial. The same perpetual erandale pyalela expression on that guru's face and silly antics of radhika and that stupid mother in law baas kara. The best character and actor who does a good realistic role s guru's father besides the support cast. Baki the whole story or lack of it is totally faltu. At least the new Shanaya actress has done her best to imitate the previous actress. But time to really end this bulshit serial Stop TJR too. As for the new serial TPR you started well with a good plot but now seem to be spoiling it with silly overacting and melodrama as usual with your ridiculously low standards these days. That Myra character actress who had a role in your previous serial KKKN is carrying on with the same expressions, mentality and character in this serial too, why are these actors type cast into a mould? Can't there be any versatility? I don't think it's worth watching your drap serials nor writing complaints or comments as kutryachi sheput vakdi ti vakdich rahanar Kai? Sad to see good old Marathi drama and movie standards reaching below gutter and sewer levels. Laaz anli tumhi Marathi high class drama standard var, arre sudhara and either improve the contents of your shows, bring better stuff for viewers or at least stop all the crap being dished out!
Jai Maharastra!
Sep 14, 2018

Jago Mohan pyare

Stop this stupid serial. Send them all to mental hospital and give shock treatment. Give first shock to writer, director and producer.

Also stop mazya navaryachi baiko, tuzyat jiv rangla and lagir zale jee. Zee marathi serial have no standard now. All are third class serials.

Only chala hawa yeudya is best.
Aug 28, 2018


All crap , should stop the serial ASAP.
There is no sense in this serial as they are degrading the women power...
No women will allow husband's fiaonce to live in a same flat, this is rubbish..

Should stop the serial
Aug 27, 2018

Majya Navraychi Baiko

Such a third class and useless serial. The writer has really lost head. Please stop degrading woman further. Radhika is a big joke. What bullshit inspiration she is giving to women. She, Gurunath , Shanaya and that Guru 's mama are mentally sick.

Please stop the serial. Anyway we have stop watching it.
Aug 24, 2018

Sachin Desai

माझ्या नवर्‍याची बायको या सिरियलमध्ये आता अतिरेक चालू झाला आहे त्यामुळे ही सिरियल ताबडतोब बंद करावी. जे सत्यात घडु शकत नाही अशा गोष्टी आता दाखवायला सुरुवात केली आहे. त्यामुळे आणखी कंटाळा यायच्याआधी सिरीयल बंद करावी. खरं तर यातील पात्रांना पैसे मिळतायत म्हणून त्यांना कंटाळा येत नसेल काम करायला परंतु एक प्रेक्षक म्हणून आता कंटाळा आलाय या सिरीयलचा. त्यामुळे या सिरीयल ऐवजी मर्यादित भागांची एखादी सिरीयल चालू करावी हि विनंती आहे आपणाला. TRP साठी वाटेल ते दाखवायला लागले आहेत तेव्हा हा पोरखेळ बंद करा आता. धन्यवाद !!!!!!!!
Aug 23, 2018

Mazya navryachi bayko

MNB ata band karayla have, ya serial madhun kharach ek changala sandesh milat hota, Sasu sasryani yogya veli kashi sunela sath dili pahije, te far inspiring vatat hote pan ata jo kahi track guruchya aaicha dakhavtayat its typical indian family drama, khup rag yeto, apla mulga evdha chukun pan aai shevti sunela vait tharvatiye. Serials madhun samaj probodhanache kam pan zale pahije fakt entertainment nahi
Marine Pilot
Aug 21, 2018

Zee Marathi Serials

Arre dokyatlya jaaga khali ahet ka bhussa bharla ahey tyat? Ka ugach TJR and MNB lambvat baslat? Both these most stupid serials
should be stopped immediately. That TJR la kahich artha rahaila nahi with that bail backside idiot Rana behaving worse than a retard
and that bavalat Anjali going "aho aho" in a most irritating way all the time. Stop this shit serial now, ugach faltu kahitari dhakvat ahat.
Now that Radhika has the upper hand, end MNB without more crap from that dhungan guru. Let that silly Shanaya dump him and finish it off. There's no need for that buffalo backside Guru's mother to be around with her most irritating pseudo Nagpuri accent and pavtya gavthi tantrums and most stupid behaviour, get rid of her! This stupid serial has bored viewers for more than two years, baas kara atah, end the damn thing soon. Your new serial TPR has a good plot and cast and has started off quite ok but hope it doesnt get stretched and spoilt like the other serials. One refreshing thing about these few episodes is that you are showing the bad intentions and actions of the various khala naiks thwarted in the same episode itself, which is refreshing than showing the good characters suffering for months together over N number of episodes and only being redeemed in the last few or the final episode like all your other serials. Hope this new serial TPR is not too long and stays on track. Please stop that idiotic childish serial HTTAH it is most stupid, immoral in content and silly. Stop it! Balaji seems to be going ok don't spoil it.

Jai Maharashtra!
Aug 19, 2018

Jago Mohan Pyaare Show

Jago Mohan Pyaare
What used to a comedy now has become sorrowful and dragged. The only laugh was from one situational comedy with Rahul being hit with potatoes by Anjali. The new Shobha's mother is annoying as character and loud. No justice and simply incomparable with previous actor. Also the script has deteriorated drastically. Writers have lost the touch. Time to make it fast and funny. This show is supposed to bring laughter after laughter at each scene. The type of magic is monotonuous and no creativity. Help audience gain their interest back. Lower the role of Shobha's mother. Instead make it fast and comedy focusing on main character of Mohan, Mohini and Mohan's friends. And STOP showing same insults and servant treatment Shobha's character gives to Mohan shouting all the time. Are you passing erobg message to all women? This is shameful. It is okay for first few episodes or in between, but disgraceful to watch again and again. Aug 18 episode ends with Shobha and her mom at the end. From writing perspective this is poor start for the next episode. Hopeful of writers improving and making it fast and bringing laughter.

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